EaP CSF in 2017

Advocacy and Policy Advice

>50 EaP CSF participants took part in 
>30 official Eastern Partnership platforms,
panels and other EaP meetings

>100 issues raised with EU officials,
including through the Policy Brief on the 20 EaP
Deliverables for 2020

>20 occasions on which the EaP CSF 
was consulted by the EU institutions

3 EaP Ministerial meetings
where the EaP CSF representatives addressed the
EU and EaP Ministers 

1 Monitoring Mission
on the civil society, media and human rights
situation in Belarus


11 Steering Committee Statements

>20 National Platforms' Statements

1 Alternative Civil Society Declaration
addressed to the 5th Brussels Eastern
Partnership Summit of the Heads of State and


15 Projects

Total Budget

CSOs involved


>15 events organised on the regional level

>800 participants in total 

>300 attendees
at the joint 9th EaP CSF Annual Assembly &
EaP Civil Society Conference


≈12000 followers on Facebook
>1500 followers on Twitter

>50 mentions in the media