Don Savage Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

February 18, 1993 (Phone: 202/358-1600) RELEASE: 93-32 NASA BUDGET BOOSTS TECHNOLOGY, PROMISES IMPROVED SPACE STATION PROGRAM The President's 1994 budget request for NASA will call for an increase over last year's budget with key provisions for the Space Station program and the development of important new technologies. NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin praised the plan, saying, "It clearly reflects the President's firm commitment to a meaningful and balanced space program and the revitalization of American industry through cutting-edge science and technology development." President Clinton has directed the Administrator to redesign the Space Station as part of a program that is more efficient and effective and capable of producing greater returns on our investment. The '94 package provides $2.3 billion for the smooth transition of the program to a streamlined, cost-effective design, assuring stability in the program during the transition and minimizing any potential job loss. The President also has directed NASA to work closely with the U.S. Congress and international partners to maintain continuity in the program and to assure their participation in producing a space station that is technically challenging and promises the highest possible returns. NASA's new technology investment package will provide

significant funding aimed at new projects that could lower the cost of space research, achieve demonstrable results sooner and are more directly beneficial to the economy. The new plan allows room in NASA's budget for future enhancements to ongoing agency efforts in aeronautics, human and robotic space flight and the transfer of technology to new and existing industries. Goldin was briefed by White House officials late Wednesday and Thursday morning and offered the following statement: - more -2"I congratulate the President on his courageous vision of an aeronautics and space program that is relevant to America and continues to lead the world in innovation and discovery." "In response to the vision, we will join with our international partners, industry experts, and the science community to introduce broad, innovative thinking to the process of delivering a meaningful and efficient program to the American people and to the world." "I have great faith and pride in the working women and men of the NASA team who I know will step up to the challenge to do more with less, just as they have met the great challenges of the past." "NASA will serve the President's vision and live up to its reputation as a can-do agency by becoming a model in government for quality, efficiency and productivity." - end -