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In the industry of exporting bananas, corporate growers like Alpha Fruits Inc., is
facing intensive global competition. The key to competing in the international market
place is to simultaneously improve on both quality and productivity. Three problems
were identified as the focus of their study. Related literatures ad existing studies are
provided that would support the studys objectives. To help solve the problem several
data, figures and tables are presented. The recommendations and conclusion were
provided that would be helpful in solving companys problem.

This study was conducted at Alpha Fruits Inc. packaging plant located at Purok 3
Tibungol, Panabo City, Philippines. We would like to thank the people that have lent us
their time and have assisted our research.

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the following people:

Mr. William Castro, the President of Alpha Fruits Inc. for allowing us to conduct the
study on his company. Mr. Joey Amio, the finance manager, whom personally
accompanied them to the plant and readily provided information asked for. Ms. Agnes
Baban, the operation manager of the packaging plant, who gave detailed tour of the
plant, and patiently explained the processes involved, and Dr. Antonio Emberda, for his
wisdom, guidance, and challenges. With out their support, this study would not have been

Special thanks to the group members and our families who supported us throughout this
study, most specially to God who equipped us with strength and knowledge to fulfill this