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2009: 11-2, Beat Oregon in Rose Bowl

B i g 10 C h a mp i o n s ( 5 t h s t r a i g h t B i g 10 t i t l e )
Head Coach: Jim Tressel, 10th Yr. @ OSU - Record: 94-21
It’s been a few years since Pryor was under center during the 2010 Rose
Buckeye Panic has taken over Bowl. And, the

1 college football nation. You

know, the feeling you had each
year in the mid 2000s that Ohio
w e r e Ohio State’s Vital Signs
2009 Results
His command of Run Offense 195.4 ypg 18th
State was going to be playing in the
this o f f e n s e , Pass Offense 173.6 ypg 103rd
national championship game, or a BCS bowl Total Offense 369.0 ypg 68th
co m b i n e d w i t h Scoring Offense 29.0 ppg 49th
game, and get absolutely throttled? Trust me, I
the running back Run Defense 90.8 ypg 7th
fielded enough calls and received enough emails
duo of ‘Boom’ Pass Defense 171.5 ypg 13th
as to how people didn’t want anything to do
He r ro n a n d Total Defense 262.3 ypg 5th
with Ohio State in a big game.
Brandon Saine, Scoring Def. 12.5 ppg 5th
To most people’s chagrin, the Buckeyes are makes this offense
back and perhaps as good as they’ve been since as dangerous as 2010 Returning Starters
Off. Ret. Starters 8
the 2002 national championship team. This it’s been in years.
Def. Ret. Starters 6
group has something a little different, though,
D e f e n s i v e l y,
and his name is Terrelle Pryor. Seemingly,
losing both safeties hurt, but the secondary is
he’s the same Pryor that has been under center
still loaded with the best CB duo in the Big 10.
for the past two years, but a much different
Repeat after me, O-H-I-O is number one.

Why #1? Arguably, the best dual threat quarterback the Big 10 has ever seen in Terrelle Pryor, the
best RB duo in the Big 10 running behind an experienced OL, Miami (FL) game in the ‘Shoe

Why it may not happen? Road Big 10 schedule is tough - Wisconsin and Iowa both on the road, a
defensive line that has little depth after losing three starters, what if the Mr. Hyde Pryor shows up?

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 2, 2010 Marshall
Sep 11, 2010 Miami (FL)
Sep 18, 2010 Ohio
Sep 25, 2010 Eastern Michigan Last year it was Two years ago in Sandwiched
USC, this year Madison, it took a between home
Oct 2, 2010 @ Illinois T h e U. The Pr y o r fourth games against
Oct 9, 2010 Indiana Buckeyes should quarter drive to Pe n n S t a te a n d
be favored against bail out the Michigan, this will
Oct 16, 2010 @ Wisconsin a much improved B u c ke y e s i n a be the toughest
Miami squad, but 20-17 win. Badger game for the
Oct 23, 2010 Purdue a win over what turnovers killed Buckeyes in 2010.
should be a 10 win them last year and Io w a , w i t h o u t
Oct 30, 2010 @ Minnesota team will be a starting QB Ricky
if Wi s c o n s i n
Nov 6, 2010 BYE huge feather in the doesn’t turn the Stanzi, forced the
OSU cap this early ball over this year, OSU to OT in ’09
Nov 13, 2010 Penn State in 2010. It’ll be it’ll be a 60 minute in Columbus. If
the toughest home street fight in Mad Ohio State trips
Nov 20, 2010 @ Iowa game of the season Town. up, this may be it.
Nov 27, 2010 Michigan
“One of our first things to do...

Yr. Cmp Att Yds TDs Int. Att Yds TDs
2008 100 165 1311 12 11 139 631 6
2009 167 295 2094 18 4 162 779 7

Honor Roll
2010 Rose Bowl MVP
2009 Hon. Men. All-Big 10
2008 Hon. Men. All-Big 10
2008 Big 10 Frosh of the Year

There was Purdue and Oregon. M y point is that

The Yin and the Yang of Terrelle most defensive coordinators will
Pryor’s sophomore season at Ohio State. give Pryor the opportunity to
A game in which he was as bad as any throw the football as Oregon’s
quarterback in the nation and a game in defensive staff did. And, those

which he showed he could be the best teams will get burned by it as long
quarterback in the nation. Given those as Jim Tressel and his offensive staff
two performances, you’d think it’d be afford Pr y o r the
difficult to predict what to expect from opportunity to
the 6’6” 235 lb. uber-sized quarterback in throw early and
2010. But, I think the clues to his 2010 often.
season can be found in that Rose Bowl’s
Is he the
first drive.
n e x t
The Buckeyes offense reeled off a ten play, 74 P e y t o n Ma n n i n g ?
yard drive that culminated in a tone setting No, but he’s the most d a n g e r o u s
touchdown. Of those ten plays, Pryor threw weapon in college football who can eat
the ball eight times, completing five, a defense alive if his dual threat skills
including a 13 yard swing route to can, and are allowed to, flourish.
Brandon Saine for the touchdown. Of Tressel does a great job of minimizing
those ten plays, Pryor dropped back to the risks his quarterbacks take, but he
throw on nine of them. Of the 89 overall plays found out in that Rose Bowl that Pryor might
the Buckeyes ran, Pryor accounted for 58 of be the one guy in which the reward FAR
those (38 throws and 20 runs). Now, he had exceeds the risks. If Pryor has reached that
games where he dominated the ball, even status, Ohio State won’t get beat in 2010.
against Purdue, but he threw all of 4 times in
the first quarter in that game.

“...What he said...”
“You know, we have ongoing discussions as to how we’re progressing. We felt like that this was
a pivotal game because it marked the end of the first half of his career and that we felt like we
needed to progress a little bit more. I think we did. I think we have to watch the film and look
at the whole situation just to see how close we are to where we want to go. But we have some
very definitive goals as to how good he would like to be at his craft. I thought tonight was a
good step.”
-Ohio State HC Jim Tressel after Pryor’s performance in Rose Bowl

...was continue where we left off”

LG Justin Boren
He once wore the maize
6 ’3 ” 3 06 lb .
J u n ior weapons to
& blue as a member of the be one of
Michigan Wolverines and his transfer to OSU Ohio State’s most explosive.
was as contentious as you’d expect for someone Star Watch

leaving Michigan to head to OSU. Justin Boren He’s a grinder with decent feet
could’ve been a massive bust and it would’ve and the desire to bury defensive linemen at the
left a ton of egg on in his face. It hasn’t point of attack. And, by bury, I mean that
happened and it’s an educated guess that it literally. He sets the tone that the rest of this
won’t. Boren was clearly the perfect fit for this line follows. Strong as an ox, he strikes first
Terrelle Pryor-led offense. and often. He can lose command at the point
of attack, but he rarely loses that first strike
Returning to Columbus for his last season, he’s moment. His pass protection needs some work
a focal point for an offense that has the and his feet need to improve, but the Buckeyes
will run behind him all year long.

f QB 2
Terrelle Pryor

Herron/B. Saine is best duo in Big 10

FB 44 Zach Boren
If it’s going to happen, it happens in ‘10
RB 1 Dan ‘Boom’ Herron Jr.

TE/Receivers Offensive Line
WR 8 DeVier Posey
Has superstar written all over him
WR 12 Dane Sanzenbacher
Steady as can be, 36 rec and 16 ypc
TE 11 Jake Stoneburner






Mike Adams

Justin Boren
First team All-Big 10, potential A-A
Mike Brewster
Is he over his past off the field issues?


Seemingly always angry...and that’s good Will be a better receiver than J. Ballard Three year starter, should be All-Big 10
RG 70 Bryant Browning Sr.
Powerful interior OL, started 13 games
RT 76 J.B. Shugarts Jr.
Texan who started all 13 games as a soph.

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

NONE TE Jake Ballard T Jim Cordle

Play word association with college I’m just going to admit it now, I don’t Wisconsin’s offensive line may get
football fans about the Buckeyes’ have DeVier Posey as one of my more of the attention because it
backfield and Terrelle Pryor’s name All-American receivers and in some returns five starters instead of the
will come up 99.9% of the time. So, sense I’m ashamed by that. If he’s four that Ohio State returns, but
make sure you shake the hand of the All-American at the end of the year, I don’t think for a second that this
guy who tells you that the Buckeyes can’t even say I told you so, but I Ohio State line takes a backseat to
may have the most complete wouldn’t be surprised if he took home any other line in the nation, much
backfield in the nation with Daniel those honors. He’s big time - he less the Big 10.
‘Boom’ Herron and Brandon finished the season with 60
Saine at TB and road grader Zach receptions and 8 TDs. He’s got the Justin Boren is the name most

Boren at fullback. size (6’2”, 200 lb.) to dominate the people will recognize as he’s the most
middle of the field, but he can also be decorated of the Buckeye OL. He’ll
Sure, Pryor is the key, but when he a downfield threat with his ability to be an All-American with a solid year,
struggles throwing the ball as he did go up and snatch the ball in the air. given the year he had last year. But,
against Michigan last year, he will he’s not alone.
turn to Herron and/or Saine to eat up He ’s not alone. Dane
chunks of yards and take off minutes Sanzenbacher is the consummate M i c h a e l B re w s t e r h a s b e e n
on the clock. Herron is a dynamo #2 receiver. He’s always available and starting since his freshman year and is
running between the tackles, while open and somewhat surprisingly, he overshadowed by Boren next to him.
Saine has become a versatile weapon had a 15.8 yards per catch average He’s a great leader inside with solid

that the Bucks use out of the (thanks, Toledo). Either way, the technique. Flanked by Br yant
backfield as a solid receiving threat. Posey/Sanzenbacher combo is one Browning at guard, there’s no
Given their complementary skills, the Pryor trusts inherently. reason Brewster and company can’t
Ohio State staff can play them completely mow down opposing
together with Pr yor which is a When Pryor finds a synergy with TE defenses inside. Keep an eye on J.B
nightmare for DCs. Jake Stoneburner as well, look out Shugarts - emerging star.
Star Watch
Okay, so what is
Heyward a
DL Cameron Heyward

6 ’5 ” 2 88 lb .

S en io r
He’s not a burst guy and
his first step lags a bit, but
Sacks QBH there aren’t many, tackles
2.5 0 and/or tight ends who can
defensive 2008 36 4.5 3 1 ably get across his face in
end or a defensive tackle - 2009 46 10 6.5 2 the run game. Although
a 3 technique? he doesn’t “blow and go”
off the line of scrimmage, Heyward has great
Perhaps that’s a question for the 2011 NFL feet and has the potential to be a solid pass
Draft guide, which will be coming out in April, rusher throughout this season and on into the
but in some sense it’s one that has to be asked NFL. But, he’s not quite there, yet. Against
about Heyward for this Ohio State defense. the run, he’s tough to move, but if he can
He’s played both positions on the line and he’s improve his pass rush skills, he’ll be a top 10
slated to stay outside this season at defensive pick as a 3-4 DE. So, there you go, I answered

end, where it appears to be a more natural fit. my own question. Defensive end.

Defensive Line Linebackers Secondary

DE 43 Nathan Williams Jr. OLB 51 Ross Homan Sr. CB 5 Chimdi Chekwa Sr.
8 TFL as a backup, now he starts in ‘10 Leading tackler in ’09, 108 tackles Best cornerback in the Big 10
DT 72 Dexter Larimore Sr. ILB 36 Brian Rolle Sr. FS 19 Orhian Johnson So.
Insiders think he’ll improve interior play 2nd on team in tackles, 94 tackles Has massive shoes to fill at safety in ‘10
DT 54 John Simon So. OLB 6 Etienne Sabino Jr. SS 7 Jermale Hines Sr.

3 TFL and 1.5 sacks in 2009 Not much impact in ’09, but highly talented Started 11 of 13 games, 57 tackles (4th)
DE 97 Cameron Heyward Sr. CB 10 Devon Torrence Sr.
Can play outside or inside, 6.5 sacks in ‘09 Physical corner, love the way he plays

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DT D. Worthington & T. Denlinger LB Austin Spitler S Kurt Coleman
DE Thaddeus Gibson S Anderson Russell

Of all of the offensive and defensive The Buckeyes, given the spread Again, no one is going to shed any
units for the Buckeyes, graduation attacks it faced late in the 2009 tears for the Buckeyes’ secondary, but
and early departures may have struck season, played two linebackers, for as many losses as the defensive
this unit more severely than any getting five defensive backs out on line had, the losses at safety are
other unit on the team. the field. substantial.

However, it’s Ohio State, where five The good news is that the two who The duo of Kur t Coleman and
star recruits follow All-Big 10/All- started those final games are back. Anderson Russell combined for 117
tackles and eight interceptions. Due

American players year after year after And, by the way, they’re pretty
year. The point? The point is don’t dadgum good, too. in large part to the Bucks playing five
defensive backs late in the year,
shed any scarlet and gray tears for the
Jermale Hines saw a bunch of time
Buckeyes and their defensive line. It Ross Homan led the team with 108
out on the field at nickel safety. He’s
won’t be as productive as last year’s tackles and there isn’t a play within a physical marvel who proved that
line, but still solid. 10 yards of the line of scrimmage there will be no drop-off at the free
where he won’t find himself near the safety position.
Cam Heyward is a solidifying force ball. He tackles well and stays on the
out on the edge and could be an All- field for third down because of his But, the stars in this secondary are at
American with a strong season. The pass covera ge skills in the the cornerback positions. Outside of

interior guys, Dexter Larimore and intermediate areas of the field. the University of Texas, there may
John Simon, were rotation guys in not be a better CB duo than Chimdi
2009 and must flourish. Nathan Brian Rolle is a beast between the Chekwa and Devon Torrence.
Williams was third on the team tackles. Strong and physical, Rolle is Chekwa is a better man cover corner,
with 3.5 sacks last year and should get the prototypical Big 10 run stuffing while Torrance is a more complete
plenty of single blocks playing linebacker although he only tops the corner, aggressive and willing to come
opposite Heyward. scales at 218 pounds. up and make tackles.
2009: 14-0, Beat Texas in National Championship Game
SEC & National Champions
Head Coach: Nick Saban, 4th Yr. @ Alabama - Record: 33-8
A s t h e 2 0 0 9 Na t i o n a l this season. “Back up” Trent Richardson
C h a m p i o n , Ni c k S a b a n’s g a v e Te x a s a l l

2 Crimson Tide wears a crown

proudly for a wonderful 14-0
season that culminated in a 39-21
kinds of trouble Alabama’s Vital Signs
and should be a
2009 Results
1,000 yard rusher Run Offense 215.1 ypg 12th
win over Texas in the BCS National in his own right Pass Offense 187.9 ypg 92nd
Championship game. Not ten minutes after this fall. Total Offense 403.0 ypg 42nd
the game, we all started speculating about Scoring Offense 32.1 ppg 22nd
“Next Year” and it’s hard not to think of The defense loses Run Defense 78.1 ypg 2nd
Alabama repeating with the slew of talent that its interior core, Pass Defense 166.0 ypg 10th
exists on the Capstone. but LB Dont’a Total Defense 244.1 ypg 2nd
Scoring Def. 11.7 ppg 2nd
The offense will, once again, be led by the 2009 returns from an 2010 Returning Starters
Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram, who AC L i n j u r y t o Off. Ret. Starters 8
made the most of his one year as a starter and lead the defense. Def. Ret. Starters 2
featured back at Alabama. But, there are some, Overall, the key
including yours truly, who believe that Ingram will be how well the Tide stops the pass, given
might not even be the best back on his team the loss of three DBs and three starting DL.

Why #2? Best running back duo in the nation, running behind perhaps the best OL in SEC, return
of LB Dont’a Hightower, one road game after 10/23

Why not higher? It’s difficult enough to go undefeated in regular season for a year - 3 years in a row
is nearly impossible, last 6 games of schedule - each team faces Alabama after that team’s bye week

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 San Jose State
Sep 11, 2010 Penn State
Sep 18, 2010 @ Duke
Sep 25, 2010 @ Arkansas
Alabama doesn’t The Gators circled Since Nick Saban
Oct 2, 2010 Florida fear “name” non- this one on the took over as the
Oct 9, 2010 @ South Carolina conference calendar the head coach for
opponents. 2008 minute after Alabama, the
Oct 16, 2010 Ole Miss it was Clemson. ‘Bama beat them L S U -A l a b a m a
2009 it was in the SEC rivalr y has been
Oct 23, 2010 @ Tennessee Vi r g i n i a Te c h . Champ. game UF nasty to say the
QB John Brantley lea st. But, the
Oct 30, 2010 BYE Wins in both lead
presents a games have all
to perfect regular
Nov 6, 2010 @ LSU seaons. Pe n n challenge for the been competitive
inexperienced as heck and there’s
State has Evan
Nov 13, 2010 Mississippi State Royster back, but
A l a b a m a no question this
s e c o n d a r y, o n e one will be
loses star QB
Nov 20, 2010 Georgia State Daryll Clark.
week after facing another nail-biter
Ryan Mallett. in Baton Rouge.
Nov 26, 2010 Auburn
“The legacy of Alabama football...
Yr. Att Yds TDs Rec. Yds. TD
2008 143 728 12 7 54 0
2009 271 1658 17 32 334 3
Honor Roll
2009 Heisman Trophy Winner
2009 Sporting News Player of the Year
2009 Doak Walker Award Finalist
2009 Maxwell Award Finalist
2009 Walter Camp Award Finalist
2009 First team All-American
2009 SEC Offensive Player of the Year

2009 First team All-SEC (media)

2009 First team All-SEC (coaches)
and coverages. But, then in the second
Throughout his quarter, Alabama turned to its star and Ingram
freshman responded. He got loose on some zone runs,
season in especially to the left and everything changed
2 0 0 8 , instantly. He turned the corner repeatedly and
Alabama p o u n d e d o n t h e Te x a s s e co n d a r y. He
running back hammered with such ferocity that first round
M a r k Ingram draft pick safety Earl Thomas wanted little to
w a s n’t a l l o w e d to do with Ingram once he got to the third level -
speak to the press - doing nothing but throwing his shoulder into
b l o g s , internet, Ingram, instead of making tackles. Behind his name 116 yards and two touchdowns, Alabama rode
it, no way. So, at the outset of the Ingram’s offensive MVP performance to the
2 0 0 9 season, he finally has national title.
t h e opportunity to answer This year, the Flint, MI native will have the
some questions, talk a bit, open up bulls’ eye on his back throughout the season,
and give everyone an idea who but Richardson will provide some assistance.
Mark Ingram actually was/is. Due to the power he runs with and the stress
Okay, people, first question? h e p u t s o n h i s b o d y, In g r a m N E E D S
“Mark, what do you think of hotshot freshman Richardson. The two will be the best duo in
Trent Richardson?” Boy, how do you answer the nation, no question, but this team’s heart
that one? I guess, Ingram found the best way and soul comes from 22. Wonder what the
to answer that question was to become the first question will be this year for Ingram?
first Heisman Winner. In the great history of
the Alabama football program, Joe Namath,
Ken Stabler, David Palmer, Shaun Alexander,
“...What he said...”
Major one. Not until #22 ran over “Mark has great competitive character.
SEC defenses all season long did an Alabama He was cramping up a little bit in the
football player carry the Heisman home to game. He’s a great competitor and he
Tuscaloosa. certainly wanted to go back in the game
and we certainly needed him to. It
worked out for us”
Running like an absolute beast, that’s how.
Case in point, during the first quarter of the -Alabama head coach Nick Saban
BCS National Championship Game, the Tide discussing Ingram following the BCS
offense couldn’t figure out what Texas DC Will National Championship Game win over
Muschamp was doing with his fronts, stunts Texas 37-21

...certainly had a void filled”

LT James Carpenter

O Fi l l i n g t h e s h o e s o f
f o r m e r A l l -A m e r i c a n
Andre Smith was going to be a daunting task
for anyone. The former star held down the left
tackle spot for three years and dominated in
6 ’3 ” 3 06 lb .
J u n ior Carpenter’s
impact was
f e l t m o s t w h e n t h e Ti d e
needed it most. During the
BCS champ. game, the Tide
Star Watch

the run game unlike any that have come before offense was stuck in neutral.
him at the University of Alabama. Then, in the 2nd quarter, it started going left.
A lot. Running wide behind big #77 and the
But, James Carpenter stepped into Smith’s role game changed. Immediately. Ingram started
early in the season and all of the sudden, a reeling off chunks of yards as Carpenter took
Heisman Trophy winner emerged. Okay, okay, control of the edge. During that second
it wasn’t all due to Carpenter’s efforts, but the quarter, the Tide ran for 112 yards and a pair of
young fella’s efforts made it a lot easier for TDs. The Tide’s LT is primed to do more of
Ingram to take home the stiff arm trohpy. the same in 2010.

f QB 12
Greg McElroy

Mark Ingram
Winner? G Mc hasn’t lost since Jr. High
RB 22 Jr.
’09 Heisman, identity of this ‘Bama ‘O’
TE/Receivers Offensive Line


Julio Jones
Can be All-World...when he wants
Marquis Maze
31 catches last season, 2nd on team
WR 15 Darius Hanks




James Carpenter
14 starts, 2nd team All-SEC
Chance Warmack
Must replace steady Mike Johnson
C 73 William Vlachos



3 TDs receiving and 17 receptions Honorable Mention All-SEC in 2009
TE 89 Michael Williams So. RG 75 Barrett Jones So.
More left tackle than tight end 14 starts at RG in 2009,
RT 76 DJ Fluker Fr.
Former five-star recruits starts in ‘10
Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses
RB Roy Upchurch TE Colin Peek G Mike Johnson
T Drew Davis
Craig Krenzel, former Ohio State I keep wanting to believe Julio All offensive linemen cherish the

QB, keeps coming to mind when I Jones is about to become the best opportunity to hit defenders in the
think of QB Greg McElroy. Both receiver in the SEC, but it hasn’t face. In ‘09, the Tide offensive line
guys really did nothing exceptionally happened. It won’t stop me from did that better than most, opening
well but win games. Heck, McElroy thinking that he is, alongside gaping holes for Heisman winner
hasn’t lost a game since junior high. Georgia’s AJ Green, but Jones will Ingram and Richardson. Although
He h a d s o m e r o u g h m o m e n t s have to do more this year than be a the ’09 OL had to find three key
throughout the year, but when he bit player for this offense. Last starting replacements, the 2010 OL
HAD to step up and make plays - last season, he caught only 43 passes loses only Mike Johnson and Drew
drive against Auburn and the SEC which led the team, but he must find Davis to graduation. Now, those are
Championship game - he did. Critics a way to add 3 to 4 explosive plays in two big losses, but Nick Saban’s

will point to the confusion that each key game. recruiting efforts are more than
reigned during the BCS National evident in this front five.
Championship game for McElroy to Marquis Maze is effective, but not
prove he’s not quite ready to be a spectacular. Darius Hanks is, There’s no secret with this bunch -
superstar. Either way, the guy wins again, a decent option, but doesn’t they’ll physically beat teams as noted
and you’ve got to respect him the concern DCs. But, redshirt FR above.
same way you did former star Jay speedster Kenny Bell might be a guy
Barker and, well, Craig Krenzel. who does - watch him. Center William Vlachos is the
point man who controls it all in the
Ingram & Trent Richardson make The most unsung player on the ‘09 middle of the line. Barrett Jones is

up the best running back duo in the offense was former TE Colin Peek. a masher at guard, while James
nation, and the two might be the best As McElroy progressed, he sought Carpenter is the prototype run
backs in the SEC. Honestly, what out Peek on a consistent basis. blocking left tackle. DJ Fluker is
back from another school is Michael Williams isn’t quite the thought to be one of the most
BETTER than Richardson? Tough pass catcher that Peek was, but he talented young tackles Alabama has
question, huh? can be a great blocking tight end. seen.
Star Watch
Mo s t

didn’t know
t h e 2008
DT/DE Marcell Dareus
J u n ior
6 ’3 ” 3 06 lb .

Dareus is the key for the
defense this season, given
the loss of Mt. Cody
i n s i d e . D a r e u s c a n’t
h e c k 2009 33 9 6.5 7 1 eliminate interior
Ma r c e l l D a r e u s w a s blockers as Cody did, but
before the BCS National Championship game, he’s one of the best pass rushing interior
but no matter the transcendent moment you defenders in the nation.
select, Dareus changed the complexion of the
game, not once, but twice. He’s probably more 3 technique (4-3 DT) than 5
technique (3-4 DE), but his quickness and lower
The hit on great Texas Colt McCoy knocked body strength make him ultra-difficult to move
him out of the game, but Dareus’s pick six on at either position. Alabama’s defensive scheme
the ill-fated shovel pass nearly ended the game will force him to move around a bit, but watch

at the end of the first half. when he’s lined up over guards. Oh my!

Defensive Line Linebackers Secondary

DE 57 Marcell Dareus Jr. OLB 41 Courtney Upshaw Jr. CB 21 Dre Kirkpatrick So.
2010 BCS Nat’l Champ. Def. MVP Quick off the edge, great pass rusher Former five-star recruits starts in ‘10
NT 99 Josh Chapman Jr. ILB 30 Dont’a Hightower Jr. FS 37 Robert Lester So.
Not as wide as Mt. Cody, but quicker Surefire A-A if he’s past knee injury Replaces multi-year starter
DE 96 Luther Davis Sr. ILB 35 Nico Johnson So. SS 4 Mark Barron Jr.

11 tackles in a backup role in 2009 All-SEC Freshman team - 28 tackles All-SEC in ‘09, A-A candidate in ‘10
OLB 5 Jerrell Harris Jr. CB 1 BJ Scott Jr.
Hasn’t seen the field at all in 2 years. Former WR, redshirted ’09 as a DB

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DT Terrence Cody MLB Rolando McClain CB Kareem Jackson & CB Javier Arenas
DE Brandon Deaderick OLB Cory Reamer & OLB Eryk Anders FS Justin Woodall

The loss of Rotary Lombardi Award The heart, soul and brains of the The early graduation from the Nick

finalist Terrence Cody is significant, Alabama defensive operation is now Saban Secondar y School for CB
but not as drastic as many would in Oakland - Rolando McClain. And, Kareem Jackson was a little stunning
believe. In the BCS game, he played therein lies the rub for the LBs at the time. Considering the Tide
only 3 plays in the second half, while was already losing senior Javier
g u y s l i ke Jo s h C h a p m a n a n d This group, led by, hopefully, a Arenas, the corner position became a
Marcell Dareus took over the healthy Dont’a Hightower has major question mark for the Tide
game. plenty of talent and may ultimately defense.
be more talented than last year’s

But, the whole season may rest on group. But, finding the defense’s Fo r m e r f i v e s t a r r e c r u i t D re
Kirkpatrick will be a future star but
what transpires with Dareus and the pulse, it’s heartbeat, is going to be a
he’s a sophomore, like three other
NCAA. He’s not been cleared by the work in progress all season long.
potential secondary starters. Long
NCAA after his dalliance with a and lanky, but tough and physical,
spor ts a gent. If his impact is Hightower was on his way to a Kirkpatrick has a chance to be a big-
lessened, this Alabama front will magnificent season before he was lost time star.
struggle without him. with an ACL tear. There’ll be some
rust when he comes back, but if Strong safety Mark Barron is back
If Dareus does return to the team, anyone is going to be able to fill the after a wonderful season (7 picks and
he’ll be instrumental in holding down shoes of McClain, it’s Hightower. 76 tackles) and is one of the best in

the edge. In the middle, Chapman is the league at his position. His
quick, disruptive and tough to move. OLB Courtney Upshaw and ILB playmaking abilities and tackling
Although it’s not a group loaded with Nico Johnson will create more make him the perfect fit for the
experience, it might ultimately be mayhem rushing the QB as they did Alabama secondar y. But, the
better and more disruptive than last during the National Championship questions will linger at FS and CB
y e a r ’s g r o u p . B u t , a g a i n , t h a t game. Jerrell Harris is the one until this group faces Arkansas’ QB
assessment rests on Dareus’ presence. question mark going into the season. Ryan Mallett on Sept 25th.
“Put the Film on, Bro”
Alabama’s “Single Wing”/Wildcat with Mark Ingram
In 2003, when Nick Saban was coaching at coach, but we do know the man will do just
LSU, he came on the radio weekly with John about anything to win a football game.
and Lance. One morning, I was on with Lance
while John was out and he asked me if I wanted
to stay and interview Coach Saban. At that That being said, Saban and his offensive
point, LSU was using bruising tailback Alley coaching staff realized early last season that
Broussard to pound on teams. Saban had little Mark Ingram taking snaps from center in the
else offensively, but Broussard and a strong RB oft-misdiagnosed Wildcat formation may be
core. I jokingly mentioned that I’d like to see considered a fad, but it was highly effective.
Broussard just get in the single wing, so Saban The true Wildcat is a tackle over look that
wouldn’t have to use a QB. makes things tough for a defense because of the
tackles on the same side. What Alabama uses,
at times, is a standard two tight end, two WR -
Flash forward to present day and, well, the man what I call “Tech” formation - but with Ingram
can thank me later. I never took Nick Saban taking a direct snap. Let’s take a look below.
for a “jump at the hottest thing/fad” type of

3 2

The Crimson Tide used this formation liberally Regardless, the offensive line zone blocks to
while QB Greg McElroy struggled a bit during the motion as noted above. If Ingram pulls the
the middle part of the season. ball he has three different actions to take - he
can follow the line and Jones on path #1, he can
find an interior hole on the playside on path #2
Similar to the Wildcat formations throughout or he can cut it back behind the zone blocking
the landscape of football, Mark Ingram lines up to the backside if the defense aggressively over
behind center as a single back, with a myriad of pursues.
skill players lined up throughout the formation.
Typically, a WR, Julio Jones most times, goes in
motion toward Ingram, so the back can fake or With no QB, the Tide can put two tight ends in
give the ball to the receiver in motion. 99% of the game to balance out the defense and also
the time, Ingram has kept the ball so during the get both tight ends out on the field. Single
season, expect to see Jones take the reverse wing it isn’t, but dadgum it’s close.
handoff as a wrinkle off this formation.
2009: 14-0, Beat TCU in Fiesta Bowl
WA C C h a m p i o n s
Head Coach: Chris Petersen, 5th Yr. @ BSU - Record: 49-4
This past Januar y after the With 21 of 22 starters coming back to Boise for

season had concluded, we had this season after a
an opportunity to sit down with 14-0 run last year, Boise State’s Vital Signs
two-time Bear Bryant Coach of t h e r e ’s no 2009 Results
the Year Award winner Chris question what
Run Offense 186.1 ypg 26th
Petersen. Of course, we got a chance t e a m i s t h e Pass Offense 264.1 ypg 29th
to “chat” about all things Broncos, blue turf, “media darling” in Total Offense 450.2 ypg 10th
play design, know, the things that all 2010. CB Kyle Scoring Offense 42.2 ppg 1st
sports talk show hosts discuss with coaches. Wilson is the only Run Defense 120.4 ypg 28th
personnel loss for Pass Defense 179.9 ypg 21st
Then, we discussed the 2010 season and talked the Broncos, but Total Defense 300.2 ypg 14th
about what stands to be one of the most
don’t cry in your Scoring Def. 17.2 ppg 14th
difficult non-conference schedules any team in
drink for the
any conference will face. Virginia Tech in B r o n c o s - t h e 2010 Returning Starters
Washington DC. Oregon State three weeks Off. Ret. Starters 10
defense will be
later on the Smurf Turf. Yet, Coach Petersen Def. Ret. Starters 10
acknowledged the toughest opponent for the
Even without
2010 season would be one off the schedule. It’s
Wilson, a first round pick of the New York Jets,
one that teams have struggled with in the past.
the secondary may have up to four players
The Weight of Expectation. achieve First team All-WAC at season’s end.

Why #3? 20 starters coming back, Kellen Moore is a stud at QB, the offensive line is the best in the
WAC, escape Va. Tech and Oregon State and the rest of schedule is cake, RB D.J Harper returns

Why not higher? Road trip to Washington D.C to open the season, followed by a visit from
Oregon St., filling the shoes of Wilson isn’t easy, tricky road finale at Nevada and Colin Kaepernick

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 6, 2010 Virginia Tech (DC)
Sep 11, 2010 BYE
Sep 18, 2010 @ Wyoming
Sep 25, 2010 Oregon State
Fi v e y e a r s a g o , Two weeks after When Boise State
Oct 2, 2010 @ New Mexico St. when Boise State facing Ry a n announced it was
Oct 9, 2010 Toledo was coming off of
an undefeated
Wi l l i a m s , t h e leaving for the
Broncos get a visit MWC in 2011, it
Oct 16, 2010 @ San Jose State 2004 regular f r o m Ja c q u i z z appeared this
s e a s o n , Rodgers. If the would be the last
Oct 26, 2010 La. Tech expectations were Broncos get beat c h a n c e Ne v a d a
sky high for a trip by Va. Tech in DC,
Nov 6, 2010 Hawai’i to Georgia. Uh, Boise State will be
was going to have
disaster. This BSU to knock off Boise
Nov 12, 2010 @ Idaho team is quite d e s p e r a te f o r a State. But, with
different, but win. The good N e v a d a ’ s
Nov 19, 2010 Fresno State stopping RB Ryan news, though? No impending move
Williams right out team has beaten
Nov 26, 2010 @ Nevada o f t h e c h u te i s BSU in the regular
t o t h e M WC ,
they’ll see a whole
season since 2001.
Dec 4, 2010 Utah State going to be rough. lot of each other.
Kellen “He is the type we strive...
Year Cmp. Att Yds TDs Int. Rush Yds TDs

2008 281 405 3486 25 10 38 -30 1

2009 277 431 3536 39 3 24 -5 1

Honor Roll
2009 First team All-American (ESPN, SI)
2009 Third team All-American (AP)
Seventh in Heisman Trophy balloting
2009 WAC Offensive Player of the Year
2009 First team All-WAC
Second in the nation for passing eff. (161.7 rating)
Second in the nation with 39 TD passes

Prior to the 2008 season, there was a ton of double h e a d e r, s o t o

buzz emanating from Boise State that the speak, in the month of
Broncos had found themselves a quarterback. S e p te m b e r.
A guy that was tearing it up on a daily basis in But, if anyone can
camp. A redshirt freshman. It was the first handle the h e a t , i t ’s
time I’d heard of Kellen Moore. Moore.

I was intrigued to see him, considering the And, at t h a t point,

excitement oozing from the Blue Turf. Then, I maybe, you’ll believe t h e
saw him for the first time and thought.... s a m e way I have.

“Really? A less than 6’ soft tossing left? Really?”

And, it’s that reaction that Moore has used as

motivation throughout his career. It didn’t take
long for him to win me over - it took all of one
throw to realize that this guy was special. 64
touchdowns and only 13 interceptions later, a “...What he said...”
whole heck of a lot of people are realizing the
same thing about Moore. “He’s a football nerd”

He’s just flat out one of the best college QBs in -Former BSU DC Justin Wilcox
the nation, no matter his size or arm strength.
“If there’s anybody that we’d ever
Since he’s been a starter, he’s 26-1 and avenged probably not care that they’re
that sole loss to TCU in 2008 by knocking off
being mentioned in that, it’d be
the Horned Frogs in the 2010 Fiesta Bowl.
That win wasn’t pretty but as Moore has Kellen because it’s not going to
proven, it’s about winning, not looking pretty. affect him or faze him”
That win followed a 39 TD/3 interception
season, one of the most efficient seasons in -Head Coach Chris Petersen on
college history. Not bad for a guy who former Moore’s ability to be in the
defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox fought for Heisman discussion without it
to get the last scholarship in the class of 2007.
bothering either him or the team
The 2010 season is going to be Moore’s
toughest yet given the Va. Tech/Oregon State recruit at Boise State”

Q&A with Kellen Moore
View: 26-1 as a starter, coming off a fine 2009 get rings and that’s fantastic. But have the goals
season and getting ready for what is going to be a in the program changed… “Hey we just won
fantastic 2010 season. Kellen Moore, QB of ourselves a BCS Bowl Game. We can win the
the Boise St. Broncos, joining us now. How are whole thing. We’re not just gonna get just Fiesta
you doing? Chips, we want the whole enchilada this year.”
Have the goals of the program changed over the
Kellen Moore: I’m good, how are you? years that you have been there, because of you
got 21 or 22 starters coming back, the season you
View: Good. Man, that one burns a bit doesn’t have had last year… Are you guys now talking
it? You think back to having a 10-nothing lead bigger picture now?
against TCU, losing it to them in 2008… It burns
KM: I think it’s a progression we have taken
doesn’t it?
through the years. We have talked about carrying
the flag from year to year. This program,
KM: Yeah it’s not an easy one, when you only
obviously, has progressed quite rapidly. In our
got one… but you learn a lot from it.
situation we have had a lot of success and there is
a lot of excitement out there for us, but I think
View: We were looking at and talking about
we do a pretty good job in staying low key, taking
your schedule early today, and obviously a couple
care of business week after week, and… I think
of good out of conference games to go with your
we understand that as long as we take care of
WAC schedule this year, but the Virginia Tech
business, we are gonna be in a good place, we are
game, obviously the first game, right out of the
going to be enjoying the bowl season and all of
chute for the season on September 6th… Talk
that good stuff.
about how… I would imagine last year with the
Oregon game being first game, having that sort View: We’ve had a chance to meet Coach
of marquee game on the schedule early in the Peterson a couple of times the past couple of
season, and the chance to go in single-minded, years, because of him being a finalist for the Bear
preparing for that as you go through summer Bryant Award and winning the Bear Bryant
camp and what not. Talk about the preparation Award last year. We enjoy sitting down for 15
for Oregon last year, and maybe how you went minutes inter viewing him. Talk about the
preparing for that and how it’s going to help you relationship you have Coach Pete. Is it the same
this year? Coach Pete we see in interviews, the same Coach
Pete that you see in the meeting rooms, also talk
KM: Yeah certainly in both cases, we… you about his role in bring you to Boise.
know it is nice to have a high profile game to
KM: Yeah certainly. Coach Pete is a great guy. I
start off the season. No sense in looking past it
think there are a lot of guys, who are here, that
beyond this point. I really think it’s something
can point to him being the reason for coming to
that is in the back of your mind for the whole off
Boise. A very easy down to earth guy, who takes
season, taking care of summer workouts and all
care of his business and doesn’t care for any of
that stuff. Just like last year, we have another one
the hoopla outside the program. Y’all have met
this year and I’m pretty excited.
him, he is the same in here or out in the public.
View: Kellen, have your goals, in terms of the View: Does Coach Pete hate interceptions that
program, changed the fact that… hey you know much, Kellen? I mean, you only threw 3 last year.
winning the WAC… that’s a sweet deal. We all Does he hate interceptions that much?
You threw 3?!? There are option quarterbacks KM: I think inside our program, there isn’t much
that throw more picks in a year. You had 3 and change. You are not going to see another
you threw the ball over 400 times last year. Talk perspective or attitude around everyone. It is
about the mindset that you guys have that you are kinda like going along with your daily business.
not gonna give the ball to the other team. Certainly outside of us there is a lot of noise, and
people are excited about us. For myself, it kinda
KM: Yeah, I think it gets drilled in here pretty
comes from our team’s success. Maybe they have
early. You got Coach Pete, who use to be a
to throw a few individual awards since we are
quarterback. We got Coach Pease, who played in
doing so well.
the NFL a little… he is our wide out coach and
was a QB. We also got a QB coach who was a QB. View: This year you guys obviously have V. Tech.
I pretty much have 3 QB drilling into my head right out of the chute on a Labor Day night game,
that I better not be turning the ball over. We that’s going to be fantastic. Then you also have
emphasis that turnover differential like crazy I Oregon St. coming to the blue turf as well. You’ve
think. You look down at the stats over the years, got 20 or 22 starters (returning), and also the
and the successful teams are at the top in that highest pre-season ranking that you’ve ever had.
differential, and those that are not are at the In most magazines rank you #3, sometimes as
bottom. I think it’s from day 1, it’s drilled and high as #2. The weight of expectation for you as a
drilled that you are not turning the ball over. You team, I would think, is your biggest opponent.
are not giving other teams opportunities. As long The fact that nobody on your team has ever been
as you do not to that, you are putting the team in ranked this high going into a season; talk about
a good position to be successful. team’s mindset going in, in some sense, the
hunted not the hunter.
View: You’re a coach’s kid. Right?
KM: I think we are fortunate that we have a lot
KM: Yep
of guys coming back. We only lost a couple of
guys… one a starter from last season, another who
View: And, there is your other reason why. How
started halfway through before getting hurt. It is
many times did you throw an interception and
really a progression that we are going through. It’s
have to explain that one to Pops. Trust me I know
a lot of guys on this team as last year’s Fiesta Bowl
from experience… it happens right?
team. So we are really just taking the next step,
trying to get better individually, and as a team.
KM: Oh yeah. It’s been something that I have
Really see what happens I think. Certainly there
been taught, and understood, for quite awhile I
is a lot of excitement about us, that’s awesome.
But at the same time, us as players, we kinda
understand our situation what we need to get
View: Little different role for you guys this year;
done, and can’t get too caught up into that
How are you guys as a team, and maybe for you
because we have enough business to take care of.
personally… we were just going over the list of
guys that are coming into this season that are View: Hey Kellen, for you personally, who were
potential… we will say the H word here, Heisman the player(s) that you admired and modeled your
accolades. This is probably not the first interview game after? Who did you watch growing up that
that you have had to address it, nor the will be you put into that category?
last. How different is it for you personally going
KM: Definitely Tom Brady. He has kinda been
into this year, and how do you manage those
playing for awhile… maybe I am a little younger I
guess. Not so much watching Joe Montana, cause
I usually get the reference, “Did you watch Joe
Montana?”… I’m like “Uh… I was born in 1988...”
But, Tom Brady I watched through my whole View: At least you had the beach to relax on, I
growing up stages, I watched his progress, and guess, in Hawaii. Do you guys get some time
Drew Brees recently. Oh heck, I am a 6’ QB; alone and to yourselves to kick back at all or is it
anybody around 6’ or around that I loved. just a business trip?

View: Hey Kellen, is it true that Nevada’s Dontay KM: We get a little bit. We travel there an extra
Moch a 4.25… is that legit? day so, we get about 3 hours on Thursday and 3
hours on Friday to kinda go around and do what
KM: I couldn’t tell you. I don’t know. we want to before our Saturday game, so you
know. They don’t let us get into the water that is
View: He hasn’t sacked you? Well you wouldn’t the rule. No sandals. We are not enjoying Hawaii
know, he probably hasn’t touched you. Alright at all.
Kellen, with every player we had on. We started
this at the Lombardi Award, we did this with View: They don’t want you stepping on a shell…
Ndamukong Suh, with your buddy Jerry Hughes,
who introduced himself at the Fiesta Bowl Game, KM: I got in trouble going out there this year,
Gerald McCoy and Terrence Cody. We play a little because I didn’t know the rules. I showed up at a
game, it’s called “Either/Or”. It gives us a little meeting wearing sandals. A couple of the coaches
insight into Kellen Moore. It’s very easy its either/ frowned at me before I figured it out.
or, one or the other. In some cases it’s kinda
tough, in some cases it’s kinda easy… you can also View: How great would have that have been if
explain if you choose. It is really easy. Kellen Moore had to take the first series off
because of flip flops?
KM: Alright
View: That’s a tag that would follow you around
View: “Either/Or” with Kellen Moore, here we forever Kellen. Alright! Worse feeling for you,
go. In a tough spot on 3rd down, who do you physically, mentally, take your pick, interception
throw the ball to, either Austin Pettis or Titus or a sack?
KM: Interception, because you don’t have
KM: Don’t get me in trouble! (Answer redacted - another opportunity.
you had to be listening - we won’t get him in
trouble in print). View: What would be better, winning the
Heisman or winning the National Championship?
View: If you had to play a game on Saturday
night, or morning, or afternoon, which would you KM: Come on, you are not tricking me there,
prefer, blue turf or green grass? National Championship.

KM: I gotta say blue. I would get in trouble if i View: They did ask Cedric Benson that question
don’t say that! and he had a unique answer! Okay, let’s move
on...Mac or PC?
View: Alright tougher place to play, Honolulu,
Hawaii or Ruston, Louisiana? KM: PC!

KM: WOW! Uh… I’m gonna say Ruston… View: Oh ok, we can still be friends. When
possibly. playing College Football 2011 video game, do you
play as you or somebody else?
KM: I play both. Except that it is usually kinda other games where we are just gonna roll with
frustrating playing as Boise, because you want to stuff and be straight forward. It really depends.
bench yourself, but you feel bad when you do that
after you throw a couple of picks. (laughter) View: Hey Kellen, we were playing a little game
Cause normally you want to blame the QB that with some of the listeners before we got you on
you are playing with, but you really can’t blame the phone. We were having them take their
yourself! schools… cause I don’t know if you have hear.
Florida is raising statues outside of their stadium
View: “C’mon, Me, how can you throw picks in a of Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel, and Tim
game, when you have only thrown three all year?” Tebow. Tell us the three statues that you would
That can’t happen! put up outside of the stadium of your school. If
you had to, knowing the history of Boise St., and
View: Hey Kellen, real quick. Do you look at all having been in the program for 3 seasons now,
of the ratings on the NCAA College Football who would be the three statues outside of your
game and go, “Man I can’t believe they gave me stadium at Boise St?
this for awareness or this much for speed!”
KM: Good question. I think you guys might not
KM: Trust me, I’ll look at myself… they gave me know him, his name was Lyle Smith. He was the
way too much speed. I’ll tell you that! First of all, founder of athletics at Boise St. He was a coach at
if I am scrambling in that game… that is not a junior college level that made it up all the way
gonna happen. Some of our guys they get very through. You got to throw Coach Pete up there
emotional when they come out and a guy doesn’t and probably Ian… Ian has to get some love, he
have the right speed or for some cases not in the has certainly been the face of Boise.
game… Those guys are not happy.
View: Kellen, is the statue of Ian Johnson is on
View: Oh, those guys are ticked. Last question! one knee proposing to a statue of cheerleader?
Your QB style is more similar to Drew Brees or
Peyton Manning? KM (laughing): It very well could be.

KM: Drew Brees View: Hey Kellen, over the past couple of years,
you and Case Keenum have stayed in contact with
View: Very nice. Why would you say that? one another. Have yall been stayed in contact
with Case this off-season at all?
KM: I’m 6’, we are connected with that one a
little bit, and I think pocket presence something KM: Yeah, I saw him at an award event in Ohio. I
that we both emphasis. I probably don’t act as haven’t talked to him recently, because there
much out on the field, I’m pretty straight forward hasn’t been much football going on.
and roll with the plays. We are not over there
checking things and all of that crazy stuff. View: Yeah that’s true. When you guys get a
chance to communicate, do you guys talk about
View: How much do you get to check at the line? the game or more stuff that is off of the field?

KM: I think it really varies between games. There KM: Yeah, a little bit of the game, sometimes we
are some games we go in with an opportunity to have common opponents… check out some
check or check out of some different things thoughts. Other than that, sometimes I catch his
depending on the defense. And then there are game and tell him congrats on his game.
I watch Case a little here and there. It’s always KM: Yeah I don’t think it’s a huge deal now, but
nice watching Houston football because he certainly in a year we will be getting excited to
throws the ball 60 to 70 times. play some different teams, but I kinda mentioned
it to some other people that there are a lot of
View: Yeah, he is a beast on the video game too, seniors on this team who don’t really care that we
by the way. are going to the Mountain West in two years.
They got their senior season to look forward to…
KM: (laughing) I am sure he is. we all got our season to look forward to… and we
have enough things to take care of before we start
View: Hey Kellen before we let you go, the big to worry about the Mountain West too much.
news of college football the last couple of weeks,
thankfully college football has been in the news View: Yeah, it going to be a good season. It
for the past couple of weeks. Obviously you guys should be a really good season in Boise. 2010
were a part of the conference realignment, season and Kellen Moore, Heisman candidate qb,
ultimately there was only a little bit of it, but you 26-1 as a starter at Boise St joining us. Kellen, that
guys were one of the schools that ended up was very cool, and we appreciate the time, and
moving, Boise St. moving from the WAC to the best of luck as you go through, as you guys go
Mountain West. Is that something that even through summer camp and getting ready for the
registers on your radar as a player, or you more season. Best of luck to for the upcoming season
that means that is going to be a bunch of different and we look forward in doing this again soon.
team across the line from us, or was that
something that is a big deal for you that that you KM: Sounds great. Take care!
talked a lot about?
W R Au s t i n Pe t t i s

O Go-to guy. Beast. NFL-


No m a t t e r h o w y o u
6 ’ 3” 2 01 lb .
S en io r
r e c e i v e r.
They’ve not
had an
offensive skill
Star Watch

describe Boise State 2009 63 855 14 player taken
receiver Austin Pettis, the early in an NFL draft.
description is quite apt. Pettis could change all of that.
The Broncos have had some NFL talent, but Although teammate Titus Young was first-time
for every first rounder there’s been a Drisan All-WAC, Pettis is the prototype for this
James, a Jerard Rabb or a Ryan Gilligan, i.e guys position. He’s strong as an ox, uses his body
who were great college receivers, but had no well to shield defenders and can snatch the ball
NFL future. What the Broncos have never had out of the air. But, he’s got to stay healthy for a
is a 6’3”, 201 pound legit NFL prospect at 90 catch year to truly get the NFL’s attention.

f QB 11
Kellen Moore
39 TDs, 3 Interceptions in 2009
RB 27 Jeremy Avery
Speedy RB racked up 1,151 yds. in ‘09
FB 47 Dan Paul


TE/Receivers Offensive Line



Austin Pettis
Top NFL prospect for Broncos
Titus Young
First team All-WAC, 79 receptions
Tommy Gallarda






Faraji Wright
Battling Charles Leno for LT spot
Nate Potter
On ’10 Rotary Lombardi Watch List
Thomas Byrd



Started after R. Brockel injury, 3 TDs Started 12 games, had nine receptions Started all 14 games as a soph. in ‘09
RG 59 Will Lawrence Sr.
Started 13 games in 2009
RT 57 Garrett Pendergast Jr.
Battling Brenel Myers for RT spot

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

NONE NONE OL Kevin Sapien

You would think that the Boise State One of Moore’s strengths is his No one ever talks about the Boise

offense starts and ends with QB ability to spread the wealth to as State OL. Ever. But, that’s the
Kellen Moore. Uh, yeah, and you’d many receivers and tight ends as ultimate compliment for this bunch.
be dead wrong. Now, don’t get me possible. That only works if there are The only loss in the top five was
wrong, this 2010 Boise State squad is enough weapons on the perimeter. Kevin Sapien who hung ‘em up after
special because he’s pulling the And, there are plenty. injuries proved to be too much to
trigger, but to think he’s the only one bear.
on this bus, is dead wrong. Austin Pettis was injured prior to
the Fiesta Bowl last season, but he’s If there’s a star on this offensive line,
The running back situation is as good still Moore’s go-to guy in tough it’s Nate Potter who is transitioning
as it gets. Jeremy Avery is a blazer situations. He’s a big receiver who from tackle to left guard. Potter’s

and was a 1,000+ yard rusher in 2009. can get open in every area on the future is probably at RT in the NFL,
He’s the most complete back the field. but his nasty demeanor will continue
Broncos have on the roster. The to boost the Broncos inside power
good news in Boise is that DJ Don’t be fooled by Titus Young lack running game. From guard to guard,
Harper returns from an ACL injury of size, he’s a dynamic game breaker Boise State will be as good as any
to p r o v i d e a 1 - 2 p u n c h i n t h e who can light up any defense when he team West of the Mississippi.
backfield. gets his hands on the ball.
The question will be at tackle where
Harper must be close to 100% The combination of Pettis and Young a group of young guns are battling

because the Broncos moved bruising is one of the best in the nation. TE Garrett Pendergast for a starting
Doug Martin over to defense in the Tommy Gallarda and Kyle Efaw position. Faraji Wright, Charles
spring. He could ultimately move don’t scare anyone, but they’re typical L e n o , B re n e l Mye rs a n d
back to running back if Harper isn’t BSU tight ends - no names who get a Pendergast, if anything else, provide
quite ready, but if Avery and Harper handful of chances to catch the ball. depth at a key position. But, can they
are close to healthy, look out. Yet, BSU can’t live without them. protect Moore well enough?
Star Watch
Quick name the
stars on this
S George Iloka
6 ’ 3” 2 07 lb .
J u n ior
As a long and lanky
freshman, Iloka ran to the
Boise State Yr. Tackles TFL Sacks Int PBU ball and put himself in
d e f e n s e . 2008 48 2.5 0 1 5 position to make plays.
Some say 2009 62 5 1 4 6 But, when filling in the
there aren’t any, but, if alley against the run, well,
you insist. he was there. That’s about the best I could say.

Winterswyk. Johnson. Maybe Thompson. However, in 2009, that seemed to change.

He’ll never be a Taylor Mays type, size wise, but
At the end of 2010, you may think differently he flew around with reckless abandon, teaming
after watching George Iloka, the former with Jeron Johnson to form an intimidating duo
Kempner HS product, start for the third at safety. If Iloka takes that next step, that
consecutive year. order of stars may have to change. Quickly.

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 98 Ryan Winterswyk
2x First team All-WAC honoree
DT 97 Chase Baker
Started 14 games in ’09, 4 TFL
DT 90 Billy Winn


OLB 52

ILB 36
Derrell Acrey
34 tackles and 5.5 TFL in 2009
Aaron Tevis
4th on team in tackles with 54 stops



Jamar Taylor
All-WAC acad. team, 1 INT in ‘09
George Iloka
Started 14 games, had 62 tackles
S 23 Jeron Johnson


2nd team All-WAC, 12.5 TFL in 2009 Hardest hitting player on West Coast
DE 92 Shea McClellin Jr. S 17 Winston Venable Sr.
Started 11 games, registered 3 sacks 2nd team All-WAC, 63 tackles (3rd)
CB 13 Brandyn Thompson Sr.
Def. MVP of Fiesta Bowl, 6 picks in ‘09
Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses
NONE NONE CB Kyle Wilson

The one thing opposing teams must It ’s n o t a s i f t h e B o i s e S t a t e The loss of a first round corner is
consider when playing this defense is linebackers are a bunch of slappies, going to sting, no question, but if any
that they’re quicker than you think. guys who can’t chew gum and walk at team could absorb the loss of All-
A lot quicker. Especially up front. the same time. But, if an offense is American Kyle Wilson, it’s Boise
going to take advantage of a BSU State.
Case in point, first game last year defensive unit, it’s the linebacking
against Oregon. The Ducks corps. And, not just because there Jamar Taylor has massive shoes to
attempted to run LeGarrette Blount are only two guys in the middle. fill, but as long as he doesn’t TRY to

on a wide zone play, but before it fill them, he should be okay. He’s got
could develop, Billy Winn shot the Derrell Acrey had a strong 2008 good size and will get plenty of help
gap and made the play for a game season, but only started four times from his front six. Brandyn
ending safety. He’s going to be the last year in 2009. If this defense is Thompson is a vet who must excel.
same run disrupting DT as he was in going to sur vive a gainst power
2009. He’s quick and good with his running Virginia Tech and, well, The group of safeties is, arguably, the
hands. The combination of Winn power running Oregon State, Acrey best in the nation, led by rock hard
and Chase Baker is solid. MUST step up this season. hitter Jeron Johnson. The senior
finished last year with 91 tackles and
Ryan Winterswyk is the headliner Aaron Tevis, on the other hand, had is the intimidating force in the back.

for this bunch and can bring it off the the season that many thought that
edge. He’s a relentless pass rusher, Acrey was going to have. As a junior, George Iloka is a rangy safety who’s
with a deceptively quick first step. with another strong season, he could been more physical each year. Nickel
S h e a Mc C l e l l i n d o e s n’t d r a w push for 2010 All-WAC honors. He safety Winston Venable is nothing,
double teams, but he’ll get adequate showed how athletic he was and if if he isn’t a Will linebacker, but so be
pressure on the quarterback. Acrey doesn’t have take control of it, the guy is always around the ball
this defense, Tevis will. and an effective tackler.
“Put the Film on, Bro”
Boise State’s TE seam route
out of “Special” Formation



57 85

The basic premise of offensive football is that you Speaking as a former secondary member, it’s
have to have seven guys on the line of scrimmage. awfully difficult to find an eligible receiver lined
Doesn’t matter where you line them up or who is up right next to the guard. However, with two
lined up out there, but you just have to have seven receivers off the ball to the right, Gallarda lines up
on the line of scrimmage. Well, Boise State uses next to the guard and is often ‘hidden’. The big
that concept to throw off the coverage of the part is he’s eligible because the two outside
secondary. receivers are off the ball. Often times, the
Right tackle #57 Garrett Pendergast lines up in a secondary rolls coverage to the two receivers but
wide receiver position, yet still on the line of doesn’t ‘see’ the TE lined up at the tackle position.
scrimmage. A WR lines up next to, and outside On the snap, Gallarda just fires right down the
of, him on the ball, making Pendergast ineligible. seam as Moore looks off the free safety to ensure
But, Boise State doesn’t need for Pendergast to be Gallarda plenty of area in the middle of the field
eligible, just make the defense react to his to get open. At first glance, this doesn’t seem like
presence. the type of play that would be effective, but
What they really want is for the secondary to because safeties often lose sight of the ‘hidden’
adjust to the “bodies”, not who’s eligible. When TE, this play works like a charm. Just ask Nevada,
they do adjust to the formation #85 Tommy who gave up a TD to this very play in the second
Gallarda is open down the seam for a big play. half of its 44-33 loss to Boise State in 2009.
2009: 13-1, Lost to Alabama in BCS National Championship Game
Big 12 Champions
Head Coach: Mack Brown, 13th Yr. @ Texas - Record: 128-27
What if ? It’s a question that Outside of not having Colt McCoy, this team is

Longhorn fans have been asking reminiscent of
since the fifth play of the BCS prior Texas teams. Texas’ Vital Signs
National Championship game. Highl y athletic 2009 Results
What if Colt McCoy hadn’t gotten W R , q u e s t i o n Run Offense 147.6 ypg 61st
knocked out of that game early? It’s not mark still at RB, Pass Offense 273.6 ypg 22nd
much consolation, but whereas 2009 suffered, decent O L , Total Offense 421.2 ypg 29th
2010 got a significant boost from that injury as productive DL, Scoring Offense 39.3 ppg 3rd
freshman Garrett Gilbert was forced to take g r e a t c o r p s o f Run Defense 72.4 ypg 1st
Pass Defense 179.6 ypg 19th
off the headphones and face one of the best linebackers, but
Total Defense 251.9 ypg 3rd
defenses in the nation. one area where Scoring Def. 16.7 ppg 12th
it’s different is in
He p e r f o r m e d a d m i r a b l y a n d g o t t h e t h e s e c o n d a r y. 2010 Returning Starters
Longhorns close. Alas, the gap was too large to It’s the best unit Off. Ret. Starters 5
truly overcome, but after facing that Alabama in the nation, Def. Ret. Starters 6
defense, Gilbert must feel like everyone else he which will help
faces will be a walk in the park. Well, maybe. against the vaunted spread attacks in the Big 12.

Why #4? Best secondary in the country, young gunslinger with some ability and some big game
experience, Big 12 South is down a bit - outside of Oklahoma, best defense in the Big 12

Why not higher? Road trip to Nebraska - the Huskers are going to be better offensively than last
season, RB still a question mark - even if Tre Newton starts, Tech, UCLA, OU back-to-back-to-back

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 Rice (Reliant)
Sep 11, 2010 Wyoming
Sep 18, 2010 @ Texas Tech
Sep 25, 2010 UCLA
Oct 2, 2010 OU (Dallas) Well, what else did No t h i n g l i ke Last year, this was
you expect? This the most exciting
Oct 9, 2010 BYE game is ALWAYS
having to face an
ex- on its own turf. game in the Big 12
Oct 16, 2010 @ Nebraska the big game on After a regular season (the
the Texas schedule conference- Big 12 Champ.
Oct 23, 2010 Iowa State (last year’s 16-13 realignment laden game excluded).
snoozefest A&M returns its
Oct 30, 2010 Baylor s u m m e r, the
notwithstanding). potent QB, but
With no team in Huskers decided Te x a s d o e s n’t .
Nov 6, 2010 @ Kansas State the Big 12 South to move to the Big However, by game
10, leaving Texas,
Nov 13, 2010 Oklahoma State pushing these two,
the winner will be et. al. behind. It
12, Garrett Gilbert
will be a fourth
Nov 20, 2010 Florida Atlantic on the fast track may be the 1st of 2 year s e n i o r,
to the B12 Champ. meetings, but this experience wise
Nov 25, 2010 Texas A&M game. one will be fun! and ready to fire.
“Water covers 2/3 of the earth...

Yr Tackles TFL Sacks Int.

2008 15 1 0 1
2009 36 5.5 2 3

The University of Texas has sent its share of of NFL teams that
defensive backs to the NFL over the past would want that guy in
decade and some change. Year in and year out, their secondary this year,
the Texas secondary is solid and productive. not next year.
But, this year’s crop is a banner one to say the

least and is, without question, the best Has he gotten beat in
secondary in the nation. And, if you argue with man covera ge before?
that assessment, still you’ll agree with the fact Yep. Zone? Sure. They
that this is the best trio of cornerbacks in the all do, but what separates
nation. We’re on the same page, now? Okay, Williams from any other
good, then why isn’t Aaron Williams on any of corner is his ability to
your All-American teams? Hey preseason change direction and go
magazines, I’m talking to you. Why isn’t up in the air and come
Williams on your radar screen? down with the ball. The
interception he has in last
Here’s a dynamic player with size (6’1” and 195 y e a r ’s O k l a h o m a g a m e
lbs.). He’s got the ball skills to make any corner epitomizes his pure athleticism.
desire to be him. He’s tough. He can blitz off But, his technique has
the edge. He’s just scratching the surface of improved and will continue to
what he can do. He can play both man and get better. With Williams on one
zone. And, Texas fans don’t want to hear it, but side and
he’s a bona fide superstar, ready to make mad Curtis Brown on the
cash at the next level after year three. Sure, other, there’s no limit to
Patrick Peterson should be the first corner how aggressive defensive
taken in next year’s draft (same dilemma c o o r d i n a t o r Wi l l
somewhat...IF he declares for the draft), but Muschamp can be with
Williams is a silky smooth athlete with a desire his defensive scheme. Williams is an A-A in my
to be great. Quite honestly, there are a bunch book and should be in yours, too.

“...What he said...”
“It’s hard to compare them, because I think every corner that has started for [defensive backs
coach] Duane Akina in the last seven years has had some time in the NFL. So the guys have
been really good, but we think these three guys – Curtis Browns, Chykie Brown and Aaron
Williams – all have a chance to be NFL guys. We think they have a chance to be really good.”

-Texas head coach Mack Brown discussing his cornerback trio for 2010, including Williams

...he covers the other 1/3”

OT Kyle Hix
The last time any of us
6’ 7 1 /2 ” 32 0 lb.
S en io r Doesn’t
really paid any attention s o u n d
to offensive tackle Kyle Hix it was for his lack
of making a tackle. During the BCS National
like much to most people, but
that move could be
Star Watch

Championship game, Hix let Alabama’s Marcell instrumental for this offense
Dareus run unabated, errrr, slip through his and for Hix’s future.
grasp as the Tide defensive end ran in for the
backbreaking score. He has the prototypical tackle build and does a
solid job in pass protection. He keeps a sound
But, that’s not what Hix is, proverbially base/foundation and slides well up and down.
speaking of course, being paid to do. The He’s not a masher at the point of attack, but
senior will move over to left tackle to replace that’s not been a trait of Texas OL in the past
Adam Ulatoski. few years. Hix, though, is the key to a stout
running game.

f QB 7

Garrett Gilbert
Saw the future in the BCS game
RB Tre Newton
UT has not had a true star RB.

TE/Receivers Offensive Line

WR 84
9 Malcolm Williams
Most talented of this WR corps
Marquise Goodwin
Fast...and I mean really, REALLY fast
WR 11 James Kirkendoll




Kyle Hix
Should be First team All-Big 12.
Michael Huey
Started 9 times at RG in 2009
C 78 David Snow



Only starter returning, 48 recs, 6 TDs Started 5 times last year at RG
TE 83 Greg Smith Sr. RG 56 Tray Allen Sr.
More blocker than rec. threat Will foot/ankle injury keep him out?
RT 72 Britt Mitchell Sr.
Will battle L. Poehlmann for this spot
Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses
QB Colt McCoy WR/TE Greg Buckner (booted) C Chris Hall & G Charlie Tanner
WR Jordan Shipley T Adam Ulatoski
Four years ago when Vince Young The names at receiver/tight end all The Texas offensive line spent the

declared early for the NFL Draft, we look very familiar. We’ve seen them entire month leading up to the BCS
all said that the Longhorns were for a while, but it’s time for someone National Championship game having
going to suffer with some “kid” from this group to become a to hear how badly it’d been shredded
named Colt McCoy taking over as a consistent pass catching star. by Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh in the
redshirt freshman. Big 12 Championship game.
Inconsistency plagued each one of
Well, 45 wins, two Heisman runner- these guys last year, but Colt McCoy Think that was tough? Wait until
up seasons and countless newborns knew that he could rely on Jordan this unit struggles early in the season
named Colt later, the Longhorns are Shipley to get open and go get the protecting Garrett Gilbert and watch
faced with a similar situation. The
ball. The others are more athletic, what happens. Honestly, though, I

difference is that Garrett Gilbert,
but dropped key passes for big gains don’t expect that to happen early in
at least, gave us a preview of what to
expect over the next two or three or to move the chains on third down. the season, but when Texas faces
seasons. Now the job is his, as is the Texas Tech’s multiple fronts and
pressure of being the starter. He’ll be A n d , m o s t l y, I ’ m p o i n t i n g t h e Oklahoma’s talented defensive line, it
fine. Transcendent like the two QBs proverbial finger right at Malcolm could be an issue.
before him? Not ready to say that Williams. If there’s a guy ready for
just yet. the spotlight, it’s Williams, but he’s The line is led by Kyle Hix who’s
got to be an 85 reception per season going to transition over to left tackle
The bigger question to me is whether receiver. Garrett Gilbert needs that this season. The good news, in some

a TB can emerge. Tre Newton from him in 2010. Gilbert also needs sense, is that the rest of the line has
reminds me of former FSU great Marquise Goodwin to stay fast and experience at various positions, but
Travis Minor. Not blazingly fast, but Ja m e s K i r ke n d o l l t o c a t c h the right side of the line, Tray Allen
quick enough. Good receiver out of everything thrown his way. Freshmen (if healthy) at guard and Britt
the backfield. High football IQ. Can Mike Davis and Darius White will Mitchell at tackle, will need some
he be the guy? Great question. push for early playing time for sure. time to gel.
Star Watch
Fo r t h e p a s t
t wo y e a r s ,
T e x a s Yr
d e f e n s i v e 2009
Tackles TFL
18 1.5
DE Alex Okafor
So phomore
6’ 4 1 /2 ” 25 0 lb.

I don’t expect Muschamp
to use Okafor in the same
QBH manner as he did Kindle,
2 but Okafor has the ability
coordinator to be a tremendous
Will Muschamp had the ultimate chess piece to college pass rusher. Opposite a guy like Sam
use at defensive end - Sergio Kindle. He would Acho, Okafor should be able to take advantage
use him all around the field. of single team blocking, especially early in the
2010 season. He’ll need to rely on his
With no more Kindle on the 40 Acres, the
athleticism until he gets more snaps, but when
pressure falls on the broad shoulders of Alex he does, he’ll turn heads.
Okafor, a true sophomore, who is the key to
the defensive line’s production in 2010 If Okafor turns in a strong season, this defense
should be a top 10 unit in the nation.

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 80 Alex Okafor
Has potential to be next real def. star
DT 91 Kheeston Randall
10 starts, needs to impact game more
DT 96 Calvin Howell
Redshirted after being injured early



OLB 18
Keenan Robinson

Emmanuel Acho
Hon. Mention All-Big 12, love his play
ILB 42 Dustin Earnest Sr.
Replaces 3 yr. starter, had 26 tackles
Only 3 starts, but still HM All-Big 12




Aaron Williams

Blake Gideon

Christian Scott
Highly talented, heat seeking missile
Stud. Could be top 15 pick in 2011 draft
Steady, physical, now the defense’s leader
DE 81 Sam Acho Sr. CB 3 Curtis Brown Jr.
Hon. Mention All-Big 12 in ’09, Big time play maker, part of great CB trio

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DT Lamarr Houston MLB Roddrick Muckelroy S Earl Thomas
DE/OLB Sergio Kindle

With one of the best secondaries in At the outset of the 2009 season, I It’s not often that a team’s secondary,

the nation in the back and a strong didn’t think a whole lot of the Texas or any unit for that matter, can lose a
linebacker corps at the second level, LB corps. Roddrick Muckelroy was a top 15 NFL draft pick and be better
the Texas defense has a chance to be known commodity and you could than it was the prior year.
one of the very special units in the count on him to be a factor, but
country. would anyone else emerge? But, that’s the case for the Texas
Longhorns’ secondary in 2010. In
It all comes down to the hosses up Earl Thomas, the Longhorns lost a
Well, fast forward to the end of the
front. And, I’m on the fence as to tremendous playmaker, but what the
2009 season and my thoughts

whether this group has the ‘it’ factor Longhorns have returning is the best
completely flipped. After the BCS
to be truly special. Very good? Yes. CB trio in the nation without
National Championship game, I
Special? Not sure. question.
believe wholeheartedly that this
Sam Acho is the team’s best lineman linebacking corps is ready for prime- Aaron Williams leads the bunch in
and provides a solid pass rush off the time status in the Big 12. my opinion. Great with the ball in
edge. But, he’s not a guy that truly the air or explosive off the edge as a
worries def. coordinators. Alex Keenan Robinson doesn’t quite blitzer or in run support, Williams
Okafor can be that guy, though. look like a linebacker, with his long, has the complete package that has
lean build, but you won’t find many NFL scouts salivating. If teams
The key to the 2009 interior was
series in which he hasn’t made a key choose to avoid Williams, it means

Lamarr Houston, but he’s gone. He
play to stop the drive. choosing to attack Curtis Brown or
w r e a ke d h a v o c c o n s i s t e n t l y.
Chykie Brown. Either way, it’s
Kheeston Randall has starting throwing into trouble out on the
Emmanuel Acho, though, is the
experience, but hasn’t flashed the perimeter. At safety, Blake Gideon
guy that gets me excited. He can fly,
chaos-inducing quickness that is entering his third year as safety and
is physical, plays well in space and can
Houston possessed. the physical tone setter in the back 4.
impact the game in a number of ways.
2009: 12-1, Lost to Boise State in Fiesta Bowl
M WC C h a m p i o n s
Head Coach: Gary Patterson, 11th Yr. @ TCU - Record: 85-28
The Horned Frogs were about With QB Andy Dalton returning to the fold,

three feet away from playing the Horned Frog
Alabama in the BCS National offense will again TCU’s Vital Signs
Championship game last season. If be one of the
2009 Results
Hunter Lawrence’s kick stays to the most explosive in
Run Offense 239.5 ypg 5th
left and Nebraska had beaten Texas, the the Southwest. Pass Offense 217.2 ypg 59th
Horned Frogs would’ve taken the monumental Total Offense 456.7 ypg 7th
step of playing in the school’s first BCS The question will Scoring Offense 38.3 ppg 5th
National Championship game - the first time a be whether the Run Defense 80.2 ypg 3rd
school from a non-AQ would’ve done it. But, if defense can be as Pass Defense 159.5 ypg 6th
“ifs” and “buts” were candy and nuts, we’d all o p p o r t u n i s t i c Total Defense 238.7 ypg 1st
have a Merry Christmas. Lawrence’s kick sent without A l l - Scoring Def. 12.8 ppg 6th
the Horned Frogs to the Fiesta Bowl. American Jerr y
2010 Returning Starters
Hughes and two
Off. Ret. Starters 9
A loss to BSU dampened the spirits, if only star cornerbacks. Def. Ret. Starters 6
slightly, after a tremendous year for Gary LB Tank Carder
Patterson’s 2009 squad. But, 2010 could be and DE Wayne
even better. Daniels will see to it that the ‘D’ will not slide.

Why #5? Four year starter, Andy Dalton, returning at QB, All-American potential in the offensive
line, defensive front is best in the MWC, relatively pot-hole free schedule,

Why not higher? Could go 0-1 after facing Oregon State in the opener, no Jerry Hughes could
mean less pressure off the edge, two star CB have to be replaced in an aggressive man cover scheme.

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 Oregon St (Arl.)
Sep 11, 2010 Tennessee Tech
Sep 18, 2010 Baylor
Sep 24, 2010 @ SMU
Oct 2, 2010 @ Colorado State No t h i n g l i ke
facing a Bea ver
The Cougars are T C U e x a c te d a
measure of sweet
nowhere near as
Oct 9, 2010 Wyoming scorned...or two of
them for that
good a s they’ve revenge last season
been in recent for the crushing
Oct 16, 2010 BYU m a t t e r. The years when Max loss it suffered in
Beavers’ Rodgers Hall was pulling ‘08. In fact, TCU
Oct 23, 2010 Air Force brothers return to
the trigger for embarrassed the
their home state Utes, which makes
Oct 30, 2010 @ UNLV to make a point them. Regardless,
this trip to SLC
and TCU could be the scariest team
Nov 6, 2010 @ Utah the unfortunate is one with tricky. On paper,
the Utes defense is
Nov 13, 2010 San Diego State mark with this nothing to lose
suspect, but by
matchup in Jerry- and the
Nov., it’ll be ready
Nov 20, 2010 BYE World to open the confidence it can
to give TCU
2010 season. win. That’s BYU! headaches.
Nov 27, 2010 @ New Mexico
Andy“I feel like nothing’s new to me...

Yr. Cmp Att Yds TDs Int. Att Yds TDs

2007 222 371 2459 10 11 98 179 5
2008 182 307 2242 11 5 113 432 8
2009 199 323 2756 23 8 116 512 3

Honor Roll
Winningest Active QB in college football
2009 Hon. Men. All-American (SI & CFN)

2009 Manning Award Finalist

2009 MWC MVP (The Sporting News)
2009 MWC Off. Player of the Year
2009 First team All-MWC
2008 Hon. Men. All-MWC
2007 Hon. Men. Fresh. All-American (TSN)
2007 Texas Bowl MVP

Ask any college football expert to name the but he’s run for
nation’s best quarterbacks. Do it. Go ahead, over 1,000
don’t be scared. Get your Sporcle on. yards in his
c a r e e r .
Now, when do you mention TCU QB Andy
A n o t h e r
Dalton’s name? Top 12? Top 15? That’s a
2,700/500 yard
shame. Here’s the nation’s winningest active
season and you
QB who has thrown for 2,200+ yards and run
won’t forget
for 400+ yards each of the past two seasons.
How many quarterbacks in the nation can lay
claim to those wins and numbers? The Tebow
and Colt McCoy have gone off to the NFL.
Have Ryan Mallett, Jake Locker, Andrew Luck,
Terrelle Pr yor or any other “name” QBs
approached those numbers? Nope. When it
comes time for the NFL Draft in 2011, he’ll be
overlooked again. That’ll be another mistake, “...What he said...”
but that argument is for another time and
place. “The big thing about quarterbacks is
Dalton’s roughest outing last year was a loss they’re judged on wins. The biggest thing
that has haunted him since January - the Fiesta he can do is he’s tied with Sammy Baugh
Bowl loss to Boise State. That loss has driven for all-time victories in school history.
him throughout the spring and should lead to a I’m sure he has individual goals, but
even greater season. Boise State bothered him they’ve never come to the forefront with
with a solid rush off the edge and different me. I think he’s giving his all toward
looks in the secondary. Don’t expect that to what we do as a football team.”
happen again in 2010. He’s got a big arm,
plenty of weapons around him and the - TCU head coach Gary Patterson on
offensive line to keep him upright and Dalton
protected. With that protection, Dalton
shouldn’t have to get out and run for his life,

...I’ve got more control of the ‘O’”

WR/KR Jeremy Kerley
One of my favorite
5’ 10 ” 192 lb .
S en io r finds a way to get
documentaries is the ball
called the Last Yr Rec Yds TDs Rush TD Ret TD to #85.
G a m e - a b o u t a 2007 9 97 0 0 0 Star Watch

c o a c h i n h i s l a s t 2008 11 95 0 3 0
season with a truly Through the air or
2009 44 532 2 3 2 out of the wishbone,
great HS team in
Pennsylvania. The handing it to him,
coach has a star player with which he says Kerley can turn the game on a dime with one
“when things aren’t going well, we just turn and carry. With seven TDs in 2009 in three
give him the ball”. That’s the tact the TCU different facets, he’s the most versatile weapon
offense takes as well - when the Horned Frogs in the MWC. When the ‘O’ suffers, keep an
offense struggles to move the ball, it typically eye on Kerley - he’ll get the ball

f QB 14
Andy Dalton

Ed Wesley
Forms a solid duo with Matthew Tucker
One of the best unknown players in nation
RB 34 So.
TE/Receivers Offensive Line
WR 13

WR 88
Antoine Hicks
Averaged nearly 21 yards per catch
Jimmy Young
115 career receptions and 9 TDs
WR 85 Jeremy Kerley




Marcus Cannon
Made my A-A team in ’09, moves to LT
Kyle Dooley
Started all 13 games at LG in ‘09
C 76 Jake Kirkpatrick



THE engine of this offense, 44 rec. Finalist for Rimington Award in 2009
TE 84 Evan Frosch Sr. RG 78 Josh Vernon Sr.
Hon. Mention All-MWC, 3 recs. Started 11 games last season
RT 62 Jeff Olson Jr.
Has Cannon’s big shoes (literally) to fill
Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses
RB Joseph Turner NONE T Marshall Newhouse

During the Utah game last season, The group of wide receivers and tight The difference between TCU being a
t h e Ho r n e d Fr o g s a b s o l u t e l y ends returning for the Horned Frogs top 5 team in the nation and being a
m a s s a c r e d a g o o d Ut e s q u a d , is the perfect combination of pass nice little non-BCS story ranked in
especially on the ground. What catchers.. What do you want? A the 18 - 25 area is right here with the
struck me watching that game was game breaker would be nice. A deep offensive line. Sure, the flyboy skill
the wave of good running backs the threat is cool. A third down option. players get the attention, but this
Horned Frogs that flew at the Ute And, if there’s a TE who can get open TCU offensive line ensures that the
defense. but has the ability to hold down the skill position players will be able to
edge in the run game, we’d be stoked. flourish. Or, at least they’ll have no
First it was Joseph Turner, then Ed
excuses not to.

Wesley and then a finish of powerful Check.
Matthew Tucker. It seemed TCU Check.
Marcus Cannon was one of my
w a s n’t g o i n g t o r u n o u t g o o d Check.
Ultimate 22 last season although he
tailbacks. The bad news, Turner’s Check.
played right tackle. He’ll transition
gone. The great news? Wesley and
Jeremy Kerley is the all-around over to the left side this season, but
Tucker return, hungry for another
versatile game breaker who can put 7 don’t expect the toughest player Jerry
stellar campaign. Wesley is the
on the board every time he touches Hughes ever faced to struggle with
smaller and quicker portion of this
the ball. Antoine Hicks is the deep the transition. Jake Kirkpatrick
duo, while Tucker is the hammer (6’1”
threat, while Jimmy Young is the may be overshadowed by the other
and 210 lb.). Since LaDanian

dependable third down option for “names” at the center position across
Tomlinson graduated, the Horned
QB Andy Dalton. Evan Frosch t h e n a t i o n ( Po u n ce y, O ’ D o wd ,
Frogs haven’t had a lead running
didn’t get the opportunity to catch Baxter), but he’s the perfect fit in the
back. But, with this duo, they don’t
many balls, but he still blocked well middle. The question mark is going
need one.
enough to be an Honorable Mention to be Jeff Olson, nearly 60 pounds
And, you already know Andy Dalton. All-MWC selection in 2009. less than Cannon on the other side.
Star Watch
During the
last two years,
most of
t h e
DE Wayne Daniels
6 ’2 ” 2 50 lb .

Tackles TFL
S en io r
Following in his footsteps
is going to be a task and a
half for Daniels, but don’t
be fooled, this guy takes a
backseat to no one. Last
2008 11 1 1 0
became 2009 50 9 5.5 0 year, as he wore #96,
inherently familiar with sometimes you thought
Jerry Hughes. Hughes was getting pressure, but realized that
it was the “other guy”. Well, that “other guy” is
G i v e n h i s b r i l l i a n t p e r f o r m a n c e , i t ’s
the focal point for this pressure defense in
understandable if Horned Frog fans became 2010. He’s got a great first step and is a
spoiled with his production off the edge. But,
relentless pass rusher. He doesn’t have a gaggle
you’ll have to excuse Wayne Daniels if the
of pass rush moves, but as he sees more
words “Jerry Hughes” grate on his nerves just a doubles/chip blocks, he’ll develop them for sure
little bit.

Defensive Line Linebackers


NT 69


Ross Forrest
Injured early in season, redshirted
Kelly Griffin
Started 13 games, 5.5 TFL in ‘09
Cory Grant
2nd team All-MWC, 5.5 TFL in ‘09


SLB 35

MLB 43
Tanner Brock
32 tackles as backup, tough as nails
Tank Carder
The best linebacker in the MWC

27 Jason Teague

2nd team All-MWC, 59 tackles

SS 17 Tyler Luttrell
Battling Jurell Thompson for this spot
2 starts, 2 int. in ’09, huge shoes to fill
FS 3 Tejay Johnson Sr.

WS 9 Alex Ibiloye Sr.
DE 96 Wayne Daniels Sr.
Started 10 games, 3rd on team w/61 stops
Superstar potential, 1st team All-WAC CB 7 Greg McCoy Jr.
2 starts, 2 int. in ’09, huge shoes...part 2

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DE Jerry Hughes SLB Daryl Washington CB Rafael Priest
CB Nick Sanders

It’s an interesting year in college When you run a 4-2-5 and lose one My only worry for this TCU defense,

football. Many of the top teams in linebacker, you typically feel it, right? heck, the entire team is in the
the nation have lost key players in the We l l , D a r y l Wa s h i n g to n h a d a secondary. It’s not that the team only
defensive front seven. But, although fantastic 2009 season and will be ha s two tr ue ful l- time star ters
those squads are losing 2009’s front missed sorely. returning in the back five. It’s the
seven stars, the front may actually be loss of the two corners - Rafael Priest
better in 2010 due to the complete But, when a former BMX superstar and Nick Sanders - that most people
group that returns. champion returns as the other starter, just took for granted. But, you could
everything is going to be okay. Well, take them for granted because they

That’s the case for TCU this year. as long as that guy is an absolute didn’t get tested by teams. Also,
Jerry Hughes is off to Indianapolis beast in the middle of the defense. having two great man cover corners
after a stellar college career, but this at the same time is a luxury, especially
front four may still be one of the top Tank Carder is that guy. He didn’t for a team that is so aggressive and
10 groups in the nation. get a ton of publicity going into the plays as much man coverage.
sea son, but it didn’t take long
Wayne Daniels is the leader and the watching this team to know that he Jason Teague and Greg McCoy
guy who has to create the havoc off was one of the best inside linebackers have experience, but they’re going to
the edge. Sure, the other side not named Greg Jones or Rolando face teams that can really sling the
r e m a i n s a q u e s t i o n , b u t Ro s s McClain in the nation. Tough and rock - BYU and Utah, in particular.

Forrest or Braylon Broughton athletic, Carder can drop in coverage, If the pass rush suffers without Jerry
will fight for that spot. Inside, as well as he can fill gaps and tackle at Hughes, these two will be on islands
though, it’s going to be difficult to the point of attack. Tanner Brock with no life raft all season long. At
find as active a duo as Kelly Griffin will match Carder’s toughness as he safety Tejay Johnson is a standout
and Cory Grant. transitions into the starting lineup and should be an All-MWC player.
2009: 13-1, Beat Cincinnati in Sugar Bowl
SEC East Champions
Head Coach: Urban Meyer, 6th Yr. @ Florida - Record: 57-10
Circle back to December 2009. prototypical pocket passer, like Chris Leak who
It could’ve been one of the preceded The

6 worst months in recent history

for the Florida Gators and their
rabid fan base. Here’s a timeline, in
Tebow. The one Florida’s Vital Signs
thing Brantley will 2009 Results
do is get the ball Run Offense 221.8 ypg 10th
case you need it. t o h i s s p e e d Pass Offense 236.1 ypg 41st
demons, but won’t Total Offense 457.9 ypg 6th
December 6th - lose to Alabama in SEC champ. Scoring Offense 35.9 ppg 10th
run it much.
December 7th - Urban Meyer rushed to hospital Run Defense 99.8 ypg 12th
December 13th - Tim Tebow is 3rd for Heisman The ‘D’ doesn’t Pass Defense 152.8 ypg 2nd
December 26th - Meyer “retires” h a v e m a n y b i g Total Defense 252.6 ypg 4th
December 27th - Meyer “unretires” names, but it has a Scoring Def. 12.4 ppg 4th
great secondar y.
Suffice it to say, it’s been one heck of an off-
CB Ja n o r i s 2010 Returning Starters
season in Gainesville and perhaps no team Off. Ret. Starters 5
Je n k i n s is
NEEDS to get on the field this fall more than Def. Ret. Starters 4
primed to bounce
the Florida Gators. But, what type of team are
back, while S Will
we going to see now that Tebow is gone? Good
Hill is a future star. But, it’s the front 7, where
question. QB John Brantley is more of a
there are significant holes to fill.

Why #6? QB John Brantley will utilize all of his dangerous weapons, perhaps the fastest set of skill
guys in the nation, offensive line experience, strong secondary, weak SEC East foes

Why not higher? SEC West crossover schedule includes road trip to Tuscaloosa and a visit from
LSU, linebacking corps took a big hit from graduation, defensive line hit was even more obscene.

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 Miami U.
Sep 11, 2010 USF
Sep 18, 2010 @ Tennessee
Sep 25, 2010 Kentucky UF has 2 losses in T h i s i s n’t y o u r Wi t h a h e a l t h y
Oct 2, 2010 @ Alabama the past 2 seasons. o l d e r b r o t h e r ’s Christian Ponder,
They can’t avenge LSU team - it’s Florida State has
Oct 9, 2010 LSU the ’08 loss to Ole just not as good as the potential to
Miss, but a trip to m a ke t h i s a n
Oct 16, 2010 Mississippi State Tuscaloosa awaits
it was in 2007. In
exciting game.
previous trips to
Oct 23, 2010 BYE to help avenge the
Gainesville, LSU
There’s a LOT to
other loss to atone for after last
Oct 30, 2010 Georgia (Jax) A l a b a m a . has done more to y e a r ’s a b s o l u t e
Regardless of the beat LSU than UF debacle in
Nov 6, 2010 @ Vanderbilt outcome, if both h a s . Ho w e v e r, Gainesville. FSU
t a ke c a r e o f LSU will be a has more to prove
Nov 13, 2010 South Carolina business, it could decided underdog than UF, but the
Nov 20, 2010 Appalachian State mean three and is ultra- Gators may have
matchups in 12 dangerous in that another game on
Nov 27, 2010 @ Florida State months. role. tap the next week.
“Mike is the best...
Career Honors
2009 Second Team All-American (media)
2009 First-Team All-SEC (c0aches)
2009 First-Team All-SEC (media)
2009 SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week (FSU)
2008 2nd Team All-SEC (coaches)
2008 Honorable Mention All-SEC (media)
Since they emerged from their mom’s womb, Mike
and Maurkice Pouncey have been together, on the
field and off. Right next to one another for years.
Lakeland High School. Three years at the

University of Florida. You’d have thought there

would come a day when the two of them
would go their separate ways. You know,
when they ran out of eligibility together,
but that day came one year early as
Maurkice, one of the most valued interior linemen in
last year’s NFL Draft, declared for the Draft one
year early.

Mike, his twin brother, decided that he had
some work left to do in Gainesville. First s t e p
was going to be moving over to his brother’s
position, becoming the unquestioned leader
of this offensive line at center. With
Maurkice making all of the line calls for the
past three years, Mike followed his lead. Now,
he’s taking over and in so doing, has the chance
to shine.

Tough as a two dollar steak, Pouncey is a

combat warrior who loves to mix
it up, like his brother. He’s
strong at the point of attack, but
must prove he can move as well “...What he said...”
as his brother did, especially
“I think Mike can be even better (than Maurkice).
when Maurkice would get out
and pull on wide runs for the With another year at that position, he can continue his
Gators in past years. development. In my opinion, Mike is the best offensive
lineman in America. He’s tough, he’s physical, he’s
Mike, though, has good feet and smart, he’s a leader. He’s played guard, center, he even
won’t get beat upon first contact. played tackle this spring. He has the opportunity to
He might have been projected to play all three positions. His versatility is incredible.”
be a 3rd rounder in the 2010
Draft, but with a strong season in - Florida OL coach/Off. Coordinator Steve Addazio
the middle at center, he can find
himself in the top 50 of the 2011
Draft without question.

...offensive linemen in America”

RB Jeff Demps
For all of the woe is us
5’ 11 ” 2 00 lb .
J u n ior With the ball
type of sentiment that in his
COULD be coming out Yr. Att Yds TDs Rec. Yds. TD hands,
of Gainesville this fall, 2008 78 605 7 15 141 1 he’s pure Star Watch

given the loss of one of 2009 99 745 7 8 52 0 speed.
the most decorated Put the pedal to the metal
players in college football history, there won’t and go. He has a little wiggle, but he can get
be many feeling sorry for the Gators at all. his shoulders turned and get north and south so
Why? This guy - Jeff Demps. quickly that he doesn’t need much. The
question may end up being how much load can
Although his season ended prematurely in the he handle. He didn’t even carry it 100 times
Sugar Bowl with a gruesome arm injury, he’s last year, but he has to get at least 12 to 15
scheduled to return this season and be the focal touches per game this year for this offense to
point for this Gators offense. be as explosive as it can be. Or, should be.

f QB 12
John Brantley
Won’t be Tebow and shouldn’t be.
RB 2 Jeff Demps

Fine season ended by injury in Sugar Bowl
Slot 3 Chris Rainey Jr.
TE/Receivers Offensive Line



Deonte Thompson
Started 12 games, 24 recs and 4 TDs
Carl Moore

Jordan Reed

Injured in 2009, needs to impact season




Marcus Gilbert
Started all 14 games at left tackle
James Wilson
Started first four games of ’09 season
Mike Pouncey



Versatile burner, impacts run/pass game Former Conn. QB in HS, redshirted in ‘09 A-A candidate, 2nd team A-A in 2009
RG 59 Carl Johnson Sr.
Started ’09 @ T, finished last 4 @ G
RT 73 Xavier Nixon So.
Started the last four games of 2009

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

The Tebow WR Riley Cooper & David Nelson C Maurkice Pouncey
RB/KR Brandon James TE Aaron Hernandez

Could it be that without Tim Tebow, Honestly, the most impactful losses Given a 13-1 record and a great deal of
this offensive unit may be more for the Florida offense are here. success, it may have been surprising
dangerous? Riley Cooper became a true go-to how much change this offensive line
receiver, while Aaron Hernandez was incurred in 2009. Only Marcus
I truly think that’s the case. For as the best TE in the South. Gilbert will start this season in the
“large” as Tebow was, he wasn’t going same position he finished the season
to generate explosive plays. But, what Brantley has to work with last year.
Highlight plays? Sure. Explosive? is speed. Those speedsters just have
Not so much. to find a way to turn speed into That being said, the Gators are
production. Of course, it’s much bringing back nearly everyone up

QB John Brantley is calm, cool, easier said than done. front, just moved around a bit. All-
collected and composed. He’s not American Mike Pouncey moves
Tebow - don’t expect him to be. But, Former five star stud Andre Debose over to replace his twin brother at
if he utilizes the weapons on his was injured last season but he has center. It’s an interesting move for
offense, this team will be more than game breaking qualities. He’s got to the Gators, considering Pouncey has
fine. Furthermore, he has a quick get out on the field with Demps and never played the position.
release which suits this quick strike Rainey to truly spread teams out
offense perfectly. horizontally. Carl Johnson moved back inside to
a more natural fit at guard late in

Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey Deonte Thompson must become 2009. He should grab a lot of NFL
combining for 25 touches a game is a Brantley’s go-to guy - he only had a personnel people’s attention for sure.
scary thought for defenses in the couple of catches per game last year. Xavier Nixon could be a star in the
SEC. Emmanuel Moody could be a He’s got to, at least, double that making with continued growth, while
factor, providing a little thump when number in 2010. We’re all still Ja m e s Wi l s o n m u s t b e m o r e
he gets on the field. waiting on Carl Moore to produce. consistent than he was last year.
Star Watch
There are
t w o
you know 2008
CB Janoris Jenkins

J u n ior
5 ’ 11 ” 185 lb .

Physical and solid in
coverage, Jenkins is the
rare breed of corner who
can play both man and
a b o u t 2009 38 3 2 6 zone well and come up
kids from and make tackles for little
the Muck - the Pahokee/Belle Glades region of or no gain.
Florida. They’re as tough as the day is long and
But, his production was down last year and he
they have a tremendous football IQ. That’s
didn’t have the best season after his off-the-
Janoris Jenkins to a T.
field issues in the 2009 offseason. With those
Jenkins has started 25 of 27 games for the issues a distant memory, Jenkins returns to shut
University of Florida and returns for what down one side of the field and replace Joe
could be his final season for the Gator defense. Haden as the most valuable corner in the SEC.

Defensive Line Linebackers Secondary
DE 96 William Green So. OLB 16 A.J. Jones Sr. CB 1 Janoris Jenkins Jr.
12 tackles and 3 TFL in 2009 Knee injury ended season abruptly in ‘09 A-A caliber player, must have better yr. in 2010
DT 90 Lawrence Marsh Sr. ILB 52 Jon Bostic So. SS 35 Ahmad Black Sr.
Must stay healthy, played 9 games in ‘09 18 tackles, world of potential Leader of the secondary, 3rd yr. starter
DT 92 Terron Sanders Sr. OLB 40 Brandon Hicks Sr. FS 10 Will Hill Jr.
Needs to have a strong senior season 32 tackles, 5 TFL and 4 sacks in 2009 With M. Wright now gone, he starts

DE 94 Justin Trattou Sr. CB 28 Jeremy Brown So.
2 sacks and 4.5 TFL in 2009 Back problems have been issue for 2 yrs.

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DE Jermaine Cunningham LB Brandon Spikes & Dustin Doe CB Joe Haden
DE Carlos Dunlap LB Ryan Stamper FS Major Wright

If h e r e ’s o n e t h i n g t h e G a t o r The Gators lost a linebacker trio that It’s not often that a school can lose a

defensive line will have in 2010 is wa s superb and dominated the first rounder and a third rounder
depth. How this group impacts second level for the past three years. from a secondary and be better the
games could determine the overall following year. But, that could
outcome of the season. A.J Jones was off to a solid season absolutely be the case in Gainesville.
before an injury knocked him out late
C a r l o s D u n l a p a n d Je r m a i n e in the season. He finished the season First, Janoris Jenkins must have a
Cunningham were entrenched as with 37 tackles, but will need to, at better year than in 2009. He didn’t
starters for a number of years, but least, double that number this fall to have a bad year, but his freshman year

their departures open the door for become the leader of this defense. was more like what we expect out of
Justin Trattou, William Green him. Teams will challenge the
a n d e v e n u b e r r e c r u i t Ro n a l d A gaggle of competitors will battle opposite side of the field where
Powell to fight for playing time on for the other two spots. Jon Bostic Jeremy Brown has dealt with injury
this year’s defensive unit. Powell is got significant playing time at the problems the past few years.
someone to truly keep an eye on this beginning of the season, but he wasn’t
season - he’s too “next level-ready” to quite ready. He didn’t need to be The safety position is LOADED.
not get on the field immediately. 100% prepared last year. This year? Ahmad Black is a three year starter
Different story - he must. and he’s going to be pushed, yet
If the inside players shine, it’ll be due again, for playing time. Will Hill is

to sheer numbers. Terron Sanders Brandon Hicks has contributed for going to be next superstar in the
has been “just a guy”, but at least three years and has the most secondary, while true freshman Matt
there’s depth in the middle, if he experience but he’s not been a factor. Elam was sensational this spring.
doesn’t excel. Jaye Howard got on Don’t be surprised if Jelani Jenkins Coaches fell in love with Elam during
the field last year in a rotational role, is starting in the opener. spring practice and will find a way to
but he’s an average player at best. get him on the field.
2009: 8-5, Beat Stanford in Sun Bowl
Tied for 3rd in Big 12 South
Head Coach: Bob Stoops, 12th Yr. @ Oklahoma - Record: 117-29
The Oklahoma Sooners have 2010 season, well, as long as injuries don’t
experienced tremendous success ravage the team

7 under Bob Stoops. 1 National

Championship. 4 BCS National
Championship game appearances. 6
yet again.

Bradford’s injury
Oklahoma’s Vital Signs
2009 Results
Big 12 Championships. Countless All- allowed Landry Run Offense 134.6 ypg 77th
Americans. All-Big 12 honors. You name it, Jones to get on- Pass Offense 289.2 ypg 11th
Total Offense 423.9 ypg 23rd
success is Oklahoma football. the-job training
Scoring Offense 31.1 ppg 29th
on a weekly basis Run Defense 92.9 ypg 8th
Which is why the 2009 season was so taxing on and OU will be Pass Defense 179.7 ypg 20th
Bob Stoops, the Sooners and the Sooner better in 2010 for Total Defense 272.6 ypg 8th
faithful. Season ending injuries knocked out it. If DeMarco Scoring Def. 14.5 ppg 7th
2008 Heisman winner Sam Bradford, All- Murray can stay
American TE Jermaine...wait, just stop, John, healthy, this team 2010 Returning Starters
just stop we can’t take it anymore. has a great shot to Off. Ret. Starters 6
Def. Ret. Starters 5
battle UT &
But, the travails of 2009 should lead to a better Nebraska for the
Big 12 Championship.

Why #7? Offensive line now has a little bit of experience - as does QB Landry Jones, RB DeMarco
Murray is back - presumably healthy, weaker year for the Big 12 South

Why not higher? Offensive line may have experience, but it’s still same questionable line, three of
the last four games on the season are on the road with visit from Texas Tech sandwiched in between.

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 Utah State
Sep 11, 2010 Florida State
Sep 18, 2010 Air Force
Sep 25, 2010 @ Cincinnati
Oct 2, 2010 Texas (Dallas) It’s been 11 years With the Big 12 L a s t y e a r, t h e
since these two South seemingly Sooners’ best
Oct 9, 2010 BYE programs have lacking a true performance came
Oct 16, 2010 Iowa State danced on the third power like a g a i n s t Te x a s
same turf. What O S U o r Te x a s A&M in another
Oct 23, 2010 @ Missouri m a ke s t h i s a Tech were in prior Sooner home
compelling years, this one is blowout over the
Oct 30, 2010 Colorado matchup is that a that much more Aggies. The
i m p o r t a n t . No margin of loss was
Nov 6, 2010 @ Texas A&M win could
other team wil l an aberration for
Nov 13, 2010 Texas Tech impact the season
pick up the slack
and knock off
the Aggies,
s e e m i n g l y, a n d
for either team.
Nov 20, 2010 @ Baylor OU is going to get
either UT or OU,
so a win in this
th ere are thos e
who think the Ags
FSU’s best shot.
Nov 27, 2010 @ Oklahoma St. one is worth two. “quit” in that game
“If he can stay healthy, he can be...
Meet “If he can stay healthy” DeMarco Murray. even though the chance of

Yes, I’m aware that’s not his real name, but it returning kickoffs is slim, he is a
might as well be given how often he’s been tremendous return man as well.
injured at Oklahoma. Unfortunately, it’s been Quite frankly, when Murray has
a tag that has stayed with him, and one that the ball in space, he’s as
Murray has to shake not only for himself, dangerous as anybody you’re
but for the betterment of the Sooners going to watch in 2010.
offense. When healthy...yes, there it goes
again. But, until Murray proves he can stay C a s e i n p o i n t , l a s t y e a r,
on the field, Oklahoma players and fans will Murray’s best game was against
hold their breath. But, when he does, the Aggies. Late in the first
forget it, this guy is special. half, Murray caught a short
pass from Landry Jones and
T h e S o o n e r s h a v e n’t l a c ke d f o r weaved his way to a 36 yard
offensive weapons in the backfield the touchdown. A minute and

past decade. But, Murray is a half into the second half,

different type of cat. He is not the Murray did roughly the same thing,
prototypical, pound it between the catching a short screen off to the right
tackles, 25 carries-a-game t y p e side of the formation, shaking A&M
of running back. That defenders all the way back across the field
was Adrian Peterson. That and sprinting into the end zone untouched.
was Chris Brown, i n
some sense. It’s n o t Murray. There isn’t a running back in the Big 12 that
gives you the return, receiving and running
When Murray is at his best, he’s the most package that Murray does. It’s just a matter
explosive weapon in the Big 12. He hits the of...well, you know the rest.
edge and it’s over. He’s got a subtle change of
direction. He has great receiving skills and,

Honor Roll
2009 Second team All-Big 12 (coaches)
2009 H. Mention team All-Big 12 (media) Yr. Att Yds TDs Rec. Yds. TD
2007 127 764 13 14 60 0
2009 Second team Academic All-Big 12
2008 179 1002 14 31 395 4
2008 First team All-Big 12 (coaches)
2009 171 705 8 41 522 4
2008 Second team All-Big 12 (media)
2007 Freshman All-American

“...What he said...”
“Hey, I can get frustrated here and there, but it’s just part of God’s plan. I never question His
sayings or things like that. I just try to go with the flow and get better everyday. Since the
injury and surgery, I just pray the best thing happens in the outcome but I’ll always keep my
head up during the process. But I’m not worried about injuries or anything like that. I’m just
going out there having fun and playing hard and trying to do the best I can.”

-Murray discussing his past injuries

...the best RB in the league”

OT Jarvis Jones
Sitting in a Jerry World
6’ 7 ” 297 lb .
J u n ior Ndamukong
suite with a friend of Suh, he got
mine who is a staunch rocked back
Oklahoma fan, it was uncomfortable to watch in pass protection, broke his heel Star Watch

the ardent group of supporters grow and missed the rest of year.
increasingly upset with the play of the Sooners’
Although the entire OU offensive line
offensive line. The sad thing is that for the rest
of the season, the frustration level only displayed versatility last season, Jones is
perhaps the guy with the ability to transition
increased from that opener against BYU.
from tackle to guard and vice versa. He should
Injuries and poor play killed the season for this
offensive line before it could grow and improve. start for former star Trent Williams; he’s got to
mature and be the man holding down the edge.
That was the case for tackle Jarvis Jones, a This is the year, the Sooners need Jones to
transfer from LSU. Facing Heisman finalist shine...well, that and for him to stay healthy.

f QB 12
Landry Jones
The ‘Stache grew up in a hurry in ‘09
RB 7 DeMarco Murray

Out in space, there isn’t another like him
TE/Receivers Offensive Line
WR 85

WR 24
Ryan Broyles
The Sooners game-breaker at this pos.
Dejuan Miller
Became more consistent as ’09 wore on
WR 16 Jaz Reynolds




Jarvis Jones
Versatile but can be inconsistent
Stephen Good
Started five times last year.
C 61 Ben Habern



Up and down freshman season Will fight for All-Big 12 center honors
TE 47 Trent Ratterree Jr. RG 75 Tyler Evans So.
Will battle Eric Mensik for this spot Started four times at RG in ‘09
RT 70 Cory Brandon Sr.
Horrible ’09 season, must bounce back

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

QB Sam Bradford WR Adron Tennell T Trent Williams
RB Chris Brown TE Jermaine Gresham G Brian Simmons

Losing a Heisman winner is never The offensive line wasn’t the only Perhaps no unit throughout the
good, don’t get me wrong. However, unit that took some criticism last nation took as much heat as the
it’s only a bad thing for that one year. year. Although going into the 2009 Oklahoma Sooners offensive line.
If there’s a silver lining in losing Sam season the Sooners had to replace Nothing seemed to go right for this
Bradford in 2009, it’s that OU was both Manny Johnson and Joaquin unit from the outset of the season.
going to lose him in 2010. So, at the Iglesias, receivers aren’t nearly as Heck, on the first play of the season
cost of 2009, 2010 has a great chance d i f f i c u l t to r e p l a c e a s Q B s o r tackle Cor y Brandon jumped
to be successful because Landry offensive linemen. offsides...and it only got worse.
Jones got the opportunity to start
ten games last year Well, you could’ve fooled me. Poor play and injuries altered the

line’s look all season long. The
The Sooners receivers, outside of Sooners had 10 different
Jones wasn’t perfect, but he did show Ryan Broyles, rode the roller combinations of starters. But, 2010 is
that the future after Bradford is a coaster all season long. Consistency a different season for this group.
bright one. The ‘Stache threw for catching the ball, getting open and
nearly 3,200 yards and 26 TDs, not a doing the little things killed this unit Ben Habern moved into the center
bad effort for a redshirt freshman all season long. position after game one and was the
called into duty a year before he was o n l y p l a y e r ( o u t s i d e o f Tr e n t
destined. He has to attack all levels But, Broyles was a star. He did Williams) who started more than five

of the field this season, but if he does, e ver ything. 89 receptions. 15 times at the same position. He’ll take
it’ll take the pressure off of the t o u c h d o w n s . S u n B o w l M V P. charge in the middle of the field.
running game. However, he needs help. Dejuan Jarvis Jones & Cory Brandon
Miller improved throughout the must be 1,000% better, especially
DeMarco Murray is a known year and is a physical force. But, who without Williams. Brandon improved
commodity, but expect Jermie else will emerge? Someone? Anyone? steadily the last half of the year.
Star Watch
Disrupt the
Jeremy Beal
has one job.
2007 21
DE Jeremy Beal

Tackles TFL
6 ’3 ” 2 61 lb .
S en io r
bit of pressure from Beal
as well.

Both guys are gone and

2008 61 15.5 8.5 0
Go get the the focus is squarely right
2009 70 19 11 1
guy who throws the ball. on Beal this season. He’s
It’s simple and it’s something that Beal has going to see his fair share of double teams/TEs
done extremely well the past two years. staying into block/chips this season, in some
sense like he did the last half of the 2009
But, he had a lot of help in the process. Former season. With so many teams running a version
DT Gerald McCoy was instrumental in taking of the spread attack, Beal is perhaps the most
some heat off of the edge. Uh, consider that important Sooner in 2010. Regardless, he’s
done. Former DE Auston English took away a going to demand opposing offense’s focus.

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 44 Jeremy Beal
One of the nation’s best off the edge
DT 86 Adrian Taylor
Can he rebound from gruesome inj.?
DT 97 Jamarkus McFarland


Former five-star recruits starts in ‘10
OLB 28

OLB 56
Travis Lewis
The best true OLB in the Big 12
ILB 21 Tom Wort

Ronnell Lewis

Redshirted in 2009 after injury in camp
Remember the name - he’s a future star




Demontre Hurst
Teams may attack young CB early
Quinton Carter

Sam Proctor

2nd team All-Big 12 (coaches) in ‘09
44 tackles in 10 starts during 2009
DE 84 Frank Alexander Jr. CB 3 Jonathan Nelson Sr.
Has seven starts in last 2 years, 7 TFL Honorable mention All-Big 12 (coaches)

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DT Gerald McCoy LB Keenan Clayton CB Dominique Franks
DE Auston English LB Ryan Reynolds CB Brian Jackson

The 2009 Sooners defensive line will The Oklahoma linebacking corps What we do know about teams in the
go down in the annals of Oklahoma doesn’t return a bunch in the way of Big 12 is that they’re going to throw

history as one of the best the school experience and starts. the football. Take a look at OU’s
has ever seen. schedule, there are presumably six or
However... seven teams that have to rely on
G e r a l d Mc C o y w a s a Ro t a r y There is PLENTY of talent for this throwing the football to be
Lombardi Award finalist and three unit. It starts with Travis Lewis successful.
year starter. Auston English was a who is the best linebacker in the Big
monster off the edge when he was 12. This will be his third year as a Meaning? Meaning the pass rush
healthy. Jeremy Beal’s 11 sacks were starter and he’s a game changer. Blitz better be pretty good with two
corners of the caliber of Dominique

tied for fourth best in Oklahoma the QB, drop in coverage and run to
Franks and Brian Jackson to replace.
history. Adrian Taylor was the the ball - you name it, Lewis does it
perfect balance to McCoy inside. well. He had 109 tackles last season There’s good news, though, with the
and has led the Sooners in tackles for return of Jonathan Nelson. He was
This defensive line must emerge from the past two years. so good as a “backup” that he earned
last year’s shadow for this defense to Honorable Mention All-Big 12 honors
truly excel. The pressure is going to Lewis is a known commodity, but from the league’s coaches. The bad
be relentless on Beal, which should Ronnell Lewis is not. Uh, that’ll news? He did that mainly as a safety
allow Frank Alexander to find a lot change. Our friend OU insider Jim and has to transition over to corner
of room to work on the other side. Ross has been preaching about Lewis to play opposite Demontre Hurst.
since the outset of the 2009 season.

Jamarkus McFarland gets his Wearing #56, it’s easy to get wrapped The safeties are strong with
c h a n c e t o f o l l o w i n Mc C o y ’s up in OLB comparisons, and it’s an Quinton Carter at the free and
footsteps. He was a five-star recruit even more apt comparison when you Sam Proctor is locked into the
that many wanted, but now without see this guy run and hit. Wow. He’s strong position.
McCoy he MUST thrive. the next star at this position.
2009: 10-3, Beat Arizona in Holiday Bowl
Big 12 Nor th Champions
Head Coach: Bo Pelini, 3rd Yr. @ Nebraska - Record: 20-8
It’s been a few years since the Suh, the Huskers were in the top ten in every

expectations have been this high category, with the
in Lincoln. There wasn’t one exception o f Nebraska’s Vital Signs
person who felt like this team had passing defense 2009 Results
a shot to win the Big 12 last season where it was just Run Offense 147.1 ypg 62nd
and they came within three feet and one 18th. Slackers. Pass Offense 175.7 ypg 101st
second from doing just that. With 14 returning Total Offense 322.8 ypg 99th
starters and one of the deepest and most In all seriousness, Scoring Offense 25.1 ppg 75th
Run Defense 93.1 ypg 9th
physical defenses in the country, there’s no Suh’s loss will be
Pass Defense 178.9 ypg 18th
reason why the expectations shouldn’t be felt, but this
Total Defense 272.0 ypg 7th
astronomical for the Huskers in 2010. defense may be Scoring Def. 10.4 ppg 1st
just as productive
It starts with head coach Bo Pelini who has a s l a s t y e a r ’s 2010 Returning Starters
tamed his sideline demeanor a bit and helped group. DT Jared Off. Ret. Starters 8
channel his intensity into his brother’s defense. Crick returns to Def. Ret. Starters 6
Last year, led by Heisman finalist and Rotary lead the middle,
Lombardi Award recipient Ndamukong while CB Prince Amukamara is back as well.

Why #8? One of the best defensive lines in the nation, power running duo of Roy Helu Jr. and Rex
Burkhead, All-American talent in the secondary, relatively ‘easy’ road schedule

Why not higher? QB Zac Lee is not great - he may not even start, pedestrian offense, the loss of
Ndamukong Suh has to have an impact on this defense, expectations are high - can they deal with it?

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 Western Ky.
Sep 11, 2010 Idaho
Sep 18, 2010 @ Washington
Sep 25, 2010 South Dakota St.
Oct 2, 2010 BYE After losing to The Big 12 North If the Huskers are
UT in the Big 12 i s w e a ke r t h a n going to stub their
Oct 7, 2010 @ Kansas State Champ. game, the usual this year. It’s toe on the road, it
Huskers circled Ne b r a s k a a n d could be against
Oct 16, 2010 Texas this one on the ever ybody else. the explosive
Oct 23, 2010 @ Oklahoma St. calendar. After But, with Blaine Te x a s A&M
t h i s s u m m e r, i t Aggies. Last
Gabbert slinging
Oct 30, 2010 Missouri became more
the rock around
s e a s o n , A & M ’s
heated. N U ’s offense was a top
Nov 6, 2010 @ Iowa State impending move the yard, Missouri 10 caliber offense.
to the Big 10 can move the ball This year, facing
Nov 13, 2010 Kansas means this is the on anyone, that Aggie ‘O’
last time they’ll including this might be the
Nov 20, 2010 @ Texas A&M s e e e a c h o t h e r. Nebraska defense. big gest test for
Well, before Dec. It should be fun. this ‘D’ all season.
Nov 26, 2010 Colorado
“He’s the prototypical...

Yr Tackles TFL Sacks QBH
2008 2 0 0 0

2009 73 15 9.5 16

Honor Roll
First Team All-Big 12 (Coaches)
Second Team All-Big 12 (Media)
Big 12 Record for Sacks in game (5)
Big 12 Record for TFL in game (7)

Throughout the 2009 season, it was hard to quickly. But, as quick as he is, he never stops
take your eyes off of #93 in the middle of the working. He’s relentless, whether that’s in
formation. Big Suh. Ndamukong Suh was, pursuit of the ball carrier or staying after the
perhaps, the most decorated defensive player quarterback with the pass rush.
we’d seen in a quite some time, if not ever. But,
often times, when you went to focus on Suh, He’s not Suh and people can’t expect him to be.
you kept seeing #94 make plays. Watching the He’ll carve out his own niche inside, leaving
Baylor game, you kept waiting for Suh to make Nebraska fans to chant his name...
plays and live up to the hype if you will, but this
#94 kept beating him to the quarterback. CRRRRRRIIIIIICCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!

You found out very quickly who Jared Crick Now, that we know what his name is.
was. And, you weren’t the only one. With all of
the great interior defenders in this conference,
Crick finished the season as a First team All-
Big 12 selection by the coaches, playing next to
Suh. “...What he said...”
Crick will move into the role that Suh held last “I think people are going to be
year. He’s going to be the one drawing the shocked at what Jared Crick brings to
the table.”
double and triple teams throughout the season.
It was a role that Suh relished because his - Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini prior
strength was such an asset. But, for Crick, he’s to the 2009 season about Crick
going to have to utilize his best asset to get
loose inside - quickness. There aren’t many
defensive linemen who possess the quickness (Uh, I think the man was a little more
that Crick does. And, that’s not just with his than right on this one)
feet. His hand placement, stack and shed
abilities - everything is done suddenly and

...lunch pail guy”

RB Roy Helu Jr.
Nebra ska may not be
6’ 220 lb.
S en io r Roy Helu Jr. is
Running Back U, but that guy. I
over the past 30 years Yr. Att Yds TDs Rec. Yds. TD l o v e
there have been some 2007 45 209 0 0 0 0 watching Star Watch

pretty incredible running this guy run
2008 125 803 7 25 266 0
backs. Rozier. Green. the football. It’s not
Phillips (yes, I know, but 2009 220 1147 10 19 149 0 pretty, mind you. He’s
in college he was not shifty. He doesn’t
sensational). possess phone booth quickness. But, he is a
combination of all that makes up a good
The Huskers’ struggles prior to Bo Pelini’s running back. He runs with power, behind his
arrival as head coach could be traced, in some pads, has a little wiggle and runs downhill with
part, back to the fact that there was no true some sudden burst. With a big year, he could
star at running back. That’s not true in 2010. be remembered for a while.

f QB 3
Zac Lee
No player has more pressure in 2010
RB 10 Roy Helu Jr.
Averaged over 5 yards per carry in ‘09

TE/Receivers Offensive Line
WR 24

WR 44
Niles Paul

Mike McNeill
Pseudo TE with WR skills, 28 rec. in ‘09
WR 84 Brandon Kinnie
Could be special, but has to keep it together



Jermaine Hardrick
“Yoshi” is a JUCO transfer
Keith Williams
HM All-Big 12 in 2009 as a junior
C 58 Mike Caputo



14 rec. in final 8 games, could break out in ‘10 Replaces one of league’s best centers
TE 49 Dreu Young Sr. RG 74 Ricky Henry Sr.
More blocker than WR, 5 rec. no TD Road grading monster, started 14 times
RT 78 Marcel Jones Jr.
Started 11 times at RT in 2009
Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses
NONE NONE C Jacob Hickman
T Mike Smith
The spotlight on the quarterback is When the experts start to break The left side of the Nebraska line

always white-hot. It doesn’t matter down the Huskers for 2010, it’s going may have had the “experience” in
the team, the town or the university. to be awfully easy to focus on the 2009, but the heart of the Nebraska
The quarterback carries the weight of defensive side of the ball. line in 2010 is on the right side.
the team on his shoulders.
Defense wins championships, right? One of the most underrated lineman
Double that and take it to the infinite Well, if you can’t move the football, in the nation is right guard Ricky
power and you have the pressure that you can forget about winning Henry. He started all 14 games last
Zac Lee is about to face in 2010. anything. Okay, what’s my point? My year and when I say he’ll pound you
Well, the biggest pressure is whether point is that if all you do is focus on at the point of attack, that’s no joke.
the defense, you’ll miss the This guy is as physical as any guard I
he’ll keep his job. Cody Green and

potentially explosive weapons in the watched last year. He pulls around
Ta y l o r Ma r t i n e z a r e p u t t i n g
receiving game. on power G plays and just hammers
intense heat on Lee during camp. defenders on the edge. This guy
Niles Paul has had some off the field p r o b a b l y w o n’t g e t n a t i o n a l
Although Lee finished the season issues this off-season, but he’s a guy recognition like he deserves, but if
with a solid performance in the who can give secondaries nightmares. the Huskers are in the top ten at the
Holiday Bowl, it’s hard to look past Big-time nightmares. Big, physical end of the year, he just might.
what he wasn’t able to do against a n d a b l e t o m a ke p l a y s d e e p
strong defenses - mainly Texas and downfield. QB Lee must be able to The other guard spot is manned by
Oklahoma. stretch defenses downfield and Paul Keith Williams, the only returning

g i v e s h i m t h a t o p t i o n . M i ke Husker offensive lineman to garner
He’ll get some help from a bruising McNeill is a solid intermediate Big 12 honors in 2009. If Mike
running game led by Roy Helu Jr. weapon, while Brandon Kinnie Ca p u to c a n s te p i n f o r Ja co b
and Rex Burkhead. These two came on in a major way at the end of Hickman, the Huskers will pound
complement each other well and the season. It’s a solid trio, as long as teams between the tackles all day
should total 1,800 to 2,000 yds. it has someone to throw it the ball. long. In fact, expect that to happen.
Star Watch
w h a t
It ’s
CB Prince Amukamara

6 ’1 ” 2 05 lb .

S en io r
Prince Amukamara laid
the wood on the
Longhorn receiver setting
the tone earl y with a
talk about 2008 34 2 0 0 physical hit that
ALL the 2009 64 3 5 11 resonated throughout
time. Go out there and that game.
set the tone from play one.
And, that’s what makes Prince special - size -
Play one of the Big 12 Championship game - 6’1” and 205 lb. Corners aren’t supposed to be
the Texas Longhorns run a quick WR screen that big. You’d think he wouldn’t have great
and... ball skills at that size, but he does. Although
he’s probably a better zone corner, his combo
skills make him a sure fire first rounder in 2011.

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 95 Pierre Allen
5 sacks and 12 TFLs in 2009
DT 94 Jared Crick
No Suh? No problem...he’s a stud
DT 55 Baker Steinkuhler
Following Dad (Dean) and bro (Ty)


ILB 51 Will Compton
2nd team Freshman A-A, 40 tackles
ILB 46 Eric Martin

15 tackles in reserve role as a freshman


21 Prince Amukamara

DeJon Gomes
Started four games, HM All-Big 12
P.J. Smith
15 tackles in a backup role in 2009
Top 10 prospect for the 2011 NFL Draft

DE 34 Cameron Meredith So. NS 28 Eric Hagg Sr.
Relentless end, was #3 DE in 2009 One of the most underrated players on ‘D’
CB 15 Alonzo Dennard Jr.
Opposite Prince, he’ll get a ton of work
Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses
DT Ndamukong Suh LB Phillip Dillard S Larry Asante
DE Barry Turner S Matt O’Hanlon
Is it possible to lose an interior Playing linebacker is a pretty easy job, When the Huskers went to a 4-2-5

defender like Ndamukong Suh and in some sense. Go find the ball and formation at the end of the season,
still be the dominant force on a top make a play. Right? Seems easy, but Defensive coordinator Carl Pelini
ten nationally ranked defense? you know as well as I do, navigating may have found a scheme that suits
through the trash and the 300 lb. his defensive personnel to a T.
Uh, yeah.
road blocks is a lot tougher than any
Sure, Suh was such a focal point, but of us know. Nickel safety Eric Hagg is the
the Huskers still have the best DT in biggest beneficiary of that move to
the nation - it’s just that his name is B u t , a t Ne b r a s k a , w h e r e t h e this scheme. He’s the prototype LB-
S hybrid and gives Pelini a ton of

Jared Crick. The junior has a much defensive line is supposed to tie up
flexibility. He can blitz off the edge,
different game than Suh, but he can blockers, it actually is true - these
cover slot receivers and play coverage
be more disruptive with his guys get to run to the ball free and
in the curl-flat areas well. Plus, with
quickness. Furthermore, he’ll get clear. There’s no excuse for these Hagg on the field, the Huskers can
some help inside f rom another guys to not be stars and have a disguise their blitz schemes well,
Steinkuhler - this one’s name is relatively stress free job. bringing nearly anyone, at any time.
Baker Steinkuhler. He showed
promise as a freshman as the #3 DT. The loss of Phillip Dillard is bigger The star, of course, is Prince
than we might realize. But, Will Amukamara, an Al l-American
Pierre Allen is the ultimate in being
Compton has a bright future. He’s candidate at cornerback. He won’t
overshadowed. He’ll be the chaos off
solid against the run, but he’ll have to see a lot of work this season, but his

one edge, but I’m excited about
play better in pass coverage. His opposite number Alonzo Dennard
watching Cameron Meredith on will. He’s a competitor, but he’s the
r unning mate will be fellow
the other side. He’s got solid pass one teams will choose to pick on.
sophomore Eric Martin, who can
rush skills and completes the Big 12’s Regardless, keep an eye on FS DeJon
b e a b i g - t i m e p l a y m a ke r, o r
best defensive line. Gomes this year.
sophomore Sean Fisher.
2009: 11-2, Beat Georgia Tech in Orange Bowl
T i e d f o r 2 n d i n B i g Te n
Head Coach: Kirk Ferentz, 12th Yr. @ Iowa - Record: 81-55
After a solid 5 year run in the It was a season full of late game heroics and it’s
Big 10, Iowa fell off the national conceivable that

9 radar in some respects. They

were still invited to bowl games,
but it had been a while since Kirk
10 wins could’ve
been 7 or 8.
Iowa’s Vital Signs
2009 Results
Regardless, this is Run Offense 114.2 ypg 99th
Ferentz’s Hawks were truly a contender a better team in Pass Offense 222.1 ypg 55th
for the Big 10 Championship. 2010, led by one Total Offense 336.3 ypg 89th
o f t h e m o s t Scoring Offense 23.2 ppg 86th
That five year void was filled in 2009. 10-2 in d i s r u p t i v e Run Defense 123.6 ypg 34th
Pass Defense 152.9 ypg 4th
the regular season and a narrow 27-24 OT loss defensive lines in
Total Defense 276.6 ypg 10th
to Ohio State in the de facto Big 10 the nation. Scoring Def. 15.4 ppg 8th
Championship game. The Hawks played that
game without starting quarterback Ricky It’s a typical Iowa 2010 Returning Starters
Stanzi. With Stanzi back in the lineup, the team - not flashy, Off. Ret. Starters 6
Hawks slowed the vaunted option attack of the but they’re knock Def. Ret. Starters 8
ACC Champion Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets you into next
and thumped them 24-14. week. Is it enough to put them over the top?

Why #9? The best defensive line in the Big Ten (perhaps in the nation), both Wisconsin and Ohio
State come to Iowa City, out of conference schedule is weak, QB Ricky Stanzi returns

Why not higher? Ohio State is more dynamic offensively, in fact, Iowa could struggle somewhat
offensively, loss key OL, 3 of the last 4 games are on the road with Ohio State visit squeezed in.

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 Eastern Illinois
Sep 11, 2010 Iowa State
Sep 18, 2010 @ Arizona
Sep 25, 2010 Ball State
Oct 2, 2010 Penn State
Iowa has knocked The biggest L a s t y e a r, t h e
Oct 9, 2010 BYE off Penn State the advantage for Hawkeyes nearly
past two years, but Iowa is its home upset the
Oct 16, 2010 @ Michigan this is the most schedule - four of B u c ke y e s in
s te r n te s t Io w a the top five teams Columbus and
Oct 23, 2010 Wisconsin will face before its in the conference that was without
Oct 30, 2010 Michigan State bye week. PSU
still have RB Evan
all come to Iowa.
Facing UW is no
QB Ricky Stanzi
in the lineup. If
Nov 6, 2010 @ Indiana Royster who will walk in the park Iowa takes care of
c a r r y t h e Pe n n and stopping John Wi s c o n s i n a n d
Nov 13, 2010 @ Northwestern State offense until Clay will be a doesn’t stub its toe
a QB can emerge. chore. But, Iowa’s at any point in the
Nov 20, 2010 Ohio State If that guy does, not going to see season, the winner
Io w a ’s i n f o r a anything it hasn’t of this one should
Nov 27, 2010 @ Minnesota fight. before in this one. be Big 10 Champ.
“I’m just trying to be better...

Honor Roll
2010 Orange Bowl MVP
2009 First team All-Big 10 (coaches)
2009 First team All-Big 10 (media)
2009 Nat’l Def. POY (CFB Perf. Awards)

As good a defensive end as Adrian Clayborn is, took it to the house for a game breaking TD.
it’s a play he made on special teams, when he From that point on, the Hawkeyes were a force
wasn’t even supposed to be involved, that most in the Big 10.
Hawkeye fans and players remember.
Cl a y b o r n’s
In the driving rain and in front of 107,000+ fans day job, if
in Happy Valley, the Hawkeyes trailed #5
ranked Penn State 10 - 5 in the fourth quarter
you will,
though, is
“...What he said...”
when Clayborn’s defense slowed the Penn State what’ll make “It comes with being a
offense around mid-field. As is typical for him a rich Hawkeye football player. I
defenses when an offense is going to punt m a n . mean, we’re the only team
around mid-field, the Hawks went into a safe Strong at in the state as far as I
punt look. The defense stays on the field to the point of know”
keep an eye on a fake punt, but typically, that attack, he’s
-Clayborn on the pressure
unit just makes sure a punt takes place and gets great using of being an Iowa football
off the field. his hands to player (and nearly inciting a
get off of riot in Ames at Iowa State)
Clayborn decided he was going to push things a blocks. He
little and in so doing he changed the Iowa developing a
season with one effort play. pass rush
spin move to get loose. He’s got the size to be
Thump. Thump. Double thump? Blocked a 3-4 end and he often has to bump down inside
punt! Before Penn State could react, Clayborn to a 5-technique on run downs. If he stays out
caught the bounding pigskin on the fly and of trouble, he’ll have a great season and future.

...than I was last year”

RB Adam Robinson
When Jewel Hampton
was r uled out for the
season with his injury, the Yr
5 ’9 ” 2 05 lb .
So phomore co u l d p i c k
up tough yards 32
Att Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs i n the
run-focused Iowa offense 2009 181 834 5 10 80 0 middle of
Star Watch

was about to hand the t h e
reins of the 2009 offense to two rookies - two formation, just as he could catch
freshmen - Brandon Wegher and the man who the ball and be a factor in the passing game.
would become the team’s leading rusher Adam
Robinson. Hampton should return this season, but he’s
returning to the offense with Robinson atop
It was Robinson who started making an impact the depth chart. Brandon Wegher has stepped
right away when the Hawkeyes needed it. away from the team, so Hampton should get
Running with power, behind his pads, Robinson his carries. Regardless, we’ll all be watching
became a reliable versatile running back who Robinson as the star in this offense in 2010.

f QB 12
Ricky Stanzi

Needs to be focus of 2010 offense

FB 36 Brett Morse
Not flashy, but productive and a winner
RB 32 Adam Robinson So.

TE/Receivers Offensive Line
WR 15 D. Johnson-Koulianos Sr.
Go-to receiver, 45 rec for 750 yds in ‘09


Marvin McNutt
Made HUGE plays in 2009, 34 rec.
Allen Reisner Sr.




Riley Reiff

Julian Vandervelde
One of the unsung heroes on ‘O’
Josh Koeppel
Started 11 times @ 3 different positions


Started 13 times in ’09, 22 career Effort guy, 3 starts in 2009, 14 rec. Will battle James Ferentz for job.
RG 73 Adam Gettis Jr.
Started once in 2009
RT 56 Marcus Zusevics Jr.
Played in all 13 games
Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses
NONE WR Trey Stross G Dace Richardson
TE Tony Moeaki T Bryan Bulaga & C Rafael Eubanks
No disrespect meant for backup Iowa Offensive coordinator Ken If the Iowa offense has a question

quarterback James Vandenberg, O’Keefe is not unlike many offensive mark, it’s a big one and it’s this team’s
but if Ricky Stanzi had been coordinators throughout the nation. offensive line.
healthy for the Ohio State game, the He’d love to establish his running
Hawkeyes would’ve had a better shot game, first and foremost, and he’s got 2010 NFL Draft first round selection
at knocking off the eventual the hosses to do it. But, if there’s no Bryan Bulaga missed a handful of
champions on their home turf. balance, teams will put 8 and/or 9 games with an illness last year so
guys in the box to stop the run if Riley Reiff was forced to move
Vandenberg played admirably that Iowa can’t throw. around and gain experience at a
night, but Stanzi is due to start his number of different spots on the line.
third year for the Hawks and is a However, with Derrell Johnson- That should serve Reiff well as he

much needed calming influence for Koulianos and big play Marvin replaces one of the best Iowa has
this offense. He’ll be even more McNutt out on the perimeter, the produced over the past two decades.
important this year given the loss of passing game should be able to not
three key starting offensive linemen. only keep defenses honest, but be a I’m a big Julian Vandervelde fan.
threat O’Keefe can utilize for that Ever y time I watched him last
Stanzi can rely on a deep RB group to penultimate balance he seeks. season, I was impressed with his
pound on Big 10 f ront seven’s. “wins” at the point of attack. He’s
Adam Robinson and Brandon DJK is a mercurial sort, but he’s good in a zone scheme and effective
Wegher combined for nearly 1,500 Stanzi’s most visible target - he led as a pass protector. He’ll have to be

yards and 13 TDs on the the team in receptions in 2009. But, e ven better without la st year ’s
freshmen. But, Wegher has walked the guy who emerged last year when starting center Rafael Eubanks next
away from the team for the time the Hawks tr ul y needed it was to him. The right side could struggle
being. As such, Jewel Hampton, McNutt. He had big catches against but the line truly won’t be tested until
who himself had a sound freshman Michigan State, Ohio State and in the Penn State game in October.
season, will get his touches for sure. the bowl game against Georgia Tech.
Star Watch
Why does
that guy
# 9 ke e p Yr
s h o w i n g 2008
Tackles TFL
53 2.5
S Tyler Sash
J u n ior
6 ’1 ” 210 lb .

Sash teams with Brett
Greenwood as the safety
duo in the Big 10, but it’s
Sash who is the star for
up around 2009 85 5.5 0 6 this defense.
the bal l?
That was the thought of Big 10 coaches Does he benefit from a dominating pass rush?
throughout Tyler Sash’s freshman season, one in Sure, but as a guy who is always around the ball
which he had 5 interceptions. By the end of his as Sash is, his production is no fluke. Now, that
sophomore season, it probably was more along “interception” he had last year in the Indiana
the lines of...”Dadgum (insert name of Big 10 game where he took it 97 yards to the house
quarterback here) you know Sash is sittting was a tad lucky, but Sash tends to make his own
back there, what are you doing floating the ball luck. Fluke or not, you’ll see plenty of Sash this
over the middle of the field?” season...just follow the ball.

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 94
DT 95
DT 46
Adrian Clayborn

Karl Klug

Christian Ballard
Ditto, yet again


OLB 42 Jeremiha Hunter
Has to be leader of young LB corps
ILB 33 Jeff Tarpinian
Former DB bulked up to play MLB
OLB 45 Tyler Nielsen


12 tackles in 2008, 7 tackles in 2009




Shaun Prater
2 picks in ’09, solid on the perimeter
Brett Greenwood
Incredibly underrated, productive
Tyler Sash
One of the nation’s best DBs


DE 91 Broderick Binns Jr. CB 18 Micah Hyde So.
Uh, guess what? Stud 8 tackles in ’09 as a backup true FR.

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

NONE LB AJ Edds CB Amari Spievey
LB Pat Angerer

Quite frankly there aren’t enough Iowa’s biggest personnel losses on Although the Iowa defensive staff
superlatives to describe this fearsome defense were at the linebacker doesn’t throw a ton of complicated

f o u r s o m e . If t h e r e ’s a b e t t e r position. A.J Edds and Pat Angerer defensive schemes at offenses, it
defensive line in the nation, I’ve not were multi-year starters and could if it wanted due in large part to
seen it. combined for 222 tackles last season. the strength in the secondary.
Heck, Angerer accounted for 145
It begins with All-American Adrian tackles by himself. The two safeties, Tyler Sash and
Clayborn on one side and Brett Greenwood, are as good as
Broderick Binns on the other. Jeremiha Hunter returns after a any pair in the nation. Sash is the
Clayborn gets the majority of the strong season. He finished second on superstar and has an NFL future
ahead of him, but Greenwood is the

publicity, but when I watch this team, the team in tackles with 90, a few
p e r f e c t c o m p l e m e n t t o S a s h’s
Binns is just as dangerous off the behind Angerer. This will be his third
playmaking abilities. Greenwood is
edge. He’s got longer arms and can as a starter on the outside. He due to be a four year starter in the
be just as disruptive rushing the doesn’t get an opportunity to blitz middle of the field. He had three
quarterback as Clayborn is. much or be a huge play making interceptions last year and is a sound
presence (in fact safety Tyler Sash had tackler, racking up 56 tackles last
Karl Klug and Christian Ballard 5.5 TFL whereas Hunter had only 2.5 season, best in the secondary. He is
are rock solid in the middle of the TFL), but he’s a good tackler and coming off of shoulder surgery and
defense. Klug is quick as a cat off the around the football. missed spring, but he’ll be ready.
ball and the inability to knock these
two off the ball cost Georgia Tech the Jeff Tarpinian was the story of the Shaun Prater will be a second year

Orange Bowl. Klug and Ballard spring. He was a backup at outside starter at CB and was effective
created a ton of problems for the linebacker at the end of last year, but o p p o s i te f o r m e r s t a r te r A m a r i
Tech option attack, helping hold the he emerged as the starter in the Spievey. Although Spievey had to be
Jackets to 14 points and a season low middle once spring was done. Iowa replaced, the Hawkeyes settled on
143 yards rushing. DC Norm Parker loves this guy. Micah Hyde very early in the spring
2009: 10-3, Beat Miami in Champs Bowl
T i e d fo r 4 t h i n B i g 10
Head Coach: Bret Bielema, 5th Yr. @ Wisconsin - Record: 38-14
After a brilliant start to his head shot at upsetting Ohio State and an upset loss

coaching career at Wisconsin, at Northwestern
Bret Bielema had been feeling was a killer. Wisconsin’s Vital Signs
some pressure following two 2009 Results
subpar years in 2007 and 2008. As s u c h , Run Offense 203.9 ypg 15th
When the 2008 season ended in a expectations are Pass Offense 213.1 ypg 65th
Champs Bowl blowout, Badger fans were h i g h i n 2 0 1 0. Total Offense 416.9 ypg 30th
growing a tad bit antsy about Bielema, his However, in past Scoring Offense 31.8 ypg 25th
Badgers and his future with these Badgers. years, the Badgers Run Defense 88.2 ypg 5th
Pass Defense 217.5 ypg T-55th
haven’t handled
Total Defense 305.7 ypg 17th
Bielema and the Badgers answered the bell in t h e w e i g h t o f Scoring Def. 21.8 ppg 33rd
2009 with a 10 win season, including an expectation well.
impressive, physical win over favored Miami in This is a different 2010 Returning Starters
the Champs Sports Bowl. It was great for group, though, Off. Ret. Starters 10
Wisconsin fans to experience a 10 win season, and the pieces are Def. Ret. Starters 5
but the season was still filled with missed there for a special
opportunities. Key turnovers killed the team’s season. But, will it all come together?

Why #10? The best offensive line in the nation, Ohio State @ home, QB Scott Tolzien is back with
best running back in the Big 10 John Clay, LB corps gets Mike Taylor back, active secondary.

Why not higher? Ohio State and Iowa in back-to-back weeks, when expectations are through the
roof, the Badgers, historically, have struggled, past OL injuries could still be a problem, DL is young.

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 @ UNLV
Sep 11, 2010 San Jose State
Sep 18, 2010 Arizona State
Sep 25, 2010 Austin Peay
Oct 2, 2010 @ Michigan St. The Spartans The battle for the After jumping out
should be a bowl Big 10 Champ. will to a 10-0 lead on
Oct 9, 2010 Minnesota team, but they’re culminate on Iowa last season,
Oct 16, 2010 Ohio State no better than 4th October 16 in the Badgers got
in the Big 10. But, Ma d i s o n . T h e throttled as Iowa
Oct 23, 2010 @ Iowa this is the first Badgers shot physically beat
true road test for themselves in the them up the rest
Oct 30, 2010 BYE the Badgers of the foot repeatedly in of the day in a
season and it’s the ’09 in Columbus. 20-10 win. Now,
Nov 6, 2010 @ Purdue Big Ten opener. But, OSU has Wisconsin has to
Nov 13, 2010 Indiana Sure, the Badgers
have more at
Madison against
in travel to Iowa City
to face the Hawks.
Nov 20, 2010 @ Michigan stake, seemingly,
but MSU won’t go
average UW
teams. This team
Wisconsin can’t,
and won’t, back
Nov 27, 2010 Northwestern quietly. isn’t average. down this time.
“Clearly, this is the best...
#68 Gabe Carimi #74 John Moffitt #66 Peter Konz #70 Kevin Zeitler #67 Josh Oglesby

Each year since Barry Alvarez took over as head
Left tackle Gabe Carimi is the team’s star at
coach at the University of Wisconsin in 1990, left tackle and as long as he stays healthy, he
the offensive line has been a focal point. should be a first rounder in the 2011 NFL
Utilizing the team’s strong zone run blocking Draft. Quick and nasty, Carimi is a solid pass
scheme, the Badgers consistently put players on protector, but is a next level zone run blocking
All-American squads and into the NFL as early tackle right now.
round picks.
John Moffitt’s versatility makes him a future
This year’s unit may be the best line the star in the NFL. He’ll slide over to left guard
and stay there as along as center Peter Konz is
Badgers have seen. Ever. And, I’m not the only
completely recovered from the blood clots that
one who thinks that. Okay, I’m the only one
slowed him at the end of the 2009 season.
who’ll say it, but so be it. Moffitt is the consummate Wisconsin guard -
good feet, wins one-on-one battles at the line
Sure, the Chris McIntosh-led line that opened of scrimmage and rarely loses on zone runs.
holes for Ron Dayne is ready to throw me off
the deep end. And, the Joe Panos-led line that Josh Oglesby was one of the top five star
made Brent Moss and Terrell Fletcher stars is a recruits in the ‘08 recruiting class and hasn’t
little peeved after that comment. However, the quite hit his potential. However, he’s still a
depth and talent that define this year ’s junior and has a world of talent opposite
offensive line make it the most significant Carimi.
offensive line in the team’s recent history.

Prospect Report Card

Left tackle Gabe Carimi is thought to be one of the best linemen in the 2011
NFL Draft class. Here’s my prospect report card for Carimi going into his
senior year.

Size: 6’7” 315 lb. - Prototypical size for LT

Balance: Maintains balance against power rushers and speed rushers
“Yo Yo” slide (can he adjust to pass rushers): Decent change of direction
Strength: Would like to see him improve his core strength, but gets push
Footwork: Good footwork in the zone scheme, better in pass protection
Hand placement/use: Wisconsin OL are well schooled, still very natural
Nasty: He’ll swap paint with you and is competitive
Zone/Man blocker: Better suited for zone scheme
Leverage: Although he’s 6’7”, he plays with good leverage

Conclusion: Good fit at next level, powerfully adept zone blocker (top 20)

...offensive line in the nation”

TE Lance Kendricks
Over the past ten years,
the advent of the spread
6 ’4 ” 2 39 lb .
S en io r prevalent,
w h i c h
offense in college football Yr Rec Yds TDs c o u l d
has changed the face of 2007 0 0 0 eliminate Star Watch

college football forever. 2008 6 141 0 Kendrick’s
QBs don’t take snaps 2009 29 356 3 effectiveness. But, more
under center. RBs don’t athlete than put-your-
line up in the I formation. And, for the most hand-in-the-ground TE, Kendricks is the
part, tight ends don’t exist. Wel l, the perfect outlet receiver for QB Scott Tolzien.
“traditional” tight end that is. Thank god for He’s such a good athlete that offensive
Lance Kendricks that he’s not the traditional coordinator Paul Chryst has used him as a
tight end. Although the Badgers don’t run the runner on reverses, but with Garrett Graham in
spead, the use of three and four receivers is Houston, Kendricks is the go-to guy in the
passing game, especially down in the red zone.

f QB 16
Scott Tolzien
Best Wisconsin QB since...ever???
RB 32
Beast. That’s all.
John Clay

TE/Receivers Offensive Line

WR 85
1 Nick Toon

David Gilreath
6th most rec. in a season all-time at UW
Consummate chess piece in the offense
WR 6 Isaac Anderson Sr.


Gabe Carimi
The best in the nation.
John Moffitt
First team All-Big Ten in ’09, A-A in ’10??
C 66 Peter Konz



Could be the downfield threat for UW First team Fresh. A-A by Sporting News
TE 84 Lance Kendricks Jr. RG 70 Kevin Zeitler Jr.
Legitimate A-A candidate, red zone threat Started all 13 games at RG in 2009
RT 67 Josh Oglesby Jr.
Started 10 games at RT.

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

NONE TE Garrett Graham NONE

Brent Moss. When you think about the word You may get some argument from
Terrell Fletcher. eclectic, you don’t think about the those in Tallahassee, Columbus or
Ron Dayne. Wisconsin Badgers. However, this Gainesville, but the nation’s best, and
group of receivers and tight ends deepest offensive line, resides in
Now you can add John Clay’s name might actually be closer to diverse Madison.
to the list. It didn’t look like the and eclectic than standard or
former Racine Park HS star was unoriginal. At least six Badgers have experience
going to snatch that starting position starting, including Travis Frederick
Nick Toon, a Wisconsin WR legacy -
and make it his. But, halfway who can play nearly every position on
pops is Al, former New York Jet - is
through the season, it clicked and the line. Frederick stepped into the

the team’s prototypical big-time
Clay dominated throughout the rest starting lineup at the end of the
receiver. At 6’3” and 211 lb., with
of the season, rushing for 1,517 yards. season when Peter Konz suffered
great hands and sound route running
He’s a definite Heisman candidate blood clots in his lungs.
skills, Toon is a future NFL star - he
and with Monte Ball backing him
had 54 receptions last season.
up, the Badgers are set at this But, how good is this line? Frederick
position. David Gilreath is a little dynamo may not see the field if the top five
who can hurt teams on reverses or in stays healthy. Gabe Carimi is the
Scott Tolzien has been a god-send the slot, although he’s seemingly name everyone knows and should be
for the Badgers offense, the poor more suited for a spread attack. a n A l l - B i g 1 0 / A l l -A m e r i c a n b y

game at Ohio State notwithstanding. Isaac Anderson and lithe Kyle season’s end. Overshadowed he may
He led the Big 10 in pass efficiency Jefferson complement Toon and be, guard John Moffitt might be the
and countered Clay’s 1,500+ yards Gilreath. Lance Kendricks is a most valuable lineman Wisconsin has.
with just over 2,700 yards passing. tight end in name only; he’ll even run He has started 15 games at center and
He won’t be All-Big 10, but he’s the reverses just so UW can get him the 14 at guard.
key for a 10/11 win season. ball.
Star Watch
though he
m a y b e to
t h e 2009 54
LB Chris Borland

5’ 11 ” 2 32 lb .
So phomore
Now with Taylor back
af te r h i s k n e e i n j u r y,
Borland is freed up to be
more of an edge
team’s star disruptor, where he’s at
defender, linebacker Chris Borland is a name his best, no matter his somewhat lilliputian size
that you’re going to have to get accustomed to for a pass rusher.
seeing over the next three years in the Big 10.
He’s a relative demon rushing the QB, in large
Following an injury to steady Mike Taylor, true part because of his diminutive size - he had 5
freshman Borland stepped in for him and sacks, most of them over the last half of the
became more than a Youtube sensation (go season. The Badgers defensive line is the most
search “greatest high school tackle of all-time” inexperienced of the units on the field and will
and you’ll see what I’m talking about). need Borland to be a major factor off the edge.

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 93 Louis Nzegwu
4th on team with 3.5 sacks in 2009
DT 95 Patrick Butrym

Started twice in ’09, 2.5 TFL & 1/2 sack
DT 91 Jordan Kohout
Redshirted in 2009
OLB 53

OLB 44
Mike Taylor
Started first 7 games, then injured
ILB 15 Culmer St. Jean
2nd on team with 63 tackles in 2009
Chris Borland
Freshman All-American in ’09, 5 sacks





Devin Smith
Solid, started all 13 games in 2009
Aaron Henry

Jay Valai
2nd team All-Big 10 (coaches) in ‘09

Started 3 games, 18 total tackles in ‘09
DE 99 J.J Watt Jr. CB 26 Antonio Fenelus Jr.
2nd on team with 15.5 TFL in 2009 Started 5 games in ’09, 35 tackles

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DT Dan Moore & Jeffrey Stehle ILB Jaevery McFadden S Chris Maragos
DE O’Brien Schofield CB Niles Brinkley

If the Badgers struggle this year, it Although leading tackler Jaevery Flashy? Nope.

won’t be, presumably, because the McFadden graduates, don’t expect a Focal point of the defense? Uh, no.
o f f e n s e h a s n’t l i v e d u p t o drop off in the Badgers linebacking Superstar laden back four? Nah.
expectations. Of course, injuries can corps. Solid and supportive? Sure, sounds
effect that group’s performance, but good.
lack of production isn’t going to be a Mike Taylor was the team’s leading
factor. tackler as a freshman before he tore There isn’t a real good reason why
his ACL and gave way to Chris anyone should get truly excited about
Lack of production could, though, be Borland, another freshman who had the Badgers’ secondary. On the flip

a major issue for the Badgers a tremendous season in Taylor’s stead. side, there isn’t a reason why anyone
should think this unit is going to be
defensive line. Three impact starters
the weak link on this year’s team.
graduated from the DL, including Ironically, Borland rehabbed after off-
one of the best pass rushers in the season shoulder surgery and missed Safety Jay Valai is one of the most
league in 2009 O’Brien Schofield. the spring. After rehabbing physical players in the Big 10, even
throughout the off-season, Taylor is though he looks like he wouldn’t be
With Schofield gone, J.J Watt takes not all the way back and may miss the able to start for a junior high team at
over as the best Badgers pass rusher. opening game at a miniumu. Borland 5’9” and 200 pounds. Don’t be
He had 15.5 tackles for a loss and 4.5 is, though, and that’s huge news. fooled, he pound you into next week,
sacks in 2009 but wil l get the but his overaggressiveness can be a

majority of attention from offensive Cu l m e r S t . Je a n i s a F l o r i d a problem at times. Devin Smith and
line schemes. The interior of the DL, linebacker, or a Wisconsin linebacker Antonio Fenelus are capable out on
though, can be the unit’s undoing. with a Florida mentality, in the the perimeter, but it’s not as if any
Patrick Butrym saw spot duty, but middle of the defense. As such, he team in the Big 10 can really exploit
Jordan Kohout has a chance to be a sets the tone for this defense with his that cornerback duo, throwing the
player. It just needs to be in 2010. attitude. football well enough to hurt UW.
2009: 10-3, Beat North Carolina in Meineke Car Care Bowl
Tied for 2nd in Big East
Head Coach: Dave Wannstedt, 6th Yr. @ Pitt - Record: 35-26
For the past two years, the Pitt QB to desired asset that is going to be missed
Panthers ha ve been on the for sure.

11 precipice of winning the Big East

and heading to a BCS bowl game.
Cincinnati has ruined both of the
The Panthers will
miss him, and the
Pitt’s Vital Signs
2009 Results
pressure will fall Run Offense 180.3 ypg 34th
end of both of those seasons. Last year
squarely on the Pass Offense 211.3 ypg 67th
burned, perhaps, a bit more than the previous
shoulders of Tino Total Offense 391.6 ypg 52nd
season. The Panthers led Cincinnati 31-10 in
Sunseri. With Scoring Offense 32.1 ppg 21st
the first half, only to lose 45-44 in a crushing
Dion L e w i s Run Defense 106.3 ypg 17th
defeat. If the Dave Wannstedt’s Panthers are Pass Defense 213.0 ypg 49th
ready to take his Total Defense 319.3 ypg 23rd
ever going to get it done, in other words win a
25 to 30 carries a Scoring Def. 19.8 ppg T-19th
Big East Championship, this has got to be the
night, it may not
even matter who’s 2010 Returning Starters
under center for Off. Ret. Starters 5
The only thing missing, in some sense, for the
t h e Pa n t h e r s . Def. Ret. Starters 6
Panthers is an experienced quarterback. Bill
What might
Stull transformed himself from below average
matter is whether Pitt can seal the deal in Dec.

Why #11? Some of the best individual talent in nation, tremendous pass rush tandem (J. Sheard &
G. Romeus), tremendous T duo (J. Pinkston & L. Nix), high profile out of conference games.

Why not higher? Those same high profile out of conference games (Utah, Miami, ND), back to
back road games @ U Conna and USF, 3 of last 4 on road, inexperience in interior OL and CB.

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 2, 2010 @ Utah
Sep 11, 2010 New Hampshire
Sep 18, 2010 BYE
Sep 23, 2010 Miami (FL)
Oct 2, 2010 Florida Int.
An opening night By this time of the T h e Pa n t h e r s
Oct 9, 2010 @ Notre Dame trip to Utah is one year The upset #2 WVU in
thing. A Thursday surprising U Conn 2007 to end hopes
Oct 16, 2010 @ Syracuse night visit from Huskies will either for a BCS game
the Miami run. The Panthers
Oct 23, 2010 Rutgers Hu r r i c a n e s i s
be licking their
perfect Big East
wounds from early
Oct 30, 2010 Louisville q u i t e a n o t h e r.
season losses or season was ruined
This is a MUST last year by WVU.
Nov 6, 2010 BYE win for Miami, they’ll be readying
Don’t think the
given their early for a Big East
Nov 11, 2010 @ U Conn trip to Ohio State Champ. game
‘Eers aren’t primed
t o r u i n P i t t ’s
on the 11th. But, a meeting with Pitt
Nov 20, 2010 @ USF win for Pitt will at home. Go with
dream of winning
the Big East.
catapult them into the latter. Great
Nov 26, 2010 West Virginia the top 10. game in the Rent.
Devine v. Lewis is
huge. Mega-huge.
Dec 4, 2010 @ Cincinnati
“He’s the best running back...

Yr. Att Yds TDs Rec. Yds. TD
2009 325 1799 17 25 189 1

Honor Roll
2009 Second team All-American
2009 National Freshman of the Yr. (TSN)

2009 Off. Freshman of the Yr. (CFN)
2009 Freshman All-American (media)
2009 Big East Rookie of the Year
2009 Big East Off. Player of the Year
2009 First team All-Big East
2009 Meineke Car Care Bowl MVP

He’s about 5’10”, probably no more than 200 doubt. However, what stood
pounds. He wears the #28. He can make out for me was the fact that Pitt
you miss in a phone booth. He just kept handing him the ball,
doesn’t fumble the ball. He’s got even though he was the smallest
mad burst and he sees cuts guy on the field, he just kept taking
before the blocking even it and pounding on the defense.
develops in front of him. Against Cincinnati, he had 47 carries
and 5 receptions. Of 76 total offensive
Dion Lewis is a modern day Marshall Faulk. plays, Lewis touched the ball 52 times. This
Don’t believe me? Go find Faulk’s 1992 game is one tough dude and he’s only going to get
against BYU. Then, watch that game after better. How much better? What’s he
you’ve watched Lewis’s performance against going to look like in the future? I don’t
Notre Dame or Cincinnati. Now, those really need to tell you, do I?
are big words “Lewis is a modern day Faulk”
and Dion Lewis can only hope to be half as
good as Marshall Faulk, but the comparisons
are uncanny. “...What he said...”
“You always worry about players of
The jump cut into open space. The home run any age handling the hype, the
hitting burst. Toughness. Football IQ. Just attention, the accolades, but
watch, you’ll see what I’m talking about. especially freshmen because it’s all
new to them. But not Dion, he’s not
We had the chance to talk with former Pitt TE/ changed one bit. Not even a little.
WR Dorin Dickerson about Dion Lewis and he He’s the same guy he was when
nobody outside of the team knew
couldn’t gush more about the Panther running who he was. He’s humble, he’s very
back. Here was a guy who practiced with him well grounded and he just wants to be
every day and he still couldn’t believe the things the best player he can be.”
that Le wis wa s doing on a dail y ba sis.
Dickerson wasn’t the only individual to gush - Running backs coach David Walker
about the freshman. on Lewis
A lot of times freshmen burst on the scene for
highlight reel runs and Lewis had his share, no the nation. Period.”

WR Jon Baldwin
Sometimes life as an
offensive coordinator can
6 ’5 ” 2 25 lb .
J u n ior Against Notre
D a m e ,
be pretty difficult. Yr Rec Yds TDs Baldwin
Sometimes nothing goes 2008 18 404 3 made one of Star Watch

right - you can execute 2009 57 1111 8 the best
things perfectly and it catches of the year, laying
goes to Hades. But, sometimes it works the out on an overthrow to snag a TD you had to
other way - sometimes you just let fly and let see to believe. Against Cincinnati, he had two
your guy go get it. TDs on deep throws, going up over UC
defensive backs for key first half touchdowns.
That’s what Pitt can do, and does, with WR Jon This guy can change the game on nearly every
Baldwin. At 6’5”, there isn’t one defensive back deep thrown downfield. When it doesn’t look
who can match Baldwin once the ball is in the good, just throw it up to Baldwin - he’ll go get
air. Even if that DB is in perfect position. it.

f QB 12
Tino Sunseri
Can he take pressure off of #28?
RB 28 Dion Lewis

A legitimate Heisman contender, stud
WR 27 Henry Hynoski Jr.
TE/Receivers Offensive Line
WR 82

WR 87

TE 85
Jonathan Baldwin

Mike Shanahan

Mike Cruz
Should be a top 20 pick in 2011 draft
Had strong bowl game - 5 rec, 83 yds




Jason Pinkston

Chris Jacobson
A-A potential, First team All-Big East

Started once in ’09 in the bowl game

Alex Karabin


Great lead blocker for Lewis Tough to follow Byham and Dickerson Backup stepping into starting role
RG 60 Greg Gaskins Jr.
Must help power running game excel
RT 52 Lucas Nix Jr.
Started 13 games at RT as a soph. in ‘09
Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses
QB Bill Stull WR Oderick Turner C Robb Houser
TE Nate Byham & Dorin Dickerson G John Malecki & Joe Thomas

Two years ago, I thought that I would The Panthers lost a litany of pass Last year the Pitt offensive line led
be telling you what a disaster the past catching threats, especially at the the way for Lewis to set a Big East
few seasons had been with Bill Stull tight end position. Nate Byham and freshman record rushing and become
at quarterback. But, you’ve got to Dorin Dickerson were an eclectic a dark horse Heisman candidate.
give him credit for what he did last pair of tight ends. Byham was more But, with the brawlers this line had
s e a s o n . He w a s n’t t h e b e s t in-line blocker than Dickerson, but inside, especially John Malecki, this
quarterback in the nation, but he was DD was second on the team with 49 group was nasty.
exactly what Pitt needed to have at receptions and first on the team with
this position. He was efficient and 10 touchdowns receiving. Whether the 2010 version of the Pitt
effective, throwing for 21 TDs with offensive line will be as adept at

only 8 interceptions. With a back Mike Cruz and Andrew Devlin winning battles at the line of
like Dion Lewis, he couldn’t afford won’t remind anyone of Byham and scrimmage remains to be seen. The
to give the ball up. Dickerson. The receiving corps will perimeter of the Pitt line should be in
get most of the pass catching good shape.
With Stull gone, Tino Sunseri opportunities starting with All-
emerged from spring as the starter American candidate Jon Baldwin. Jason Pinkston is a definite All-
and the Panther coaching staff is Of Baldwin’s 57 catches last season, American candidate. He’s got first
excited about what he brings to this nearly half were of the highlight reel rounder potential and will protect
offense. variety. And, most of them came Sunseri, as well as create downhill

with 2 and sometimes 3 DBs draped perimeter running lanes for Lewis.
If all he does is hand the ball off to all over him. Mike Shanahan (no Lucas Nix is a future star, I really
Lewis, that’s a good step. Henry relation to the Redskins coach of the like the way he played last season
Hynoski is a guard with a skill same name) is a solid intermediate when he started all 13 games at RT. If
player’s numbers and he paves the threat - he had 15 receptions last year. the interior struggles, though, it
way for Lewis. won’t matter who’s at tackle.
DE Greg Romeus & DE Jabaal Sheard
Star Watch
6’5 ” 270 lb. & 6 ’ 4” 2 6 0 l b .
S e n ior & Se ni or
Although you’ll get a major
argument from those fans in
Io w a C i t y, y o u ’ l l b e h a r d
are those (signed Dorin
D i c ke r s o n ) w h o s a i d
Sheard is “better”. Now,
Star Watch
pressed to find a more t h a t ’s a g o o d
Yr Tackles TFL Sacks i m p r e s s i v e p a i r o f problem for Yr Tackles TFL Sacks
2007 41 11.5 4 defensive ends than the d e f e n s i v e 2007 3 0 0
2008 51 15.5 7.5 two that man the edges co o r d i n a to r P h i l 2008 45 10.5 5.5
2009 43 11.5 8 for the Panthers - Greg Bennett. Mo s t 2009 42 10.5 5
Ro m e u s a n d Ja b a a l teams have to go to
Sheard. a quick, 3-step game to account for these two.
If an opposing offense is having too many 3rd
Ask NFL scouts and they’ll tell you that down conversion attempts, it’s going to lose
Romeus is a sure-fire first rounder, but there with these two coming hard.

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 91 Greg Romeus

Racked up 5 TFL as a backup in ‘09

DT 94 Myles Caragein
Had one start, but had 7.5 TFL in ‘09
If he’s not Big East Def. POY, then...
DT 98 Chas Alecxih Jr.

OLB 55

OLB 38
Max Gruder
Teams leading tackler with 91 in ‘09
ILB 40 Dan Mason
Had 26 tackles as a backup true FR.
Greg Williams


21 starts in 2 yrs, 33 tackles, 4 TFL in ‘09




Antwuan Reed

Jarred Holley

Dom DeCicco
Played in all 13 games, 13 tackles, 1 int
Started last 8 games, 3 picks, 48 tackles
Big safety, 2nd team All-Big East in ‘09
DE 97 Jabaal Sheard Sr. CB 2 Saheed Imoru Jr.
...he should be - some think he’s better Texan JUCO star who must shine early

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DT Gus Mustakas LB Adam Gunn CB Aaron Berry
DT Mick Williams CB Jovani Chappel

If a defensive line is a little bit of Playing behind this defensive line Defensive coordinator Phil Bennett

heart and soul, well, the soul would make anyone look good, but isn’t afraid to let his corners stay out
remained. the linebacking corps does it’s best to on an island on a Saturday afternoon.
stand on its own as a, well, standout
Greg Romeus and Jabaal Sheard unit on the defense. Aaron Berry and Jovani Chappel may
combined for 13 sacks from their have been the reasons why Bennett
defensive end position, providing soul The team’s leading tackler in 2009 felt like he could be more aggressive
in the defense. Both of them have was outside linebacker Max Gruder. in his scheming. The experienced
the potential to be All-Americans, Fr o m C h a r l o t t e , N C , G r u d e r corners have graduated opening the

players of the year in the Big East and embodies the typical Pitt linebacker - door for fresh faces and fresh targets.
first round 2011 NFL Draft tough, smart and able to stay on the Teams will focus on the “new guys” at
selections. field for all three downs. However, c o r n e r. A n t w u a n Re e d a n d
he may not ultimately be the most Saheed Imoru emerged from spring
If those two are the soul, Mick talented linebacker on this team. as the starters, but Ricky Gary
Williams and Gus Mustakas were the could step in as a starter just as easily
heart. Were being the operative Sophomore Dan Mason backed up come September 2nd.
w o r d . T h e i n te r i o r h a s to b e All-Big East LB Adam Gunn last year,
replaced. Chas Alecxih and Myles but now he steps into that role that Dom DeCicco is out of position,
Caragein were rotation guys last has featured some of the best but you wouldn’t know it the way he

year and were fantastic as depth to linebackers in the Big East (H.B plays. I wouldn’t be surprised if he
Williams and Mustakas. However, Blades and Scott McKillop). Greg moves to OLB if Jason Hendricks
they’ve got to be as effective as Williams is back as a three year can emerge. Jarred Holley is also
starters to stop the run as well as this starter - unless the team faces a out of position, a corner playing
unit did last year (17th in the nation spread attack and has to get a fifth safety, but, like DeCicco, he’s been
against the run and 32.5 sacks) DB on the field. successful at free safety.
2009: 9-4, Lost to Wisconsin in Champs Bowl Game
3 rd i n AC C C o a s t a l
Head Coach: Randy Shannon, 4th Yr. @ Miami - Record: 21-17
After opening the 2009 season However, if the ‘Canes are going to be a

with a win at Florida State in championship ball
one of the most scintillating club, it’s going to Miami’s Vital Signs
games of the season, it seemed as happen now, if at 2009 Results
though Randy Shannon’s Miami all. QB Jacory Run Offense 138.0 ypg 70th
Hurricanes were ready to break through Harris returns, Pass Offense 261.9 ypg 31st
to the Championship side. Those feelings were b u t i f i t ’s t h e Total Offense 399.9 ypg 45th
ce m e n te d a f e w w e e k s l a te r w h e n t h e Harris that played Scoring Offense 30.3 ppg 31st
Hurricanes beat Oklahoma to go 3-1 to start in the bowl game, Run Defense 122.3 ypg 32nd
Pass Defense 207.3 ypg 43rd
the season. forget it. But,
Total Defense 329.6 ypg 29th
now that he’s fully Scoring Def. 22.2 ppg 37th
But, along the way, the Hurricanes fell into the healthy, I would
trap set for relatively young and inexperienced expect to see a 30 2010 Returning Starters
teams. Losses at North Carolina and Clemson T D / 1 2 Off. Ret. Starters 5
following that start ended any hope of a New interception Def. Ret. Starters 8
Year’s Day bowl game. Then, Wisconsin season in Harris’
throttled the ‘Canes at the Champs Bowl and second season in Mark Whipple’s offense. Will
the questions started all over again. it be enough? It’d better be.

Why #12? Jacory Harris might be the best quarterback in the ACC, plenty of individual talent,
motivation (i.e chip on their shoulder) after Wisconsin beat them up in bowl game, stout D

Why not higher? Schedule is unforgiving - at Ohio State, at Pitt, at Clemson in first four games, no
dominant threat at RB, offensive line is a major question mark

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 2, 2010 Florida A&M
Sep 11, 2010 @ Ohio State
Sep 18, 2010 BYE
Sep 23, 2010 @ Pitt
Oct 2, 2010 @ Clemson Although on paper 12 days after the Payback is a total
this looks to be trip to Columbus, bi...well, you know.
Oct 9, 2010 Florida State crazy - going to Miami travels up The Hurricanes
Columbus in week to the Ketchup first loss of the ’09
Oct 16, 2010 @ Duke two after a Bottle to face season was a
g l o r i f i e d Dion Lewis and washout in
Oct 23, 2010 North Carolina scrimmage against the Pitt Panthers. Blacksburg in a
Oct 30, 2010 @ Virginia Florida A&M, it’s With a week off, deluge. Miami
actually a no lose expect the c o u l d n’t do
Nov 6, 2010 Maryland situation for the Hu r r i c a n e s t o anything right.
Hurricanes. Ohio have a thorough But, if things play
Nov 13, 2010 @ Georgia Tech State has all the game plan out accordingly,
pressure and offensively. But, this game should
Nov 20, 2010 Virginia Tech Miami has enough can they stop be for the ACC
athleticism to win. Lewis? Uh...
Nov 27, 2010 USF Coastal title.
“He has zero fear...
Yr. Cmp Att Yds TDs Int.

2008 118 194 1195 12 7

2009 242 406 3352 24 17

Head coaches don’t sleep too well proclaimed he was headed to New
throughout a season, but Miami’s York for the Heisman ceremony in a
Randy Shannon must of pink suit and a pimp cup. Sure,
experienced insomnia given his QB Virginia Tech brought he and the
situation last year. Watching his Canes back down to earth, but it
star QB Jacory Harris throw the proved how unflappable, and
ball over 400 times last year had confident he is (can you imagine a pimp cup
to take its toll on the man with up on stage next to the previous winners?
only a true freshman remaining Priceless).
on campus behind Harris.
For him to be in New York this year, it’s
Whether it took its toll on going to take some serious work on his
Shannon is debatable, but it decision making. Offensive coordinator
finally took its toll on Harris, Mark Whipple has handed Harris a solid
that’s for sure. He sat out game plan to utilize, but he can’t throw 17
spring practice as he interceptions. Even without Graig Cooper
rehabbed a couple of (injured knee) and Javarris James (out of
injuries, allowing that true eligibility), the Miami offense has the
freshman, AJ Highsmith, a little potential to be as explosive as any in the
seasoning. Maybe that’ll c a l m southern part of the US.
Shannon’s nerves a little bit, but there’s
one guy who won’t get too rattled But, that’s going to fall on Harris to do his
about it. part - stay calm, feel the rush and let his
talented receiving corps get open downfield.
Jacory Harris. The junior has proven that he can make
any throw imaginable, he’s got a strong
There probably isn’t a more cool, arm with good touch on deep throws. If
calm customer in it’s harnessed, look out. If
the pocket than the not, the pimp cup is
6’4” 195 lb. junior out of staying in Coral Gables.
fabled Miami Northwestern High School.
After a strong 2-0 start to the season, Harris the pocket”

WR Travis Benjamin

O He ’s n o t t h e l e a d i n g
returning receiver on the
team. He’s not the team’s
best NFL Draft prospect
5’ 10 ” 175 lb .
J u n ior
No matter
over 17 yards
per catch.
Star Watch

a t r e c e i v e r. He what he’s
presumably won’t set a ton of records at Miami. done in past years, he could be a major weapon
But, Travis Benjamin is the one player the for the Hurricanes this season. With Graig
Miami Hurricanes need to shine during the Cooper out for the season, it wouldn’t be
2010 season. surprising for Benjamin to get some reps
coming out of the backfield to get an
Look at his numbers - shoot, he topped out at advantageous matchup on a linebacker in pass
29 receptions last year as a sophomore, but at coverage. He can change the game with one
the same time look at the yards per reception - touch. Remember the name: Travis Benjamin

f QB 12
Jacory Harris Jr.
Semifinalist for O’Brien QB Award in ‘09
RB 20 Damien Berry Sr.
Can he finally be The Man? Has to be.
FB 30 Patrick Hill Sr.
TE/Receivers Offensive Line
WR 47 LaRon Byrd
Has NFL future written all over him.
WR 85 Leonard Hankerson

TE 84 Richard Gordon

Big play receiver for Canes, 18 ypc in ‘09




Orlando Franklin
Moving from guard to tackle for 2010
Brandon Washington
Started 2 times, including bowl game
Tyler Horn



Started four times in 2009 TEs can have a field day in this offense Played in seven games in 2009
RG 61 Joel Figueroa Sr.
Best ‘Canes linemen, started 9 times in ‘09
RT 78 Jermaine Johnson Fr.
Open battle for this key spot this season

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

RB Javarris James TE Jimmy Graham T Jason Fox & T Matt Pipho
RB Graig Cooper (injured) TE Dedrick Epps C A.J. Trump

In Miami’s “The U” years early in the The Hurricanes won’t be hurting at The difference in this team being a
2000s and a few years prior, the the wide receiver position for a while. national championship contender and
r unning backs, it spit out were Sure, the team has to replace two just another 8-4 mid-level bowl squad
legendary. Edge. Clinton. Willis. fantastic red zone threats at tight might be the offensive line. And, it
Frank. Names you heard for years at end, but even Richard Gordon has could be a major deal breaker.
the next level. the athletic ability to be a star.
The Hurricanes offensive line was
That has changed and impacts this T h e g r o u p i s l e d b y L e o n a rd average, at best, last season,
team without question. Graig Hankerson who had a strong 2009 especially after left tackle Jason Fox
Cooper could possibly have been a season. The progress he made has went down with an injury and missed

guy to get people’s attention, but like taken a bit of the spotlight away from the rest of the season. Fox then
Willis McGahee before him, a major LaRon Byrd who many feel has the graduated as did multi-year starters
knee injury in the bowl game last most NFL potential of any Hurricane Matt Pipho and A.J Trump, leaving
season will either end his season player. Both are big, physical targets wide open barren areas on this
before it starts or critically limit his who Harris can rely on in any on the offensive line. Teams that win
effectiveness if he miraculously makes field. championships typically don’t have to
it back. start totally reconstructed offensive
The X factor, then, remains Travis and defensive lines.
That leaves the ball in the hands of Benjamin. He get be a deep threat

Damien Berry who has shown some just as he can be a catch short and Jo e l Fi g u e ro a i s t h e m o s t
flashes, but he’s not a real threat. run guy. His dual abilities will force experienced of the bunch, but he
Don’t be surprised to see as many as Mark Whipple, the U’s OC, to use m i s s e d s p r i n g w i t h a n i n j u r y.
four guys touch it this year from this more three WR sets with Hankerson, Orlando Franklin is moving to
position - Berry, Lamar Miller, Byrd and Benjamin on the field. tackle. The coaches like the look of
Mike James and Storm Johnson center Tyler Horn in the middle.
Star Watch
I’m typically
guilty of
o v e r
DT/DE Allen Bailey

4 0 0
6 ’4 ” 2 88 lb .
S en io r
Yr. Tackles TFL Sacks QBH Int.
0 0
But, and there always is
one, it’s also time for
Bailey to truly live up to
his potential. He’s had
2008 24 9 5 1 0
physical games when he’s done
2009 34 11 7 2 0
marvels in the game of virtually nothing and then
college football. It’s been a sort of running will make a play that’ll make you shake your
joke, really. I know when Allen Bailey pops up head. He’s incredibly quick off the ball and he’s
on the screen, it’s literally awesome. strong as an ox with his hands. When he really
gets after it with his pass rush, he’s difficult to
6’4”. 288 lb. Runs and moves like a deer. Can stop one-on-one. But, offensive tackles have
play inside. Better suited to play in space found that if they can just slow him down, he
outside. It’s easy to see why NFL personnel doesn’t have an array of moves to get loose. If

people can’t wait to get their hands on Bailey. he stays outside and learns, he’ll be a monster.

Defensive Line Linebackers Secondary

DE 57 Allen Bailey Sr. OLB 31 Sean Spence Jr. CB 1 Brandon Harris Jr.
Arguably, biggest “freak” in the ACC Had much better ’08 than ‘09 Brilliant cover corner with toughness
DT 92 Josh Holmes Sr. ILB 36 Kylan Robinson Sr. FS 7 Vaughn Telemaque So.
If he doesn’t start, Curtis Porter will Must become a player in the middle Strong RSFr. season, could excel in ‘10
DT 54 Micanor Regis Jr. OLB 44 Colin McCarthy Sr. SS 26 Ray-Ray Armstrong So.

If healthy, Marcus Fortson will play here Underrated leader of D., 2nd Team All-ACC If he plays up to potential, he’s next star
DE 48 Andrew Smith Jr. CB 8 DeMarcus Van Dyke Sr.
Best speed off the edge, must be productive Started 8 games, 1 interception in ‘09

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DT Joe Joseph LB Darryl Sharpton S Randy Phillips

If there’s a signal to the rest of the The linebacking corps for the Canes The unit that typifies former Miami
football world that the U may be on in 2010 is a little bit of the opposite squads is the secondary. Talented,
its way back, it’s the one being sent of the defensive line. There are more nasty and physical, the Hurricanes
by the defensive line. For the first productive players at this position, defensive backs are as talented as any
time in a while, the defensive line has but not as much depth. group at the U since the days of Sean
depth and is wildly talented, led by Taylor and Ed Reed.
future first round NFL Draft Colin McCarthy earned 2nd team
It starts with one of the nation’s best
selection Allen Bailey. All-ACC honors in 2009 and is one of

cornerbacks - Brandon Harris. He
the most underrated players in the
Bailey has bumped around from can play man or zone equally well,
ACC. I love how he attacks ball
defensive tackle to defensive end, breaks on the ball with a purpose and
carriers and plays with a high football
back and forth. But, that had to do won’t ever be a liability coming up
IQ. He may have to transition inside
in large part to injuries at that and supporting the run. He finished
if Kylan Robinson isn’t ready to
position and matchup advantages the year with 15 PBUs, but the
take over at middle linebacker.
that Bailey could exploit with his respect he earned should keep teams
strength and quickness. Opposite away from him on a regular basis.
Robinson satisfied the coaches in the
Bailey will be Andrew Smith who’s DeMarcus Van Dyke is solid on the
spring, but if he can’t get it done early
blessed with speed and quickness, other side.
in the season, the coaching staff may

battling Adawale Ojomo for the
make a change to get the most Va u g h n Te l e m a q u e i s a n
starter’s job.
disruptive defenders out on the field. interesting cat, but he can play. He’ll
In s i d e , Ma rc u s Fo r t s o n w a s light ball carriers up but must not get
supposed to shine, but injuries ended Sean Spence is a safety playing too a g gressive. Ray-Ray
his 2009 season. Josh Holmes may linebacker but if the coaches want Armstrong is a stud, pure and
not start, with Curtis Porter on his McCarthy staying outside, it might simple. When he turns it up this
heels. be Spence transitioning inside. year, look out.
2009: 10-3, Beat Tennessee in Chick-Fil-A Bowl
2 n d i n AC C C o a s t a l
Head Coach: Frank Beamer, 24th Yr. @ Va. Tech - Record: 187-92-2
It seems as though we’ve taken tough on everyone they face. QB Tyrod

Virginia Tech for granted as a Taylor, RB Ryan
college football public. Nice 9 or Williams and RB
Va. Tech’s Vital Signs
10 win team. Will compete for the Darren Evans
ACC Championship. Plays and will pound on 2009 Results
Run Offense 208.2 ypg 14th
competes hard. Physical. d e f e n s e s
Pass Offense 183.9 ypg 95th
incessantly, but Total Offense 392.1 ypg 50th
But, have the Hokies plateaued, in some sense? will it be enough? Scoring Offense 31.9 ppg 24th
Has the championship window closed for this Run Defense 128.4 ypg 40th
group, led by QB Tyrod Taylor? Is this a Defensively, it’s a Pass Defense 167.1 ypg 11th
group that can truly string together 11 or 12 lunch pail group Total Defense 295.5 ypg 12th
wins and be a top 5 team at the end of the a n d t h a t h a s Scoring Def. 15.6 ppg 9th
season? It doesn’t feel that way at all. t r a n s l a te d i n to
Honestly, it feels like another Chick-fil-A Bowl grand success in 2010 Returning Starters
Off. Ret. Starters 7
team that’ll miss the ACC Championship game previous years. Def. Ret. Starters 3
for the second straight season. But, there’s little
experience on ‘D’
The Hokies backfield, though, will make things and that’s a major worry for this Hokie squad.

Why #13? Best backfield trio on the East Coast - Darren Evans, Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Williams,
Only four road games - just two after October 2nd.

Why not higher? The defensive line has massive holes and no game changers, another gut busting
opener (this time Boise State), back-to-back road tilts in November - UNC & Miami

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 6, 2010 Boise State (DC)
Sep 11, 2010 James Madison
Sep 18, 2010 East Carolina
Sep 25, 2010 @ Boston College
Six years ago, Va . Te c h o w n s No team wants a
Oct 2, 2010 @ NC State Virginia Tech took Thursday nights, piece of Virginia
the short trip to especially in Tech more than
Oct 9, 2010 Central Michigan Washington DC Blacksburg. But, t h e U. The
Oct 16, 2010 Wake Forest to face a team last year, North Hokies hammered
from the left side Carolina came to Miami last year in
Oct 23, 2010 Duke o f t h e c o u n t r y. visit after a horrid the rain and will
USC waxed the loss to FSU and need to do it again
Oct 30, 2010 BYE future AC C u p s e t Va . Te c h , to make another
Champs. This costing the Hokies trip to the ACC
Nov 4, 2010 Georgia Tech t i m e , i t ’s B o i s e a shot at the ACC Championship
Nov 13, 2010 @ North Carolina State coming to
D C to f a c e Va .
game. It’s payback
game. If the title
comes down this
Nov 20, 2010 @ Miami (FL) Te c h w i t h 2 0 time, well, in game, it’s going to
returning starters. Chapel Hill. be an ugly war.
Nov 27, 2010 Virginia
“It will be dangerous with...

Yr. Att Yds TDs Rec. Yds. TD
2009 293 1655 21 16 180 1
Honor Roll
Broke ACC single season rushing record
Broke ACC single season rush. TD record
Broke ACC single season total TD record
2009 First team All-ACC (media)
2009 ACC Rookie of the Year

2009 ACC Off. Rookie of the Year

The panic could be felt through every r u s h i n g

word, sentence and blog post. Darren record in a
Evans is out for the season with an season he was supposed to
ACL tear. It’s over. Why play the rest of be an afterthought.
the season? Do we have anyone else?
Luckily, not only did Ryan Williams’ play Now, the pressure is squarely
helped the Virginia Tech faithful calm down, o n Wi l l i a m s . C a n h e
but it made them wonder what 2010 was produce another stellar
going to be like when Evans returned. He season alongside power
just may not be b a c k Ev a n s ? If s o ,
returning to his there’s no telling how
starter’s position productive this offense
after the season can be w i t h Vi r g i n i a Te c h’s
that Williams put forth in his redshirt version of Thunder and Lightning.
f r e s h m a n campaign. Evans won’t scare anyone when he
has the ball in his hands. Williams will.
As with Dion Lewis, Jacquizz Rodgers, Every single time. The worst thing to
LaMichael James and Noel Devine, Williams h a p p e n t o AC C d e f e n s i v e
isn’t a big, bruising prototypical power back. coordinators was Evans getting
But, he is a power runner with mad quicks. He hurt. That injury opened the
has what I call phone booth quickness - he can door for Williams to put
make you miss in a phone booth. Running maximum pressure on
behind seniors Ed Wang and Sergio Render, defenses throughout this league. Trust me,
Williams set the Virginia Tech single season there won’t be any panic at Va. Tech this year.

“...What he said...”
“Nah, there is no Ryan Williams for Heisman. There’s only Ryan Williams trying to help this
team win”

-Williams after his 117 yard/2 TD performance in the Chick-fil-A Bowl last season, Darren & Tyrod together”

QB Tyrod Taylor
When Taylor was a true
freshman, I had the
6 ’ 1” 217 lb .
S en io r
l i ke
D o n ke y 5
chance to see him up
close and personal at Yr. Cmp Att Yds TDs Int. Att Yds TDs Wel l, it’s
LSU. It was a disaster 2007 72 134 927 5 3 102 429 6 three years Star Watch

for the Hokies, but l a te r a n d
2008 99 173 1036 2 7 147 738 7
what struck me that in some sense we’re
night was the fact 2009 136 243 2311 13 5 106 370 5 all still waiting.
only one Hokie was Taylor has been good,
playing the game at the same speed as the rest but not great. He’s made some key plays
of the LSU Tigers - Taylor. When he came into (Nebraska last year comes to mind), but not
the game, its complexion changed as LSU dominated. With this group of running backs,
started chasing instead of mauling. I remember Taylor could fade further into the background.
thinking, man, when this kid grows up, it’s on He can’t allow that happen - he has to shine.

f QB 5
Tyrod Taylor Sr.
Can truly change the game when he’s “on”
RB 34 Ryan Williams So.
Teams with D. Evans for best duo in ACC
FB 31 Kenny Younger Sr.
TE/Receivers Offensive Line
WR 81

WR 19

TE 88
Jarrett Boykin
40 rec, 835 yards and 5 TDs in 2009
Danny Coale

Andre Smith

Solid receiving threat, over 20 ypc in ‘09




Nick Becton
Great feet, athletic but inexperienced
Greg Nosal

Most versatile of the bunch, solid at LG

Beau Warren


Played in all 13 games, stud blocker Only 3 receptions in 2009, blocking TE Started ten games in 2009, 12 career starts
RG 68 Jaymes Brooks Jr.
Started every game at RG in 2009
RT 62 Blake DeChristopher Jr.
Perhaps best run blocker of this OL

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

NONE TE Greg Boone T Ed Wang
G Sergio Render

Look around the nation - there are Think about Virginia Tech receivers If there’s a slight worry for this
plenty of good running back pairings. in the past. Has there ever been a offense it may be up front with the
There are plenty of good group that was one of the best groups offensive line. Three starters return
quarterbacks. But, there may not be in the ACC? On the flip side has from last year’s crew, but the two
a better mix in the backfield (maybe there ever been a group that really most decorated linemen - Ed Wang
Ohio State) than what the Hokies hamstrung the Hokies in previous a n d S e r g i o Re n d e r ( t h e te a m’s
have with Tyrod Taylor, Ryan y e a r s ? Pr o b a b l y n o o n e i t h e r vaunted left side) - graduated and
Williams and Darren Evans. account. The Virginia Tech receivers moved on to the NFL.
in 2010 are probably much the same.
Taylor is in his fourth and final year Good enough to not be a weakness, B l a ke DeChristopher is

as a starter and has become more yet no one good enough to really be embarking on his third straight year
caretaker than star. But, with a considered a star. as a starter. Along with being the
strong season, he can transform this most experienced, he’s the best run
offense into a complex killer for ACC Jarrett Boykin is the closest you’ll blocker for a team with one of the
opponents. get to a star. As a sophomore, he was best running back duos in the nation.
reliable and Taylor’s key deep threat
When Darren Evans tore his ACL down the field. Both Boykin and Beau Warren and Jaymes Brooks
last year, it opened up the door for Danny Coale averaged over 20 yards solidify the remainder of the right
Williams to become a star. One year per catch. side of the line. It’s the question of

later with Evans fully healthy, the two that left side that could be an issue.
form the proverbial Thunder & Greg Boone’s varied skills at TE will But, Greg Nosal filled in at times for
Lightning combination with the be missed, but Andre Smith should Render in 2009 so there’s at least a
whippet quick Wil liams a s the at least fill Boone’s shoes in the bit of continuity there. Nick
Lightning and the powerful Evans as blocking department. Becton is a solid athlete but needs
the Thunder. time to truly develop.
Star Watch
After being
l i t t l e
m o r e
than a bit 2008
LB Barquell Rivers
Tackles TFL
6’ 235 lb.

that season and one of
the memorable stops of
that whole season.
player in 2009 96 6.5 0 0
That momentum carried
2008, Barquell Rivers set himself for a solid over to the 2009 season as Rivers became a
2009 season with a play that saved the Orange consistent threat for this Virginia Tech defense.
Bowl. With Cincinnati knocking on the door Even with experienced starters and playmakers
on the one yard line late in the game, Rivers Cody Grimm and Cam Martin next to him,
was on the field for a key UC fourth down. Rivers still starred. Suffice it to say with those
And, it was Rivers who shut the door on UC two gone, Rivers is desperately needed on the
with a perfect form tackle at the goal line to field, but a quad injury could sideline him early
end the UC drive. It was one of his 10 tackles in the year. He’s the key to this season for sure.

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 82 Steven Friday
Fifth year guy who replaces J. Worilds
DT 93 Kwamaine Battle
He or Antoine Hopkins fills in here
DT 91 John Graves
Spring Def. MVP, has a ton of pressure


OLB 43

ILB 52
J. Gouveia-Winslow
Will battle talented Alonzo Tweedy
ILB 39 Lyndell Gibson

Barquell Rivers

Started last 5 games in ’09, 53 tackles
Inj. in spring, should be back for season




Jayron Hosley

Eddie Whitley

Davon Morgan
He has tough job at the field CB spot
High effort guy who had a great spring
Started last four games of ’09 season
DE 33 Chris Drager Jr. CB 21 Rashad Carmichael Sr.
Key edge guy last year, 6.5 TFL in ‘09 6 interceptions as boundary CB in ‘09

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DT Cordarrow Thompson LB Cody Grimm S Dorian Porch & S Kam Chancellor
DE Jason Worilds & Nekos Brown LB Cam Martin CB Stephan Virgil

Defensive coordinator Bud Foster has The Hokies have had their share of The secondary does have a legitimate

been at Virginia Tech a whole heck of star linebackers in the past, but it’ll star in Rashad Carmichael at
a lot longer than people expected. be tough to find one who made as boundary cornerback. He had six
Re g a r d l e s s , h e ’s s e e n a to n o f many plays as Cody Grimm. interceptions last year and has a
defenders come and go, and the brilliant NFL future in front of him.
Virginia Tech defense has bounced Wi t h Gr i m m a n d C a m Ma r t i n He has the ball skills to be an
back every single season. departed and Barquell Rivers effective corner but is tough and
potentially on the shelf with his quad physical, coming up and making
This year, especially up front, will be injury, the linebacking corps is in tackles to assist the run defense.

Foster’s biggest challenge as DC. major trouble.
The rest of the secondary? Well, it’s a
If there’s a bright spot, it’s John Jeron Gouveia-Winslow will get little more of the same as the rest of
Graves at defensive tackle. Now, the first crack at replacing Cody the defense. Strong safety Davon
this is assuming the big fella is fully Grimm. But, he’s first got to beat out Morgan started the last four games
healthy, but when he is, Graves can Alonzo Tweedy and earn that spot. of the 2009 season and gives the
be flat out dominating. Both are sophomores so you can middle of the field a reliable,
expect some trouble due to dependable senior leader, which this
The major question for this group is inexperience at that position. defense needs.
whether it can generate any pressure

off the edge. Jason Worilds was the When Rivers does return, he’ll The other safety spot is Eddie
focus of offensive game plans last solidify the unit and if he’s ready to Whitley’s following a solid spring.
year, but left early for the NFL. go at the start of the season, it’ll keep The toughest spot on this defense is
Chris Drager is the closest to being some gray hair from Foster’s head. the field cornerback spot and Foster
a star pass rusher as possible. Lyndell Gibson did a solid job last is entr usting that to talented
year starting last 5 games sophomore Jayron Hosley.
2009: 8-5, Lost to BYU in Las Vegas Bowl
T i e d fo r 2 n d i n Pa c - 10
Head Coach: Mike Riley, 10th Yr. @ OSU - Record: 64-47
It’s hard to imagine putting your The big gest question for the Beavers is

team in a position to end a 40+ whether they’ve
year Rose Bowl drought and then recovered f rom Oregon St’s Vital Signs
losing to your hated rivals, which that loss to 2009 Results
ended that quest. Oregon. T h e Run Offense 139.9 ypg 67th
B e a v e r s w e r e Pass Offense 270.8 ypg 27th
That’s one thing. Now, double that pain - uninterested and Total Offense 410.6 ypg 34th
having the same situation repeat itself the unmotivated in an Scoring Offense 31.5 ppg 26th
following year - and you have a team that’s inexcusable loss Run Defense 114.4 ypg 25th
Pass Defense 235.1 ypg 84th
either on a mission and won’t let anything stand to B Y U i n t h e
Total Defense 349.5 ypg 46th
in its way or a team with a psyche so fragile Las Vegas Bowl. Scoring Def. 25.0 ppg 57th
that it can’t make another run for the Roses. Ho w e v e r, t h a t
might have been 2010 Returning Starters
With the Rodgers brothers on offense and the perfect tonic Off. Ret. Starters 7
Stephen Paea on defense, I’m going with the for Mike Riley’s Def. Ret. Starters 7
team on a mission belief, but it’s not going to team as it heads
be an easy road for anyone. into a wide open Pac-10 race in 2010.

Why #14? Experienced offensive line, more athletic quarterback who can put a ton of pressure on
opposing defenses, only two road trips the final seven weeks of the season, the Rodgers brothers.

Why not higher? Out of conference schedule is one of the toughest in the nation - TCU in
Arlington and Boise State on the blue turf, Ryan Katz is still a rookie QB, Oregon has OSU’s number

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 TCU (Arlington)
Sep 11, 2010 BYE
Sep 18, 2010 Louisville
Sep 25, 2010 @ Boise State
Oct 2, 2010 Arizona State Boise State will be Sure, the Trojans OSU’s headed into
Oct 9, 2010 @ Arizona a top 3 team to
start the season
are on probation
and everyone will
the Civil War the
past 2 years, with a
Oct 16, 2010 @ Washington and it doesn’t lose want to get their ticket to the Rose
at home. They’ve licks in, OSU is Bowl awaiting
Oct 23, 2010 BYE not lost a regular one of those teams them with a win.
season game at that actually took Those two nights
Oct 30, 2010 Cal home since 2001. care of business ended in crushing
But, if Boise State before the
Nov 6, 2010 @ UCLA loses early to probation.
defeats to the
hated Ducks. Last
Nov 13, 2010 Washington St. Virginia Tech, it They’ve won 2 of year’s loss stung
could be a the last 3 against most as the Ducks
Nov 20, 2010 USC vulnerable, USC - those two win sent them to
pressing BSU in Corvallis, like Pasadena. Payback
Nov 27, 2010 @ Stanford squad that night. this one.
Dec 4, 2010 Oregon
“And to think, many in the state...

Yr. Att Yds TDs Rec. Yds. TD

2008 259 1253 11 29 247 1
2009 273 1440 21 78 522 1

Honor Roll
2009 Third team All-American (media)
2009 First team All-Pac 10
2009 Elite RB (CFB Perf. Awards)
2008 Third team All-American (media)
2008 First team All-Pac 10
2008 Pac 10 Offensive Player of the Year

I was driving home Most college football fans

f r o mw o r k o n e a f te r n o o n point to the September night
about six years ago when I got in 2008 when ‘Quizz lit up the
a call from one of my best vaunted USC defense, but
friends in the world, Mike fortunately for me, I’d seen it
Zierlein, who was coaching well before that.
at my alma mater Lamar
Wi t h n e a r l y 2 ,7 0 0 y a r d s
C o n s o l i d a te d Hi g h
through his first two seasons,
School. He had been
‘Quizz is on pace to finish in
there for a couple of
the top ten in career rushing
years, so w e h a d
yards all-time. He’ll challenge
t a l ke d a b i t
Charles White for the best
about how things
mark all-time in the Pac 10.
w e r e transpiring
But, for that to happen, he’s
a t “home”.
got to get a bit better play out
T h i s t i m e ,
of his offensive line this
“...What he said...” though, I could sense there
was something different in his
season. Last year, against the
better defenses in the Pac-10,
“He not only has great vision voice.
‘Quizz often found little space
but it’s what he does with that “Jaybird, we’ve got these two and had to generate yardage
vision. He takes advantage of it kids - Quon and Quizz”. on his own.
with his quickness, I mean, he’s
tremendously quick - with very It was the first time I’d heard The other thought is that he
good speed - and the other of Jacquizz Rodgers and his might not stay for a senior
thing he’s got is leverage. He’s older brother James, but I’d year once his brother
extremely strong and he gets
u n d e r e ve r y b o d y ’ s p a d s . known about them for longer graduates, declaring for the
People have a hard time really than that. Their uncle is a NFL, especially if Oregon
getting a good shot at him.” good friend and was a State finally gets to the Rose
teammate in high school. Bowl. B u t , t h a t ’s n o t
- Oregon State head coach Mike Their other uncle played for something to discuss now, just
Riley my dad at Lamar Consolidated make sure you see him now, so
and is a current NFL safety. you can say you saw him when.
So, I had a “feeling” about
them both.

...thought he was too small”

QB Ryan Katz
Four returning starters on
6 ’ 3” 215 lb .
So phomore interception
the offensive line. The ratio.
best pair of offensive Yr. Cmp Att Yds TDs Int. Att Yds TDs K a t z
w e a p o n s i n t h e 2009 14 27 232 1 0 9 27 0 d o e s n’t
Star Watch

Pa c- 1 0 . A n d , a have to
sophomore at quarterback. It’s like turning a match those numbers, but what he does have to
Ferrari over to a 16 year old who just got his do is put pressure on defenses. If Katz can
license. Well, sort of - you get my point. force linebackers and secondary members to
“think”, there’s enough offensive firepower to
Ryan Katz replaces Sean Canfield after one of make Oregon State the best offense in the
the most effective seasons in OSU football league. If not, the Beavers will struggle to
history. Canfield was fantastic, throwing for move the ball with 8 guys, regularly, in the box
3,271 yards while maintaining a 3:1 TD to to stop Jacquizz Rodgers.

f QB 12

Ryan Katz

Jacquizz Rodgers
Can he be as effective as S. Canfield?
RB Jr.
Again, he’ll be the focus of this ‘O’
TE/Receivers Offensive Line

WR 15
8 James Rodgers

Darrell Catchings
He’ll not rest until team makes Rose Bowl
Time to put all that potential to work
WR 23 Jordan Bishop So.


Michael Philipp
Has the potential to be a superstar
Grant Johnson
Started all 13 games last season
C 60 Alex Linnenkohl



13 receptions in 13 games in 2009 Could vie for Pac 10 honors (HM in ’09)
TE 87 Joe Halahuni Jr. RG 74 Burke Ellis Jr.
4th on team in receiving in ’09 - 35 rec Replaces All-Pac 10, multi-year starter
RT 50 Mike Remmers Jr.
A tad stiff, but tough & solid in run game

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

QB Sean Canfield WR Damola Adeniji G Gregg Peat

Going into the 2009 season, there This is an interesting receiving corps Last year, the Oregon State offensive
was a question as to who was going to returning for Oregon State in 2010. line struggled mightily opening holes
be the Beavers signal caller. In the for the Beavers running backs. It was
The leader, of course, is a 5’6”
end, Sean Canfield won that job and a tough year when this line faced a
dynamo from Texas. The guy that
made the most of his lone year as a quick, active and aggressive defensive
HAS to emerge as a threat played all
starter. Why do I bring that up? It’s front like Oregon’s.
of 3 games in 2010. And, there’s a
just good to keep it all in perspective,
tight end who thinks of himself more
in some sense. If Canfield could have That was the bad news. The good
as a receiver. Okay, that last one is a
such a fantastic season in his one year news is that 80% of that group
stretch, but I had to go somewhere
as a starter, Ryan Katz can be just as retur ns in 2010 with a load of

with it.
effective in his first year as a starter. experience. Is experience enough to
That’s hoping and dreaming, but if he Senior James Rodgers led the get you excited about this bunch?
plays up to his talent, this Oregon Pac-10 with 91 receptions last year - Can’t hurt, can it?
State offense will be layered, multi- between James and his brother
dimensional and flat out productive ‘Quizz, they combined for 169 With a rookie at quarterback, it’s
as can be. receptions. Tougher than dirt, ultra-important that tackles Michael
Rodgers will fight for any ball in his Philipp and Mike Remmers have
However, Katz has the luxury of area and if he gets a step on a DB, great seasons. The younger Philipp is
handing off to the one of the most that guy is toast. a future NFL player and is a

decorated backs in recent memory in prototypical left tackle. Remmers
Darrell Catchings was supposed to
the Pac 10 - Jacquizz Rodgers. competes his butt off, but they both
be the star that Rodgers is. It hasn’t
‘Quizz averaged nearly 26 touches a have to protect Katz. Alex
turned out that way for him, but a
game - 273 rushes and 78 receptions, Linnenkohl should be a Rimington
solid season will make people forget
2nd in the Pac 10 (just behind his Award semi-finalist.
his first two subpar seasons.
brother, WR James).
Star Watch
at DT throughout
the 2009
s e a s o n b y 2008

l i ke 2009
DT Stephen Paea

Tackles TFL
41 11
6 ’1 ” 2 95 lb .
S en io r
5 1
showed the quickness
that has many NFL teams
QBH r unning a 4-3 defense
drooling over an ultra-
quick 3 technique. But,
43 8.5 3 1
G e r a l d he also showed how
McCoy and Ndamukong Suh, Stephen Paea strong he is, which may have been more
had a national stage all to himself when Oregon impressive. He tackled Jeremiah Masoli with
State traveled to Eugene for the Pac 10 one hand. He “stacked and shed” offensive
Championship deciding Civil War. Good thing linemen with one arm. He’ll be a marked man
he made the most of his opportunity. this season, but that would imply that he wasn’t
last year. You may not have known about him
Paea was seemingly all over the field, although before that Civil War matchup, but Pac 10
his numbers may not back up that claim. He coaches have known, and suffered, for a while.

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 99 Gabe Miller Sr.
Started 5 games, tied for lead in sacks
DT 54 Stephen Paea Sr.
The best defensive player in the Pac 10
DT 78 Brennan Olander
Relentless former wrestler,
OLB 59

OLB 35
Dwight Robertson
Started all 13 games in 2009, 55 stops
ILB 43 Tony Wilson

Keith Pankey

Massive shoes to fill, coming off knee inj.
Ruptured achilles in Feb., might be back




James Dockery
Started all 13 games, 2 picks in ‘09
Lance Mitchell
Physical presence in secondary
Cameron Collins
4th on team with 70 tackles in ‘09


DE 91 Taylor Henry So. CB 17 Brandon Hardin Jr.
Matt LaGrone left team opening spot Long and athletic, 1 pick in 2009

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DE Matt LaGrone (family) LB David Pa’aluhi (joined military) CB Tim Clark
LB Keaton Kristick

Heading into the spring, the Oregon With LaGrone leaving the team, the There are no question marks in the

State defensive line was returning defense couldn’t truly afford any more secondary. Well, seemingly. This
four guys who started fourth of the losses, but the linebacking corps group has length, size and
last five games together. It looked to suffered a massive blow. David aggressiveness, but it’s got to play
be a stout unit with the time spent Pa’aluhi, the team’s leading returning better against the heavies in this
t o g e t h e r. Ho w e v e r, D E Ma t t tackler, decided to join the military conference.
LaGrone decided prior to spring and left the team prior to the spring.
USC lit them up for 42 points last
practice to leave the team due to
year. Oregon put up 37. BYU scored
family issues. OLB Keith Pankey ruptured his

nearly every time it touched the ball.
Achilles prior to spring practice, but
But, no matter the loss of LaGrone, Okay, maybe it just felt that way. But,
Beavers fans are hopeful he can make
the defensive line was going to rise there were game changing moments
it back. The coaching staff feels he
and fall based on what Stephen in key games that cost them dearly.
can be ready for fall camp, but how
Paea does inside. The All-Pac 10 James Dockery getting absolutely
much is lost after that injury will
defensive tackle is the star, but he’s to r c h e d b y Je f f Ma e h l a g a i n s t
remain a question.
got some help coming back. Inside, Oregon. Lance Mitchell not
Brennan Olander is a former wrapping up Jeremiah Masoli on a
Dwight Roberson is the best
wrestler - understands leverage and is key final drive.
linebacker remaining and he’ll be
back for another season at the Will Either way, it’s a group with some

DE Gabe Miller had three sacks linebacker spot. experience. James Dockery, Lance
and started the last five games of the Mitchell and Cameron Collins
year at his defensive end position. A number of returning lettermen will accounted for 35 starts last season.
He’s not a guy who strikes fear into fight for the MLB spot, but Tony Mitchell is the physical presence in
the heart of opposing offensive Wilson, coming off an injury in ’09, the back. He and Collins combined
coordinators, but he’s effective. emerged as the starter after spring. for 142 tackles on the season.
2009: 8-5, Beat Texas A&M in Independence Bowl
Tied for 2nd in SEC East
Head Coach: Mark Richt, 10th Yr. @ Georgia - Record: 90-27
Perhaps Mark Richt set the He found Todd Grantham who installed a 3-4

bar so incredibly high for scheme and a
himself and the coaching staff at more aggressive Georgia’s Vital Signs
t h e Un i v e r s i t y o f G e o r g i a . attitude during 2009 Results
Perhaps the program needs a boost, the spring. Then, Run Offense 161.0 ypg 47th
needs a kick in the silver britches or Richt let spring Pass Offense 201.2 ypg 80th
something. Perhaps the off-the-field issues play out before he Total Offense 362.2 ypg 75th
have worn people thin. Perhaps Georgia just a n n o u n c e d h i s Scoring Offense 28.9 ppg 51st
has to beat Florida. starting QB was Run Defense 126.2 ypg 36th
Pass Defense 213.2 ypg 51st
going to be
Total Defense 339.4 ypg 38th
Whatever the reason (or excuses) might be, it’s freshman Aaron Scoring Def. 25.9 ppg 63rd
clear that this is a highly important season for Murray.
Richt and the Georgia Bulldogs. Don’t think 2010 Returning Starters
he isn’t aware of the challenge he has in front of So, the new Off. Ret. Starters 7
him. The change started immediately after the s c o r e c a r d Def. Ret. Starters 5
season when he fired defensive coordinator DC,
Willie Martinez and looked for a different voice new 3-4 scheme & new QB. Will it work?

Why #15? Experienced OL, AJ Green is one of the best playmaking receivers in the nation, road
schedule is not highly challenging, Florida is good, not great and vulnerable with no Tebow.

Why not higher? Inexperience at the QB position, changes in the defensive scheme may not fit
given the personnel already on campus, hot seat affects the way Richt goes about his business

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 UL Lafayette
Sep 11, 2010 @ South Carolina
Sep 18, 2010 Arkansas
Sep 25, 2010 @ Mississippi St.
Oct 2, 2010 @ Colorado The South
Carolina game is
Just as OU-Texas
h a s d e te r m i n e d
The Deep South’s
O l d e s t R i v a l r y.
always a tricky one the Big 12 South UGA’s toughest
Oct 9, 2010 Tennessee in the second champion the past road tilt is at
week of the decade or so, the Au b u r n , the
Oct 16, 2010 Vanderbilt season, especially winner of culmination of 10
w h e n i t ’s i n
Oct 23, 2010 @ Kentucky Columbia. But,
Georgia-Florida straight weeks of
puts itself in the g a m e s . AU i s
Oct 30, 2010 Florida (Jax) making it just as catbird seat for breaking in a new
difficult is Ryan the SEC East QB but with Gus
Nov 6, 2010 Idaho State Ma l l e t t and championship. Malzahn as OC, it
Arkansas awaiting
Nov 13, 2010 @ Auburn the Bulldogs the
With Tennessee plays awfully fast.
down this year, the Fatigue and pace
Nov 20, 2010 BYE following week in
winner will be the could be problems
Athens. Champ, yet again. for UGA.
Nov 27, 2010 Georgia Tech
“A.J. Green is...

Yr. Rec. Yds. TD
2008 56 963 8
2008 53 808 6

Honor Roll

2009 First team All-SEC (Coaches, media)
2008 First team Freshman All-American
2008 First team All-SEC
2008 SEC Freshman of the Year

Things seemingly come easy for Georgia wide touchdown to

receiver A.J. Green. Of course, when you put the Bulldogs
watch him you don’t really appreciate how ahead (of course,
difficult it is to do the things he does. For a bogus 15-yard penalty
example, catching the football. Looks easy, but h u r t Georgia later, but
not so much. You see him catch the ball over t h a t ’s a different story for a
the head of (insert SEC school here)’s (insert different time).
name of defensive back here) and you think
everyone’s supposed to do that. Hey, my guy He ’s a sublime talent who has
can do that, right? Uh, well, not really. The a brilliant NFL future ahead of
transcendent few can make it look like you him, where
could go out and catch all those passes. The e ver yone makes
truth is A.J. Green is skewing the bell curve for it look easy. It’ll be up
all of you with his myriad of skills. to Green to carry t h i s offense
throughout the season,
Case in point, last year, Georgia is facing LSU especially due to the fact that a
in a key SEC game. With less than a minute redshirt freshman Aaron Murray
left in the game, QB Joe Cox looks up Green is at the controls. But, what might be
and launches one to the end zone near the perceived as
sideline. LSU’s CB Chris Hawkins is in perfect Green’s big gest test
position to knock down the deep route throw, is just another simple catch across
but Green reaches up over his head, pulls in the the middle - Easy.

“...What he said...”
"A.J.'s fully aware. Defenses can't stop him vertically and horizontally. That's the thing he
needs to understand. They can't stop us completely. When they do try to stop him with
two people, that opens up somebody else and that's where schematically we've got to be
smart on who they're giving us and put stress on the defense that way and take what they
give us.”

- WR coach Tony Ball discussing Green’s “growth”

...on his own planet”

RB Washaun Ealey
When Knowshon
So phomore
5’ 11 ” 2 05 lb . season, Ealey
Moreno decided to leave finally got
Georgia after h i s Yr. Att Yds TDs Rec. Yds. TD on the field
sophomore season, most
p e o p l e t h o u g h t t h a t 2009 125 717 3 3 23 0
after he Star Watch

healed from
Caleb King would step his nag ging
right in and the running game wouldn’t miss a injuries to lead the team in rushing after only
beat. Especially running behind this offensive playing in 8 games.
Wearing #24 last year, it was hard to tell the
Washaun Ealey wasn’t about to follow THAT difference between Ealey and Moreno. He’ll
plan, even as a true freshman. switch to #3 this season, but the comparisons
will still be there. A shorter, power runner with
Sitting and watching the first few games of the wiggle and burst - Ealey is the real deal.

f QB 11
Aaron Murray
Highly touted QB gets his chance
RB 3 Washaun Ealey
Ealey and Caleb King are good together
FB 49 Shaun Chapas


TE/Receivers Offensive Line

WR 12

The Best. Period.

AJ Green

Tavarres King
Became more consistent as ’09 wore on
Orson Charles






Clint Boling
One of the SEC’s best, leader of OL
Cordy Glenn
Started @ 3 different positions in ‘09
Ben Jones



All-around talent leading the way for RB Freshman All-American, 23 rec & 2 TD Entering his third year as a starter
RG 63 Chris Davis Sr.
Started 12 times at RG in 2009
RT 78 Josh Davis Sr.
If T. Sturdivant is healthy, he’ll push Davis

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

QB Sam Cox NONE T Vince Vance

Let’s be honest...Joe Cox didn’t set T h r e e we e k s a g o , t h e G e o r g i a It’s hard to imagine an offensive line
the world on fire in 2009. He was receiving corps looked to be in very with too much experience, but the
following one of Georgia’s best QBs good hands, excuse the pun. Georgia Bulldogs have too few spots
in recent memory Matthew Stafford. for too many good linemen bodies.
Most Georgia diehards would tell you A.J Green just might be the best
they were looking forward past 2009 offensive weapon in the SEC and he’s If Georgia could play seven linemen,
to 2010. definitely the best receiver in the it would and could. It has that many
conference. It doesn’t really matter young players who could step into
A fifth year senior turns the position how many guys a defense throws at this position and be successful.
over to a redshirt freshman. But, him, he’s going to find a way to go up

Aaron Murray is ready for the and make a play. Cover him with one The star of the bunch was supposed
opportunity. He was a record-setting guy and he’ll make you pay for a to be Trinton Sturdivant, but the
QB at Tampa Plant H.S and is defense’s hubris. big fella has dealt with season ending
stepping into as advantageous a knee injuries the last two years. If
situation for a young quarterback as Throughout ‘09, former QB Joe Cox he’s healthy, fully healthy, he could
one could have - strong OL, looked to tight end Orson Charles change the dynamic of this offensive
transcendent WR and athletic TE more and more. Charles and Murray line, he’s that talented.
(who was his HS teammate) have been together for since HS, so
Charles will get plenty of looks. But, if things stay where they are,

The RB position was a question mark Clint Boling will rack in as many
last year. It’s a double barreled Nothing has changed for these two, honors as humanly possible at his left
s h o t g u n s t r e n g t h t h i s y e a r. but fellow starter Tavarres King tackle position. He had arthroscopic
Washaun Ealey and Caleb King was arrested and suspended, surgery in June, but should be back
combined to light up Georgia Tech muddying up the water, if you will, at healthy by the beginning of camp.
last year and will do the same in 2010. the other WR position.
Star Watch
B e a s t .
a m e
c h a n g e r.
Bad man.
OLB Justin Houston

6 ’3 ” 2 61 lb .

S en io r
He’ll transition over to
3-4 OLB which is where
he could ultimately make
an impact in the NFL
next season.
2008 61 15.5 8.5 0
However, 2009 70 19 11 1
y o u w a n t to d e s c r i b e B u t , t h i s s e a s o n , i t ’s
Justin Houston, just know that you may have to imperative that he impacts games early in the
add one other distinction to that list by season’s season. With South Carolina on the docket in
end - SEC Defensive Player of the Year. week 2, he’s got a great chance to open some
eyes. The Bulldogs won’t open up the playbook
Is that a tall order? Well, absolutely, but no the preceding week against ULL, leaving the
player serves to benefit more from the new surprises for USC the following week. Those
Georgia’s 3-4 defensive scheme more than “surprises” will include a ton of different
Houston. blitzes/games for Houston.

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 93 Abry Jones

12 tackles in 13 games in 2009

DE 58 Demarcus Dobbs
Appeared in 12 games, had 1 sack, 2 TFL
NT 94 DeAngelo Tyson Jr.

5.5 TFL and 4.5 sacks in ’09, 13 starts
OLB 83

ILB 51
Cornelius Washington

Christian Robinson

Akeem Dent
Only started four games in 2009
Battling former starter Darryl Gamble
ILB 45 So.
Ahead of leading tackler Marcus Dowtgin




Brandon Boykin
Return dynamo had 3 picks and 6 PBU
Bacarri Rambo
Fierce hitter who had 25 tackles in ‘09
Nick Williams
Transitions to safety from WLB


OLB 42 Justin Houston Jr. CB 25 Vance Cuff Sr.
Has freakish talent, 3-4 suits him well 1 start in ’09, 21 tackles and 2 PBU

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DT Jeff Owens & Kade Weston LB Rennie Curran S Reshad Jones & Bryan Evans
DT Geno Atkins CB Prince Miller

Although the Georgia defense gave In the state of Georgia and in Graduation hit the defensive line
up more points than it ever should surrounding states, there are so many fairly hard, but it also struck the

have, the defense did have some very outside linebacker types that it’d be secondary as well. It’s going to be an
good individual talent, especially in surprising if Georgia was unable to interesting group to watch this
the defensive line. find four linebacker types to go make season and key to the defense’s
plays out on the field. overall performance
With Owens, Weston and Atkins
Brandon Boykin is perhaps a better
moving on, it might be the perfect Well, that’s a question for the future,
return guy than he is a corner, but
time to transition over to a three man but in Justin Houston, the Dawgs
he’s one of the best return guys in the
front. already possessed one of the best pass
nation. He continues to improve his

rushers in the league and the ultimate
cover skills and is the type of play
DeMarcus Dobbs will have the chess piece in this 3-4 scheme. With
maker this defense needs to have out
most difficult time, in some sense, his 11 sacks in 2009, he’s the leading
on the edge.
with the new defense, moving “in” returning sack producer in the SEC.
from a 4-3 DE, playing on the edge, The safety position is going to be fun
to a 3-4 DE where he’s used more as a Akeem Dent must step up this to watch. FS Bacarri Rambo has
run stopper than pass rusher. But, his season and be a consistent force in one of the best names in college
quickness up front will open things the middle. He started ten games in football, but he’s a ruthless hitter in
up for different stunts and blitzes to 2008 and was a key factor on that the middle of the field. Exiting
his side. defense, but he suffered a hamstring spring practice, Nick Williams was
injury that left him with only 8 games the starter at strong safety after

DeAngelo Tyson will be key over in the 2009 season. When healthy, m o v i n g f r o m t h e we a k s i d e L B
the nose. He’s not the prototypical he can be an impact player in the position. If Williams can make the
“fat guy” over the nose, but he’s middle. Christian Robinson and transition, it’ll be a group that
sound fundamentally and plays hard. Cornelius Washington emerged intimidates and shuts down the
from spring ahead of former starters. middle of the field.
2009: 10-3, Lost to Ohio State in Rose Bowl
Pa c 10 C h a mp i o n s
Head Coach: Chip Kelly, 2nd Yr. @ Oregon - Record: 10-3
You’ll have to excuse Oregon problems over the past two season, but what

head coach Chip Kelly if he h a s n’t b e e n a
needs to get off the roller coaster p r o b l e m i s t h e Oregon’s Vital Signs
for just a little while. It’s been a Ducks play out on 2009 Results
wild 365 days - it included a season the field. Run Offense 231.7 ypg 6th
opening debacle in his first game as head Pass Offense 180.3 ypg 98th
coach up at Boise State, a scintillating Civil Now, that can all Total Offense 412.0 ypg 33rd
Wa r w i n o v e r O r e g o n S t a te , a Pa c 1 0 change with the Scoring Offense 36.1 ppg 8th
Championship, a Rose Bowl berth, a loss to dismissal o f Run Defense 128.7 ypg 42nd
Pass Defense 207.6 ypg 44th
Ohio State, a Paul Bear Bryant Coach of the Jeremiah Masoli.
Total Defense 336.3 ypg 35th
Year finalist nomination, January arrests for his The good news is Scoring Def. 23.8 ppg 51st
two stars and finally, his QB not adhering to the that LaMichael
goals set out for him and getting kicked off the Ja m e s d i d n’t 2010 Returning Starters
team. completely blow Off. Ret. Starters 9
h i s c h a n ce a n d Def. Ret. Starters 7
That’s all? Yeah, what, that wasn’t enough? returns to build
on his record breaking freshman season. No
The Ducks have had their share of off the field matter what happens, it’ll be another wild ride

Why #16? LaMichael James is back after a brilliant freshman season, best overall offensive line in
the Pac 10, athletes on defense, momentum generated by winning the Pac 10 in 2009

Why not higher? Former QB Jeremiah Masoli shot himself in the foot repeatedly and he’s gone,
road games in conference - USC and Oregon State (both want revenge), road trip to Tennessee early

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 New Mexico
Sep 11, 2010 @ Tennessee
Sep 18, 2010 Portland State
Sep 25, 2010 @ Arizona State
Oct 2, 2010 Stanford T h e Vo l u n te e r s UCLA is going to No t h i n g l i ke
have been through have one of the ruining your most
Oct 9, 2010 @ Washington St. as many ups and best defenses in hated rivals
downs as the the Pac 10, but big gest dreams.
Oct 16, 2010 BYE Ducks have had. ha ven’t had any No t o n c e , b u t
It’s just that the firepower to speak twice. However,
Oct 21, 2010 UCLA Ducks have won of on the offense this year ’s Civil
Oct 30, 2010 @ USC championships
and Tennessee has
side of the ball. If
UCLA does find
War takes place in
Covallis and the
Nov 6, 2010 Washington been average. A some offensive Beavers are
win over Oregon consistency, this looking for
Nov 13, 2010 @ Cal would be a major will be a whale of a revenge and a Pac
confidence boost Thursday night 10 Champ. The
Nov 20, 2010 BYE for Derek game in Eugene winner of this one
Dooley’s Vols. on national TV. wins the Pac 10.
Nov 26, 2010 Arizona
Dec 4, 2010 @ Oregon State
“I want to stay small, I don’t...
Honor Roll

2009 Pac 10 Off. Freshman of the Year

2009 Fresh All-American (FWAA &
Yr. Att Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs 2009 3rd team All-American (AP, TSN)
2009 230 1546 14 17 168 0 2009 1st team All-Pac 10 (media)
2009 2nd team All-Pac 10 (coaches)
2009 Team’s Most Outstanding

Newton’s third law of motion Quick to the perimeter,

essentially states that for Ja m e s ’ speed put pressure on every
every action there is an equal e d g e defender the Ducks faced.
and opposite reaction. That O n e player changed everything.
was never more evident than Defensive coordinators
after the Punch Heard Around the l o s t sleep wondering how
World. When LeGarrette Blount threw a James would hur t them next.
punch that essentially ended his season, it James helped lead the Ducks to the Pac
seemed as if that was it for the vaunted 10 title and a trip to the Rose Bowl for
Oregon running game. But, with Blount the first time since 1995.

out, confident Texan, LaMichael James,
finally got his shot and the Duck offense But, the offseason wasn’t kind to James
made an amazing transformation with his (and others you already kn0w
insertion into the starting offense. Blount’s about). After pleading guilty to a
punch (action) helped pave the way for James misdemeanor for a fight
(reaction). with his girlfriend,
James will sit out the first
With James at RB, the Ducks offense went game, but as most of you know, he
from stodgy to potent. Slow moving to didn’t play in last year’s first game
dangerous. Every time James touched the ball, either. Can he finish with another
he was THAT close to making a house call. 1,500+ yd. season? Don’t bet against him.

“...What he said...”
“They are different. They are totally different style of guys I think. He's (Rodgers)
really fast and can get out on the run. I don't know what his time, it's in the 100, but
this guy (James) is a 10.5 guy, so great breakaway speed, much like you've got the
best...but they are both smaller type guys.

They are different. Rodgers is a very unique style runner and he's got a real power
about him that jumps out at you as well as the speed and quickness and all the rest of
the stuff. He's just different I think. James is averaging 6.9 per carry so he is
obviously had tremendous games, a lot of big, long break out plays where he's leaving
guys in the dust. So there's huge problems with both guys and facing them.”

- Former USC head coach Pete Carroll comparing James and OSU’s Jacquizz Rodgers

...want anyone to get a clean hit”

QB Nate Costa
For the past two years,
Na te C o s t a h a s b e e n
6 ’1 ” 219 lb .
S en io r
but Costa is a
confident guy
Yr. Cmp Att Yds TDs Int. Att Yds. TDs
2006 5 5 73 0 0 7 39 0 Star Watch

2008 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2009 20 33 197 1 1 16 40 1
nothing but an interested observer, well, for the who now has the reins for this offense. But, for
most part as he watched Jeremiah Masoli lead how long? Is he going to the guy over Darron
the Ducks to a Pac 10 Championship. But, Thomas? If Costa is the Man at QB, it’ll be
Masoli couldn’t keep it together off the field interesting to see how much of last year’s
and the beneficiary is Costa. gameplan is utilized with Costa. He’s a better
thrower, so expect the Ducks to continue to
There might be plenty of panic for O nation, stretch teams horizontally, just without as
much option.

f QB 7
Nate Costa

LaMichael James
Won’t be Masoli... that’s good and bad
RB 21 So.
Ran for Pac-10 Fr. record with 1,546
TE/Receivers Offensive Line
WR 23

WR 80
Jeff Maehl
Leading Duck receiver with 53 rec in ‘09
Lavasier Tuinei
Led receivers with 30 yds rec in Rose Bowl
WR 10 D.J Davis




Bo Thran
Rotary Lombardi Award Watch List
Carson York
2nd team Freshman A-A by
C 54 Jordan Holmes



Had 23 catches and 2 TDs in 2009 Team co-captain, started all 13 games
TE 42 David Paulson Jr. RG 79 Mark Asper Jr.
Key contributor in ’09, 12 receptions Best run blocker on team, strong as an ox
RT 68 C.E Kaiser Sr.
Started 12 games in ’09, 22 career starts
Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses
QB Jeremiah Masoli (booted) TE Ed Dickson NONE
RB LeGarrette Blount

The Ducks backfield was absolutely Although former Oregon WR Jamere Sure, Oregon fans panicked when
brilliant AFTER the first game of the Holland took the Masoli Road i.e they found out Masoli had been
season. Yes, that one. getting kicked off the team - being a suspended for the season, but they
Facebook butthead, really, the Ducks only had to look at the Oklahoma
Part of the reason that the offense aren’t lacking for effective receiving Sooners in 2009 to gain a little
went to a different level was the fact options. comfort. Wait, what?
that LaMichael James’ speed
changed the way the Ducks wanted But, if the Ducks do throw the ball We l l , t h e S o o n e r s r e t u r n e d a
to attack defenses. Whereas the more this season, one of these guys s upe rs ta r qu ar te rb ack and o ne
powerful LeGarrette Blount was must be a true go-to receiver. o f f e n s i v e l i n e m a n . It w a s a

nothing but blunt trauma when he nightmare. My point is what would
ran, he didn’t put pressure on the That might be Jeff Maehl. He led your choice be - an entire offensive
edges, the way James did. the team in receptions last year and line returning in tact or a quarterback
O r e g o n S t a te f a n s w i l l a l w a y s returning with no OL starters?
With Masoli gone, will James still remember seeing #23 running free Pretty simple answer really.
have the same effectiveness? Great down the field for a key first half
question, but expect him to still find touchdown in the Ducks 37-33 win for This group got better and better
room to run. With Nate Costa or the Pac 10 Championship. throughout the 2009 season. Tackle
Darron Thomas under center and Bo Thran is perhaps the best of the

the way Chip Kelly likes to throw If i t ’s n o t Ma e h l , i t m i g h t b e bunch, but Carson York will be the
quickly, the Ducks can still make 53 Lavasier Tuinei. He’s got to be best, most NFL ready lineman when
yards (width of field) work well for more consistent catching the football he graduates in three years. Jordan
them. Keep an eye on backup RB but he’s a physical beast (6’5”) and can Holmes is the leader in the middle,
Kenjon Barner and true freshman hurt teams in a number of different while Mark Asper and C.E Kaiser
Lache Seastrunk. places out on the field. hold down the right side.
Star Watch

h e a r d
y o u ’ v e
b e f o r e . 2007
LB Casey Matthews
S en io r
6 ’ 2 ” 237 lb.

Matthews is the perfect
fit in this defense. He’s
not the biggest linebacker
and he doesn’t have a
P l e n t y o f 2008 67 13 2 0 classic defensive line in
times before. It’s just 2009 81 4.5 3 1 front of him, but, as his
that you’ve seen it at Pops and his bro both
USC. Father Clay and brother Clay were proved, he knows where to be and understands
stalwarts for Pac 10 rival USC, but Casey, like what a team is doing to attempt to exploit the
his younger brother, developed a little later and defense. It’s what we call a high football IQ.
has found a home in Eugene as the leader of But, Matthews is used to make plays behind the
the Ducks defense. line of scrimmage. The defense is going to have
to pick up the slack in 2010 and it starts with a
A 2nd team All-Pac 10 selection as a junior, name you’ve heard - Matthews.

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 45 Terrell Turner
One of strongest members of team
DT 88 Brandon Bair
Had 45 tackles, led the DL in 2009
DT 99 Zac Clark
Played in 13 games, 18 tackles & 1 TFL


OLB 56 Josh Kaddu
Depth here helped push E. Pleasant to S
ILB 55 Casey Matthews
2nd team All-Pac 10 selection in ‘09
OLB 35 Spencer Paysinger
Hon. Mention All-Pac 10 (coaches)



37 Talmadge Jackson III Sr.
Tied for 4th in Pac 10 with 4 picks

John Boyett

Eddie Pleasant
Moves from LB to SS, 8 TFLs
Future star in making, always around ball
DE 58 Kenny Rowe Sr. CB 3 Cliff Harris So.
LB size, DE motor, Hon. Men All-Pac 10 Was going to redshirt, played last 7 games

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DT Blake Ferras NONE CB Walter Thurmond
DE Will Tukuafu S T.J. Ward

Two things stand out about a Chip Playing the game fast is the mantra A couple of key injuries early in the

Kelly coached team. One, it plays the across the board and the linebacking 2009 season opened the door for
game fast. Two, what you think is corps has bought into that message. some young players to get an
normal is nowhere near being normal. opportunity. What it also did was
Case in point, this defensive line. As mentioned above, Casey make 2010 a year when there’s a ton
Matthews is the bell cow of the of experience coming back with
6’7” defensive tackles. Linebacker linebacking unit. He should be a depth in the back four.
s i z e d d e f e n s i v e e n d s . No 3 0 0 First team All-Pac 10 performer after
pounders. Guys who play quick and his 81 tackle season in 2009. He’s a Safety John Boyett was the biggest

fast, not fat guys who plug gaps. student of the game and rarely seen beneficiar y of an injur y. When
out of the picture. Wait, what? superstar T.J Ward went down with
The star of the unit is the undersized Watch the Ducks defensive cut-up an ankle injury, the freshman Boyett
but highly productive Kenny Rowe film from last year - how many times jumped right into the lineup and was
at defensive end. Speed is his game do you see a play within 8 yards of the stellar. When Ward returned, it was
and pass pressure is his game. It’s not line of scrimmage and NOT see difficult to get Boyett out of the
a thinly veiled secret; he’s there to Matthews nearby? Not often. lineup. He’s a star in the making
rush the QB, that’s it. If he provides going into his second season.
anything to bolster the Ducks run Spencer Paysinger is a former
defense, that’s a gift. receiver (and hated in Norman, OK When Walter Thurmond went down

b u t i t ’s n o t h i s f a u l t ) w h o ’s with an injury, Talmadge Jackson
Brandon Bair looks like a power transitioned well to the outside had to take over as the #1 cover
forward, plays like a defensive end linebacker position. He can run, corner, while Cliff Harris essentially
and plays defensive tackle, and does it obviously, but he’s shown an uncanny took off his redshirt and started the
well. He can’t sit in the gaps and play ability to play in space and make rest of the season. Now, those two
off blocks, he has to move and slant. plays. both return with solid futures ahead.
“Put the Film on, Bro”
Oregon’s “Zone Read Option” w/slot as pitch man



Although the “zone read” has been in vogue for To counter the QB runs upfield, teams started
the past eight to ten years, it’s truly grew in taking the QB away when the defensive end
stature after Vince Young ran it as well as he did in “crashed” down the line by having the backside
the Texas Longhorns’ 2005 national championship linebacker/nickel back stay home and wait for the
season. QB to run right back to him. So, Kelly, being a
spread offense guru put in the wrinkle that you see
Oregon’s Chip Kelly has taken the zone read
above - the zone read with an option pitch to the
concepts to a different level and that was evident
slot wide receiver.
in the de facto Pac-10 championship game against
Oregon State. Throughout the game, the Ducks’
The play starts as it always does and looks exactly
Jeremiah Masoli, alongside whippet quick RB
like the traditional zone read. When the
LaMichael James, conducted the zone read to a T.
defensive end crashes, the QB pulls the ball and
Things may change a bit with Nate Costa or
starts downfield. As the nickel back/linebacker
Darron Thomas at QB, but not as much as you’d
takes a dead run to the QB, #24 Kenjon Barner
“moonwalks” back into pitch relation with the
QB, something the nickel back/linebacker doesn’t
Now, the concept of the zone read is quite easy -
see. The QB flattens out a bit to make sure he has
traditional zone concepts for the OL. The
the proper pitch relationship with Barner. When
defensive end crashes, the QB pulls the ball. If
the backer darts toward the QB, he flips the ball
DE stays wide, the RB gets the ball. As you can
to a wide open Barner. This play accounted for a
see above, if the defensive end (in the blue dotted
first down every time the Ducks ran it against the
circle) crashes down the line on James (#21) as he
Beavers and it won’t be the last time you see the
takes a potential zone read handoff, the QB pulls
zone read with a pitch to the slot.
the ball and makes a bee line downfield where that
DE had vacated, running into wide open space.
2009: 8-5, Beat Northwestern in Outback Bowl
T i e d f o r 4 t h i n S E C We s t
Head Coach: Gene Chizik, 2nd Yr. @ Auburn - Record: 8-5
When Gene Chizik stepped off pains and all, is going to be a major factor in

the plane on his first day as the SEC for a
Auburn’s head coach, there were good while. Auburn’s Vital Signs
a handful of “fans” who heckled 2009 Results
him as the new Auburn head coach. W h a t Au b u r n Run Offense 212.0 ypg 13th
It’s hard to know exactly what to does this season Pass Offense 219.8 ypg 56th
call those people (without using a word I can’t) will d e p e n d Total Offense 431.8 ypg 16th
that stood outside the airport to await Gene heavily o n Scoring Offense 33.3 ppg 17th
Chizik’s arrival back to Auburn in 2009. w h e t h e r J U C O Run Defense 156.1 ypg 78th
Pass Defense 218.0 ypg 57th
superstar and
I suppose the best word I would use to describe Total Defense 374.1 ypg 68th
f o r m e r F l o r i d a Scoring Def. 27.5 ppg 79th
those “fans”...wrong.
Gator Cameron
Now, don’t get me, well, wrong, this is still a Newton can be 2010 Returning Starters
program growing and maturing under a second the star Auburn Off. Ret. Starters 8
year head coach, in the same division (and same fans all envision. Def. Ret. Starters 8
state) as the 2009 National Champions. But, If h e ’s s p e c i a l ,
Chizik proved last season that Auburn, growing there’s no telling where Auburn can go in 2010.

Why #17? An experienced offensive line, led by Lee Ziemba and Ryan Pugh, a potent group of
receivers, easy out-of-conference schedule, six of first eight games are on the Plains, only 4 roadies

Why not higher? Alabama is still a beast and that game is in Tuscaloosa this year, is there a true
game changer on offense, QB position up in the air - Cameron Newton or Neil Caudle.

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 Arkansas State
Sep 9, 2010 @ Mississippi St.
Sep 18, 2010 Clemson
Sep 25, 2010 South Carolina
Oct 2, 2010 ULM Last year, Auburn Auburn’s got a two Alabama is far and
went to F’ville and game losing streak above the SEC’s
Oct 9, 2010 @ Kentucky got throttled. As to LSU, including best team, but as
Oct 16, 2010 Arkansas if the Tigers need last y e a r ’s Au b u r n p r o v e d
more motivation, embarrassing 31-10 last year, it’s not
Oct 23, 2010 LSU SEC media and loss. Considering infallible. Auburn
coaches have the road trip fell prey to a last
Oct 30, 2010 @ Ole Miss selected Arkansas round robin for minute ‘Bama
as the #2 team in Arkansas, LSU drive for the game
Nov 6, 2010 Chattanooga t h e S E C We s t and Auburn, the winner. This year,
Nov 13, 2010 Georgia behind Alabama.
Jordan-Hare will
loser of this one is
presumably out of
the pressure will
be squarely on
Nov 20, 2010 BYE be primed for
Ryan Mal lett &
the race for 2nd in
the West. Winner
Alabama, which is
the slight opening
Nov 26, 2010 @ Alabama company. still has a shot. Auburn may need.
“I can’t speak for everybody else...

Honor Roll
2009 Second team All-SEC (Coaches)
2009 Hon. Mention All-SEC (Media)
2007 Freshman All-SEC
2007 First team Freshman All-American (CFN)
2007 First team Freshman All-American (TSN)
The quote sandwiching this write-up on Lee he’s extremely talented and actually fits into
Ziemba, in some sense, speaks to the fickle Gus Malzahn’s offense fairly well.
nature of SEC football fans. Here’s a decorated
left tackle who has a solid NFL future in front He’s as big as a house and can be relatively stiff
of him; yet, he’s been a focal point for criticism in pass protection, but he can really move in
due in large part to a plethora of penalties he’s run blocking. And, by move, he’s as quick as
racked up throughout his three years as a any other tackle zone blocking the edge or
starter. moving up to the second level (linebacker
level). He needs work on delivering a blow and
Of course, without him, the Auburn line would finishing his blocks, but rarely can a left tackle
be in a world of hurt, but that’s not what most get to the spots on the field in run blocking
fans see (most Alabama fans are still screaming that Ziemba can.
at Ziemba for the phantom holding call that
wasn’t against ‘Bama in last year’s game on With a rookie “mobile” quarterback behind
Terrell Zachery’s long touchdown run in the him, the pressure is on Ziemba to make his
first quarter). Regardless of how a few fanatics QB’s life easy in the pocket. Only then will
look at Ziemba, the truth of the matter is that Ziemba be fully appreciated.

“...What he said...”
"What he's trying to do now is to develop his game to the point where he can be one of the
best offensive linemen in the country. The difference between being a very good offensive
lineman and being a great one, a lot of times, is because of the small technical details.
He's a lot further along this year than he was at this point last year."

-Auburn Offensive Line coach Jeff Grimes on Ziemba

...he’s not under-appreciated by us”

WR Darvin Adams
6 ’3 ” 2 05 lb .
J u n ior
No t h i n g l i ke h a v i n g receptions
things change overnight. Yr. Rec YDS TDs in 2009 and
Or from one season to 2008 3 18 0 can have an Star Watch

the next. As a freshman, 2009 60 997 10 even more
Darvin Adams was a little outstanding season in
used wide receiver in a scheme, well, in 2008, 2010.
no one’s really sure what scheme the Tigers
were supposed to be running. It was a mess. He looks lanky; suppose that most would call
Regardless, as Gus Malzahn took over as the him “wiry”. However, he’s strong going up for
Tigers offensive coordinator and installed a true the ball and can be a superb pro prospect. He
spread attack, it opened things up in a major is quick to get separation and can get open in a
way for the 6’3” Adams. He had 20 times more number of different areas on the field.

f QB 2
Cameron Newton
JUCO A-A must hold off Neil Caudle
RB 27 Mario Fannin
With Tate gone, it’s Fannin’s show
HB 32 Eric Smith


TE/Receivers Offensive Line
WR 89

WR 81

WR 80
Darvin Adams

Terrell Zachery

Emory Blake
Nothing in ’08, dangerous as can be in ‘09
67 yard TD run on reverse vs. ‘Bama in ‘09


Lee Ziemba
Could be best OL in the SEC.
Byron Isom
18 career starts, 11 last season
C 50 Ryan Pugh



Started 7 times, but only 20 carries in ‘09 1 start, 8 receptions in ‘09 He and M. Pouncey (UF) are two best in SEC
RG 66 Mike Berry Sr.
48.5 pancakes last season, 13 starts
RT 75 Brandon Mosley Jr.
JUCO standout must fit in with 4 seniors

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

QB Chris Todd TE Tommy Trott T Andrew McCain
RB Ben Tate

The one thing coaches always want, When Auburn head coach Gene There might be a better offensive line
no matter how talented or how Chizik hired offensive coordinator in the nation, but you’ll get a long and
experienced players are, is Gus Malzahn to run the true spread a r d e n t a r g u m e n t f r o m Au b u r n
competition. Well, look no further attack, many scoffed that Auburn faithful as t0 the future success of the
than the Tigers backfield for the would struggle to do so without Tigers’ offensive line.
epitome of competition. gamebreaking receivers. Fast forward
to preseason 2010 and that statement Georgia and Florida each have some
After Gus Malzahn helped turn Chris
is quite foolhardy. solid candidates for All-SEC honors,
Todd into a legitimate threat at QB,
b u t Au b u r n h a s t wo d e f i n i t i v e
he’ll have to do it again with either
Dar vin Adams was the team’s candidates for honors - Lee Ziemba

Cameron Newton or Neil Caudle.
leading receiver as a sophomore in and Ryan Pugh.
Newton was recruited to play in this
2009. He finished the year with just
scheme out of junior college, while
under 1,000 yards receiving, and over Ziemba is a definite early round
Caudle was recruited by the previous
16 yards per reception. prospect at tackle, but if there’s a
staff. And yet, at the end of spring,
concern, it’s the number of penalties
the anointed one Newton was barely
Terrell Zachery is nearly Adams’ he’s committed the past three years.
hanging on to the starting job.
twin. The two look identical out on He’s a legit stud, often times playing
Well when there are a number of RBs the field, but which one are teams on the edge with little assistance/help
it’s called depth. Mario Fannin and going to take away with double against a team’s best pass rusher.

Onterrio McCalebb return after coverage? Regardless, Zachery and
the departure of Ben Tate. But, most Adams accounted for 75% of all the Pugh is the consummate leader in the
fans are clamoring to see tr ue Tigers receptions to wide receivers middle. He h a n d l e s a l l t h e
freshman Michael Dyer, future and “tight ends”. Just as with the communication up front and is solid
Auburn superstar. Or present, who RBs, keep an eye on Trovon Reed, a both in the run game and in pass
knows? It’ll be fun to watch. true frosh with playmaking skills. protection.
Star Watch
J o s h
Bynes is
never at a 2007
LB Josh Bynes
J u n ior
Tackles TFL
5’ 11” 2 21 lb.

Fo r m e r A l a b a m a L B
Rolando McClain wasn’t
the state’s only linebacker
to maintain full control of
loss for 2008 53 3 0 3 his defense in the middle.
w o r d s , y o u ’ l l n e v e r 2009 104 6 1 1
mistake his confidence for cockiness. His Bynes is constantly gesturing, motioning,
orating skills are used mostly to lead this moving, gyrating and leading his charges. But,
Auburn defense. when the ball is snapped, he’s closing in a hurry
on ball carriers. He sets the physical tone for
Bynes nearly doubled his tackle output in 2009, the defense with the way he strikes ball
taking over as the unquestioned leader of the carriers. But, most importantly, he’s Auburn
Tiger defense in 2009. defensive coordinator Ted Roof out on the field

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 45 Antoine Carter
1.5 sacks and 4.5 TFL during ‘09
DT 93 Mike Blanc
3rd on team with 6.5 TFL in ‘09
DT 90 Nick Fairley
Replaces underrated Jake Ricks inside


OLB 46 Craig Stevens
Perhaps most dynamic of the LB corps
ILB 17 Josh Bynes
Leading tackler for Tigers in 2009
OLB 25 Daren Bates
Hybrid LB/S, gives D a ton of versatility




Neiko Thorpe
Made play to save Outback Bowl win
Zac Etheridge

T’Sharvan Bell
Led the Tigers in interceptions in ‘09

Can he bounce back from horrific neck inj.?
DE 49 Mike Goggans Sr. CB 2 Aairon Savage Sr.
Starter in ’08, bit player in 2nd half of ‘09 Similar to Etheridge, coming off of major inj.

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DT Jake Ricks NONE CB Walter McFadden
DE Antonio Coleman

The two losses from 2009’s defensive This year’s most experienced, and The question marks in the secondary

line are, figuratively and literally, big. least risky unit, outside of the are about health, not about ability. At
Impact defensive tackles like Jake offensive line, is the linebacker unit least for two key members of the
Ricks are tough to find, while for Auburn. secondary.
dynamic pass rushers like Antonio
Coleman aren’t growing on trees. It all starts with Josh Bynes at Mike The only true healthy returning
linebacker. The vocal leader. The starter is Neiko Thorpe, who saved
However, don’t go crying in your beer attitude. The focal point. Bynes had the Outback Bowl last season with a
for Auburn defensive coordinator Ted a fantastic 2009 season, paving the game ending tackle on a fake field

Roof. It’s not needed in the slightest. way for a truly special 2010. He’s goal attempt. Opposite Walter
quick to the football, explodes McFadden last year, he got his fair
The New A.C is Antoine Carter, a through ball carriers and does a solid share of action, but has been solid.
senior, who is a blend of pure speed job getting off of blocks. I like what
and powerful speed. Take your pick. he does for this defense. The injury questions start with Zac
He can run, but can he generate the Etheridge. The hard hitting safety
amount of pressure that Coleman did The outside spots are, well, left last year’s Ole Miss game on a
off the edge? interesting. On one side, Craig stretcher and didn’t return. He’s
Stevens is a good looking athlete. been medically cleared and is a bona
Mike Blanc and Nick Fairley He runs well and can play up at the fide star if he’s right. No one will

should fill Ricks’ shoes ably. They’re line in some Bear 46 fronts across know, including Etheridge, if he is
both beasts getting off of blocks and from the tight end. Daren Bates is until that first hit of the season.
can actually generate some pressure on the other side, playing a
at the feet of the quarterback. c o m b i n a t i o n l i n e b a c ke r / s a f e t y Aairon Savage missed the year last
Although Fairley wasn’t a starter, he’s position on the other. Suffice it to season, but is primed to return at
perhaps more productive inside. say, these three guys can fly. cornerback opposite Thorpe.
2009: 8-5, Beat East Carolina in Liberty Bowl
T i d e f o r 4 t h i n S E C We s t
Head Coach: Bobby Petrino, 3rd Yr. @ Arkansas - Record: 13-12
When Houston Nutt left for The defense, though, is quite another story.

Oxford, following the 2007 Last year ’s unit
season, he didn’t leave much in gave up over 400 Arkansas’ Vital Signs
the cupboard for new head coach yards of total 2009 Results
Bobby Petrino. But, it’s not as if offense and got Run Offense 131.8 ypg 81st
Pe t r i n o h a s n’t w a l ke d i n to s o m e shredded. Def. Pass Offense 295.5 ypg 10th
“unique” situations before. Fast forward 2 years C o o r d i n a t o r Total Offense 427.3 ypg 20th
and the Hogs, under the leadership of Petrino, Willy Robinson Scoring Offense 36.0 ppg 9th
are primed to be a major player in the SEC has his hands full Run Defense 152.7 ypg 73rd
West. this year, but if Pass Defense 248.5 ypg 99th
Total Defense 401.2 ypg 89th
this unit matches Scoring Def. 25.1 ppg 58th
However, Petrino wasn’t making his mark with
the o f f e n s e ’s
Casey Dick at quarterback, hard as though
p r e d i c t e d 2010 Returning Starters
Petrino tried to succeed with Dick at QB. He
production, this Off. Ret. Starters 9
just had to wait one year to get his man. The
could be a ten win Def. Ret. Starters 6
Razorbacks are ready for prime time because of
te a m a n d p u s h
one man - Ryan Mallett. He led the SEC
Alabama for top honors in the West. If not?
with 3,624 yards passing and was the proverbial
Hello, Liberty Bowl...yet, again.
straw stirring the drink.

Why #18? Ryan Mallett and Bobby Petrino. Yep, that is all...well, receiving corps, too.

Why not higher? Alabama. A porous defense that doesn’t have a single play-making impact worthy
player, road trips to Georgia and Auburn could turn a 9-3 team into 7-5 squad.

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 Tennessee Tech
Sep 11, 2010 ULM
Sep 18, 2010 @ Georgia
Sep 25, 2010 Alabama
Oct 2, 2010 BYE No respite for the If Alabama is as A tough year for
wear y, that’s for good as LSU would put its
Oct 9, 2010 Texas A&M sure. One week advertised, coach Les Miles
Oct 16, 2010 @ Auburn after traveling to ever yone in the on a definitive hot
face Georgia, the S E C We s t i s seat, making the
Oct 23, 2010 Ole Miss Hogs get a visit playing for second Ti g e r s t r i p t o
from the National place. And, this is Arkansas a must-
Oct 30, 2010 Vanderbilt champs. Last o n e o f t wo ke y win situation for
year’s browbeating L S U. A r k a n s a s
Nov 6, 2010 @ South Carolina in T-Town was an
games to
lost narrowly to
determine who
Nov 13, 2010 UTEP eye-opening
experience and
ends up in second. LSU in Baton
Rouge la st year
Au b u r n w a n t s
Nov 20, 2010 @ Mississippi St. another blowout
will sting going
desperately to turn and, again, a win
could mean 2nd
the tide of la st
Nov 27, 2010 LSU into a bye week. year’s U of A win. place. A loss? 4th.
“I think he’s going to be a better...
Honor Roll
Manning Award Finalist

2nd Team All-SEC (media and coaches)

2010 AutoZone Liberty Bowl MVP
SEC Offensive player of the week twice
Led the SEC in TD passes (30), passing
yards (278.8)
Threw 5 or more touchdown passes in a
game 3 times

Yr. Cmp Att Yds TDs Int.

2007 61 141 892 7 5
2009 225 403 3624 30 7

When you see Ryan Mallett Mallett - he’s under control. Relatively
throw the football for the speaking. He completed nearly 56% of his
first time, it makes you passes, which is a marked increase from his
jump out of your chair. freshman year at Michigan. But, that
The tight spiral. The percentage still doesn’t come close to what
effortless motion. The Petrino wants from his strong-armed signal
“whooooosh” out his hands. You caller. However, it’s a start.
remember guys who threw the ball
like him. Will Mallett tr ul y be a Heisman
candidate and lead Arkansas to a 10
The first one that comes to mind is win season? Well, flip that around -
f o r m e r Wa s h i n g t o n State QB Drew if he does lead Arkansas to a ten win
Bledsoe. He seemed to flick the ball out season, he most certainly will be a
of his hand and it went 60 yards. candidate. Ronnie Wingo is a
The scary thing for Arkansas’ solid option at RB, but he’s not a
foes is that Ma l l e t t is 1,000 yard rusher, so the Hogs
bigger, stronger and has an even more explosive offense will only go as far as Mallett’s right arm
cannon for a right arm. is going to take them.

But, there have been plenty of

quarterbacks who haven’t been able to
harness the howitzer they possess.
“...What he said...”
Those quarterbacks would be spraying “He’s a gym rat. He loves sports, he loves being out
stray bullets all over the yard and then there on the field. It’s not hard for him to get out
tracking down opponents who’ve come
there and watch the front, watch the coverage,
away with errant throws that resulted in
concentrate, see what’s happening.”
interceptions. In his first full year as a
starter, Mallett finished the year with
only seven interceptions, remarkable for -Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino on Mallett during
a guy who threw the ball over 400 times. spring practice, watching, observing and getting
something out of his spring, even though he sat out
That’s the one thing, under the guidance entirely.
of Bobby Petrino, that has changed for

...QB when he gets back”

WR Greg Childs
Arkansas has had its share
6 ’ 3” 217 lb .
J u n ior Joe Adams was
of decent pass catchers in All-SEC 2nd
its history. Chuck Dicus, Yr Rec Yds TDs team, while
going way back to the late 2008 18 273 2 J a r i u s Star Watch

1960s teams. Marcus 2009 48 894 7 Wright was
Monk was a good one in t h e O f f. M V P i n t h e
the past decade. Liberty Bowl last year. And, oh by the way, TE
D.J Williams is one of the best in the nation.
The best of the bunch may ultimately be
Childs, the junior who averaged over 18 yards But, Childs is the one who has defensive
per catch for the Razorbacks last season. The coordinators in a panic. He’s got NFL size and
only thing that could slow down Childs is the elusiveness. He can go up and get it. He
fact that he shares the limelight with one of the worked on his route running and, oh by the
best receiving corps in the nation. way, his QB is Ryan Mallett. It’ll be a great year

f QB 15
Ryan Mallett Jr.
Arguably #1 QB in the 2011 Draft class
RB 20 Ronnie Wingo So.
Averaged 6.5 ypc, 319 yards rushing
TE/Receivers Offensive Line
WR 85

WR 3
Greg Childs
Potential A-A season on horizon
Joe Adams
2nd team All-SEC in 2009, 29 rec.
WR 4 Jarius Wright


WT 73

WG 72
Ray Dominguez
Started 10 games in 2009 at tackle
Grant Cook
First year starter for the Hogs OL
C 60 Seth Oxner



Off. MVP in Liberty Bowl last year Started all 13 games at center in 2009
TE 45 D.J Williams Sr. SG 71 Wade Grayson Sr.
John Mackey Award candidate Started 10 games for the Hogs in ‘09
ST 65 DeMarcus Love Sr.
On 2010 Outland Trophy Watch list

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

RB Michael Smith NONE G Mitch Petrus

A backfield that includes Ryan Saying that Arkansas has the best set The Hogs only lose one starter from
Mallett pulling the trigger is almost of receivers/tight ends in the nation... last year’s offensive line, but he was a
automatically going to be one of the great one - Mitch Petrus.
a. You could make a strong argument
best in the nation, without question.
for that statement.
The remaining four fit into the Hogs
b. You would have a difficult time
Mallett’s one year at Arkansas was as offense well. Although it was year
refuting that statement.
successful as it possibly could’ve two in the Petrino offense, the group
been. What stands out more than Greg Childs is the guy who gets all showed it was transitioning well to
anything else was the fact that we’re the attention and it’s warranted, the pass/run balanced system. That
talking about one of the strongest without question. He averaged being said, they’ve got to improve on

arms in the game throwing only seven nearly 19 yards per reception last year the sack numbers - the 2009 line
interceptions. Typically, guys blessed so he’s a big play threat downfield. y i e l d e d 2 5 s a c k s l a s t y e a r, b u t
with howitzers will test that arm to Although Joe Adams missed some considering the fact that Mallett
the tune of, at least, double digit time early in the season with a heart dropped to throw the ball 420+ times,
interceptions. Not Mallett last year ailment, he was back in the lineup for that’s not a bad number.
under the leadership and guidance of ten games and proved he was a
Bobby Petrino. dependable, tough across the middle DeMarcus Love is perhaps the best
option. Add in Jarius Wright, player on the line. Good quickness
The question though may be whether second on the team with 41 and a nasty demeanor serve him well

Ronnie Wingo is the answer at receptions, and the receiving corps is at the team’s strong tackle spot. Ray
running back. He came on a bit at dynamite. Dominguez is a hulking run blocker
the end of last season and took on the other side. Seth Oxner and
Throw in DJ Williams, an A-A
advantage of teams playing a fifth Wade Grayson jump right back into
candidate and it’s a tremendous
defensive back, taking linebackers their spots on the line, but ably filling
group ready for a even bigger season.
out of the run defense. Petrus’ spot is a must.
Star Watch
Ask Arkansas
about the 2009
DE Jake Bequette

Tackles TFL
6 ’4 ” 2 80 lb .
J u n ior
It somewhat goes without
saying that
Razorbacks defense is the

p r o v e r b i a l “ f o r g o t te n
39 9 5.5 8
progress unit”. The pressure of
the Arkansas defense has made since 2009 and performance is squarely on the shoulders of
without question, the first name that comes up Bequette and the defensive line. Last year, the
is Jake Bequette. majority of pressure came from blitzing. When
the ‘D’ didn’t blitz, the secondary got shredded.
You don’t find a bunch of 6’4” 280 pound speed Bequette is the key. Teams won’t respect the
defensive ends coming off the edge. That’s pass rush until Bequette proves he can create
what Bequette is and his size and effort make pressure. When he does, it’ll open things up
him the key component for this defense in ’10. for the rest of the line. Can it happen? Has to.

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 91 Jake Bequette

Started eight games in 2009, 1 TFL

DT 95 Patrick Jones
Tied for team lead in sacks and TFLs
DT 61 Zach Stadther Jr.

Filling shoes of All-SEC M. Sheppard
OLB 31 Jerico Nelson
74 tackles and 6.5 TFL in 2009
ILB 53 Jermaine Love
Played in 3 games in 2009 season
OLB 46 Freddy Burton
143 career tackles, 12 in Liberty Bowl




Ramon Broadway
55 tackles, 2 TFL and 4 PBU in 2009
Tramain Thomas
Def. MVP of Liberty Bowl last year
Rudell Crim
Played entire 2009 season at CB.


DE 43 Tenarius Wright So. CB 21 Darius Winston So.
2009 All-SEC Freshman team, 7 TFL Played in four games in 2009

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DT Malcolm Sheppard LB Wendel Davis S Matt Harris
DE Adrian Davis

The Hogs defensive front hasn’t been Arkansas’ group of linebackers is the If the proof is in the pudding, or the

much to write home about the past most experienced of the defensive stats, the secondary was the weakest
few years. Add to that, the “best” units. It’s an athletic group that link on the worst defense in the SEC.
player, Malcolm Sheppard ran out of D e f e n s i v e C o o r d i n a t o r Wi l l y The pass defense was 12th in the
eligibility. Whereas this group Robinson uses in a myriad of ways, conference on the 12th ranked
doesn’t have a standout player, like but it’s got to be more consistent defense in the conference.
Sheppard, it’s a group that can top against the run, in particular.
last year’s due to sheer depth. Ouch.
Jerico Nelson wa s the team’s

DE Jake Bequette is perhaps the second leading tackler in 2009,
But, if there is a positive, well, it can’t
best candidate to be All-SEC. He’s a f i n i s h i n g o n l y b e h i n d Je r r y
get worse, can it?
motor, effort, never-quit player; plus Franklin, who is in a battle to start
he’s only a junior, so he’s can really at outside linebacker with Freddy
True, but the poor play in the back
grow this year coming off the edge. Bur ton. Nelson and Franklin
four last season forced the staff to
Tenarius Wright is the most overall combined for 168 tackles in 2009. In
make some changes in the personnel
talented edge rusher the Hogs have. fact, Franklin has led the Hogs for
and positions.
The two of them will be pushed by the past two seasons. Burton started
Damario Ambrose for time; either seven games last season. Perhaps all
Rudell Crim started all last season
way, he’ll be in the rotation. three start with Franklin or Burton
at cornerback, but he’ll transition

transitioning inside. Coming out of
Zach Stadther has the experience, over to safety. It opens up the
spring, though, Jermaine Love had
but don’t be surprised if the defensive cornerback spot for Darius
a slim lead for this spot.
tackle position is manned by some Winston or Isaac Madison. Elton
freshmen. If this defense struggles This group can be mixed and Ford started eight games, but he’ll
mightily, it might be because of the matched in a lot of different ways, start the season behind Tramain
DTs. which is good news. Thomas at safety.
2009: 7-6, Beat West Virginia in Gator Bowl
3 rd i n AC C At l a n t i c
Head Coach: Jimbo Fisher, 1st Yr. @ FSU
Sure, the Seminoles sent Bobby What it needs most of all is players. Ponder,
Bowden out the right way, CB Greg Reid

19 knocking off West Virginia in

t h e Ga to r B o w l , b u t i f y o u
watched any of the final three games
and G Rodney
Hu d s o n a r e ,
FSU’s Vital Signs
2009 Results
arguably, the best Run Offense 149.5 ypg 59th
of the season, you had to wonder what at their positions Pass Offense 271.9 ypg 25th
the heck had gone wrong with this program. in the ACC, but is Total Offense 421.4 ypg 28th
there much else? Scoring Offense 30.1 ppg 32nd
Run Defense 204.6 ypg 108th
Okay, so I’ll give you the fact that QB
Pass Defense 230.0 ypg 77th
Christian Ponder was on the shelf with an Where the ‘Noles
Total Defense 434.6 ypg 108th
injury, but that doesn’t even begin to explain struggled mightily Scoring Def. 30.0 ppg 94th
the debacle that was taking place on the other was getting off
side of the ball. In all, the 6-6 regular season the field. Often 2010 Returning Starters
put Bowden on the fast track to retirement and c o n f u s e d Off. Ret. Starters 7
Jimbo Fisher in the catbird’s seat. And, it’s this defensively, the Def. Ret. Starters 6
“shot” of Fisher that can be the tonic that this unit needed help
program needed. and a kick in the butt. Hello, Mark Stoops.

Why #19? The return of dark horse Heisman candidate QB Christian Ponder, the five returning
starters on OL, the defense gets a shot of Stoops - Mark Stoops, only 2 road games after October 9th

Why not higher? The secondary is a sieve, there are no game changers on the defense, with the
exception of perhaps Greg Reid, the run game’s consistency is still at issue, early matchup with OU.

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 Samford
Sep 11, 2010 @ Oklahoma
Sep 18, 2010 BYU
Sep 25, 2010 Wake Forest
Oct 2, 2010 @ Virginia Fa cin g S am f ord Payback is a, well, FSU faces only
isn’t going to do you know the rest. o n e t r u e AC C
Oct 9, 2010 @ Miami (FL) anything at all for M i a m i c a m e to Atlantic division
F S U, e s p e c i a l l y threat on the road
Oct 16, 2010 Boston College with the Sooners
Tal laha ssee la st
- NC State. On a
year and stole the
Oct 23, 2010 BYE on the horizon the
following week.
opener. It was an Thursday night in
Raleigh, anything
offensive display
Oct 28, 2010 @ NC State OU is looking to
unlike anything
can happen,
bounce back and a especially with
Nov 6, 2010 North Carolina win over a solid we’re used to Russell Wilson at
FSU squad is a seeing when these QB for State. But,
Nov 13, 2010 Clemson must. Suffice it to two do battle. FSU is coming off
say, FSU is headed That may not of a bye week and
Nov 20, 2010 @ Maryland i n t o a h o r n e t ’s change in 2009 should be primed
Nov 27, 2010 Florida nest. down in Miami. and ready.
Christian “The expectations are high...
Yr. Cmp Att Yds TDs Int. Att Yds TDs

2007 8 18 105 1 2 5 51 0
2008 177 318 2006 14 13 119 423 4
2009 227 330 2717 14 7 72 179 2

Coming from the state of Texas, playing situation. On a Thursday night in Kenan
his college ball in the state of Florida, Stadium against the Tar Heels, Ponder and
Christian Ponder carries a ton of pressure the Noles were in such a situation.
on his shoulders. But, it pales in Down 17-6 at the half, the Seminoles
comparison to the pressure he’s looked dead. A TJ Yates 10-yard TD
must feel run should’ve been the nail in the
a t te m p t i n g to coffin. But, Ponder didn’t let the
turn around Seminoles quit. For the rest of
Florida State the 2nd half, Ponder lit up the

football. A program that was a fixture in supposed vaunted UNC defense

the top five nearly ever y with 3 touchdowns, finishing the The fall was, night with 395 yards passing in a
perhaps, more precipitous than people 30-24 come-from-behind win.
anticipated after the Chris Rix years and the Will that night be Ponder’s
FSU “reclamation project” has fallen into career turnaround
the hands of head coach Jimbo Fisher, moment like it was for
with Ponder as his lead architect. Charlie Ward against Georgia Tech in
1992? Not quite to that degree, but it
His injury sent Florida State’s did give all of us a clearer picture of
offense into a tailspin at the end o f how good Ponder can tr ul y be this
last season, but his return in 2 0 1 0 season.
could spell a resurgence for t h e
S e m i n o l e s . Po n d e r
reminds me of a young “...What he said...”
Matt Schaub, with a l i t t l e b i t m o r e
mobility in the pocket. He has the ability to “Honestly I don’t pay that much
make something happen if the play’s original attention to what other people do,
especially if it’s a different position.
design breaks down. He’s not going to scare
Maybe I’ll compare myself to what the
any DCs running the ball, but he’ll find a way to other quarterbacks are doing, but I
move the chains. He’s accurate with the don’t really keep up with specifics.
football and truly grew on me throughout the When you start comparing yourself to
other people it becomes a distraction
2009 season. He throws a catchable ball with and start putting unnecessary pressure
some zip and has a nice touch on his deep on yourself to perform so I don’t really
throws. get in the habit of doing it too much.”
-Ponder on the attention he may gather, including
a dark horse run at the Heisman
But, a quarterback is going to be evaluated on
what he does in crunch time or in a tough

...we’re set to play pretty well”

RB Chris Thompson
For a school that spit out So phomore
5 ’ 8” 18 6 lb .
Now, it’s going to
top notch running backs be Chris
for a couple of decades, Yr. Att Yds TDs Rec. Yds. TD Thompson’s
the Florida S t a t e 2009 23 120 2 2 10 0 turn to see if Star Watch

Seminoles have lacked he can
some punch at this position for a while. Now, change the game for Florida State. Although
is the running back’s performance tied into the he sat behind Jermaine Thomas for much of
lack of offensive line talent and production? last year, the offensive staff feels like Thompson
Most certainly, but on the other hand, there gives them more of a chance to be explosive in
hasn’t been a guy that has put pressure on 2010. Thompson is reminiscent of a faster
opposing defenses the way Sammie Smith or Travis Minor. Quick, runs low to the ground,
Amp Lee or Edgar Bennett or Travis Minor or... good balance and has decent hands out of the
Well, you get the point. backfield. FSU fans would love another Minor.

f QB 7
Christian Ponder
For FSU to win 10, he has to be healthy
RB 23 Chris Thompson
May beat out starter Jermaine Thomas
FB 24 Lonnie Pryor


TE/Receivers Offensive Line
WR 83

WR 84

TE 88
Bert Reed

Rodney Smith

Beau Reliford
Closes thing to game breaker the ‘O’ has
Big, strong, physical WR - must step up




Andrew Datko
Looks like TE, plays like a star
Rodney Hudson

Ryan McMahon

The best guard in the nation. Period.

156 yds. rushing, 10 rec. & 1 TD in ‘09 11 rec as a backup, now he gets to start Should be candidate for Rimington Award
RG 79 David Spurlock Jr.
Nominated for All-ACC honors by coaches
RT 77 Zebrie Sanders Jr.
Been a starter since his true FR. year
Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses
NONE WR Rod Owens & Taiwan Easterling NONE
TE Caz Piurowski
The 2009 season disintegrated in a For the casual fans, it’s hard to think If there’s a bright spot on this offense

major way, well, after week one, but it of an FSU team without a quality not named Christian Ponder, it’s the
went into a free fall after Christian receiver out on the edge. offensive line that’s going to protect
Ponder threw his shoulder into the Seminoles signal caller.
Clemson’s DeAndre McDaniel after Kez McCorvey, Snoop Minnis, Peter
an interception and missed the rest of Warrick, Greg Carr, E.G Green. The Offensive line coach Rick Trickett
the season past 20 years have produced some of has a crew that might be the best in
the best receivers in the ACC, if not FSU’s recent history. In fact, Trickett
He says he’s 100% healthy and that’s
the nation. noted that last year, his five starters
great news because this offense a
all were nominated for All-ACC
chance to be one of the best in the
Those days have changed. Well, not honors for the first time in his
ACC with him under center Ponder

totally - it’s not as if there are a bunch legendary coaching career.
is a prototypical pocket passer who
of stiffs on the perimeter, but I don’t
has grown by leaps and bounds in the
know if this is a group that scares def. The star of the class is guard Rodney
three years since he took over
coordinators whatsover. Well, I know Hudson, who’s on my Ultimate 22
We all know that Ponder is the leader they don’t. team for this season. He’s not a
under center, but who’ll tote the massive, mud slide like most guards,
mail? Chris Thompson, from Bert Reed is no bigger than your but he plays with great technique and
nearby Madison County, is a pocket junior high son, but he caught 60 is as nasty as anyone that plays this
sized Travis Minor and emerged from passes in 2009, but he averaged only position.
s p r i n g p r a c t i c e a s t h e s t a r te r. 11.8 yards per game with those

Jermaine Thomas was the starter receptions and NO touchdowns. Andrew Datko, Ryan McMahon
in 2009 and won’t give up the Jarmon Fortson got kicked off the and David Spurlock have started
position that easily. He led the team, so Rodney Smith, who’s got for the past three years together, but
’Noles with 832 yards rushing in ’09. great size, must be a factor across the for all five to be together in 2010,
FB Lonnie Pryor is a hybird TB/FB, middle of the field. TE Beau Zebrie Sanders must prove to be
so he’ll get touches in this ‘O’. Reliford must make an impact. healthy after spring surgery.
Star Watch
When Greg
Reid changed
his mind Yr
on signing 2009
CB Greg Reid
5’ 11” 2 21 lb.
J u n ior
Tackles Sacks
23 0
The young play maker
was perhaps the only one
PBU w i t h a p e n c h a n t f o r
6 making plays on defense.
d a y , And, he didn’t even start.
turning down the Florida Whether that was on defense (2 picks) or in the
Gators for the FSU Seminoles, the FSU faithful return game, Reid proved, as a true freshman,
felt like perhaps the tables were turning in the that he has the ability to change games.
state of Florida.
At corner this year, he’s going to be on the spot,
Well, one recruit isn’t going to swing the but teams that challenge him are going to find
pendulum entirely to one side, but there were a that he’s up to that challenge. He’s not in the
lot of happy people when Reid ended up in T. Buck/Primetime class yet, but give the young

Tallahassee rather than in Gainesville. man a couple of years and you never know.

Defensive Line Linebackers Secondary

DE 98 Markus White Sr. OLB 16 Mister Alexander Sr. CB 5 Greg Reid So.
10.5 TFL in ’09, needs more than 2 sacks Replaces Dekoda Watson...maybe. Reminds FSU fans of great former CBs
DT 90 Moses McCray Jr. ILB 29 Kendall Smith Sr. FS 4 Terrance Parks So.
Started 9 games in 2009 2nd leading tackler in ’09 with 85 Played in only 9 games, 6 tackles
DT 99 Jacobbi McDaniel So. OLB 13 Nigel Bradham Jr. SS 10 Nick Moody So.

Madison County’s finest needs huge yr. Leading tackler in ’09 with 93 2 starts in ’09, had 33 tackles
DE 49 Brandon Jenkins So. CB 15 Ochuko Jenije Sr.
3 TFL as a backup in 2009 Sole returning starter, 4 picks in ‘09

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DT Everett Dawkins LB Dekoda Watson S Jamie Robinson & Korey Mangum
DE Craig Yarborough CB Patrick Robinson

Take a long hard look at the rushing After living in Florida and watching The Florida State secondary suffered

yards per game, the Seminoles yielded FSU football for a good long time, it’s the most personnel losses of any unit
in 2009. sad in some sense to see the on the team. And, depending on your
linebacker position take a step, or state of mind, that could be or bad.
204.6 ypg. three, backwards. This is supposed
to be Derrick Brooks, Marvin Jones The absence of Myron Rolle was felt
Really? That won’t happen again. and Tommy Polley territory. It hasn’t in 2009 without question. Jamie
Last year’s defensive front was as been. The FSU LB have been good, Robinson and Korey Mangum were
porous as any front in the last 30 but not great. That has to change for seemingly lost throughout the season.
years at FSU. Not one of the four this to be a next level team. I can’t tell you how many times I

starters was nominated for All-ACC remember seeing Mangum chasing a
Ke n d a l l S m i t h a n d Ni g e l
honors. play from behind because he blew a
Bradham have a shot to be
coverage or was totally lost reading a
difference makers. The two returning
Whether it’s a productive group or false key. And, Robinson was in a
starters had 178 tackles between them
not, this group will nearly similar boat. This year, inexperience
in 2009 and solidify this unit. But,
singlehandedly carry the fate of the will reign, but it’s a different scheme
with the varied way teams run the
entire team on its shoulders. Play under Mark Stoops. Nick Moody
ball in the conference, these guys
stout and tough - could be a should start at one spot, while
have to do a better job of making
championship year. Roll over like it Terrance Parks, Gerald Demps
plays at or around the line of

did last year and it’s an 7-5 year at and Jajuan Harley will fight for the
best. other.
Nigel Carr was projected to replace
Jacobbi McDaniel is the most Dekoda Watson, but he got booted At cornerback, the Noles should be
talented guy up front and at 6’, he’s a after getting arrested, so Mister in good shape. Greg Reid is a future
difficult DT to move. But, what else Alexander or Vince Williams will star and Ochuko Jenije is the
around him is there? Great question. fill Watson’s spot on the outside. secondary’s only returning starter.
2009: 8-5, Lost to Pitt in Meineke Car Care Bowl
4 t h i n AC C C o a s t a l
Head Coach: Butch Davis, 4th Yr. @ North Carolina - Record: 20-18
No one is ever going to feel sorry It’s not what Davis wants to deal with, nor
f o r B u tc h D a v i s , No r t h would any coach,

20 Carolina’s head coach. He’s had a

decorated coaching career. He
turned the University of Miami back
but he must now.
This is a team
UNC’s Vital Signs
2009 Results
oozing with NFL Run Offense 132.9 ypg 79th
into THE U. He got the Cleveland
first r o u n d Pass Offense 174.9 ypg 102nd
Browns to the playoffs - a miracle, it would
defensive talent. Total Offense 307.8 ypg 108th
seem. He’s even put North Carolina football
Howe ver, it’s a Scoring Offense 23.8 ppg 83rd
back on the map, if you will. Run Defense 95.6 ypg 10th
team with a QB Pass Defense 174.0 ypg 14th
But, for a guy who’s kept it clean and based his that has been up- Total Defense 269.6 ypg 6th
college coaching reputation on keeping it clean, and-down more Scoring Def. 17.1 ppg 13th
the timing of the NCAA investigation into his than a Six Flags
players’ communication/transgressions with an amusement ride. 2010 Returning Starters
agent couldn’t have come at a worse time. Off. Ret. Starters 10
Throw in a marijuana charge against star LB Davis has pulled Def. Ret. Starters 9

Quan Sturdivant two weeks prior and you his teams f rom
have a massive hornet’s nest stirred up three the proverbial wreckage before, and if he does
weeks before fall camp (charge was dropped) it this time, it could result in a Championship.

Why #20? More NFL talent than any team in the ACC, stout and talented defensive front seven,
solid and improving running game, only leave state of North Carolina once after October 23rd

Why not higher? This current investigation could overshadow the entire season, QB T.J Yates is a
liability (but it could mean Bryn Renner takes over), LSU opening game, road trips to Miami & FSU

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 LSU (ATL)
Sep 11, 2010 BYE
Sep 18, 2010 Georgia Tech
Sep 25, 2010 @ Rutgers
After watching Va. No one will ever The best matchup
Oct 2, 2010 East Carolina Tech and Clemson “own” Miami, but in the ACC this
get hammered in the Tar Heels have year is not a game,
Oct 9, 2010 Clemson Atlanta the past the past two years, per se. The tete-a-
two years by knocking Miami tete that I’m most
Oct 16, 2010 @ Virginia Alabama, North out of any looking forward to
Carolina figured it p o t e n t i a l watching this
Oct 23, 2010 @ Miami (FL) would take a shot championship season is UNC’s
Oct 30, 2010 William & Mary against
susceptible LSU
a c h a s e . U N C ’s
assets match up
front seven facing
Va. Tech’s talented
Nov 6, 2010 @ Florida State squad. A win
would mean a ton
well against
Miami’s liabilities
backfield trio. No
matter, the winner
Nov 13, 2010 Virginia Tech for the ACC and (i.e UNC’s DL vs. of the game hould
boost the Heels Miami’s OL), so it be in great shape
Nov 20, 2010 NC State confidence will be a battle. for a Coastal title.

Nov 27, 2010 @ Duke

“He can do whatever he wants...
Quan Sturdivant

Robert Quinn
Bruce Carter

Ask any college football emanating from

fan the following question - “so that room.
what team has the best front seven in Quinn is the type
the nation?” The answers are to be o f pass rusher that
expected. team’s drool over. He’s long
armed, quick as a cat and has a blazing fast first
Florida? USC? Ohio State? step. Wearing a skill players number #42 at
UNC, he’ll evoke comparisons to former star
In 2010, those are all wrong answers. The best Julius Peppers. He’s not as big, but he might be
front seven in the nation resides in Chapel Hill, a little quicker.
North Carolina, led by a foursome that includes
DE Robert Quinn, DT Marvin Austin, LB Austin hasn’t come close to reaching his
Quan Sturdivant and LB Bruce Carter. potential, but when he does, he’s a top 25 pick
as a 3-technique defensive tackle. This
If the names sound somewhat familiar, it’s investigation will raise some red flags, though.
because Austin and Sturdivant have been in the Although I do think he’s underachieved a great
headlines, lately, for potential transgressions off deal, he still is a manchild on the interior.
the field. The charges against Sturdivant have
been dropped, but if the “agent talk” about Sturdivant is the team’s tackling machine. Find
Austin is true, it could throw a major monkey the ball, make a tackle. He’s the guy who keeps
wrench into the plans for him and for this team. the game simple, but he’s not as physically
gifted as Quinn or Austin. Unfortunately, he’s
If the name Robert Quinn sounds familiar, it’s not as fast as Carter, one of the best play
because your local NFL team has a serious man makers on either side of the ball in the league.
crush on the Tar Heel defensive end. They Whether he’s making plays in space or blocking
can’t say it on the record, but walk past a GM’s kicks, Carter typically delivers one potential
office when he has film of Quinn going on the game changing play per game. He had 5
DVD player and you’l l hear the “lo ve” blocked kicks last year.

“...What he said...”
"We all agreed that next year can be the year. We believe we can be special, not only as
a defense, but as a team."

-North Carolina S Deunta Williams after three of the Fab 4 decided to stay for one more year,
along with Williams and Kendric Burney, who both thought about leaving for the NFL.

...when he wants”
WR Greg Little
Built like a Greek god,
J u n ior
6 ’3 ” 2 20 lb .
It was as if the
Greg Little was definitely Tar Heels
not built like a running Yr. Att Yds TDs Rec. Yds. TD s o l v e d
back. However, as the 2007 59 300 2 13 99 1 t w o Star Watch

Tar Heels struggled to problems
2008 78 339 3 11 146 0
find someone, anyone to in one when the two RBs
carry the football, the 2009 29 166 1 62 724 5 started producing. At
offensive coaching staff 6’3” and 220 lb, Little has
turned to Little to be that guy. He was average, the size to dominate ACC defensive backs.
but had his moments. Then, Shaun Draughn The only question nagging Little this season is
and Ryan Houston emerged as weapons in the what is his involvement with a sports agent.
offense and Little could move back over to He’s facing a similar problems that are facing
wide receiver. WR...where he has a chance to teammate Marvin Austin. If cleared, he’s in for
carve out a future at the next level. a huge season, if not, the offense will suffer.

f QB 13
T.J. Yates
Might, no should, be RSFr. Bryn Renner
RB 20 Shaun Draughn
Forms solid pair with Ryan Houston
FB 45 Devon Ramsey


TE/Receivers Offensive Line

WR 88


Greg Little
He’s a WR for good...finally
Erik Highsmith
37 receptions and 2 TDs in 2009
Zack Pianalto






Carl Gaskins

Alan Pelc

Jonathan Cooper
Injured during spring, but should be back
Started 13 games, injured missed spring

Basically he’s a guard playing fullback SHOULD be All-ACC, CAN be A-A Freshman A-A, moves to center in ‘10
RG 76 Travis Bond So.
As a true freshman, started in bowl game
RT 66 Mike Ingersoll Sr.
Started 12 of 13 games in 2009
Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses
NONE NONE T Kyle Jolly

Most of the, wait, all of the starting Now, that Greg Little has finally The Tar Heels offensive line isn’t
positions are set in stone going into found a home at receiver, the full going to move the needle whatsoever
the season. receiving corps is complete. as one of the top units in the nation.
But, it does have experience and has
Little is a beast in the middle of the
With the exception of one - the the potential to get better each and
field. No matter who is under center,
quarterback. T.J Yates emerged as every week. If Bryn Renner does
the Tar Heels have to be effective
the starter from last year’s fall camp, take over as the starting quarterback,
between the hashes downfield. If
but sitting in the wings was freshman he’s going to need as much assistance
they can’t throw the ball to the
Bryn Renner. Davis didn’t think reading defensive fronts and
middle of the field, forget it. Little is
that Renner was completely ready as coverages as possible. Furthermore,

the key to the middle of the field, as
a true freshman to take over. So, opening up holes in the run game
long as he’s on it
Ya t e s r e m a i n e d t h e s t a r t e r allows Renner to just turn and hand
throughout the season to the TE Zack Pianalto is the type of the ball off and get out of the way.
detriment of the Tar Heels. 15 threat I absolutely love. Athletic and
interceptions later, the question mark tough, he’s the other guy who can Leading the way is freshman All-
still lingers. Yates may be the starter make a proverbial living going across American Jonathan Cooper at
coming out of camp, but by the the middle. Although he was injured center. He’s moving over to that spot
opener, it may be Renner’s job for and missed a significant amount of after spending last year at guard. He
good. time, he had 33 receptions, nearly missed a couple of games with an

four a game. injury but has the talent to be a star
Shaun Draughn and Ryan in the ACC.
WR Erik Highsmith had a strong
Houston combined for 1,280 yards
freshman season and is a perfect
and 10 touchdowns. The running Alan Pelc is the most experienced of
complementary piece to Little, who
game is in good hands. The passing the bunch, but he’s coming off of
may have to take Little’s #1 spot.
game? Wait and see. spring surgery that shelved him.
Star Watch
T h
front Fab

4 gets all
t h e
FS Deunta Williams
6 ’2 ” 210 lb .
S en io r
of the nation’s top free
safeties. Trust me, you’ll
want to watch him this
season so you can say you
knew him when.
2008 65 3 3
publicity. 2009 47 6 8
Wow, when does that Whether it’s filling in the
happen? A bunch of grimy linemen get the alley in run support or playing in coverage,
headlines and the brilliant secondary stars stay Williams does both awfully well. Now, the
in the background? Chapel Hill anyway caveat is that Williams needs the assistance of
those linemen, but he can more than handle his
Well, at least for now. By the end of March and own in the back. He’s athletic and smart and
the beginning of April, 2011 you’ll want to know will impact this team with his play. Can he get
more and more about FS Deunta Williams, one just a little limelight, please?

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 42 Robert Quinn
2nd in balloting for ACC Def. POY in ‘09
DT 9 Marvin Austin
Time for big #9 to step up his game
DT 91 Tydreke Powell
Played DE during ’09, moves inside


OLB 54

OLB 52
Bruce Carter

Quan Sturdivant
Has ACC Def. POY potential
Will make one game changing play a game
ILB 48 Kevin Reddick So.
Freshman All-ACC LB, 45 stops, 5.5 TFL




Kendric Burney
38 career starts, four year starter
Deunta Williams
First team All-ACC in 2009, 6 int.
Da’Norris Searcy
Started all 13 games, 35 tackles


DE 90 Quinton Coples Sr. CB 12 Charles Brown Sr.
6.5 TFL in ’09 as rotation DE Solid ‘09 season, 66 tackles and 1 int.

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DT Cam Thomas

The defensive line coming out of If the defensive line stays intact, the Four seniors. Four potential All-ACC
spring had NFL people drooling all linebackers will reap the benefits. players. Four reasons why the North

over Robert Quinn and Marvin However, this group has experienced Carolina secondary is the best on the
Austin. Maybe a bit too much. it’s own setbacks by, arguably, its East Coast.
NCAA representatives spent a It star ts with one of the most
significant amount of time discussing During July, All-ACC player Quan complete, playmaking free safeties in
a recent trip Austin made to South Sturdivant was arrested at a local the nation, Deunta Williams. Had
Beach Miami, FL. Whether Austin Bojangles for carrying a “substance”. Williams decided to make an NFL
paid his own way or not, this will But, the charges were dropped and city his home in 2010, he would’ve
been an early second rounder. In the

hang over the program for a while, the senior leader of the North
2011 NFL Draft, he’ll definitely be a
and presumably into the season. Carolina defense could take his
valued commodity. For the Tar Heels
rightful spot at linebacker yet again. he sets the tone along with his
Quinn, on the other hand, is the Sturdivant is a complete player who r u n n i n g m a te a t s t r o n g s a f e t y
more impressive pro prospect. should excel when on the field in Da’Norris Searcy.
Fr e a k i s h l y b u i l t , Q u i n n i s s o 2010.
incredibly quick off the edge, it’s The corner position is just as strong
scary. Downright scary. Watching Opposite Sturdivant is the athletic as the safety position. On one side,
him work on offensive tackles, it’s Bruce Carter. Dude can fly and he Kendric Burney has been starting
really awesome. can make plays - big ones. He’s a since he stepped on the Chapel Hill
demon on the outside and on special campus - rock solid, dependable with

Tydreke Powell will move inside to teams where he blocked 5 kicks in great ball skills and playmaking
replace Cam Thomas. He’s going to ’ 0 9 . At M L B , Ke v i n Re d d i c k ability. Opposite him, Charles
be ultra-quick for guards and centers returns after his strong freshman Brown gets a lot of attention as
to block. His move inside opens up season. This trio is tough to top and teams look to avoid Burney, but he
the DE spot for Quinton Coples. should be outstanding. more than holds his own.
2009: 10-4, Lost to Air Force in Armed Forces Bowl
C U S A We s t C h a m p i o n s
Head Coach: Kevin Sumlin, 3rd Yr. @ Houston - Record: 18-9
The Cougars went to Stillwater The defensive line has one starter coming back,

and pulled off what many David Hunter,
thought was the upset of the b u t n e e d s t o Houston’s Vital Signs
year as Kevin Sumlin’s bunch improve rapidly 2009 Results
methodically took apart Oklahoma to stop Donald Run Offense 129.6 ypg 83rd
State in a 45-35 upset. But, it was no B u c k r a m f r o m Pass Offense 433.7 ypg 1st
fluke. Two weeks later, the Cougars fought UTEP and Brynn Total Offense 563.4 ypg 1st
through a difficult 3rd quarter to knock off Ha r v e y f r o m Scoring Offense 42.2 ppg 1st
another Big 12 foe, Texas Tech. So, then UCF - two guys Run Defense 226.6 ypg 115th
Pass Defense 224.7 ypg 72nd
explain how the Cougars lost to UTEP, UCF, who ran wild in
Total Defense 451.3 ypg 111th
East Carolina and Air Force? Great question wins against UH Scoring Def. 30.1 ppg 95th
in 2009. If
It was easy to point the finger at the defense
Stewart can get 2010 Returning Starters
and former defensive coordinator John
opposing offenses Off. Ret. Starters 8
Skladany who lost his job over the defense’s
under 25 points Def. Ret. Starters 6
performance, or lack thereof. New defensive
per game, the
coordinator Brian Stewart has revamped the
Cougars have a great shot to make a dent in the
look of the defense, not only changing the
BCS standings by mid-season. If not, then it’ll
scheme to a 3-4, but adding some much needed
be another season of head scratching questions.
JUCO impact players.

Why #21? Case Keenum back for his fourth year, one of the best groups of wide receivers in the
nation, defense should be much improved, CUSA still doesn’t offer much in the way of resistance.

Why not higher? Consistency or lack thereof for the Cougars, some team will trip them up that
you’d not expect, three straight CUSA road games in October, defense will be a question mark early.

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 Texas State
Sep 10, 2010 UTEP
Sep 18, 2010 @ UCLA
Sep 25, 2010 Tulane There won’t be a The Cougars I didn’t think that
Oct 2, 2010 BYE ton of marquee throttled SMU these two fan
matchups this last year at home, bases hated each
Oct 9, 2010 Mississippi State week across the but the Mustangs o t h e r l i ke t h e y
nation. But, I’m truly do, but if you
Oct 16, 2010 @ Rice telling you right
ran off a string of
were at Robertson
wins following
Oct 23, 2010 @ SMU now, there won’t
be a better
that loss. And,
Stadium last year,
you found that out
perhaps no team
Oct 30, 2010 @ Memphis offense-defense
carries as much
in a hurry. Now
tete-a- tete that the two get
Nov 5, 2010 UCF weekend than this momentum from a together on a
one. U of H’s ‘O’ bowl win than Thanksgiving
Nov 13, 2010 Tulsa vs. UCLA’s quick SMU. This game weekend. Tech
Nov 20, 2010 @ Southern Miss and nasty ‘D’
should be a blast.
should decide the won’t stop running
the ball this time.
CUSA West.
Nov 27, 2010 @ Texas Tech
Case “His expectation levels are...
Yr. Comp Att Yds TDs Int.

2007 187 273 2259 14 10

2008 397 589 5020 44 11
2009 492 700 5671 44 15

Honor Roll
2009 Sammy Baugh Trophy Recipient
2009 First team All-America (
2009 Walter Camp Second team All-America
2009 Davey O’Brien National QB Award Finalist

2009 Manning Award Finalist

2009 Walter Camp Player of the Year Award Finalist
The numbers are insane, let’s be honest, but there won’t be
another quarterback more debated at season’s end than Keenum.
If you hear the words “system quarterback”, you’ll hear it a
thousand times. But, I’ve been a firm believer that you create
your own system and Keenum does that for the Houston
Cougars offense.

The first thing that stands out about Keenum is the quick
release. Seemingly, no quarterback in college football can get the
ball out of his hand quicker than Keenum. He can make the
quick slant throw right now. He can hit the bubble screen in a
hurry, but does that translate to the next level? Slant? Sure.
Bubble screen type throws? Not as much.

All coaches sit back behind their quarterbacks and are always
screaming “Throw it. THROW it. THROW IT!”, but that
won’t happen with Keenum. When he decides
to throw, it’s gone. He’ll drop the arm slot at
times and the ball can sail on him as he’s
looking to hit the 15-17 yard in/dig routes. “...What he said...”
But, when he gets on top of it, the ball has
plenty of revolutions and gets to its target in a "It's hard to ask a guy who has led the
hurry. country in total offense two years in a
row to be better. He doesn't have to do
The critics that want to label him a system any more or any less than last year. He
quarterback will have a field day with the knows what it takes to win. He's played
Cougars last two games in 2009 - East long enough and studied enough tape.
Carolina and Air Force. In the bowl game, I'll put it this way -- his expectation
especially, Keenum struggled, with a career
levels are a lot higher than most realize
high 6 picks. And, maybe for that reason, he
and even some of the coaches realize.”
returned to the Scott St. campus. In his mind,
he’s got a lot of unfinished business and if he
can throw for 5,500 yards in the process, well, -Houston head coach Kevin Sumlin on
he may walk away with a handsome trophy Keenum
handed out every year in New York. More
importantly, Keenum wants a champ’s ring.

...a lot higher than most realize”

WR/KR Tyron Carrier
Game breakers come in
5 ’ 9” 18 5 lb .
J u n ior breaker that U of
all shapes and sizes. But, H c a n’t d o
one constant amongst all Yr Rec Yds TDs Ret TD w i t h o u t .
game breakers, though, is 2008 80 1026 7 1 Whether it’s Star Watch

that they want the ball at 2009 91 1029 9 4 o n k i c ko f f
the team’s most dire time. returns or
from the slot, Carrier gives this offense its
Case in point, last November, Houston trailed dynamic component. His ability to catch the
Tulsa 38-27 in the third quarter. Tulsa decided
ball in space and make people miss is more
to kick to Tyron Carrier.
valuable to an offense than people expect.
It became 38-34 in a hurry and that touchdown Why? A play caller misses every now and then
kept the Cougs in the game - one they won and needs a player to make one to save him and
46-45. With speed that’s unmatched, even on get him to a new set of downs. Carrier does
this squad, Carrier has become the game just that. Keep an eye on him this year.

f QB 7
Case Keenum
The Man. Nothing else.
RB 25 Bryce Beall

Must carry run game with C. Sims out
TE/Receivers Offensive Line
WR 35

WR 19
Tyron Carrier
Dual threat - THE game breaker
James Cleveland

104 receptions in ’09, 1st team All-CUSA
WR 83 Patrick Edwards Jr.


Jacolby Ashworth
Injured for much of the 2009 season
Jaryd Anderson
Started four games at LG in 2009
C 73 Jordan Shoemaker



Rebounded from leg injury, 85 recs. Moves from G to C to replace C. Barnett
WR 84 Kierrie Johnson Sr. RG 70 Chris Thompson Jr.
16 receptions and 1 TD in 2009 2009 Honorable mention All-CUSA
RT 74 Roy Watts Sr.
Former JUCO must step in a big way

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

RB Charles Sims (Academics) WR Chaz Rodridguez OL Carl Barnett
OL Jarve Dean (Dismissed)
The Cougars suffered a massive blow The best unit the Cougars have The Cougars offensive line projected

in June when star running back without question. There are plenty to be one of the best in CUSA
Charles Sims was ruled ineligible in the city of Houston who believe following the 2009 season, having to
for the 2010 season. He took over that the Cougars have the most replace only one starter, All-CUSA
the starting role from Bryce Beall dangerous crop of receivers in the center Carl Barnett.
during the season, but the good news nation. And, it’s really hard to argue But, during spring practice, head
is that Beall has seen the field plenty with that sentiment, honestly. coach Kevin Sumlin booted T Jarve
in his two years at. His experience Dean off the team leaving, at least,
means more this year than ever. James Cleveland is a stud, pure and one gaping hole at the key tackle
simple. Big, strong, fast and almost position.
Beall ran for 670 yards, 2nd on the always open downfield, he’s a man’s

Roy Watts, a former JUCO All-
team behind Sims, but where he’s receiver and he’ll be a “hot” All-
American, started 9 games at left
really got to pick up more slack is in America selection in the pre-season.
tackle last year, but is more of a right
the passing game. Sims had 70 tackle in this, or any offense. So,
receptions in 2009, while Beall had Tyron Carrier changes games, but expect to see him on the right side
only 35. What makes this offense go Patrick Edwards balances out this this year. Jordan Shoemaker
is the availability of every eligible unit. Teams that double Cleveland or moves over to center to replace
receiver anywhere on the field, so focus on Carrier get torched by Barnett. Chris Thompson looks to
Beall is a major key matched up Edwards and his 85 receptions. There build off a strong sophomore season
against linebackers or even strong weren’t many people who believed where he earned All-CUSA honors.

safeties. That was an area where Sims that Edwards could bounce back
made his living. Beall probably has f rom the horrific leg injur y he The major questions are at the other
more wiggle than Sims, but the key is suffered against Marshall in 2008, but tackle position and whether Jacolby
that it’s a one man show, so to speak. he came back almost better than he Ashworth can play and whether he
was prior to the injury. Kierrie can play left tackle or move to right.
Also, Case Keenum is good. Johnson provides solid depth.
Star Watch
After the
Te x a s Te c h
d o w n t o 2008
LB Marcus McGraw
5’ 11” 2 21 lb.
J u n ior
Tackles TFL
103 6.5
of middle backer in a 3-4
could really open him up
to be an impact player in
the conference.
the press 2009 156 9 4 0 He’s quick as a cat, but
room where a foursome of often NEEDS to r un
Cougars answered questions from the media. I around blocks to keep from getting pounded.
was struck by how slight inside linebacker He’ll run himself out of some plays having to
Marcus McGraw was that night. But, no do that, but when the game is over the stat
matter how big or small, it’s about production sheet almost always reads the same thing:
and making plays. McGraw does that...and McGraw - double digit tackles
then some.
The spotlight will be on McGraw and his mates
The junior has 259 tackles in two seasons as the
throughout this season.

leader of this defense, but moving into the role

Defensive Line Linebackers Secondary

DE 95 David Hunter Jr. OLB 8 Sammy Brown Jr. CB 22 Loyce Means Sr.
Only true DL starter coming back Another JUCO transfer, must impact Former five-star recruits starts in ‘10
NT 56 Tyrone Campbell So. ILB 55 Marcus McGraw Jr. FS 41 Nick Saenz Jr.
Played in 13 out of 14 games, 12 tackles Focal point of the Houston defense Third on team with 114 tackles
DE 57 Matangi Tonga Sr. ILB 38 George Bamfo Fr. SS 21 Jacky Candy Sr.
JUCO transfer arriving in nick of time Redshirted for 2009 season Knee injury forced him out for all of ‘09

OLB 42 Phillip Steward So. CB 32 Jamal Robinson Sr.
All-CUSA Freshman team in 2009 Led the team with five interceptions

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DE Zeke Riser (ACL tear in spring) LB C.J Cavness CB Brandon Brinkley
DE Tyrell Graham S Carson Blackman
Remember the Riddler from the old There are some bright spots at the Something tells me that this back
Batman cartoons? Sure you do - he’d linebacker positions this fall for four can be special. That same

wear that green costume with a big Houston. The move to the 3-4 is something is telling me that this
question mark on his chest? That’s going to be a step in the right group could really get shredded this
pretty much the way I’d sum up this direction given the athletes amongst season. And, at season’s end, it may
defensive line. this group, and the athletes it can be a combination of both.
draw from the Greater Houston area.
One big question mark. Expect the Cougars to throw Again, a 3-4 front, on paper, doesn’t
everything but the kitchen sink at appear to impact the secondary, but it
The loss of Zeke Riser didn’t help opponents this year, which should absolutely does with the zone dogs

matters after he tore his ACL in the allow the lineabckers to flourish. and stunts you can run up front -
spring. But, this group was going to getting pressure while playing more
be under heavy scrutiny, no matter Overall, this unit needs solid zone, instead of getting pressure
who lines up on opening day. defensive line play to succeed, but it’s HAVING to play man-to-man.
not without some talent. The star in
David Hunter must adjust to the middle is Marcus McGraw, a Either way, Jamal Robinson had a
moving out to DE from DT. But, the 2nd team Al l-CUSA performer. solid season in 2009, finishing the
bigger question is whether Matangi Outside linebacker Phillip Steward season with five picks, including one
Tonga can impact this group during was a pleasant surprise as a freshman memorable picks six against
2010. The original thought was to last season, finishing 3rd on the team Oklahoma State to seal the 45-35 win.
put Tonga over the nose, but when with 89 tackles. But, keep an eye on However, the projected starter on the

Riser went down, the defense needed JUCO transfer Sammy Brown and other side Loyce Means has to find
him to bump outside to a 5- how much he impacts the game from his footing early and lock down the
technique. If the Cougars don’t get the edge. The Cougar coaching staff other side. Safety Nick Saenz has
great play out of Tyrone Campbell, went hard after the JUCO ranks at been steady but he can’t finish the
Tonga could transition back inside. DL and LB, so production is a must. season with triple digit tackles.
2009: 9-4, Lost to Penn State in Capital One Bowl
2 n d i n S E C We s t
Head Coach: Les Miles, 6th Yr. @ LSU - Record: 51-15
Fo o t b a l l provides no So, although he’s averaging 10 wins a season,

guarantees. Wins, losses, Miles will remain
championships, big plays, on a brutally hot
LSU’s Vital Signs
transcendent moments...none of it seat until he can
is guaranteed. There’s one stark g e t t h e Ti g e r s 2009 Results
Run Offense 122.8 ypg 90th
exception, however; no matter how the back to the top of
Pass Offense 181.8 ypg 97th
season pans out for the Tigers, Les Miles won’t t h e S E C We s t . Total Offense 304.5 ypg 112th
satisfy this fan base. Ever. Especially not after Presumably, this Scoring Offense 24.9 ppg 76th
the last two seasons in which LSU finished a isn’t that team. Run Defense 133.4 ypg 46th
combined 17-9 with some of the best talent the Alabama is, well, Pass Defense 194.2 ypg 29th
SEC has produced. good and Auburn Total Defense 327.6 ypg 26th
and Arkansas are Scoring Def. 16.2 ppg 11th
The Tigers have lost to Alabama twice in making a strong
consecutive years and they’ve suffered losses to push to move past 2010 Returning Starters
Off. Ret. Starters 4
losses to Florida the last two years as well. L S U i n 2 0 1 0. Def. Ret. Starters 4
Understandable. Losing to Ole Miss the last And, if they do,
two years? That’s not going to sit well with the that might be
rabid legion of Tiger fans. more than anyone in Baton Rouge can handle.

Why #22? It’s still LSU and it’s a team with a ton of physical ability, Jordan Jefferson is now a third
year starter, CB Patrick Peterson will shut down one half of the field, only one road game after 10/23

Why not higher? The opener against UNC could exploit average offensive line, defensive line is
suspect, road trips to Florida and Auburn within a three week span, Alabama is still king with Saban

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 UNC (ATL)
Sep 11, 2010 @ Vanderbilt
Sep 18, 2010 Miss. State
Sep 25, 2010 West Virginia
Oct 2, 2010 Tennessee The one thing I Although the Sure, Alabama is
do know about Tigers pulled off a losing a ton of All-
Oct 9, 2010 @ Florida LSU is they’ll be win in 2008 the American talent
ultra-prepared for last time LSU on the defensive
Oct 16, 2010 McNeese State this game in the went to Auburn, side of the ball,
Oct 23, 2010 @ Auburn Georgia Dome. this is a different but it’s still Ala-
Fr o m w e e k t o Au b u r n s q u a d f r e a k i n’ - B a m a .
Oct 30, 2010 BYE week during the under the Each of the last 3
season, not so leadership of Gene meetings have
Nov 6, 2010 Alabama much, but with a Chizik. His Tigers been bare
Nov 13, 2010 ULM whole summer to
prepare, Les Miles
laid an eg g la st
year in Baton
knuckled battles,
but the last 2 have
Nov 20, 2010 Ole Miss and his staff will Rouge, but that g o n e A l a b a m a ’s
be ready for the w o n’t happen way. LSU has two
Nov 27, 2010 @ Arkansas stout UNC ‘D’. again at home. weeks to prepare.
“I’m trying to do things...
Honor Roll
2009 Second team All-America (TSN) Yr Tackles TFL Int. PBU

2009 Second team All-SEC (Media) 2008 41 0 1 0

2008 52 0 2 13
2009 Second team All-SEC (Coaches)

Draw up the perfect cornerback. against LSU last season - it wasn’t

Tall, say 6’1” or so. Build, about 205 against Peterson). The duel between
or 210 at best. Physical. Able to Georgia’s A.J Green was so much
match a receiver cuts. Ball skills. fun to watch. There isn’t much
Attitude. Work ethic. Drive. a r g u m e n t a s to w h o t h e to p
defensive back prospect is in college
Uh, I just described the best cornerback in football.

the nation and the odds on favorite to win

the Jim Thorpe Award in 2010 - Patrick Peterson has NFL personnel people
Peterson. salivating over the opportunity to add
the 6’1” 210 pound uber-corner out of
Since he set foot on LSU’s campus, he’s been Florida. He can play man and turn and
an impact player for this defense, but that go with just about any receiver he’s faced.
truly bore itself out last season when Peterson But, he’s physical enough to come up
took on nearly every great receiver in the SEC and play cover two or rolled up corner
and shut them down. Julio Jones didn’t in zone. Most cover guys don’t want
make one impact play while Peterson any part of striking ball carriers, but
was in the game (before that’s not Peterson. He’s a complete
Alabama fans start player at the position and probably the
screaming at the top of t h e i r most complete corner we’ve seen in
lungs, it was safety Brandon Taylor who some time. He’s only a junior, but
was covering Jones when he turned in the with his myriad of skills, it should be
76 yard catch and run for a touchdown h i s last year in Baton Rouge.

Prospect Report Card

Peterson is one of the nation’s best at his position and projects to be one of the top players
in the 2011 or 2012 NFL Drafts. Here’s my prospect report card for Peterson going into his
junior year:

Confidence - Definitely has it, but does it without being cocky

Ball Skills - Has receiver-like intuition and field acumen, breaks on the ball with a fury
Press Man - physical at line of scrimmage, fits him best
Off Man - more comfortable in man coverage at line of scrimmage, needs a little work here.
Zone cover - Instinctive and natural
Hip turn and redirection - Solid, not without peer
Recovery speed - Has it, but doesn’t get beat often enough to use it.
Closing speed - He’s closes on receivers and ball carriers better than any corner I’ve seen in a while
Tackling - Better than most safeties, physical presence anywhere on field.

...other corners aren’t doing”

QB Jordan Jefferson
Ask most interested LSU
6 ’ 3” 215 lb .
J u n ior doesn’t make a
football obser vers throw
about Jordan Jefferson Yr Cmp Att Yds TDs Int. Att Yds TDs t h a t
and you might get a 2008 36 73 419 4 1 49 134 1 makes Star Watch

blank stare. Maybe a 2009 182 296 2166 17 7 112 171 1 y o u
quizzical look. Maybe a shrug of the shoulders. want to keep coming back to watch him.
He’s safe. But, in 2010, he can’t be safe any
“I don’t know, he’s alright”
more. It’s time for Jefferson to truly take this
And, therein lies the problem for Jefferson, he’s offense over. It’s got to be his offense and he’s
done enough in his time as a starter to still be got to take the steps to be the leader, not its
the starter. He’s not been an impact player, but caretaker. Sure, he’s only a junior but look
he hasn’t killed the team with backbreaking around this offense, who’s going to carry the

turnovers. He’ll make the safe throws, but load? It has to be Jefferson this year.
QB/RB TE/Receivers Offensive Line
QB 9 Jordan Jefferson Jr. WR 80 Terrence Toliver Sr. LT 78 Joe Barksdale Sr.
Third year starter must carry young ‘O’ 53 receptions in ’09, needs a huge yr. in ‘10 Potential to be All-SEC. Potential, mind you
RB 34 Stevan Ridley Jr. WR 2 Rueben Randle So. LG 68 Josh Dworaczyk Jr.
180 yards rushing and 3 TDs in ‘09 Randle and Russell Shepard will star @ WR Started all 13 games at LG in ‘09
FB 33 Dominique Allen So. TE 19 DeAngelo Peterson Jr. C 64 P.J. Lonergan So.

Basically he’s a guard playing fullback 2 of 5 receptions in ’09 went for TDs Will still have to fight off T-Bob Hebert
RG 60 Will Blackwell Jr.
Saw time in all 13 games last year
RT 72 Alex Hurst So.
Versatile OL who backed up G & T in ’09
Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses
RB Charles Scott WR T. Holliday & B. LaFell T Ciron Black
RB Keiland Williams TE Richard Dickson G Lyle Hitt

This is not one of the best years LSU This might ultimately be the most It’s hard to tell if there’s any good
has had in the backfield. For the past talented group of receivers the LSU news as it pertains to the Tigers
five years or so, there’s been a Hester, Tigers have ever seen. Unfortunately, offensive line in 2010.
a Williams, or a Scott. Either a guy it’s also a group that doesn’t have a
who could just pound for 25 to 30 ton of experience. But it’s wide The 2009 line was absolutely putrid.
carries in a game or a guy who could receiver, so if a guy gets open and No running game. Leaky protection
make a house call in a heartbeat. catches the ball, you don’t worry in the passing game. Seniors that
about the lack of experience. didn’t perform up to capabilities at
In all honesty, Stevan Ridley is a
fine back but he’s neither of those The star with an unlimited ceiling is

Okay, it was a bad year - time to get it
options. He’s just that, an adequate Terrence Toliver. However, had he
fixed with only two returning
option at running back. He’s got to lived up to his potential, he’d have
starters? So, let’s get this straight,
do more or you know what, someone signed a contract already, preparing to last year’s line stunk and it’s a whole
else has to do more at that position play on Sundays. He’s made nice new line? Yes? Essentially that’s the
whether it’s Richard Scott or key strides as a college receiver, but he case. Ouch.
freshman Michael Ford . needs to be a next level talent in 2010.
But, look on the bright side, at least
Jordan Jefferson pulls the trigger If he’s not, then Rueben Randle it can’t be worst than it was last year,
for the Tiger offense, but needs to be and Russell Shepard can be. The right? Right?!? Joe Barksdale is a

the Man for the Tiger offense. athletic duo will probably be on the guy who could emerge as an effective
Furthermore, offensive coordinator field as much as possible and the edge protector. Josh Dworaczyk is
Gary Crowton (and Les Miles) offensive staff needs to find the way steady at left guard, but his neighbor
need to allow him to stretch the field to get each 8 to 10 touches a game. at center T-Bob Hebert has been
and be more aggressive. DeAngelo Peterson can be great supplanted by P.J Lonergan going
down in the red zone. into fall camp.
Star Watch
S t e a d y.
LB Kelvin Sheppard

6 ’3 ” 2 33 lb .

S en io r
La st sea son Sheppard
truly took over as the
leader of this defense,
racking up 110 tackles
2008 64 4.5 0.5 0
t h e from his inside position.
2009 110 8.5 1 1
football. Consistently He’s a consensus 1st team
making plays. All-SEC candidate.
He also sets the tone for this defense. He’s a
That’s the way Kelvin Sheppard has gone about
great tackler and is a nasty hitter when he
his business in Baton Rouge. Nothing fancy.
arrives at the ball. He closes with a bad
Nothing flashy, but if he wasn’t in the middle of
attitude toward the ball carrier. LSU faithful
the LSU defense, this defense would feel his
can feel very secure about him leading this ‘D’
absence in a big way.

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 99 Sam Montgomery
Redshirted in 2009
DT 92 Drake Nevis
50 tackles & 4 sacks, best DL for LSU
DT 95 Pep Levingston
8 TFLs in 11 games in 2009


OLB 22

OLB 23
Ryan Baker
16 tackles in a backup role in 2009
ILB 11 Kelvin Sheppard

Stefoin Francois
10 career tackles, converted safety

The leader and foundation for LSU ‘D’



Patrick Peterson
The best corner in the nation
Jai Eugene

Brandon Taylor

Will be pushed by Craig ‘Papa’ Loston
41 tackles and 2 interceptions in 2009
DE 49 Barkevious Mingo Fr. CB 17 Morris Claiborne So.
Hopefully he plays up to his name Battling Ron Brooks to start at this spot

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DE Rahim Alem LB Perry Riley CB Chris Hawkins
DT Charles Alexander & Al Woods LB Harry Coleman S Chad Jones

During the Les Miles era (and Nick Although Kelvin Sheppard has one When you have Patrick Peterson

Saban’s before him), LSU has had a final year of eligibility, the Tigers will returning for a third straight year as a
distinct advantage on the defensive truly miss last year’s two seniors, starter, you can feel really good about
line. Very rarely were offenses able to Perry Riley and Harry Coleman. the back four. With some of the
do much against guys like Glenn Those two, combined with Sheppard, young talent getting a shot this year
Dorsey et, al. But, that doesn’t were the bright spot for this defense to replace Chris Hawkins and Chad
appear to be the case in 2010. The in 2009. Jones, it should be an active and
Tigers are still talented up front, productive unit.
mind you, but it’s not a defensive Their absence creates both

front that scares opposing defenses opportunity and questions. Peterson is the Jim Thorpe Award
like it did in the past. Sheppard, though, is the rock solid frontrunner, a top eight pick in the
leader in the middle. Physical, quick 2011 NFL Draft (if he declares early)
Drake Nevis has been a starter, on and nasty, he epitomizes what Tiger and the biggest defensive difference
and off, for the past couple of fans want in a middle linebacker. maker in the SEC. That’s all? Yep,
seasons. It made no sense why this Defensive coordinator John Chavis pretty much covers it.
guy wasn’t a featured part of the LSU will use him to blitz in the A gaps and
defensive game plan in past years. really let his talent shine. Craig Loston is a feared hitter, but
But, he’ll be the guy inside next to redshirted last year behind Chad
Pep Levingston in 2010. Just as Coleman did before him, Jones. Loston sits behind Jai

Stefoin Francois is making the Eugene on the depth chart going
The edges are highly questionable. transition to linebacker from safety. into camp. Brandon Taylor is solid
Tw o r e d s h i r t f r e s h m e n - S a m But, the guy I’m anxious to watch and provides the leadership in the
Montgomer y and Barkevious this year is Ryan Baker at the other back. The corner opposite Peterson -
Mingo - headed up the depth chart outside spot. He’ll put a hat on ball Mo Claiborne or Ron Brooks -
after spring practice. carriers and set the physical tone. will get a ton of work.
2009: 8-5, Beat South Carolina in Papa Bowl
4th in the Big East
Head Coach: Randy Edsall, 12th Yr. @ UConn - Record: 66-65
Now, let me get this straight. Edsall’s squad had to do after cornerback

This is a college FOOTBALL Ja s p e r Ho w a r d
top 25, correct? Yep. This isn’t w a s k i l l e d j u s t UConn’s Vital Signs
the college BASKETBALL top 25 after the 2009 Results
way early? You are correct. And, U Louisville game. Run Offense 170.7 ypg 39th
Conn is in the college FOOTBALL top Fr a g i l e a n d Pass Offense 216.5 ypg 61st
25? What, did Jim Calhoun take over the e m o t i o n a l , t h e Total Offense 387.2 ypg 57th
program? Huskies battled Scoring Offense 31.2 ppg 27th
valiantly b u t Run Defense 132.9 ypg 45th
Funny, but it’s probably what a lot of you are Pass Defense 235.9 ypg 88th
couldn’t close the
thinking...”I’ve never seen Connecticut in the Total Defense 368.8 ypg 62nd
deal in those near Scoring Def. 23.6 ppg 48th
top 25, why are they in there this year?” Well, if
the Huskies could’ve won some close games last
year...ah, last year. 2010 Returning Starters
B u t , 2 0 1 0 ’s a Off. Ret. Starters 8
It’s hard to imagine dealing with a teammate’s different year Def. Ret. Starters 8
untimely death at any point, much less in the with a team ready
middle of a season, but that’s what Randy to take the next step: Championship.

Why #23? Strong offensive line - returns 4 starters who should contend for All-Big East honors, RB
Jordan Todman is a legit star, schedule doesn’t present a ton of potholes, linebacking corps is stout

Why not higher? This is rarified air for U Conn - Top 25? Expectation? Can they handle it? West
Virginia and Pitt in the span of 14 days, defensive line lacks a pass rusher, secondary is average

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 @ Michigan
Sep 11, 2010 Texas Southern
Sep 18, 2010 @ Temple
Sep 25, 2010 Buffalo
Oct 2, 2010 Vanderbilt Prior to 2007, this U Conn lost a If both teams take
g a m e w o u l d n’t number of close care of the
Oct 8, 2010 @ Rutgers even trigger the games last year - business I expect
meter. Lowly U the kind that keep them to, this
Oct 16, 2010 BYE Conn at mighty you up at night as Thursday night
Oct 23, 2010 @ Louisville Michigan? Not
even close, but
a head coach.
A n d , t h e We s t
matchup will be
the most
Oct 29, 2010 West Virginia that’s NOT the Virginia game was important game U
case in 2010. U one of those Conn has ever
Nov 6, 2010 BYE Conn is the team games. This year, p l a y e d .
to beat while though, the ‘Eers Hyperbole? Sure,
Nov 11, 2010 Pitt Michigan is trying come to the Rent but the Huskies
to find some sort having to stop the have never played
Nov 20, 2010 @ Syracuse of identity under vaunted U Conn for the Big East,
Nov 27, 2010 Cincinnati Rich Rodriguez running game. or ANY, title.

Dec 4, 2010 @ USF

“I’ll never forget the 1st TD...
Honor Roll
2009 2nd team All-Big East

Yr. Att Yds TDs Rec. Yds. TD
11th Husky to rush for 1,000 yards

2008 47 296 3 2 4 0 in season
2009 235 1188 14 21 185 0 Big East Sp. Teams Player of
Week (ND)

Wait for it. Patience. Here it comes. continues to work on his

Just a little bit more. OKAY, NOW! running style. But, Brown
So, that thought process happens in d i d n’t h a v e n e a r t h e
about two or three milliseconds explosiveness that Todman
when a running back has to decide possesses. Just ask Notre
where he’s going to run and why, Dame defenders about

but it’s a trait that U Conn RB Todman’s “get up and go”.
Jordan Todman has learned from He lit up the Irish on a 96
former U Conn star and current yard kickoff return in the
Indianapolis Colt running back second half for a key
Donald Brown. score. He h a d a
wonderful 43-yard run
As I watched Todman run last year, I for a touchdown as he
kept thinking that was something finished the day with 286 yards
that the U Conn coaching staff total offense and two huge
would pound into their backs touchdowns. Against
brains, but it was Todman who had Cincinnati, he scored four
learned it from Brown after touchdowns in a crushing
watching him intently during his 47-45 defeat. To say Todman
redshirt year in 2008. Brown w a s instrumental in 2009 was
c a t a p u l t e d i n t o t h e n a t i o n’s a n understatement. To
consciousness after his brilliant think he won’t be the focus of
season, leaving what appeared to be defenses across the U Conn schedule is
a gaping hole at that position. folly.

But, after Todman took over as the number one Todman will have to be exceptionally
halfway through the season, the run game was patient this season, but after what he’s
as good as it’s been in Storrs. Todman isn’t learned, he should be able to do
quite as patient as Brown is, although he that no problem at all.

“...What he said...”
“The first two weeks last year, I remember thinking, "What am I doing here?" I started
watching him because I knew it would help. How much time he puts into the film room, the
way he took care of his body with nutrition. Donald Brown's living my dream, playing in the
NFL. So I'll do whatever he did.”

-Todman talking about two years spent with current Indianapolis Colt RB Donald Brown

...and the TD Jesus I did”

QB Zach Frazer
When I told my co-host
Seanie the Cablinasian, a
6 ’4 ” 2 36 lb .
S en io r how
he 10
S i m s b u r y, C T H S Yr. Cmp Att Yds TDs Int. Att Yds TDs t h e
g r a d u a t e , t h a t I w a s 2008 46 83 536 2 6 9 -2 0 season. Star Watch

putting U Conn in the 2009 116 218 1461 10 9 17 -28 0 After his
top 25, his first response three pick performance
was “Fantastic...but you know Zach Frazer is against Rutgers, Frazer threw seven TDs with
still the quarterback” only two interceptions in the final five games
(four U Conn wins). The offensive staff did
Sean’s also a Notre Dame graduate so he’s well limit Frazer’s attempts - he threw 46 times
aware of Frazer’s shortcomings and in 2009 we against Rutgers, but didn’t throw over 32 times
sort of saw it all. Critics point to his nine the rest of the season. He’s not perfect, but
interceptions in only eight games played. But, with the running game he’s got helping him, he
the one thing about a quarterback is look at doesn’t need to be.

f QB 10
Zach Frazer
Time for him to truly turn the corner
RB 23 Jordan Todman

Has spotlight after sharing for last 2 yrs
FB 49 Anthony Sherman Sr.
TE/Receivers Offensive Line
WR 82

WR 80

TE 94
Kashif Moore

Michael Smith

Ryan Griffin
Still abuzz about one handed grab in bowl
Another Houston product, 15 rec in ‘09

LG 66


Jimmy Bennett
Only first year starter on this OL
Mathieu Olivier

Moe Petrus

Tall, lanky guard, started 8 games in ‘09

Co-captain as jr., 24 tackles & 9 recs 10 starts, 23 rec in 2009 Should be Rimington Finalist in 2010
RG 78 Zach Hurd Sr.
First team All-Big East selection in ‘09
RT 71 Mike Ryan Jr.
Started the final 9 games of ’09 season

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

NONE WR Marcus Easley T Mike Hicks
WR Brad Kanuch

Given the long, lengthy history of The 2010 receiving corps doesn’t It’s sometimes easy to see the impact
college football, it’d be extremely have a big-time go-to receiver, but it’s a head coach can have on his team.
tough to think of Connecticut as a group loaded with potential. QB Case in point this offensive line.
Running Back U, but over the past Frazer won’t have any issues with the Randy Edsall is a no frills, hard
few years, you’d be hard pressed to group he’s got on the perimeter. working and demanding leader. If he
find a more effective group of backs. was an offensive guard, he’d fit right
Donald Brown was a first round Kashif Moore is the guy who in with this bunch he has returning in
selection after his stellar career. projects to be THE Man. If you saw 2010. Or, better yet, this group fits
Andre Dixon was an effective the Bowl last year, his mold perfectly.
between the tackles back. But, the you’d know why. In the first half,

best of bunch may still be in Storrs. Frazer spied Moore down the sideline It starts in the middle with Moe
in man coverage, so he lofted one Petrus at center. He handles all of
Jordan Todman is special. He’s got over the head of the DB, but the line calls up front and has the
wicked burst and runs behind his presumably beyond Moore’s grasp. quickness to get out in front of
pads. He’s a pure downhill runner Well, that was until Moore reached Todman on outside zone runs. But,
who has excelled in both the power out with one hand and made the he’s also effective in the team’s power
game out of the I formation and the catch of the year with that one paw. game inside.
zone blocking scheme. Anthony Unreal. The key to last year was the
Sherman is an effective I formation emergence of Marcus Easley as a Next to Petr us is Zach Hurd,

fullback. catch and run playmaker. That’s what perhaps the best of the quintet up
Moore needs to be. front. He is a warrior and nasty.
Zach Frazer remains the key to the He’ll mix it up all day long. The only
entire offensive attack. But, U Conn TE Ryan Griffin is a more hole is potentially at left tackle where
needs more second half of last season traditional tight end, but an effective Jimmy Bennett replaces Mike
Frazer than first half. intermediate receiver/route runner. Hicks.
Star Watch
Ra n d y E d s a l l
LB Lawrence Wilson
6 ’ 1” 217 lb .
S en io rtenure in Storrs -
isn’t blessed Yr. Tackles TFL Sacks PBU Int. Lawrence Wilson.
w i t h t h e 2007 113 8.5 0 2 1
m o s t 2008 73 6 1 4 3 From Paul Bear Bryant
f r u i t f u l 2009 140 11 5 1 0 High School in
backyard as it pertains to Tuscaloosa, Wilson came
recruiting. The Connecticut/New England area to U Conn five years ago with safety size and a
isn’t teeming with players. So, Edsall, with his linebacker’s heart. Lucky for Connecticut,
experience coaching in the South before he Wilson has done nothing but emulate the great
arrived at U Conn, he was able to make a mark linebackers of Alabama lore. He’s a triple digit
in that area such that he’s opened the doors to a season tackling machine with attitude. He
guys from Florida, Georgia and even Alabama. flies around the field hitting anything that
It was in Alabama where he found, arguably, the moves. His size may preclude him from being a

best defensive player UConn has had during his star in the NFL, but that’s not a worry this year

Defensive Line Linebackers Secondary

DE 91 Jesse Joseph So. OLB 8 Lawrence Wilson Sr. CB 5 Blidi Wreh-Wilson So.
Started all 13 games, 5 TFLs in 2009 Big time playmaker, led Big East in tackles Long and lanky, 13 starts as a RS Frosh.
DT 99 Kendall Reyes Jr. ILB 32 Scott Lutrus Sr. FS 15 Jerome Junior So.
12 starts in 2009, 16 career, 6 TFL Other half of best Big East LB combo Great size for FS, started 12 games in ‘09
DT 4 Twyon Martin Jr. OLB 28 Jory Johnson So. SS 19 Kijuan Dabney Sr.

19 starts in 2 years, 8.5 TFLs in 2009 Only unknown in the front seven Houston Yates grad, inj. most of ‘09
DE 48 Trevardo Williams So. CB 24 Dwayne Gratz So.
Already lost 2 potential starters at DE Started 4 times in ’09, 4 PBU in 13 games

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DE Lindsay Witten LB Greg Lloyd (Injured) S Robert Vaughn
CB Robert McClain

Four starters return on the offensive If there’s a better linebacking corps in With six of seven starters returning

line and four starters return on the the Big East, we’re still looking for it. in the front seven, there’s no question
defensive line. where the strength of this defense
Middle linebacker Scott Lutrus has lies. Using the same sort of transitive
We l l , t h r e e s t a r t e r s a n d a L B
been a starter since his freshman year property, you then know the inherent
transitioning into the DE position.
and when healthy he’s rock solid. In weakness of this defense - the
There’s no question that the U Conn
2009, he strug gled with stinger secondary.
pass rush will miss Lindsay Witten, so
problems which kept him out of five
the staff decided to look no further
games on the season. He finished the This unit gets a ton of help from the
than the LB position for Witten’s

season with 69 tackles on the season. front seven and needs it. However,
replacement. Great plan,
it’s a group with some athleticism and
unfortunate execution. Greg Lloyd, a
Lutrus teams with outside linebacker some length although it returns only
starter at outside linebacker last
L a w re n c e Wi l s o n t o f o r m a two full time starters,
season, was going to fill Witten’s
tremendous LB duo. Wilson is a
shoes, but an injury shelved him for
definitive candidate for Big East Blidi Wreh-Wilson is the most
2010. Trevardo Willams should
Defensive Player of the Year. The experienced of the bunch. A tall
r e p l a c e Wi t t e n w i t h Ma rc u s
Tuscaloosa, AL product racked up corner who competes hard, Wreh-
Campbell also out for the season.
140 tackles last season but took over Wilson finished the year with a pick
The rest of the line is solid, if not as the leader of the defense as Lutrus and 40 tackles. As he held down one

unspectacular. Twyon Martin recovered from his injury. side, the other side will be
battles inside but gives up a few lbs to permanently turned over to Dwayne
the offensive linemen he faces. Jesse Jory Johnson replaces Lloyd at the Gratz. He’s not cosidered a full-time
Joseph isn’t going to blow you away o t h e r l i n e b a c ke r p o s i t i o n a n d starter, but he saw the field plenty
with his pass rush skills, but he’s only provides a bit of speed on the last season. Jerome Junior is a little
a sophomore, so he can mature and perimeter that this defense needs, stiff at safety, but he still packs a
grow into a dominant edge rusher. playing in the Big East. serious punch.
2009: 9-4, Lost to Florida State in Gator Bowl
2nd in the Big East
Head Coach: Bill Stewart, 3rd Yr. @ WVU - Record: 19-8
When Rich Rodriguez left his fight for the Big East title. That road will have

alma mater to head to to go through
Michigan, it was understandable both Storrs and WVU’s Vital Signs
for the home folks to be a little Pittsburgh, but if 2009 Results
upset. What most people probably QB Geno Smith Run Offense 186.4 ypg 24th
saw happening was a window closing. handles pressure Pass Offense 191.1 ypg 90th
No, not Rodriguez rolling up the window to the well, there’s no Total Offense 377.5 ypg 61st
limo and driving off, a Championship window. reason We s t Scoring Offense 26.2 ppg 67th
From 2003 to 2007, the Mountaineers were the Virginia can’t get Run Defense 126.7 ypg 37th
Pass Defense 209.8 ypg 46th
clear cut favorite to win the Big East title, but back in the hunt.
Total Defense 336.5 ypg 36th
after a scintillating and dominating Scoring Def. 21.7 ppg 31st
performance in the ‘08 Fiesta Bowl over Wi t h No e l
Oklahoma, West Virginia has struggled with Devine and Jock 2010 Returning Starters
the expectations people forged during that run. S a n d e r s Off. Ret. Starters 6
returning, it’s a Def. Ret. Starters 10
No longer the clear cut #1 in the Big East, Bill team with plenty
Stewart has a team this season that can, again, of firepower to provide a realistic title push.

Why #24? RB Noel Devine is electrifying, Big East is a three horse race, out-of-conference
includes a daunting trip to Baton Rouge, but it’s not a vulnerable LSU team to say the least.

Why not higher? Road trips to both U Conn and Pitt, the other two powers in the Big East,
offense has to replace QB Jarrett Brown, last five games are against Big East’s best five teams

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 4, 2010 Coastal Carolina
Sep 10, 2010 @ Marshall
Sep 18, 2010 Maryland
Sep 25, 2010 @ LSU
Oct 2, 2010 BYE
If y o u ’ v e n e v e r West Virginia stole It ’s n o t c a l l e d
Oct 9, 2010 UNLV tailgated at a a win away from Backyard Brawl
football game, the grieving for nothing. Well,
Oct 14, 2010 USF please get to o k a y, t h e o n l y
Huskies last year
Oct 23, 2010 Syracuse Baton Rouge for in Morgantown, pugilism taking
the all day affair but going to Storrs place is probably
Oct 29, 2010 @ U Conn that’ll commence
to face one of the
the fans in the
at LSU. These two stands. But, with
Nov 6, 2010 BYE fan bases are the surprise teams in the Big East title
most intense (i.e the nation is a potentially on the
Nov 13, 2010 Cincinnati m o s t tough task for line, it should be a
unrealistic???). anyone. Devine fascinating
Nov 20, 2010 @ Louisville The game itself shredded U Conn pressure packed
Nov 26, 2010 @ Pitt may be sloppy but last year and he’ll game. And, it’s
explosive. need to do it again Devine v. Lewis!!!
Dec 4, 2010 Rutgers
“He reminds me of...

Yr. Att Yds TDs Rec. Yds. TD
2007 73 627 6 7 90 0
2008 206 1289 4 35 185 0
2009 241 1465 13 22 177 1

Honor Roll
2009 WVU’s Co-Offensive MVP
2009 First team All-Big East (coaches)

2009 Maxwell Award semifinalist
2008 Second team All-Big East

Remember that scene in Rocky II when the name on the

Burgess Meredith, sorry, Mick throws the back of the jersey
chicken into the barbed wire squared circle instead of making a
and forces Rocky to catch it with his bare key tackle.
hands? I love that scene and every time
that I think of Rocky trying to catch that D e v i n e ’s a r r i v a l i n We s t
poor chicken, I’m reminded of defenders Virginia was met with a ton of
in the Big East trying to catch one of the fanfare and most remember where
best in the nation - Noel Devine. Even if they were when they first saw his high
you get there, though, you still have to school Youtube highlight clips. But,
tackle him and that’s not as easy as you’d he’s toiled, in some sense, up in
think it is with a guy no taller than most Morgantown in relative obscurity.
8th graders.
Put him on Boise State’s squad or as the
go-to back at Texas and we’re all but
Ask any defensive player who he’d rather face
sending the Heisman to him. But, at West
- a power back like John Clay or a guy who Virginia, he can become a legend with a
can embarrass you like Noel Devine. The season to remember. And, along the way, get
answer is nearly always a power back. some Heisman love.
Teams hate chasing Devine and often are
embarrassed by taking one misstep. One false Keep in mind, Rocky catches the chicken, but
step the wrong way. One step back instead of not until the chicken runs for about 2,000
forward. Pause for a split second. Forget it; yards. Coincidence? I think not.
there’s the potential of watching, and chasing,

“...What he said...”
“We have a brotherly bond. I told him, I can’t picture myself here without you. I can’t
imagine not being at the NFL combine together, pushing each other’”

-Devine on his relationship with standout WR Jock Sanders, a fellow Floridian

...a young Barry Sanders”

WR Jock Sanders

O His position might read

wide receiver, but the
true, apt description of
Jo c k S a n d e r s a c t u a l
5’ 7 ” 179 lb .
S en io r
TDs Rec. Yds. TD e v e r y
s n a p .
T h e
Star Watch

position on the football ability to
field is, well, just as 2009 35 175 1 72 688 3 keep Sanders on the move
slippery as he is. instantly puts defenses on
alert, which makes it that much more difficult
Part slot receiver and part dynamic running to focus on Devine running the football. When
back, the Floridian is the perfect complement Sanders goes in motion, it can create wide open
to his running buddy and best friend Noel seams that Devine can exploit. But, it can also
Devine. The one thing you know about Jock is get Jock matched up on linebackers in the
that he’s most definitely going to be moving. passing game which puts a ‘D’ in a world o’ hurt

f QB 12
Geno Smith So.
If he’s a consistent threat, ‘O’ will thrive
RB 7 Noel Devine Sr.
One final run for one of WVU’s best ever
FB 32 Ryan Clarke So.
TE/Receivers Offensive Line

WR 14


Jock Sanders

Bradley Starks
Go deep, young man, go deep
Tavon Austin
Versatile, leader of thin bunch of WR





Don Barclay
Started all 13 games at left tackle
Josh Jenkins
Started 13 games in 2009
Joe Madsen



3rd leading rusher in ’09, 250 yds. 15 rec and a TD as a true fresh. in ‘09 Started all 13 games at center in ‘09
RG 61 Eric Jobe Sr.
18 career starts, most experienced OL
RT 59 Matt Timmerman Sr.
Replaces All-Big East T Selvish Capers

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

QB Jarrett Brown WR Alric Arnett T Selvish Capers
TE Wes Lyons

West Virginia fans have to keep There are no big names in this group It doesn’t appear as if it’s an offensive
telling themselves, if Jarrett Brown of wide receivers and the only name line loaded with prospects for the
could do it in a year, then Geno most people will recognize is the 2011 NFL Draft, but one thing that
Smith can do it as well. Plausible? shortest player on the field most IS inarguable in 2010 is experience.
Hard to say, but Mountaineer fans are Saturdays.
clinging to that hope. Four of the five starters from last
Jock Sanders led the team with 72 year’s line that was instrumental in
The distinct difference for Brown receptions last year, but most of them opening holes for Devine are back for
and Smith is that Brown had a were of the short variety - “catch and the 2010 season.
handful of starts/playing experience run” situations. Now, those are

under his belt as he entered his senior situations that Sanders can exploit Don Barclay may have a future in
campaign. Smith has done a and it’s a role for which he’s a perfect the NFL at some point, but he’s
wonderful job holding a clipboard, match. carved out a nice niche on the left
but struggled in the second half of side of the line. He allowed one sack,
the Gator Bowl. Regardless, it’s his With Alric Arnett out of eligibility, which is pretty remarkable given the
show this fall. But, he’s got help. Geno Smith’s go-to option on third fact that he rarely if ever gets any
down is going to Bradley Starks. help from a TE or a RB.
Noel Devine has been a household He had 29 receptions in 2009, which
name since his sophomore was third on the team. He should be Josh Jenkins is the only returning

North Fort Myers High School. He’s the focus of the passing game and linemen to have garnered All-Big East
a legitimate Heisman candidate and should hit the 50 reception mark this status last year and that was on the
can turn the season on it’s ear with a year. Tavon Austin is in the mold of 3rd team. Eric Jobe is the key in the
1,800 yard season. Ryan Clarke is a Sanders - short with phone booth middle - he’s had 25 starts and will
bruising fullback with some running quickness. lead the line for the third straight
skills. year.
Star Watch
member of
t h e We s t

LB J.T. Thomas

Yr. Tackles
6 ’2 ” 2 25 lb .
S en io r
3 0 0
But, that started to
change last year. Thomas’
defense made significant
Vi r g i n i a 2008 65 10 3 1 0
strides and should be one
defense, J.T Thomas has 2009 76 7 0.5 2 2
of the best units in the
had to sit back many Big East regardless of
years and listen to the offense get all the what Pitt and U Conn return on defense.
Thomas led the team with tackles last year and
“Pat White this and Noel Devine that”. Proud is the physical force on the unit. He’s got
linebackers don’t like knowing that their team’s plenty of help this year with eight other starters
success is driven by the glory-seeking offensive returning. This year, it’s the ‘D’s turn to shine.

mates on the sideline.

Defensive Line Linebackers Secondary

DE 97 Julian Miller Jr. OLB 45 Anthony Leonard Sr. CB 8 Keith Tandy Jr.
Solid soph. season, 8 sacks in ‘09 Back as starter after R. Williams grduated 61 tackles in 13 starts in 2009
NT 90 Chris Neild Sr. ILB 31 Pat Lazear Sr. FS 2 Robert Sands Jr.
2nd team All-Big East, nasty inside Led the team with 78 tackles in ‘09 1st team All-Big East, 6’5” 221 lb specimen
DT 93 Scooter Berry Sr. OLB 30 J.T. Thomas Sr. SS 32 Terence Garvin So.

Nagging injuries slowed him in 2009 Most athletic/gifted player on this ‘D’ Inexperienced, but physical
BS 11 Sidney Glover Sr.
Started 10 games, 60 tackles in ‘09
CB 22 Brandon Hogan Sr.
1st team All-Big East (coaches/media)
Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses
NONE LB Reed Williams S Nate Sowers

The Mountaineers have had its share With such a dominant defensive line The defense is solidified by the back
of offensive stars over the past few in front of them and perhaps the best five in the secondary, well, four plus
year, whether it’s Pat White at secondar y in the Big Ea st, the the bandit safety who is more like a
quarterback or Dan Mozes in the linebackers would seem to get lost in linebacker. Regardless, we’ll leave
offensive line. But, the defense, the shuffle. him here for this discussion. It
especially the defensive line, hasn’t doesn’t change the expectation for
had such success. However, the linebacking crew is an this bunch and those expectations are
experienced, productive group led by through the roof. Four returning

But, that could change this year with J.T Thomas, another Floridian who starters with loads of experience and
the front three of the Mountaineers has made his mark for the a ton of talent.
3-3-5 defense. Mountaineers. He finished the 2009
season with 76 tackles, but he also Brandon Hogan is perhaps the
Julian Miller is the best pass rusher had two interceptions to prove he most decorated secondary member.
of the trio and the most athletic of can be a factor dropping in coverage. He was First team All-Big East in
the bunch. He was fourth in the Big 2009 and is highly respected through
East in sacks with 8 and had 14.5 The other half of the Mountaineer the Big East. He broke up 11 passes,
tackles for a loss. linebacking retur nees is inside in addition to being third on the
linebacker Pat Lazear. He’s a team with 74 tackles. The best pro

The heart of the defense is Chris physical player who’ll run through prospect, though, may be Robert
Neild, a true havoc-wreaking nose you to make a play. He was the Sands. Dude’s huge and can light
tackle. The 6’2” 301 lb. beast has the leading tackler in 2009 with 78 and is you up. He may transition into a box
respect of everyone in the Big East. the driving force for the defense. safety at the next level, but here he
can play just about wherever he
Scooter Berry, though, has to get Anthony Leonard will take over wants. Sidney Glover is that bandit
past his injuries to be a factor in 2010. the other outside spot. safety who fits that role perfectly.
2009: 10-4, Beat Missouri in Texas Bowl
Best Record for Independent in 2009
Head Coach: Ken Niuamatalolo, 3rd Yr. @ Navy - Record: 18-10
It’s sometimes so simple. Read. not been in since he took over as head coach.

Pull. Pitch. Do it all over again. It ’s easy to
The Navy option attack is the overlook Navy as
bane of any opponent’s existence. a Top 25 team, but Navy’s Vital Signs
No one can stand having to be with QB Ricky 2009 Results
THAT disciplined for THAT long. Just Dobbs returning Run Offense 280.5 ypg 4th
Pass Offense 75.6 ypg 119th
ask Missouri. The Tigers got absolutely and a schedule
Total Offense 356.1 ypg 77th
throttled when it took on Navy in last year’s that is conducive Scoring Offense 28.0 ppg 57th
Texas Bowl. Read. Pull. Pitch. Do it all over to a truly special Run Defense 122.1 ypg 31st
again. 2010 sea son, it Pass Defense 213.1 ypg 50th
could be a much Total Defense 335.2 ypg 34th
Combine that scheme with some high level different year in Scoring Def. 19.4 ppg 18th
talent and not only is it frustrating to play Annapolis. How
Navy, it may end up being one of the most different will be 2010 Returning Starters
Off. Ret. Starters 7
difficult games a team plays all season long. dependent upon
Def. Ret. Starters 5
And, that’s not just on offense. how explosive this
attack will be.
Ken Niuamatalolo’s squad is in a position it’s Read. Pull. Pitch. Yet again.

Why #25? Perhaps the best Naval Academy QB returns - Ricky Dobbs, offensive line is talented,
schedule is not difficult in the slightest - Notre Dame is the toughest game on the docket.

Why not higher? Can it survive a three game road test (La. Tech, Air Force and Wake Forest)?
Can’t truly open it up with the passing game if it falls behind, must be perfect to get attention.

2010 Schedule Key Games

Sep 6, 2010 Maryland
Sep 11, 2010 Georgia Southern
Sep 18, 2010 @ La. Tech
Sep 25, 2010 BYE
Oct 2, 2010 @ Air Force This one is always Navy kicked the Navy has only one
n a s t y, w h i c h i s Irish right in the road game after
Oct 9, 2010 @ Wake Forest ironic given the teeth last year and October 9th and
nature of a Service it was the second i t ’s a t r i p t o
Oct 16, 2010 SMU Ac a d e m y. Na v y straight time the Greenville to take
SHOULD be 3-0 Midshipmen had o n E C U. T h e
Oct 23, 2010 Notre Dame (NJ) headed into the beaten the Irish in Pirates don’t see
Oct 30, 2010 Duke bye week and it’ll
get two weeks to
South Bend.
A l t h o u g h Na v y
the option often
so it could be a
Nov 6, 2010 @ East Carolina prepare for the has made South major issue for
Flyboys - it Bend it’s “second them. But, on the
Nov 13, 2010 Central Michigan p r o b a b l y w o n’t home”, this battle flip side, ECU has
need it. Show up is in Navy’s “other offensive weapons
Nov 20, 2010 Arkansas State flat and a historic h o m e ” - Ne w that’ll challenge
season may die. Jersey Navy’s ‘D’.
Nov 26, 2010 BYE
Dec 11, 2010 Army (Phila.)
“Best Naval Academy QB since...
Honor Roll
Yr. Cmp Att Yds TDs Int. Att Yds TDs 2009 Honorable Mention A-A (CFN)

2008 16 9 212 1 1 106 495 8 2009 Texas Bowl MVP

2009 56 105 1031 6 3 315 1203 27 37th QB in history to throw/pass for
1,000/1,000 in same season

As you’ve read this magazine, you’ll the option back to the Academy, there
probably start to understand that I love to hasn’t been a guy that’s executed it
play the “what if ” game. the way Dobbs has since he
took over as the starter.
What if this guy played here?

What is that guy played It seems like a simple
elsewhere? It ’s a l w a y s process, but Dobbs has it
intrigued me to think of great down to a science. He ran
players, playing in other and threw for a 1,000
places. At first glance, the yards last year and if you
“what if ” game may not o v e r l o o ke d the
apply to an “option” Midshipmen, Dobbs
q u a r t e r b a c k l i ke was going to make you
Na v y ’s Ricky Dobbs, p a y. A g a i n s t O h i o
but if that’s all you see in State in the opener, the
him, then you’re going to Buckeyes had a seemingl y
make the same mistake insurmountable lead in the
t h a t Na v y ’s opponents fourth quarter, but Dobbs
have made, and continue kept banging away. When he
to make. Plenty of teams took a QB follow/midline run
are happy with their into the end zone untouched,
quarterback the Midshipmen were a botched
choice, but there are plenty who would love 2 point play away from taking
to have the varied talents of Dobbs in the the #6 Buckeyes to overtime.
This year, Dobbs is a marked man,
That all being said, there may not be a better or you’d think that would be the case
option quarterback in the history of Navy I wonder if at the end of the game
football. Now, that’s not saying a ton, I whether teams will play the “what if that
suppose, given the lack of a dominant guy played for us” game. Probably. They’ll
history, but since Paul Johnson brought have learned their lesson a bit too late.

“...What he said...”
“Ricky Dobbs’ skills and abilities would make him a success on any team in college
football; the fact that he chooses to serve our country at the same time is what shows you
his exceptional heart and character.”

-Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel on Dobbs

...some guy named Staubach”

FB Vince Murray
It’s not often that I’m left
scrambling for a roster or S en io r
6 ’ 1” 217 lb . the starting
fullback. Heck,
a trip to the computer for Yr. Att Yds TDs Rec. Yds. TD it was his first
a media guide during a 2007 0 0 0 0 0 0 y e a r t o p l a y, Star Watch

game. Most of the time, I really. But, in
2008 Did Not Play
know a name or ha ve t h a t g a m e , Mu r r a y
heard a name, especially 2009 182 971 6 3 31 0 obliterated the Irish,
guys that make you come rushing for 158 yards on
out of your seat. However, during the Notre only 14 carries. But, it was the way he ran right
Dame game last season, I needed to do that for over the Irish defense that had me reaching for
Vince Murray. Although he’d had four straight the 2009 Navy roster. A power runner with
100+ yard efforts prior to that game, I’ll admit, some juice, Murray is the perfect combination
he was an unknown commodity in his first year for the fullback position. And, I’ll never forget

as his name. Vince need to look it up.

QB/RB TE/Receivers Offensive Line

QB 4 Ricky Dobbs Sr. SB 21 Gee Gee Greene So. LT 61 Jeff Battipaglia Sr.
The stud you didn’t know...until now Started twice in ’09, 253 yards rushing Rotary Lombardi Award Watch List
FB 47 Vince Murray Sr. SB 28 Marcus Curry Jr. LG 75 Brady DeMell Jr.
Brutal inside runner and perfect in this ‘O’ 3rd leading rusher in ’09 - 585 yards Started Texas Bowl at center
WR 84 Greg Jones Sr. C 71 Eric Douglass Jr.

6 receptions in 2009, Former NT, started four times in ‘09
WR 80 Mike Schupp Sr. RG 63 David Hong Jr.
Started 9 games in ’09, 6 receptions Played in all 13 games, 4 starts in ‘09
RT 70 Matt Molloy Sr.
17 straight starts at RT, 13 in 2009

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

NONE SB Bobby Doyle G Osei Asante & C Curtis Bass
G Andy Lark

The backfield, for purposes of this The Navy “receiving” corps is a You can pretty much take what’s said
exercise will be two players, although misnomer to say the least. The about the Navy offensive line and
the slotbacks in this offense are more leading receivers for Navy last season apply it one year after the next. It’s
runners than wide receivers. were Bobby Doyle and Marcus Curry. sort of a Mad Libs session. Smallish
Yeah, the two combined for 20 265 - 290 lb linemen with some
But, Ricky Dobbs and Vince receptions. experience that’ll cut block well, zone
Mu r ra y c a n c a r r y a b a c k f i e l d block well (yes, the option offense
without question. But, what this group brings, they run has a ton of zone block on
athletically speaking, is key to the run the backside of option runs) and take
Dobbs could be a Heisman candidate game. Slot back Gee Gee Greene pride in running your 300+ lb. butt

was one of two true freshman (Texan
if the Midshipmen pull off an “upset”, over. Just change the names next
Bo Snelson the other) to see time
if you will, and win 11 or 12 games. Is year.
during the season. Greene is one of
it possible? Sure, but back to Dobbs. the best athletes and a gamebreaker
This offense demands perfection and and he’ll get more opportunities this The most well known of the bunch is
Dobbs has become a maestro running year as teams take away both Dobbs left tackle Jeff Battipaglia. He was
this offense. The game has slowed and Murray. named to the Rotar y Lombardi
down to the point where he rarely Watch list and is instrumental in this
makes the wrong read/decision. Marcus Curry is the best all-around offense getting to linebackers by
threat Navy has. He averaged nearly doubling and comboing off to the

Murray is the prototype B back for 29 yards per reception and also was second level. Matt Molloy will start
Navy. He never loses a yard and is third on the team in rushing. WR for the 3rd straight year. The interior
consistently moving forward. He’s Greg Jones and Mike Schupp are must fill three spots, but Brady
go t r u nn i ng b ac k s k i l l s w i t h a better option blockers than receivers, DeMell and David Hong do have a
f u l l b a c k ’s h e a r t , a p e r f e c t b u t i t ’s j u s t d u e t o l a c k o f bit of much needed starting
combination. opportunity. experience.
Star Watch
Watching teams
around the
country, it’s 2007
S Wyatt Middleton
6 ’2 ” 2 08 lb .

Tackles Sacks
88 0
S en io r
0 1
cases suffer), Middleton
PBU jumped right into the
starting lineup and has
q u i te e a s y 2008 75 0 1 5 never left. Whereas most
to b e 2009 68 0 4 7 of us had him pegged as
smitten by the Tyler Sash’s just a good tackling safety,
and the Rahim Moore’s of the world. But, if Middleton ha s become a bal l hawking,
Navy’s Wyatt Middleton is not placed into a playmaking sort who can change the game in a
similar class as those other great safeties, you’ve multitude of ways in Buddy Green’s defense.
missed the boat completely on one of the Middleton has a lot of freedom to roam and
nation’s most underrated stars. make plays up near the line of scrimmage.
Don’t be fooled by the name on the front of
Although most Plebes sit and wait (and in most the jersey - Middleton could play for anyone.

Defensive Line Linebackers

DE 98 Jabaree Tuani

29 tackles and 1/2 sack in 2009

DE 90 Billy Yarbrough
5.5 TFL, 3.5 sacks in 13 starts in 2009
NT 93 Chase Burge Sr.




Aaron McCauley
Special teamer in ’09, must perform
LB Tyler Simmons
Missed spring practice, injured.
Jerry Hauburger





Kwesi Mitchell

Emmett Merchant

Wyatt Middleton
Started two times in 2009, 29 tackles
2 int & 54 tackles, half of great S duo.
Started once in 2009, one sack Battling Collin Sturdivant for spot Truly an All-American candidate
LB 57 Caleb King Jr. CB 15 Kevin Edwards Sr.
Special teamer with only 2 tackles in ‘09 51 tackles, 2 TFL & 1 int in 2009

Key Losses Key Losses Key Losses

DE Matt Nechak LB Ram Vela & Ross Pospisil CB Blake Carter
LB Tony Haberer & Craig Schaefer

Navy’s front three won’t strike fear If the Navy defense takes a step back With all four linebackers departing,
into the hearts of offensive linemen this season it’ll be due in large part to the secondary is going to have pick
ever ywhere, but for one simple the gaping holes left at linebacker. up a significant amount of slack.
reason - they never stop. Last year in However, three starters, excuse me,
key spots, for example, the Notre Of 56 total starts in 14 games for the three stellar starters return to bolster
Dame game, in sure passing linebackers last year, the departed the Middies secondary.
situations, this defensive line was able linebackers accounted for 55 starts.
The star is four year starter Wyatt
to get things done. The only other start? Safety Wyatt

Middleton at strong safety. A
Middleton at OLB. So, not one guy
tackling machine from the day he put
The leader of the bunch is Jabaree listed above started one game.
on the blue and gold, Middleton has
Tuani who is a terror off the edge.
transformed himself into an all-arond
He’s built like a mack truck and However, Tyler Simmons finished
play maker in the secondary.
rushes like one. He often wins with the season as the third leading tackler
leverage, but get off blocks and make last year with 68 stops. After losing His partner in crime at free safety is
plays. all four starters, the Midshipmen Emmett Merchant, whose Pops
needed him this spring, but he was a receiver on the 1990 National
Although he looks like he should be a injured himself in Februar y and Champion Georgia Tech squad.
3-4 defensive end, Chase Burge missed the entire spring. Merchant, though, takes pleasure in

does a nice job holding up in the taking things away from receivers and
middle over the nose. He’s strong as Aaron McCauley and Caleb King is the perfect complement to
an ox, even though he’s facing 300+ were special teamers in 2009 and Middleton.
pounders as a 270 lb. guy. combined for 6 tackles. Jerr y
Kevin Edwards has a world of
Hauberger missed all 0f 2009 and
talent and will have a solid season at
Billy Yarbrough steps into the spot will have to beat out Collin
vacated by Matt Nechak. Sturdivant for a starting spot.
r e d i c t i
o n s
Team Record Team Record
1 Florida State 8-4 1 Miami 9-3
2 Boston College 9-3 2 Virginia Tech 9-3
3 NC State 8-4 over 3 North Carolina 9-3
4 Clemson 7-5 4 Georgia Tech 7-5
5 Maryland 5-7 5 Duke 4-8
6 Wake Forest 3-9 6 Virginia 3-9
Off. Player of the Year Def. Player of the Year
QB Christian Ponder DE Robert Quinn
Prior to last season, I was pretty adamant that The University of North Carolina has
Ponder was good, but not great. And, through produced two of the most dynamic pass
much of last season, I was right. But, I’m rushers the NFL has ever seen. Lawrence
willing to admit I was wrong and after the win Taylor was in a different class and Julius
at UNC, I knew I had Peppers was a physical
just seen the worm turn, if mar vel who plied his
you will for h i m . trade on the hardwood.
Bringing the d a z e d Robert Quinn has the ability
Seminoles back from to put his n a m e
behind in the s e co n d h a l f a m o n g s t those two if
for a much needed win made me rethink he has another season like the last. Quinn was
Ponder completely. Seeing FSU self-destruct the runner-up selection for Player of the Year
without him made me realize how good he is. in 2009 and should take it home this year.

Predictions Sure to Come True

By April, you will know how to say and If NC State’s Nate Irving is half as good as
spell Ras-I Dowling. Remember the name, he was before he was injured, State’s defense
big time, prototype senior CB at UVa. will get a major boost at a position of need.
There won’t be one agent on the campus of FSU will play more freshmen this year in
North Carolina this season. hopes of playing for more than just ACC
Championship in future years.
As much as I love the Fridge, this is the last
season for Ralph Friedgen at Maryland. The Georgia Tech will lead the league in rushing
7-5 gauntlet was thrown down by his former
Seeing Boston College’s Mark Herzlich
AD and a new AD will want a new coach.
back on the field will make me cry. Seriously
Sr. Jr.
QB Christian Ponder DE Robert Quinn
Jr. RB Montel Harris DT Jarvis Jenkins Sr.
So. Sr.
RB Ryan Williams DT John Graves
Jr. Sr.
WR Donovan Varner DE Allen Bailey
Sr. WR Leonard Hankerson LB Quan Sturdivant Sr.
Jr. Sr.
AP Travis Benjamin LB Alex Wujciak
Sr. So.
C Sean Bedford LB Luke Kuechly
Sr. Sr.
G Rodney Hudson CB Ras-I Dowling
Sr. Sr.
G Thomas Claiborne S DeAndre McDaniel
Sr. Sr.
T Chris Hairston S Deunta Williams
Sr. Jr.
T Anthony Castonzo CB Brandon Harris

ACC Games of the Year

vs vs vs
September 4, 2010 September 6, 2010 September 11, 2010
Atlanta, GA Washington, DC Columbus, OH
North Carolina is one of the pundits’ Virginia Tech hasn’t had a big time out of I’m a firm believer that Miami actually
handful of “hot” pre-season teams and conference win since, well, the Orange relishes being the underdog. And, trust
possesses one of the best front 7’s in the Bowl over Cincinnati? And, it’s hard to me, in this one, it’ll be the underdog.
nation. But, most know it only as an say that was a quality win. A resounding But, QB Jacory Harris has the poise and
underachieving program...a win over LSU win over one of the nation’s top five teams stature to keep calm against the OSU pass
in the ATL could change that perception. will put the spotlight back on Blacksburg. rush and throw to keep it competitive.

vs vs vs
October 16, 2010 October 23, 2010 November 20, 2010
Tallahassee, FL Miami, FL Miami, FL
My co-host Sean Pendergast thinks Tina North Carolina has knocked off Miami If Miami doesn’t win the ACC’s Coastal
Fey is “sneaky hot”. I think Boston the last two years, so the sense of urgency Division this year, it may not ever happen.
College is sneaky hot and could pull the in Coral Gables must be at an all-time With North Carolina AND Virginia Tech
upset in Tallahassee. Eagles RB Montel high to knock off former UM coach Butch coming to visit, the Hurricanes have no
Harris wants nothing more than to return Davis. A win here puts either one in the excuses. Plus, Va. Tech embarrassed
to his home state for a massive win. Coastal driver’s seat. Miami last year so it’s payback time.
Wee k
2010 AC C S ch e d u l e
1 We e k 2 Wee k 3 Wee k 4 Week 5
Sept 2 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 16 @ Sept 23 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 2 @
Sept 11 @
Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 11 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 11 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @
Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 4 v Oct 2 @
Sept 11 @
Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @
Sept 11 @
Sept 4 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 11 @
Sept 6 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 6 @
Wee k 6 We e k 7 Wee k 8 Wee k 9 We e k 10
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 28 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 30 @
Oct 23 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 16 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 30 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 30 @
Oct 16 @
Oct 23 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @
Oct 30 @

Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @

We e k 11 We e k 12 We e k 13 We e k 14
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @
Nov 27 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @
Nov 27 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @
Nov 27 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @

Nov 27 @
Nov 27 @
B i g 10 P r e d i c t i o n s Team Record
1 Ohio State 12 - 0
2 Iowa 11 - 1
3 Wisconsin 10 - 2
4 Penn State 9-3
5 Northwestern 8-4
6 Michigan State 7-5
7 Purdue 6-6
8 Michigan 5-7
9 Indiana 5-7
10 Minnesota 3-9
11 Illinois 3-9
Off. Player of the Year Def. Player of the Year
QB Terrelle Pryor DE Ryan Kerrigan
I’ve been riding the Terrelle Pryor bandwagon Wait, what? You’ve got Adrian Clayborn,
for a couple of years. And, finally, after Greg Jones, any of the Ohio State defenders
wanting to give up, he pulled me back in with and it’s a guy from, gulp, Purdue? Yep, deal
a scintillating Rose Bowl that was flat out with it. Kerrigan is a bonafide star who has
awe-inspiring. Playing on a been a known commodity in
bum wheel, no less. But, the Big Ten for years. He
Pr y o r is healthy as can led the Big Ten with 13
be and is ready to lead sacks last year and was
his team to a National third in the n a t i o n ,
Championship. If the averaging over a sack
Buckeyes finish 12-0 and in the BCS National per game. His best? 3 sacks against Pryor and
Championship game, he’ll be taking home Ohio State. He’s racked up 20 sacks in two
more than Big 10 Off. Player of the Year. years. He’s the best pass rusher in the Big 10.

Predictions Sure to Come True

At least one Wisconsin offensive lineman Iowa’s Ricky Stanzi will get some “Dark
will be a consensus All-American Horse Heisman” love until Ohio State
knocks off the Hawks late in the year.
Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary
will get yelled at, perhaps more than just Take the under in Penn State v. Alabama.
once, by head coach Joe Paterno.
Indiana’s Tandon Doss will have a season
Michigan will go looking for a new head for Hoosier fans to remember.
coach at season’s end. Maybe before the end
Illinois? See Michigan bullet point to the
of the season, especially if it starts 0-2.
Northwestern will beat a heavy this year.
Jr. QB Terrelle Pryor DE Adrian Clayborn Jr.
Jr. RB John Clay DT Karl Klug Sr.
Sr. Sr.
RB Evan Royster DT Ollie Ogbu
Jr. WR DeVier Posey DE Ryan Kerrigan Sr.
Sr. Sr.
WR Keith Smith LB Greg Jones
Jr. So.
TE Drake Dunsmore LB Chris Borland
Sr. Sr.
C/G Stefen Wisniewski LB Eric Gordon
Sr. Sr.
G Justin Boren CB Chimdi Chekwa
Jr. Sr.
G Joel Foreman S Jermale Hines
Jr. Jr.
T Josh Oglesby S Tyler Sash
T Gabe Carimi S Brett Greenwood Sr.

Big 10 Games of the Year

vs vs vs
September 11, 2010 September 11, 2010 October 16, 2010
Tuscaloosa, AL Columbus, OH Madison, WI
Although Penn State is coming off of a Ohio State frittered away a late lead last Madison is a spooky place for the
solid bowl win over LSU in the Capital year to USC at home in the Bucks’ in a Buckeyes, no matter how good Wisconsin
One Bowl, this is a much different squad costly loss. Don’t think that will happen is. 1993. 2003. In 2008, the Buckeyes
than that one. QB Daryll Clark carried again this year with Miami coming to needed a late Terrelle Pryor drive to save
that offense for years and the new QB will town. The Big 10 NEEDS Ohio State to them. Stoking the embers is the fact that
get his first road start at Alabama. Ouch. thump Miami in a big way. UW is as good as it’s been in a few years.

vs vs vs
October 23, 2010 November 20, 2010 November 27, 2010
Iowa City, IA Iowa City, IA Happy Valley, PA
Wisconsin jumped to a quick 10-0 lead This is the game of the year in the Big 10, It’s fairly clear that the three top teams in
over undefeated Iowa last season in IF both take care of business against the Big 10 are OSU, Iowa and Wisconsin,
Madison. But, the resilient Hawks scored Wisconsin, and that’s not a lock. But, if but the battle for fourth is seemingly a
20 unanswered and physically silenced the both teams are healthy, there’s a small four team race. Penn State and Michigan
Badgers. But, this is a new year with chance that this one could have National State are the two best candidates and this
better squads in 2010. Championship game implications. one could decide 4th.
Wee k
2010 Big 10 Schedule
1 We e k 2 Wee k 3 Wee k 4 Week 5
Sept 2 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 2 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 2 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 v Sept 18 @
Sept 11 v Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @

Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @

Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @

Wee k 6 We e k 7 Wee k 8 Wee k 9 We e k 10

Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @

Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @

Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @

Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @

Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @

We e k 11 We e k 12 We e k 13 We e k 14
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @ Dec 3 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @

B i g North
12 P r e d i South
Team Record Team Record
1 Nebraska 11 - 2 1 Texas 12 - 1
2 Missouri 8-4 2 Oklahoma 11 - 1
3 Kansas State 5-7
over 3 Texas A&M 9-3
4 Colorado 5-7 4 Texas Tech 8-4
5 Iowa State 4-8 5 Oklahoma State 6-6
6 Kansas 4-8 6 Baylor 5-7
Off. Player of the Year Def. Player of the Year
WR/AP Ryan Broyles DT Jared Crick
This category wasn’t easy in the past, but it In a similar vein as the Bradford/McCoy
was pretty clear cut - it was either former OU debate of recent years, the Big 12 media split
QB Sam Bradford or former Texas QB Colt the vote for Def. Player of the Year between
McCoy. This year? Wide open. Way, wide Crick and Texas A&M OLB Von Miller. I
open. So, I’m going with a went with Crick because
little bit of a wild card - I think he’s the most
Ryan Broyles f r o m complete defender on
Oklahoma. He i s t h e the best defense in the
l e a d i n g receiver league. Some will argue
returning in the Big 12 that Crick’s s uc cess w a s
with 89 catches and he also has the ability to only due to the presence of Ndamukong Suh.
be a threat on reverses or laterals thrown as Uh, not so. This Husker is tremendously
bubble screens. Surprised? Perhaps. quick and had 8 sacks and 12.5 TFL in 2009.

Predictions Sure to Come True

No two teammates will have a connection Colorado will have to bite the bullet and
like former Texas stars Colt McCoy and start it’s Pac 12 life with a new coach after
Jordan Shipley. this season. It won’t change its fortunes, but
will just change the voice.
Baylor will have a shot at a bowl because of
one guy - QB Robert Griffin. The Big 12 North will be the weakest its
ever been, Nebraska notwithstanding.
Texas Tech RB Baron Batch will push Ryan
Broyles for Player of the year. Texas A&M will be top ten in the nation in
total offense (not defense, though).
And, the same goes for OSU’s Kendall
Hunter. He’ll bounce back for a strong year. Kansas players will love Turner Gill
Sr. Sr.
QB Jerrod Johnson DE Sam Acho
Sr. RB Daniel Thomas DT Jared Crick Jr.
Sr. RB Baron Batch DT Colby Whitlock Sr.
Sr. AP DeMarco Murray DE Jeremy Beal Sr.
Jr. Jr.
WR Ryan Broyles LB Von Miller
Jr. Jr.
WR Jeff Fuller LB Travis Lewis
Sr. Sr.
C Tim Barnes LB Brian Duncan
Sr. Sr.
G Ricky Henry CB Prince Amukamara
Jr. Sr.
G Kelechi Osemele S Quinton Carter
Sr. Jr.
T Kyle Hix S Trent Hunter
Sr. Jr.
T Nate Solder CB Aaron Williams

Big 12 Games of the Year

vs vs vs
September 11, 2010 September 18, 2010 October 2, 2010
Norman, OK Seattle, WA Dallas, TX
The Sooners 8-5 season, no matter what Each year there are a few teams that get No matter the situation, this one is
injuries they racked up throughout the the “Keep an eye on this team” tag. ALWAYS one of the best, and more
season, didn’t sit well with anyone in Nebraska is that team. But, on the road, important, games of the year. Garrett
crimson and cream. A resounding win in a truly difficult place to play, against a Gilbert vs. Landry Jones certainly isn’t the
over FSU in Norman could signal a brilliant play making QB, Jake Locker, flashy QB matchup of yore, but it’s still as
bounce back to normalcy for the Sooners. Nebraska is in for a 60 minute dogfight. good it can get in this conference in 2010.

vs vs vs
October 9, 2010 October 16, 2010 November 25, 2010
Arlington, TX Lincoln, NE Austin, TX
An interception before the half by This matchup already had a ton of cache A&M-Texas ’09 was one of the best
TAMU’s Jerrod Johnson ended any Aggie going into the offseason, given the way the offensive shootouts of the season last year.
hope against the Hogs last year. We won’t last matchup ended - a 13-12 narrow Texas And, it gave hope to every Aggie in the
know a whole lot about the Aggies going win in the Big 12 Championship game. state of Texas that A&M wasn’t THAT far
into this game, given the early season However, after Nebraska decided to move behind the Longhorns. If nothing else,
schedule, but we’ll know a ton afterwards. to the Big 10, it has double the intrigue. expect another high scoring, frenetic game
Wee k
2010 Big 12 Schedule
1 We e k 2 Wee k 3 Wee k 4 Week 5
Sept 2 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 17 @ Sept 30 @
Sept 25 @
Sept 4 v Sept 11 @
Sept 18 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @
Sept 18 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 18 @ Oct 2 v
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @
@ Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 Oct 2 @

Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @

Sept 4 v Sept 11 @
Sept 18 @
Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @
Sept 18 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 18 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @
Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 5 @ Sept 11 @
Wee k 6 We e k 7 Wee k 8 Wee k 9 We e k 10
Oct 7 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @

Oct 8 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @

Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @

Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @

Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @

Oct 9 v Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @

We e k 11 We e k 12 We e k 13 We e k 14
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 25 @

Nov 20 @
Nov 13 Nov 26 @
Nov 20 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 27 @
Nov 20 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 27 @
Nov 20 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @
Nov 27 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 v

Big East Predictions Team Record
1 Pitt 10 - 2
2 U Conn 10 - 2
3 West Virginia 9-3
4 Cincinnati 7-5
5 Rutgers 6-6
6 USF 6-6
7 Syracuse 3-9
8 Louisville 2 - 10

Off. Player of the Year Def. Player of the Year

RB Dion Lewis LB Lawrence Wilson
When you see a back the size of Lewis, you The game of football is quite simple, really.
think he’s going to be a highlight reel, break- Block the guy in front of you on offense.
your-ankles kind of guy. And, he’s definitely Tackle the guy with the ball on defense. Let’s
that, but you don’t automatically think this is just say that U Conn’s Lawrence Wilson has
a guy who could carr y the latter down pat. A
the ball 47 times on a three year starter from
s n o w y Saturday for Tu s c a l o o s a , Alabama,
the Big East title. But, W i l s o n finished the
t h a t ’s e v e n more true to sea son with 140 tackles
who Dion Lewis is as a and Fi r s t team All-Big
competitor. He set the Big East on its ear last East honors. Paired with LB Scott Lutrus,
year with nearly 1,800 yards and 17 TDs Wilson’s success behind an experienced DL
rushing as a true freshman and will do it again. will be key in what could be a memorable year.

Predictions Sure to Come True

Rutgers All-Purpose star Mohamed Sanu It won’t happen this year, but Louisville’s
will account for touchdowns four different Charlie Strong will have the Cardinals back
ways this season - passing, rushing, returning in a bowl within a couple of years.
and receiving.
WVU RB Noel Devine will add to a long
Cincinnati QB Zach Collaros will lead the Yo u Tu b e r e s u m e w i t h a t l e a s t o n e
league in total offense. transcendent highlight this season.
Don’t be surprised if the West Virginia USF will take a step back this season under
Mountaineers have one of the top 12 Skip Holtz, but in 2011, it’ll be a team that
defenses in the country this year. will bounce back on the championship radar.
Jr. Sr.
QB Zach Collaros DE Greg Romeus
So. RB Dion Lewis DT Chris Neild Sr.
Sr. So.
RB Noel Devine DT Scott Vallone
Sr. Sr.
WR Armon Binns DE Jabaal Sheard
Sr. Sr.
WR Jonathan Baldwin LB J.T Thomas
So. Sr.
AP Mohamed Sanu LB Lawrence Wilson
Jr. Sr.
C Moe Petrus LB Scott Lutrus
Sr. Jr.
G Zach Hurd CB Quenton Washington
Sr. Sr.
G Jason Kelce S Dom DeCicco
Jr. Jr.
T Lucas Nix S Robert Sands
Sr. Sr.
T Jason Pinkston CB Brandon Hogan

Big East Games of the Year

vs vs vs
September 4, 2010 September 23, 2010 September 25, 2010
Ann Arbor, MI Pittsburgh, PA Baton Rouge, LA
Connecticut may sneak up on the nation Pitt may have more NFL first and second Now, the tailgating/pre-game tete-a-tete
this year, but it won’t be sneaking up on round prospects than any team in the that will result when these two square off
me. The Huskies, though, won’t find nation, but if those studs don’t play well might be better than the game itself. And,
Michigan to be the season-opening when Miami arrives in town on a the game is going to be as physical as any
cupcake most enjoy to start a season. nationally televised Thursday night game, you’ll see this year. Without question,
However, I love this matchup for U Conn. it could be a long season for the ‘Stache. WVU has speed to match up with LSU

vs vs vs
November 11, 2010 November 11, 2010 December 4, 2010
Storrs, CT Storrs, CT Cincinnati, OH
How about this matchup! It has two of If you have a son that might be a little For the past two years, everyone and their
the best RBs in the league (Jordan small and thinks he might be too small to brother counted Cincinnati out before the
Todman and Dion Lewis), two of the best play football or play running back - tell season even started. Well, wait, that was
OLs in the league and two of the best him to tune in for this one. Noel Devine me before ‘09. I’m doing it again, in some
defenders in the league (Lawrence Wilson and Dion Lewis aren’t any bigger than sense in ‘10, but I wouldn’t be surprised if
and Greg Romeus). It’s going to be fun. your son, but they’re giants in this league. this game is for the Big East title yet agin.
Wee k
2010 Big East Schedule
1 We e k 2 Wee k 3 Wee k 4 Week 5
Sept 2 @ Sept 11 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 23 @
Sept 16 @
Oct 2 @
Sept 2 @ Sept 11 @
Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @
Oct 2 @
Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 18 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @

Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @

Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @

Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @

Wee k 6 We e k 7 Wee k 8 Wee k 9 We e k 10

Oct 8 @
Oct 14 @ Oct 22 @ Oct 29 @
Oct 9 @ Nov 3 @
Oct 15 @ Oct 23 @
Oct 9 @
Oct 30 @
Oct 9 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @
Oct 9 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 30 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @
Oct 9 @

We e k 11 We e k 12 We e k 13 We e k 14
Nov 11 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 26 @
Dec 4 @
Nov 26 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @
Nov 27 @ Dec 4 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @
Nov 27 @
Dec 4 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @
C U SEastA P r e d i cWest
Team Record Team Record
1 Southern Miss 9-3 1 Houston 11 - 2
2 UCF 8-4 2 SMU 8-4
3 Marshall 5-7 over 3 Tulsa 8-4
4 East Carolina 3-9 4 UTEP 5-7
5 UAB 3-9 5 Rice 4-8
6 Memphis 1 - 11 6 Tulane 1 - 11
Off. Player of the Year Def. Player of the Year
QB Case Keenum DE Bruce Miller
Winning the CUSA Offensive POY award Finishing fifth your conference in something
may be just scratching the surface for as important as sacks is a big deal. Finishing
Houston’s Case Keenum. The question is fifth in the entire nation in sacks is a massive
whether he can go further than any deal. Bruce Miller did exactly that last season,
quar terback in the history piling up a CUSA high 13
of the CFB. He threw for sacks against one the most
5, 6 7 1 y a r d s , 1,300+ yards diverse sets of offenses in
more than any other QB the nation. He had five
in the nation in 2009. multi-sack games and is
With 14 more games, he just relentless off the edge.
could flirt with the magical 6,000 yard mark. With Miller at defensive end, UCF has a
Can it happen? Doesn’t need to, but it would chance to truly improve its pass defense (113th
cap off one of the best passing careers ever. in the nation). Without him? Forget it.

Predictions Sure to Come True

SMU QB Kyle Padron won’t win any Tulsa’s Damaris Johnson will score in at
conference honors, but he’ll have a 4,000 least four different ways - rushing, receiving,
yard passing season for June Jones offense. kick returns and punt returns.
University of Houston will have at least one Southern Miss LB Korey Williams will lead
receiver with 100 receptions. the league in tackles and push Bruce Miller
for Defensive Player of the Year honors.
Rice RB/ATH Sam McGuffie may not have
any hurdling highlights, but he will be one of If UCF struggles at all, head coach George
the conference’s most dynamic newcomers. O’Leary may step aside for a new coach in ‘11
Sr. Sr.
QB Case Keenum DE Bruce Miller
Sr. RB Donald Buckram DT Dontari Poe So.
Sr. WR James Cleveland DT Scott Solomon Sr.
Sr. WR Aldrick Robinson DE Cordarro Law Jr.
Sr. Sr.
WR Dwayne Harris LB Mario Harvey
Jr. Jr.
AP Tyron Carrier LB Marcus McGraw
Sr. Jr.
C Cameron Zipp LB Korey Williams
So. Jr.
G Theo Goins CB Emanuel Davis
Jr. Jr.
G Chris Thompson S Chris Banjo
Jr. Jr.
T Kelvin Beachum S Travis Bradshaw
Sr. Sr.
T Jah Reid CB Jamal Robinson

CUSA Games of the Year

vs vs vs
September 18, 2010 September 25, 2010 October 23, 2010
Pasadena, CA Manhattan, KS Dallas, TX
Last year, Houston went to Stillwater and This isn’t a marquee matchup, not in the U of H hammered SMU last year in
upset (and thoroughly outplayed) slightest, but a win by UCF could Houston and in so doing, the Cougs
Oklahoma State. Then, followed that up absolutely huge for C-USA. KSU can be moved on to the C-USA championship
with a win over Texas Tech the next week. had by the Golden Knight running game. game. SMU finished the year winning
Suffice it to say, Houston isn’t sneaking In some sense, UCF must make amends five of the next six, setting itself up for a
up on anyone, including UCLA, this year. for its trip to Austin last year. fine 2010 season. But, it has to beat UH.

vs vs vs
November 5th, 2010 November 13, 2010 November 27, 2010
Houston, TX Orlando, FL Lubbock, TX
Of all the C-USA contests, this is the one The winner of this game will have an I don’t need to remind Tech fans as to
that I’m looking forward to the most. advantage in winning C-USA East and what happened last year. Case Keenum’s
Friday Night Lights takes on a whole new garnering a spot in the championship QB draw for a TD ended a wonderful
meaning for the rematch between these game. It should be a physical contest with game. However, Tech fans know that if
two title contenders. UCF ended UH’s USM’s DeAndre Brown and UCF’s Tech had just stuck to the run game and
“buzz” in ‘09, so it’s payback time. Brynn Harvey making huge plays. maybe this is the year it does just that.
Wee k
2010 C-USA Schedule
1 We e k 2 Wee k 3 Wee k 4 Week 5
Sept 2 @ Sept 10 @ Sept 17 @ Sept 24 @ Oct 2 @

Sept 2 @ Sept 18 @ Oct 2 @

Sept 10 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 18 @
Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @
Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @

Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @
Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 5 @ Sept 18 @

Sept 5 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @

Wee k 6 We e k 7 Wee k 8 Wee k 9 We e k 10

Oct 6 @ Oct 13 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 5 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 30 @
Nov 6 @
Oct 23 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 30 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 30 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 23 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @
Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @

We e k 11 We e k 12 We e k 13 We e k 14
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @

P r e d i c t i
o n s
Team Record Team Record
1 Temple 9-4 1 Central Michigan 8-5
2 Ohio 8-4 2 Northern Illinois 7-5
3 Bowling Green 6-6
4 Kent State 5-7
over 3 Ball State 6-6
4 Western Michigan 5-7
5 Akron 5-7
6 Miami 4-8 5 Toledo 5-7
7 Buffalo 3-9 6 Eastern Michigan 3-9
Off. Player of the Year Def. Player of the Year
RB Bernard Pierce LB Nick Bellore
From seemingly out of the blue last season, Steady and consistent. Always around the
Bernard Pierce helped turn Temple football a ball. The Rock. The Foundation. It’s one of
full 180. First of all, Temple went to a bowl those things that you want to look out on the
game. Grasp that concept football fans. The field and see #43. Well, Central Michigan
r e a s o n ? M o s t l y fans get one final season
Pi e r ce . He ran for 1,361 w i t h Ni c k Bellore out
yards but missed the on the field. He finished
m o s t important the season with 132
game of the season - the tackles and 13 tackles for a
M AC E a s t final against l o s s . Wi t h only 4 other
Ohio. His absence proved his worth, returning starters, Bellore will have his work
unfortunately for Temple’s championship cut out, but he’s a 12 tackle-a-game machine,
hopes. But, he’s back and ready for 1,500+ yds so he’ll be fine. In fact, the best in the MAC.

Predictions Sure to Come True

If Temple wins the MAC, Al Golden should If Frank Solich had a true quarterback, the
win every coach of the year award on the Bobcats would threaten Temple for the
planet. I don’t care if it is the MAC, this MAC East championship.
man’s rebuilding job is off the charts.
Temple won’t knock off Penn State in
Bowling Green’s leading WR will have half Happy Valley, but it’ll make that day as
of the catches that Freddie Barnes had last uncomfortable as the next for the Nittany
season. Lion faithful.
Miami won’t make a bowl, but they’re CMU’s Dan Enos will be the next coach at
improving under head coach Mike Haywood. Cincinnati - think about it.
Jr. QB Chandler Harnish DE Adrian Robinson Jr.
So. RB Bernard Pierce DTMuhammadWilkerson Jr.
Sr. RB Chad Spann DE Monte Simmons Sr.
Sr. WR LaVon Brazill LB Cobrani Mixon Sr.
Sr. Sr.
WR Armand Robinson LB Nick Bellore
So. Sr.
WR Eric Page LB Noah Keller
Sr. Sr.
C Colin Miller LB Justin Winters
Sr. Jr.
G Peter Bittner CB Josh Pleasant
Sr. Sr.
G Jeff Maddux S Davonte Shannon
Sr. Sr.
T Darius Morris S Brian Lainhart
Jr. Sr.
T Anthony Parker CB Domonic Cook

MAC Games of the Year

vs vs vs
September 2, 2010 September 11, 2010 September 18, 2010
Ames, IA Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA
Iowa State is coming off of a bowl win last Temple won’t be the surprise in the MAC, I don’t anticipate Temple taking down
season, while Northern Illinois is coming the way it was last year. The good news is Connecticut, even playing at home, but
off three straight losses to end the season. that the bellcow, the stud, the pre-season it’ll compete. The Temple defensive front
But, ISU is losing nearly its entire defense player of the year returns - RB Bernard is good and will give the U Conn
and NIU has a whale of a running game Pierce. But, last year’s player of the year offensive line, one of the best in the
ready to roll, led by RB Chad Spann. Dan LeFevour doesn’t. This will be fun. nation, a rough time, though.

vs vs vs
October 23, 2010 November 16, 2010 November 26, 2010
DeKalb, IL Philadelphia, PA Toledo, OH
Since the MAC went to split divisions, Ohio ended Temple’s cinderella story in Toledo hasn’t been a top tier MAC West
these two teams have consistently been the de facto MAC East title game in competitor the past few years, but it could
factors in the MAC West division. And, Athens last year. And, this year, the tables be set up for a turnaround under head
this year is no different. This should be are turned in a major way. Ohio may coach Tim Beckman. CMU may need
THE game in that division and the struggle without a definitive offensive this win to cement the MAC West, but
winner should be headed to Detroit. weapon. Temple? If Pierce is healthy... Toledo may be dangerous by year’s end
Wee k
2010 MAC Schedule
1 We e k 2 Wee k 3 Wee k 4 Week 5
TBA @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 2 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 2 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 18 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 2 @
Sept 18 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 2 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 18 @
Sept 2 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 3 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 18 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 18 @
Sept 4 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @
Wee k 6 We e k 7 Wee k 8 Wee k 9 We e k 10
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @
Nov 4 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @
Oct 9 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 5 @
Oct 9 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @
Oct 9 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @
Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @

We e k 11 We e k 12 We e k 13 We e k 14
Nov 9 @ Nov 16 @ Nov 23 @

Nov 10 @ Nov 17 @ Nov 26 @

Nov 12 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 26 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 26 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 26 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 26 @

M WC P r e d i c t i o n s Team Record
1 TCU 11 - 1
2 Air Force 9-3
3 Utah 8-4
4 BYU 7-5
5 Wyoming 7-5
6 San Diego State 5-7
7 UNLV 3-9
8 Colorado State 2 - 10
9 New Mexico 2 - 10

Off. Player of the Year Def. Player of the Year

QB Andy Dalton LB Tank Carder
Although you may think this was pretty easy On the defensive side of the ball, it was clear
this season, well, you’re right. Andy Dalton is that the recipient was going to be a TCU
the clear cut runaway choice for Offensive Horned Frog. Tank Carder is my choice, in
Player of the Year. Guys like Tim Tebow and large part to the same reason Jared Crick was
Colt McCoy r e ce i v e d a l l in the Big 12 - he’s the most
the acclaim for their complete playmaker on
seasons last year, but how the best defense in the
can you honestly not league. Last year, Carder
t h r o w Dalton’s started to emerge from
name into the r i n g ? Ho w the shadows of Je r r y
many QB’s threw for 2,700 yards, ran for 500 Hughes and Daryl Washington to make a
and lead his team to an undefeated regular name for himself. He finished the season with
season in 2009? Two - Dalton and Tebow. 89 tackles, a pick six, ten TFL and two sacks.

Predictions Sure to Come True

TCU’s defense will go as far as the two new Colorado State’s losing streak will end no
starting cornerbacks take it. later than week 3.
Wyoming QB Austyn Carta-Samuels will Air Force will win the Commander in Chief
give a game away with some foolish Trophy, even though I have Navy ranked
decisions, but he’ll save two others with ahead of them.
some fourth quarter magic.
The BYU QB battle will be that team’s
San Diego State QB Ryan Lindley will lead undoing, overshadowing a solid defensive
the league in total offense. performance on the season.
Sr. QB Andy Dalton DE Wayne Daniels Sr.
Sr. RB Jared Tew DT Cory Grant Sr.
Sr. RB Eddie Wide DE Johnathan Rainey Jr.
Sr. WR David Leonard LB Mychal Sisson Jr.
Sr. WR Vincent Brown LB Carmen Messina Jr.
Sr. Jr.
WR/AP Jeremy Kerley LB Tank Carder
Sr. Jr.
C Jake Kirkpatrick LB Brian Hendricks
Sr. Sr.
G Nick Alleto CB Reggie Rembert
Sr. Sr.
G Caleb Schlauderaff S Andrew Rich
Sr. Sr.
T Matt Reynolds S Tejay Johnson
Sr. Jr.
T Marcus Cannon CB Anthony Wright

MWC Games of the Year

vs vs vs
September 2, 2010 September 4, 2010 September 4, 2010
Salt Lake City, UT Arlington, TX Provo, UT
Six years ago, Texas A&M traveled to SLC TCU’s defense, although it’ll miss Rotary The Cougars are putting their eggs into
to take on Utah in what was thought to be Lombardi finalist and Ted Hendricks freshman Jake Heaps’ basket for the 2010
a tough non-conference game. Utah blew Award winner Jerry Hughes, is still stout season. Considering the fact that Heaps is
them out. Now, it’s Pitt’s turn to travel to in the middle and will be the best defense from Washington, this matchup will be
SLC, but it’s Utah that must find a way to RB Jacquizz Rodgers faces all season long. fun on both sides. Plus, watching UW’s
stop Dion Lewis and the Pitt offense. TCU’s O must stay on the field to win. Jake Locker in the opener will be a blast.

vs vs vs
November 6, 2010 October 16, 2010 November 27, 2010
Salt Lake City, UT Fort Worth, TX Salt Lake City, UT
It’s not a stretch to say that Utah hates BYU has gotten smashed by TCU the past This isn’t called the Holy War for
BYU. It’s also not a stretch to think that two years - once in Provo and once in Fort nothing. I think former BYU QB Max
TCU and Utah have grown to dislike each Worth. By October, BYU could be a Hall may have started the Holy (bleep)
other in a short amount of time. The dangerous team at home. There’s no War after his comments about Utah fans
winner of this game the last two years has question that BYU is a definitive ‘dog in in 2009. Rivalries are always fun and
played in a BCS bowl game. Deja vu? this one and it can ruin TCU’s year. when there is such hatred, it’s even better.
Wee k
2010 MWC Schedule
1 We e k 2 Wee k 3 Wee k 4 Week 5
Sept 2 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 24 @ Oct 1 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Oct 2 @
Sept 4 v
Sept 18 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @
Sept 18
Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 18 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 18 @
Sept 4 v
Oct 2 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 18 @
Sept 4 @

Sept 11 @ Sept 18 Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @

Sept 4 @ @

Wee k 6 We e k 7 Wee k 8 Wee k 9 We e k 10

Oct 9 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @
Oct 9 @
Nov 6 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @
Oct 9 @
Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @
Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @

We e k 11 We e k 12 We e k 13 We e k 14
Nov 13 @ Nov 18 @ Dec 4 @
Nov 27 @
Nov 13 @
Nov 20 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 27 @
Nov 20 @
Nov 13 @
Nov 27 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @
Pa c 10 P r e d i c t i o n s Team Record
1 Oregon State 10 - 2
2 USC 11 - 2
3 Oregon 10 - 2
4 UCLA 7-5
5 Arizona 7-5
6 Stanford 7-5
7 Cal 6-6
8 Washington 5-7
9 Arizona State 3-9
10 Washington State 1 - 11

Off. Player of the Year Def. Player of the Year

RB Jacquizz Rodgers S Rahim Moore
Often the Offensive Player of the Year is tied In contrast, sometimes the POY is just the
into a team’s success. Often, the player’s baddest dude on the block. Rahim Moore is
success drives that team. And, that’s the case one of those guys. UCLA feeds off of Rahim
for Jacquizz Rodgers at Oregon State. Along Moore’s success, but it’s a ways off of the Pac
with his older b r o t h e r 10 title chase. Regardless, it
James, ‘Quizz drives this shouldn’t overshadow
t e a m . Breaking in a the play of one of the
different quar terback top defenders in the nation.
for the third straight M o o r e finished the
season will sting no season as the top thief in
doubt. However, if anyone can survive, and the nation with 10 interceptions. Now, the
thrive, under those conditions, it’s Jacquizz, UCLA offense doesn’t know what to do with
behind a now experienced OL. it, but that’s not Moore’s fault.

Predictions Sure to Come True

The Civil War will yet again decide which Jim Harbaugh and Lane Kiffin will have
program goes to the Rose Bowl. words - I don’t know if it’ll be before the
matchup or after, but the two will find
The Pac 10 will have the best Fourth team
something to beef about when USC goes to
All-Pac 10 QB or Honorable Mention QB in
the nation. No conference has a list of signal
callers like this one. Arizona State’s Vontaze Burfict will have at
least one YouTube worthy moment this year
Arizona State will be making a phone call
to the 713 area code for a new coach at Washington QB Jake Locker will go
season’s end. Hint? That’s here in Houston. 3000/500 and not go to a bowl. Shameful.
So. Sr.
QB Andrew Luck DE Kenny Rowe
Jr. RB Jacquizz Rodgers DT Stephen Paea Sr.
So. Jr.
RB LaMichael James DT Jurrell Casey
So. RB/AP Chris Polk DE Cameron Jordan Sr.
Sr. WR James Rodgers LB Vontaze Burfict So.
Jr. Jr.
WR Jermaine Kearse LB Akeem Ayers
Sr. Sr.
C Kris O’Dowd LB Mike Mohamed
So. Jr.
G David DeCastro CB Trevin Wade
So. Jr.
G Carson York S Rahim Moore
Sr. So.
T Bo Thran S John Boyett
Jr. Sr.
T Jonathan Martin CB James Dockery

Pac 10 Games of the Year

vs vs vs
September 4, 2010 September 25, 2010 September 25, 2010
Arlington, TX Boise, ID Austin, TX
The Rodgers’ brothers return to their In 2006, the Beavers went to Boise to take UCLA is in a great spot for this game.
home state to play for the first time since on what was thought to be a good BSU Not one person in, and around, the game
they’ve both been at OSU. Trust me, team. Uh, they left Boise with their tail expects UCLA to win against the vaunted
there’ll be a few TCU fans wondering between their legs after a physical beat Horns in Austin. However, it has nothing
what these two would look like in purple down. That won’t happen this year, but to lose and even in a narrow defeat, it can
and black after this one’s over. it’ll take a flawless Ryan Katz game to win. find a ton of confidence in battling UT.

vs vs vs
October 9, 2010 December 4, 2010 December 4, 2010
Palo Alto, CA Corvallis, OR Pasadena, CA
October 30 This might be the most fun day in a long Payback is a, well, you can fill in the rest.
Los Angeles, CA time for the Pac-10. With USC and USC is going nowhere after this game, so
With no bowl at season’s end, the Trojans UCLA in a heated matchup to the south, it’ll treat this like its bowl game, while
can only find solace in settling old scores. the Civil War may, yet again, be for the UCLA is steaming mad after a late game
And if anyone will ever attempt to opportunity to play in the Rose Bowl. pile-it-on touchdown last year in the
embarrass anyone, it’s Lane Kiffin But, this time, it’s in Corvallis Coliseum. Trust me, this will get ugly.
Wee k
2010 Pac 10 Schedule
1 We e k 2 Wee k 3 Wee k 4 Week 5
Sept 2 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 17 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 25 @
Sept 3 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 11 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 11 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Oct 2 @

Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @

Sept 25 @
Sept 4 v Sept 18 @
Sept 11 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 11 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 25 @
Sept 11 @ @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18

Wee k 6 We e k 7 Wee k 8 Wee k 9 We e k 10

Oct 9 @ Oct 21 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 16 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 23 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 23 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 16 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @

We e k 11 We e k 12 We e k 13 We e k 14
Nov 13 @ Nov 26 @ Dec 2 @
Nov 18 @
Nov 26 @
Nov 13 @ Dec 4 @
Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @
Nov 13 @ Dec 4 @
Nov 27 @
Nov 20 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 27 @ Dec 4 @
S E CEastP r e d i c West
Team Record Team Record
1 Florida 11 - 2 1 Alabama 12 - 1
2 Georgia 10 - 2 2 Auburn 10 - 2
3 South Carolina 7-5 3 Arkansas 9-3
4 Tennessee 7-5 4 LSU 8-4
5 Kentucky 5-7 5 Ole Miss 7-5
6 Vanderbilt 1 - 11 6 Mississippi State 6-6

Off. Player of the Year Def. Player of the Year

RB Mark Ingram LB Justin Houston
I struggled a bit with this one. Sure, Mark Naming a Defensive Player of the Year, for a
Ingram was the Heisman Trophy winner in conference that has spit out the likes of Joe
2009 and returns in 2010, but he’s not going Haden, Eric Berry, and Rolando McClain,
to get the number of should’ve been easy. It wasn’t. But, I’ve got
aggregate touches that Georgia as a big surprise
he had last year with 10-2 team this year and if
T r e n t Richardson the Dawgs are a ten win
behind him. But, in the team, i t ’s b e c a u s e
end, it came down to a two Ho u s t o n i s killing it off
man race - In g r a m a n d the edge. The new 3-4
Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett. When the two makes him a pass rushing star and that’s what
meet on September 25, Ingram is going to go it’s going to take to make him the player of
wild in that head-to-head matchup. the year. Hunker down you hairy, Dawgs.

Predictions Sure to Come True

South Carolina will upset a team they have There will be no pimp cups or long purple
no business beating and lose a couple of velvet pimp coats in the press box at Bryant-
games it has no business losing. Denny Stadium (agents = pimps?
Kentucky ATH Randall Cobb will stay at
receiver and be All-SEC by the end of the Florida true freshman Ronald Powell will
season. have the SEC buzzing halfway through the
Steve Spurrier will throw his visor at
Stephen Garcia and contemplate full-time LSU’s Les Miles will bungle at least one end
wildcat formation with Stephon Gilmore game situation
Jr. QB Ryan Mallett DE Cliff Matthews Sr.
Jr. RB Mark Ingram DT Ladi Ajiboye Sr.
So. Sr.
RB Trent Richardson DT Jerrell Powe
Jr. WR A.J Green DE Marcell Dareus Jr.
Jr. Sr.
WR Greg Childs LB Josh Bynes
Jr. Jr.
AP Randall Cobb LB Dont’a Hightower
Sr. Jr.
C Ryan Pugh LB Chris Marve
Sr. Jr.
C/G Mike Pouncey CB Patrick Peterson
So. Jr.
G Barrett Jones S Mark Barron
Sr. Jr.
T Clint Boling S Will Hill
Sr. Jr.
T Lee Ziemba CB Janoris Jenkins

SEC Games of the Year

vs vs vs
September 4, 2010 September 11, 2010 October 2, 2010
Atlanta, GA Tuscaloosa, AL Tuscaloosa, AL
In the past two ACC-SEC, Alabama As proven by wins over Clemson and Arguably, this is the best rivalry in the
absolutely thumped Clemson & Va. Tech, Virginia Tech the past two years, Alabama SEC since it split into two divisions back
but heading into this one, LSU isn’t doesn’t fear tough non-conference foes. in 1992. But, Florida loses its Tebow and
nearly as talented as those Alabama teams Penn State hasn’t visited since 1986, but this will be QB John Brantley’s second
were. And, making matters worse for Shane Conlan & DJ Dozier are suiting up road start of his collegiate career. It could
LSU, UNC is stout, especially, up front. any time soon for the Nittany Lions. be a very long 60 minutes for Brantley.

vs vs vs
October 9, 2010 October 16, 2010 November 6, 2010
Gainesville, FL Auburn, AL Baton Rouge, LA
When LSU has gone to Gainesville the Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett riddled the AU Anytime Nick Saban returns to Baton
past few years, it has been plagued by secondary last season in a must win for Rouge, it’s a special day, to say the least.
turnovers, poor play and a lack of the Hogs. With a ton of momementum And, by special, I mean, someone’s going
execution. It’s left a number of wins out from 2009, Mallett and the Hogs are on to need some bodyguards for protection.
on the Ben Hill Griffin turf. This year? the “hot list” for sure. But, lose to Auburn Since he’s has been the ‘Bama head coach,
It’ll take a flawless 60 minutes to beat UF. and the Hogs will finish 4th in the West the last 3 meetings have been real tight.
Wee k
2 010 S E C S c h e d u l e
1 We e k 2 Wee k 3 Wee k 4 Week 5
Sept 2 v Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @
Sept 18 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 11 @
Sept 18 @
Sept 4 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @
Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 18 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 11 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 18 @
Sept 11 @
Sept 4 @
Sept 11 v Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @
Wee k 6 We e k 7 Wee k 8 Wee k 9 We e k 10
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 30 @
Oct 9 v Nov 6 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @
Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 30 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @
Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @
Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @
We e k 11 We e k 12 We e k 13 We e k 14
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 26 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 27 @
Nov 20 @
Nov 27 @
Nov 13 @
Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @
Nov 13 @
Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @
Nov 13 @
Nov 27 @
Nov 13 @
Nov 20 @
Nov 27 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @
Sun Belt Predictions Team Record
1 Middle Tenn. St. 11 - 1
2 Troy 9-3
3 ULM 6-6
4 FAU 5-7
5 ULL 5-7
6 Arkansas State 4-8
7 North Texas 4-8
8 FIU 2 - 10
9 Western Kentucky 1 - 11

Off. Player of the Year Def. Player of the Year

QB Dwight Dasher DE Jamari Lattimore
Of all the great seasons turned in by college Last year, the Blue Raiders defense was led by
football quarterbacks in 2009, all of them pale 2009 Sun Belt Defensive Player of the Year
in comparison to what Dwight Dasher did in Chris McCoy, but he got a ton of help from
2009. He ran for 1,154 yards, accounting for 13 my pick as 2010 Defensive Player of the Year
touchdowns in the J a m a r i Lattimore.
process. He threw for The two bookends
2,789 yards and 23 tore through Sun Belt pass
touchdowns. Quite frankly, protection last year, but
he’s the most d y n a m i c this year Lattimore
quar terback in the must go it a l o n e . He
Southern half of the nation. Argue if you will, had six sacks last year but will face a ton of
but you won’t hear much opposition from doubles, tight ends and RB chip blocks. With
opposing Sun Belt defensive coordinators. a strong season, he’ll emulate his former mate.

Predictions Sure to Come True

FIU’s T.Y Hilton will be the biggest North Texas will fight valiantly for head
playmaking stud you won’t watch this year. coach Todd Dodge, but the Mean Green will
That now being said, turn him on when you be looking for a new coach after UNT
can. finishes under seven wins.
Middle Tennessee will upset Minnesota MTSU’s Dwight Dasher is going to be a
right out of the chute and scare the bejeezus college fantasy superstar, as long as he stays
out of the rest of the Sun Belt...and the Big healthy.
Sr. QB Dwight Dasher DE Jamari Lattimore Sr.
Jr. RB Lance Dunbar DT Bryan Hall Jr.
Sr. RB Frank Goodin DT Dwight Smith Sr.
Jr. RB Alfred Morris DE Kevin Cyrille Jr.
Jr. WR T.Y Hilton LB Grant Fleming Sr.
Sr. Jr.
WR Jerrel Jernigan LB Demario Davis
Sr. Sr.
C Tyler Clark LB Craig Robertson
Sr. Sr.
C/G Brad Serini CB Anthony Gaitor
Sr. Sr.
G Kelvin Drake S M.D Jennings
Sr. Sr.
T Esteban Santiago S Jeremy Kellem
Sr. Jr.
T Derek Newton CB Dwight Bentley

Sun Belt Games of the Year

vs vs vs
September 2, 2010 September 25, 2010 October 5, 2010
Murfreesboro, TN Troy, AL Murfreesboro, TN
This will not be an upset in my Arkansas State struggled through an Troy vs. MTSU should be for the title.
estimation. MTSU has three legitimate unexpected 2009 season and needs to QB Dwight Dasher is facing a Troy
pro prospects and the one who isn’t is the prove its all the way back from that year- defense that is lacking front seven
preseason Sun Belt offensive player of the long hiccup. Troy has the offensive experience. By October, that Troy
year. Minnesota is in for the fight of its weapons, WR Jerrel Jernigan for instance, defensive front should be better, but
life against a strong MTSU squad. but a question mark at QB. Major. Dasher, et al.. should still have a field day.

vs vs vs
October 16, 2010 November 2, 2010 December 4, 2010
Denton, TX Jonesboro, AR Boca Raton, FL
This one is simple: WR T.Y Hilton for If Arkansas State has truly bounced back I don’t think that FIU is in contention
FIU vs. North Texas RB Lance Dunbar. from a horrid 2009 and is in position to this year, but with Hilton and the South
Simple. Two of the best offensive players take the title, this will be the game of the Florida recruiting base established, this
anywhere, anytime going at one another year. If ASU knocks off Troy on the road could be a tremendous way to “start”
for a full 60 minutes is enough to have be early in the season, this game could be a 2011. MTSU just wants to take care of
doing a happy dance. championship tete-a-tete business and get ready for its bowl trip.
Wee k
2010 Sun Belt Schedule
1 We e k 2 Wee k 3 Wee k 4 Week 5
Sept 2 @ Sept 11 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @

Sept 11 @
Sept 4 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 11 v
Sept 4 v Oct 2 @
Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 11 @
Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @
Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @
Sept 11 @
Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 4 @
Sept 11 @

Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @

Sept 11 @

Wee k 6 We e k 7 Wee k 8 Wee k 9 We e k 10

Oct 5 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 2 @
Oct 23 @
Oct 8 @ Oct 16 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 30 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 30 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 23 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 30 @ Nov 6 @

We e k 11 We e k 12 We e k 13 We e k 14
Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @
Nov 20 @ Dec 4 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 27 @
Nov 20 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 27 @
Nov 20 @
Nov 13 @ Nov 27 @
Nov 20 @ Dec 4 @

Nov 13 @ Nov 20 @ Nov 27 @

WA C P r e d i c t i o n s Team Record
1 Boise State 11 - 1
2 Nevada 9-3
3 Fresno State 8-4
4 Hawai’i 6-7
5 Idaho 5-7
6 Louisiana Tech 5-7
7 New Mexico State 3-9
8 San Jose State 3-9
9 Utah State 3-9
Off. Player of the Year Def. Player of the Year
QB Kellen Moore DE Dontay Moch
I almost feel guilty picking Kellen Moore to Safe to say that Nevada’s Dontay Moch is the
be the WAC Offensive Player of the Year. fastest pass rusher in any conference in the
But, c’mon, there’s only one other player who nation? Disagree? Okay, how about the fact
really pushes Moore for this honor - Nevada that during spring, Moch turned in, allegedly,
QB Colin Kaepernick. a 4.25 40-yard d a s h . Ye s ,
Fo r as dynamic as you read that correctly -
Nevada’s star is, Moore is at 4.25. Moch used that
the helm of the lea gue’s speed to rack up 6.5 sacks
m o s t dominant last season. He might be a
offense. He threw three one trick pony in some
interceptions all season long. Three. That’s sense, but if he piles up double digit sacks,
it. He’ll put the Broncos in position to be a he’ll definitely be picking up hardware as the
National Champion and that’s worth this spot. WAC Defensive Player of the Year.

Predictions Sure to Come True

Boise State will be missed, and won’t be One of the best quarterbacks you’ve never
missed all at the same time, when it leaves seen play is Utah State’s Diondre Borel.
for MWC in 2011. Unfortunately, he’ll continue to toil in
anonymity throughout the season.
Nevada Colin Kaepernick will once again
be 2,000 passing/1,000 rushing for the third Hawai’i will win one at home against a team
straight year. It’ll be the fourth year of it shouldn’t and lose to a team on the road it
2,000/500 - only time that has ever been should’ve beaten.
The WAC has the most underrated set of
Hawaii WR Greg Salas will catch 100 balls QB in the nation: Moore, Borel, Kaepernick,
Colburn (Fresno St), Enderle (Idaho)
Jr. QB Kellen Moore DE/LB Dontay Moch Sr.
Sr. RB Vai Taua DE Chris Carter Sr.
Sr. Jr.
RB Jeremy Avery DT Billy Winn
Sr. WR Austin Pettis DE Ryan Winsterswyk Sr.
Jr. WR Phillip Livas LB Adrien Cole Jr.
Sr. Sr.
WR Greg Salas LB Ben Jacobs
Sr. Jr.
C Joe Bernardi LB Bobby Wagner
Sr. Sr.
G Nate Potter CB Brandyn Thompson
Sr. Sr.
G Andrew Jackson S Jeron Johnson
Jr. Sr.
T Kenny Wiggins S Duke Ihenacho
Jr. Sr.
T Rob McGill CB Davon House

WAC Games of the Year

vs vs vs
September 6, 2010 September 25, 2010 September 25, 2010
Washington, DC Boise, ID Oxford, MS
I don’t know how many times head coach No one beats BSU on the blue turf. The This isn’t a top notch game in either the
Chris Petersen has shown his team the only team that has done it since 2001 is WAC or the SEC, especially the SEC.
2005 opener - BSU at Georgia, but I Boston College in a bowl game. Oregon But, what it could mean for the Bulldogs
would think it’s on the minds of many State, though, is the type of team that is huge. They’ve never run from a
BSU fans for sure. This BSU team is could frustrate BSU. But, the Broncos challenge and they’re catching Ole Miss at
much more athletic and more physical. will answer with QB Kellen Moore. the right time in Oxford.

vs vs vs
November 13, 2010 November 19, 2010 November 26, 2010
Fresno, CA Boise, ID Reno, NV
If Fresno State is going to take the next Boise, a house of horrors for the This was supposed to be Nevada’s last shot
step back into the hierarchy of the WAC, Bulldogs in past years. Well, it hasn’t at Boise State until the MWC decided to
it must take care of business at home, and mattered where these two have played, the raid the WAC, again, for Nevada and
it must take care of business against QB Broncos have won all but the 2007 Fresno State. All this ends up being is a
Colin Kaepernick. A Fresno State win version. Fresno State is coming off of a matchup of the two best QBs in the WAC
here sets up a grand matchup next week... short week and then has to travel. Uh oh. - Colin Kaepernick and Kellen Moore
Wee k
2010 WAC Schedule
1 We e k 2 Wee k 3 Wee k 4 Week 5
Sept 2 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 17 @ Sept 24 @ Oct 1 @

Sept 2 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @

Sept 11 @ Oct 2 @

Sept 2 v Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @

Sept 11 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @
Sept 11 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @

Sept 11 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @

Sept 11 @ Oct 2 @
Sept 4 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @

Sept 6 @ Sept 11 @ Sept 18 @ Sept 25 @ Oct 2 @

Wee k 6 We e k 7 Wee k 8 Wee k 9 We e k 10

Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 30 @
Oct 9 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 30 @
Oct 16 @ Oct 23 @ Nov 6 @
Oct 9 @
Oct 30 @
Oct 9 @ Oct 16 @ Oct 26 @ Nov 6 @

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Nov 12 @ Nov 19 @ Nov 26 @ Dec 3 @

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Independent Predictions
Team Record
1 Navy 11 - 1
2 Notre Dame 8-4
3 Army 3-9

Off. Player of the Year Def. Player of the Year

QB Ricky Dobbs LB Manti Te’o
The names of the greats running the option Rarel y does a young man come to a
are too vast to name. The ones who’ve done it traditional, long standing program oozing
as a Naval Academy QB? Well, it’s one. This with history with a 5-star pedigree and play
guy - Ricky Dobbs. No one has forced beyond the hype. But, in some sense, that’s
defensive coordinators w h a t Ma n t i Te’o did last
to fear this offense more season as a true freshman
than Dobbs. He threw for at No t r e Dame. He
over 1,000 yards and ran didn’t lead the team in
for over 1,000 yards, only the tackles, but he was fourth
37th time it’s been done in with 63, after not having
the history of college football. He nearly led started a full season. If Notre Dame is to have
the Midshipmen to a win over Ohio St., but a special season, Te’o has to be outstanding,
pulled it off against Notre Dame. He’s a star. taking over as the leader of the Irish defense.

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The 2010 Heisman Chase
If Pryor can follow up his
tremendous Rose Bowl #1
with a solid season, he’ll
stay in this conversation
throughout the season.
Beat Iowa and Wisconsin
on the road and be
transcendent doing it and
the Trophy’s his.

T err ell e P ryor

#5 #3
It’s hard to argue with the
fact that #28 Dion Lewis
is the most exciting
football player on the
East Coast. Tough as
nails and as
e x p l o s i v e a s a ke g o f
dynamite, Lewis is the
engine driving favored
Pitt for Big East title run.
Oregon State is my pick
to win the Pac 10 for two
reasons. One is James
Rodgers and the other,
more prevalent reason is
Jacquizz Rodgers. The
OL in front of him is now

D i o n Le w is
experienced and if he can
rush for 1,700 yards, he’s a
legit candidate to win.
Jacquizz Rodgers
Beat Virginia Tech. Beat
Oregon State. Throw 39
touchdowns with only 3
interceptions. Do all of
that and Moore will most
certainly be a factor in
the Heisman race. It’s
possible, especially for a 3
year starter. Probable?
I’m not counting him out.
C as e K een um The last “numbers/

system” guy to the win
the Heisman was Tim
Tebow in 2007. But, he
did it on the ground and
through the air. Keenum
will need to be 5,800 and
50 TDs to get a trip to Kell en Moore
#2 NYC. Thing is...he can.
The 2010 Heisman Chase
Maybe a tiny surprise,
b u t D a l t o n i s n’t
sneaking up on anybody
this season. He threw
for over 2,700 yards and
ran for over 500 yards
during an undefeated
regular season. If he
matches those numbers
and is undefeated
again...well, you’ll see.

A nd y Da lton #8
T h e 2 0 0 9 He i s m a n
winner is sixth on my list
in 2010 due in large part
to the fact that one of the
ten best running backs in
the n a t i o n , Tr e n t
Richardson, is his backup. Ryan Williams
Fewer carries means a
fresher Ingram, but little
shot at Heisman #2.
With Tyrod Taylor back
and Darren Evans healthy,
Williams workload will be
cut somewhat, but if
Virginia Tech is barking in
late November, it’ll be
because Williams has had
a 1,600 yard/20 TD
M a r k I n g r am season for the Hokies.
Complete and total dark
horse says you? Some of
you saying “Who?” Ohio
State learned who Dobbs
was. He became only
37th QB in history to be a
1,000/1,000 guy and if he
tops that mark again, he’ll
get some “Dark Horse”
love for certain.
R y an M al let t Ev e r y o n e l o v e s a b i g
armed quarterback with

some cajones. Mallett
definitely has those, no
question. The pressure is
immense to carr y the
Hogs in the SEC West. A
solid season alone won’t
get him to NYC; he must Ric ky Dob b s
#7 beat Alabama.
One of the nation’s top
Although he’s known for a
S ball hawks,
DE blocked punt that turned the R a h i m
tide of the Io w a s e a s o n ,
don’t be fooled...DE Mo o re m a d e a
name for himself with 3
Adrian interceptions last season
Clayborn DEFEnse against Tennessee. More
is a flat out c o v e r g u y t h a n h i t t e r,
stud. Strong Moore is a true playmaker
as an ox with who’ll create more TOs
some burst to match, than any other def. player in
Clayborn is a monster to the nation this sea son.
block on the edge. He’ll Teams can’t avoid him in the
be the focus of offensive schemes all A number of different middle of the field. And,
season long in Iowa City. candidates could take this final that’s bad. For them, anyway.
linebacker spot - I was pretty set
on Greg Jones and Von Miller. But,
T h e e p i t o m e o f Io w a ’s as much as I tried to get away from Wearing a 40s number coming
Tyler Sash’s ability to A r i z o n a S t a t e ’s Vo n t a z e o f f t h e e d g e i n a No r t h
m a ke a p l a y w a s h i s Carolina jersey, it’s hard to not
Burfict, I kept coming back to the think of Julius Peppers when you
interception return against Indiana dynamic playmaker. The shame is
after catching a deflected ball and that he’s playing for a team that watch UNC DE Robert Quinn
returning it 96-yards to the house. It shouldn’t make a bowl game, but that get loose. After finishing the year
was a play that defined Iowa’s 2009 doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be on this with 11 sacks in 2009, he’s a marked
season and it more than defined what list. As a true freshman last season, man this year, but he’s also got
makes Sash great. He’s always around he lit up the highlight reel with his another year’s experience at this
the ball. Always. Whether he’s filling physical play. But, what blew me position. Either way, he’s considered
in the alley or floating in the middle, away was his uncanny ability to to a top 5 2011 draft eligible prospect
he’s going to make a play. Trust me know where to be at almost all times. and there’s little to argue with that
on that. There might be better He can be a bit over aggressive, but assessment. When he cranks it up,
athletes, not a better safety. he’s primed for a huge second season. look out.

CB No matter the opponent on Nebraska’s Jared Crick CB A s o n e o f t h r e e Te x a s

the other side of the field, the lived in the large shadow of DT Longhorn defensive backs to
game plan is extremely easy for LSU’s legend Ndamukong Suh during be a Jim Thorpe Award Watch
Patrick Peterson. You...go get the 2009 season. But, it wasn’t as if it List honoree, it’s clear that Aaron
the best receiver they’ve got. He’s kept Crick from creating a legendary Williams is part of the best
yours. Got it? No one accepts that shadow for himself. He set the secondary in the nation. But, to me,
challenge more than the former Nebraska records for sacks in a game he’s the leader and the best cover
Pompano Beach, FL star. Julio Jones, and tackles for a loss against Baylor in corner Texas has seen in a while.
A.J Green, insert name of star WR one of the best defensive tackle Great ball skills. Burst. Recovery
here. He has shut them all down. At performances in Big 12 history. Crick speed. Physical. Decent tackler.
6’1” and 211 pounds, he’s a freakishly doesn’t have Suh to take some heat Mad hops. Silky smooth, it’s a joy to
built corner with every cornerback off of him, but as the last season watch Williams play the game. I
skill you’d want. And, every Saturday progressed, he was seeing his fair suppose it could, and should, be the
he gets to prove that in the most share of attention from offensive last season he wears a burnt orange
competitive conference in the nation. game plans. On his own, he’ll shine. jersey.

Oregon State’s Stephen Rush. The. Quarterback. LB Greg Jo n e s i s a

Paea made a name for DT That’s what Texas A&M OLB/ tackling machine, pure LB
DE pass rusher a n d s i m p l e . He
himself in front of a national
television audience during last e x t r a o r d i n a i r e Vo n doesn’t blow you
year’s Civil War in Eugene. Twitter Miller. He led the away with athleticism,
followers kept asking me, one after nation in sacks last but he finds a
the next - who’s #54? He was year and did it as way to end the
brilliant all season long, luckily for the marked man on game with 10
him, he shone at the the A&M defense. tackles. He
perfect As a combination finished
time. DE/OLB, under new DC with 154 last
Tim DeRuyter, he’ll be year a l o n e .
the perfect chess Michigan State
piece in the needs a tremendous year
Aggies’ 3-4 ‘D’. from its leader to be in another bowl.
I’m sure there were a bunch Wisconsin has been a breeding
of coaches in the Big East ground for NFL-ready
kicking themselves that they offensive tackles. A n d ,
didn’t make a stronger play in Offense this year is no
recruiting for Pitt’s Dion exception with
Lewis. He n e a r l y talented Ga b e
singlehandedly carried the Carimi on the
Panthers to a Big East edge. He’s a beast
championship...a s a in the zone blocking
freshman. He ’s OSU QB scheme and he’s got the feet
electricity personified. And, Te r r e l l e QB to excel at pass blocking. If
he was just a freshman last year, but healthy, he can be a m ajo r
Pryor has put in a
he’s down to earth & ready for more. award winner.
yeoman’s two years for the
Buckeyes, but it’s awful l y
Whether you want to pigeon difficult to not see In most cases, offensive guards
hole Penn State’s Stefen OG parallels between are just 300+ pound maulers. OG
Wisniewski into the center P r y o r and former UT great They don’t often look good in a
or guard “hole”, that’s up to you, but Vince Young. Playing style aside, jersey, perhaps a gut hanging out from
either way, either position, he’s one of Yo u n g c a p i t a l i z e d o n t h e time to time. Well, meet FSU’s
the best interior linemen in the momentum from his 2005 Rose Bowl Rodney Hudson, the best anti-
nation. Tough, nasty and hard win to lead Texas to a championship guard in the nation. At 6’2” 282,
working, Wisniewski led the Penn the following season. I get that same Hudson is lucky to be an offensive
State offensive line last year from the vibe with Pryor, whose 2010 Rose lineman at all, but he makes up for
center position. A First team All-Big Bowl exploits garnered him the his lack of girth. With quick feet and
10 selection last year, Wisniewski is MVP trophy. If he finds consistency, solid technique, Hudson is a three
perhaps the best interior lineman in a look the heck out. The Horseshoe year starter on a line that should be
traditionally strong OL conference. will again be rocking. one of the best units in the nation.

The second receiver on the The competition at wide Last y e a r, Ma rc u s

WR Ultimate 22 was a toss-up. WR receiver this season is fierce, yet Cannon was a right tackle OT
But, in the end, it came down putting Georgia’s AJ Green who mauled defensive ends and
to R. Broyles’ do-it-all talents, J. on the Ultimate 22 Offense was the linebackers in the TCU run game.
Baldwin’s athleticism or Michael easiest thing that I had to do this This year, Cannon is moving to left
Floyd’s receiving brilliance. I went summer. At 6’4” and 205 pounds, tackle to, well, maul defensive ends
with ND’s Floyd. And, when healthy, Green is a combination of size and and linebackers in the TCU run
there’s not a better true WR in the athleticism that coaches can only game. Although his future is
nation. With glue sticks for hands, dream about. He’s got great hands, probably back at RT, for this season,
Floyd is a nasty downfield threat and works on being a route runner and he’ll be instrumental in protecting
catches anything near him. With an can make the tough catch any time of star QB Andy Dalton’s back. How
85 catch year, he’ll prove he’s the the game. He’s really the only guy to good is Cannon? Former TCU DE
Man, again. ND just needs him have a modicum of success against Jerry Hughes says he’s the best he’s
healthy. If he is, he’s definitely in the LSU’s Patrick Peterson and will have faced. Knowing Jerry, I’ll buy what
right spot. a 75 catch year even with a new QB. he’s saying hook, line and sinker.

Emerging from the Three years ago, ‘Quizz was a Wi t h the proliferation of
prodigious shadow RB Te x a s l e g e n d , b u t spread attacks, the
cast by his there wasn’t a school true TE has gone
b r o t h e r, U F ’s in Texas ‘sold’ on him as the way of the
Mike Pouncey a premier running tape deck. But,
is primed to show back. They were right. No t r e D a m e ’s
a nation what He’s not a premier Kyle Rudolph
he can do. back, he’s perhaps THE is trying to bring
Nasty and tough as premier back in the sexy back, as a
n a i l s , Po u n c e y nation, piling up over manner of speaking.
moves over to center 2,800 yards in his first two The Irish spread
to replace his brother years. Not only would every a t t a c k
and follow in his a w a r d school in Texas want him now, every (ironic?)
w i n n i n g f o o t s te p s . school in the nation would. If he gets will be lethal w i t h
His OL coach thinks he’s any help from his still maturing OL, Rudolph at TE due to the
the best in the nation. he can hit 2,000 yards in 2010. matchups he creates.
*Rotary Lombardi Watch List
Player Pos. School
Sam Acho DE Texas HM all-Big 12, 10 sacks and 10 tackles for a loss (TFL)
Pierre Allen DE Nebraska Started all 14 games at DE, 51 tackles and five sacks
Marvin Austin DT North Carolina Second team all-ACC, 42 tackles and 4 sacks
Akeem Ayers LB UCLA Dynamic play maker, HM all-Pac 10, 3 Def. TDs & 14.5 TFL
Allen Bailey DT/DE Miami First team all-ACC, 4th in ACC in sacks per game
Jeff Battipaglia OT Navy Started all 13 games - led Navy rush attack to #4 ranking
Jeremy Beal DE Oklahoma Hendricks Award finalist, Third team All-American - 11 sacks
Chase Beeler C Stanford Second team all-Pac 10 selection for 8-5 Cardinal
Nick Bellore LB Central Michigan First team all-MAC, 102 tackles and 7 tackles for a loss
Broderick Binns DE Iowa Honorable mention all-Big Ten, 6.5 sacks and 10 TFL
Clint Boling OT Georgia Second team all-SEC selection at tackle
Justin Boren G Ohio State First team all-Big Ten guard (media)/Second team (coaches)
Chris Borland LB Wisconsin Big Ten Freshman of the Year, HM all-Big Ten
Da’Quan Bowers DE Clemson Projected to be #1 ranked DE in 2011 Draft, 3 sacks in 2009
Vontaze Burfict LB Arizona State Sun Devils’ Human Highlight reel, Pac 10 Def. Freshman of the Year
Marcus Cannon OT TCU First team All-MWC - didn’t allow one sack in 2009
Tank Carder LB TCU Second team all-MWC, 89 tackles and 10 TFL
Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin First team all-Big Ten tackle (media)/Second team (coaches)
James Carpenter OT Alabama Started all 14 games at left tackle for national champions
Bruce Carter LB North Carolina Second team all-ACC, led the nation with 5 blocked kicks
Jurrell Casey DT USC Honorable mention all-Pac 10, 4.5 sacks and 9 TFL
Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College First team all-ACC at tackle in 2009
Ugo Chinasa DE Oklahoma State Honorable mention all-Big 12, 6.5 sacks and 10 TFL
Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa 2010 Orange Bowl Defensive MVP, First team all-Big 10
Wayne Daniels DE TCU Second team all-MWC, 5.5 sacks and 9 TFL
Marcell Dareus DT Alabama 2010 BCS National Championship Game Def. MVP
Marcus Forston DT Miami Injured in 2009 - played in only 3 games
Chris Galippo LB USC Honorable mention all-Pac 10, 70 tackles and 8 TFL
Cameron Hayward DT/DE Ohio State Second team all-Big Ten, led Buckeyes with 7.5 sacks
Mark Herzlich LB Boston College Sat out 2009 following cancer treatments - all-ACC in 2008
Dont’a Hightower LB Alabama Injured in 2009 - played in only 4 games
Ross Homan LB Ohio State Second team all-Big 10, led the Buekeyes with 108 tackles
Justin Houston DE Georgia Second team all-SEC, 7.5 sacks and 15 TFLs (led team)
Rodney Hudson G Florida State First team all-ACC, Awarded ACC Jacobs Trophy (best blocker)
Nate Irving LB NC State Injured in 2009, missed the entire season
Ethan Johnson DE Notre Dame Led the Irish with 4 sacks, moves out to DE in 2010
Greg Jones LB Michigan State First team all-Big Ten after 154 tackle season (3rd in nation)
Lance Kendricks TE Wisconsin 29 receptions for 356 yards and 3 TDs,
Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue First team all-Big Ten (media)/Second team (coaches) - 13 sacks
Jake Kirkpatrick C TCU One of six finalists for Rimington Trophy (best center) in 2009
Luke Kuechly LB Boston College ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year, First team all-ACC
Travis Lewis LB Oklahoma First team All-Big 12, 109 tackles and 9.5 TFL
DeMarcus Love OT Arkansas 13 starts at tackle for top scoring offense in the SEC
Jonathan Martin OT Stanford As freshman, started 11 games, leading way for Toby Gerhart
*Actually completed by me for national release
Rotary Lombardi Watch List
Player Pos. School
Casey Matthews LB Oregon Second team all-Pac 10, second on team with 81 tackles
Cliff Matthews DE South Carolina Second team all-SEC, 7 sacks & 10 TFL, named captain as junior
Marcus McGraw LB Houston Fifth in the nation with 156 tackles (11.1 per game)
Pernell McPhee DE Mississippi State Second team all-SEC in 2009, first year in SEC
Bruce Miller DE UCF CUSA Defensive Player of the Year, had 13 sacks
Von Miller OLB Texas A&M First team all-Big 12, led the nation in sacks with 17
Scott Mitchell OT Rice Second team All-CUSA selection last season
John Moffitt G Wisconsin First team all-Big Ten, started at both left guard and center
Kris O’Dowd C USC 2009 pre-season All-American selection but only played in 8 games
Stephen Paea DT Oregon State Co-recipient of Morris Trophy - Pac 10’s Top Def. Lineman
Jason Pinkston OT Pitt One of the top tackles in the 2011 Draft class, 28 career starts
Mike Pouncey G Florida Moves to C to replace brother, 17 career starts, HM all-SEC
Jerrell Powe DT Ole Miss Led the Rebels with 12 TFL and had 3 sacks
Ryan Pugh C Auburn Second team all-SEC selection in 2009, 31 career starts
Robert Quinn DE North Carolina First team all-ACC honors in 2009
Matt Reynolds OT BYU First team all-MWC starting all 13 games at left tackle
Barquell Rivers LB Virginia Tech Recorded 89 tackles last season in first as starter
Greg Romeus DE Pitt Big East Co-Def. Player of the Year, Hendricks Award finalist
Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame 33 receptions for 364 yards and 3 TDs in ten games
Weslye Saunders TE South Carolina 32 receptions for 353 yards and 3 TDs
Kelvin Sheppard LB LSU Led LSU with 103 tackles (third in SEC)
Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi State 12 starts, helped lead the Bulldogs SEC-leading running game
Quan Sturdivant LB North Carolina First team all-ACC in 2009, led Tar Heels with 79 tackles
Nate Solder OT Colorado First team all-Big 12, only Buffalo to earn first team honors
Manti Te’o LB Notre Dame Registered 63 tackles in true freshman season
J.T Thomas LB West Virginia First team all-Big East, registered 76 tackles
Bo Thran G Oregon Honorable mention all-Pac 10, started 12 games at LT
Danny Watkins OT Baylor Former hockey player - one of 11 Bears to start all 12 games
Ryan Winterswyk DE Boise State Two time first team All-WAC selection, 9 sacks in 2009
Lawrence Wilson LB Connecticut First team all-Big East, led conference with 140 tackles
Stefen Wisniewski C Penn State First team all-Big Ten selection at center
Alex Wujciak LB Maryland First team all-ACC in 2009, eighth in nation in tackles with 131
Lee Ziemba OT Auburn Second team all-SEC (coaches), has 38 consecutive starts
ʼ TO
2011 NFL Draft Prospects
Andrew Luck Patrick Peterson Ryan Mallett
QB, Stanford 6’3” 215 lb. RSo. CB, LSU 6’1” 190 lb. Jr. QB, Arkansas 6’7” 235 lb. Jr.
The prototype, drop-back passer. Competitor. This guy doesn’t back Mallett has a howitzer. Pure and
Complete skill set. Po i s e . down from anyone. Shut simple - he’ll have the
Calm in pocket. Good down nearl y e ver yone he strongest arm in the NFL
touch throws. 1 Didn’t have to faced - Julio 2 Jo n e s , f o r when he 3 arrives. But,
carr y the offense last one. Strong f o o t b a l l I Q. under Bobby Pe t r i n o , h e ’s
year, but he must this year. Not Can play either man or zone. Tackles found accuracy. Will still force
terribly mobile, but has decent feet. well for a corner. Solid ball skills. throws, mainly due to his big arm.

Robert Quinn Stephen Paea

DE, UNC 6’4” 265 lb. Jr. DT, Oregon State 6’3” 295 lb. Sr
Beast. Athletic beast. Reminds many 5 Beast. A lot like Ndamukong Suh -
at UNC of a guy named incredibly strong with his
Julius Peppers. Can beat a hands and can shed blocks
tackle on 4 every play, but extremely 6 wel l. Quick
similar to JP, h e ’s g o t t o off the ball, rarely loses his
bring it ever play- consistency. He leverage battles at the line of
must take his game to a higher level. scrimmage. Not a massive DT.

Da’Quan Bowers Jake Locker

DE, Clemson 6’3” 285 lb. Jr. QB, Washington 6’3” 225 lb. Sr.
Buying him is buying a guy on spec No player will be as polarizing as
and what he did as a freshman. Locker in 2011. Some are going
Can be both a 4-3 end and to LOVE him and some are
3-4 end. 7 Strength to going to 8 think he’s an
hold point of attack, but a t h l e t e playing QB.
when healthy has quickness to be Strong arm. Looks to run first.
dominant pass rusher off the edge. Accuracy is improving. Playmaker.
Aaron Williams
CB, Texas 6’1” 195 lb. Jr
Prince Amukamara Anthony Castonzo
He hasn’t started but one year at
CB, Nebraska 6’1” 205 lb. Sr. LT, Boston College 6’7” 295 lb. Sr.
the University of Texas, but this cat
Big and physical. Complete corner. A starter since he arrived at BC, he
is special. He has tremendous ball
Speedy, but not a flyer. More zone has transitioned over to the left
skills, adjusting to balls throw in the
corner than man cover CB. tackle position r a t h e r
air as well as any DB. Good speed
Physical at
9 line of
Not sure he’s
with excellent hip turn and
feet in pass
s e a m l e s s l y. Tr e m e n d o u s
protection and
physical. He finished the season
got great recovery speed, improving his run blocking.
with a couple of sacks as well.
but has corner mentality. Technique sound and nasty.

Blaine Gabbert Marcell Dareus Mark Ingram

QB, Missouri, 6’5” 245 lb. Jr. DE/DT, Alabama 6’3” 300 lb. Jr. RB, Alabama 5’11” 225 lb. Jr.
Tall, gunslinging stud. He was a bit Dalliances with agents aside, if he’s The 2009 Heisman Trophy winner
shaky at times i n f i r s t y e a r. eligible to get on the field may not see the rock as
But, boy, the ball comes out this season, he’ll prove last much as last year and that’ll
of his hand 11 HOT! As a year was no 12 fluke. Strong improve his 13 draft ranking.
co u nsel o r a t Elite 11 this base with quick feet, he’s Power. Good vision. One
summer, he really impressed. Quick a disruptive force that can play the 3 cut runner. Doesn’t dance. Good
release. Will rise on boards in April. technique (4-3 DT) or 5 tech (3-4 DE) hands out of backfield. Tough.
A.J. Green Adrian Clayborn Von Miller
WR, Georgia 6’4” 205 lb. Jr. DE, Iowa 6’4” 265 lb. Jr. DE/OLB, Texas A&M 6’3” 245 lb. Jr.
Although he looks like a tall, lanky Won’t wow any of us with blazing Rush the QB. Rush the QB. No
drink of water, Green is more speed off the edge. But, he’s player did it better last year
suited to success at the an exceptional p a s s r u s h e r. and no one will do it
next level than
WR. Adjusts
14 any other
to the ball in c o m i n g . Is
Re l e n t l e s s - never stops
good a gainst
better this
the edge is
16 year. Burst off
w i t h o u t
the air. Runs good routes. the run. Physical. Hard comparison. Prototy pe 3-4
Athletic. Great hands. Wiry. working and doesn’t take plays off. OLB. Relentless pass rusher.

2011 NFL Draft Prospects


Greg Romeus DeAndre McDaniel Gabe Carimi

DE, Pitt 6’4” 265 lb. Sr. S, Clemson 6’1” 210 lb. Sr. LT, Wisconsin 6’4” 315 lb. Sr.
Some thought he should’ve come out McDaniel was of the nation’s leaders I think Carimi may need to move to
last y e a r. Prototype 4-3 in ’09. He has the size to play the right side. He ’s N O T a s
end. No t blazingly at the line of scrimmage athletic as Joe Thomas before
quick off the
plays the run
17 edge, but he
better than
and m a ke
in the middle
18 plays, floating
of the field.
J T ’s knee
ver y similar.
19 injury, but he’s
Solid in zone
other DE. Reminds me of a taller Perfect size to play strong safety. blocking and pass protection is good.
Derrick Morgan (Ga. Tech). Hitter? Yes. Tackling? Needs work. Speed rushers are an issue.

Jacquizz Rodgers Justin Houston

20 RB, Oregon State 5’6” 195 lb. Jr. OLB, Georgia 6’3” 259 lb. Jr.
The measure of this man won’t be his Similar to others on the list, I’m
height. And, his best asset buying on spec with Houston.
c a n’t be measured He projects to a prototype 3-4
either - his
21 h e a r t .
pound for
OLB and he’ll
22 have that
this fall in the
pound. Quick. Great vision. new UGA 3-4 defense. Pass
Not exceptional long speed. Tough. rusher with a nasty attitude.

Nate Solder Allen Bailey

T, Colorado 6’9” 305 lb. Sr. DE, Miami 6’4” 288 lb. Sr.
The former TE is the best pro We’re waiting on Bailey to become a
prospect CU has had in quite some star on a consistent basis. When he
time. No t o v e r l y d o e s , w o w. His burst is
physical, but 23 can protect obscene. He’s 24 strong a s an
t h e quar terback. ox. He can bump inside or
Good kick step from line of stay outside. OL aren’t quick enough
Rahim Moore scrimmage. Run game needs work to stop him.

S, UCLA 6’3” 205 Jr.

Most safeties in recent drafts Jared Crick
have been physical marvels. DT, Nebraska 6’3” 285 lb. Jr. 26
Moore is just a playmaker. Although there are plenty of NFL
He led the nation with 10 teams that run a 4-3 and
picks last year. Great range.
Tremendous ball skills. Must
could use a
disruptive 4-3
25 q u i c k ,
t h r e e
improve tackling to complete technique, Crick will have draft value,
safety. as Jared Odrick did, due to his size,
quickness and ability to play 3-4 DE.

Michael Floyd Jon Baldwin

WR, Notre Dame, 6’3” 215 lb. Jr. WR, Pitt 6’3” 205 lb. Sr.
Big frame with silky smooth hands. The Pitt offense features a lot of
Dominates in the red zone. Must Dion Lewis, but Baldwin is
stay healthy. Prove he can the best pro prospect on
get separation
C a t c h e s
27 consistentl y.
everything in
the offense.
athletic. Can
28 Long and
make acrobatic Mike Pouncey
sight. Some question his toughness. catches. Has the strength to C/G, Florida 6’3” 310 lb. Sr.
get separation at college level. After researching his draft status
last year, Pouncey found his grade,
unlike his twin brother Maurkice,
Travis Lewis Curtis Brown
to be a bit lower than he’d like. So,
OLB, Oklahoma 6’3” 235 lb. Jr. CB, Texas 6’ 180 lb. Sr. he returns to UF at the center
Lewis has been as productive as any First words that come to mind - position, although he’s a guard at
c o l l e g e l i n e b a c ke r i n p l a y m a ke r, fearless and the next level. Nasty and
one of the top conferences in about to rise up this board.
physcial, he’s a prototype RR
the nation.
speed but
29 Lacks elite
more than
Brown won’t
attention that
30 get
his teammate
the guard who can zone block ISʼ
and play in a power scheme. P
willing to hit. Physical. Solid Aaron Williams r e ce i v e s , b u t
in coverage. Good blitzer. Versatile. Big 12 coaches know he’s got skills.
ʼ TO
2011 NFL Draft Prospects
Jason Pinkston Marvin Austin DeAndre Brown
LT, Pitt 6’5” 305 lb. Sr. DT, UNC 6’3” 315 lb. Sr. WR, So. Miss 6’6” 231 lb. Jr.
Scouts will like what they see from I’m not as high on Austin as others. A gruesome knee injury slowed him
Pinkston this year. Mauler at the Of course, his potential eligibility early in the 2009 season,
point of attack. Great issue will hang over his head but Brown has bounced back.
on the edge
a n d 31 a gainst ends
linebackers in
Good base. 32 the season.
Quick feet.
Big as a TE
skills, he’s a
33 with receiver
p o o r m a n’s
the run game. Pass pro. needs Stacks and sheds well. Calvin Johnson who needs to
some work, but he’ll improve. Needs to be more productive. stay at receiver. Athletic. Strong.

Cameron Heyward Christian Ponder

34 DE, Ohio State 6’5” 280 lb. Sr. QB, Florida State 6’3” 215 lb. Sr.
Similar to Miami’s Bailey, The surprise of this draft class
we’re sort of still trying to could be Po n d e r, t h e
figure out
Heyward fits.
35 w h e r e
His best fit is
most pro-
the senior
36 ready QB of
c l a s s . Po i s e
at 3-4 DE, which should and composure are trademarks.
have him moving up this board. Has good arm and reads defenses
Better pass rusher inside than outside well. Can escape the pocket. Smart.

Bruce Carter Julio Jones

OLB, North Carolina 6’3” 235 lb. Sr. WR, Alabama 6’4” 225 lb. Jr.
If a n y o n e i n this group is I’m torn on Jones. I’ve been one of
going to rise up the board, his biggest fans since he

this guy can

i t ’s C a r t e r. P u t s i m p l y,
fly. He’s best
arrived at UA.
been the game
38 But, he’s not
changing WR
out in space and there are 3-4 teams I envisioned thus far. But,
that’ll love what he can do at the he’s strong as an ox. He can run. He
Ryan Williams just has to impact more games in ‘10
RB, Virginia Tech 5’10” 195 lb. So. OLB spot. Great on Teams. Dynamic

Super quick running back who, if Ras-I Dowling

he has a big-time season, could
leave Blacksburg. Second level
CB, Virginia 6’2” 200 lb. Sr. 40
Yes, it is Ras with a hyphen I. Y may
burst - meaning he gets on LBs in not know him but NFL
a hurry. Hides behind linemen p e o p l e certainly know
and then hits a second gear.
of him. He’s
package -
39 the full
smooth, fluid,
runs well, great size. No one
will see him much until April, though.

Trevin Wade Clint Boling

CB, Arizona 5’11” 192 lb. Jr. T, Georgia 6’4” 315 lb. Sr.
Wade doesn’t move like a 5’11” Some scouts like Boling but I think
cornerback. He looks smaller, he’ll be a solid 2nd round pick
but plays bigger. He can when it’s al l said and done.
run well. He
with receivers
41 matches cuts
as well as
Good in pass
Ha s adapted
42 protection.
t o t h e LT
a ny on e y o u ’l l see. He ’s position. Might be Kyle Rudolph
competitive with the ball in the air. better served on the right side. TE, Notre Dame 6’4” 245 lb. Jr.
Back in 1990, Rudolph would’ve
Sam Acho Brandon Harris been a sure-fire top 15 pick, and as
DE, Texas 6’3” 260 lb. Sr. CB, Miami 5’11” 190 lb. Jr. it is, he may be a first rounder,
Acho is a true 4-3 defensive end. He Similar to Jenkins, Harris is a state of but the emphasis on a “true” TE
plays the r un well at the F l o r i d a cornerback. is less than it’s been. Regardless,
point of attack and can He d o e s n’t think anyone Rudolph athleticism is off the HA
also get to the
off the edge.
43 q u a r te r b a c k
He ’s n o t a
is better than
aren’t. More
44 he is. Most
charts for someone his size. RR
Great hands. Tremendous TO
blazing pass rusher, but his than athlete. Ha s cover in the red zone. Decent P
combo skills are an attractive package skills and decent recovery speed. blocker, not great, decent.
ʼ TO

2011 NFL Draft Prospects


James Rodgers Matt Reynolds Ryan Kerrigan

WR, Oregon State 5’7” 190 lb. Sr. T, BYU 6’6” 329 lb. Sr. DE, Purdue 6’4” 263” lb. Sr.
Game changer with an NFL The prototype left tackle in BYU’s Relentless. Absolutely relentless.
future...if you don’t try to win offense and does a great Kerrigan had 13 sacks last
w i t h clipboards and job in pass protection. season and is one of the Big
stop watches. 45 Great hands. Not swift of 46 feet but can Te n’s b e s t 47pass rushers.
Q u i c ke s t o f WR. Could move up and d o w n , Strong at point of attack.
change the complexion of an ‘O’ with redirecting to pass rushers well. Can be pure 4-3 end. Plays run well.
his ability to run fly sweep Needs work in run blocking. More strength than quickness.
Dont’a Hightower Mark Barron
LB, Alabama 6’4” 255 lb. Jr. S, Alabama 6’1” 214 lb. Jr.
If he hadn’t gotten hurt last year, he’d
be much higher on this list. His 49 Love his myriad of skills. Leadership.
Solid tackler and play
“game” doesn’t ha ve to rel y m a k i n g abilities. This
on speed but
show he still
48 h e n e e d s to
can move
is a big year
improve his
50 for him to
stock. Must
quickly inside. Good tackler. prove he’s a complete S w/range.
Perfect size of a middle linebacker. Reminds me of Oregon’s TJ Ward.

Akeem Ayers James Carpenter

LB, UCLA 6’4” 254 lb. Jr. T, Alabama 6’3” 305 lb. Sr.
Ayers will jump up this list after After starting all season long at LT
another playmaking season like he Carpenter is no longer a question
had last s e a s o n . m a r k a t LT. Could move to
equally adept
51 player who’s
in coverage as Lee Ziemba
RT, b u t i s
b l o c ke r i n
52 solid run
power or zone
he is stopping the run. Could T, Auburn 6’8” 320 lb. Sr. scheme. Feet need work in
transition to 3-4 OLB. Blitzes well. Although Auburn faithful would pass pro. Solid skill set for NFL team
like to see him eliminate the
penalties, Ziemba has a solid NFL
Jeremy Beal future ahead of him. He’s a little Pernell McPhee
DE, Oklahoma 6’3” 263 lb. Sr. statuesque in pass protection and DT/DE, Miss. State 6’3” 290 lb. Sr.
Some will find him to be a one-trick that leads to getting beat up field One of the most valued positions in
pony, but Beal performs that by speedy rushers. But, he moves recent NFL Drafts is at 3-4
“trick” - rushing the well with good feet when run DE. McPhee is a perfect fit
QB - as well 53 as anyone. blocking. He packs a punch when as a 3-4 DE. 54 He’s strong at
Pure 4-3 DE, but must he strikes and can fit into either a th e p oin t of attack and can
improve his strength against the run. zone or man blocking scheme. hold the edge. When he bumps
Improved burst off the ball. Physical. May be a better RT than LT. inside, he can push the pocket

Derek Sherrod Quan Sturdivant Greg Jones

LT, Mississippi State 6’5” 305 lb. Sr. LB, North Carolina 6’3” 235 lb. Sr. LB, Michigan State 6’3” 230 lb. Sr.
Sherrod hasn’t been a household Productive as any other linebacker in As a productive college LB, Jones
name playing for MSU, but the AC C , Sturdivant will has few peers. But, he’s a bit
I’m telling you right now, slip because he’s not the l i m i t e d a t h l e t i c a l l y.
this young 55 man can play. best athlete of 56 the bunch. He tackles any 57a n d
Physical at point of attack. However, he’s instinctive on everything that m o v e s .
Great feet. Good movement to the field and will bring something However, he’s probably a 2-down LB
second level. Pass protection is good when he strikes. Great tackler. at NFL level. Sound fundamentally.

Jerrell Powe Jabaal Sheard Noel Devine

DT, Ole Miss 6’2” 330 lb. Sr. DE, Pitt 6’4” 260 lb. Sr. RB, West Virginia 5’8” 190 lb. Sr.
There aren’t many of his ilk in this When Sheard threw a patron through As is the story with Jacquizz Rodgers
draft class, nor would there be a glass door on the streets of and LaMichael Ja m e s , s h o r t
in any other draft class, Pittsburgh, this summer doesn’t mean small. Devine
either. Can 58 play nose. his stock 59 plummeted, is not a long 60 speed type of
Could play the 3. Quick and even though h e ’s been guy, but you can’t catch him
nasty. Finally produced on field last reinstated on the team. He needs to in a phone booth. He gets to second
year. Could surprise many this year. stay out of trouble, first and foremost level quicker than anyone.