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The time one talks about stock market, another word also clicks and that is risk.

People have lost their millions in this stock market. This project has been initiated

for the purpose of acquainting me, gaining in depth knowledgec of all the issues

concerning about c c  c

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This work is a detailed study of stock market and stocks. It¶s about the ways in

which investors can invest in stock market. I have tried to explain the entire c

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. All these calculations

give a better insight to my work. This risk arises due to numbercof reasons, which

I have tried to put across. The focus in this project is on c c c  c

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$&c c +,c -). The entire work has not been done till date.c

Application of these ways to analyze stocks is yet to be done, it¶s in progress.

The project deals with Equity Analysis work which isc   c c

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At the same time I am trying to analyze some top notch companies to make sure

that the companies selected for investing money are really worth to invest in a
large amount. All this has been done with the help of Annual report, Quarterly

results and daily news.

A comprehensive study is proposed with the following objectives.

1.c To evaluate the performance of selected equity shares in terms of risk and future


2.c To evaluate the shares pattern on the basis of technical analysis.

3.c To help suggest investment decision by suggesting buying and selling signals.

For my understanding I referred to a book    c c  c c

 c c  !c This was that book that actually helps me understanding the

analysis Part. For all thec data collection !   !, NSE¶s site

!  !cand ! !cproved to be a great help for me. It helps

me track all the historic information about companiesc and to track the current

trends of the market and stocks. c