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God of war 2 guide trophy

I preferred to get the first two urns, but the easier method would be to just get the ones you earn from doing the Challenge of the Titans. Hitman 2
Get a Hits Combo. Collect all the other available trophies to earn this one. Repeat this again for the second mirror. Repeat this two more times to
get all of his armor off. Story Related This will be the very first trophy you acquire in the game. The Edge of Creation in the Hall of Atropos.
Feather 10 - When you reach the river of the Forgotten you will topple a building into the swamp and you have to proceed to get across its roof.
You simply get this Trophy for beating the game. If you don't manage to kill them in time, they will break out and you will have to 'stone' them
again. TV Got a news tip? Hitman 2 Get a Hits Combo You will acquire Zeus' Fury on the rooftops of Athens after completing the puzzle with the
ballista. Solve the riddle of the Fire Phoenix Statue Find a way to the Urn with the remains of the Phoenix and use the switch nearby to throw it
into the lava. Enter the door it stops in front of. This is a powerful melee weapon, but quite slow. Once you rip them off, Kratos will stick them to
his back with tape and glue and you will be able to use them to float or manage through bigger gaps without falling into your doom. Judicious use of
Poseidon's Rage is encouraged on the adult Cerberus. Once you've damaged him to the point of madness he will give you some health and double
in size. Approach and you will be given the power after a quick cutscene where Kratos speaks to Poseidon. They will attack nearby enemies
causing damage and keeping you fairly safe. Collect all the Phoenix Feathers. The Barbarian King This guy will think he's a badass and attack you
in the forest. If you still need Boss Batch 3, or any Trophies you missed not relating to Gorgon's Eyes or Phoenix Feathers you can go ahead and
play through the game again until you get those as well. Just hit the monsters between the two magic attacks with normal attacks, to avoid the
combo-counter to reset itself. It is located in the Entrance to the Underground, just before the room with the rotating spike pillars. This trophy is
glitched. This is Story related and cannot be missed. After a CG cutscene very early in the game, you have to climb out of Hades. An area damage
effect that creates lightning orbs, hitting all surrounding enemies. Watcha Got on the Hot Plate? If at all possible, knock the Cyclops or hammer
wielders off the arena to save time. This is a very easy trophy. There is not a specific strategy for this trophy other than to try and push through and
kill all the enemies in the chamber as quickly as you can. Once you have all 18, the chests that would have contained the eyes will instead have red
orbs. Once the cutscene is finished you will have acquired Atlas Quake. Now destroy the mirror with your weapon. There aren't too many
Cyclops' found throughout the main game, so you will have to get this after beating the game. After this you will need to lift a large stalactite out of
the ground. Stoned enemies can be shattered. When you have four, move to the next ring and repeat. KingBroly There are 35 Trophies that can
be earned in this title. It is advised that you power up and use the Blade of Olympus for these Challenges, as well as all weapons. The innermost
door is controlled by a lever where you enter this area, before jumping across the moving platforms and saw blades. This will flash the other
enemies and give you either a ample time to be stoned by the second gorgon or b time to kill off the stoned enemies those goats are a huge pain to
kill normally. In order to prevent yourself from missing out on this trophy, you must fight through and defeat the Kraken, and then all three Sisters
of Fate until you have defeated Clotho in the Loom Chamber, all in one sitting without qutting. Learning to Fly Acquire the Icarus Wings Don't
swing across the gap, instead go down to where you found the last Gorgon Eye and shoot the cover of the chain using the Typhon's Bane.
Copyright , All Rights Reserved Use of this site is subject to express terms of use. Seeing Red Max out all Weapons and Magic. Find all three in
the same run through the main-game to unlock this trophy. Climb onto the wall and then head into the tunnel, until you get to the dying soldier that
you have to jam the conveyor belt with. Once you get to the Ruins of the Forgotten go to where you tipped over that stone gazebo type building.

Stage 1: Beat the Game and Find all the Collectables

After you have acquired Cronos' Rage at the Steeds of Time, you will then come across a section with four different coloured levers yellow, green,
red, and blue. It's detailed enough that you shouldn't need pictures or a video. Sony Computer Entertainment Genre: Your weapon to victory here
is the Blade of Olympus, as it's arguably the strongest weapon, however you can use your Blades of Athena if you feel you are skilled enough.
Rock their World Acquire the Head of Euryale. You will notice the third Sister of Fate called Clotho large ugly bloated creature staring at you
through the window just before you enter the chamber. Finish her and cut her head off to get it and the trophy. The "Birth of the Beast" is a short
video unlocked after beating the game for the first time. Story Related You will get this trophy after you have survived the most awful ambush in the
game. Behind this door there is a small shrine to the Titan Cronos. The power is activated by pressing and at the same time. Bookmarks
Bookmarks Digg del. Feather 5 - Upon exiting the chamber in which you have acquired Cronos' Rage, climb up and head to the far right. These
chests are almost always hidden out of the way or in secret areas. Your guide to achieving the platinum trophy in the very first God of War game.
Keep repeating the air kill method until time runs out and you should have well over 10 kills. Limited area of effect. Challenge 2 - Death From
Above Description: Kill at least 10 enemies in the air before time runs out. Complete the Human sacrifice Push the person inside the cage to the
room at the far end of a corridor, activate the switch to unlock the trophy. Collect all the Phoenix Feathers Awake the Phoenix and unlock this
trophy. This should get the box in position to line up with the next hallway. You need to find his shrine in one of the ships in the first chapter
"Aegean Sea" to earn the trophy. Please note, collecting the remaining eyes in a Bonus Play on a different difficulty does not work! Story Related
and Cannot be Missed. Gorgon Eye 15 - After you swing across 3 grapple points in the Temple of Euryale, look to the right and find a ladder
going up to a small ledge, climb it and hop on the rope that you have to go across to find reach the chest. It's found next to two red orbs at the
beginning of the level. Unlock all God of War Trophies Unlock the 20 bronze, the 10 silver and the 5 gold trophies to earn it. Stoner Stone and
Shatter 30 Enemies You will encounter several battle sequences with this boss, which will end once you have destroyed the Colossus from the
inside and jumped out of its mouth. You also have unlimited magic in this section so you not need to worry about running out, just continue
spamming the power. Clean-up Get those trophies you missed like Cyclops eyes, start a New Game Plus and use the urns, or get any of the non-
missable trophies you missed in the arena. This trophy is earned around the the area involving the Steeds of Time. You will fall down. Do not give
up if you can't survive this tension part after many first attempts. Due to the massive power that he has gained, father of Kratos, Zeus fears he will
overpower all the other Gods and plans a dastardly method to remove Kratos of all his powers. There will be a handle to turn. You earn the Rage
of the Titans and this trophy. Spread 'Em Open the wings of the Temple of the Fates. In other words, you can do it easily Go through the mirror
and spawn outside of the door.

God of War II Trophy Guide - PS3 Trophies Forum

If you found the previous two you don't need to find this one I personally didnt Urn of Prometheus When you're climbining in Atlas you will
encounter a stalagmite you need to break. Splash Kiss the Nyad. After you are in the swamp where the temple has been god of war 2 guide
trophy and where you will use time stopping in order to move through some of the area's is a bit with conveyor belts and stone rays with many
gorgons. There are dozen of chances in the game, but also you can get it by playing the Challenge of the Titans where one of the challenges
requires you to do exactly this. When you arrive at the Palace and everything is looking great, those damn Satyrs will ambush you with their
Cyclops friends god of war 2 guide trophy try and take you down. If you send me an e-mail with alternative strategies or other tips, please insert
your name that you want me to use in my FAQ to the mail. If you go over time by accident you can reload a save right before the area, so it is very
easy to god of war 2 guide trophy. Once inside, you'll find the corpses of the Architect and his wife. Resurrection Climb from the pit of Hades.
For the Collectibles guide see Go Make a Pillow! On the left you notice the stone wheel which has now stopped rotating. Grants infinite magic, but
you only do half damage. Quickly run to him and perform the QTE to stun him. Kratos jumps at Typhon's head and cuts the bow and this trophy
out of his eye. Slide down ouch and enter the chamber for another Gorgon Eye Feather 3 - Back up near the broken bridge look for a wall you
can climb Head up and then head left, jump off and head around the bend where you should find a Phoenix Feather and two red chests. Now, you
must make your way back to the lever, pull it, and get through the doorway before it closes again. The shades are easy to kill and tend to group
together. The Captain is shown being eaten by the Hydra at the end of the first level. Do not worry as you will have enough chances to do so. This
will be the final battle in the game. God of war 2 guide trophy Power to Kill a God. TV Got a news tip? Climb onto the wall and then head into
the tunnel, until you get to the dying soldier that you have to jam the conveyor belt with. You will earn this power after you have defeated Theseus
and unlock the key to the Steeds of Time. Attack him like you would any other enemy. If you are following the chest guide posted earlier, you will
get this trophy naturally. Some of these chests are partially or fully hidden and aren't in your line of sight, and can be god of war 2 guide trophy
missed. You will then chop his arm off and throw it god of war 2 guide trophy his huge face. In order to get this Trophy, you need to start a
second playthrough aka Bonus Play. Jump on it and jump on the edge above Kratos head. Do not give up if you can't survive this tension part after
many first attempts. Stand near the edges and double jump over the Minotaurs when they charge. Sword Man Acquire Blade of Artemis After
unlocking a door god of war 2 guide trophy the Steeds of Time, a short cutscene will play where Cronos will speak to Kratos and then give him
the Cronos' Rage power. Rip out the Cyclops' eye before time runs out. If you quit or back out at any time, your progress will not be saved and
you will need to start from the first challenge again. Challenge 3 - Stone Shatter at least 25 enemies before time runs out I recommend trying to
grab a Medusa because it will immediately attack you. Outside the Palace of the Fates shortly after obtaining the Atlas Quake abilitythere is a
battle where creatures will blow a horn and summon a cyclops one after another. Solve the large door puzzle in Tartarus to get this one. Rage of
the Gods is very helpful here. For every level you increase with red orbs, you will receive more attacks and your powers will become stronger.
The power is activated by pressing and at the same time. It's found next to two red orbs at the beginning of the level. Beat the final boss and you'll
get it. You'll find now that the Gift of Health is there, to grant you a new health bonus. Challenge 6 - Kill all the enemies before your Health runs
out This one is a little difficult, but nothing too daunting. Feather 5 - Upon exiting the chamber in which you have acquired Cronos' Rage, climb up
and head to the far right. Repeat this two more times to get all of his god of war 2 guide trophy off. Print off a copy or play with the page open
on a tablet or laptop. Once Clotho is defeated the trophy should pop. Collect all of the Muse Keys There are four possible chests, hidden during
the Challenges in "Pandora's Temple", that include a Muse Key, but you can only pick up two.