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Exercise 1:

I . like tea.
He . play football in the afternoon.
You . go to bed at midnight. the homework on weekends.
The bus .arrive at 8.30 a.m.
My brother .finish work at 8 p.m.
Our friends . live in a big house.
The cat . like me.

Exercise 2:
I catch/catches robbers.
My dad is a driver. He always wear/wears a white coat.
They never drink/drinks beer.
Lucy go/goes window shopping seven times a month.
She have/has a pen.
Mary and Marcus cut/cuts peoples hair.
Mark usually watch/watches TV before going to bed.
Maria is a teacher. She teach/teaches students.

Exercise 3:
She (not study) . on Saturday.
He (have) . a new haircut today.
I usually (have) .breakfast at 6.30.
Peter (not/ study).very hard. He never gets high scores.
My mother often (teach).me English on Saturday evenings.
I like Math and she (like).Literature.
My sister (wash).dishes every day.
They (not/ have).breakfast every morning.

Exercise 4:
My brothers (sleep) on the floor. (often) =>____________
He (stay) up late? (sometimes) => ____________
I (do) the housework with my brother. (always) => ____________
Peter and Mary (come) to class on time. (never) => ____________
Why Johnson (get) good marks? (always) => ____________
You (go) shopping? (usually) => ____________
She (cry). (seldom) => ____________
My father (have) popcorn. (never) => ____________

Exercise 5:
Eg: They / wear suits to work? =>Do they wear suits to work?
she / not / sleep late at the weekends =>________
we / not / believe the Prime Minister =>________
you / understand the question? =>________
they / not / work late on Fridays =>________
David / want some coffee? =>________
she / have three daughters =>________
when / she / go to her Chinese class? =>________
why / I / have to clean up? =>_______

Exercise 6:
My cousin, Peter (have)..a dog. It (be) intelligent pet with a short tail and big
black eyes. Its name (be)..Kiki and it (like)..eating pork. However, it (never/
bite)..anyone; sometimes it (bark)..when strange guests visit. To be honest, it
(be)..very friendly. It (not/ like)..eating fruits, but it (often/ play)..with
them. When the weather (become)..bad, it (just/ sleep) his cage all day. Peter
(play)..with Kiki every day after school. There (be)..many people on the road, so
Peter (not/ let)..the dog run into the road. He (often/ take)..Kiki to a large field to
enjoy the peace there. Kiki (sometimes/ be)..naughty, but Peter loves it very much.

Exercise 1:
1. Nina (walk).to school every day.
2. I (listen)to music every night.
3. They (love)..English.
4. He (study)..Information Technology every night.
5. He (carry)..a big TV.
6. You (ride)a bike every day.
7. They (sweep).the floor.
8. I (use) this pen to draw.
Exercise 2:
1. I usually (go) to school.
2. They (visit) us often.
3. You (play) basketball once a week.
4. Tom (work) every day.
5. He always (tell) us funny stories.
6. She never (help) me with that!
7. Martha and Kevin (swim) twice a week.
8. In this club people usually (dance) a lot.
9. Linda (take care) of her sister.
10. John rarely (leave) the country.
11. We (live) in the city most of the year.
12. Lorie (travel) to Paris every Sunday.
13. I (bake) cookies twice a month.
14. You always (teach) me new things.
15. She (help) the kids of the neighborhood.

Exercise 3:
1. Jane ___________ (read) The Guardian' newspaper, but I ______________ (read)'The
2. Fred ____________ (cycle) to work, but his wife ___________ (go) by car. hc ting anh
3. Jeff ____________ (buy) his food in small shops, but Jane ____________ (do) all her
shopping at the supermarket.
4. Diana ____________ (like) Physics, Chemistry and biology; she always __________ (get)
good marks in her science exams.
5. Susan ________________ (live) in Leeds, but she _______________ (work) in Bradford.
6. I _____________ (leave) work at 6 o'clock, but John ______________ (finish) word at 5
7. Mary _____________ (ride) her bike to school and her father _____________ (carry) her
8. For breakfast Ann ______________ (eat) cereal with milk and then she ______________
(have) some toast.
Exercise 4:
1. I (love) you.
2. This (weigh) 20 kilograms.
3. Ron (seem) serious.
4. We (like) tomatoes.
5. The boy (want) to play.
6. You (need) to sleep.
7. They (agree) with me.
8. She (hear) something strange.
9. The box (contain) food.
10. Emma (appear) sad.
11. David (know) how to fix a car.
12. Daniel and Liz (seem) happy.
13. This (smell) bad.
14. I (believe) you.
15. We (be) number one!

Exercise 5:
1. I (not ride) horses.
2. You (not sell) cars.
3. He (not bring) gifts.
4. She (not take) pictures.
5. It (not cost) so much.
6. We (not seem) so happy.
7. They (not buy) new products.
8. Michael (not dance).
9. Michel (not run) fast.
10. Tim and Kate (not work) every day.
11. Lucas and Clara (not eat) meat.
12. I (not swim) much.
13. You (not ski) at all.
14. It (not hurt).
15. We (not give up).
Exercise 6:
1. (I wake up) at five in the morning?
2. (you go) to work by train?
3. (she drink) coffee every morning?
4. (he smoke)?
5. (it hurt)?
6. (we dance)?
7. (they travel)?
8. (Emma cook) well?
9. (Alexander exercise) regularly?
10. (I look) well?
11. (you rest) enough?
12. (William work) too hard?
13. (they travel) often?
14. (Anthony go) to sleep too late?

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