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The Industrial Internet of Things

for Maintenance

Photo by Brice Milleson, Cinematographer, ABB Service

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RxM: What is prescriptive maintenance, and how soon will you need it? 3

Why the new automation revolution is different and how to profit from it. 9

Value-based predictive notification improves production and performance. 11

Photo by Brice Milleson, Cinematographer, ABB Service

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ing failure, as predictive mainte- Better and more data, coupled

nance (PdM) does, it strives to with Big Data tools that can in-
RxM: What produce outcome-focused recom- terpret things such as the content
mendations for operations and of repair manuals, is the key to
is prescriptive maintenance from the Rx analytics. unlocking the concept of RxM,
Though RxM is still in its infancy, Miklovic says today.
maintenance, many thought leaders are consider-
ing its potential to become the next It starts with prescriptive analyt-
and how soon level of reliability and maintenance ics, which not only tells you that
best practice. a problem is likely to emerge, but
will you need it? also it gives you multiple response
ANALYSTS DEFINE RX scenarios from which to choose.
Early adopters are exploring how STRATEGIES Lets say a piece of equipment
outcome-focused approaches to One of the earlier voices on pre- is showing increasing bearing
maintenance can enhance asset scriptive maintenance was Dan temperature, Miklovic explains.
management. Miklovic, principal analyst at Predictive analytics looks at the
LNS Research (www.lnsresearch. temperature profile and tells you it
By Sheila Kennedy, com). No longer will you need an is likely to fail in X amount of time.
contributing editor ensemble of experts to tell you how On the other hand, prescriptive an-
and when to maintain your assets, alytics tells you that if you slow the
Dont just predict problems pre- as the assets themselves will tell you equipment down by Y%, the time
scribe a solution. Thats the premise what they need if they are unable to to failure can be doubled, putting
behind prescriptive maintenance, fix themselves, wrote Miklovic in a you within the already scheduled
which as a concept goes hand-in- May 2016 blog post, What Comes maintenance window and revealing
hand with prescriptive analytics. After Predictive Maintenance? whether you can still meet planned
Odds are youll be hearing these new production requirements.
buzzwords a lot more often in the He suggested the acronym RxM
coming months and years. But what at that time, and he continues to Another early follower of this trend
is prescriptive maintenance, really? research the topic (see Figure 1). is Ralph Rio, vice president of en-
How does it work? And maybe of
most importance, what can it achieve
that other models cant?

First, to better differentiate the

words prescriptive and predictive,
Source: LNS Research

the word prescriptive here will be

used interchangeably with Rx.

Rx maintenance is unique in that

Figure 1. Better and more data, coupled with the use of Big Data tools, is the key to unlocking
instead of just predicting impend- RxM.

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terprise software at ARC Advisory

Strategy Car Analogy
Group ( From

Source: ARC Advisory Group

Prescriptive Dealership-level diagnostic equipment
my experience with clients from
Higher Predictive Battery Management System in electric cars
both the user and supplier side, the Condition Based Oil pressure, coolant temp. indicators
dominant application right now is Preventive Replace engine oil every 5,000 miles
PdM prescriptive maintenance is Reactive Radio
beyond that; its new thought lead-
Figure 2. Asset Performance Management Maturity Model with IIoT
ership, he says. But the goals of
PdM and prescriptive maintenance
Application of Condition
are similar: to reduce unplanned Application of Predictive Analytics
downtime, which causes lost rev-
Asset Degradation
enues, materials, and labor.
Asset Performance

Machine Learning Detection Process Upset
To help clients better differentiate

Source: ARC Advisory Group


the newer approaches from conven- B

tional maintenance strategies, Rio Asset
developed the Asset Performance
Management Maturity Model C

(see Figure 2). The upper tiers of

Time in Weeks and Months
maintenance maturity predictive
and prescriptive maintenance are Figure 3. Machine learning is integral to the way data is processed that allows algorithms to find
looming failures.
both multivariate approaches. The
current in a pumps motor drive,
the fluid going into the pump, its and machine learning. The math Peter Reynolds, contributing analyst
temperature, and the pressure go- algorithms are more detailed, and at ARC Advisory Group, notes that
ing in and out can all be combined theres some intelligence added to organizations that shift critical assets
to better assess the health of the give the technician some direction. to prescriptive approaches are seeing
pump and motor, so you get longer significant improvements in main-
advance warning of a failure and The three lower tiers of Rios model tenance costs, service costs, plant
can make changes during a planned include single-variable condition- availability, and worker efficiency.
shutdown, he explains. The in- based maintenance, which pro-
dustrial internet of things (IIoT) vides less advance notice of failure; The unique abilities of analytics
provides the data, and analytics time- or cycle-based preventive platforms make them capable of
generate the alerts. maintenance, which is inefficient ingesting multiple data sources and
compared with higher-level models; storing, processing, contextual-
Prescriptive maintenance adds and reactive maintenance, which izing, and visualizing the predic-
the ability to give advice to the occurs after failure. There is still a tions, he says. Machine learning is
technician on what to do and how place for each of these approaches integral to the way data is pro-
to do the repair by taking advan- for certain assets that are not critical cessed, allowing algorithms to find
tage of artificial intelligence (AI) to operations or safety, Rio notes. looming failures (see Figure 3).

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Machine learning detection oc- it gives users options and predicts data scattered through different
curs by using automated collection times based on current condi- systems of record.
of historical multivariate data and tions. He believes maintenance
analysis with equipment-specific activities should be the same: EARLY ADOPTERS ARE AS-
algorithms, Reynolds explains. For instance, to service a piece of SESSING THE VALUE
Pattern identification points to an equipment with an overheating Elevator OEM and maintenance
explicit diagnosis of root cause and bearing, you could either (a) take service provider thyssenkrupp El-
indicates a precise action to change 20 minutes and grease it, and the evator (www.thyssenkruppelevator.
an outcome. Prescriptive advice repair would probably last two com) favors cutting-edge mainte-
would include altering the process days, or (b) replace the bearing, nance strategies. Rory Smith, di-
operation to avoid a future failure which would take three hours but rector of strategic development for
of the asset. last for two years. the Americas at the company, says
O perating conditions: As- that at its core, prescriptive mainte-
COMMON DRIVERS OF PRE- sets not only fail by their own nance allows thyssenkrupp Eleva-
SCRIPTIVE APPROACHES means, but also by the manner tor to focus on servicing elevators
Several key business drivers are in which they are operated, in the most efficient ways possible
spurring interest in Rx strategies notes ARC Advisory Groups to increase uptime. Machine learn-
and driving solution development. Reynolds. For example, a pump ing allows the use of data from the
Automation: As more automa- manufacturer will recommend companys vast network of elevators
tion is used in manufacturing, specific operating design condi- to better identify the service tasks
the speed of response required in tions such as discharge pressure most critical to maintaining a safe
dealing with maintenance issues and temperature, but there is and reliable elevator.
is going to get faster, says LNS a lot of variability in process
Researchs Miklovic. operating conditions and also thyssenkrupp Elevator has a
Economics: Decisions as to whats in the composition of the fluids. team of data scientists and do-
the best option from an economic Prescriptive analytics can con- main experts working in unison
standpoint are getting more com- sider these conditions and make to develop predictive models,
plex. It just isnt enough to know recommendations accordingly. says Smith. These models inform
what can fail or when it might Asset performance: Reynolds our service program, and paired
fail, Miklovic says. It requires believes a higher level of sophisti- with our network of skilled
having enough information to cation is required in the way asset service technicians, are ultimately
understand the options for main- and process data are organized. responsible for maintaining eleva-
tenance as well as the financial The traditional plant histo- tor uptime for our customers.
implications of each option. rian and analysis tools have not
Workforce changes: Older been adequate for ensuring asset The companys predictive model
workers are retiring, and newer, performance, he says. IIoT and continues to evolve thanks to ma-
younger workers expect smart, analytics platforms are unique chine learning, but it can already
assistive tools to help them do in their ability to ingest years predict five days in advance when
their job. Miklovic observes that of operational data and massive an elevator will shut down because
the value in Google Directions is quantities of unconventional of a door problem (see Figure 4).

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Source: thyssenkrupp Elevator

Figure 4. Machine learning allows algorithms to find looming failures in assets like this elevator motor.

This early warning has proved to be Intel prides itself on being at the developed with our partners being
highly accurate with no false posi- forefront of research, develop- deployed in both our facilities and
tives, making it therefore invalu- ment, and deployment of advanced in our partners customer sites.
able to thyssenkrupp customers, technology for manufacturing, She adds, Evolving to prescriptive
Smith says. including frameworks to support maintenance, where probable cause
prescriptive analytics (see Figure and automated maintenance are
With MAX, our PdM IoT solu- 5). Often, proofs of concepts are implemented, is a necessary next
tion, our computing power takes deployed in Intel Fabs (fabrication step in the Industry 4.0 journey in
this a step further, he adds. Even plants) to help meet the demands of order to keep up with the demands
before a service technician ar- a manufacturing environment that of fast-paced change in our market.
rives on site, the expert system we requires precision manufacturing
refer to as The Coach advises the to atomic-level specifications in a A specific example of one such case
technician on the four most likely completely sanitary environment. study is a project recently imple-
causes of the problem, based on mented in Intels Ireland Fab plant,
the data, with 90% accuracy. This Intel made the journey to PdM which addressed conservation of
means thyssenkrupp technicians decades ago, explains Mary energy used to cool water for the
can fix an issue on the first visit Bunzel, general manager, manu- production facilities. By integrat-
more than 90% of the time. The facturing and industrial solutions at ing sensed data from the outside
industry average for initial diagnos- Intel ( There are ambient temperatures for areas the
ing is about half that, he says. many examples of solutions weve pipelines travel through, with the

www.P l a nt S e r v i c e s .c om

water temperature, the amount of

energy used to cool the water has
been reduced by as much as 40%,
says Bunzel. Energy conservation
is a key imperative for Intel, so the
return on investment (ROI) is far
greater than just monetary savings
alone, she adds.

Source: Intel
AI technology specialist Spark-
Cognition is helping a wind
turbine operator incorporate Figure 5. Evolving to prescriptive maintenance is a necessary next step in the Industry 4.0 journey.

prescriptive analytics into its

maintenance routine. Because of
the thin margins facing the wind
industry today, turbines must be
running at maximum capacity to 1000
get a full payback, and any amount
of downtime cuts significantly into
Impending catastrophic failure
profits, says Stuart Gillen, a senior 500
director at SparkCognition (www. 35 Days

Source: SparkCognition
Advanced degradation warning
67 Days Warning

SparkCognition and its customers

leverage data that is already avail- Figure 6. A wind turbine operator is incorporating prescriptive analytics into its maintenance
able yet in many cases unused. Uti-
lizing AI techniques, SparkCogni-
tions system is able to find patterns
in large data sets that point to technical manuals, to provide a estimates the following annual cost
eventual failure. These identifying true prescriptive view. Not only savings from AI:
patterns can then be tracked and/ is the user now able to understand Downtime savings: $1,000
or monitored and provide early something is going to fail, but O&M savings: $2,500
warning evidence to subject matter they are provided with evidence Total savings: $3,500
experts, operators, management, about how to address the problem.
etc., for work planning. This provides dramatic savings to The wind turbine operators savings
operators, explains Gillen. are expected to rise significantly
These systems are also able to from continued machine learning
incorporate unstructured data, For example, for a single com- and also from the identification of
such as work orders, parts da- ponent on a single wind turbine, more components for monitoring
tabases, and operational and SparkCognition conservatively over time (see Figure 6).

www.P l a nt S e r v i c e s .c om

RECOMMENDATIONS TO ASSET sense, i.e. where the asset is critical point, says Rio. The next step
USERS AND SUPPLIERS to production (volume, quality, etc.) is really to understand how the
The market will determine whether or to safety, suggests LNS Re- technology would be melded into
Rx maintenance will become the searchs Miklovic. products and designed in a fashion
ultimate best practice for reliability that can be applied by end users
and maintenance, but those follow- ARC Advisory Groups Rio recom- and deliver ROI.
ing the model closely are encourag- mends using PdM on all of your
ing its adoption. critical assets because the predic- Rio advises that to facilitate this
tive approachs ROI has already effort, organizations should
Start now, says Gillen. What we been proved, and PdM has become engage with a global service
are seeing across many industries less expensive and more sustain- provider that already has all of the
is with very few sensors, which are able with IIoT. He also encourages necessary IIoT technology skills
typically already installed, infor- the supplier and user communities available to it, in particular those
mation can be discovered leading to do pilot programs to flesh out pertaining to industrial automa-
to dramatic cost savings. prescriptive technology. tion, DCS and PLC systems, data
historians, networking, the cloud,
RxM isnt needed for every asset. There is not a barrier to prescrip- and security.
It should be used where it makes tive from the technology view-

www.P l a nt S e r v i c e s .c om

It is a lot more about people than marine business unit was that we
Why the new about technology, Windischhofer created a business-led technology
said in a recent interview with development approach. We had
automation Plant Services. Windischhofer, the people who manage the busi-
who spent the past five years ness, who work with the customer
revolution working on the digital transfor- every day, say what needs to be
mation of ABBs marine business developed. Thats a big cultural
is different unit, talked with Plant Services, change, since technology always
about what he sees as key factors has been the higher authority in
and how to for success in the digitization of companies such as ours.
industrial businesses.
profit from it PS: Digital transformation is the
PS: What were some of the things you way the industry is going. Sometimes
A Q&A with ABBs Richard Windis- learned in the marine transformation theres still a sense that its an all-
chhofer that youre applying as you work on or-nothing proposition or that IoT is
the other sectors? too big or vague of a concept to grasp.
How do you sell people on the value
The smart data-collection First, you have to really believe in proposition of digital transformation,
technologies that are facilitating this, because digital transformation and what do you tell people about
predictive and now prescriptive of an industrial business, in which how to get started?
maintenance are compelling, to be you actually digitize the core of
sure. The ability to integrate the company, is not about building RW: Lets look at it this way: If
real-time data from multiple an app that you can load on your you are already running a plant,
sources, including both inanimate phone. Its not that easy. It requires 10 or 20 years ago, you invested in
and human assets around a the really heavy lifting of change automation. You automated how
facility, and add in context gleaned management. Thats why you can your plant operates. Then after
from historical data, can pave the only do it if you never give up, if that, you bought yourself an ERP
way for significant savings by you understand the business, if system, and you started to manage
avoiding unplanned downtime and youre close to customers, and you and digitize a lot of your admin-
safety incidents. But these tech- just keep going. istrative processes. Both of these
nologies are worth little to a plant investments are tactical. You do
unless it has a collaborative team PS: Would you say it is as much a this once, you implement it, and
of personnel, supported by a people issue as a technology issue? then youre running with it.
well-designed interface, dedicated
to implementing and supporting RW: Absolutely. Technology com- The big change thats happen-
these technologies. So says panies such as ours usually lead ing now is when you invested in
Richard Windischhofer, a senior technology development from the automation in your plant, you
vice president in ABBs industrial technology management perspec- suddenly got 20% or 50% more out
automation division. tive. One of the changes from the of the plant. And then when you

www.P l a nt S e r v i c e s .c om

invested in the SAP, you got 10%, better, and at the end of the year, coming. The captains wouldnt lis-
20% more out of your administra- youre going to have $20 million ten, because in the office there was
tion, and you could run a bigger saved that has been $200,000 someone sitting with an IT back-
company. But now the next change, here, $100,000 there, $300,000 ground, perhaps, telling a proud
digitalization, is not that easy. over there. This is a big change, captain, Hey, stop the vessel. The
because companies have believed captain doesnt want to listen.
Its not about collecting the maxi- for a long time that we just buy,
mum amount of data to make you we invest, and then were going So they said, OK, lets change
better. You have to realize that to be better, like in the old days. this. They made a rotation where
todays digitalization investment is Its not like that anymore. You they took a different captain every
a piggy bank. You now collect all have to be very focused with the month from the fleet to sit in
of the information thats important data you collect, how you analyze the control center, and then hes
from your automation systems that it, and then you have to work telling his colleagues, his peers,
you invested in 20 years ago. Youre together with the experts to really A storms coming; youve got to
going to take some information from make something happen. stop. Or, You need to go faster;
your ERP system that you imple- youre coming into heavy weather.
mented 10 years ago. Youre going to PS: Have you seen any kind of ah- And with this rotation, because
combine that data, and youre going ha moments where people suddenly the person telling them this was
to find things you need to fix in your get it or see how their companys ef- another captain, suddenly, they re-
facility. Youre going to find a lot of forts and investments are paying off? ally got the change happening.
things you need to fix, and then you
will prioritize what you need to fix. Quite many, actually. Ill give you When we talk about software and
What are your low-hanging fruits one example. We had been working services, we actually talk about
that are going to pay back within for a couple of years with one of the change and implementation. And
three months? This is easier to do, largest shipping companies in the for that, you have to try new
compared to a $10 million capital maritime industry, and they had things. And if it doesnt work, you
investment that has a much longer installed software on their ships have to try another solution, to see
payback, or may not even pay back. that monitors the captain and how if it works. Eventually, you will
fast the captain goes with the ship. find the solution that works, but
Thats what I mean by piggy And then they would say, Hey, its all about change management
bank. Its many small things that you have to go slower, or, You being willing to change the old
if you do them, it makes you a lot have to stop because theres a storm ways of doing things.

www.P l a nt S e r v i c e s .c om

At ABB, technology-enabled ser- the 1970s and 80s, setting the

vices use predictive notification in stage for software to eliminate the
Value-based a value-based service strategy for need for physical measurements.
industrial producers. Our experts The resulting capabilities trans-
predictive evaluate predictive notifications, late to a level of sophistication
identify problems and develop and sensitivity impractical for use
notification predictive maintenance programs beyond academia.
based on value to deliver opti-
improves mal advanced services in real-life A practical yet expensive predic-
industrial settings. Predictive tive method, condition monitor-
production and notification with the right people ing, developed in the 1980s and
in the right place protects and 90s, detects impending equip-
performance. enhances production, equipment ment failures and notifies per-
availability, process performance sonnel to act. This is, however,
How predictive notification keeps and product quality. expensive to deploy.
production on track.
HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE ON Today, industrial producers
By Dave Biros, Kevin Starr, PREDICTIVE STRATEGIES contract with companies to
and Patrik Boo At ABB, we recognize that regularly come on-site, make
proactive service strategies with measurements and ensure that
predictive notifications would be mechanics operate within set
Notifications are ubiquitous. valuable to producers. Not only ranges. Although cost-effective,
Our smartphones receive notifica- can failure be avoided and equip- this strategy does not eliminate
tions from apps informing us ment maintenance improved, the catastrophic failures, which occur
about appointments, software addition of a value-based predic- between service visits.
up-dates or even stock perfor- tive notification program improves
mances. We clearly think that industrial processes. ABB experts Suppliers also face the problem
notifications make our lives better. have evaluated the problems with of a loss of talent. Cost pressures
Why, then, arent notifications predictive in the past. lead producers to reduce process
used routinely to improve indus- engineering staff. In advanced
trial processes? Because notifica- Indicative strategies developed in economies, many experts are ap-
tions tell us what has already the 1950s and 60s are still used to- proaching retirement. For service
happened. In an industrial setting, day, such as when bolt-on machin- strategies to be successful, exper-
that could be a costly equipment ery and software measure properties tise must be maintained.
failure. What if we could accu- online to enable more and better
rately predict what will happen products to be produced faster. A final roadblock to predictive
and send notification with enough notification is the reluctance to
time to act to avoid negative The earliest predictive control use remote-enabled technologies
events and exploit positive ones? algorithms were developed during in industrial settings. Produc-

www.P l a nt S e r v i c e s .c om

ers, fearing that someone could Expedite expertise: Many produc- by a moderate return, and yet it is
induce failure, are hesitant to al- ers contract for condition monitor- more difficult to achieve than other
low remote connection to process ing, which means expertise de- values. ABB collects and catego-
control systems. Improvements pends on the person providing the rizes the data into key performance
in secure communications and service. Knowing how to capture indicators (KPIs). The KPIs are
cyber-security safeguards reduce experts knowledge and deploy it tracked using main indicator bars
apprehension, yet industrial pro- in easy, repeatable ways leads to that increase as the subset bars
ducers remain reluctant. effective completion of time-con- increase, representing prioritized
suming elements of the job. collections of discrete events that
THE PATH TO PREDICTIVE need attention.
At ABB, we developed a step- Evaluate the value: Primary
wise approach to achieve effective value areas were identified in a Focused implementation on
application of predictive notifi- sample of 111 industrial producers equipment: Values are obtained
cation with these challenges in located in North America, South from improving equipment perfor-
mind. First, choose the equipment America, Europe, Asia, The mance to identify an improvement
or processes for which you want Middle East, and Australia and opportunity, then performing an
to predict conditions. Secondly, comprising a variety of processes enhancement quickly and effi-
expedite expertise through iden- (cement, chemicals, mining, met- ciently, resulting in a high return.
tification, sorting and prioritizing als, gas and oil). ABB identified Delivery of this value can be
of problems to provide guidance. and measured the value delivered complex, but original equipment
Finally, evaluate the value of digital by digital services, including manufacturers (OEMs) can usually
services, which maximizes ease predictive notification. achieve this value relatively easily.
and value of improving equipment
services and processes. DIGITAL SERVICES VALUES Focused implementation on the
Engineering efficiency: The goal is process: The aim is to optimize
Choose what to predict: A to reduce diagnostic troubleshooting production, quality, or cost to pro-
producer must select the specific time by gathering and processing duce results. The value derives from
facilitys equipment and processes high volumes of production data. using services to identify improve-
for which to receive predictive Value is reached by performing ment opportunities and assigning
notifications. A criticality analysis diagnostics faster. The value is easily the right skill to deliver services to
of equipment and processes will understood by producers, yet returns improve performance. The value
determine what could happen are lower than those of other values. can be complex to deliver yet has
if something went wrong and a high return. This is the hardest
how that would adversely affect Incident identification: Rapid value to achieve and is realized by a
plant performance. A criticality identification of incidents such as smaller population of producers.
ranking is applied to equipment equipment failures through auto-
or processes, varying from biggest matic analysis of high volumes of Predictive notification: The goal is
safety impact, production or cost data. Producers easily recognize the to expeditiously analyze, identify and
to those with the least. value of this service, characterized categorize discrete events to produce

www.P l a nt S e r v i c e s .c om

Prioritized display of KPIs to guide corrective actions

patterns that predict failures, then of implementing these service strate- this plant automatically gather and
alert personnel to take action rapidly. gies together is that the response will analyze data from the QCS, pres-
This value has moderate complexity likely produce a high value. ent views of KPIs that help identify
and yields a high return. variables that impede productivity,
CASE STUDY and provide recommendations for
Focused implementation on equip- A plant in the United States action. These services identify, cat-
ment and focused implementation manufactures products for food egorize and prioritize opportunities
on processes rely on information and beverage consumption, relying to improve equipment availability,
delivered through predictive noti- on quality. The plant uses Quality process performance and product
fication. These three service strate- Control Systems (QCS) to operate quality through visualization and
gies address the overall equipment machines and advanced digital analysis of instrument stability,
or process design, or maintenance services for early detection of control utilization and process vari-
path, to avoid repetition of nega- potential QCS issues. Predictive ability. Service engineers address
tive events, optimizing equipment notifications are provided to help problems on-site and remotely.
and process availability. the plant identify and mitigate
problems that could cost millions Users view, analyze and scan data
ABBs assessment shows that provid- of dollars in production. to produce a summary of KPIs
ing a predictive notification to per- ranked by severity; events are
sonnel, with a recommended action, Application tracked, by setting parameters
results in an action taken. The beauty The digital services utilized by for KPIs that create customized

www.P l a nt S e r v i c e s .c om

ABB established a technology-
enabled predictive notification
step-wise program to successfully
deliver advanced services that im-
prove equipment availability, plant
performance and product quality:

Agree that equipment or process

issues can be avoided or exploited
accurately and cost-effectively
with digital services. No value can
be achieved if a producer does not
believe problems can be mitigated
through digital services.

Use best-in-class technology to

Example of predictive notification
effectively identify, categorize
and prioritize issues. Suppli-
displays of occurrences that fall strument limits had been exceeded. ers have different capabilities
outside parameters. KPIs that track The engineer studied the raw data and specializations such as
outside predetermined parameters view and the severity levels to ver- equipment areas, production or
trigger predictive notifications. ify the extent of the problem and business processes, and industry
determined the necessary action to equipment. Producers must iden-
Notification avoid downtime. The replacement tify suppliers who can provide
Service engineers track KPIs by of an instrument was scheduled the best technology and applica-
setting predictive notification during a planned outage. tions for the plants equipment
parameters that notify if an instru- and business processes.
ment reading exceeds parameters. Mitigation
An engineer at this site received a An emergency instrument re- Involve an expert to review find-
predictive notification before arriv- placement would have led to lost ings to ensure that preparation
ing at work one day, alerting him production, a costly event. The is on track. Producers should
that the threshold for an instru- action taken by the engineer after have access to experts who are
ment had been exceeded. receiving the predictive notification knowledgeable and experienced.
mitigated quality losses and un- They ensure that value-added
Once at the plant, the engineer scheduled downtime of more than KPIs are used to develop effec-
investigated the issue using data $100,000. The plant continued to tive predictive notifications. For
views. A large bar in a Pareto chart have high equipment availability, many, this knowledge can be
on the display confirmed that in- stable processes and good quality. found among OEMs.

www.P l a nt S e r v i c e s .c om

Set up predictive notification rules.

Use the analyses, issues, processes,
and KPIs, and establish thresholds
that will drive the action.

Digital services are the most

effective form of delivering
advanced expertise in todays
production environments. Predic-
tive notification of impending
issues provides producers with the
Predictive notification represents high value opportunity
primary value opportunity to
improve equipment availability,
process performance and product
quality. Nonetheless, even the best
digital services and predictive
notification are only meaningful if
the right people in the right place
receive the notifications and act.
Only then can digital services and
predictive notifications truly make
our lives better.

Dave Biros
ABB Industrial Automation Service
Westerville, Ohio, USA
Predictive Notification prompted immediate action on serious issue noted in Pareto
Kevin Starr
ABB Oil, Gas and Chemicals
A gree on actionable items using Create an action plan to address

the technology and technician. the agreed-upon actions that can

Patrik Boo
Once the best available tech- be taken quickly and efficiently ABB Industrial Automation Service
nology and the most value-add- when parameters are exceeded Houston, Texas, USA
ed KPIs are chosen, agree on and predictive notification is sent.
actions to take when param- Determine who will act, what
eters are exceeded. Producers will be done, where it will be REFERENCES
Biros, D.,Are you on track? How
should collaborate with those done, where the tools and/or parts Predictive Notification keeps
production on track ABB White
who will take actions to ensure are, and when the action will oc- Paper: Available: p.18, 2015.
commonalities. cur. The action will be taken.

www.P l a nt S e r v i c e s .c om