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PT. Nusantara Plant Service

Bolt tensioning

Industrial Engineering Solutions Torque wrench

Hot bolting
In situ flange machining
Cold cutting & beveling
Hot tapping
Pipeline pigging
Certified welders

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We are pleased to introduce our company to your organization. We are service company specialist for on-site
problems. Our quality is the provision of products and services which meet customer needs and expectations in a
higher degree of confidence in the product at accost that represents value.

Bolt tensioning (Top side and sub sea)

Hydraulic torque wrench
Hot bolting
In situ flange machining
Cold cutting & beveling machine
Hot tapping
Pipeline pigging

Certified welders
Welding procedure specification (WPS & PQR)
When your company needs the best, count on over 14 years hands-on experience solving the toughest applications.
The fast, reliable, quality services of PRONUS Group services. Prompt Services and Support Guaranteed!
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Bolt Tensioning

Hydraulic bolt tensioning is the most consistent of applying accurate pre-load to bolts. Bolt tensioning is an accurate
and time saving method for tightening bolts and studs in all industries. Controlled bolt tensioning to calculated
values to eliminate flange leakage. Versatile compact design ensure maximum economy over any given size range.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Comprehensive range of hydraulic torque wrench equipment for tightening and loosening bolts. PRONUS Group
services have been experience and solution to any industrial bolting problem, Hydraulic torque wrench ideal for
break-out and make-up of bolted joints, with output torque capacity up to 45,000 lbf.ft.
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In Situ Flange Machining

Precision portable machine tools for multi-positional on-site machining operations without dismantling. On-site
flange machining from 0 120, flange face inspection and alignment control prior to ensure correct face finish and
no external bending movements. Lightweight, portable, flange facing, grooving and weld preparation machine
designed to machine full faced, raised face and grooved flanges.

Cold Cutting and Beveling

Portable pipe cutting machines designed for on-site precision severing, severing/beveling and severing/double
beveling. PRONUS Group pipe cutting machine operated by our high experience technician.
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Hot Tapping

Hot Tapping or pressure tapping is the method of making a connection to existing piping or vessels while that
existing system is under pressure. This method employs a drilling or tapping machine, a full-ported valve and a
pressure-containing attached to the existing pressurized system. Connection to existing pipe is made through a
full encirclement split tee, designed to contain system pressure and provide connector outlet. The drilling machine
generally consists of a telescoping boring bar, mechanically driven, which advances a cutting tool. Usually
a necessary element in the hot tap connection is the full-ported valve, which can become a control valve for the
new connection, and allow the drilling machine to be removed after the cutting operation. Gate valves and other
full-ported valves with flanged and screwed connection typically include 150# through 900# ANSI rating.

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