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1)What does rule 133B state?

lays down the requirements for grant of approval to Organization(s)

2)What are the categories under which organizations are given


Manufacturing Category A
Workshop process and inspection Category B
Maintenance Organisations Category C
Test Laboratories Category D
Fuel Lubricants and special Category E
Stores and Distribution Category F
Training Schools Category G


Accountable Manager is the manager who has corporate authority for ensuring that all
tasks as per the scope of approval of the approved organization can be financed and carried out
to the standard required by DGCA.

Approved Organization (AO) means an organization approved by DGCA engaged in

Aviation Fuel, Aviation Lubricants and Special products and Training School.

Aircraft Goods means aircraft components or materials, including paints, dopes, thinners,
fuels lubricants and special petroleum products, intended for use in civil aircraft and which are
required to be produced and certified in conformity with an approved specification, drawing or

Certificate of Approval means a document issued to an organizationapproved by DGCA

and defining the scope of approval granted.

Psychoactive substances: Alcohol, opioids, cannabinoids, sedatives and hypnotic,

cocaine, other stimulants, hallucinogens, and volatile solvents (coffee and tobacco are
Quality control is a management system for programming and coordinating the ongoing
quality and improvement efforts of the various groups in an organization in accordance with
the requirements of DGCA and any specific requirement of the organization or customer.

Quality/ Manual is a document, which describes the organisations procedures and

practices in detail, the observance of which will ensure compliance with the airworthiness
standards and safety requirements of DGCA as per the scope of approval granted.

Quality Control Release Certificate/Document means a document

accompanying the delivery /stock transfer of aviation fuel, aviation lubricant and special
products meeting the airworthiness requirements of the DGCA.

Delivery Voucher means the document relating to fuelling/ defueling of aircraft which
includes and meets the airworthiness requirements of the DGCA.

3)What are the requirements to get approval for the organization?

Granting of the approval in any category will be dependent upon the request of the applicant
and his capability/ capacity to perform the work as adjudged by DGCA
Organization seeking approval in any of the categories shall comply with the general
requirements in the following:-
1 Application and Issue of Approval
2 Facility Requirements
3 Personnel Requirements
4 Quality System

*)CA-182 form is used to get approval to the organization and required

fees is paid under rule 133C

*)The Quality Manual of an approved organization shall reflect the

scope of approval granted by DGCA

*)a) The organisation shall have the necessary equipment, tools and
material to perform the work in accordance with the scope of approval

b) Where necessary, tools, equipment and particularly test equipment

shall be controlled and calibrated to standards at the specified
frequency prescribed by the manufacturer of the equipment to ensure
serviceability and accuracy. The records of such calibration and the
standards used must be preserved by the organisation.

4)What are the duties of accountable manager?

Ensure that all activities including quality monitoring, are organized, managed and supervised.
This also includes contracting and surveillance regarding sub-contracting work.
Ensure that appropriate instructions are developed, maintained, documented and followed for
compliance with the requirements including payment of any charges.
Ensure that all personnel are appropriately trained and qualified to accomplish the work.
Ensure that suitable facilities (workshops and equipment) and necessary material (components,
spare parts etc.) are available, enabling the organisation to work as per the scope of approval

5)What are the personal requirements to get approval?

The organization must employ sufficient number of personnel required for the quantum of the
work and appropriate to the approval sough
The organisation must establish a program for conducting refresher course
The organisation shall ensure that personnel are undergoing periodical medical checks and
does not have any physical disability
The organisation shall ensure that personnel shall not work under the influence of any
psychoactive substance

*)Quality Cell to monitor

i) Product standards

ii) Compliance withadequate procedures, and practices stipulated by

the organization and Aircraft Rules, applicable CARs and any
instruction issued by DGCA from time to time.

*)The organization should provide 3 copies of each manual.

6)Explain revision of manuals and amendments.

The manuals shall be revised when necessary as a result of change in policy, procedures and
equipment or change in operations or equipment or as required by DGCA.
iRevisions of practices and procedures which affect the airworthiness/safety of are subject to
prior approval of the DGCA.
The organization shall be responsible for revision of the Manuals

7)Explain validity of approval given by dgca.

Approval is valid for five year unless surrendered, superseded suspended, revoked or expired
by virtue of exceeding any expiry date that may be specified in the approval certificate. The
approval remaining valid depends upon
1) AO continues to comply with the regulations/requirements/conditions of approval.
2) DGCA being granted access to the facilities of the AO to determine continued compliance
with this CAR
3) The payment of any charges prescribed by DGCA

8)What are the responsibilities of chief instructor/QCM and how things

are recorded and maintained?

The Quality Manager/Chief Instructor of the organisation shall be responsible to the DGCA for
i) The administration and control of all the activities for which approval is granted
ii) Compliance with the requirements of its certificate of approval.
iii) Airworthiness requirements specified by the DGCA from time to time
iv) AO must record all details of all tasks carried out in a form acceptable to DGCA.
v) AO must retain a copy of all inspection records and any associated data for 2 years to
which the work relates was released from the AO.

9)Explain revalidation of organization approval.

The applicant desirous of renewing the approval should apply to the Local Airworthiness Office
fees at least 30 days before expiry of the approval along with the internal audit report.
Indian organisations Form CA 182B (Appendix C) shall be duly filled at least 30 days prior to
the expiry of the approval along with the fees and a statement signed by the Accountable
Manager A copy of the internal audit report not more than 60 days old shall also be
accompanied with the renewal application form
In the event of organisation wishing to increase the scope of its existing approval, it must make
a fresh application to the concerned regional airworthiness office
*)All organizations approved in Category E, will issue Quality Control
Release Certificate/ Document . Quality Control Release
Certificate/Document shall be signed by a person(s) approved by the QCM of
the Organization . Quality Control Release Certificate/Document shall
accompany the goods to which they relate or alternatively the Quality
Control Release Certificate/ Document and goods shall be identified in such a
manner that they can be correlated with each other at any time.

10)What steps should be taken for changes in AO?

AO must notify DGCA of any proposal to carry out any of the following changes
(i) Name of the organization or change of ownership
(ii) Location of the facilities
(iii) Additional locations of the facility(s)
(iv) Accountable Manager
(v) QM/Dy. QM/CI/Dy. CI any other person approved by DGCA
(vi) facilities, equipment, tools, material, procedures, work scope that could affect
PART 8 Subject: Approval of Organisations - Category 'G' - Training Institutes

*)The period of training in the approved training institute will be counted as

maintenance experience for the purpose of computing total aeronautical
experience required to become eligible for appearing in the AME licence

*)In case of absence of Accountable Manager for more than 60 days, the
DGCA approval to the Institute is deemed to be suspended till another
suitably qualified person nominated by institute is accepted by Regional
Director of Airworthiness.

*)The Chief Instructor/ Deputy Chief Instructor shall have the following
minimum qualification and experience:

1)Basic licence (BAMEL) in a stream related to the scope of the approval, or

Degree in Engineering

2) five years practical experience in aviationindustry out of which a

minimum two years in the field of instruction. For engineering graduates, two
years practical experience in aviation industry out of which a minimum of
one year in the field of instruction

*)In case of absence of Chief Instructor for more than 30 days, the DGCA
approval to the Institute is deemed to be suspended till another suitably
qualified person nominated by institute is approved by Regional Director of

*)In case Chief Instructor wants to leave the institute, a notice of 45 days
has to be given to the institute and a copy to be submitted to the Regional
and local Airworthiness office.

*)An instructor may teach maximum of two subjects.

*)Chief instructor shall be responsible for submitting reports on intakes and

results of semester examinations to the local airworthiness office by 15th of
August of every year and after each semester examination respectively.

*)The institute should preferably have its own premises, or premises taken
on long term lease (five years). The institute shall not be established in
residential areas. They should be established in areas permitted by the local
administrative authorities. For this purpose, an NOC from local
*)Adequate number of class rooms for theoretical classes shall be available.
For initial approval, at least three class rooms, each properly equipped with
training aids must be available

*)The class rooms shall be properly lighted, well ventilated, furnished and
free from noise. The size of the rooms shall be appropriate to accommodate
30 number of students at a time. As a guideline, each room should be at least
of 33 sq. mts area

*)In the interest of maintaining high instructional standards and for

establishing proper rapport between the students and the teacher, the
number of students in a batch or class shall not exceed 30.

*)In one academic year, induction of only two batches per stream is
permitted. Each batch shall not have more than 30 students

*)The institute should have OHP and / or LCD projectors in each class room,
for use by the trainees and instructors

*)Institutes shall have necessary contract with approved aircraft

maintenance organisations to perform OJT on Jet engine and systems that
are not serviceable in the aircraft held by them.

*)After completing each semester the candidate shall be subjected to an

examination. Before a candidate is allowed to appear for the examination, he
should have been present for at least 80% of the training period of the

*)To be declared successful in the course, the candidates must obtain a

minimum70% in each paper of semester examinations conducted by the

1)What information of student should be maintained by chief instructor of


The Chief Instructor shall ensure that a file is maintained for each student, wherein the
following records shall be preserved on permanent basis:
(a) The name and address and photograph of the student.
(b) The batch and the stream in which the student is admitted.
(c) The commencement and conclusion dates of the course.
(d) Copies of certificates of the education qualifications and medical
(e) Attendance records of students.
(f) Record of all practical tests/skill tests.
(g) Computer number of the students allotted by CEO.
(h) Semester wise performance and examination records.
(i) A photocopy of the identity card issued to the students by the institute.
(j) The duration and details of experience and OJT since induction.
(k) A copy of final certificate issued by the institute

*)The institutes which consistently show results less than the national
average in terms of number of candidates passing in the DGCA licence
examination, in consecutive three sessions, shall not be allowed to intake
fresh batches of students until the percentage of their candidates passing
the DGCA licence examination improves. The results of such training schools
shall be made public and placed on DGCA.




Batch number : means the identification number allotted to a quantity of aviation fuel,
lubricant or special petroleum product which is considered as one lot for Sampling and testing
for compliance with the relevant specification.

Fuel, lubricant and special products organization : means an organization

approved for any one or more of storage, compounding, blending, testing, distribution, supply
(including fuelling and defueling of aircraft) of Aviation fuels, Aviation Lubricants and Special

Special Products: means those fluids and compounds manufactured/prepared to

approved specification for use in aircraft.

Petroleum in bulk: means petroleum contained in receptacle exceeding 900liters in


Testing Lab : means the laboratories of the organisation for carrying out physico-chemical
testing/analysis of Aviation Fuels, Aviation lubricants, Water Detecting Device and Special
Products as per standards and certifying / issuing Test Reports.

Test Report Signatory : means qualified personnel approved by DGCA for carrying out
testing and certifying of Aviation Fuel , Aviation Lubricants and Special Products.

Quality Control Signatory : means qualified personnel approved by the QCM of the
organization as per the laid criterion documented in Aviation Quality Control Manual.

1)What are the requirements for organization to get approval under

category E?

The organisation shall have adequate storage and distribution facilities,fuelling installations and
mobile fuelling equipment to maintain the quality, identification and freedom from
contamination of aviation fuels, aviation lubricants and special products.
The firm will get their bulk/ packed storage facilities and tanks or bulk mobile equipment
approved by Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation..
The testing laboratory of the firm will be approved by DGCA under this category E for testing
the organisation's products or products from any other source

2)what is delivery voucher?

The organisation shall issue a Delivery voucher to the customer with each consignment of
aviation fuel, methanol mixture, special products and engine lubricating oil delivered by it into
an aircraft
Delivery Vouchers shall be serially numbered and shall quote the batch number, specification
details and quantity delivered. They shall be prepared in duplicate, the original to be delivered
to the consignee, and a copy to be retained by the supply organisation.
Delivery Vouchers shall be signed by Quality Control Signatory/Officer authorised by Quality
Control Manager of the organization for the satisfactory delivery of the goods
Delivery vouchers shall be submitted by the organisation to the Director General of Civil
Aviation for approval