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There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the World,
and that is an idea whose time has come.
Victor Hugo
19th Century Author

Author: Stjepan Spanicek – Independent Researcher
Version 2.0
November 2017.
Zagreb, Croatia


This essay does not have any commercial use. Author of the essay does not have any claim on
copyrights, so the essay itself can be used freely, partially or entirely, for further researches and
for education purpose. The author retains right on changes, modifications, improvements and
making some appendices, because of material affluence and complexity, the entire research is
just like … a never-ending story. Therefore, always check if you have the latest version of that


It is absolutely amazing how this initial very innocent search for the natal chart of Jesus is turned into the
campaign of correcting all history lines1. In Kali Yuga, or Iron Age, how our ancestors called that age very dark in
nature we just left behind us, the Bull of Dharma is standing on one leg only. That fact implicates that only about
25 % of the Truth of Life is still alive, while about 75 % of everything that we see around us is turned to be lie,
hoax, fake, fabrication, fraud, and manipulation. Thus, darkness and ignorance predominated, and vail on the
consciousness of humans was formed so that they cannot see properly. And this is how the life escalated into
violation of natural laws … and making sins. This is the nature of life in the Kali Yuga or Iron Age of the short
cycle of the yugas, the world ages … or … as our ancestors called it …The Great Year. Actually, there is a
wonderful documentary with the same name … The Great Year2. Absolutely worthy to be seen.

This short introduction was very necessary in order to understand the nature of life in last few thousand years,
and to understand why we have so much of negativity around us, and why the real history is distorted so much.
Of course, all that has its own background in astronomy and moving of our planet Earth throughout the
Universe, and it is closely related to the absence of Ether-Akasha around us, but this will be covered some other
time perhaps.

Jesus came just about five hundred years before the negative peak of the Kali Yuga-Iron Age when all positive
tendencies were minimized very much. It happened that this negative peak of the Iron Age was about 500 C.E.,
along with the destruction of the Roman Empire, which was just the last of those ancient great civilizations and
cultures. All until that point cultures and civilizations were descending, they were falling down and fading out …
all of them … great civilization of ancient Egypt, Sumerian Culture … Mesopotamia Civilization … Persian Culture
… Vedic Civilization in India … all of them were fading out … and the darkness and ignorance of the Middle Age,
they were taking over. After that turning point in 500. C.E., there was a dramatic change and consciousness
easily started to rise up, but with breaking and losing any contact with previous civilizations of descending type.
Around 1700 C.E., along with Renaissance and exposed enormous thirst for knowledge and progress, we said
Good Bye to the Kali Yuga-Iron Age, and entered into Dwapara Yuga … ascending Bronze Age … So now, we
know for sure we are about 300 years in Dwapara Yuga-Bronze Age already.

So the time that Jesus came was extraordinary difficult time for positive forces to do anything, especially to
confront negative forces which were just rejoicing darkness and ignorance. This is their time. In spite of that,
though it was very difficult, it was very necessary to do something, because otherwise, the evolution itself could

Please note that the huge work have been done on revealing precise natal charts of most important historical figures by using Vedic Astrology-Jyotish.
The trigger point for complete research was an idea to find the true natal chart of historical Jesus. This is how the true nature of the Star of Bethlehem
was discovered as well, along with the true biblical story.
“The Great Year is a compelling documentary that explores the possibility that the fall of ancient civilizations around the globe, and the rise of modern
civilization, might be related to our Sun's motion around a companion star. The film examines evidence that ancient civilizations may have known of
this celestial cycle and that our Sun may indeed display the characteristics of binary motion”.
Below there is a link to the beautiful documentary called The Great Year. It is telling exactly the story about cycles of yugas, especially about short cycle
of yugas, which was called the Great Year … or … Iron Age … in our very recent past. All cultures of our recent past knew about short cycle of yugas. They
knew about The Great Year Cycle, and they appropriately tuned with it.
If for some reason above YouTube link doesn't work, the Google Search should be used ... with entering ... The Great Year documentary ... and proper
link will show up immediately.

be in danger. These negatively polarized guys would have destroyed the planet Earth and our stage for playing
this game, but this is something that nobody wants.

We can put that other way around, and we can ask ourselves what is the worst thing what could possibly happen
to us? Is this death? Well, not exactly! The fact is that nobody dies. There is just a transformation from one form
of life to another. All true knowers of the true nature of life know that. Only fools are dying, somebody said very
nicely. Therefore, if not death, what else can be considered as the worst thing to happen? If we think properly,
we shall find out the answer easily. Destroying the stage for our evolution game definitely would be the worst
what can happen to us. We are here because we asked for that, and all this magnificent Creation is here just for
that purpose only … to be the stage for our evolution game … just for this play. So, imagine now that somebody
wants to destroy that. What would you do?

This question and an appropriate answer, I leave everyone to think about. For me, there is no any doubt, that
this still existing negative energy around us, which follows only destructive agenda, not a constructive one,
though in traces right now … so, this kind of destructive energy would annihilate the stage we use to play the
game of evolution. Oo yes, they would do that very quickly if we leave all strings in their hands only. For that
purpose, even in the midst of darkest ages, God Guys need to come and to oppose negativity … to fight
negativity. This is the nature of life in the dualistic world. This is the nature of life when we live in ignorance,
and denying completely the fact that we can live the Unity in the midst of Duality. It is also necessary to
emphasize, doing something positive and heroic in such a harsh and difficult environment of Kali Yuga, is
rewarded on the monumental level on the celestial plane.

So, interestingly, in this research, it was the chart of Jesus himself to become the code breaker, then some other
natal charts of very important historical figures were reviled, and along with them certain signs, omens, and
symbols were deciphered, what we can call celestial artifacts, and nothing is the same anymore. Real and true
history started to reveal all secrets, step by step enigmas are fading out and are almost gone, and what prevails
is eternal light. This is the power of Jyotish, which by the way … is being called exactly by this name … Light of

In this never-ending search for natal charts of historical figures, long ago, along with searching for something
completely different, I stumbled on one very interesting article exposed on the following website:

The title of the article is Frozen Warriors: Napoleon & Hitler in Russia. An article was published on January 28,
2014, by Alan Annand practitioner of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish from Canada. For safety reasons, I made a separate
PDF document out of it, because, this short essay of mine is closely connected with this article precisely, and
cannot be understood properly without comprehension of both.

Of course, my curiosity was risen to the highest level, and I did start to research this article very carefully. It was
very interesting indeed. Actually, through researching the natal charts of Napoleon and Hitler, the author of the
text exposed an idea that these charts are connected somehow. Those two historical figures exposed similar
behavior, including the fact that they made some very identical decisions. Author of that unique article is
especially focused on the fact that they attacked the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union … in just two days of
difference. This is where I entered into both charts profoundly. And … my revelations are stunning!

To be honest, and without any exaggeration, before I already had some similar ideas that those two historical
figures must be connected somehow. I already noticed by myself the frappant similarity between them, and
then, by seeing this article, I was simply thrilled.

Let’s start with similarities which are already exposed in the text.
“There’ve been many comparisons between the Fuhrer and Napoleon. Both stood under five foot nine. Both had photographic memories.
Both were foreigners to the countries they ruled (Napoleon was Italian, Hitler was Austrian). Both planned but never launched invasions
of England. Both invaded Russia within days of each other, there to suffer staggering losses and humiliating defeat that spelled the demise
of their respective empires.
A comparison of their birth charts reveals further similarities, both in their native dispositions, and in the timing of their attacks on

Even at first glance at these natal charts, we can notice the frappant similarity. But, some remarks I need to
expose as well. There are some problems when considering Hitler’s natal chart.

Napoleon’s natal chart seems to be very correct, and I did not have any doubt about it. Atmakaraka (AK) falls
into the third house of Navamsa, and I think this is correct, along with possible deviation of a few minutes up or
down in order to set the correct D-60 divisional chart. AK in the third of Navamsa tells that the person has a
powerful and influential friend circle, and this is very true when we consider Napoleon’s life. He was a strong
worrier and general, but the point is that he used his connections with friends to rise up to the top of the
pyramid of power. Just to mention, Local Mean Time (LMT) should be used in both charts. Here is the first chart
exposed, the natal chart of the Napoleon himself:

I will not analyze this chart so much. In the article exposed on the already mentioned web link some interesting
observations are already given out.

To be honest, I will be focused more on the Hitler’s chart, because I’ve noticed some discrepancies are exposed
there. Official time of birth is 6.30 PM LMT, according to the Church’ books, but I think this is not the correct
time, and additional tuning should be done. How to tune it? Of course, I am not going to make full rectification,
though I‘ve noticed already on the Net such efforts, because, some people already observed the same problem
… the birth time is not correct. In one of such rectifications, I saw that the renowned western astrologer raised
up the time of birth to be after 7 PM. I am sharing the same opinion. My time of birth is 7.14 PM LMT. Let’s see
the chart.

Now, to be honest, I planned not to be very long with this chart either. What are the key points of these two
charts? The key point is that these are the same soul incarnations. Not intentionally, probably, but it seems that
the author of the text had exposed charts of two incarnations of the same soul, and that is the reason there are
so many striking similarities. This is the key to understand both natal charts, and appropriate lives of their

The key point of both charts is an ascendant in Swati nakshatra! This is the key to look and to understand Hitler’s
natal chart especially. Almost all analyses of Hitler’s natal chart had failed because astrologers did not
understand it should be Swati nakshatra as ascendant. They failed because without scrutinizing anything they
followed the birth time given by official census records or Church’ books, and in this case, this is wrong!!! We
cannot blindly follow any text or record done by humans, because everything can be modified and manipulated.
There are no exceptions to this rule.

Swati is a brilliant nakshatra-stellar constellation, and originally it is connected with Sarasvati Goddess. It offers
a lot of good and positive things. But when afflicted, exactly this nakshatra could turn on very negative and
demonic side, and this is exactly what happened here in Hitler’s case. But how an ascendant can be afflicted?
Oo yes, it can be! Especially in Hitler’s case, it is afflicted very much!

This is how we are coming now toward the second key point important to understand Hitler’s natal chart. We
see that Lagna-Ascendant lord is Venus-Shukra. But where is the Venus-Shukra? It is in the seventh house, in
the sign of Aries-Mesha in the BHARANI nakshatra. This is the second key … Bharani nakshatra … Bharani
nakshatra is ruled by Venus-Shukra itself, and this is the time where we need to explain one very important
thing. In almost all literature I found, they say that any planet by sitting in the nakshatra it rules, it is being
amplified drastically and raised in dignity. This is true, but there is one exception to that rule. That exception is
exactly the Venus-Shukra itself. By sitting in the nakshatra which rules Venus-Shukra becomes DEBILITATED!!! I
was lucky enough to stumble on some text exposing this fact. In the beginning, I did not believe in this story,
but later on, along with a lot of examples, I realized that this is the basic truth. The logic behind I do not
understand completely, it seems that too much of Venus-Shukra quality will have counter effect … it will
downgrade the dignity of the planet. But, one should be very careful; Venus-Shukra is the highest benefic, so
quite often it is very difficult to differentiate the nuances of influences. Because, even by being debilitated,
Venus-Shukra, can give an abundance of good results. Not to be forgotten that Shukra-Venus is an Ascendant-
Lagna, and according to general interpretation, Ascendant lord should be always considered as a benefic.
Shukra-Venus is an Atmakaraka planet at the same time.

This is exactly what happened with Hitler. Being in Bharani, Shukra-Venus is debilitated, and that means that
ascendant of Libra-Tula sign is debilitated as well, together with ascendant nakshatra and this is Swati. So, we
need to read the negative side of Swati Nakshatra.

What follows is an extract from the book: The Nakshatras-The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology - by Dennis
M. Harness. I am quoting complete chapter for Swati nakshatra, just to show how brilliant this nakshatra is, but
special attention should be given to the last paragraph where the negative and shadowy side of this nakshatra
is exposed.

Thus, Rahu is ruling the Swati Nakshatra. Rahu is like a wind. It will make a person moving and driving around
like a madman. A lot of abstract thinking can be created with losing the contact with the real world. Ascendant
sign with debilitated Shukra and Rahu plays an important role, this is showing the way by which Chandra-Moon,

Surya-Sun, Shukra-Venus … the lord of Lagna and the lord of the eleventh will express fulfilling desires and
wishes. Position and circumstances of these four planets will determine what the intention of the soul is in this
particular incarnation. In this scheme, the ascendant becomes extremely important, because it will determine
the way to accomplish this goal. In fact, in this case, this way is not something anybody would want to go or to
pass through.

But, it is not only that ascendant is heavily afflicted! At the same time, Shukra-Venus, is the lord of 8th house as
well, the house of sexual life, transformation, occult knowledge, inheritance, physics abilities, diseases as well
… and this is all debilitated too. Additionally, Shukra-Venus is debilitated in seventh harmonic chart…
Sapthamsha … what will additionally worsen the situation, and complicate the situation along with relationships.

We know that his sexual life was obscure, if any did exist all until he took some power, and that is in 1933, as
we know. It is that conjunction with exalted Surya-Sun in the seventh what had helped Shukra-Venus to make
some relationships. Exalted Surya-Sun will give some dignity to Shukra-Venus, while at the same time it will lose
some dignity. And all these relationships were debilitated as well. We know that some of his girls did a suicide
or tried to do it. According to the newest researches, the fact which was not exposed so far, even Eva Braun
tried to do suicide two times, before the final one. Many of these girls and women followed him blindly in his
Nazi madness, what is also considered as a debilitation. So, none of these relationships lasted long except the
last one with Eva Braun, although this one is also questionable, and definitely with a lot of ups and downs.

Eva Braun had come into his life in 1929, and it was just a friendship in the beginning, but the true relationship
started in 1932. It happened that about that time he was just about to take the power. So, the only longer
relationship, and finally the last one, could come into existence only when he reached some social status, earned
some power and started to use it. At the same time, when he was already middle-aged, debilitated Shukra had
loosened its own debilitated grip little bit, and started to behave on the slightly softer way.

Eva Braun was born in Munich on February 6, 1912, at 12.30 AM CET, according to one Astro site.

Interestingly, appropriate Jyotish natal chart would show Tula-Libra Ascendant-Lagna in Swati nakshatra ruled
by Rahu, same and identical as in Hitler’s chart. Furthermore, Shukra is in the Purvashadha nakshatra, the one
which rules, so again we have debilitated Shukra in the chart. As I already mentioned, for Shukra, even when
being in very low dignity like debilitation, for instance, it will still offer a lot of good things, because this is the
highest benefic. She was a nice girl and pretty woman, very sympathetic so to say, cheerful, always smiling, and
prone to athletic performances and loving sports. Perhaps even she had some bright ideals in young days, but
her mental profile exposes almost the same problems as we already have seen in Hitler’s case. So, to conclude
considering Eva, although the compatibility between them is very high, this connection with Hitler will turn to
be tragic for her, will make to spent long time in almost full isolation, will make her very unhappy actually, and
in final stage he channelized her life completely and took her down with him. Interestingly, such “big heroes”
like Hitler was, never want to die alone. She was young, only 33 years of age. In any normal situation, life was
just about to start for her. It seems she was not categorical Nazi, she just found herself in this madness, and
something that was supposed to be her highest fortune turned out to be the complete disaster. I think, she was
more collateral, deceived and disoriented with fraudulent Nazi propaganda, and very common and normal
feminine desire to search for fulfilling of romantic and emotional needs. But, this also has to be analyzed in
terms of karmic predestinations, for the reason that these two souls definitely had some karmic bounds,
because we find them coming together life after life. Her situation and destiny cannot be separated from the
collective consciousness of Nazi Germany as well. After all, Hitler himself and all that was happening in this
disastrous situation he carried out so successfully, all that was just the reflection of the collective consciousness
of Germany and the entire world. So, we definitely cannot put everything on Hitler … and Germans … Nobody
is innocent. As long we belong to this world and appropriate collective consciousness deeply involved in making
sins … nobody is innocent.

Eva Braun, aka Josephine Bonaparte (second from the right), with her girlfriends. I am personally very curious about this photograph because I see many
familiar faces; actually, all of them are very familiar. But couldn’t find the source, like when and where the photograph was taken? Probably somewhere
around Munich, I guess. All of these girls are so sweet, but if they would only know how much wrong and non-true facts are involved in Nazi propaganda!?
Veda is all about Truth; finding the Truth and fighting for the Truth. Of course, Nazi originators used some true facts very profoundly. Not all of that what
they used was false. One such true fact is the fact that Bavaria and Bavarians are true Aryans! That is the reason Munich is chosen as the center of the
operation, and to fire the initial spark. Nazis used perfidiously the original desire of Bavarians to be united with the Source. Thus, in all these disastrous
situations, there are Bavarians who are tragic victims. Along with Bavarians, some other ethnic groups in Germany can be considered as Vedic Aryans as
well. But all this doesn’t have anything to do with so-called Germans … and Germanic tradition. Actually, the question is who Germans are!? No any nation
of today is proved as pure and clean. On the contrary, all of them are proved to be more as some mix of different ethnic groups. It is more like we are
making soup … we put a little bit of this … and a little bit of this … all until nice mix is being done. The question is now: what parts Germany is being mixed

Let’s continue with Hitler’s story.

The seventh house, where debilitated Shukra-Venus is sitting, will be afflicted as well. Actually, there is quite a
mess there. Shukra-Venus is conjoined with Mangal-Mars, Budha-Mercury, and exalted Surya-Sun. Mercury-
Budha is a volatile planet, it will receive easily any influence from surrounding planets or planets receiving aspect
from. It is in the mutual aspect relationship with very strong and powerful Sani-Saturn. Mercury-Budha has the
lowest degree in this conjunction, so it is supposed to hold and carry other planets in this conjunction. And it
will carry this strange quadruple conjunction but on completely negative and demonic side. Mangal-Mars is in
own house, but at the same time, it is on the same degree with Shukra, what includes planetary war. Those two
planets are enemies in general, and now even being involved in the planetary war. So, there is almost no end
to the disastrous situation in this natal chart.

This mess in the seventh house is quite indicative. We know very well the song British soldiers and kids were
singing in WWII, and as we see now, this is all very true …
The seventh house represents private parts in human physiology, as well as the eighth house, and they are both
heavily afflicted as we could see, so no doubt that something went wrong there.

Furthermore, all planets sitting in the nakshatras of debilitated Shukra-Venus are also afflicted … and these are
Guru-Jupiter, Ketu and Chandra-Moon in Purvashada nakshatra, and additionally the Mangal-Mars in Bharani.
Chandra-Moon is hammed between natural malefic Ketu and functional malefic Guru-Jupiter, and all three are
situated in the nakshatra ruled by debilitated Shukra.

We need to have on mind that 8th house represents occult knowledge as well. We saw that Hitler was searching
for Vedic Knowledge and other occult resources, in order to increase his power, but somehow it happened, due
to many afflictions, he did it on his much-debilitated way. We know that the symbol of the Swastika is very
precious and the most sacred Vedic symbol. This is the symbol of Vishnu and Lakshmi, actually. By taking this
sacred symbol to be the symbol of such atrocities he accomplished … well, he just degraded and compromised
that symbol and everything that it represents, including the degrading of Vedic Knowledge in general.

I could possibly make a book based on this chart, or these two charts, but as I mentioned before, will try to be
short. But few additional details need to be exposed definitely.

The position of Saturn-Sani is all about for a person to become dictatorial. Mars-Mangal, as well as Surya-Sun,
both by sitting in the seventh lost some dignity, and by giving full aspect to the Ascendant-Lagna shall contribute
a lot to such kind of behavior. But final shaping of the dictator will come from Saturn-Sani. It is placed in Navamsa
ascendant and this is transmitted immediately to the first house of Janma Kundali by shaping the mentality
heavily. But final result this Saturn-Sani will give in Capricorn-Makar rasi-sign when translated to the Janma
Kundali, and this is the fourth house … and we know that he was dictatorial initially and predominately in his
own country … Germany (and Austria).

All these disastrous combinations made him be drug and sedative addict, all life probably he was under the
influence of drugs and sedatives to some extension. That was especially pronounced during his last years. We
saw it beautifully depicted along with National Geographic’s documentary: Hitler the junkie, where Dr.
Theodor Morell, the personal doctor of Hitler, had exposed the complete truth how he kept him under
narcotics almost complete war.

Nevertheless, despite everything, there are some good points in this chart as well. Though the Shukra-Venus is
as it is, it is strong, and we know he almost finished as an artist-painter. Although he missed an exam to enroll
in an academy of art, he was a good painter. I saw his paintings exposed, and noticed they are really good.
Though, they say, he was much better in making paintings and drawings of nature and buildings. They say he
was not so good in making portraits and depicting humans. He was proved as a good self-made architect as well.
His Atmakaraka Shukra-Venus is nicely placed in the eleventh of Navamsa, depicting a very brave and
courageous personality. We know that in WWI he got a medal for his braveness and heroic acts. Even his
leadership in the WWII had exposed a lot of fabulously brave plans and actions. Not even to mention that he
solved many situations in his favor just by bluffing, tricking and deceiving his rivals and opponents. So, he was
an extraordinary bluffer. He was a master of bluffing. He invented it. This kind of behavior was more exposed in
the beginning of the WWII, as well as his general fortune in this war. We saw fabulous nature support was going
on in his favor for some time. We see that in D-60 divisional chart Jupiter-Guru is exalted. I think this is what
gives effect on good luck and fortune … for some time, of course … all until he finally finished the job Nature
had given to him … to be a carrier of destruction. And he carried it bravely and fabulously all until his last breath.

The chart will also show that April 30, 1945, WAS the last moment in the life of this person. All other stories …
should be taken just as stories … And not only that. From this natal chart, I see this soul reincarnated very soon,

just in a few years afterward … but not later than 1950. Everybody wanted to be around when this unique
ascension is just about to happen. He also hurried up to be around at that time … Yes, he did harry up …

So now, to conclude the story of this controversial but very unique individual, I need to mention few more very
important details. Although it is not pleasant to meet such an individuality and to have any dealings with such
person at all, must say that Evolution Force needs him exactly for such “jobs” of destructive nature to be done.
As we know already, there are three forces hidden behind the term Evolution actually, the term we use so very
much. Forces of creation, sustaining and destruction are going hand in hand, and there is no way for progress
and advancement of any kind to take place unless the previous stage is being destroyed. We are here because
we asked for that, and in order to make the stage we can evolve and become better, nicer in any possible way,
inside and outside, more knowledgeable … more divine … so to say … so … in order to accomplish all that, we
need the stage. We need the stage for our play to go on. But the new stage cannot be built up and activated
unless the previous one is being disintegrated. This is a natural law. This is one very basic natural law. As long
we are in duality we need someone to do such jobs. Thus, though such individuals are not so pleasant to meet
on daily basis, from an evolutionary point of view, we need them very much. As long we live in a dualistic world;
as long we violate natural laws and make sins, which by the way have been accumulating in collective
consciousness on cumulative manner, as long we do that, it is just the matter of time when everything will turn
back to us like a boomerang, and produce conflicts and wars which will discharge these charges and nullify them.
Thus, as long life is going on this way, we need such guys. After all, Napoleon and Hitler, both, are not the top
level in this sense. They’ve been maybe fourth or fifth echelon, while other higher level individuals of evil force
are almost invisible, being hidden somewhere deep in shadow. Indeed, the real Father of the Domain of the
Holocaust and the real Mother of the Domain of the Holocaust were completely invisible. It is not Hitler who
invented all that. He was just receiving orders from some shadowy evil energy … but this can perhaps be the
topic for some other essay.

However, such guys like Hitler are not chosen because they understand the story of evolution perfectly well.
They are chosen because of their enormous negative inner charge, because of their extreme negative
polarization. For them, this is nothing else then another evolutionary lesson. They are predestined to play such
roles, so to say. Nevertheless, no doubt they finish as frozen warriors sooner or later. All such guys finish as
frozen warriors. In the final stage, evil cannot win over good. Evil can never win over good. One should always
be aware of that fact.

Though personally, that means, if somebody would ask for my personal opinion, I would rather use this beautiful
balancing Libra-Tula sign-rasi, and even more beautiful Swati nakshatra or starry constellation, which is so
closely connected with Sarasvati Goddess and can offer such a celestial blessing… I would definitely use them in
the more effective way, and that is to say … more positive way, and with more dignity in any point of view.

The End

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