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Batch: ____________ Date: ___________ Time: 1 hr.
Name: ___________________________ Roll No: _____________ Marks:

Instructions: questions 1 to 17 carry 1 mark each, question 18 carry 3 marks.

1. The expression of resonant frequency in a series resonant circuit is?

a) 1/(2C) b) 1/( 2L) c) 2LC d) 1/(2LC)

2. The circuit is said to be in resonance if the current is ____ with the applied voltage.
a) in phase b) out of phase c) 45 out of phase d) 90 out of phase

3. The SI unit of reluctance be: (a) AT/Wb (b) AT/m (c) AT (d) N/Wb

4. Relative permeability of air is is: (a) 0 (b) 1 (c) infinite (d) none of above

5. Which among the following condition is true at the resonance? a) Xc > XL b) Xc = XL c) Xc < XL d) None these

6. What is the Q (Quality factor) of a series circuit that resonates at 6 kHz, has equal reactance of 4 kilo-ohms each,
and a resistor value of 50 ohms? a) 0.001 b) 50 c) 80 d) 4.0

7. An ideal voltmeter has ___________ internal resistance and ideal ammeter has ___________ equivalent resistance:
a) Unity, Unity b) Zero, infinite c) Infinite, Zero d) Zero, Zero

8. A junction with two (or) more than two network elements meet is known as a ______________
a) Node b) Branch c) Loop d) Mesh

9. The other name for Delta connection is ___________

a) Star connection b) Pi connection c) T connection d) Y connection
10. In three phase system, the line voltage VRY is equal to?
a) phasor sum of VRN and VNY b) phasor difference of VRN and VNY
c) phasor sum of VRN and VYN d) algebraic sum of VRN and VNY
11. In a star connected system, the phasors VRN , VRY are ____ apart.
a) 15 b) 30 c) 45 d) 60
12. The relation between VRY ,Vph in a star connected system is?
a) VRY =Vph b) VRY =3Vph c) VRY =33Vph d) VRY =3Vph

13. The sequence of induction motor is RYB, then the direction of induction motor can be changed by which of the
following sequence? a)BYR b)RBY c)YRB d)All of the above

14. If the value of C in a series RLC circuit is decreased, the resonant frequency

a) increases b)is not affected c)is reduced to zero d)decreases

15. A resonant circuit has a lower cut-off frequency of 7 kHz and an upper cut-off frequency of 13 kHz. The
bandwidth of the circuit is: a)20 kHz b)13 kHz c)4 kHz d)7 kHz

16. Speed of d.c. shunt motors are controlled by

a. Flux control method b. Rheostatic control method c. Voltage control method d. All of these

17. Efficiency of transformer will maximum when:

a)core loss=hysteresis loss b)core loss= constant loss c)core loss=copper loss d)none of these

18. Draw the phasor diagram for 3-phase star connection with RL load and clearly represent the phasors:

VRY, VYB, VBR, VRN, VYN, VBN, IRN, IYN, IBN (use back side of the sheet to draw the phasor diagrams)
Q.No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Ans. D A A B B C C A B C

Q.No. 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Ans. B B B A C D C