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3 Colombia Road Network

Colombia Road Network
Distance Matrix
Travel Time Matrix
Road Security
Weighbridges and Axle Load Limits

Colombia Road Network

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Total road network of the country are approximately 203,000 kilometers, of this total approximately 48% is in flat terrain, 29% undulating and 23%
in mountainous terrain, About 18,000 km are primary, 44000 km of secondary and tertiary remaining. Most of the primary network has been given
in concessions, this contributes to the maintenance and improvement of the road network, the remainder is part of the Government and local
authorities; Secondary and tertiary networks are those with a high percentage of critical deterioration, lack of maintenance is the most important

The bad state of the roads, the lack of direct routes to major destinations, insecurity by public order, poor road signage, high fuel costs and the
absence of adequate infrastructure, increased logistics costs of land transport.

The country is projected with the structuring of fourth generation roads, through highway concessions begun in 2014, higher quality roadways
which meet international standards and enhance connectivity, especially between centers of production and foreign trade sites.

Another major project is the route of the sun, this important work of infrastructure will use considerably for transit of goods and passengers
between Bogota - Region and the Caribbean Coast. And the Panamericana Way, this project will connect Venezuela to Panama, crossing the
main capitals of the Caribbean Coast and activating strategic sectors such as tourism and trade. This infrastructure work can be integrated with
regional airports and the concentration of logistics distribution activities.

For information on Colombia road contact details, please see the following link:

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4.2.1 Colombia Government Contact List

Distance Matrix
Distances from Capital City to Major Towns (km)

Bogot Yopal Cali Medellin Cucuta Pasto Monteria Santa Marta

Bogot x 342 484 552 649 884 943 1139

Yopal 342 x 802 629 483 1057 940 1015

Cali 484 802 x 462 1133 400 933 1305

Medellin 552 629 462 x 1201 942 391 843

Cucuta 649 483 1133 1201 x 1533 1350 833

Pasto 884 1057 400 942 1533 x 1253 1705

Monteria 943 940 933 391 1350 1253 x 517

Santa Marta 1139 1015 1305 843 833 1705 517 x

Travel Time Matrix

Travel Time from Capital City to Major Towns (km)

Bogot Yopal Cali Medellin Cucuta Pasto Monteria Santa Marta

Bogot x 6.3 h 8.5 h 8.5 h 10.4 h 15 h 15.3 h 17.4 h

Yopal 6.3 h x 14.4 h 12.4 h 9h 20.4 h 18.4 h 19 h

Cali 8.5 h 14.4 h x 8h 17.5 h 7.2 h 15 h 22 h

Medellin 8.5 h 12.4 h 8h x 11.4 h 14.4 h 7.4 h 15 h

Cucuta 10.4 h 9h 17.5 h 11.4 h x 24 h 14.3 h 11.3 h

Pasto 15 h 20.4 h 7.2 h 14.4 h 24 h x 21.5 h 29 h

Monteria 15.3 h 18.4 h 15 h 7.4 h 14.3 h 21.5 h x 8.2 h

Santa Marta 17.4 h 19 h 22 h 15 h 11.3 h 29 h 8.2 h x

Road Security
The road safety issues accident, it may be affected by the signaling deficiency, the poor condition of the roads, low road safety, speed limits
uncontrolled, a lack of civic culture and inadequate vehicle maintenance.

Regarding personal safety, road transport is the most affected for public order in Colombia, roadblocks, robberies and kidnappings.

The government has established a road safety plan for the period 2013 2021, through the Vial Prevention Fund, which seeks to improve road
safety and reduce the risks.

The departments with better infrastructure in terms of road safety are: Cauca, Guajira, Quindo, Crdoba and Meta. And the higher risk due to
poor infrastructure are: Nario, Sucre, Caldas, Cesar and Magdalena.

Weighbridges and Axle Load Limits

According to the National Traffic Code, the weight limit for vehicles will be according to the dimensions and weights, including bodywork and
accessories, to define this the Ministry of Transport, should take into account national and international technical standards.

At the national level the regulations for the control of vehicle, measures for weight control in cargo transport and scales, is established in
Resolution 4100 of December 2004, Resolution 2888 of October 2005, and Resolution 2308 of 2014.

Internationally, Colombia approved the accession to the WTO agreement, Annex 1A - Multilateral Agreements on Trade Goods, And the Andean

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Community of Nations CAN, Decision 491 of the Andean Technical Regulation 2001, on weights and dimensions of vehicles designed for
international transport, passengers and goods by road.

Axle load limits LCA Country Colombia Transit Country Venezuela

Truck with 2 axles 17000 Kg 19000 Kg

Truck with 3 axles 28000 Kg 26000 Kg

Truck with 4 axles 31000 36000 Kg 32000 Kg

Semi-trailer with 3 axles 27000 Kg 32000 Kg

Semi-trailer with 4 axles 32000 Kg 39000 Kg

Semi-trailer with 5 axles 40500 Kg 46000 Kg

Semi-trailer with 6 axles 52000 Kg 48000 Kg

Truck & drawbar trailer with 4 axles 32000 Kg 39000 Kg

Truck & drawbar trailer with 5 axles 32000 Kg 46000 Kg

Truck & drawbar trailer with 6 axles 48000 Kg 48000 Kg

Truck & drawbar trailer with 7 axles n/a n/a

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