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Special Report

The 40 Million Pesos

Coaching Business Blueprint
How To Launch A Profitable Coaching Business
From Home In Your Underwear!

By Jon Orana

Negosyo University 2017

See What People Are Saying About Jon Orana

Because of Jon Orana, I managed to earn Php 170,000 within 3 weeks.

Jon really knows his stuff. He knows how to make money online. More than his ability to
teach you how to start a business, he can motivate you, inspire you, and get you to start a
business. Thats his most important characteristics.
Thank you Jon for being my Santa Clause last Christmas. - J3 Patinio
Ako po ay nagpapasalamat sa panginoon at nabigyan ako ng pagkakataon kumita online.
Dahil po kay Jon Orana nagamit ko ang strategy at techniques nya online. I was able to
make nearly HALF A MILLION PESOS online. Dahil din po kay Jon Orana, I was
able to build this house in Batangas.
Burn Gutierrez, Entrepreneur, Former OFW
Ang coaching ay nakikita natin ngayong nag foflourish. Si Coach Jon ay isang kilalang
nagbibigay ng training sa mga gustong maging coach and consultant. Jon can help you
Paulo Tibig, VCargo Owner
Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur Advocate

"A lot of people claim they can help you make money online, but Jon is one of the few
that I actually believe because I've personally seen how he works and can attest that he
knows what he's doing. In fact, in less than a year, Jon has helped me earn more than
half a million pesos online with very little effort."
Fitz Villafuerte, Blogger
Im of the student of Jon Orana. Maraming coaches dyan but sir Jon has results. So, I
encourage everyone dont hesitate to join Sir Jons courses.
Laurent Dionisio of
Jon is very logical and strategic. My audience loves his training. My launch was is in
the top two best ever. Surprisingly, even better than the American that I partnered with.
Jon has a capacity to create a product that solves a problem.
Allan Ngo of

Negosyo University 2017

I Cant Believe Ive Written This Report!
What you hold in your hands right now isnt an ordinary document.
For the first time, Im about to reveal in detail how I made over 40 Million pesos
using just my computer and Internet connection in my spare bedroom.
But before we go any further, please let me make it very clear with five things.
First, my results are not typical.
So, Im not making any claims or implications that you will duplicate my results
or achieve any results whatsoever.
Im going to show you what worked well for me, and its my hope that you will
be able to utilize some of the information that Im about to share with you to get
the results that you are personally after.
Second, this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to work and in fact,
may work a lot in the beginning.
But if you love helping people, passionate about what you do, I dont think youll
consider this as work.
Theres no better business than a business of helping people improve their lives.
Third, this is NOT multi-level.
Im not against network marketing or people chanting POWER! but its not
for me. I just think that people at the bottom are working so hard to enrich the few
at the very top of the pyramid.
With this coaching business, you NEVER need to see your customers face-to-face
if you wish to.
Fourth, Im not school smart.
I dont have Ph.D., Masters Degree, awards, or certifications. So, if you have a
problem getting advice from someone who isnt considered smart by the school
systemclose this document and move on.
Yes, Im an engineering graduate but it took me more than six years to finish it.
And later, youll learn that my diploma has nothing to do with the success that I
Lastly, this is NOT something that sounds good on paper but most people
could never do.
As you continue reading this special report, youll realize that just about any
reasonably intelligent adult can start this business. You do NOT need a lot of
money to start I certainly did not. You do NOT need lots of education. You

Negosyo University 2017

NOT need an office, store, special equipment, inventories of products piled up in
your house or employees.

The $2 Billion Industry No One Is Talking About

I dont care if Ill get sued from what Im about to tell you.
But the mainstream media isnt telling you everything.
If you read entrepreneur magazine or watch business related T.V. shows in the
Philippines, youll notice that they normally feature traditional businesses.
The OLD and SLOW way of making money.
Im talking about food business, agriculture, restaurant, retail, franchising, and
manufacturing. Businesses that require a lot of time and in most cases, hundreds
of thousands of pesos to get started.
Why? Its all about money.
Traditional businesses are what the masses want to hear. So, they give it to
them. In short, more viewers means more commercial and more commercial
means more money. Period.
Thats why you wont hear about this unique money making opportunity that Im
about to share with you in mainstream media. Hindi kasi pang masa. They wont
get many viewers.
Now, pay attention.
Coaches across the globe are bringing in an annual income close to $2 Billion
each year. Its one of the fastest growing industries in the world. And now is the
perfect time jump in and be part of this revolutionary business.
If youre looking for a lucrative part-time business, read this entire special report
because Im about to reveal my proven strategy on how to become a wealthy
coach without certifications or traditional training.
You see, each online coaching program that I released in the last 3 years has
generated between P700,000 P4 Million per class. And it only requires 8 to 16
hours of work to deliver the entire program.
And since I love free time, I only hold few classes a year. I can make more money
if I wanted to but Im not willing to work more than 4 hours a day.
No, Im not lazy. I just have more fun things to do with my life. Life is short and
besides, making few millions a year is enough for my needs.
But I have a confession to make

Negosyo University 2017

It Wasnt Instant Success
No, it wasnt an instant. It took me a lot of trials and errors before I figure it out
how to make big money from coaching.
In fact, my very first coaching program that I released was a TOTAL FAILURE.
Only three people had enrolled, and I made just Php 6,900.
But the entrepreneurial spirit in me kept me from doing it again and again. I didnt
stop until I almost perfected the whole process of packaging, selling and
delivering an online coaching program.
Finally, I now have the blueprint to launching multimillion coaching business all
from home.
Ive NEVER shared my success in coaching business in as detailed as Ive written
in this report. Not in my seminars, videos, blogs, or emails. Youre one of the first
lucky people to know through this report.
Now, youre probably wondering

Why Are You Sharing The Blueprint

That Made You Millions?
For three reasons.
First, Id like to PROVE to the world that you dont need millions to make
millions. Thats the old mindset. I mean, you can make a lot of money by
franchising Jollibee. Its almost a guaranteed, money-making business.
But do you have Php 35 Million to pay a franchise fee? Probably not.
So, in this report, Ill show you how to make BIG MONEY without requiring big
capital. How ordinary people like you with limited time and resources can make a
lot of money doing what you love to do.
Second, I believe that Im supposed to. Its just the right thing to do. Ill be selfish
if Ill keep all this wealth building knowledge just to myself. Its a spiritual thing
for me. My calling is to help as many Filipinos I can to have a better life
through business.
Lastly, it pains me to see hard working people that are good at what they doand
yet theyre struggling to make money from their skills, experience, passion, and
Im telling you, Ive been approached countless times by best-selling authors, TV
personality, consultants, speakers, coaches and people with three letters after their
namesyou know, those Ph.D., MD, RFP, MA, CPA

Negosyo University 2017

they are desperately asking for help.

How I Almost Lost a P40M Opportunity

Frankly, I never dreamt of coaching. A few years ago, I dont even know what
coaching is except in sports.
But one day, I received an email from a guy named Xander.
Initially, Im just ignoring his emails but he was persistent, and his name kept on
showing up in my inbox. Eventually, I gave in and read his email
and to my surprise, his company was bought by Google, and now he works for
them. Yes, Google the search engine. The $364.99 Billion U.S. based company.
I was likeWow! This smart guy is asking for my help? Really?
It stroked my ego. I mean, I almost got kicked out at Adamson University for
failing too many subjects including ROTC. I dont have special skills nor talent.
Never won an award in my entire life. No certifications. No three letters after my
And suddenlya smart guy asking for my help? Heres one of his emails:

He saw what Im doing online and he asked me to help him in his start-up
business. Thats when I realized theres money in coaching.
Since then, I started to seriously coach aspiring Entrepreneurs and consulting for
small business owners. It is so much fun, fulfilling, and extremely profitable.
Thats why

Negosyo University 2017

If youre a service provider, advisor, speaker, author, trainer, coach or
consultant or if you dream to become one
this is probably the most IMPORTANT report youll ever read. Theres a BIG
business opportunity for you. A chance to make an impact in this world and make
a lot of money at the same time.
But Im jumping ahead.
Lets define

What Exactly Is Coaching?

Coaching is telling people exactly what to do to get the results theyve been
looking in the fastest way possible. You can coach a group of people or one-on-
Unlike books, seminars, video courses, clients can get feedback from their coach
along the way, and this is an immense help to avoid any costly mistakes they can
make. Thats why coaching is a powerful way to deliver results to clients.
If you accomplished anything (created a business, got out of debt, got back your
ex, lost weight) that people would love to achieve also, then you can become a
A coach gives their clients a customized path to success. They can do so because
they experienced that success first hand.
But again, certifications nor official training isnt necessary to get started in this
lucrative business. In fact, it can be a disadvantage if youre an expert. Ill tell you
why later.

Negosyo University 2017

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.
- Chinese Proverb

And This Might Surprise You

As I said, the coaching industry generates $2 billion in annual revenue. Thats
according to International Coach Federation, the largest trade association for
coaches worldwide. We are talking about a serious business in here.
Hindi fad or small-time raket na para ka lang nag bebenta ng life insurance or
whitening soap.
And this might surprise you
There are many coaches in different market. Baka akala mo sports, business, or
life coaching lang. Nope.
Just go to Google and then search a topic in your mind and add coaching,
coach or consulting to it.
Youll get search results like baby sign language coach, parrot coach, break-up
coach, soul mate coach, evangelism coach, and the list goes on and on. Ill give a
more specific example later on.
But if you think you dont have something to offer as a coachthink again. The
combination of your skills, knowledge, years of experience, and interest is enough
to get started in this business.

What I Love About Coaching Business

Coaching is probably the ultimate LIFESTYLE business, and these are the
1) Flexibility you can run this business all from home. You can coach
people online at night after your work or during the weekends. My
coaching program normally is every Saturday between 9am 11am.

2) Low Start-Up Cost you just need a computer and Internet connection.
And then, you can deliver your coaching via Skype, Facebook, or which are all free.

3) Easy To Start you dont need to create a product or have a complicated

e-commerce website to get started. After reading this report and apply

Negosyo University 2017

what Im about to share with you, you can start this coaching business by
next week.

4) High Profit Since this business doesnt require you to have an office,
employees, equipment other than your computer, its extremely profitable.
In the Philippines, you can charge between P8,000 to over P50,000 per
client. For a P8,000 client, just get 10 a month and youll have an easy
P80,000 income per month. Ill show you how later in this report.

5) Minimal Time Commitment I deliver my coaching program just two

hours per week. Thats all I need to coach my clients. You dont need to
travel, meet people, or attend a networking event. None of those time
wasters. Coaching business is a 100% online.

6) Unlimited Number of Customers Since youll deliver your coaching

online, you have almost limitless customers that you can serve.

Unlike traditional businesses, youre not limited by geographic location.

As long as people are connected online, you can offer them your coaching

7) Transforming Lives I have hundreds of emails from people thanking

me for coaching them. You see, coaching business is primarily helping
people achieve their goals that they cant do by themselves.

Whether its in a relationship, finances, health, or business, as a coach,

youll bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Two Major Categories of the Coaching Business

Now I would like to show you are the two broad categories of coaching business.
Normally kasi pag sinabi nating coaching, sports coaching, but Im going to show
you two broad categories of coaching.
Business or Professional Coaching
Basically, coaches in this category are helping business owners or professionals to
succeed in their business or career.
Here are just a few of them:
English Writing Coach
Virtual Assistant Coach
Productivity Coach

Negosyo University 2017

Career Transition Coach
Business Growth Coach
Communication Coach
Facebook Marketing Coach
Personal or Life Coaching
Another broad general category is personal or life coaching.
Time Management Coach
Speed Reading Coach
Dating Coach
Homeschooling Coach
Money Management Coach
Public Speaking Coach
Sports and Hobbies Coaching (e.g. baking, playing guitar, golfing.)
Im just scratching a surface here. There are way too many to cover all of them in
this report but this short list should give you some idea of what kind of coaching
is in-demand right now.
Here are more specific examples:
Homeschool Coach
If youd like to teach the moms
or parents on how to
homeschool their kids, you can
do one-on-one coaching. This
coach offers one is one-on-one,
45 minutes 5 sessions and for
email exchanges.
Again, you don't have to limit
by one-on-one. You can even do
group coaching as well.

Negosyo University 2017

Break Up Coach

Kung ikaw ay kahihiwalay mo lang, hindi ka maka-move on, stalking your ex,
you need a breakup coach. You help someone, recently someone to get out from
their breakup or heartbreak.
Evangelism Coach
This coach offers a one-on-one
coaching for $200 for 8 to 12 weeks of
coaching. He will teach you on how to
evangelize, how to share the Bible. For
$200 for 8 calls of coaching, 1
coaching call per week and 60 minutes
per call.
Do you love playing video games?
Well, you can become a coach too.

Negosyo University 2017

Video Game Coach

This man offers an hour of lesson. For an hour, tuturuan ka nya on how to be
good to great done by multiple P2P, I think this is called player versus player.
But this is $60 per hour of coaching. You just basically teach someone how to
play a video game. Kung mahilig ka rin lang maglaro ng video game, might as
well pagkakitaan muna.
Comedy Coach
Do you want to become funny?
Some aim for that that, theyd like
to be funny in front of a stage or
whenever they present somewhere.
People like CEO, president of
company or leaders of an
People that would like to attract
opposite sex, they would like to
become funny as well, you can
coach them on how to be funny.
For an hour coaching via Skype or telephone, this coach can teach you for $150
per session.

Will People Pay for My Coaching?

Its OK to have doubts. I had those too when I was starting. But Im telling you,
you dont need to be super-intelligent, wise, all-knowing, or an expert to coach
Let me prove it to you.

Negosyo University 2017

Have you ever been inside a Taekwondo gym before? Did you notice that the
Yellow Belts train the White Belts, the Blue Belts train the Yellow Belts, the Red
Belts train the Blue Beltsso on and so forth?
The Black Belts, which are the grandmasters and experts, only train the Brown
Belts (who are just one level beneath them).
This happens everywhere.
In malls, they have an HR (who isnt the expert) show new employees around and
teach them what to do, protocols, rules, etc.
In a basketball team, you have a coach (who clearly isnt an expert, but
knowledgeable enough to teach) thats present to help your team win.
In school, if youre failing a certain subject, you get a tutor. A tutor is basically a
coach. They arent the smartest tutors, but what they know is enough to pass your
You dont need to know EVERYTHING. You just need to be a couple steps
higher, a few levels better than who youre coaching.
If youre still not sure you can do this, Im going to let you in a few secrets about
the coaching business

Three Secrets In Coaching Business

Secret #1) You dont need certifications, degrees, nor expertise to get started
Sir Jon, I dont have certifications. I don't have a degree. I don't have diplomas.
Im not expert in anything. Can I become a coach?
My answer is a big YES! You can start this business.
What you need to understand is this: certifications, degrees and diplomas are
meant for employees.
They were all created to qualify employees for a job position, but if you want to
become a coach or an entrepreneur, all these certifications are worthless.
Thats why Billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson,
Ralph Lauren, Steve Jobs and 26 of them are college drop outs. And yet, they are
one of the most powerful people in the world.
Again, you don't need certification, degrees, diplomas, so take that out of your
mind. You can become a coach without any certification from anything, from
anyone, or from any organization. Dont wait for anyone to appoint you.
But if youre still doubting, Im telling you, thats normal and youre not alone.

Negosyo University 2017

What youre experiencing is called Impostor Syndrome.
Impostor syndrome means, according to Wikipedia, it is individuals marked by
an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear to be
exposed as a fraud.
In other words, many of us have experience, have knowledge, have the skills on
something but we cannot internalize how much good we are or should I say the
competent that we have in what we do.
And because of that, we are just afraid that we will be exposed as a fraud or as a
fake though you are not.
As Ive said, youre not alone. Many extremely successful people feel the same
Michelle Pfeiffer, American actress, she won multiple best
actress awards and countless nominations, awards.
This is what she said, I still think people will find out that
Im really not very talented. Im really not very good. Its all
been a big sham.
Shes also suffering from this impostor syndrome because no
matter how good you are, no matter how successful you are,
you will still feel this feeling that,
Im not good enough. I dont deserve to coach people, no matter how good you
are. Its the same thing, too. I feel the same thing, too.
Heres another one: Kate Winslett.
If you have seen the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, the
Titanic movie. Siya ang leading lady ni Leonardo.
Again, multiple best actress, Academy Award winner,
Golden Globe awards, Emmy awards, and countless
nominations and awards, and this is what she said.
Sometimes I wake up in the morning before going off to a
shoot, and I think I cant do this. Im a fraud.
The same feeling that you are feeling right now.

Negosyo University 2017

Heres another one: Dr. Chan, shes the director general of
World Health Organization.
This is what she said, There are an awful lot of people out
there thinking, Im an expert. How do these people believe all
these about me? Im so much aware of all the things that I
don't know.
Are you feeling the same way? Do you feel that to start coaching people you need
to know everything? No! You don't have to, my friend. You don't have to.
Thats nothing but self-doubt. Its just this little voice in your head thats holding
you back.
Secret #2) Its All About Transformation And Not Information
One of the biggest mistakes or should I say thinking by many aspiring coaches is
they think that they have to deliver tons of information, a lot of training, a lot of
detailed step-by-step guidelines to deliver success.
They think they should know everything to be effective.
Big mistake! You just need to be a step ahead of them.
You see, what people are looking for are not more information but the results that
theyll get by working with you as a coach.
If someone is thirsty, dont make him drink from a fire hose. Put it in a glass and
hand it to him.
Stop thinking, I must give them this. I must teach them that. I have to train them
about this. I have to share this. They dont need 200 more things that they need to
know. Overwhelmed na sila sa information.
You are getting paid to give transformation and not information.
Secret #3) People Are Desperately Looking For Coaches
Why do you think ultra successful athletes like Manny Pacquiao, Tiger Woods,
Lebron James, and Michael Phelps needed a coach?
Simple. They know their weaknesses but they dont know their blind side.
Regular people would like to make changes in their lives too. Theyd like to lose
weight, find a lifetime partner, learn new hobbies, make more money, etc.
They invested in books, seminars, equipment but ultimately they failed.
In short, they realized that they cant do it on their own.

Negosyo University 2017

So they are looking for a guidance. Someone wholl show them exactly what to
do, what are they doing wrong, and get feedback from. And because they know
coaching requires personal time, theyre willing to pay premium fees for
Thats why you can make more money faster and easier than selling products.
The question is

How Much Money Do You Want?

Later in this report, Ill show you how to get clients online but for now, lets set
your monthly income goal and the map out a plan to achieve it. Write it down.

My Monthly Income Goal Is: ________________

The next step, is to figure out how many coaching clients you need a month to
reach your goal.
I personally charge between Php 25,000 to Php 100,000. But I didnt start
charging that much in the beginning. Nagsimula ako sa Php 8,000 as youll see
later in my case studies.
Since, youre new, my advice is start with Php 8,000 per client for 4 weeks of
coaching. 2 hours per week and some email coaching in between session.
If your monthly income goal is Php 80,000 then you need just 10 new clients a
If youll charge Php 10,000 then you need just 8 new clients per month. Easy
Now, lets go to the exciting part.

How To Get Your First 10 Coaching Clients

In The Next 30 Days
Where do you think most Filipinos spend most of their time online?
According to recent data, there are now 47 Million active Facebook accounts in
the Philippines. Thats a lot of people and Im sure, you can get clients from there
that desperately needs your help.
You may or may not be aware, Facebook has an advertising platform where you
can advertise with as little as 100 pesos.

Negosyo University 2017

Siguro naman may isang daang piso ka to get started?
Now, lets pretend youre a personal finance coach. Your passion is to help
people to get out of debt and teach them how to save and grow their money.
All you have to do is tell to FacebookHey, Im looking for people who might
need help in their finances.
Just type in money management and personal finance on Facebook ads
platform and it will tell you the potential number of people that you can market to.
Heres a screenshot:

Can you see that? Thats 12 Million Filipinos that might be interested.
Of course, hindi lahat yan magpapa-coach sayo. Wag kang masyadong excited.
But lets just say only 0.5 % of is a potential clientthats still 60,000 people.
Remember, you need just 8 to 10 clients a month to make extra P80,000 and
youll only coach them on weekends or after your office work.
Now, lets pretend naman that youre a Homeschooling Coach. You teach parents
on how to homeschool their children in elementary. Students that are ages 8-12
years old. A very specific market which is good actually.
Heres what Facebook showed to us:

Negosyo University 2017

Thats 380,000 parents in the Philippines with 8-12 years old child. Imagine if
you can get just 0.1% of them as a client, thats 380 people. Charge them Php
8,000 each and thats little over 3 Million pesos.
Charge them Php 10,000 and thats easy 3.5 Million pesos. Thats how lucrative
coaching business is.
Facebook has a lot very specific way to target nearly every market that you can
think of. If youre a heavy Facebook user, they probably know you more than you
know yourself. They watch every click, browse, likes, dislikes, hide, that you do.
Thats how they can figure out whos interested on certain topics.
They can easily tell whos Pro-Duterte or Anti-Duterte even if youre not stating
in Facebook your political biases.
Now, lets talk about how to structure and deliver your coaching program.

How To Deliver Your Coaching Program

Ill give you few case studies on how I delivered the program and how much
money it generated.
Case Study #1: Blog Academy Philippines
Blog Academy is a group coaching program where my friend and I teach people
how to start blogging. We launched this back in May of 2014 and had three
classes in total.
Structure: 4-Week Online Coaching. 2 hours of webinar per session.
Schedule: Every Saturday morning from 9 A.M. to 11 A.M.
Fee: Php 8,000
Number of Clients: 133
Revenue: Little over 1 Million Pesos
In short, thats 8 hours of work for a million pesos in income. Not bad right?
Case Study #2: Money Tree System
The program teaches professionals on where and how to invest their money.
Weve talked about real estate, mutual funds, stock investing, e-commerce, etc.
The challenge I had then isI dont know anything about those topics.
What I did then is I invited people that know the topic and asked them to teach.
Most of them are actually willing to teach for free. Its their passion. But we gave
them a small token of appreciation.

Negosyo University 2017

Structure: 8-Week Coaching. 2 hours webinar per session.
Schedule: Every Saturday morning from 9 A.M. to 11 A.M.
Fee: Php 10,000 ($197)
Number of Clients: 92
Revenue: Php 900,000
Case Study #3: Internet Business Master Class
In this program, I teach people how to create, package, and sell digital products
like e-books, audio books, etc. Ive been running this for the last three years. The
class is open for enrollment just 5-6 times a year. I can actually make more money
by opening more classes a year but Id like to keep my free time and stay as a true
lifestyle entrepreneur.
Structure: 8-Week Coaching. 2 hours of webinar per session.
Schedule: Every Saturday or Sunday
Fee: Php 25,000 ($460)
Number of Clients: 1,814
Revenue: Over Php 40,000,000

Few More Insider Tips

To Help You Get Started

What tools do I use to deliver the program?

I primarily use (free) or gotowebinar (paid) tools to coach them. Quite
frankly, you shouldnt worry too much about what technology to use. Google it at
marami yan. You may use Facebook, Skype, or even your mobile phone to coach
How do I coach them?
During the webinar, attendees can ask questions and talk to me. They may also
ask via chat. As a bonus, I add email coaching in between the weekly class. They
can email me with what ever question do they have. But thats not a requirement.
Its completely up to you on how much work youre willing to put into your
coaching business.
Every webinar are recorded. So, even they cant attend the live training, they
wont miss a thing. They can always watch the recording in their convenient time.
How do I accept payment?

Negosyo University 2017

I use Paypal for credit card payments or if you have a merchant account, you can
use that as well.
If they dont have a credit card and theyd like to enroll, I ask them to deposit to
my local bank account. Theyll then have to email to me a photo of their deposit
slip to confirm their payment.
How do I sell my coaching program?
90% of my clients are from Facebook as I demonstrated earlier.
One key thing you need to remember is this: As far as selling is concern, you are
NOT selling a coaching program. You are selling RESULTS. If people can see
the true value of what youre offering, thats a close deal. You dont need a
manipulative sales technique.
Let me ask you this.
Lets say youre a relationship coach and you help a couple to save their marriage.
How much should you charge for saving someones marriage? Knowing that their
kids wont grow without a dad or mom or from a broken family?
Thats priceless.

Now after reading this Special Report, you're likely

thinking about two things...
You either (1) want to know how to become a coach and start increasing your
income by 2X, 5X, 10X without increasing your working hours...
Or, (2) you think this isn't for you because you're not "qualified" or "certified" to
become a coach.
Whatever you might be thinking, I want to tell you that it is possible. You can
make TONS of money by starting a coaching business from home. It doesnt
matter what level you may be right now.
You can do it.
The only thing thats stopping you is you. Baka kasi wala ka lang talaga bilib sa
sarili mo.

Negosyo University 2017

To excel at the highest level - or any level, really - you need to believe in
yourself and hands down, one of the biggest contributors to my self-confidence
has been private coaching.
- Steph Curry, two-time NBA MVP
If thats the case, then the real question you should ask yourself is this:
Is there a SECRET SHORTCUT to becoming a confident, reputable
coach that charges high fees
without having certifications, vast experience, or large capital to begin
The answer is YES
And it's something I cover in-depth in my brand-new training course.
Long story short: you're going to learn how to launch a profitable coaching
program even if you don't see yourself as an expert.
This is also GREAT for business owners who are looking to generate additional
revenue for their business.
Right now, enrollment is still closed to the public and will be likely by invitation
For now, you can watch a video from my jam-packed webinar that reveals
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To your freedom,
Jon Orana

Negosyo University 2017