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the rapid and major improvements

Aviation Technology
made to aircraft, a pilot should be
not considered safe if he or she
cannot manoeuvre their aircraft
without relying solely on
instruments for guidance.
An air crash investigation report
published on the Avionics website
and sourced from the NTSC; the
government organisation linked to
Todays aviation industry has seen a the FAA that is responsible for
tremendous leap forward since the carrying out investigation and
Wright brothers first took flight in research related to aircraft incidents
the Wright flyer with only a control in Indonesia supports my thesis of
yoke and a chain system to power pilots being over-confident and
the engine. Since then pilots and relying on avionics too much for
their aircraft have become more guidance as they consider them (fail
assimilated to one another. Both proof) and safe as deemed by their
pilot and airplane have seen major manufacturers. Their crash of
improvements and updates in AirAsia flight 8501 in late 2015 was
training, airframes, power plants and caused by a series of aircraft
more so avionics. Todays aircraft technical failures and the way the
cockpits are moving from old pilots responded to them according
traditional steam gauges to more to the National Transportation
reliant computer systems Safety Committee NTSC. In the
manufactured by a variety of report, investigators concluded that
computer companies. More the failure of the Airbus A320s
specifically the cockpit, which today Rudder Travel Limiter Units
has seen a great deal of upgrades in (RTLUs) and the pilots response to
avionics systems, has never been the malfunction ultimately lead to
safer and more reliable than before. the crash. A cracked solder joint
and the inability of the airmen to
Moreover, A famous quote by realise the error and act in the
Emilia Earhart-the first female pilot alternate law from that displayed on
to solo across the Atlantic, attempts the damaged Rudder Travel Limiter
to falsify the common nature of a was declared to have been the main
pilot relying on his instruments for cause of this crash. Pilot action
complete guidance states that it is resulted in the 5th and 6th master
the sole responsibility of pilot to caution activation and led to auto-
fly the aircraft with his head not thrust disengagement and a
his instruments. This quote prolonged stall.
emphasizes the point that despite all
Then again aviation experts, of
course, may want to question the
relation between the complex
sophisticated systems installed an
A320 and those in a much smaller
propeller aircraft. However my
emphasis here is not to categorize
avionics but rather identify the
unsafe behaviour shown by todays
pilots in regards to their instruments.
On one hand, I agree that todays
avionics have somewhat improved
safety in our skies. But on the other
hand, I still insist that pilots
reconsider how they navigate and
use their instruments while flying
and acknowledge the fact that
nothing in their cockpit is fail
proof. This will improve the way
they act in emergencies such as that
of flight QZ8501 and maybe one day
save someones life or even theirs.

BY Rennize Nyaoro
Work cited; Avionics, AirAsia Flight
8501 Crash Caused by Pilot Error,
Rudder Units. By Woodrow
Bellamy, December 3rd 2015. -