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Pre-Hanging for Single Doors

All Choices are Viewed from Outside

Choice #1 Choice #2 Choice #5 Choice #6

Left Hand Inswing Right Hand Inswing Closet Door Closet Door
(LH) (RH) Ball Catch Prep Ball Catch Prep
No Bore No Bore

Add $50 for Add $50 for
Exterior Exterior 81 (80 Door) 81 (80 Door )
Doors Only Doors Only
Includes: Includes: 85 (84 Door) 85 (84 Door )
NRP hinges NRP hinges
& outswing & outswing 97 (96 Door) 97 (96 Door )
bumper sill bumper sill
109 (108 Door) 109 (108 Door )

121 (120 door) 121 (120 door)

Left Hand Outswing Right Hand Outswing
(LHR) (RHR) *Approximate* *Approximate*

Door Style:
Whatever the previous style wasI believe its one panel mahogany Qty: Size:
Side Lites: Left Right Both Sides Qty: Size:
Glass Type:

Finish Color For Hinges, Door shoe, and Aluminum Sill/Threshold:

Oil Rubbed Bronze Satin Nickel Brass Check here to substitute for a Solid Oak Sill/Threshold (not aluminum)

Check Here for Aluminum ADA Sill (Bronze Only) *NOTE: Door Shoe and Sill/Threshold are for EXTERIOR DOORS ONLY
4-9/16 4-3/4 5-1/4 6-5/8 (Add $40 to Price)
7-1/4 (Add $50 to Price) Custom Size: ______ (AdditionalCost)
Jamb Wood Species: Bore: Single Double No Bore Mortise Pocket Prep: (Add $175)
Mahogany Dead Bolt Prep - Not performed on jambs due to variances of deadbolt sizes.
Knotty Alder Double Bore Prep is only performed on the active door.
Paint Grade Standard Cylinder Bore = 2-1/8
Douglas Fir Backset = 2-3/8

Kerf For Dry Wall Return Both Sides: Square Top Door (Add $24) Arched Top Door (Add $125)

Check Here for Wine Cellar Door Check Here for Impact Rated

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