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Customer Relationship Management 75 MARKS

Note: Answer all questions.

Each question carries 15 marks.

Q 1. Attempt any 2 questions (15 marks)

a) Define CRM Explain CRM components in details.

b) Discuss the company 3E measures.
c) Explain the relationship between social networking and CRM?

Q 2. Attempt any 2 questions (15 marks)

a) Explain Collaborative filtering? Explain the types of Collaborative filtering.

b) Write short note on :
(i) Cyber agents
(ii) Event based marketing.
c) What do you mean by e-CRM? Explain the different levels of e-CRM.

Q 3. Attempt any 2 questions (15 marks)

a) Discuss cross selling and up selling with examples

b) Discuss OLAP? Explain the types of OLAP Servers.
c) Explain the various challenges and opportunities in CRM.

Q 4. Attempt any 2 questions (15 marks)

a) Define data management.& Discuss different types of data.

b) Enumerate ethical issues in CRM.
c) What is Mobile CRM? Write down the steps in implementation of mobile CRM

Q 5.Case Study: (15 marks)
Even when Xiaomi Redmi (Mi) was the most preferred brand for smart phones over a passage of
time several other brands captured the market and it became difficult for the company to retain
their customers as most of their customers switched to other brands. The marketing team
identified that the root cause of the customer brand switching was the add on features and
application provided by the competitors.

To overcome the problem Xiaomi Redmi (Mi) added several features created more customer
value, launched :Application Contest where the customers who downloaded the applications
maximum number of times in their smart phone would be gifted a Xiaomi Redmi (Mi) smart
phone These efforts helped Xiaomi Redmi (Mi) to acquire new customers and retain the
existing ones.

(a) Discuss the CRM concept used in this case.

(b) Explain how customer profit chain can be beneficial to Xiaomi Redmi (Mi)