30 oct 2017

BAHRAIN MEDIA ROUNDUP boycott is an attempt to Detainees will now be
impinge on its sovereignty allowed privacy during
and rein in its support for phone calls to their families
reform. and will no longer be
separated from visitors by
“If the situation remains glass panes, BIRD said.
as it is we won’t attend Bahrain: Women
Bahrain calls for this summit,” Khalid bin Hajar Mansoor Hassan, one
freezing Qatar out of detainees demanding
Ahmed Al Khalifa said on better prison conditions of the five detainees, had
GCC Twitter, referring to the been forced to suspend her
end hunger strike
Bahrain will not attend GCC meeting in Kuwait. hunger strike at the weekend
December’s summit of A group of detainees at a after being hospitalised for
“The right step to preserve low blood sugar levels.
the Gulf Cooperation Bahraini women’s detention
the GCC is to freeze
Council if Qatar does centre ended a six-day
Qatar’s membership in the Along with Hassan,
not change its policies hunger strike on Sunday after
council,” he said. detainees Najah al-Sheikh,
and Qatar should have its negotiating better prison
Amira al-Qashami, Medina
membership in the six- Founded as a bulwark conditions with authorities,
Ali and Zainab Marhoon
nation group suspended, against neighbours Iraq a rights group said.
last week launched the
Bahrain’s foreign minister and Iran, the Western-
The five women ended strike in protest against the
said. backed GCC is a loose
their strike at the Isa Town mistreatment of detainees.
association of the six Gulf
Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, women’s prison after
Arab countries. Authorities have cracked
the United Arab Emirates wardens agreed to their
down on political dissent
and Egypt cut diplomatic, demands, according to the
since a wave of protests
transport and trade Bahrain Institute for Human
erupted in 2011 demanding
ties with Qatar in June, Read more Rights and Democracy
an elected government.
accusing it of financing (BIRD), which says they are
terrorism. Doha denies being held in connection Read more
the charges and says the with political activity.

with it leaving the GCC,"
Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed
al-Khalifa said on Twitter.

Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the
United Arab Emirates and
Egypt on June 5 severed
Bahrain Foreign ties with Qatar over
Minister Calls for accusations of supporting
Freezing Qatar Out extremism and being too
of Gulf Cooperation close to Shiite rival Iran,
Council charges Doha has denied.
Bahrain's foreign minister Founded in 1981, the GCC
on Monday suggested is a political and economic
suspending Qatar's Gulf union that includes Saudi
Cooperation Council Arabia, Bahrain, the
membership until it United Arab Emirates and
accepts the demands of Qatar, as well as Oman
its Arab adversaries in and Kuwait.
the region's worst crisis in
years. Experts have warned that
the nearly five-month-
"The correct step to long diplomatic crisis
preserve the GCC would could cause the six-nation
be to freeze Qatar's bloc's demise.
membership until it sees
reason and accepts the Read more
demands of our countries.
If not, we will be fine