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LW30mm Ammunition

M789 HEDP M788 TP AH-64 Apache

Outstanding armor penetration and fragmentation characteristics

provide multi-role, multi-target capability
OrbitalATK provides the United States and its allies with a multi-service family of lightweight 30mm
(LW30mm)ammunition. The ammunition was developed and fielded for the M230 chain gun on the AH-64
Apache helicopter. Combat proven in operations Just Cause, Desert Storm, and in Afghanistan, LW30mm
HEDP has demonstrated excellent armor penetration at ranges from 150 to 4,000 meters, effectively
defeating theinfantry fighting vehicle threat.
Because of its light weight, small volume, and moderate recoil, LW30mm ammunition is ideal for helicopters,
light ground vehicles (such as the HMMWV), and shipboard applications. Proven effective against light armor
and materiel targets, it provides suppressive firepower at ranges equal to those of the Hellfire or TOW missile,
making it the ammunition of choice for applications requiring both armor defeat and wide-area lethality.
Orbital ATKs LW30mm ammunition features a spin-compensated, shaped-charge liner, providing superior
armor defeat plus additional growth potential. It also incorporates a high-performance, mechanical point-
detonating fuze with impressive long-range performance and graze sensitivity. Outstanding armor
penetration, combined with blast concussion and fragmentation characteristics, give the LW30mm
ammunition superior multi-role, multi-target capabilities.
M230 Chain Gun

Rounds Technical Data

Orbital ATKs family of LW30mm ammunition consists of two M789 HEDP M788 TP
rounds: M789 High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP) and M788 Length (max): 199.99 mm 199.75 mm
Target Practice (TP).
Cartridge wt: 339.0 g 343.0 g
The M789 HEDP is the combat round. It has a heat-treated Muzzle Velocity
steel body loaded with 27 grams of PBXN-5 explosive and a
(nominal): 805 m/s 805 m/s
fluted copper shaped-charge liner. This advanced design
Projectile wt: 236.0 g 238.0 g
ensures superior performance against threat armored vehicles.
Cartridge Case: Aluminum Aluminum
Orbital ATK designed and developed the M759 fuze used on
the HEDP round. Point-detonating, the M759 offers advanced Penetration: 25mm RHA@
performance features such as dual safety, longer arming delay, 50 at 500m
shallow graze function, and greater long-range impact Explosive: PBXN-5
functioning. Fuze M759 Point
The M788 TP is a low-cost, ballistically matched, inert training Detonating
round. It is produced from the same quality materials and with
the same exacting processes as the combat round.
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