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Ref.:: COGGN/RTL/NF607/807/AR/2015; Branch- Asthal bohar
Jan 9, 2016
Views & Recommendations of the section::
Brief Background::

Dr. Rajbir singh (A/c No.- 2031.101.869)

The party was maintaining Saving Account with us since 2006. Subsequently the
customer was extended credit card facility. Party was using his credit card regularly and
the account got debited on 10th of every month for purchases made through credit card.
While perusal of account statement, it was observed that the customer was of habit of
using credit card, which was charged to SB account on due date, but the same was paid
off with delay. On 11/11/15, the account was debited by Rs.54474.72/- for credit and
dues, which was cleared on 20/11/2015.Similarly on 10/12/15, the account was debited
for Rs.49959.69/- against FTV charges which created TOD in the account.Again on
11/01/2016, and account was debited by Rs.25485 /- against FTV charges.
Therefore as the account was continuously overdrawn, it resulted into slippage of
account to NPA on 10/03/2016 with book liability of Rs.74983.07/- but every month
account is being credited in form of NEFT so the present book liability is Rs 29807/-.

Darshana (A/c No.- 2031.741.1040)-

Date of Sanction of Loan: 22/01/2014
Sanctioned amount: Rs.0.35lac
Present Liability: Rs.15961/- (Book Liability-Rs.58194/-)
The a/c is NPA since: 21/01/2016
Date of AOD: 20/08/2016
Date of limitation: 19/08/2018
Recovery after NPA: Rs.11000

The loan was sanctioned under DPN Scheme for Garments shop. As reported by the
Branch, the borrower is presently not having sufficient income to repay the dues.
Waiver of legal action is recommended by Branch.

In view of the above, we recommend::

1. Branch to send notice to the party and immediately freeze the credit card as per
2. Transfer of liability to LPD.
3. Waiver of legal action.
4. Branch has reported nil staff lapses.
5. Branch to note down the borrower details in undesirable customer list.
6. To adjust credit balances available in other operational deposit account of the
party, if any, against overdues.

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