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Bentley Institute

Student Ambassador Program
Connecting and Empowering Students
The Bentley Institute Student Ambassador Program strives to bridge the Role and Responsibilities
gap between academic learning and the technology skills needed by
• Complete the orientation and familiarize yourself
industry, by creating a global network of student ambassadors acting
with ambassador materials
as liaisons between Bentley and their schools. This network helps • Introduce Bentley and the Bentley Institute Academic
students around the world exchange ideas about leveraging technology Program at your institution
to effectively prepare for careers in infrastructure industries. • Facilitate two way communication between the
institution and Bentley
Bentley Institute Student Ambassadors are the go-to person on • Work with Bentley’s Academic team to organize, promote,
their school’s campus, helping fellow students and educators to get and coordinate activities leveraging technology
acquainted with Bentley software, with inspiring infrastructure • Map course/project requirements against the relevant
projects, and with advances in industries that are advancing the Bentley software, and share with peers how that software
world’s infrastructure. will add value to their courses/projects
• Guide and assist peers in becoming proficient in the use
Each Bentley Institute Student Ambassador is either nominated by of Bentley software
educators at their school or volunteers and is then approved by • Follow Bentley on social media and share timely
Bentley. Following orientation, the ambassadors lead activities on updates with your peer network
their campuses that support learning and help their fellow students to
• Keep faculty members informed of planned activities
• Actively help fellow students to register for Bentley’s
use software in fun and creative ways.
• Coordinate with Bentley Institute Student Ambassadors
from other courses / institutions
Benefits to Student Ambassadors • Document and communicate any opportunities, requests,
or challenges
• Window to visualize your future and enhance your career prospects • Periodic review of plans and progress
• Opportunity to be introduced to Bentley users/potential employers
• Competitive advantage with letter of appreciation from Bentley,
based upon achievements Eligibility Criteria
• Improve leadership skills, and increase your visibility • Must be currently enrolled in a full-time, accredited
with peers and faculty
academic program in applicable subject areas
• Opportunity to be a part of a global network of Bentley Institute • Involved with student organizations and activities
Student Ambassadors • Approachable, friendly, and outgoing
• Complimentary access to pre-defined, Bentley-hosted events, • Resourceful, communicative, and passionate about technology
on-site and online • Adept at social media
• Privilege of receiving ‘sneak peeks’ of the emerging technologies • Must be prepared to set aside dedicated time for
• Chance to be publicly recognized as a top Bentley Institute
work related to the program
Student Ambassador • Familiarity with Bentley and Bentley’s software is a plus

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