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Mar Lorenz R.

Lingao Gas-1 Homer September 29, 2017

Sinderela at ang Gintong Sapatilya

The Sinderela at ang Gintong Sapatilya is very a very successful musical

drama. Its plot shows different event that we can see in the story. The theme
gave us moral lessons and its conflict is a man v.s. man. In characters, all of
them acted like there are in true scenario. Their dialogue delivered to the
audience through singing. The spectacle like costume, stage display, and special
effects helps them to make the play more powerful. The genre that director used
is the original genre of the story where Cinderella separated to her father and
went to the hand of his step mom. In technical elements set is slightly complete
because the back ground is only one which is the balcony. Their costume is like
the elegant like the costume of characters in the story or movie Cinderella and
also their props. The Lights and Sound effects of the play is very attention seeker
that gave the color to the play. Their make up as well as prosthetics and
cosmetics is like the true characters so that they convince the audience on that
they are portraying. In performance element the way they act is very realistic and
entertaining so that they easily caught our attention. The used different body
motion and facial expression. In character motivation I think they influenced by
their aim to entertain the audience thats why they delivered their acts perfectly.
In character analysis and empathy, it easily caught our attention and gave big
impact to us as audience and makes us felt that we are in the true setting of

From 1 to 10 I rate Sinderela at ang Gintong Sapatilya a perfect 10 based

on their overall performance because as an audience I saw their preparation and
effort in conducting a play. They deserve a 10 because they act with their heart
and mind. This type of drama is a musical drama because they delivered their
line and dialogue through singing and dancing. Here in the Philippines some of
our drama no is modern/creative and musical and its is very appropriate to high
school and college student to study this kind of literature because drama is our
old literature that we need to pass through generation. Because of the modern
genre that we use, we can easily pass it in every person around us. My 180
pesos in worthy in watching the play SInderela at ang gintong sapatilya because
this is the first live musical drama that I watched and this drama made me felt
different emotion. In short it caught my whole attention. I can say that this kind of
drama is recommendable in all ages because this drama is didnt show violence
and it also remove our stress because of the music and dance move that they
did. I suggest that instead of watching movies we should watch first this kind of
drama because it gave us moral lesson that we can apply in our daily life.