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A Possible Coup!!!

Is it really wise for President Trump, at this time of great domestic trouble, to be away from the
White House for an extended period of time...especially when ANTIFA threatens outright
anarchy across the United States beginning on Novemeber 4th. Would it not be wiser for the
President to be using Vice President Pence as the Ambassador for the nation as President
Eisenhower used Vice President Nixon. This seems no time for President Trump to be far from
the White House.

There is so much chatter and rumor of coming impeachment or use of the 25TH Amendment for
his removal... it alarms many remembering the movie Seven Days in May... starring Burt
Lancaster. There are reports of
behind the scenes conspiracy by members of both establishment Political parties in the
possibility of accomplishing the Presidents removal from office with cooperation of Vice
President Pence ( many consider being part of the Washington establishment). With the
President seemingly surrounded by operatives of the CFR, big Banks and Military as his advisors,
for many this is an alarming picture in light of President Trump's declaration of 'draining the

So exactly what is the 'swamp'?...and why does there seem to be such a Media projected hatred
of the President? Going back about 100 years in the United States can be seen a developing
Ideology by informed citizens and people now known as Marxist/Leninist/communism---the first
stage being 'socialism'. This Ideology(as early as the 1830's appears to develop in mostly
England, France and Germany) professed 'capitalism' as being the reason for a growing self-
destructive Class war, and that it was the duty of the government to ensure economic equality to
protect the weak from the strong both politically and economically.

Regarding the above reference to the political/economic theory of Karl Marx and practiced
'socialism'... consideration of the possibility of appropriation of this Ideology and turning it into
a deceptive use by the very Class it proposes to remove as a threat to the Middle and Working
classes has been accomplished according to some researchers.

Why does the idea of President Trump's threat of 'draining the swamp' seem to put so much
panic into much of the controlled Media, some of the members of Congress, Pentagon, some in
the SCOTUS and of course the long growing bureaucratic 'deep state.' It would seem if he is
sincere... to be intending to destroy the beneficial collusion between Wall Street, the Pentagon
and certain bribed and protected members of the highest level of all Three branches of the
United States government...while using the Establishment mainstream Media to largely
influence and control what the majority of the general population might think and believe.
Some people have been pointing out that in the original 'social compact' between the newly
created government...and the new citizenry under that government---if at any time the
government has sufficiently broken the terms of the 'social contract' and ignored all
constitutional complaint and 'petition for redress' then becomes the DUTY of the citizenry to
take necessary steps for accomplishing the returning of their government back to serving and
protecting the Nation and its citizens as 'contracted'!!!