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Hollywood reaches its tipping point

Weinstein scandal forward by the stories of all the women
opens oodgates as leveling accusations of sexual abuse and
harassment at one-time powerhouse
sexual harassment Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.
victims speak out And not to simply air a grievance, Rapp
told Buzzfeed News, but to try to shine
By KAREN OCAMB another light on the decades of behavior
that have been allowed to continue
LOS ANGELES Finally, the victims because many people, including myself,
of sexual harassment and assault are being silent. Im feeling really awake to
speaking out and nally people are the moment that were living in, and Im
listening. The latest restorm exploded hopeful that this can make a dierence.
Oct. 29, as out actor Anthony Rapp told Rapp said Spacey, then 26, invited the
the world that Oscar-winning actor Kevin young Broadway actor to a party at his
Spacey had tried to seduce him when New York apartment in 1986. Finding
Rapp was 14 years old. The Star Trek: himself alone in Spaceys bedroom after all
Discovery actor, now 46, told Buzzfeed the other guests had gone, Rapp recalled
that he had been inspired to come that Spaceysort of stood in the doorway,
KEVIN SPACEY came out as gay this week after actor Anthony Rapp accused him of
trying to seduce him at age 14.

D.C. loses bid for 2022 Gay Games

Hong Kong chosen
conference in Paris during the annual
over nations capital General Assembly of the Federation of Gay
and Guadalajara Games, the U.S.-based group that organizes
the Gay Games and selects the host city.
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. It took place two days after the FGGs Site Selection Committee heard nal presentations
from representatives of the bid committees
The Federation of Gay Games on Monday from D.C., Hong Kong and Guadalajara.
announced it has selected Hong Kong over D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and D.C.s Gay
D.C. and Guadalajara, Mexico, to host the 2022 Games Bid Committee Chair Brent Minor
Gay Games, the quadrennial international were among six members of the D.C. bid
LGBT sports event thats expected to attract committee that delivered the presentation
as many as 15,000 athletes and thousands on Saturday. They were part of a 32-member
more spectators to the host city. Mayor MURIEL BOWSER led the D.C. Gay Games delegation to Paris this


U.S. Attorney reveals Protesters dress up Va. voters should support

previously undisclosed to denounce Wells Fargo Roem in bid to unseat
anti-LGBT attack from 2016. at HRC Natl Dinner. homophobe Bob Marshall.


0 2 N O VEMB ER 0 3, 2017 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM N O V E MBE R 0 3 , 2 0 1 7 0 3

0 4 NO VE MB ER 0 3, 2017 LO CA L N E W S

D.C. man sentenced

Comings & Goings to 60 years for killing
New faces at Trevor Project, HRC


The Comings & Goings column is about sharing the professional successes of
our community. We want to recognize those landing new jobs, new clients for their
Witnesses said suspect and two men in love triangle
business, joining boards of organizations and other achievements. Please share your
successes with us at We also invite LGBTQ+ By LOU CHIBBARO JR.
college students to share their successes with us.

Congratulations to Sam Brinton who A D.C. man convicted in July of two

is joining the Trevor Project as head of counts of rst-degree murder while armed
advocacy and government aairs. He will for allegedly bludgeoning to death his two
be based in D.C. The Trevor Project is the male roommates with whom witnesses
leading national organization providing said he had sexual relations was sentenced
crisis intervention and suicide prevention on Monday to 60 years in prison.
services to LGBT youth. They have trained The sentence handed down by D.C.
counselors available 24/7. Any young Superior Court Chief Judge Robert E.
person in crisis can call the TrevorLifeline Morin came just over three months after
at 866-488-7386. a jury found Jerey Bernard Neal, 25,
Brinton has led the ght to end the SAM BRINTON guilty of murdering Leon Young, 22, and
discredited and dangerous practice PHOTO COURTESY OF BRINTON Delano Wineld, 23. Witnesses testied at
of conversion therapy and last year the trial thattwo roommateswere at one
founded and leads the 50 Bill 50 States timeNeals closest friends. DELANO WINGFIELD (left) and LEON YOUNG
were bludgeoned to death in 2014.
campaign to end it. His goal was rst Police and prosecutors said the murders
to end the practice in the United States most likely took place in late May and early PHOTOS COURTESY U.S. ATTORNEYS OFFICE

and then around the globe. As a survivor June of 2014 inside a house at 1846 8th St.,
of conversion therapy, Brinton has N.E. that was owned by Neals grandmother
spearheaded eorts to submit legislation and in which Neal, Young, Wingeld and other roommates resided at various times.
and promote public education in the Youngs nude body was discovered June 12, 2014 by one of Neals relatives in the attic
hopes of ending the practice on minors. of the house under an air mattress with a plastic bag placed over his head. The relative
The campaign has been featured in had entered the house to conduct routine maintenance work after Neal ed to Florida,
numerous mainstream media outlets. police and prosecutors said. The relative, an uncle, immediately called police.
Brintons professional training is in Four days later police returned to the house and found Wingelds body in a shallow
the eld of nuclear engineering and JOE SANGIRARDI grave in the backyard. Police searched for the body after one of Wingelds family
public policy. He received two graduate members reported him missing and said he had been living with Neal. Authorities said
degrees from the Massachusetts Institute the badly decomposed body was naked except for a pair of socks.
of Technology in Nuclear Engineering and the Technology Policy Program. He Police charging documents say Neal used Youngs car to drive to Florida sometime
served as a policy analyst, fellow and director of government aairs focused after the murders and used Youngs credit card to pay for gas and lodging before
on nuclear energy at a number of think tanks and energy organizations. He has returning to D.C. after running out of money. Charging documents say his grandmother
authored legislation and briefed members of Congress and presidents including sent him money to pay for his trip home.
Obama and Trump on nuclear physics. During the trial, Neals lawyers argued that Neal killed Young in self-defense after
Brinton makes his home in Washington, is an avid singer with the Gay Mens Young lunged at him with a knife in a jealous rage after Young confessed to having
Chorus of Washington and is engaged to Kevin Rieck. killed Wingeld. The lawyers argued that the murders were the result of a love triangle
Congratulations also to Joe Sangirardi who has started his new position as gone bad among the three men. They said Young, who had been romantically involved
associate director for leadership giving with the Human Rights Campaign. He will with Neal, became outranged after discovering that Neal was switching his romantic
advance HRCs Leadership Giving program consisting of top donors investing interests toward Wingeld.
in all areas of HRCs work, including HRCs new initiative, HRC Rising. Working Prosecutors, however, presented evidence from the citys medical examiner that
with senior leadership, Sangirardi will manage the discovery, cultivation, and autopsies showed that Young had been struck at least 26 times in the head with an object
stewardship of individuals investing in the nations largest LGBT rights advocacy that appeared to be a hammer, crushing his skull in multiple places. Prosecutors said the
organization at a pivotal time for the LGBT community. Upon accepting the autopsy appeared to show that Young had been struck while in a prone position, most likely
position Joe said, Financial resources are an instrumental catalyst for advancing in bed, which they said disproved Neals claim that Young was attacking him with a knife.
pro-LGBTQ policies. I cannot overstate the impact HRC will have on all LGBTQ Upon his return to D.C. from Florida, Neal told police he used a hammer to defend
Americans in the coming elections. The more support HRC receives, the greater himself against Young, saying he thought he hit Young three or four times.
advancement well see. With the help of equality-voters, HRC can swing elections The medical examiner testied that Wingelds head also had been struck multiple
across the country and make sure Americas increasingly pro-equality sentiments times with an object that prosecutors said was a hammer.
are reected in our federal government. Thats why Im so excited to join HRCs Prosecutors disputed the defense claim that Neal killed Young in self-defense, arguing
eorts. that the motive was unclear but most likely due to disputes over money needed to pay
Prior to joining HRC, he was director of development for the Gay & Lesbian the expenses for the house. They speculated that Neal killed one of the two roommates
Victory Fund and Institute. He worked there for a number of years in dierent over an argument and killed the other because he witnessed the rst murder.
roles, including Director of Major Gifts and Regional Development Director. He In a sentencing memorandum prosecutors asked Judge Morin to sentence Neal to
has also worked for the Presidents Associates, University of Oklahoma. He is a 90 years in prison, saying the jury found the governments evidence proved beyond
former board member of Aspiring Americans Initiative. a reasonable doubt that Neal acted with the specic intent to kill Mr. Young and Mr.
Wingeld, and that he acted with premeditation and deliberation.
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM N O V E MBE R 0 3 , 2 0 1 7 0 5

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0 6 N O VEMB ER 0 3, 2017 LO CA L N E W S

Suspects plead not guilty to Nov. 2016 anti-LGBT assault

D.C. Police, LGBT same day the victim was awaiting results
of a CT Scan test and had no recollection
committee failed to of how he got there or where he was; he
announce incident thought he was in Maryland.
Superior Court Judge Marisa J. Demeo,
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. whos presiding over the case, renewed an earlier court order prohibiting the three
defendants from coming into contact
Three male suspects pled not guilty with the victim or in any way attempting
in D.C. Superior Court on Tuesday to a to communicate with him, including on
charge of hate-motivated aggravated social media. She scheduled a follow-up
assault for a November 2016 incident in status hearing for the case on Nov. 21.
which police say the suspects repeatedly When the LGBT VPART committee
punched and kicked a male victim in the was created by former D.C. Police Chief
head outside a carryout pizzeria near two Kathy Lanier members were told that
gay bars. information provided to the panel had
A police charging document says the to remain condential and could not be
assault, in which the victim was knocked publicly released. In past years some
unconscious and taken by ambulance to VPART members, including D.C. LGBT
a nearby hospital, took place after one of Center director David Mariner, objected
the attackers stated, I dont like them gay to the condentiality requirement,
motherfuckers. saying that the LGBT community should
In the nearly one year since the be informed of anti-LGBT hate crimes
incident took place neither D.C. police nor or other crimes targeting LGBT people
an LGBT police advisory committee called disclosed by police to VPART as long as
the Violence Prevention and Response U.S. Attorney JESSIE K. LIU provided details on an anti-LGBT assault. sensitive information relating to ongoing
Team, or VPART, publicly disclosed to the investigations remained condential.
community that the attack occurred. All reported crimes that occur in the
The Washington Blade learned about 27, of Alexandria, Va. Police charged all disclose the terms of the plea oer. city as well as arrests made by police are
the incident at an Oct. 25 community three with aggravated assaulthate/bias Defense attorney Charles Murdter, part of the citys and the court systems
meeting organized by the D.C. Oce related based on the victims status or who represents defendant Flores, said public record. Police have said that
of the United States Attorney in which perceived status as an LGBT person. he and the attorneys representing the although they routinely announce the
newly appointed U.S. Attorney Jessie K. Court records show the three were other two defendants would have no occurrence of serious crimes such as
Liu mentioned that the attack was one released on their own recognizance immediate comment. homicides through news releases, they
of three currently pending hate crimes a short time after their arrest while The charging document was led in dont routinely announce instances of
cases being prosecuted by her oce. awaiting trial. For reasons unclear in the court at the time of the three defendants less serious crimes such as assaults
At the Washington Blades request, public court records, a delay in the case arrest last November. It says the incident unless contacted by members of the
aides to Liu provided the Blade with that exceeded a deadline under the citys started when the victim overheard one of media about a specic incident.
details of the case, including the names speedy trial law resulted in the charges the suspects make the anti-gay comment A statement on the D.C. government
of the men charged in the attack, all of against the men being dismissed without inside Jumbo Slice pizzeria and asked him website says Sheila Alexander-Reid,
which are part of the public record. prejudice on Oct. 5, 2017. what he said. director of the Mayors Oce of LGBTQ
The police charging document says The court records show that two weeks The charging document says one of Aairs, currently oversees VPART, which
the attack took place about 4 a.m. on later, on Oct. 17, the case was reopened the men involved in the attack, whos meets monthly at the LGBTQ Aairs Oce.
Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016, at the northeast and at the request of prosecutors with the listed as Suspect 3, replied by saying you The mission of the Violence Prevention
corner of 8th Street and Florida Avenue, U.S. Attorneys Oce, a Superior Court have ve seconds to get out of here. It & Response Team (VPART) is to address,
N.W. in front of Jumbo Slice pizzeria, Grand Jury indicted the three men on the says Defendant 3 then pushed the victim, reduce and prevent crime within and
which is located next door to the gay same charge that had been dismissed causing a scue that spilled outside onto against the LGBT community in the
nightclub Town Danceboutique and one aggravated assault-knowingly along the sidewalk. District of Columbia, the statement says.
block from the gay sports bar Nellies. with the classication as a hate crime. Witness 1 stated once all parties were We achieve this by creating a strong
Both clubs close at 3 a.m. on weekends, The indictment states the criminal outside Defendant 1, Defendant 2, and partnership between the community
and the charging document doesnt say act demonstrated the prejudice of the Defendant 3 were all striking Victim 1 in and the government which enables us
where the victim had been immediately three defendants based on the actual or the head, which caused him to fall to the to focus on coordinating a community
prior to the attack. perceived sexual orientation and/or gender ground, the charging document says. response to violence, it says.
According to the charging document, at identity and expression of the victim. Witness 1 continued on to say once Through this partnership, we are able
least four witnesses observed the attack The charging documents identify Victim 1 was on the ground Defendant 3 to eectively respond to instances of
and gave police a description of the the victim by a male name but dont got on top of him and continued to punch violence, create awareness and educate
attackers. After broadcasting a lookout say whether he identies as gay or him in the head. Witness 1 also stated that the community about violent crimes and
based on descriptions provided by the transgender. The Blade has a policy of Defendant 1 and Defendant 2 stomped available resources, leverage resources
witnesses, police located the suspects not identifying crime victims without their Victim 1 in the face several times while he to provide training, and work to improve
a few blocks away and placed them permission to do so. The victim couldnt was on the ground, the document says. and enhance response to crimes, it says.
under arrest when one of the witnesses immediately be reached for comment. The document says a similar account In response to an inquiry by the Blade
positively identied them, the charging During Tuesdays court arraignment, was given to police by three other earlier this year Alexander-Reid said
document says. Assistant U.S. Attorney Bianca Forde, the witnesses. It says that when police arrived she didnt have the authority to disclose
Court records identify the suspects, lead prosecutor in the case, disclosed on the scene the victim was unconscious specic instances of anti-LGBT crimes that
now listed as defendants, as Derrick that her oce extended a plea bargain and bleeding from the head. It says that police disclose to VPART, saying police
Diggs, 28, of Clinton, Md.; Francisco Flores, oer to the three defendants, who had when a police detective visited the victim would have to disclose that information
22, of Arlington, Va.; and Juan Vanegas, yet to respond to the oer. She did not in the hospital at around 9 a.m. on the as they deem appropriate.

N A T I O NA L NEW S N O V E MBE R 0 3 , 2 0 1 7 0 7

Judge blocks Trump from enforcing trans military ban

Cites tweets as evidence Center for Lesbian Rights and GLBTQ Transgender Rights Project, said in a
policy driven by animus Advocates & Defenders on behalf of statement the judge saw straight through
current and aspiring transgender service the smokescreen of arguments the Justice
By CHRIS JOHNSON members. Department presented in the case. Shannon Minter, legal director for the This clear, powerful ruling conrms
National Center for Lesbian Rights, said that there is no legitimate reason to
A federal judge in D.C. has blocked in a statement the ruling is a complete exclude transgender people from
President Trumps ban on transgender victory for transgender service members military service, Levi said. Fighting
military service as litigation against it who are now once again able to serve discrimination isnt easy, and to all the
moves through the judiciary, allowing on equal terms and without the threat of transgender members of the armed
transgender troops currently serving in being discharged. forces or those looking to join, I want to
the armed forces to breath a sigh of relief. We are grateful to the court for say thank you for your courage, not only
In a 76-page decision, U.S. District recognizing the gravity of these issues in ghting for our country, but in ghting
Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, a Clinton and putting a stop to this dangerous A federal judge has blocked enforcement of for the constitutional values of equality
appointee, restores the military policy policy, which has wreaked havoc in the PRESIDENT TRUMPs trans military ban. and justice.
on transgender troops before Trumps lives of transgender service members WASHINGTON BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY Kollar-Kotelly cites as evidence the
directive under the likely assumption his and their families, Minter added. transgender ban was driven by animus and
action violates the right to due process The preliminary injunction restores the not military eectiveness Trumps decision
under the Fifth Amendment. militarys policy on transgender troops to The Justice Department had argued the to announce it unexpectedly in July.
The court nds that a number of the policy as set out in the memo Defense lawsuit against the ban was premature [T]he president abruptly announced,
factors including the sheer breadth of Secretary James Mattis issued June 30. because the policy wasnt yet fully via Twitter without any of the formality
the exclusion ordered by the directives, That memo allowed openly transgender implemented and that plaintis lacked or deliberative processes that generally
the unusual circumstances surrounding people in the military to continue to serve standing in the case, but Kollar-Kotelly accompany the development and
the presidents announcement of them, without fear of discharge, but continued rejects those arguments on the basis they announcement of major policy changes
the fact that the reasons given for them until at least Jan. 1 a ban on enlistments wither away under scrutiny. that will gravely aect the lives of many
do not appear to be supported by any of openly transgender people in the The memorandum unequivocally directs Americans that all transgender
facts, and the recent rejection of those armed forces pending a new review. the military to prohibit indenitely the individuals would be precluded from
reasons by the military itself strongly Trump overturned the Mattis memo accession of transgender individuals and participating in the military in any
suggest that plaintis Fifth Amendment shortly afterward, rst announcing via to authorize their discharge, Kollar-Kotelly capacity, the order says. These
claim is meritorious, Kollar-Kotelly writes. Twitter in July hed ban transgender writes. This decision has already been circumstances provide additional support
The lawsuit was led against Trumps people form the armed forces in any made. These directives must be executed for plaintis claim that the decision to
transgender military ban after he capacity, then issuing a memo to the by a date certain, and there is no reason to exclude transgender individuals was not
announced it on Twitter, but before Pentagon in August to implement a ban believe that they will not be executed. driven by genuine concerns regarding
he issued his directive, by the National on transgender military service. Jennifer Levi, director of GLADs military ecacy.

Alleged killers asked Iowa gender uid teen for sex

Federal prosecutor plays Keokuk, Iowa, of Jorge Sanders-Galvez, quoted Perras as saying in his opening Johnson at the convenience store, saying he
lead role in trial 23, one of two men charged with rst- argument at the trial. was not the person involved in the murder.
degree murder in connection with The Register reported that Perras, pointing Iowa state prosecutors have said
Johnsons death. to Sanders-Galvez, who was dressed in a suit Johnsons murder could not be classied as
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. The state will oer evidence to show and tie, said Sanders-Galvez and his cousin, a hate crime under Iowa law because the that defendant Sander-Galvez saw Kedarie co-defendant Jaron Purham, 26, shot and states hate crimes law, which covers sexual
leave the Hy-Vee [convenience store in killed Kedarie and then afterward took steps orientation, does not cover gender identity
A federal prosecutor assigned by U.S. Burlington]; irted with Kedarie, believing to conceal their crime. and expression. A bill introduced last year
Attorney General Je Sessions to investigate that Kedarie was biologically female; invited Perras added, according to the Register, into the Iowa legislature to add gender
the March 2016 murder of an Iowa teenager Kedarie back to 2610 Madison to have sex They doused the body in bleach so there identity to the state hate crimes law died in
as a possible anti-transgender hate crime with him and his co-defendant; discovered would be no DNA evidence and they asked the Republican controlled state House.
revealed in a motion led in court last week during the sexual act that Kedarie was a friend to hold on to the murder weapon, The New York Times reported on Oct.
that one of the two men charged in the case biologically male; became enraged; and but they already left a trail of evidence that 26 that local ocials disclosed that a
solicited the victim for sex and appeared then, over the next hour, suocated would lead to their capture. federal grand jury was being convened
to have targeted the teen because of his Kedarie by stung a rag down his throat A county medical examiner disclosed in an to investigate Johnsons murder as a
gender identity. and wrapping a plastic bag around his autopsy report that Johnson remained alive possible hate crime, even as defendant
Kedarie Johnson, 16, whose mother says head, threw him in their car, drove to after the rag was stued in his mouth, the Sanders-Galvez was on trial on a murder
he identied as a gender uid male who another part of town, dumped him in an plastic bag placed over his head and while charge not listed as a hate crime.
sometimes presented as a woman, was alley, and shot him several times until he he was transported to the alley. The autopsy Sessions is believed to have assigned
found shot to death in an alley in Burlington, bled to death, Perras motion states. states the cause of death was bleeding Perras to become involved in the case
Iowa, hours after he was last seen by a friend Perras reiterated that scenario in his caused by multiple gunshot wounds he as a federal prosecutor by invoking the
while dressed as a woman, according to a opening arguments at Sanders-Galvezs suered after being dumped in the alley. federal Matthew Shephard-James Byrd Jr.
document led in court by federal prosecutor trial on Oct. 26. Local authorities said Purham, who Hate Crimes Protection Act of 2009, which
Christopher Perras, who specializes in civil Kedarie Johnson was a friendly high is being held without bond in Missouri, gives the Justice Department authority to
rights and hate crimes cases. school student with a bright future, but would stand trial separately at a later date. intervene in local and state criminal cases
Perras led the document in the form that future was stolen when Kedarie Sanders-Galvezs attorneys have said to investigate and prosecute hate crimes
of a pre-trial motion shortly before the Johnson was kidnapped, suocated their client has been misidentied as if local authorities refuse or dont have
start of the trial in a county court in and executed, the Des Moines Register the person responsible for approaching the resources to do so.

L O CA L N E W S N O V E MBE R 0 3 , 2 0 1 7 1 1

death penalty in general, not its application to same-sex relations. Clinton said the
State Department was forced to clarify that vote after outcry from the Human Rights
Campaign and many others.
But the fact remains the United States should not be shirking our responsibility to
defend the human rights of LGBT people around the globe, Clinton said.
Clinton also lodged complaints with the Trump administration and the Republican-
controlled Congress for non-LGBT issues, criticizing their tax reform package for seeking
to nance tax cuts with cuts to entitlement programs.
Embedded in this horrible, irresponsible, cruel and mean-spirited giveaway to the
richest of Americans called tax reform is a $500 billion cut in Medicare and a $1 trillion
cut in Medicaid, Clinton said.
When the audience booed in response, Clinton replied, That is exactly the appropriate
response. And dont boo, tell the Congress and tell them you will not stand for that.
Introduced at the dinner as a she-ro by lesbian tennis legend Billie Jean King, Clinton
was well-received by audience members, who stood for a standing ovation as she
took the stage. At one point someone at the rear of the room shouted, We love you!
HILLARY CLINTON speaks at the HRC National Dinner on Oct. 28.
prompting Clinton to respond, Its mutual.
BLADE PHOTO BY TOM HAUSMAN Arriving on stage, Clinton said the dinner feels a bit like a family reunion, telling
attendees at the Human Rights Campaign event, There is no one Id rather share my
initials with than you.

Clinton, Harris urge

Clinton said shed have much preferred to come to the dinner tonight from a slightly
closer residence.
Joking about the continued xation on her in conservative media, Clinton said, It
does strike me that in the last few days at least Fox News seems to think thats where

HRC supporters to
I live in the White House because they spend a disproportionate amount of their time
impeaching me.
If theyd be willing to make a trade, Id be willing, Clinton concluded.

rise against Trump

If Clinton represented a look to the past at the dinner and what could have been,
another speaker, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), represented what could be the future.
Introducing her was Proposition 8 plaintis Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, whom Harris
married in 2013 after the U.S. Supreme Court restored marriage equality to California.
Harris said the Trump administration marks an inection point in the history of our country.
I believe this is a moment when our country is witnessing an assault on our deepest
Express outrage over trans military ban values and ideals, where people dont trust over government, its institutions or leaders,
Harris said.

It wasnt the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner that attendees anticipated a Protesters block entrance
year ago.
Hopes were high that Hillary Clinton would be elected president and lead the way on Outside the convention center,
advancing LGBT rights in the United States and around the world. Instead, Donald Trump around 100 demonstrators
is president and LGBT rights supporters are seeking to oppose his administrations aliated with No Justice No Pride
eorts to compromise rights for the LGBT community. circled the convention center in
But the atmosphere Saturday night at the 21st annual Human Rights Campaign protest over the Human Rights
National Dinner was far from depressed. In fact, the dinners theme of rise, projected Campaign taking contributions
on screen during the dinner and blasted in neon colors in the lobby, captured a sense from Wells Fargo bank, which the
of purpose and urgency given the new challenges facing LGBT people. protesters criticized for helping
Fiery in her remarks before the estimated 3,600 people at the Washington Convention nance private prisons.
Center in attendance was Clinton, who lambasted Trump for his anti-LGBT policies and Shortly before the dinner began,
urged push back. the protesters blocked the doors
Whether or not we are willing to accept this bigotry and hatred speaks volume about of the convention center, forcing
who we are as a country, Clinton said. attendees to enter at a side entrance.
Expressing concern that LGBT rights are nowhere near as secure as we hoped, Many of the protesters were wearing Activists aliated with No Justice No Pride
Clinton ran through a litany of Trump administration actions harming LGBT people, makeup making them resemble march around the Walter E. Washington
Convention Center on Oct. 28, just before
including Trumps announcement via Twitter that transgender people would no longer zombies, which the organization says the HRC National Dinner.
be able to serve in the U.S. armed forces. was intended to represent the horrors
I was outraged when I read on Twitter of all places that the president wanted to ban of the Wells Fargo contributions. BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY

transgender people serving in the the military, Clinton said. You know and he knows Under a blatant white-
transgender people have fought and died for this country. They are serving in uniform supremacist administration, those
with distinction right now. The suggestion that transgender Americans are unt to serve of us who claim to want justice for the LGBT community at large have to be
is insulting and wrong. as clear as those who oppose us, Aaryn Lang, movement building & campaign
Making a reference to the Masterpiece Cakeshop case before the U.S. Supreme Court, manager of GetEqual, said in a statement. HRC choosing to celebrate Wells
Clinton said its just wrong in 2017 LGBT people can lose their homes, be evicted from Fargo, who nances private prisons and immigration detention centers alike,
their homes or if this administration get its way, be denied a wedding cake simply sends a scary message: that the struggles of immigrants, people of color and
because of who you are or who you love. low-income communities are not the struggles of LGBT people.
Clinton also decried a U.S. delegation vote at the United Nations against a resolution Protesters shouted as they marched around the convention center, You cant
condemning the death penalty, which included a provision against its use as a corporatize our Pride! Another chant consisted of Transphobia! Shut it down!
punishment for homosexual acts. Corporate greed! Shut it down!
When I saw that, I thought maybe I had read it wrong, that maybe Id somehow At one point, the protester leading the chant asked, Who thinks were having
got a double-negative mixed up, but, no, thats exactly what our country voted against: more fun than the suited-up cis gay men attending this gala? His fellows
A resolution to condemn the use of the death penalty for consensual same-sex protesters cheered in response.
relationships, Clinton said.
The Trump administration insisted the vote was about the U.S. position on the

1 2 N O VEMB ER 0 3, 2017 I N T E RN A T I O N A L N E W S

provision of the proposed law would face up to ve years in prison.

The proposal also states audio and video publicity and advertising for LGBTQ parties
or gatherings are strictly prohibited on visual, audio and social medias.
In case of such violation, the host and promoter will face up to three years in prison,
it reads. In case of holding a party or a gathering, the organizers and all participants will
be sentenced to three years of prison, even if they were normal individuals. If the host
was an entity, their legal representative will be put in prison, as well as shutting down
both the entity and venue.
The measure would also strictly prohibit anyone from carrying any symbol or sign
of the LGBTQ community, as well as prohibiting the production, selling, marketing or
promotion of such products. Those who violate this provision would face between 1-3
years in prison.
@Egaypt, an Egyptian LGBT rights advocate in D.C. who uses his Twitter account to
identify himself, told the Blade on Thursday it remains unclear when lawmakers will
debate the measure.
It could be voted on within a week or months, said @Egaypt. But either way its
terrifying as it sets a new trend that could (and will) spread to other countries in the
PEDRO JULIO SERRANO, founder of Puerto Rico Para Tod@s, a Puerto Rican LGBT advocacy region that are socially homophobic, but have no anti-LGBTQ laws.
group, has urged authorities to investigate the throwing of incendiary devices at a gay @Egaypt lawmakers in Jordan, Iraq and Libya could consider similar measures if the
nightclub as a hate crime. Egyptian bill becomes law.

Incendiary devices thrown at Puerto Rico gay club

Senate unanimously approves
Several incendiary devices where thrown at a gay club in Puerto Rico last weekend. Chechnya resolution
El Vocero, a Puerto Rican newspaper, reported several individuals who were dressed
in black threw incendiary devices at Circo Bar which is located in the Santurce The U.S. Senate on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution that
neighborhood of the U.S. commonwealths capital of San Juan at around 7:30 p.m. condemns the ongoing crackdown against LGBT people in Chechnya.
on Saturday. U.S. Sens. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and Ed Markey (D-Mass.) introduced the
El Vocero reported the devices did not cause signicant damage to the club. A police resolution earlier this year. The U.S. House of Representatives in June
spokesperson told the newspaper that no arrests have been made and the motive unanimously approved a nearly identical resolution that U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-
behind the attack remains unclear. Lehtinen (R-Fla.) introduced.
Pedro Julio Serrano, founder of Puerto Rico Para Tod@s, a Puerto Rican LGBT advocacy With unanimous passage of this resolution, the U.S. Senate just sent a
group, on Sunday urged authorities to investigate whether the attack was a hate crime. powerful message, said Human Rights Campaign Global Director Ty Cobb in a
The attack took place less than six weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. press release.
More than 70 percent of the islands 3.4 million residents remain without electricity. Chechnya is a semi-autonomous Russian republic in the North Caucasus.
Roughly 20 percent of Puerto Ricans still do not have access to running water. Novaya Gazeta, an independent Russian newspaper, in April reported
San Juan Mayor Carmen Yuln Cruz who supports LGBT rights in the U.S. Chechen authorities have arrested more than 100 men because of their sexual
commonwealth remains among the most vocal critics of the federal and Puerto Rican orientation or perceived sexual orientation since the beginning of the year.
governments response to Maria. Novaya Gazeta reported at least three of these men died after their arrest, while
Governor Ricardo Rossell on Sunday urged the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority others have been beaten and tortured and sent to secret prisons. Chechen authorities
to cancel a controversial $300 million contract it signed with a Montana company to have also reportedly begun to target women who they suspect are lesbians.
help rebuild the islands power infrastructure. Ricardo Ramos, executive director of the The Kremlin has claimed it has launched an investigation into the allegations,
Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, which is known by the acronym PREPA, a few hours even though Russian President Vladimir Putin has sought to downplay or even
announced it had cancelled the contract with the company that is based in Interior dismiss these reports. Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, who is a close Putin
Secretary Ryan Zinkes hometown of Whitesh, Mont. ally, over the summer described the allegations as nonsense and claimed
MICHAEL K. LAVERS during an interview with HBOs Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel thatwe dont
have any gays in his republic.
The State Department told the Washington Blade in September that Secretary
Egyptian lawmakers introduce of State Rex Tillerson expressed concern about the ongoing crackdown in a
LGBT criminalization bill letter to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.
The Human Rights Campaign on Oct. 18 led a Freedom of Information Act
request with the State Department for all records relating to Tillersons letter
Lawmakers in Egypt last week introduced a bill that would criminalize the countrys to Lavrov. A State Department spokesperson told the Blade last week it does not
LGBT community. comment on FOIA requests.
A translated copy of the measure the Washington Blade obtained states any two President Trump has yet to publicly condemn the crackdown.
individuals or more, whether male or female, who conduct perverted sexual relations U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley in April said the U.S. is disturbed by
between themselves in any public or private place will each be arrested and sentenced the situation in Chechnya.
to a period of no less than one year and no more than three years. Hillary Clinton on Saturday specically referenced Chechnya during her speech
Those who are found guilty of violating the proposed law more than once would face at the HRC National Dinner in D.C. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,
up to ve years in prison. French President Emmanuel Macron and other leaders have also condemned
The bill states those who incite same sex relations, either by inciting, facilitating, the crackdown.
hosting or calling for (them), even if they dont perform the act itself, will be sentenced MICHAEL K. LAVERS
to prison for a period of no less than one year and no more than three years, as well
as shutting down the venue. Those who are found guilty of repeatedly violating this
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM N O V E MBE R 0 3 , 2 0 1 7 1 3


Share correct
information and
resources about
sex and sexual health
with your peers.




Feldman speaks of Hollywood pedophile ring

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 01 power and inuence. their children in this industry. If we dont
The next night, Dawsons Creek star speak out about it, then we are part of
kind of swaying. My impression when he James Van Der Beek, now 40, spoke the problem because we are contributing
came in the room was that he was drunk. up. Ive had my ass grabbed by older, to a culture that normalizes this. And
Without a word, Rapp recalled, Spacey powerful men, Ive had them corner me by normalizing something, it becomes
picked me up like a groom picks up the in inappropriate sexual conversations invisible as a problem.
bride over the threshold. But I dont, like, when I was much younger, Van Der Beek And, says one impacted parent: Its
squirm away initially, because Im like, tweeted. I understand the unwarranted Hollywood. People do what they want in
Whats going on? And then he lays down shame, powerlessness & inability to blow Hollywood. And if youre a big enough
on top of me. the whistle. Theres a power dynamic that star, or big enough director or you making
He was trying to seduce me, Rapp feels impossible to overcome. enough money for these people, you can
said. I dont know if I would have used The current list of alleged sexual do whatever you want.
that language. But I was aware that he abusers to which Spacey will be added Echoes of Apprentice reality TV star
was trying to get with me sexually. contains few names of prominent bi/ and future President Donald Trump to
Spaceys response was immediate. He gay men other than APA agent Tyler Access Hollywood host Billy Bush in a
apologized and came out. Im beyond Grasham. Grasham was red on Oct. video released on Oct. 8, 2016. You know
horried to hear his story. I honestly do 20 after allegations from lmmaker Im automatically attracted to beautiful
not remember the encounter, it would Blaise Godbe Lipman that decades I just start kissing them. Its like a magnet.
have been over 30 years ago. But if I did ago Grasham fed him alcohol and Just kiss. I dont even wait. And when
ANTHONY RAPP has accused Kevin Spacey
behave then as he describes, I owe him of trying to seduce him when he was 14. sexually assaulted him. Four other youre a star, they let you do it. You can
the sincerest apology for what would young other men came forward alleging do anything, Trump says.
have been deeply inappropriate drunken PHOTO BY VAGUEONTHEHOW; COURTESY WIKIMEDIA
sexual misconduct, as well, prompting Whatever you want, says Bush. Grab
behavior, and I am sorry for the feelings important clients to leave the agency. them by the pussy, Trump says. You can
he describes having carried with him all straight-gay charade. Late Sunday, The Wrap reported that do anything.
these years, Spacey wrote on Twitter. Whats troubling is that a number actor Tyler Cornell, 20, led an LAPD While examining the alleged sexual
This story has encouraged me to of Hollywood powerbrokers treat police report Oct. 27, accusing Grasham manipulation by Marc Collins-Rector and his
address other things about my life. I know homosexuality as a sin or immoral or of sodomizing him earlier this year. cohorts at DEN, An Open Secret also seems
that there are stories out there about me, an abnormality that somehow is to be Former 80s child star Corey Feldman to implicate several high-prole investors.
and that some have been fueled by the hidden; they categorize it as a career killer has also reemerged with promises of But while experts in the lm say the
fact that I have been so protective of my that could result in a loss of box oce exposing a Hollywood pedophile ring that investors and partygoers should have known
own privacy, Spacey said, adding I now billing or revenue, he says. But they he says abused him and raped his best what was allegedly going on at the DEN
choose to live as a gay man. have skin in the game (usually nancial) friend, actor Corey Haim, when Haim was estate, proximity and guilt by association
Spacey was not welcomed with open so they collude. They lie, betray, falsify; 11. (Haim died at age 38 in 2010, apparently doesnt mean actual guilt. The LAPD made no
arms. Nope to Kevin Spaceys statement. they are the immoral ones. of an accidental drug overdose.) However, contemporaneous arrests and later lawsuits
Nope. Theres no amount of drunk or When Spacey was trolling the halls at Feldman wants $10 million to fund a lm against investors were dropped.
closeted that explains away assaulting a 14 Burke Williams, camouaging himself by and provide him with security protection The term pedophilia is sometimes
year old child, Dan Savage wrote on Twitter. putting the hood of his bathrobe up over before hell name names used to tar everybody with the same
Others were furious that Spaceys his head, he was not exactly embracing During an Oct. 30 interview with Megyn brush, Dr. Jack Drescher, Clinical
coming out seemed designed to distract his gayness, Kearns said. Kelly on NBC, Feldman gave up one name Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia
from the allegation. Gay sexual harassment and the quiet talent manager Marty Weiss. However, University, tells the Blade. Historically,
Netix cancelled Spaceys hit show collusion to ignore it goes beyond Spacey. Feldman already talked about Weiss in his people who are against homosexuality
House of Cards after the upcoming Hercules star Kevin Sorbo alleged that 2013 memoir Coreyography and Weiss have often associated homosexuality
sixth season, which is currently lming fashion designer Gianni Versace sexually was featured in the documentary An with pedophilia.
in Maryland. The decision was reportedly harassed him in 1984, specically because Open Secret about alleged pedophilia Drescher notes that pedophilia is a
made prior to the Spacey scandal. he was a straight mans man. Sorbo said and ephebophilia (adult sexual attraction psychiatric disorder so sexual attraction
Hollywood has kept this mans gay he refused Versaces advances and the to youth ages of 14 to 19) in Hollywood. to post-pubescent youth is more of a legal
open secret and ignored whispers two remained friends. Sorbo continued Feldman also hinted at another person issue. We as a culture dont believe that
about sexual harassment for years. But to model for Versace but he didnt get a as well, saying it was a man who ran a people under a certain age have the legal
people are coming forward now. Victoria major campaign hed hoped for. Casting childs club in Hollywood and now works right to give consent. So a person whos
Featherstone, artistic director of the couches have always been around. I dont for the L.A. Dodgers, the Washington Post an adult above the age of 18 who has
Royal Court Theatre, was asked if she play that game, nor do I care to, he told reports, without immediate follow up. sexual relationships with a person who,
was aware of Spaceys conduct when he The Hollywood Reporter. An Open Secret (now free on Vimeo) depending on the state, is below that
served as artistic director of the Old Vic Actor Terry Crews told Twitter on Oct. is a harrowing 2015 documentary by age is guilty of statutory rape, he says.
in London. 10 about how a high level Hollywood Amy Berg that focuses on how male Its not that the younger person wasnt
I think that many people in the theatre executive at an entertainment industry managers, agents, and publicists inict consenting. The state is saying they dont
and in the creative industries have been event in 2016 groped my privates. He abuse on young, male clients. Central to have a legal right to give consent.
aware of many stories of many people thought about confronting the man, the lm are the power players and the Primarily, however, sexual harassment
over a lot of years, and Kevin Spacey who grinned like a jerk, but then the star-crazed boys and young men at the is about the economics of consent.
would be one of the people that people Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor thought of Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) in Consent is a function of power,
have had concerns about, yes, she told the possible headline: 240 lbs. Black the tech-boom days of the late 1990s. actress, producer Brit Marling writes
Radio 4 in England. Man stomps out Hollywood Honcho. He Founded by Marc Collins-Rector and his in The Atlantic You have to have a
Nadine West tweeted: KS groped my assumed he would go to jail so instead he younger partner ChadShackley, with live- modicum of power to give it. In many
young male friend when they were both and his wife just left the party. in friend teen actor Brock Pierce, DEN cases women do not have that power
working at the Old Vic. Was apparently always The next day, the Hollywood honcho signied the Internet movie future, giving because their livelihood is in jeopardy
known as one to avoid. Sadly unsurprised. called to apologize, but never really Collins-Rector lots of money to spend. and because they are the gender that
Out actor/playwright Michael Kearns explained why he did what he did, Crews There will always be a steady stream of is oppressed by a daily, invisible war
told the Los Angeles Blade that Hollywood said. I decided not to take it further kids who want to be famous, Occidental waged against all that is feminine
is a scalding cauldron of collusion, with because I didnt want to be ostracized College Professor Caroline Heldman women and humans who behave or
scores of players who participate in the par for the course when the predator has says in the lm, and parents who push dress or think or feel or look feminine.
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM N O V E MBE R 0 3 , 2 0 1 7 1 5

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and unregistered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All information is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed.


Hong Kong wins bid to host 2022 Gay Games

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 01 advancement was needed. technical and infrastructure standpoint Gay Games ocials declined to
The FGG in February of this year they might look toward other factors that comment prior to Mondays decision
D.C. contingent that traveled to Paris to named D.C., Hong Kong and Guadalajara could favor Hong Kong and Guadalajara on what, if any, political considerations
support D.C.s bid for the Games. as nalists among more than a dozen over D.C. If selected, for example, Hong would be a factor in selecting a host city.
The news conference announcing the cities that initially submitted bids to Kong would represent the rst time the Over the last several days, Gay Games
selection of the host city for the 2022 Gay host the 2022 Gay Games. In June, the Gay Games were held in Asia. Similarly, D.C. showed the very best D.C. has to
Games was held immediately prior to a FGGs Site Selection Committee visited Guadalajara would be the rst city ever in oer, said Bowser in a statement she
gala dinner hosted by Paris Mayor Anne the three cities to inspect playing elds Latin America to host the games. released shortly after the FGG announced
Hidalgo, whose city will be hosting the and other venues where more than two- Another factor considered a possible Hong Kong had been awarded the
2018 Gay Games. dozen sporting events would be held as disadvantage for D.C. was the election games. Our bid proved that Washington,
The FGGs decision on Monday came part of the Gay Games. last year of Donald Trump as U.S. D.C. is strong not simply because we are
eight years after it passed over bids by Each of the three nalist cities earlier this president. Large numbers of athletes and diverse, but because we celebrate our
D.C. and Boston in 2009 to host the 2014 year submitted written bid proposals several spectators expected to attend the Gay diversity and inclusion.
Gay Games and instead chose Cleveland. hundred pages long citing what they asserted Games come from Europe, where Trump As the world questions how the
At the time the FGG said Cleveland, D.C. were the advantages of their respective cities. has emerged as a highly disliked gure. United States will position itself on the
and Boston were equally qualied to host Each pointed out that their respective The local D.C. government, which global stage, it is incumbent upon all
the Gay Games from the standpoint of cities have a long record of hosting large played a lead role in preparing the citys bid of us to continue showing the world
infrastructure, nancing and support from events like conventions and sporting for the Gay Games, is run independently who we really are, she added. This
the governments of their respective cities. competitions. The bids submitted by from the federal government and the bid represented our D.C. values, which
Cleveland was ultimately chosen, the three cities each asserted that they White House by locally elected ocials represent the very best American ideals:
FGG ocials said, because it and its have the infrastructure and community who have been highly critical of Trump. All are created equal. We congratulate
surrounding jurisdictions in Ohio were support to host dozens of individual But some sources familiar with the Gay Hong Kong, and it is our hope that the
less advanced in LGBT rights than Boston sporting events ranging from soccer and Games speculated that the FGG might 2022 Gay Games spark reforms to bring
and D.C. They said holding the Gay swimming to tennis and rowing. have worried that the dislike for Trump about equality for our LGBTQ friends
Games in Cleveland would have a greater Observers speculated that if the would result in fewer people attending there too.
impact on one of the games objectives FGG decision makers viewed the three the Gay Games in Washington if Trump
to advance LGBT rights in places where cities as being equally qualied from a were still president in 2022.

Herring talks Trump aides indictments, LGBT rights

Va. attorney general ociated the Richmond ceremony during The Republican in 2016 told members
which Carol Schall and Mary Townley of the Virginia Beach Tea Party the
running against anti-gay one of the plainti couples who state House of Delegates should have
Republican challenged the states same-sex marriage impeached Herring after announcing
ban in federal court renewed their he would no longer defend Virginias
By MICHAEL K. LAVERS California wedding vows after the U.S. marriage amendment. An Adams Supreme Court declined to hear the case. campaign ad that features Schall and
Herring in 2015 said Virginia law gives Townley and their daughter at a press
Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring local school boards the authority to conference with Herring is currently
on Monday said the charges led against include sexual orientation and gender airing on D.C. television stations.
President Trumps former campaign identity in their nondiscrimination policies. Herring told the Blade that Adams
manager and an associate as very serious. Herring and attorneys general from 14 doesnt accept as valid the U.S. Supreme
The indictments are very serious and other states and D.C. last month led a Court ruling in the Obergefell case that
indicate the investigation has gotten to a federal lawsuit against Trump over his extended marriage rights to same-sex
new level, Herring told the Washington decision to end the Deferred Action for couples across the country.
MARK HERRING is running against
Blade during a telephone interview. Republican John Adams. Childhood Arrivals program that allows It goes beyond his personal belief
Herring spoke with the Blade a few WASHINGTON BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY young undocumented immigrants to that same-sex couples should be marry,
hours after special counsel Robert remain in the U.S. and obtain work said Herring.
Mueller unsealed indictments against permits. Herring and 19 other attorneys Marriage equality is the right thing for
Paul Manafort and Rick Gates for alleged the Blade, noting he called for a special general on Monday led an amicus Virginians and their families, he added.
tax evasion and money laundering. council to investigate the allegations brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in Herring also told the Blade that Danica
The charges are not directly related of Russian interference in the election the case of a gay couple who argues Roem, who is challenging state Del.
to Trumps presidential campaign or because he did not think U.S. Attorney they have the right under Colorados Bob Marshall (R-Prince William County),
Russias interference in the 2016 election. General Je Sessions could conduct an nondiscrimination law to purchase a is a great candidate who will be a
George Papadopoulos, who advised the impartial investigation. Well need to wedding cake from a Christian baker in fantastic member of the Virginia House
Trump campaign on foreign policy, on Oct. see where it leads. spite of his religious beliefs. of Delegates.
5 pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about Herring a Democratic former state Anti-discrimination laws in the Roem, a former journalist, would
his contacts with Russians who claimed senator from Loudoun County spoke commercial marketplace ensure become the rst openly transgender
they had information about Hillary Clinton. with the Blade eight days before he will equal access to goods and services person seated in any state legislature in
The plea agreement in which he agreed face o against Republican John Adams. and protections against the harms of the country if she were to beat the Prince
to cooperate with Muellers investigation Herring announced shortly after he discrimination, Herring told the Blade. William County Republican. Marshall, who
was unsealed on Monday. took oce in 2014 that he would no Those are protections for everyone. is among the most outspoken opponents
Americans deserve to know longer defend Virginias constitutional Adams has repeatedly attacked Herring of LGBT rights in the General Assembly,
what happened here with Russian amendment that denes marriage as over his support of marriage rights for has repeatedly attacked Roem over her
involvement in the election, Herring told between a man and a woman. He later same-sex couples in Virginia. gender identity throughout the campaign.

H E A L TH NEW S N OV E M B E R 03, 2017 17

Hepatitis A outbreak affects gay men in Mich.

DETROIT State health ocials investigating a hepatitis A outbreak in
southeast Michigan report an increase in cases among men who are sexually
active with men, the Associated Press reports. prep for all occasions
The PrEP Clinic at Andromeda can help you decide if PrEP is right for you.
There have been 11 such cases so far in October, compared to a total of 10
over the preceding 14 months, the Detroit Free Press reported.
The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services said that there have
been more than 450 conrmed cases of hepatitis A in the city of Detroit and
Ingham, Lapeer, Livingston, Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, Sanilac, St. Clair,
Washtenaw and Wayne counties since August 2016. About 85 percent of those
cases involved hospitalizations. But more than 95 percent of cases specically
among men sexually active with men involved hospitalizations, the AP reports.
We are seeing a large person-to-person transmission. Its not that we have
one particular food source or one specic drug, linking all the cases, said Angela
Minicuci, a spokeswoman for the department, according to the AP.
The department said that hepatitis A attacks the liver and causes symptoms
such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dark urine, clay-colored
stool, fever, chills and jaundice. Time from exposure to onset of illness is usually
15-50 days, and the illness typically lasts several weeks to months.
Health ocials are urging all men who engage in sex with men and others 202.743.7942 1400 decatur Street nw waShington, dc 20011
who are at risk to get vaccinated, the same guidance provided by the national
Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, the AP reports.

Religious beliefs impact LGBT medical care

TORONTO About one-fth of clinicians responding to an international
survey said they felt unprepared to treat gay patients and some indicated
that their own religious beliefs about homosexuality aects the care they give,
MedPage Today reports.
Results from the survey of more than 10,000 physicians, nurses, medical and
nursing students, medical technicians, and pharmacists in some 40 countries
were reported here at CHEST 2017, the annual meeting of the American College
of Chest Physicians, MedPage reports.
When asked the question, Do your beliefs about homosexuality aect the care
you provide to a patient that is homosexual? 10.3 percent of clinicians identifying Cosmetic, Implants, Sleep Apnea, Sedation
as non-Christian responded that it did. More than 22 percent of Jehovahs Witness
clinicians and 16.7 percent of Hindus responded armatively to the question. CALL TODAY WEEKEND HOURS MULTILINGUAL
Just over 20 percent of non-Christian/non-Catholic providers and 16.6 percent
of Christian/Catholic providers reported that they did not feel prepared to We believe we can make the
provide care to homosexual patients, MedPage reports. dental experience better.
The anonymous 30-question survey was distributed from July 2015 through
February 2016 to clinicians in 174 dierent institutions.
Of around 30,000 surveys sent, a total of 10,106 were completed.
The most widely represented religion among these providers was Catholic/
Christian 70.5 percent, followed by non-Catholic/Christian 27.3 percent and
Islam 6 percent.

Suicide rates higher for trans Californians DentalBug Sta 2016-2017

LOS ANGELES A new report on the health of transgender Californians ADVERTISING

provides further evidence of the challenges trans people face, PROOF #1
including their ISSUE DATE: 171020 SALES REPRESENTATIVE:
extremely high risk of suicide, the Advocate reports. REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of
Twenty-two percent of transgender adults in California have ever REVISIONS
attempted proof. Proof will be considered nal and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of
the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts
suicide, compare with 4 percent of cisgender (nontrans) adult Californians,REDESIGN
omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is
responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users
according to the policy brief from the Williams Institute, a think tank at the REVISIONS can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or
any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any
IMAGE/LOGO REVISIONS copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair
University of California, Los Angeles, and the UCLA Center for Health Policy
competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation,
Jeanette Suh or any other right of anyTsaknis
John person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the ADVERTISER SIGNATURE
DMD washington blade) and
Research. The report, released this week, uses data from the 2015-2016
to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all
DDS By signing this proof you are agreeing to your cont
liability, loss, damages, claims, or causesIndra Mustapha
of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred washington blade newspaper. This includes but is n
by brown Hodas DDS,
naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out MS to advertisers breach of any of the foregoing representations
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California Health Interview Survey, the Advocate reports. DDS
and warranties.

The data indicates there are 92,000 transgender people between the ages of 18-
70 in California, representing 0.35 percent of the states adult noninstitutionalized
population. Their general health status, insurance, and health access, are similar
to that of cisgender adults, but there are signicant disparities.
In addition to having a rate of suicide attempts that is six times that of
cisgender people, transgender adults are about three times more likely to have
had lifetime suicidal thoughts, 34 percent to 10 percent, and nearly four times
more likely to have experienced serious psychological distress in the past year, 1221 Mass. Ave, NW 202.628.7979 (Free Parking)
33 percent compared to 9 percent, according to the brief. 703 D Street, NW 202.628.1288
LEnfant Plaza,SW Promenade #325 202.628.2177

1 8 N O VEMB ER 0 3, 2017 IN S IDE L G B T W ASH I N G T O N


Roem for Va. House of Delegates what LGBT advocates described as one of and 234 as well as the Bi-County Parkway.
PO Box 53352
Washington DC 20009
An impressive the most dangerous bathroom bills in the Wherever she campaigns she repeats E-MAIL
candidate committed to country. It turns out the proposal crossed her commitment to focus on nally get-
a line even for the very right leaning Vir- ting Route 28 xed. She also understands
constituent service ginia Republicans and they killed the bill. what it would mean to Manassas if the
It is not only the LGBT community Mar- VRE is extended; if downtown oce space Brown Na Pitts Omnimedia, Inc.
shall has insulted and hurt with his leg- in Manassas Park would be rented and In- PUBLISHER
islative initiatives and comments. In the novation Park built up. These are all issues ext. 8075
same Atlantic column there was a com- Marshall hasnt bothered to deal with. EDITORIAL
pilation of some of the most outrageous Danica is a stepmom and both under- EDITOR
things Marshall has said. According to stands and is passionate about education KEVIN NAFF ext. 8088
an interview in the Washington Times, issues. She supports higher pay for teach-
he regrets none of his comments. Those ers because she wants every child to have JOEY DIGUGLIELMO
PETER ROSENSTEIN is a D.C.-based LGBT rights
and Democratic Party activist. He writes regularly comments include remarks on disabled a qualied, caring teacher in their class- ext. 8081
for the Blade. children (they can be Gods punishment room and knows to make that happen Vir- SR. NEWS REPORTER
to women who have had abortions), in- ginia must be able to attract those teach- LOU CHIBBARO JR. ext. 8079
There is an important race for state del- cest (sometimes, its voluntary), and ers and then keep them in the state and NEWS REPORTER
egate in Virginias District 13. It pits Repub- the Supreme Court (Justice Kennedy is the classrooms of Prince William County. CHRIS JOHNSON
lican Bob Marshall, a bigoted, homopho- probably a homosexual). When asked Danica is transgender but that isnt the ext. 8083
bic longtime delegate, against a Democrat about those controversial remarks, the reason most of her supporters are work- REPORTER & INTERNATIONAL NEWS EDITOR
who is an intelligent young woman who candidate said, I dont care. I mean, if I ing hard to elect her. Being transgender is
happens to be transgender. Danica Roem say something in public, I say it in public. a part of her life that has made her more POP CULTURE REPORTER
is an impressive candidate with a compre- Its the voters in the 13th District who open to all people. It has given her more MARIAH COOPER
hensive and impressive knowledge of her have the chance to put an end to Marshalls of an insight than some of us may have PHOTO EDITOR
District, Virginia government, and a com- hate-lled political career. Many Republi- into how people who others may see as MICHAEL KEY
mitment to the people she grew up with cans in Prince William County and Manas- dierent must cope and relate to their CONTRIBUTING WRITERS
and hopes to serve. While Danica has her sas Park who Marshall represents are say- community. That knowledge has made PETER ROSENSTEIN, MARK LEE,
work cut out for her to defeat Marshall it is ing privately they are embarrassed by what her a stronger person. She is a strong LATEEFAH WILLIAMS, KATE CLINTON,
fair to say not only Virginia but the country he says and does. This year they have the supporter of the Dream Act, civil rights, KATHI WOLFE, RICHARD J. ROSENDALL,
will be better o if she does. opportunity to prove with their votes they disability rights, LGBT equality, womens
A Mother Jones column by Ashley De- are ready for change. They can show Prince rights and economic equality. She under- CREATIVE DESIGN/PRODUCTION
jean described Marshall this way, Mar- William County and Manassas Park have stands what it would mean to guarantee AZERCREATIVE.COM
shall, a delegate since 1992, was the au- grown and no longer will allow Marshall workers a livable minimum wage and af- SALES & ADMINISTRATION
thor of the amendment that enshrined and the hate he spews to represent them. fordable and accessible healthcare. DIRECTOR OF SALES & MARKETING
discrimination into the states constitu- Roem, the Democrat, is a lifelong resident Danica Roem is the real thing. A strong, ext. 8077
tion in 2006, by dening marriage as be- of Prince William County. She knows the lo- intelligent woman who will ght for the SR. ACCT. EXECUTIVE
ing between one man and one woman. cal issues backwards and forwards having residents and families of Prince William BRIAN PITTS
And when he ran, unsuccessfully, for US written about them as a reporter for the County. She is committed to making a dif- ext. 8089
Congress in 2014, he was described by Prince William Times for nine years. She un- ference for the people she grew up with JOE HICKLING
the Atlantic as basically the culture wars derstands one of the major issues for the and to making Prince William County an ext. 8094
four-star general a prole he contin- county is transportation having reported on even more vibrant and growing commu- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING/ADMINISTRATION
ues to live up to. In January, he introduced all the issues from I-66 to routes 15,28,29,55, nity known as a place welcoming to all. PHILLIP G. ROCKSTROH ext. 8092
E DIT OR IAL CA RT O O N 212-242-6863;
For distribution, contact Lynne Brown at 202-747-2077,
ext. 8075. Distributed by MediaPoint, LLC
All material in the Washington Blade is protected by federal copyright law
and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Washing-
ton Blade. The sexual orientation of advertisers, photographers, writers
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Send submissions by e-mail to



V I E W PO I N T N O V E MBE R 0 3 , 2 0 1 7 1 9

Apathy helps the know-nothing party His main goal was erasing everything Barack far left, but they are largely impotent. Bar- oers the best chance for entrenching
Lets get real: only one Obama touched, regardless of merit. Trump ring or shouting down disagreeable speak- Trumpist autocracy.
party imperils the country is disinclined to study issues or heed experts. ers on college campuses and demanding The LGBT movement has made great
He has a baseless condence in his own bril- the exclusion of police and businesses strides. The polls are on our side. But that
liance. His proposals are all over the map, and from Pride celebrations are obnoxious, is true of many things the Republicans are
he has revealed his promises to be worthless. but amount to a renunciation of eective attacking. Protections for women, racial mi-
Sanders made an impressive run, but lost public engagement. Those zealots are like norities, and LGBT people, won mostly by
the nomination. He tapped working class retiring conservative Senators Corker and Democrats, are under renewed attack.
frustration, but did not build a campaign on Flake, delivering rebukes as they conrm I understand frustration with politics.
racism. He pushed a socialist program, which their marginalization. My own activism has largely involved
is a coherent economic vision whether or not If leftist radicals controlled the Democrat- nonpartisan advocacy. But swallowing
RICHARD J. ROSENDALL is a writer and activist.
Reach him at one thinks it workable or suciently popular. ic Party, Tom Perez could not have purged the lie of not a dimes worth of dier-
Single Payer is based not on resentment but progressive dissenters from the DNC. De- ence, while fanatics on one side blow
Political parties change over time. Repub- a desire for universal healthcare. Sanders ecting attention from the mounting evi- everything up, is as likely to end well as
licans, for instance, have become the Know- did rage against big bankers and corporate dence of the Trump campaigns collusion knocking down your house and expecting
Nothing Party, in which traditional conserva- greed, but his complaints were better found- with Russia, congressional Republicans the Taj Mahal to spring up in its place.
tives who display insucient nativist rage or ed even if his remedies were unconvincing have launched another raft of investiga- The House and Senate leadership in
fail to chase after 45s every juvenile whim and their path to enactment not evident. tions into debunked Hillary Clinton conspir- 2019 will not be Greens or Independents.
are treated as weaklings unt to govern. The Trumpists support voter suppres- acies. Sean Hannitys and Sebastian Gorkas If you vote that way or sit it out in 2018,
Democrats, on the other hand, have grown sion, environmental degradation, crippling hysterical braying is not evidence, and will you are eectively voting Republican.
in 60 years from the home of the segrega- public education, selling o national monu- not sway special counsel Robert Mueller. Please think better of it.
tionist South into a party of inclusion. ments, ramping up military spending while Opinion polls can reveal public disaf- Postscript on Oct. 30 following Muellers
To minimize the parties dierences is knee-capping diplomacy, ending womens fection, but cannot oer solutions. Of the charges against Paul Manafort and Rick
to miss by a mile what is happening. The reproductive choice, taking healthcare two major parties, one is not treasonous. Gates: We have a long ght ahead. Even if
comparison between last years political in- from millions out of spite, attacking immi- It is not trying to rule by stoking intoler- Trump is forced from oce, his successor
surgents Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders grant families, and giving a tax windfall to ance and division. Its recent presidents could be worse. Democrats must start win-
does not withstand scrutiny. More impor- corporations at everyone elses expense have presided over decit reductions. ning elections. The right-wing lies and de-
tant, progressive proposals, whatever one while lying about it. There is no similar vi- Its legislators are far more supportive of ections will only escalate. Leftist purity will
thinks of them, are mild compared to the cious catalog to lay at progressives feet. reproductive choice, diplomacy, environ- not defeat them. Diversity and inclusion are
broad array of aggressive harms already Only a prior determination to see no dif- mental protection, and a social safety net. empty slogans without room for diversity
begun by the Trumpists. Finally, the far left ference between left and right could lead It is the Democratic Party, which oers the of opinion. Progressive concerns will gain
wields much less inuence than the far right. to that conclusion. The far rights inuence only hope of thwarting the Republicans, more traction in Democratic legislatures.
Trump won the nomination and the gen- is all too apparent. I myself have criticized whose fervor boosts their electoral pros- Copyright 2017 by
eral election. He tapped white nationalist rage. the totalitarian tendencies of some on the pects. Alternatively, Democratic inghting Richard J. Rosendall. All rights reserved.


Sex work: Lets stick to the facts

criminalizing sex work. Data shows that the (and many others) for being willing to pro- interviews, Mendelson has opposed Coun-
Council members should enforcement of sex work laws disproportion- vide alternatives to incarceration for margin- cil member Grossos bill, expressing con-
undo outdated laws ately impacts communities of color, gay and alized and at-risk populations like homeless cerns on collateral crime associated with
transgender people, people with disabilities, youth and transgender people who resort sex work and the public nuisance it pres-
By GUILLAUME BAGAL immigrants, and people with criminal con- to sex work for survival. He wrote: I do not ents. As SWAC has pointed out, research
victions. Furthermore, a growing body of support arresting or criminalizing individu- and the experiences of people trading sex
Almost a decade ago, GLAA came out in research indicates that the criminalization als who have turned or been forced into all show that these collateral crimes arise
forceful opposition to the criminalization of of sex work leads to sex workers facing ex- sex work for survival. We appreciated that from criminalizing sex work rather than
sex work in the District of Columbia with a treme stigma, systematic exclusion, violence response, as it was consistent with policy sex work itself, and that the best way to ad-
statement declaring that, our societys ad- and discrimination. These challenges create recommendations from reputable studies dress thesepublic health and safety issues
diction to legislating morality is the chief an environment in which individuals trading and helped us visualize a District that did not around sex work is to eliminate the related
obstacle to eliminating the harm caused sex have diculty accessing health services falsely conate sex work with sex tracking. criminal penalties. Furthermore, this bill
by anti-prostitution and anti-solicitation and information, experience various human Given Council member Evans stated does not legalize prostitution, nor does it
laws. Over the years, we have continued rights abuses, and decline to seek protection position last year, we were saddened to aect existing laws pertaining to tracking
to learn from HIPS and other organizations from the police even when in grave danger. hear him reverse himself and come out or crimes related to sex work.
advocating for sex work decriminalization Dismantling these systems of oppression in opposition to sex work law reform ear- It is time for the District to stop harming
including the United Nations Programme and discrimination will require our elected lier this month on WMAL. We were further people who trade sex work for survival with
on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), UN Women, World ocials to lead by example they must be saddened to hear him cite The Deuce, an these outdated prohibitions, and instead
Health Organization, and Global Alliance willing to learn and demonstrate political cour- HBO TV show, to justify his opposition to focus our resources on major crimes. We
Against Tracking in Women. age and compassion toward some of our citys sex work law reform instead of relying upon believe that many concerns expressed by
As a member of D.C.s Sex Worker Ad- most marginalized and vulnerable residents. years of research and the lived experiences opponents would be alleviated during a
vocates Coalition (SWAC), GLAA supports GLAA believes that our elected ocials are of people who trade sex for survival. public hearing, and hope that our elected
Council member David Grossos Reducing here to serve the people all the people In 2014, when GLAA asked Chairman ocials seize this opportunity to address
Criminalization to Promote Public Safety and not just those with power and inuence, and Phil Mendelson a similar question, he re- an ongoing injustice in our criminal system.
Health Amendment Act of 2017. We urge not only when it is politically convenient. sponded, For the many people who turn to
D.C. Council members to abandon sancti- In 2016, Council member Jack Evans re- prostitution to survive, incarceration oers
monious platitudes and instead acknowl- sponded to GLAAs questionnaire for D.C. no help in improving their lives or providing GUILLAUME BAGAL is president of the Gay &
Lesbian Activists Alliance.
edge the extensively documented harms of Council candidates, and we celebrated him alternatives to survival sex. But in recent
2 0 N O VEMB ER 0 3, 2017 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M


So much fun to see! A classic by a classic company Impeccable and thrilling The first spaghetti western?




TIANJIN by William Shakespeare
in the shelter of the fold GOLDEN WEST
China Soul featuring Mason Dance Company SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2 AT 8 P.M.
AND 8 P.M. ff
ff Family Friendly performances that are most suitable for families with younger children

TICKETS 888-945-2468 OR CFA.GMU.EDU Located on the Fairfax campus, six miles west of Beltway
exit 54 at the intersection of Braddock Road and Rt. 123.

TEGAN AND SARA say injustices theyve seen among their fans inspires their philanthropic work.


Tegan and Saras pros and Cons

Pop wonder twins revisit
fth album with 10th anniversary tour


Tegan and Sara bring their acoustic tour, beautiful sunny day and its a little cooler over the years, the record has been one programming and grants we want to do
a 10th-anniversary commemoration of than it was in California. I had a nice of those signature pieces where even next year, to have those two elements
their breakthrough 2007 album The Con, breakfast and walked around and its just fans who discovered us on later albums stitched together, that feels really special.
to new Washington venue the Anthem a great town, I love it. generally nd themselves back at The
next weekend. Sara, prepping for the sixth Con and love the songs. I think its a really BLADE: Aside from being acoustic,
concert of the tour, spoke with the Blade BLADE: Is this concept something cherished album within our community of how is this tour dierent from the
by phone from Portland on Oct. 26. you might also do for other albums fans so it felt really appropriate to go out original Con tour?
when they turn 10 or is revisiting The and perform these songs again because SARA: We didnt want to just go out
WASHINGTON BLADE: Im told Con dierent? If so, why? for so many people, a lot of our fans tell us, and do the album versions. We wanted to
Portland has a large lesbian population. SARA: You know, I think, rst o, this We were too young to see the show the strip things back and make it more of an
Are you aware of this? record is incredibly special and just purely rst time around, they were underage or intimate show and allow for storytelling
SARA: I dont know exactly but, um, from a business perspective, you know, they had yet to discover us, so it felt like and really improvised moments even
weve spent a lot of time in Portland. We it was a big step for us. We moved over the rst album in our discography that within the music itself. The songs are very
actually made The Con, the record that to Warner Brothers and there was a big felt like it had enough of an impact and short. Even though there are 14 songs on
were touring on this anniversary, we push behind the album. It was really well that people liked enough that we could go the The Con, the whole album is only like
actually made it in Portland but besides received by the press and we saw our out and do something like this. And then 34 minutes or something. So we actually
the lesbians who are in the band, we audience grow quite a bit and we started to be able to tie it to the launch of our wanted to not feel completely beholden
didnt do a lot of socializing outside of the traveling more internationally. The reach foundation and be able to use it also as a
studio (laughs). But I love Portland. Its a of the album was pretty substantial and fundraiser to try to raise money for some

2 2 NO VE MB ER 0 3, 2017 QU E E RY : 2 0 Q U E ST I O N S F O R ST E V E N SCO T T MA ZZO LA




Jacques Brel was a Belgian singer, songwriter, actor and director known for How long have you been out and who If your life were a book,
his smart, witty and at times scathing songs through which he generated a was the hardest person to tell? what would the title be?
strong following in Europe in the 50s and 60s. My guidance counselor at Chaminade My life among the ats and platforms.
The In Series opens its show Jacques Brel: Songs From His World Saturday, High School. So about two weeks.
Nov. 4 (at 8 p.m. and runs through Nov. 19 at SOURCE Theatre (1835 14th St., N.W.). If science discovered a way to change
The production oers an opportunity for audiences to journey through the Whos your LGBT hero? sexual orientation, what would you do?
Blegian masters inner world with interpretations of his various works. Michael Kahn Request science to focus its eorts on
Songs such as Ne me quitte pas, Amsterdam, Marike and others will more worthwhile activities.
be performed in French with English supertitles. Byron Jones will portray Brel, Whats Washingtons best nightspot,
who died in 1978, and front a cast of four singers. Details, prices and show past or present? What do you believe in beyond the
times are online at The Green Lantern physical world?
Director Steven Scott Mazzola was approached by In Series founders to The after-Christmas sale at Barneys.
create a show based on Brel. Describe your dream wedding.
What weve come up with is something like a recital with movement, The Inn at Little Washington with Michael Whats your advice for LGBT
Mazzola, a 46-year-old Massapequa, N.Y., native, says. We have some stories, Cunningham ociating and Trey Graham movement leaders?
some moments, some characters but a plot is a bit murkier to lay out. With and Rick Hammerly as ower children. Be patient. Be forthright and inclusive.
this music and these performances, you dont mind.
Mazzola, who works by day as a senior grant ocer at AmeriCorps, came What non-LGBT issue are you most What would you walk
to Washington 21 years ago for a Kennedy Center internship. He and partner passionate about? across hot coals for?
Jerey Akman live in Logan Circle. He enjoys classical guitar and playing Funding for the arts and humanities. A frose from Commissary.
bridge in his free time.
What historical outcome What LGBT stereotype
would you change? annoys you most?
Let me begin by recalling That all gay men know how to accessorize.
where I was Nov. 7, 2016.
Whats your favorite LGBT movie?
Whats been the most memorable pop Paris is Burning
culture moment of your lifetime?
Reaching for the same meatball Whats the most overrated
appetizer as Oprah Winfrey. social custom?
I wont say whowon. Suering fools.

On what do you insist? What trophy or prize
Im not that type A but kindness do you most covet?
toward the less fortunate is A ring from Harry Winston.
What do you wish youd known at 18?
What was your last Facebook That usually when it gets better,
post or Tweet? it gets more expensive.
I just retweeted Josh Barros (@jbarro)
comparison of the Corker/Trump feud to Why Washington?
202.747.2077 theReal Housewives of NJ. #teamstaub

Good food, better people and great
theater. Plus theres street parking.
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM N O V E MBE R 0 3 , 2 0 1 7 2 3




NOV 2-25

202.332.3300 | STUDIOTHEATRE.ORG

24 N OV E M B E R 03, 201 7 O U T &A BO U T

Nurse Jackie actor

stars in D.C. production
Coming-out video went
viral; caused ripples in
Muslim world

Haaz Sleiman rose to prominence as

Mohammed Mo-Mo De La Cruz, the
sassy, gay, Muslim nurse on the Showtime
comedy series Nurse Jackie. While
Sleiman should have been relishing his
rst breakout role, he wasnt truly happy.
Sleiman was too busy being closeted
despite portraying a gay, Muslim HAAZ SLEIMAN says its too early to tell how
character on TV, the same role he was coming out might aect his career. He got
living in real life. mixed reactions from his family.
That experience I didnt enjoy as much
as I think I should have, Sleiman, 41, That coming-out video was so genuine.
says. The creators were two lesbians Theres nothing in there to make it more
(Liz Brixius and Linda Wallem) and they interesting or exciting. It was simply
said, Oh Haaz, youre such a wonderful coming from the heart, Sleiman says.
actor. Youre a straight man with so much His mother and siblings have been
compassion for this gay character and supportive. His father didnt take it well

we love you so much for that. And Im and his extended family has not been
looking at them like, God, I wanna tell supportive, Sleiman says. Its too early to
I like staying in shape, listening to
Adele, and shopping in Friendship them, but Im afraid. gauge how being out might aect his career.
Heights with my mom and sisters. After he was told that Mo-Mo would no Now, he is funneling that frustration
longer be on the series, Sleiman worked into Mosaic Theaters Vicua & the
up the courage to speak his truth to his American Epilogue, written by Tony-
family and the shows creators. nominated playwright Jon Robin Baitz
It was a really tough thing because and directed by Robert Egan.
I thought I would get a lot of backlash Described as a Trump-inspired satire,
Im a from the Muslim community. I was also Vicua & The American Epilogue, tells

transgender woman worried about what my parents were

going to say, Sleiman says.
the story of an Iranian tailor, Anselem
(Brian George), and his apprentice, Amir
and Im part of DC. While Sleiman came out privately, it
wasnt until this year that he decided to
(Sleiman), who are making a custom
suit for a real-estate tycoon, based
publicly reveal his sexuality. Angered by on Trump, to wear for his upcoming
statistics that more LGBT people have presidential debate.
been murdered this year than in 2016, This version also includes an
Please treat me the way any Sleiman uploaded a video to his social epilogue, set eight years in the future,
woman would want to be treated: media accounts that went viral. that examines the aftermath of the
with courtesy and respect. In the video, Sleiman tells the camera presidents administration.
Discrimination based on gender identity and directly that he is, a gay, Muslim, Arab- Its going to be a cathartic experience
expression is illegal in the District of Columbia. American man. The actor got even more but its going to be a good release, Sleiman
If you think youve been the target of open saying, Not only am I gay, but Im says. People will cry, people will feel hurt
discrimination, visit also a bottom. Not only am I a bottom, somehow. People will feel represented,
or call (202) 727-4559. but Im also a total bottom, which means heard or seen. Its so satisfying.
I like it up you know where. In 2018 hell be in the Michael Bay-
He concludes his message by produced series Jack Ryan on Amazon.
threatening anyone who tries to kill me Sleiman is also writing and producing
just because Im gay. his rst feature lm. He plans to lm the


I might be gay and I might be a nice Arabic-language lm in Lebanon, he says.

guy, but dont get it twisted, because I will
fuck you up, Sleiman says in the video.
Sleiman says the video came from a Nov. 1-Dec. 3
Show your support! Spread word of the #TransRespect place of frustration with President Donald Atlas Performing Arts Center, Lang Theatre
campaign by photographing this ad and sharing on Twitter. 1333 H St., N.E.
Trump, hate groups like the KKK and the $25-35
high murder rates against LGBT people.
S P O RTS N OV E M B E R 03 , 2 0 1 7 2 5
Branding products
to promote your

Sentinels basketball oers

competition, camaraderie
University of Maryland pursuing his
graduate degree in higher education with
a concentration in student aairs. His
decision to choose Maryland was based
on the quality of their program and a
desire to live in an urban area.
Shortly after joining the Sentinels, Smith
traveled with them to his rst tournament
in May at Coady Roundball Philadelphia.
It was my rst gay tournament and
the rst time in a sports atmosphere
where I didnt have to hide my true self. It
was empowering, Smith says. I thought
I was prepared because I played travel
ball and high school basketball when I
was younger, but the competitive level of
the tournament caught me o guard. It
Smith traveled again with the
DARIEN SMITH, member of the D.C. Sentinels team when they competed at the
Minneapolis Classic in October and will
enter their league for the first time in
the upcoming season.
This has been fun, and I am enjoying
hanging out with my teammates and
getting in some exercise, Smith says. In
fact, I am loving it so much I have joined
the board as social outreach chair and I
look forward to planning our upcoming
functions such as the Christmas party.
Bryce Roth grew up in Oregon City,
Ore., and was focused mainly on soccer
playing two years JV and one year of varsity
in high school. He found himself gravitating Awards USB
towards basketball and played intramurals
while attending University of Oregon. Drives
Tote &
His older brother, who is also gay, was
living in D.C. and Roth spent six summers Duffle Clothing
PHOTO COURTESY ROTH here before transferring to Catholic Bags
University to nish his degree. Water
BRYCE ROTH, member of the D.C. Sentinels My brother knew I was stagnant and Mugs Bottles
struggling in Oregon, so I moved here and
stayed with him for a couple years, Roth Pens Flash-
Registration runs wishing to compete, they travel to three says. His ex played with the Sentinels, so
tournaments per year under the National I joined one of their rst leagues.
through Nov. 11 for gay Gay Basketball Association umbrella. Now working as an oce manager at
recreation league The Sentinels also run the Washington a construction company, Roth took a few
D.C. Gay Basketball League which is open years o and is now back playing with Robert Safro
By KEVIN MAJOROS for registration through Nov. 11. The the team and attended the same two
upcoming season will kick o Jan. 3. tournaments as Darien Smith this year. 301.986.0585
Theres a common thread that runs Darien Smith found the Sentinels Along with Smith, he has also stepped
through all the teams in the LGBT sports through a Google search this past spring into a leadership role with the Sentinels
community of Washington community. and showed up at one of their open gyms. as their treasurer and will be playing in
This week in the Blades All Star series, we Growing up in Clemson, S.C., he played their upcoming league.
And creative solutions for all your
meet two gay basketball players who found basketball and ran track in high school. This is a safe haven and I really like the
design, marketing, and print needs
their community with the D.C. Sentinels. After a year at University of Miami, Smith camaraderie, Roth says. When you have
The Sentinels host an open gym for transferred to Clemson University to the right balance of the competitive side The Graphic Issue
pick-up games up to two times per week nish up his undergraduate degree. along with the social aspect, it turns into
for players of all skill levels. For those He is now a full-time student at a community.

26 N OV E M B E R 03, 201 7 MU SI C

Search for Meaning

Educated at Brown, Harvard, New Kelly Clarkson
and Johns Hopkins album is sonic departure
Washingtonian Magazine Top Doc By CHRIS GERARD
US News & World Report
Despite all the buildup and hype,
Top 1% of Doctors in USA American Idol has yielded only a few
artists whove been able to sustain a
Dual Board Certified: successful, high-prole career in the
Facial Plastic Surgery music industry. First season winner Kelly
Body Plastic Surgery Clarkson is at the top of that list.
In the 15 years since she won the reality
show, Clarkson has delivered seven
smash albums, all of which made the top
three on Billboard, with three hitting no.
1: (Thankful, All I Ever Wanted, and
her last album, 2015s Piece by Piece).
She has also scored 11 top 10 singles, PHOTO COURTESY ATLANTIC RECORDS

including three chart-toppers: A Moment

KELLY CLARKSONs new album is a pleasant
Like This, My Life Would Suck Without departure.
You and Stronger.
Her eighth album, Meaning of
Life, is her rst with Atlantic Records with Clarkson showing her breezy
following the completion of the contract versatility and range with eortless
with RCA that was part of her American panache. The album has a decidedly
Idol prize. Its no secret that Clarkson modern sheen, but Clarkson does
has clashed repeatedly with RCA over explore retro inuences on several tracks,
creative decisions. One of the key selling particularly the dynamic Medicine which
points oered by Atlantic to lure the star channels mid-90s Mariah Carey. The
into its fold was more creative freedom audaciously bold Whole Lotta Woman, a
and on Meaning of Life, Clarkson clearly fusion of Beyonce and Christina Aguilera,
makes the most of her newfound control. is Clarkson embracing her new direction
Laser Liposuction There is a maturity and depth of feeling with passion and ferocity.
to the new album that is sometimes One of the albums highlights is the
Pec and Ab Etching lacking in her prior eorts, which tend triumphant I Dont Think About You, a
Facial Rejuvenation to be directed primarily to top 40 radio. stirring ballad that serves as Clarksons
Meaning of Life is dierent. Its not as declaration of independence. Its a piercing
hooky and loaded with radio-friendly track that seems directly aimed at those
Laser Hair Removal dance/pop, yet it might very well be the at RCA who prodded her in directions
Botox & Skin Care nest album of her career thus far. she did not want to go. She revels in her
Meaning of Life is more soulful and freedom and proclaims she has nothing to
Transgender Surgeries R&B-inuenced than Clarksons prior work, prove (and shes right). Clarkson ends the
Ultherapy although its still very much a pop album. album Get High, a ery rave-up that once
Clarkson showcases her powerful and again speaks to her erce determination
dynamic vocals throughout, delivering one to follow her own path.
CALL TO ASK mighty performance after another. First
single Love So Soft is a bare-bones funk/
Meaning of Life is a turning point in
Clarksons career. Now 35 and suddenly
ABOUT OUR dance track built mainly around a stark able to pursue her own musical ambitions,


electronic rhythm. Its irresistibly catchy, she has turned to a more mature and
a bold rst taste of Clarksons change in sophisticated sound. The songs are still
sonic direction. Its followed by Heat, a catchy and theres little doubt she would
pop/R&B scorcher with Clarksons voice as welcome massive commercial success,
soulful as its ever been. but its clear she is no longer aiming just
Her ballads are particularly noteworthy for the youthful top 40 crowd. Clarkson
for the maturity they exhibit compared has become the artist she always wanted
with her prior work. The gospel- to be. Her exuberance and condence
tinged Move You is a stunner, with a shine through this album from start to
spine-tingling vocal that is every bit as nish, and its wonderful to hear. In a year
magnicent as something Adele might of largely disappointing high-prole pop
perform. The old-school soul-inspired albums, Kelly Clarksons Meaning of Life
Cruel is another downtempo winner, is a welcome exception.
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM N O V E MBE R 0 3 , 2 0 1 7 2 7

Travel with the BEST,

well do the rest!
Free Wi-Fi Available
Free Water for Everyone
Electric Plugs Under Every Seat

2 8 N O VEMB ER 03, 2017 CA LE N D A R

E-mail calendar items to calendars@washblade.

com two weeks prior to your event. Space is lim-
ited so priority is given to LGBT-specic events
or those with LGBT participants. Recurring
events must be re-submitted each time.

The QREW brings its monthly gay
dance party to Songbyrd Music House and
Record Caf (2475 18th St., N.W.) tonight
from 10 p.m.-2:30 a.m. DJ Farrah Flosscent
will spin tracks. Cover is $5. For more
information, visit
D.C. Gurly Show hosts a fundraiser
for the Humane Rescue Alliance at the
Bier Baron Tavern (1523 22nd St., N.W.)
tonight from 8:30-11:30 p.m. All the
shows proceeds will benet the Humane
Rescue Alliance. Tickets are $15. For more
details, visit
D.C. Frontrunners hosts a happy hour
at Cobalt (1639 R St., N.W.) this evening
from 6-9 p.m. All are welcome. For more
information, search D.C. Frontrunners
on Facebook.
The D.C. Eagle (3701 Benning Rd., N.E.)
and Imperial Court of Washington host Pup
Night tonight from 8 p.m.-3 a.m. Admission
is 18 to enter and 21 to drink. There will be PHOTO COURTESY UNIVERSAL MUSIC

drink specials and a mosh pit. For more

IMAGINE DRAGONS play the Capital One Arena Sunday night.
details, visit

SATURDAY, NOV. 4 Virginia. The Victory Fund bus will depart hosts coee drop-in hours this morning Center (2700 F St., N.W.) tonight at 8 p.m.
at 10:30 a.m. for Manassas, Va. The bus from 10 a.m.-noon for the senior LGBT This will be Artistic Director Christopher
Washington Performing Arts presents will return to D.C. at 7:30 p.m. Exact community. Older LGBT adults can come Bells debut concert. Tickets range from
the world premiere of The Blue Hour, meeting locations For more information, and enjoy complimentary coee and $18-72. For more information, visit
a performance featuring vocalist Luciana visit conversation with other community
Souza, at Sixth and I Synagogue (600 I St., SMYAL hosts its annual fall brunch at members. For more information, visit Big Gay Book Group meets at Trio
N.W.) tonight at 8 p.m. Souza will perform Marriott Marquis (901 Massachusetts Restaurant (1537 17th St., N.W.) tonight
alongside 17 virtuoso strings of A Far Cry. Ave., N.W.) today from 10:30 a.m.- Us Helping Us (3636 Georgia Ave., at 7 p.m. to discuss Lay Your Sleeping
Tickets are $35. Doors open at 7 p.m. For 2 p.m. Gavin Grimm will receive the N.W.) holds a support group for gay black Head by Michael Nava. The novel tells the
more information, visit Communicate Advocate Award. Dupont men to discuss topics that aect them, story of a gay, Latino lawyer who begins
Cobalt (1639 R St., N.W.) hosts Rumba Social Club and Stonewall Sports will be share perspectives and have meaningful a steamy aair with a charming junkie.
Latina: White Party tonight from 10 receive the Todd Peterson Award. Fall conversations. For details, visit When his lovers body is found, the lawyer
p.m.-2 a.m. Dress code is all white. brunch chairs Gary Duke and Rebecca tries to prove that the death was a murder
Sylvanna Duvel, Mayline Guerrero, Miller will make an appearance. The TUESDAY, NOV. 7 and not an accidental overdose. For more
Ivanna Quinteros, April Milorf and Druex event will be emceed by NBC4s Wendy details, visit or
Sidora will perform at 12:30 and 1:15 a.m. Reiger. The open bar cocktail reception SMYAL (410 7th St., S.E.) hosts a email
For more details, visit and silent auction starts at 10:30 a.m. transgender and non-binary group today The Lambda Bridge Club meets at 7:30
rumbalatinad.clgbtq. The three-course brunch begins at noon. from 5-7 p.m. The group oers resources p.m. at the Dignity Center (721 8th St.,
TMF Productions hosts the Tickets range from $150-250. For more in the D.C. area for transgender and non- S.E.) for duplicate bridge. No reservations
Underground Anniversary Party next to details, visit binary youth. The group also will have required and new comers welcome. If
the Meeting Place Restaurant and Bar La Boum Brunch presents RuPauls opportunities to go to museums, shows and you need a partner, call 703-407-6540.
(1707 L St., N.W.) tonight from 9 p.m.-2 Drag Race All Stars winner Chad movies. For more details, visit
a.m. DJ TMF will play music. Sol Negro will Michaels at Saint Yves (1220 Connecticut Republic (6939 Laurel Ave., Takoma THURSDAY, NOV. 9
be the special guest DJ. Cover is $5 until 10 Ave., N.W.) today from noon-4 p.m. Park, Md.) hosts Alegre Happy Hour, an
p.m. and $10 after. For more information, The Daylight Saving Time-themed party LGBT happy hour, from 5-7 p.m. For Guy Social D.C. hosts Gayzer tag at
visit will feature music by DJ Matt Bailer. details, visit Ultrazone Laser Tag (3447 Carlin Springs
Gigi Holliday will join Michaels, who will Rd., Falls Church, Va.) tonight from 7-10
SUNDAY, NOV. 5 impersonate Cher, as co-host for the WEDNESDAY, NOV. 8 p.m. There will be unlimited laser tag
event. Tickets are $45. Reservations are games all night, free pizza and free soft
Imagine Dragons brings their Evolve required. For more information, visit EMA and the Blow perform at DC9 drinks. Tickets are $26 in advance and
tour to Capital One Arena (601 F St., N.W.) (1940 9th St., N.W.) tonight at 8:30 p.m. $36 at the door. For more information,
tonight at 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 D.C. Leather Pride hosts Bluf, a leather Doors open at 8 p.m. This is an all-ages visit
p.m. Tickets range from $77-418. For party, at the D.C. Eagle (3701 Benning Rd., show. Tickets are $15. For more details, D.C. Leather Pride holds its 2018
more details, visit N.E.) today from 4-9 p.m. Leather men visit planning committee meeting at the D.C.
Victory Fund will bus to D.C. to get and women are welcome. The Washington Chorus performs Eagle (3701 Benning Rd., N.E.) tonight
out the vote for Danica Roem, who works from Leonard Bernsteins from 7-9 p.m. Ideas and critiques for the
is running for the Virginia House of MONDAY, NOV. 6 Chichester Psalms, Morten Lauridsens 2018 event are welcome. For more details,
Delegates. If elected, she would become Mid-Winter Songs and William Waltons visit
the rst transgender elected ocial in The D.C. Center (2000 14th St., N.W..) Belshazzars Feast at the Kennedy

A D V I CE N OV E M B E R 03, 2017 29

Tired of being
passed over

Average-looking young gay All of this can feel like a sort of tyranny.
frustrated, depressed If you dont meet strict and at times
unreal standards, you get turned down
for dates, are ignored when you try to
start a conversation and receive the
message, loud and clear, that you really

arent worthwhile.
But thats just the message from
some people.

MICHAEL RADKOWSKY, Psy.D. is a licensed

psychologist who works with gay individuals
and couples in D.C. He can be found online
at All identifying
Appearance is a funny thing. Contrary
to your therapists (former, I hope)
outlandish comment, looks really
are subjective. I also believe that our

information has been changed for reasons personalities illuminate our appearance.
of condentiality. Have a question? Send it to If you are the generous, kind and
thoughtful guy you describe and I have
Michael, no reason to doubt you then I have to
think that these qualities come across
Why is the gay community so when someone interacts with you.
exclusionary when it comes to looks? Yes, a lot of guys are drawn just to the
Im a 23-year-old gay man and Im surface. And those guys are likely not for you.
just not good-looking. Ive never had Its time to start looking beyond bars,
a relationship and I cant get a date. the gym and dating/hookup apps. You
People look right through me when I go need to interact with other gay men
out and at the gym. I put a prole online in environments where they will have
and got nothing except some people opportunities to really know you, rather
many decades older than me. Im feeling than making judgments based on rst
hopeless and angry. impression of your looks alone.
I want to believe that dierent people How about some activities where youll
have dierent taste and theres no one be doing something you care about
standard of physical beauty but I just while also interacting with people you
dont seem to be what anyone is looking might want to date? I imagine that youre
for. I actually had a therapist whom I spending more time with dogs than
went to see tell me I am a four out of 10. young gay men at the dog rescue.
That was really crushing. Please dont drop doing what you
I dont know what advice you can give already enjoy and value, but consider
me. I really would like people to examine some additional activities. The D.C. Center
the values of our community. It all seems has a lengthy list of groups and sponsors
to be about looks and who is hot. Center Volunteers, which would give you
I have a lot to oer. I have a big heart, more opportunities to do good while also
Im smart and funny. I have an interesting giving others the chance to know you on
job and I volunteer at a dog rescue. I a more profound level.
would be a terric companion in life, but Yes, it would be great to change the
no one is interested. values of our community to be less
focused on outward appearance. Im
Michael replies: hoping your letter can help spark a
discussion about this issue.
Im sorry youre having such a rough time. But whether or not others start to
Yes, a lot of people in the gay think about this issue dierently, you
community put a lot of focus on looks. have some work to do on yourself. For
Whether gay men do this more or less you to feel better about who you are,
than other men and other people in youre going to have grind a new pair of
general is anyones guess. But it is a lenses through which to see yourself.
tremendous phenomenon. This is a dicult task, but not impossible.
And yes, there are certain ideals of Your path forward is to challenge others
attractiveness among gay men that a lot surface judgments and see the qualities
of us can never live up to. And those who you know you possess when you look in
do, ultimately age out. the mirror.

30 NOV E M B E R 03, 2017 O U T & A BO U T


NOV 3 & 4
SUSANNE SUNDFR Cemetery ceremony to honor gay vets
Center Military honors LGBT veterans at the annual wreath-laying at the
WED, NOV 8 grave of Technical Sgt. Leonard Matlovich in the LGBT section of Congressional
ALL GOOD PRESENTS Cemetery (1801 E St., S.E.) on Saturday, Nov. 11 at noon.
ELEPHANT REVIVAL W/ JOE PUG Sgt. Matlovich was a Vietnam veteran and the rst openly gay service
member. Late veteran and activist Frank Kameny will be also be remembered.
FRI, NOV 10 The ceremony will also honor the LGBT men and women who have served the
FRANK SOLIVAN U.S. as soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and coast guardsmen.
& DIRTY KITCHEN For more information, visit

W/ ALTHEA GRACE GRiZ plans Anthem
show next weekend

HABIB KOIT & BAMADA GRiZ performs at the Anthem (901 Wharf
W/ SAHEL St., S.W.) on Saturday, Nov. 4 at 8 p.m.
The DJ/saxophone player came out
FRI, NOV 17 as gay in an essay earlier this year. He
THE DUSTBOWL REVIVAL detailed his struggles with being gay while
W/ SAMMY MILLER & THE CONGREGATION facing homophobia in pop culture. Big
Wild and Opiuo open the show. Tickets
SAT, NOV 18 range from $35-55.
BIG SAMS FUNKY NATION For more details and to purchase
tickets, visit
W/ JODY NARDONE Gay Mens Chorus
oers duets cabaret
KRANIUM Gay Mens Chorus of Washington
performs It Takes Two, a cabaret of
Aiden James performs Nov. 10 duets, at Atlas Performing Arts Center
AN EVENING WITH (1333 H St., N.E.) on Saturday, Nov. 11 at
SUPERFLYDISCO: Singer/songwriter Aiden James performs at D.C. Bear Crues Bear Happy Hour 4 and 8 p.m.
THE INAUGURAL BLACK FRIDAY at Town (2009 8th St., N.W.) on Friday, Nov. 10 from 6-11 p.m. The group will perform Let Me Be Your
DISCO-FUNK THROWDOWN James music has reached the iTunes Top 20 charts. He is currently touring to Star from Smash, Id Give It All For You
promote his latest single Colorblind. Seating is at 8 p.m. Show starts at 8:30 from The Last Five Years, I Will Cover
p.m. Drink specials run until 11 p.m. There will be free pizza at 7 p.m. Doors open You from Rent Only Us from Dear
at 6 p.m. No cover. Evan Hansen and It Takes Two from Into
For more details, visit the Woods. The 4 p.m. performance will
include an ASL interpreter. Tickets are $39.
THEHAMILTONDC.COM For more information, visit

T H E A TE R N OV E M B E R 03, 2017 31




An action sequence in The Adventures of Peter Pan. This dazzling production, a departure for its
company, is appropriate for all ages.

Angela Meade
Flying high
Dazzling Peter Pan are the paired, highly acrobatic movement
production is Synetic sequences between Mills Peter Pan and
Zana Gankhuyag, an elegant, athletic
departure dancer who plays Peters shadow.
Charismatic out actor Alex Mills anchors
By PATRICK FOLLIARD the production. Mills has the skills of a
gymnast and the acting chops to create

Angela Meade. Photo by Julio Rodriguez

When we rst meet Peter Pan, hes a boyish, but nuanced take on the title
dressed in a black hooded cloak visiting character. Mills career includes many
the grave of his beloved sister Tinkerbell. Synetic productions as well as work in
But the mournful mood doesnt last. numerous straight plays. He played the part
Peter soon learns that the girl lives on of Alan, the young gay model in Michael
as a mischievous fairy, and high-ying Kahns production of Torch Song Trilogy at
adventures ensue. This opening sets the Studio Theatre several seasons ago.
tone for The Adventures of Peter Pan, Ryan Sellers Captain Hook is
Synetic Theaters adaptation of J.M. Barries wonderfully self-important. With long hair
beloved play and novel. Theirs is a darkish and head scarf, Sellers gives a visual nod
mix of humor, fun, danger and adventure. to Johnny Depps Captain Jack Sparrow
Synetic is celebrated for silent, from the Pirates of Caribbean franchise.
movement-based interpretations of And the big-bellied Smee (Nathan
classics ranging from Shakespeare to Oscar Weinberger who is hiding an exercise ball
Wilde. Their productions showcase the beneath his horizontally striped pirate
companys innovative staging and ashes shirt) is amusing as Hooks fawning ack
of inspired, kinetic choreography. Directed whod t well in contemporary politics.
and choreographed by company founders Gordon gives an appealing
Paata Tsikurishvili and Irina Tsikurishvili, performance as Wendy, the young girl
respectively, Synetics Peter Pan isnt who temporarily acts as mother gure for
silent. In fact, theres lots of dialogue and the lost kids before returning to her own
breakout dance numbers in addition to mother at home. And as mute Tinkerbell,
the usual movement-based storytelling. Ana Tsikurishvili is a delightful whirling
Its a bit of a departure from the companys dervish of naughty antics. Her enchanting
more tried-and-true formula. fairy tutu is magically lit by costume
Adapted by Ed Monk, the script follows designer Kendra Rai.
the familiar story line. Searching for his Daniel Pinhas set is like a fun November 419 | Eisenhower Theater
shadow, Peter (Alex Mills) meets the playground: two big moving parts that
Music by George Frideric Handel / Libretto by Riccardo Broschi
Darling children, Wendy (Kathy Gordon), convert from rocky perches for the lost kids
John (Thomas Beheler) and Michael (Scott to a realistic pirate ship. Together Mary In Italian with Projected English Titles
Whalen). Peter teaches them to y and Keegans lighting and resident composer
they accompany him back to Neverland Konstantine Lortkipanidzes music create
where they join the lost kids, a band of a faraway, moody atmosphere.
fun loving orphaned children (all played Despite its darker elements, the TICKETS ON SALE NOW! KENNEDY-CENTER.ORG | (202) 467-4600
by adult actors) dedicated to never 100-minute show is suitable for kids. At a Tickets also available at the Box Office. Groups call (202) 416-8400.
growing up and battling a crew of pirates recent matinee the audience (ages 8-80) For all other ticket-related customer service inquiries, call the Advance Sales Box Office at (202) 416-8540.

headed by vainglorious Captain Hook. was pretty much rapt.

Major support for WNO is provided by WNO's Presenting Sponsor
The magic and suspension of belief Jacqueline Badger Mars.
central to the Peter Pan story lends itself THE ADVENTURES OF PETER PAN
Through Nov. 19 David and Alice Rubenstein are the
to some incredible staging including ying Synetic Theater Presenting Underwriters of WNO. Generous support for WNO Italian Opera is provided
by Daniel and Gayle DAniello.
in a starry night sky and swimming with 1800 South Bell Street WNO acknowledges the longstanding generosity of
Crystal City, Va.
mermaids in blue, wavy water. These 703-824-8060
Life Chairman Mrs. Eugene B. Casey.

scenes are highlights. Another highlight


3 2 N O VEMB ER 0 3, 2017 P H O T O S BY T O M H A U SMA N

The Human Rights Campaign held its annual National Dinner at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on Saturday, Oct. 28. Hillary Clinton served as the keynote speaker.

P HO TO S B Y E DW ARD L E P OU L IN N O V E MBE R 0 3 , 2 0 1 7 3 3

Whitman-Walker Health held its annual 5K Run and Walk to End HIV on Saturday, Oct. 28.

A R T S & EN TE RTA I NMENT O CT O BE R 2 7 , 2 0 1 7 3 4

Sara glad generation gap of out artists has waned

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 21 to invest a bunch of time into it. Or their song Everything is Awesome extremely nervous people and they sort
sometimes youll spend a bunch of time from The Lego Movie at the Academy of avoid that type of social interaction
to the original recordings and wanted to on it, send it out to everybody then you Awards in 2015 when it was nominated and I completely respect that. But weve
be a little more exible on the tour itself. will get feedback and will go back to the for Best Original Song.) been really lucky. Weve had a lot of really
So were playing them a bit more sparsely drawing board and sort of dismantle SARA: Its quite surreal and the space positive touring experiences. Katy Perry
and weve slightly adjusted some of the it and put it back together again. Im denitely looks smaller in person than was amazing, the Killers were amazing.
arrangements, made some songs longer, extremely methodical and I love to tinker on television. But just to know that Our very rst tour in 2000, we opened for
changed keys, slowed things down, but and revise. I love sort of disappearing everywhere your eyeballs go and rest Neil Young for a summer. We went out
the important thing for me was that none into those worlds when Im recording. its somebody crazily famous. But yeah, for two months and really learned how to
of the songs start and people go, What is I spend a lot of time programming, it was a really cool experience and Im a tour and we really watched closely how his
this? We wanted it to be recognizable as working on what I want the drums to Virgo, so Im a very organized person and business ran and how he interacted with
the original song, just not boxed in to the sound like, what I want the bass to sound I love being in well-run organizations and people and the way he treated his fans
way we recorded them. like so Im not just sitting down with a man, the Academy Awards is just the top and that was really instrumental in how
guitar and spending 80 hours, Im really of the top. They have that thing dialed we run our business.
BLADE: Are you playing the album looking at the song three dimensionally in so it was really inspiring to watch that
through sequentially? What else are and creating something that will be like a whole thing come together in person. BLADE: Can you give us any hint of
you playing? blueprint once were in the studio. Very, very cool. what your next album might be like or
SARA: Yeah, we are playing it through roughly when we might hear it?
start to nish which takes roughly about an BLADE: Some acts like the Indigo BLADE: You all have done a lot of SARA: The truth is I cant. I have no
hour. Then we have an eight-song set that Girls, Melissa Etheridge, you look cool things with merchandising and fan clue. I feel really hyper focused on the
follows The Con and that is also about an back and its kind of surprising they stu and stu for Record Store Day and work were doing philanthropically and
hour. As weve gotten older, our songs have were out so early on. Do you feel they so on. Who comes up with those ideas? we always have a lot of irons in the re,
gotten a bit longer so we dont have to play paved the way or is that kind of a trite, SARA: We have a really cool team of projects were working on and right now
as many to ll that second hour. sentimental thing people say? people weve been working with most musically, I would say its likely people
SARA: Oh yeah, I mean, absolutely like of our career. Our art director has been wont hear anything new from us for at
BLADE: Ive been to shows where the a hundred percent. You know, Melissa with us since 2003 and, you know, we least a year or two. I think were pretty
band plays a classic album straight Etheridge, the Indigo Girls, k.d. lang, these are always batting around ideas. We busy working on other stu and you
through and seen the audience kind artists were extremely brave and they really see the band as a really creative gotta kinda wait for for the inspiration to
of zone out on deeper cuts. Is that were trailblazers. Whats interesting is that and collaborative project and its not just hit you. I song write every day and I work
happening or was that a concern? as a result there was almost like a gap for music. For us its really about making on new music all the time but something
SARA: No, it really didnt concern me. generationally where, you know, while I things that we love and that we care tells me right now these other areas are
Its one of those albums that our fans totally respect and admire those artists, about and in a way if we were teenagers crucial and we should focus there instead.
constantly reference and talk about so especially for what they did, in terms of, and we loved the band, these are things
while there are denitely songs that are you know, laying down the ground work we would want. I loved the Smashing BLADE: Whats going on with the
more popular, I actually think some of for the rest of us. But they were older so, I Pumpkins and when they would put out a Tegan and Sara Foundation and why
those deep cuts that werent singles are mean, my mom was listening to them. My box set or an unreleased song, I would be are you passionate about this work?
the songs people are more excited to mom loved Melissa Etheridge, she loved the rst person in line at the store the day SARA: Its focused on women and
hear. We still play Call it O, Nineteen, k.d. lang and I was a teenager listening to it came out and I think those are things, girls in the LGBTQ community. Were
Back in Your Head, Dark Come Soon. hip-hop and electronic music so I sort of gestures to our audience, we know they specically working on building solidarity
Those are songs that have been in our missed the musical inspiration side of it desire a little more behind the scenes or with organizations and groups that center
set list for 10 years, so people hear them because I was totally, you know, into what a little more information and those are on women and girls and were right now
a lot. I think for us to go into the deeper was relevant to me and my friends in high things they can tangibly interact with and mostly writing out grants to people
cuts was actually what fans wanted. school. But in terms of the inspiration to we really enjoy making them as a group. we think are doing great work in the
They were always asking us to play, like, live a life where you didnt have to be in community but were also fundraising to
Are You Ten Years Ago, and Id be like, the closet or hide who you were, I think BLADE: Yeah, the Pumpkins were develop some of our own programming
I dont know how to play that, were they are deeply important and what was great with that stu. Remember The with health care and social justice and
not gonna do that. So to go back and dicult in the rst 10 years or so of our Aeroplane Flies High? economic inequities that queer women
learn some of those songs again, thats career was that there didnt seem to be SARA: Yes, that black and white box! I face in our community. For us, it sort of
actually been the most thrilling part of those same type of artists anymore. I dont loved that. feels like a no brainer. Obviously being
the evening and the reception has just know what exactly happened or what the gay ourselves and having a strong female
been wonderful. In fact, after L.A. we had reaction was about, but it felt like a lot of BLADE: Youve toured with a lot of queer following all thse years, it just sort
done four shows and we added a song to artists started being more closeted or felt, huge acts like Katy Perry and Gaga. Are of feels like an area of philanthropy that
the set because it almost felt too short. you know, they didnt feel compelled to yall like hanging out backstage some really makes sense for us. We understand
And thats a two-hour show, but we still be out about their sexuality so it was a bit or do they tend to pretty much keep to it, weve experienced it personally and
thought we could do one more song and lonely and isolating for us. But now theres themselves? weve had a lot of interaction with people
people would be happy. this big wave of musicians coming out SARA: Well, with Katy Perry, we know in our community. Weve been extremely
and starting their careers in their 20s and her, so shes extremely kind and aable. fortunate that weve had a lot of success
BLADE: Last time we talked, Tegan whats inspiring about them is that they She just sort of wanders around and you over the years and were looking forward
told us you sometimes spent as much are very vocal and their identity and who see her all the time. Shes a really down-to- to using that success and privilege and
as 80 hours writing one song but she they are as people is intrinsically linked earth person so that tour felt very inclusive visibility to redistribute some of that
didnt have the patience for that. Was with their music and theyre happy to talk and we were friends with a lot of people wealth and power back to the community.
she slightly exaggerating or is that true? about it and embrace it and challenge on the crew, the dancers were super nice
SARA: Sometimes certain compositions people who sort of push back against it and everybody was very friendly so it was a
come together really quickly and that and that inspires me. really integrated experience as the support TEGAN AND SARA
The Con 10th Anniversary Acoustic Tour
much time isnt needed but there are band. But there are denitely other tours Saturday, Nov. 11
other songs that yeah, Ill spend like BLADE: Whats the biggest dierence where youre sort of lower down on the The Anthem
901 Wharf St., S.W.
ridiculous amounts of time working on that struck you being at the Academy food chain and I never take it personally. 8 p.m.
absolutely. Sometimes if you know you Awards in person versus watching Every artist is dierent. Weve toured $50.50-76
have something special youre willing in on TV? (Tegan and Sara performed with other artists who are extremely shy,
Attorneys that are OUTthinking |OUTspoken |OUTdoing

W A Sh InGTO nBlA De.C OM n O V e MBe R 0 3 , 2 0 1 7 3 5


Understanding the differences between a condo and a coop

Ownership, finances, fees, coop, the shareholder takes out a personal fees of a similarly sized condo and coop,
loan. Whats the difference? Often times the the difference in fees is often the addition
board approval are key structure of the loans are different. Today, of the taxes and the underlying mortgage
there are many mortgage products for con- to that monthly fee payment. Many times,
By SHERRI ANNE GREEN & dos that offer a low down payment, while coops know that this higher fee can be a
DEIRDRE P. BROWN loans for coop purchases typically require a deterrent to purchasing so they adjust
20% down payment. In both cases, interest their sales price to accommodate for a
As you set out to buy property in D.C., on the loan is typically tax deductible. higher monthly fee. So, if you are consid-
one of the first considerations to think Most coop buildings also have a mort- ering a condo and coop of similar size,
about is what type of property appeals gage on the entire building. This is called upgrades, and location you might find
to you. Do you want to own a standalone the underlying mortgage. Shareholders that the coop has a lower sales price, but
home or purchase in a building with pay toward the mortgage each month as a higher monthly fee.
shared expenses? When deciding on a unit part of their monthly fees and can typical- Please say you like me. One last dif-
within a building, your choices come down ly take a tax deduction on their share of ference with a coop, is most require that a
to a condo or a coop. A co-what? Is there a the interest of that underlying mortgage. potential buyer be approved by the corpo-
difference? And, the answer is, yes. Taxes are also a little different. In a con- rations board. The only two legal grounds
Depending on your situation or per- do, the owner of a unit is responsible for for rejection are financial and expressed
sonal preference, one may be the better There are four key differences between the real property taxes for their unit. In a unwillingness to abide by the coop rules
choice for you. Or in the end, it may come condos and coops. coop, the corporation pays the real prop- and regulations. Fair housing does apply
down to the unit you like best based on de- BIGSTOCK PHOTO; COURTESY OF RONY ZMIRI
erty taxes for the building, which means to coops and it is illegal to consider race,
sign, size, and location. In either case, it is each shareholder is not responsible for age, sex, sexual orientation, religion or any
important to understand the differences. individual real property taxes. other protected classification. Because of
Just as with condos, cooperatives are lo- and cooperatives are personal property. Lets talk more about those monthly this need to prequalify a buyer financially,
cated throughout the city and include many When you purchase a condo unit, you fees. The condo monthly fees are paid to cooperatives tend to be more financially
buildings of historical and architectural sig- are purchasing your unit and the right to the association to cover the expenses of sound then some condominiums.
nificance. They range in size from as small use the common spaces. You become a maintaining the common areas, such as Whats right for you? As always, discuss
as four units to buildings numbering in the member of the condo association. When lights in the common areas, water, garbage the differences with your tax adviser and
hundreds. Many coops were once apart- you purchase a coop unit, you are pur- disposal, maintenance of the grounds and real estate agent.
ment buildings where the neighbors band- chasing stock in a privately held corpora- roof, and other operating expenses.
ed together to purchase their property and tion. As a stockholder you are leasing the The cooperative monthly fees are paid SHERRI ANNE GREEN is an award-winning Re-
thus a cooperative was formed. apartment from the corporation in which to the corporation to cover the monthly altorwith Coldwell Banker Residential Broker-
There are four major differences in condos you are a part owner. The corporation payments on the buildings underlying age. Reach her at 202-798-1288,, on Facebook at
vs coops: ownership, finances, fees, and board owns the building and the land. mortgage, the buildings real property SherriAnneGreen, or on Instagram: SherriAn-
approval. Why dont we discuss them all. What about finances? With a condo, taxes, in addition to monies to cover re- neGreen. DEIRDRE P. BROWN, a settle-
ment agent with Mid-Atlantic Settlement Ser-
Lets start with ownership. Getting the loan taken out to purchase the unit pairs, utilities, staff, and other operating vices, llC. Reach her via
down to basics, condos are real property is called a mortgage. When purchasing a expenses. If you compare the monthly


To be used at the top of collateral:

VALERIE M. BLAKE, Associate Broker, GRI, Director of Education & Mentorship
Dupont Circle Ofce 202-518-8781 (o) 202.246.8602 (c) To be used at the bottom of collateral: Paid for Bruce Majors and authorized by Friends of Cliff Hyra
3 6 N O VEMB ER 0 3, 2017 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M

519 Oglethorpe Street, NW PRESENTED BY 1922 15th Street, NW PRESENTED BY

$729,900 JOHN LUMSDEN $1,395,000 BOWEN BILLUPS
Dont miss this exceptional home in Brightwood. Thoughtfully (202) 288-3185 Wonderful 4BR/2.5BA Victorian-era residence with most original (202) 431-4052
renovated top to bottom! 4 BR, 3.5 BA, family room with kitchenette, details including wood floors, crown moldings, medallions, and
large open main floor with gourmet kitchen, wood burning fireplace, marble front steps. Gas fireplaces. Two-level roof deck with pan-
rear deck, hardwood floors. oramic & monument views! Rear patio. Two-car parking. Great U
1st Open House, Sunday Nov. 5th, 12 - 3. Street/Dupont location! Metro nearby.

1441 Rhode Island Avenue PRESENTED BY PRESENTED BY 1500 Vermont Avenue NW #3 PRESENTED BY
202-256-5453 703-582-3528 Amazing, light filled 2 Bed/Bath Home or Pied-~-Terre in Historic 310-717-3050
Mansion on Logan Circle with Panoramic views and expansive out-
Sunny, corner 2 BR/ 2 BA condo in stylish building close
door space. Professionally designed interior marries original aspects
to everything Logan and 14th Street - restaurants, shops,
with contemporary touches: Soaring ceilings, beautiful light, gas
bars, theaters, Metro, and Whole Foods. Open floor
fireplace, gourmet kitchen, wet bar, hardwood floors. Lovely Private
plan, gas fireplace, granite counter-tops, gas cooking,
W/D, large windows, and private balcony w/ sweep- terrace and a very coveted parking space. Approx 1,400 S.F.
ing city views. Concierge, fitness center, party room.
Garage parking and bike docking station included.


Thinking of a Career in Real Estate?
For driven professionals, Coldwell Banker is The Place to Be. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage offers the brand
recognition, tools, and support that will take your business to the next levelright now! Make a move that will put you on
the fast track to success. Join our world-class team at Coldwell Banker Dupont-Logan!
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Gay & Veteran Owner/
AND MORE Place your Operator. 2016 Luxury
ad online at Properly Licensed & Livery Insured in DC.
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WASHINGTONBLADE.COM FULL-TIME Washington D.C. Design the paper and online.*
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answering phones, greeting PHOTOGRAPHY

clients, filing. Qualified candidates:
BULLETIN BOARD experience, enthusiasm, customer STEVE OTOOLE
service, interest in design field PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIEDS ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY Fine
preferred. Metro: McPherson Line. WASHINGTONBLADE.COM Art Photographer
to-you items including WASHINGTONBLADE.COM Call: Mr. Cohen 202-484-4566 for Portraits &
jewelry, kitchen Reference: Receptionist Position. Weddings.Check out
boutique, attic treasures, LOCKER ROOM ATTENDANTS my new website - www.
collectibles. Saturday, STYLIST - COMMISSION OR BOOTH NEEDED! The Crew Club, a gay mens steveotoolephotography.
November 4, 8am- COUNSELING RENTAL Carolina Antenzana@aol. naturist gym & sauna, is now hiring
com. Specializing in Bears
3pm, National United com. 703.243.9622 or 703.350.8421 Locker Room Attendants. We all
& Big men. Steve 703-861-
Methodist Church 3401 LGBTQ AFFIRMING A2Z Hair Studio 3000 10th St scrub toilets & do heavy cleaning. You
Nebraska Avenue NW DC. must be physically able to handle the
THERAPY at Dupont Circle Arlington, VA.
work & have a great attitude doing Individuals, couples, WHOLISTIC SERVICES, it. No drunks/druggies need apply.
families, adolescents. INC. seeking Full Please call David at (202) 319-1333. CLEANING
Over 15 years serving Time Direct Support from 9-5pm, to schedule an interview.
the community. Mike Professionals to assist FERNANDOS CLEANING:
Giordano, LICSW. 202/460- intellectually disabled Residential & Commercial
6384 mike.giordano. adolescents & adults LEGAL SERVICES Cleaning, Reasonable www. with behavioral health Rates, Free Estimates,
WhatIHearYouSaying. issues in group homes & ADOPTION & ASSISTED Routine, 1-Time, Move-In/
com. day services throughout REPRODUCTIVE Law Move-Out. (202) 234-7050,
DC. Requirements 1 Attorney Jennifer 202-486-6183.
GAY MEN. Individual/ year exp., valid drivers Fairfax represents
couple counseling license, able to lift 50-75 clients in DC, MD & VA.
2008 KEYSTONE w/ volunteer peer lbs, complete training interested in adoption HANDYMAN
MONTANA M-3500 RL program, become DDS or ART matters.301-
counselor. Gay Mens Med Certified within 4 BRITISH REMODELING
- 5th Wheel Loaded. Counseling Community 221-9651,JFairfax@
Generator, Washer/Dryer months of hire, ability to HANDYMAN Local
since 1973. 202-580-8861. pass security background licensed company
Combo, 4 slide outs - 2 gaymenscounseling.
Living Room, 1 Kitchen & check. Associates FULL SERVICE LAW FIRM with over 25 years of
org. No fees, donation degree preferred. For experience. Specializing
1 BR. Separate rear living requested. Representing the GLBT community
room, with sliding doors more information, for over 35 years. Family adoptions, in bathrooms, kitchens
(great for guest room please contact the estate planning, immigration, & all interior/exterior
privacy). Dual A/C units, Human Resources (HR) employment. (301) 891-2200.Silber, repairs. Drywall, paint,
Power Roof Vents w/ rain Department at Perlman, Sigman & Tilev, P.A. www. electric & wallpaper.
sensors. $25,000. Text (202) 347-5334. SP-Law. com. Trevor 703-303-8699.

Cognitive-Behavioral SIMPLE
Results-Oriented Affordable AFFORDABLE
30 years serving the LGBT community
See website for NPR story on my work


Top 1% Nationwide
NVAR Life Member Top Producder


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EJS PEST CONTROL in That Weeks Edition of Playmates or soul mates,
Insect, Rodent, & Critter Washington Blade and youll find them
Control. Effective on MegaMates
Experience Detecting
& Eliminating All Types
of Household Pests SALE / VA Washington:
including Ants, Bed Bugs,
(202) 448-0824 18+
Schedule your Pest SCENIC location between
PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIEDS ONLINE Inspection Today (202) Harrisonburg & Staunton. 6 BRS,
WASHINGTONBLADE.COM 455-9924. DC, MD, VA, DE. 3.5 baths.2 master suites.$685,000.
Funkhouser Real Estate Group (540)
TREE SERVICE 908-7123.
DEADLINES Place your
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pruning, insect &
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com. Angies List
Award Winner.
Professional Moving TOP RATED MASSEUR
& Storage. Let Our Custom bodywork!
Guys Do The Heavy Exceptional deep tissue
Lifting. Mention the & sensual bodywork
Blade for 10% off of for total stress relief in
our regular rates. Call private studio both on
today 202.734.3080. www. the Hill & at Farragut Square. Call Erik 202-
544-5688. In calls only!
GREAT SCOTT MOVING Location, location, No texts! Intro Special
INC. Local & Long location! $99.00.
Distance, Pianos! A Great This spacious 700 THE MAGIC TOUCH: Swedish,
Move at a Great Price call SQ. Foot 1 BR/1BA is Massage or Deep Tissue. Appts 202-
(301) 699-2066. Highly` located in Dupont Circle 486-6183, Low Rates, 24/7, In-Calls.
rated by Consumer Check neighborhood across
Book, Better Business the street from historic
Bureau, Yelp & Angies JRs Bar . Walk to Logan
List. Weve moved the Circle, 14th St., U St.,
Blade, let us move you! Adams Morgan, Whole
Foods, Trader Joes and
all the shops, bars and
U CALL WE HAUL ! restaurants. Two blocks
! ! ! RESIDENTIAL from Dupont metro.
COMMERCIAL We Priced to sell, this is a
Specialize in *Light great opportunity for a
& Heavy Hauling first time home buyer LUCAS IS BACK 5 9, 170 lbs,
*Construction Materials to stop paying rent, and 36 yo, Latino Masseur offering
*Trash Removal live in the heart of all
REASONABLE RATES ***A the action of 17th Street. Swedish to Sensual massage on
Black-Owned Business*** $339,900. my heated table, in a private
Serving DC-MD-VA (202) Sam Kassar atmosphere. In/out, Hotels
516-0638 (202) 704-1546 dCrE rEsidEnTiaL LLC PLACE YOUR FREE AD ONLINE
TELLEM YOU saw ThEir ad in ThE 703-858-3831 welcome, Parking Available,
Blade classifieds! 24/7. Call Lucas, 240-462-8669.
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Its Like Retirement, Only Better

Ingleside at Rock Creek and Ingleside at King Farm are now expanding your possibilities for engaged
retirement living. Creekside at Ingleside at Rock Creek and Gardenside at Ingleside at King Farm, our
upcoming additions, represent even more choices for discerning people 62 years of age or better. Both
communities offer an exceptional, independent lifestyle with upscale offerings, modern amenities and the
security of five-star rated, on-site health services.
Dont miss your opportunity to take advantage of priority choice locations!

An Ingleside Community An Ingleside Community

For more information call 202-470-3413 For more information call 240-380-2678
3050 Military Road NW Washington, DC 701 King Farm Blvd. Rockville, MD
Ingleside at Rock Creek and Ingleside at King Farm are CARF accredited, not-for-profit, continuing care retirement communities.

Ingleside at King Farm is expanding with the proposed building of 121 new independent living apartments, 32 private assisted living memory support suites, and a Center for Healthy Living, subject to approval by the Maryland Department of Aging.
AHF Healthcare Centers

1647 Benning Rd NE Ste 303
(202) 350-5000

2141 K St NW Ste 606

(202) 293-8680

4302 Saint Barnabas Rd Ste B
Temple Hills, 20748
(301) 423-1071

Dr. Mark Davis, Warren,

AHF Dental Director AHF Client