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Israel S.

Icalla November 2, 2017

9 Bohr

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a famous name among students like me.
Although he had long time fame, I am not exactly what his pieces were like.
Learning music, Ive heard his works through animated films and cartoons.
Watching the film Amadeus was a new experience to me. Not only because its
my first time watching it, but also because it was a movie which emphasizes the
life of a genius song writer. It was amazing. Who wouldve thought that Mozart, a
famous composer that has compositions that we still use in the present, was a fool.
He would make amazing songs from simple things and would make ill-written
songs better by changing a few notes.

Watching the film allowed me to clearly understand the genius during the
classical era of music. Operas are grand performances but also very common at
that time.

Amadeus life was not easy as the film shows. He was talented, but his
foolish behavior made him seem unworthy of the gift god gave to him. Clearly, he
has a very childish attitude. This causes him to have reckless decisions. It is tragic
that the talent given to him was wasted by his death. On the other hand, Antonio
Salieri lived a miserable life. He was filled with jealousy in his heart. Its sad that
he thinks hes worthless because of Mozarts gift. Yes, you may have flaws and
failures, but do not use that as an excuse to make yourself better.