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Working With Source Material

I Illustrating - You use the quoted source material or evidence to illustrate a point
you are trying to make.

A Authorizing - You use the source material to add credibility to what you are trying
to say. Usually, this includes naming a credible source to illustrate your points or
the points of another perspective.

E Extending - You use the source material in order to extend your ideas beyond it.
The source material is a launchpad to where you want to end up with what youre

AOS Arguing the Other Side - You use the source material to argue the opposite side
of what it is saying.

D Dissenting - You use the source material to point out how it might be true some
of the time, but its not true all of the time. You will point out where the limitation
exists in their point or evidence.

UV Uncovering Values - You use the source material to dig deeper into something
that was said. Maybe the writer makes a reference that needs to be further
unpacked or defined, questioned or examined.

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