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Lesson Plan

Name: Pea Oana-Cristina

Date: 31st of March 2015
Class: 12th MI level B1-B2
Type of lesson: Discussion: Reinforcement of skills
Skills: speaking, listening, writing
Time: 50`
Aids: video projector, hand-outs, flip-chart, markers, pens, notebooks.

- to develop the students` speaking and listening skills.
- to develop the students` thinking abilities.

By the end of the lesson the students will be able to:
- express their views upon a given statement
- support their opinion with relevant arguments and examples
Lesson Teacher`s activity Student`s Aim Skills Aids Time
stage activity
Greeting, T. greets the To prepare Listening 5`
Lead in students and the
presents them the students
objectives of the for class.
Activity 1: T. asks the students Ss. get into To focus Speaking Hand-outs, 20`
Practice- to split into 6 small goups the S.`s Listening Notebooks
Debate. groups and draw a and debate. attention Writing
leaflet with the on the
statement that will statement
be the subject of and on the
debate. The 6 task that
statements are part follows.
of the same larger
Activity 2: T. asks the Ss. to Ss. discuss To make Speaking Notebooks, 20`
Production- express their and select a the Ss. Listening Hand-outs.
Sharing opinion and spokesperson express
with the support it with on behalf of their
whole class relevant arguments. their group to opinions
the new The statement of present their through
ideas the speaking group opinion. spoken
is also projected for After one English.
the whole class to group
see. finishes
can further
add ideas
that haven`t
and discuss
freely about
Activity 3: T. elicits ideas S. add their Speaking Flipchart, 5`
Conclusion about the general thoughts on Listening Markers.
topic from the the topic.
students and they
draw the
conclusion of the