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Template for Lesson Plan

Title of

Name: __Fatima Ali_______________________________ Date:


Time: __11:00________________________________ Location:


*Children in KG2. *who are they
*25 children. * how many
*5 years old. * what ages
*KG2F * What grade
*F=13 M=12 * male/female ratio
*Arabic * native language(s)
*They are kinesthetic learner. * learning styles (and
*They are still young. student intelligences
*1 girl in the class. *personalities
*They just finished KG1. * special needs
*It is a base of any education. * prior learning
* how this lesson fits into
prior & future learning

*what specific skill or
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: concept would students
have learned or
*Counting from 1 to 10. experience by the end of
*They will know how to count, and write the number. the lesson
*Objective: * always expressed in
1-How to count number 10. terms of student
2-How to write number 10. learning
3-How to work as a group. * concrete, measurable &
* realistic
* * maximum of three
*The games that I will make it, and makes some connect with the children. objectives
* include name of
curriculum guide &
objective numbers when
& where applicable
* goals are connected to


*how DAP are the
Materials & resources: materials & resources?
* have all safety & health
considerations been
*Color, paper, and laptop. taken into account?
(All the materials I used is healthy and safty)
*remember technology is
Technology integration: a tool & is not just limited
to computers
*Song with phone. *incorporate technology
*Video with the laptop. when & if it supports &
enhances what youre
Strategies: already doing
* do you have a plan B for
*First I will do a song with them. Then counting fingers and apples. They will technology upsets?
be support with the song and counting. After that they will do group work.

*For plan (B) I will sing with the children, and do counting with them by
clapping their hands or jumping.

Engagement: what will you do to grab
student attention & to
*Act number with body language. generate
*Sing a song. interest/enthusiasm in the
*Hand prints to presents number from 1 to 10. lesson?
Teacher will Students will .. *description of activities
used to meet the learning
Include your open and closed objectives
ended questions here
1- They will sing. * articulated in terms of
2- They will act body student activity & teacher
1- Start the class with language. activity
welcoming the children. 3- They will print their
2- The song and acting hands in the paper.
number with body
3- Group work.
ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS (WHAT IF .?) *list the problems that
1- Get confused between numbers. *write the number while the may occur
*anticipate at least two
say it.
2- Forget a number. *Keep counting from 1 to 10 more than one *think of possible ways to
time. deal with those problems
when & if they occur


*To do class assignment from the book. *what will you do to
assess learning?
* *what will happen to
measure that the goals
* were met?
* how DAP is your
* my assessments are
very tightly connected
to my goals

* sources that you may
* have used/consulted in
building your lesson
(includes books, websites,
magazines, journals, etc)
* use APA citation (refer
to Noodle Tools when in