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Collecting texts (Aryan and Satanic) for the upcoming

aristocratic Dark Imperium (with Antichrist/Vindex) and

why world peace (as Globalization and New Age
movement want) is not possible!

- by Satanic Orthodoxy (in Greece)

Is World Peace Possible? (Oswald Spengler)

Is World Peace Possible?

A cabled reply to an American poll
First published in Cosmopolitan, January, 1936

The question whether world peace will ever be possible
can only be answered by someone familiar with world
history. To be familiar with world history means,
however, to know human beings as they have been and
always will be. There is a vast difference, which most
people will never comprehend, between viewing future
history as it will be and viewing it as one might like it to
be. Peace is a desire, war is a fact; and history has never
paid heed to human desires and ideals.

Life is a struggle involving plants, animals, and humans.

It is a struggle between individuals, social classes,
peoples, and nations, and it can take the form of
economic, social, political, and military competition. It is
a struggle for the power to make ones will prevail, to
exploit ones advantage, or to advance ones opinion of
what is just or expedient. When other means fail,
recourse will be taken time and again to the ultimate
means: violence. An individual who uses violence can be
branded a criminal, a class can be called revolutionary or
traitorous, a people bloodthirsty. But that does not alter
the facts. Modern world-communism calls its wars
uprisings, imperialist nations describe theirs as

pacification of foreign peoples. And if the world
existed as a unified state, wars would likewise be
referred to as uprisings. The distinctions here are
purely verbal.

Talk of world peace is heard today only among the white

peoples, and not among the much more numerous
colored races. This is a perilous state of affairs. When
individual thinkers and idealists talk of peace, as they
have done since time immemorial, the effect is always
negligible. But when whole peoples become pacifistic it
is a symptom of senility. Strong and unspent races are
not pacifistic. To adopt such a position is to abandon the
future, for the pacifist ideal is a static, terminal condition
that is contrary to the basic facts of existence.

As long as man continues to evolve there will be wars.

Should the white peoples ever become so tired of war
that their governments can no longer incite them to wage
it, the earth will inevitably fall a victim to the colored
men, just as the Roman Empire succumbed to the
Teutons. Pacifism means yielding power to the inveterate
nonpacifists. Among the latter there will always be white
men adventurers, conquerors, leader-types whose
following increases with every success. If a revolt against
the whites were to occur today in Asia, countless whites
would join the rebels simply because they are tired of
peaceful living.

Pacifism will remain an ideal, war a fact. If the white

races are resolved never to wage war again, the colored
will act differently and be rulers of the world.

Antichrist By Blackwood

Antichrist is of course Vindex. This person who at

the time of writing may not be born yet will be or will
become a causal earthing of the Sinister forces to be
unleashed en masse at the Return of the Dark Gods. The
importance of Sinister magick in the bringing of Vindex
cannot be understated, for without the work of Sinister
Adepts, it is highly unlikely that the forces required
would be earthed at all or at least earthed in an
effective and timely way in terms of destroying the
growth of the Magian World Order.
Thus the continuing importance of traditional rites such
as the Black Mass. Despite the cultural decline of the
Nazarene religion, this rite remains the quintessence of

aeonic Satanism due to the recent esoteric revival of
Nazarene energies which in part power the heart of
political Amerika. These revived energies will play a key
role in the battle to come.

Antichrist may be fully aware of his/her sinister nature

and destiny, or may be a vessel used by Sinister Adepts
to achieve their aims. He or she may be: a) an individual
who becomes gradually possessed by the consciousness
of the Dark Gods seeking a suitable body as a vehicle by
which to achieve Their liberation (this possession being
aided by Sinister Adepts who will target a suitable
candidate) ; b) an Adept of the Sinister Way who takes it
upon themselves to fulfil the role; c) the result of acausal
forces earthed in a child conceived by the participants
during a Sinister rite. If the latter, all participants are
carefully chosen and the child is nurtured in a way fully
mindful of his/her Destiny.
There will emerge over the next few decades several
significant individuals (prophets), pro and contra to the
establishment of the Aeon of the Dark Gods, before the
arrival of Antichrist/Vindex.

The encouragement of acts of dark chaos and the

shedding of the blood of Zionists and Magian associates
anywhere in this world is fertilizer for the birth of
Antichrist and the Return of the Dark Gods.
The four watchtowers mentioned in various esoteric
traditions are in fact representations of the four gates or
conjunctions which occur during the seasonal tides.
During the equinoxes and solstices these gates are made
accessible by the helilcal acausal flow that is, these
four gates are not presenced in the causal world at any

other time.
These gates also alter, as any living thing changes and
grows. Some of these changes can occur due to the
activities of esoteric Magian forces who are aware of the
gates and who seek to close them. The full opening of
these gates will bring about the Return of the Dark Gods:
the Sinister Apocalypse.
These gates are most strongly manifest in certain
physical Earth-based locations, but all Sinister Adepts
may aid the process of fully opening them without
conducting rites at these specific locations. The best
environment is outdoors, ideally on a hill top, or in an
underground resonant chamber where water flows.
Each gate has a particular guardian or key which must be
invoked see various septenary correspondences and
chants. And the opening of each gate will bring about its
own specific causal effects (plagues) which may be

The Genesis of Vindex:

Vindex is the generic name for that revolutionary noble

warrior who leads the practical fight against the Magian
and their allies, manifest as the Magian are now in the
so-called mis-named New World Order whose twin
centres of power (both ideological and practical) are in
Amerika and the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine.
Vindex thus prepares the way for the Galactic Imperium,
whose practical beginnings lie in the establishment of
new communities, based around new clans (or tribes)
whose only law is that of Personal Honour. Vindex (who
may be male or female) is the embodiment of The Law
of the New Aeon of the Imperium, which is personal
honour, and who, with his or her victorious warriors,

establishes an entirely new type of culture, and an
entirely new way of life.

David Myatt

Enochian Invocation of Vindex

Aperiatur Terra, Et Germinet Vindex (x11)

[Open the Earth, and Bring Forth Vindex]

Ol Drix Od Zodameta Caosg
[I Bring Down and Conjure Thee Upon the Earth,]
Micalzo Bransg Soboln
[Mighty Guard in the West.]
Zir Vindex Sa A Basgim Zirdo Velucorsapax, Ol Torzul
[I am Vindex, and the Day I am Enthroned, I Shall Rise
Od Tonug Das Madzilodarp A Pibliar Odfaorgt
[And Deface and Conquer the Places of Comfort and the
Dwelling Place]
Prge Zien De Baltim Od Baltim
[With the Fire of My Hands of Extreme Justice and Fury]
Agios o Vindex (x9)
[Numinous is Vindex]

- V.K. Jehannum

The Dark Imperium

One of the exoteric practical and outward aims of

The Order of Nine Angles is to aid the creation of a Dark
Imperium. This Dark Imperium is and will be a
manifestation, a practical implementation, of The
Sinister, of The Sinister Dialectic, where Sinister Adepts
(and, of course, Sinister Masters and Lady Masters)
guide, control and manipulate on a large scale
ordinary (non-Initiated) mortals, and thus effect sinister
changes in a particular society, or in many societies.
It is one of the aims of the person named by sinister
esoteric tradition as Vindex to create the foundations for
this Dark Imperium, and, in practical terms, the Dark
Imperium will be a large, organized most probably

militaristic society whose ideals are those of excellence
and of the noble honourable warrior and warrioress, and
whose ethos will be essentially pagan. In addition, this
Dark Imperium will function on the basis of the warrior
leadership-principle and not upon any form of
democracy, just as and importantly the basis for the
law, for the justice, of the new societies of this Imperium
will be personal honour (the law of the warrior), and not
the abstract, dis-honourable, law that has come to
dominate all Western societies, to the detriment of our
evolution as a species.
Given this distinctive practical nature of the Dark
Imperium, it will thus be ideologically, violently, and of
necessity, opposed to the current materialistic,
politically-correct, democratic, plebeian, status quo, in
the West, and elsewhere, and once established one of
the first practical aims of this new Imperium will be to
extend, if necessary by force of arms and conquest, its
Law of the Warrior to other societies, creating in time a
new world-wide Empire. It is this new world Empire
which will efficiently begin the practical colonization of
Space, first in our own Solar System, and then among the
stars. It will do this practical exploration and colonization
of Space both as duty and as a necessity, since such
practical exploration and colonization is an integral part
of its fundamental, irrevocable, pagan and warrior ethos.
Furthermore, such a Dark Imperium will, outwardly, not
be directly associated with the Satanic or with
Satanists, although, under the guidance, the leadership,
of Vindex and his (or her) successors, this warrior
society will be aiding the Sinister Dialectic and thus
achieving long-term Sinister, Satanic, goals.
Of course, Sinister Adepts and some sagacious non-

Initiates will understand that such a Dark Imperium is
itself only a stage; only one part of an Aeonic process;
and that, as such, it does not represent the essence, nor
the ultimate aims, of the ONA itself, although it is only
to be expected that the majority among the plebeius will
fail to appreciate the difference.
In essence, the Dark Imperium is a stage toward the
emergence of a means to create that new human
species which Sinister Adepts have named, variously, as
Homo Sol, Homo Galactica and Homo Galacticus: the
Promethean species whose homes, whose dwellings,
whose life, will be among the star-systems of our Galaxy,
and then among the star-systems of other Galaxies in the
causal Cosmos.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
119 Year of Fayen

The Focus and Direction of the Tempel ov Blood
Lord Karnac 114YF Era Horrificus

For those so inclined to work with the Tempel ov Blood
(after proving their Noctulian potential), our main aims
are threefold: First, we wish to hold as our highest
priority the creation of the New Being. The realization of
the meaning of the humans life is this humans are
nothing in themselves, they are great however once they
have decided to become a bridge to the New Being
variously described and symbolized by Homo Galactica,
Ubermensch, Noctulians, Vampires, and the various titles
given to Alien beings in such mythologies. ANY and
ALL humans who fail to embrace this evolutionary urge
will serve as food and a resource to be used by the New
Being- as a human would a lesser animal. Thus is our
philosophy and way of being a terror to the Magian. So
much sweeter will their Blood Essence be to consume
Second, the infiltration and manipulation of
organizations and forms with Sinister potential.
Aryanism, particularly the more religiously fanatically
forms of it, such as Christian Identity are a good
example. The manipulating Noctulain is to use these
forms for their own Presencing of the Dark, as well as
changing in subtle ways the followers of such forms to
following a more Sinister direction. For example, in
Identity, using knowledge of the Biblical doctrines and
prophecies encourage war, hardship, and system
disruption using the scriptures as guidance and proof of
the message you are sending to adherents of the said
form. Any form with a transhuman, system disruption, or
satanic direction to it may be of use here. The key is
finding a form that in itself is an aid to the Dialect and
empowering it further, causing a saturation of Acausal
Energy. Third, disruption of Magian organizations.

Whether overtly occult forms, such as JudeoChristian
churches, Wicca covens, pseudo-satanic temples, or more
physical down to earth forms such as Magian political
groups and government. These need to be infiltrated and
disrupted via both magical means (the ways of which are
detailed in a ms not available to the public) as well as in
more physical and practical ways. The Tempel itself is
but a means for the Noctulain Empire to provide a harsh
alchemical change process to those who seek it, allowing
them to aid the dialect on their own with the knowledge
and skills attained during the transformation. Those few
who go on to become Noctulians will join with us in our
Harvest and pass thru the Jihad as One of Them that will
reign immortal in the Dark Land.
Come as a reaper, for thus will you sow. Black Book
of Satan


Edited by A. A. Morain

Dedicated to the Haunters at the Threshold,

the Ascended Masters

Anarchaeon- A Brief Look at the Future

The world which we, the inner sanctum of the Drakon

Covenant prophesise and
which our elite footsoldiers of the Vampyric Front work
toward tirelessly is one
of true terror and of true awe.

The world we see is slowly decaying, a state all those
wise enough to recognise
foresaw so long ago. The world continues, despite the
smug statistics of the
liberal, Magian zombies, to break into smaller regions,
characterised by tribal
conflict; the megalopolis that is America is grinding to a
halt. Europe is
inflamed with religious and racial terrorism. Soon, the
world will return to
barbarism, and the Dark Age which will ensue shall
purge the world of its
hubris which it has accumulated, and for which it is now

Into this blasted and charred arena, will we see a return

to primitive ways of
thinking, the return of superstition, the death of reason-
the return of Them.

Once more will the world be plagued by acausal horrors

by night, and by day,
trampled underfoot by the relentless ranks of the servants
of the Ascended

Even now, as you busy yourself and move among the

crowds of thousands, of
millions of humans, They gather and wait. They are
making their presence felt,
as evidenced by the exponential increase in the belief of
demons, ghosts, and

more recently shadow people. All this is occurring in
spite of the supposed
continuation in scientific understanding and discovery.

Why is this? Why are millions of people choosing to

believe in such things?
Why are mi l l ions of people seeing such entities? Why
are millions of people
finding themselves preyed upon each time they go to
sleep at night?

The gates are opening, the acausal is drawing nearer-

whether due to the
increase in adepts and nexions functioning, or as part of
some Cosmic cycle, it
is irrelevant. What matters is that They are getting closer,
and They are making
Their presence felt in a very real way.

By aligning yourself with the inevitable, you become one

of the Elite, who will
master the arts laid out according to the Black Lodge in
general, and the Drakon
Covenant in particular. In time, you will be given the
chance to ascend and sit
among the ranks of the Undead. And from your vantage
point, immortal and
omniscient, you will be hailed as a god over the coming
Anarchaeon, the Dark
Age which humanity is hubristically hurtling toward.

We foresee a future ruled over by sprawling black
empires, an unbreakable
chain of caste, beginning with the lowliest slaves and
terminating in the higher
echelons of the Master Elite and the Ascended Undead
whom they serve and
with whom they will hold communion with.

For the slightly less lucky, tribalism will return- as is

Mans natural state. And
these mundanes will have to learn to make friends with
Nature once again, a
terrible force they have smugly believed they were
exempt from, a force which
will shock them into very real awakening.

And when they tire of such an awakening, when the

terror of the new world is
too much to bear and they turn to rest, perchance to
sleep- WE will be there, to
feed eternally.

You are flanked by black clad soldiers, masked and

bearing breathing
apparatus to counter the toxic clouds which permeate the
land you are moving
through. The soldiers, your personal retinue, are armed
with vicious and highly
customised M4Als, scopes and bayonets equipped as

Around you is the wreckage of what was once called

civilisation, now ground

down to piles of corpses and burnt out vehicles. Black,
oily clouds of burning
plastic billow across the cracked pavements and roads,
and the only light
illuminating the night is from various fires smouldering
in the distance.

As your retinue sweeps forward in tactical formation,

you, an Elite adept of
dread countenance, robed entirely in black, follow suit,
heading toward your
destination. The silence is punctuated by controlled
bursts from the soldiers
guns as they ruthlessly put down the few savages who
emerge from the rubble to
investigate this grim spectacle passing through their

You possess abilities the other soldiers do not, and beside

the litter of the post-
apocalyptic landscape, you see other more nebulous
forms, hulking across the
wastes or streaming down from the sky in great tendril-
like forms, winged and
ribbed in horrific fashion.

You are heading toward the shell of the inner city, which
looms over the charred
horizon. The sides of the crumbled towers and apartment
buildings are lit
orange by the many fires flickering in the night, giving
the impression of a
gaunt and tattered sentinel, towering over the land.

Above you, the cold void of space hangs, punctuated by
a myriad of stars, seen
through the red hue that tints the horizon whichever way
you look. Some points
of light gleam brighter than others, and you feel a
connection with these, as you
recall the entities which call such stars home and
sustenance alike. It is to these
which you, the adept aspire to become and be worshiped
in kind upon mortal
termination by other adepts belonging to the cult you
ruthlessly have carved
into the fabric of this new world.

What was once simply myth and legend is now terrifying

reality. Darkness,
chaos, murder, discipline- all are necessities, cleansing
the DNA of Man and
rebuilding him into something purer, something which
your dark vision has
foreseen, and which They who watch from above have

Amidst the ruins of the city, you make your way across
tumbled pillars and car-
filled trenches, creating an uneven pathway spattered
with potholes and ditches,
of which various wild animals bolt from upon your
approach. Rats, in their
hundreds stream from underneath cars, incredulous to
your presence and

pausing here and there to gnaw on the desiccated skeletal
remains which hang
out of the vehicles so haphazardly arrayed. Rotting
corpses, testament to long
passed violence and anarchy of unprecedented levels
hang from the overarching
streetlights, their slack jawed grimaces and hollow eye
sockets staring down
upon you, swaying slightly in the breeze.

A pack of feral dogs approaches, but are easily scattered

by short controlled
gunfire from two of the soldiers.

You look about, seeing the imprints of the civilisation

around you, seeing
patterns and structures now long faded from the causal
world, but lingering still
in the astral, which you are able to glimpse into for a
time. All this will in time
be reduced to dust, and a new empire will take its place-
one far more ambitious
and promethean in its scope.

Eventually, you arrive at an intersection, where various

main roads meet,
cluttered with rows of cars and vehicles. Ahead lies a
monolithic building,
relatively intact in comparison to the surrounding towers,
made out of steel and
glass as opposed to this building, carved from stone of an
enduring quality.

You ascend the steps which mark the entrance to the
grand edifice, its steps
strewn with corpses and bullet shells. The doors are wide
open, long ago
blasted by insurgents attempting an attack on whomever
dwelt within.

The large building is a library, a central hub of

knowledge in the once
sprawling metropolis you find yourself and your guard

Making your way through piles of paper and ruined

books, you find a tome,
leather-bound and crumpled- the book you have been
looking for. Stashed
between other tattered volumes, you pull it out and see it
printed in large and

Left here long ago by a wandering traveller who had no

time for superstition,
he had chanced upon it lying by the roadside and
intended to keep it for
kindling. Upon reaching the library, the wanderer had
found more suitable
material, and so placed the damp book on a shelf,
forgetting about.

That was until this wanderer passed through your

settlement and mentioned
offhandedly to a fellow drinker what he had seen. This
chance remark had been

picked up by one of your many acolytes, and following a
swift interrogation, the
co-ordinates of the city remnants and been scouted and

You now possessed another valuable artefact to add to

the growing collection of
a select genre of literature, for which you could peruse
and discover more
secrets pertaining to the Dark Gods- and with it, more

They are watching. Their black hand is upon you. The

taint of the Undead

has forever now stained you.

The Aryan Satanic manifesto

by Brother Apostate

Tho' fools raise high tattered bibles, and bigger ones
blow themselves up over insane rantings; the
Satanist realizes that niether faith nor great spiritual truth
will be found in books. Thus this short work
should by no means be considered a scripture to be
followed 'to the letter' for there is plenty of room here
for growth. Rather it should be seen a sign at the side of
the road, pointing to the destination.

The 7 Points of Aryan Satanism

We believe that Satan is the true god of the Aryan folk
and only of the Aryan folk.

We believe in a positive, holistic, and organic view of

nature and the importance of living according to natural

We believe Satanism to represent the reawakening of

pagan spirituality, which with the foundation of National
Socialism, will usher in the new Aeon!

We believe in the primacy of the individual, who

achieves the highest expression of his individuality in
service to his folk.

We demand the downfall of world Jewry in all its forms:

Christianity, Communism, Democracy, etc.

We demand an end to the base materialism that

characterizes the current Aeon and we will act to correct

We provide the means to truth, to enlightenment, to

belonging, and fullfilment through implementation of a
comprehensive worldview based in the devotion to the
eternal principles of blood and soil. Philosophy

1. The True Nature of Satan

It is indeed true that in Hebrew Satan means 'adversary',
this is not however the root of the word. the full
term Ha Shaitan is derived from 'hele ben shahar' or 'son
of the morning', derived in turn from Aryan proto-
Canaanite (Philistine/Pelasgian) 'Baal ze Shaharu' an
appelation of Baal as lord of dawn, equivalent to Greek
Phosphoros and Latin Lucifer. Baal was the most popular
deity throughout Europe for a long time and his name
survives in Celtic Bel, Norse Baldur, and Greek Apollo(
A-baal-o). It was generally considered that Baal took
numerous forms according to need and these forms
became the basis for traditional paganism. It would be
wrong for the modern Aryan folk to adhere to any of the
many spiritual traditions of our people, this is like
confusing an envelope for the message inside. We must
realize that all of the Aryan doctrines of ages past contain
the wisdom of the primordial tradition of the
Hyperborean people.
It was as the Jews began to formulate the Christian
heresy in the first century C.E. that they happily lent the
new cult their "enemy" and spread it to every Gentile
nation essentially causing their new Gentile slaves to
demonize themselves and their own native beliefs.
It is our intention thusly to resurrect the pagan beliefs of
Aryan Europe, in the god who entered the dark
night of Jewry and arose anew in defiance of the filthy
Jehovah to reconquer the day and save our
endangered volk so long deceived. Hail Satan! Our
TRUE savior!

2. List and the Armanen

In 1902 the Germanic occultist Guido von List received a

vision of 18 new runes that provide the keys to
ultimate understanding, these runes had been lost with
the coming of Christianity or sublimated into medieval
heraldry and were the same runes spoken of in the
Nordic Havamal. Now an initiate, List went forth as the
herald of a new aeon, the Aeon of Satan that would usher
in a new world order of prosperity.He created a new
occult lodge: the Arman Society that would influence
virtually every other lodge in Europe at the time.
Fast forward to 1919, an obscure Austrian corporal
comes to check out the work of a new political party:
the National Socialist Party, an offshoot of the Thule
society, an Armanist group researching Aryan
heritage. His name was Adolf Hitler.

3. The SS

On his way to power the young Fuhrer was guided by

Armanists who soon took their places in the newly
formed SS which to the public stood for 'Schutzstaffel'
but in reality meant "Schwartze Sonne" or "black sun" in
The black sun is an ancient symbol for the source of
psychic energy that stands in opposition to the light
sun of the mundane. (This is the source of Vril energy.) It
was here in the SS and its highest priest Heinrich
Himmler and his Ahnenehrbe began the process of
bringing about the Satanic Aeon. This awakening
required strict adherence to eugenic and euthenic
principles in an effort to create a higher form of man.
Each SS initiate had to be carefully certified as a true
Aryan with a proven lineage.
Himmler chose the old castle of Wewelsburg to be the

geographic nexus of the reborn faith, and set about
creating its first temple. It was here that the rituals of the
black sun were fully realized and the SS elite began to
implement its plans.

4. The War of Consecration

In 1933 the world Jews declared war on the third reich

and began manipulating the British and Americans
into becoming their allies, having conquered Aryan
Russia years before. Hitler countered by "dealing with
the devil" making the pact of steel with Russia forcing
him to strike Poland and securing the eastern front
long enough to deal with the Allied pawns. In a supreme
act of mercy Hitler allows the 'miracle of Dunkirk'
but in so doing performs the first act in a ritual sacrifice
of epic proportions. Act two: Stalingrad. The
sanctification of martyrs on the altar of history, the
baptism of blood and fire, Ragnarok. The survivors
rebuild for a new world and await the birth of the New
To the uninitiated self sacrifice seems foolish and the
sacrifice of an entire nation the height of madness.
The profound meaning of this act utterly escapes these
poor deluded masses, wallowing in filth, and
unconscious of honor.

5. Race and the True Individual

What passes for individualism today is but a scared,

shallow imitation of it's true meaning. What the liberal
mind appears incapable of understanding is the
seemingly obvious fact that the self does not exist in a

vacuum.Rather each person is a product of a specific
people at a certain point in the societal lifespan. The
common occult belief that man is a microcosm of the
macrocosm,i.e. 'as above, so below'is a universal
truth. The race is man writ large and the universe larger
still. This belief demands a holistic perspective on
reality and is the foundation of our religion. This
perspective also entails the belief in the interdependence
body and spirit and the realization that the race is in fact
the extension of self to a far grander level.It is
precisely in this context that self sacrifice makes sense.
Thus Satanism maintains and rightfully so the
primacy of the individual, but of the true individual, not
the abstract puppet of liberal postmodernism. The
petty hedonism, worthless ostentation, and the
glorificaion of " shock value" have no place in Satanism.

6. The Nature of Race

We will now attempt to explain the racial aspect of self

as this seems to be the least understood.
Race must be considered holistically and organically.
That is, having a spirit and body inseperable, and the
realization of race,or volk, as a tangibly living thing.
Therefore race can not be abstracted to a mere
question of genetics, nor equally wrong, an artificial
construct of culture; asking which comes first is a
chicken vs egg type argument and will lead nowhere fast.
Rather the study of race, and by proxy self, is
always a question of history, how the self-race exists in
time; and historical events must always be viewed
symbolically within the cycle of continuous rebirth.

7. The Aeonic Cycle and Hyperborea

All of reality is caught up in the endless cycle of birth to

birth and at every level. Thus there are cycles within
cycles ad infinitum. This gives rise to the overall Aeonic
cycle of four consecutive ages: a Golden Age, a Silver
Age, a Bronze Age, and the final Iron age.
Ultimately these cycles intertwine creating slight
overlaps or transitional phases. We currently are in the
transition from Iron to Gold. The last such Golden age
was characterized by the birth of the Aryan
Hyperborean civilization alluded to in so much myth.
Existing in the ancient Arctic regions while they were
still warm due to the excessive planetary tilt, Hyperborea
was essentially an Aryan paradise whose
influence extended to peoples around the globe.
Unfortunately the ages must go on, and so the planet
to its current position driving the Aryan people south
ending the Golden age and beginning the Silver Aeon
of early antiquity, flowing into the the Bronze Age of
Imperialism, ending in the fall of Rome and the rise of
Christianity(the extension of Jewry to non-Jews).
The Aeonic cycle is characterized by a continual decline
of spirituality before cataclysmc awakening and a
continuous shortening, so that the Golden Age is longest
and Iron shortest. The Iron age is defined by the decline
of civilized society into anarchy. One can see this in
government by which caste is in control. Starting with
the Golden age government is a spiritual meritocracy that
declines into monarchy, that declines into militant
dictatorship, that finally declines into mob

rule(capitalism/communism). Thus there is a gradual
shift from highest to lowest before a violent rebirth.

8. Resurrecting the Primordial Tradition

Realizing that little is left of the outward structure of

formal paganism Satan calls us to salvage the
remaining bits and pieces scattered throughout Aryan
religions; primarily the Norse and Vedic which
appear to have the most to offer. At the same time we
have been given the Armanen runes as a key to
unlocking the true primordial tradition and thus
unleashing the energies that give rise to the New Aeon!

9. National Socialism

The Ritual War of Consecration embodied the principals

of Satanism to a tee and it is in National Socialist
doctrine that we see a true balance between individual-
self and social-self. First in the leadership principle
where society bows to a true individual and second in the
volkisch concept where the individual bows to
society. In this way the duality of altruism/egotism is
annihilated, unleashing the vast power of self as
godhood-attained. What we see in the "Nazis" and the
souce of their mystique is precisely the process of
magickal adeptship,the attainment of personal godhood,
applied to its most extreme and glorious extent. It
is a model worth emulating.

10. Der Juden

Throughout history the Jew has been the most

universally despised group regardless of anything. One is
left wondering why? How could an entire race be so
The Jew is descended from the Hebrews an ancient
mongrel race that formed in the "empty quarter" of
Arabia from outcasts and misfits from the surrounding
cultures (Hebrew, from Akkadian Habiru-
thief,vagabond, and Egyptian Apiru- meaning same); tied
into the DNA of every Jew is the very spirit of duality
itself. Dualism leads always to decay for in duality lies a
self hatred and envy that has led to a base materialist
outlook and a need to spread it likea cancer. This self
hate results in self denial and explains the foundations of
Christianity and Communism alike. For the Jew hates his
opposite the Aryan, they are locked in an eternal
struggle.Speaking Aeonically, the Jew is tied to the Iron
Age and is destined to control that age every time the
cosmic wheel comes round. He knows he is in peril
however, for the Aryan spirit, Satan has reawakened, and
he is royally pissed off!

11. Ragnarok

It must be realized that we, the Aryan folk, are in dire

circumstances. Satan calls his chosen people to rebirth.
The pagan warriors of old have provided have provided
the example; they have set the standard. It is only
through the adoption of a warrior mindset, a commitment
to martial spirituality, that we as a people stand a chance.
We must however take a closer look at what this war,
this "Ragnarok" really means.
To have a war one must have an enemy and our enemy is
the Jew, as stated previously the Jew is the embodiment

of dualism, of all that is base, and materialistic. Thus, our
battle is against the forces of cosmic duality.
We may now further distinguish between the esoteric and
exoteric aspects of Ragnarok. The esoteric implies the
internal struggle of spiritual development and the
awakening to enlightenment. True enlightenment is not
peaceful, enlightenment strikes as a slap in the face of the
status quo. It awakens us from our perpetual
somnambulance. At one level this awakening is
ideological, an academic understanding of the current
situation in which the individual finds himself. At
another level the esoteric Ragnarok implies
transcendance through the annihilation of the mundane
ego and absorption into the folk consciousness.
The exoteric Ragnarok implies the application of Aryan
spirituality toward ones life, both personal and at the
racial level. Does this mean physical violence? Not
necessarily. There is a time for everything, and currently
physical violence would be counterproductive to our
cause. Rather we must engage in a war of spirit, of ideas.
We must be the very ideal of Aryan, the noble, master
race. Let us not know the path; let us walk the path.
Essentially the war against Jewry is the exoteric
expression of the internal war against the base instinct of
the self.

In Closing

Let it be said that the call of Aryan spirit is alive and well
today and for all days. That the sacred blood
sacrifice in the streets of Europe be not in vain. Nor that
we shall go quietly into a dark night but shall rise
again the defiant son of the morning!

Sieg Heil
Hail Satan!