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*The skeleton outline = 25 points – Notes to the right on each part = 25 points

II. Pilgrims Found Plymouth Colony - New start, religious freedom
A. Religious Disagreement in England - King Henry VIII’s Anglican
Church of England, put protestant vs Catholics
***** Puritans and Separatists - Anglicans that wanted to “purify” the
Anglican from Catholic ways became known as “Puritans,” the Puritans that
wanted more changes separated from the church and were known as
“Separatists” and worshipped by themselves but were attacked and left
England, lived in the Netherlands, did not want children to become more
Dutch than English, and became the Pilgrims who traveled to North America
for religious freedom
B. Starting the Plymouth Colony - John Carver helped Separatists gain a
charter from London Company to set up a colony in VA and arranged the
Mayflower to transport them.
1. Journey to America - 1620 100 set out from Plymouth, England for VA
when a storm blew them off course and damaged the ship forcing the
Mayflower to land on Cape Cod, MA (mapped by John Smith in 1614)
2. The Mayflower Compact - MA outside charter laws and the crew and
Separatists set up a self-government to agree to obey laws passed by the
majority with John Carver as governor
3. Landing at Plymouth - a harbor with Native American cleared land,
chosen location for settlement in winter, “starving time”
C. Native Americans and Pilgrims - March 1621 Samoset met Pilgrims and
introduce Massasoit the chief of the Wampanoags, Native American group
that controlled MA, Squanto left to teach Pilgrims to survive, act as
interpreter between Native Americans
*Plymouth Survives - Shared harvest with Wampanoags and Pilgrims became
known as first Thanksgiving, and new charter was granted to Pilgrims, but
the colony remained small and poor
John Carver - Separatist businessman who
arranged for Mayflower to take Pilgrims to
America, helped write the Mayflower Compact,
and was the first governor of Plymouth Colony
Samoset - Spoke English to Pilgrims, knew
language by meeting fishermen around ME, and
introduced Wampanoag chief, Massasoit to
Massasoit - Wampanoag chief which controlled the
area of MA wanting an alliance with Pilgrims
(guns) against other native groups
Squanto - Also known as Tisquantum, considered
the last Patuxet, (the natives who had cleared the
land and lived before Plymouth was built) was
kidnapped by Europeans taken to Spain and
England, learned to speak English and returned to
America before the Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth.

Netherlands - the city of Leyden was safe place for
Separatists, but the children were becoming more
Dutch than English, and they chose to leave for
Cape Cod - Nov. 1620, the place the Mayflower was
forced to land after being damaged in a storm in
present day MA
Massachusetts - VA Company changed charter for
Plymouth Colony
Plymouth - Separatist settlement/colony in America
Puritans - member of the Anglican Church who
wanted to purify the church from Roman Catholic
influence and customs
Separatists - those that left the Anglican Church or
Puritans who wanted to separate from the
Anglicans completely and suffered persecutions in
England, sought safety in Netherlands and America
Pilgrims - English settler seeking religious freedom
in the Americas
Mayflower Compact - agreement made by Pilgrim
leaders that ensured self-government
Thanksgiving - celebration of a bountiful harvest
shared by the Pilgrims and Native Americans