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Modifying Task Dependencies

In this exercise, youll add a summary task and modify the dependencies for several tasks from the default
Finish-to-Start dependency to one of the other three options.

1. Open Home Construction 2F from your course dataset folder, and take a moment to examine
the project plan.

In this project plan task dependencies have been applied to all of the tasks. The timescale has
been set to Weeks and displays two-to-three months of the project.

2. Now add the Project Summary task by choosing FormatShow/Hide >

Task 0 is now added to the task list. The project duration is 112 days, starting on 6/16/14 and
ending on 11/20/14.

3. Now change the timescale by choosing ViewZoomTimescale. Set the value to Days.

Changing the timescale often causes the date range displayed by the Gantt bars to shift.

4. Next, move the calendar back to the beginning of the project by selecting task 0, then choosing

TaskEditingScroll to Task .

Examine the Gantt bars on the right side of the project plan. With the timescale set to Days,
weekends are displayed as gray-colored columns to indicate they are non-working days.

5. Select task 13, Obtain Plumbing Permit, then choose TaskEditingScroll to Task .

This task is closely related to its predecessor task 12 (Obtain Foundation Permit) and should
begin at the same time.

6. Choose Task >Properties>Information .

The task information box is displayed.

Let Me Try!

7. From the Predecessors tab, follow steps A through C below to change the dependencies for task

A. Click the Predecessors tab.

B. Change the Type field to Start-to-Start (SS).
C. Click OK.

8. Using the same method, choose task 14 and modify the dependency for task 13 to a Start-to-
Start dependency.

When complete, the three permit tasks appear with the Start-to-Start symbol as shown
immediately below. Note the change in the duration of the project; it has been reduced from
112 days to 106 days, and the finish date has moved from 11/20/14 to 11/12/14.

9. Select task 23, Backfill Around Foundation.

Let Me Try!

10. Choose TaskEditingScroll to Task .

Task 23 follows task 22 (Install Outside Utilities). Although the two tasks can run parallel to
each other, task 23 cannot finish until task 22 finishes. This means task 23 will have a Finish-
to-Finish dependency with task 22. Use the Predecessors column on the task list to make this

11. Follow steps A through C below to change task dependencies for task 23.


A. Drag the divider to the right to reveal the Predecessors column.

B. For task 23, edit the predecessor value from 22 to 22FF (Finish-to-Finish).
C. Note the change to the appearance of the Gantt bars.

12. Scroll to the top of the task list and review the Project Summary task.

The changes you made to task dependencies have changed the duration of the entire project.
You saved 8 days in the project, and will be able to deliver the finished home to your client 10
days sooner than previously estimated.

13. Save and close the file.