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The King and His new heart!

-Dr. Jagendra B. Chhantyal

In a certain country there was a mighty king

He had multitudes of people to praise him
From the dawn of the day till it was dark night
His palace would be full of chanting his praise!
Praise came from the east and resounded on the west
Everyone would be singing that the king was the best
Praise indeed was hanging upon the courtier's mouth
Praise came from the north and resounded in the south!
They would hate the one who verbally didn't praise the king
And treated him in such way they would erase his name
From the list of good citizen of a good kingdom!
The King would believe whatever news courtiers brought
"All are praising your majesty" in the north or south!
The courtiers just knew blowing conch, pipe and human ears
Criticism of the king was thus far from the court for fears
These never got a chance to enter both of his natural ears
In order to keep their job they spoke many flattering words
Before the king, his crown, his curt and before his swords
Ergo, the king didn't have knowledge about the real world
The song of reality sung by his people right behind his fold!

This king had an army of Four Brigades

Each of them was kept in east and west
North and south in locations their best
Four of his loyal generals commanded each of them
The foes would tremble to hear just their names!
His detective unit was so daring and fearsome
The king would make his national policy hearing them
And use honor, reward, punishment or discrimination
His undercover spies were dispersed in various nations
Yet, as it's royal legacy, the monarch had deep suspicion
Over the loyalty of the palace personnel and civilians!

One day the King decided to make a test about that matter
He hoaxed himself falling down while descending the ladder
Having checked the Crown "oh no" uttered the royal medics
Ministered some drugs and asked him to wait for few weeks
The pain of the king couldn't be nineteen out of twenty
The queen declared then and there ,a healer's huge bounty
The disqualified Royal medics were unable the Crown to cure
With dwindling health the monarch was going to die for sure!
The medics said," Hail the King, there is left only one way
For the recovery from your heart disease ,you must swap away
In lieu of your old heart, one has to make heart transplantation
From the body of a well nourished new generation human!

The king stood at the front window of the majestic palace
Intending to know the public will while collecting solace

"Beloved though I love all of you I can't embrace you all

As I am followed by my sinister, gloomy fate of this fall
I've no doubt on your patriotism and loyalty to the crown
Now I am to say of final farewell turning pale and brown
I hope you will help our young son to run administration
With all these patriotism, passion and heroic enthusiasm
You are to help my son keep national unity and sovereign
Geographic integrity as has been done since time unknown
Farewell my children, may my country remain ever living!
Finally let me tell you the truth that surely I am gonna die
This is the bitter truth you've to face soon , not a white lie!

"No, Your Majesty! Please do not speak this way

May I die in lieu of Your Majesty if there is any way!"
The number of saying so and weeping in a bitter tone
Began from one, beating their breasts crossed millions
The diplomats of the palace even said so: Your Majesty
Don't be depressed! We will take every measure
To heal you oh my Lord, of this evil seizure !
The King went again in his secret place suites
There he counseled with his secret Royal Medics
Then the King reappeared at the window of audience
He began then to address his people in pale countenance
"Beloved I am now sure to go my eternal journey
To meet my father in heaven, resting in eternity!
Stay well; do not make any mourning at my demise
It is vulnerable for enemy attack with apt surprise!
I had desire to survive yet more enjoying world's beauty
I must obey the nature's call, abiding death is my duty!
For, the eventual way of my survival is very severe!
I have to put a new, fresh heart throwing this one old
None can give me his heart, who can be that much bold?
"Your Majesty should survive whatever by any means and way
We must save our august monarch, "the throng began to say
Then the Royal medic spoke," Whose heart shall I take?
Who is ready to be sacrificed for His Majesty's sake?
The throng excited so huge, now made pin drop silence
Then with a diplomatic grin the king took a white pigeon!
Picking a feather he said, "Subjects, now this I cast
I will take the one's heart that it will touch at last!
Royal Medic, you should take out that man's heart
And transplant in place of my old one, then I'll start
To live the Royal Life with your donated new heart
Did you get it? I shall count three and then start
Casting this white feather towards your chests and hearts!
Speechlessly the environment became so pin drop silence
Everyone's heart was pounding fast ruled by lie's violence

The king took a feather and cast it in the blue
A stampede occurred amongst the people and courtiers
Who insisted they were ready to do or die for the king
In reality the scenario was proving just opposite things!
As the feather reached closer to a man, he blew it away
To the other man ,right in the sight of the monarch's eyes
Seeing this the King entered his palace suite in great wrath.
Eventually the feather fell upon head of the King's shoemaker
He maintained a certain distance with every caretaker!
A half- dumb man, who did not articulate word of flattery
Took this chance of serving the king as his great victory
And recited the slogan-"Long Live His Majesty the King!
Though by pride our hearts and deeds may be fouled
Our King and our country are dearer than our own souls!"
As the Royal Medic strapped the shoemaker on a bed
In front of all to take his heart off his thinly fleshed chest!
His countenance did not have any worry and panic
The king said, "I am healed by His faith so iconic!"
He has been a model of loyalty to the state and the king
Appoint him as my counselor to live beside me and sing
Dismiss the chief courtier that my father had hired
For they were not realistic but proved perfect liars"
My friends be like the shoemaker follower of truth
There is no famine of a throng rushing after pelf
Prestige, honor and position to glorify external self
Due to such folks the Corazon of our monarch pains
The remedy is in giving yours and mine hearts to Him
Just lip service has caused His heart severe rending
The feather of judgment before us has already come
Let us give our hearts to the nation without any pumps!