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Webercise Presentation: Infographic

Each group has already completed the webercise questions and now you will
present your findings to the class through an Infographic and oral presentation.

Each group was given a photograph of an item and a photograph of a theorem and you analyzed
and responded to the photographs using your critical thinking and the computer
At the end of the unit, your group will present the findings to the class. Everyone from the group
must present at least one finding.
o To have a complete presentation, groups must create an Infographic including all the
answers to the questions given.
o The Infographic must be made on the Glogster website
o There must be at least 6 pictures that depict the answers to the questions. The rest can be
in text form. There must be an additional two pictures, one that is a picture of the same
item in the given photograph and one of the given theorem. So, 8 pictures total.
o The Infographic will be presented to the class and turned in to the instructor after the
o Your grade for the project will be based on the presentation, answers to the questions and
the complete Infographic
o The rubric is as follows:

4 Excellent 3 Good 2 - Fair 1 Unacceptable
Answers to All rules were All rules were Most rules were Rules were not
questions followed when followed when followed when followed
completing the completing the completing the Answers to the
exercise exercise exercise questions are
Answers to Most answers to Some answers not correct
questions are the questions to the questions There is a lack
correct and are correct and are correct and of group
thought out thought out thought out discussion with
Group Group Group no thought out
discussion discussion discussion response
questions are questions are questions show
well thought out thought out lack of
and have a with a vague extensive
concise explanation of thought and
explanation of their choices vague
their choices explanation of
Names: _______________________

Infographic Contains at Contains Contains less Contains no

least 6 pictures between 4-5 than 4 images images to show
showing images showing showing answers to the
answers to answers to the answers to the questions
questions questions questions (words only)
Has the two Has two Has only one There are no
pictures that pictures that picture that was images to show
were given to were given to given to pictures
students at the students at the students at the provided to
beginning of the beginning of the beginning of the students at the
exercise exercise exercise beginning
All answers to Most answers to Only some Infographic is
the questions the questions answers to the not fun or
are depicted are depicted questions are engaging
Students used Students used depicted
their creativity creativity to Students were
to make a fun make a unable to make
and engaging somewhat the infographic
infographic engaging fun and
infographic engaging
Oral Presentation Each students Most students Some students Only one or two
presents at least in the group present the students present
one answer to a present an answers to the the answers to
questions answer to the questions the questions
Presentation is question Presentation is Presentation is
well thought out Presentation is not thought out haphazardly put
and rehearsed thought out or rehearsed together
Students use the Students use the Presentation is Students only
infographic as infographic for specifically tell class what is
support for their their from the on infographic,
presentation presentation infographic without