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Unit 1 A Big Responsibility Unit 2 Elephants Are Amazing

kind other low

Creature companionship almost
memory hit useful
mowing puppy understand
cooperate evil keeper
while discuss expenses
knew far picked
leave locked care

B : Mom, can I get a ?

M: Elephants are interesting. They are intelligent. They also
W: No, Billy. Taking of a pet is a big
have a great . You should always be
to elephants. They remember everything. A
B : I promise to take good care of him, and you wont
woman from India told me a story. When she was a little girl,
have to remind me to do things for him.
she knew of an evil elephant keeper. He often
W: A dog isnt a toy that you play with for a
his elephant. He was very mean and cruel to
. He will be part of our life for the
the elephant. Then the evil sold the elephant.
next 10 or 20 years. He is a living .
The new keeper was a very kind man. Many years later, the
B : I that, Mom. I promise to feed him every
evil keeper met the elephant again. The elephant remembered the
morning and take him for walks every afternoon.
evil man. He up a stone with his trunk and threw
W: Thats part of the responsibility, but theres more. He
it at the man. The elephant still
needs a license and has to go to the vet to get shots. A
the man, even after so many years.
dog also needs . You cant go
Elephants help each , too. Elephants use a
with your friends and
special sound. The sound is so that people
him up in the house
cannot hear it. This sound travels really .
all day.
B : I understand, Mom. I have $100 in the Groups of elephants can communicate with each other,

bank so I can pay for his license and shots now. even if they are far apart. This is very

W: There are other , too. Dog food is because it helps the elephants to find

rather expensive. water and food. The elephants to help

B : Well, I have my job lawns and Ill get each other.

a newspaper route.
W: I think we should this with your
father when he gets home. This is a family decision.
B : OK, Mom. Thanks!
Unit 3 Ants, Ants, Everywhere! Unit 4 The Oil Spill

cayenne mind worth volunteered Once ugly

substances seep yard removed refreshing rescue
cinnamon mint chemicals caught clean spill
deck hazardous rather fun arrived caught
hazardous patio thoughtful float swept proud
worried ants slick trucks took
G : Hello, Mrs. Wilson. How are you?
W: Im , Brianna. Thousands of
G : My best friend Katy lives near a beautiful white sand
are all over my !
G : Thats quite a problem. beach. Her parents take us there every summer. The water is
W: Whats worse is that my daughters birthday clean and . We have a lot of in the
party is in a few days and I wanted to have it on
waves. Last year, there was an oil at Katys
the patio.
G : Why dont you call an exterminator? beach. We at the
W: I would, but I dont want all those
beach to up the oil and help the birds that were
chemicals around my children.
Its harmful and unhealthy. I also dont want in the spill.
dangerous to into When we at the beach that day, the water was
the garden. slick with oil and the white sand had turned black. It was an
G : I usually dont have problems with ants, and I
sight. At first, the workers would
dont use any chemicals.
W: Whats your secret? not let us on the beach. We had to watch from a distance. We
G : Well, ants are difficult to control, so I planted watched as they put a huge in the water,
a lot of mint plants near my . I also
called a boom. This device kept the oil slick from
use cinnamon and pepper. I just
sprinkle them around the places I dont want ants. spreading. they stopped the , we
Some people have tried it and said it worked. Others were allowed on the beach to help. Each of us was given a
said that they needed to try something else.
broom. We the oil into a pile. The workers
W: I think its a try. I would
use cinnamon and it away in big . We all worked
around my patio than some very hard that day to restore the beach. Once the oil was
. Besides, I dont mind having the , the birds that had been in the oil
ants in the . I simply dont want
had to be helped. The workers showed us how to remove the
them coming to the birthday party. Would you
helping me? oil from their wings. Then the birds could fly away to safety.
G : It would be a pleasure. I have a lot of We were very of ourselves that day.
at home and I can run to the
We helped save our beautiful beach and the birds who visit
store to get the plants for you.
W: Thank you, Brianna. Youre such a it.
Unit 5 The Amazing Amazon Unit 6 Research
according Prize library
research besides inaccurate
Mouth Amazon efficient
unless awarded theory
unique supply creatures
Physics safer life-saver!
terrifying wide hunts
old-fashioned theory
minutes rainforest
developed websites
M: The is an amazing river. It W: What are you doing, Billy?
is in many ways. It is the second longest B : Im doing . I found a lot of great
river in the world. It is 6,500 kilometers long. It starts W: You know, I think you might want to go to the
up in the Andes Mountains. Its drainage basin (the area library and look at some books.
B : I dont want to. It takes too much time, and
of land that collects water) covers 40 percent of South , this is fast, easy, and fun. This paper
America. The Amazon River has many small rivers that will be done in no time.
W: The Internet is great for finding information.
it with water. It is the widest river in the
But it is also full of and lies. You dont
world. The river rises more than nine meters during the really know what you are looking at
you are at a reliable site. Its
rainy season. It overflows its banks. It floods large areas of
to get some books first and then
the . During that time, in some parts, it has search for more information.
a width of up to 40 kilometers. The Amazon River is over B : Grandma, I love you, but I think you are a little
. Look at all this great information!
325 kilometers at its . It My report is on Albert Einstein. Now,
has more to this site, he was born in 1979,
came up with the of relatives, and
water than any other river in the world.
was the Nobel Prize for
The Amazon River is also home to many animals. Over 2,000 in 1922.
W: Your information is wrong. Albert Einstein was
types of fish live in the Amazon River. One kind of fish is
born in 1879 and the
the piranha. The piranha is a fish. A of general relativity. He won the Nobel
piranha grows up to 60 centimeters long. It in 1921.
B : Wow! That means all this stuff is .
in a group. A group of piranha can kill and How did you know all that?
eat cattle in a matter of . They are so W: Come with me to the and Ill
help you find the books with those facts.
that only the bones are left. This fish is
B : Thank you, Grandma. Youre a real
one of the most dangerous in the Amazon
Unit 7 A New Calculator Unit 8 Racing Robots

Calculators warranty battery-powered

equaled Nowadays speed
inexpensive easier digit
weighs Maze lucky
tax specific display
together controlled design
batteries bills pocket
entered interested
W: Hi. Id like to see your .
M: Did you have a certain model in mind, maam?
W: Im not thinking of any M: I have been in robots for as long as I

model. I want something simple can remember. The first thing I did when I

for basic math. high school was join the Robotech

M: Is it for personal use? robot-making club. We get together after school every

W: Yes. I just need it for shopping and day and create our own robots. it is very

keeping track of my . easy to find kits to build your own robot and these are

M: Well, the great thing is that these simple what we use.

calculators are very and small. The highlight of the year for us is the annual Robot

Here is a solar model that never needs race. Everyone who wants to take part has

. It is thin, too. to make a small computer-robot. You need

W: Its too small. I cant read the numbers very easily. to race it to the center of a maze. We work

M: How about this one? It is a in teams of three or four. This year, I am

calculator. Its a bit bigger. The working with two students who won last years

is easier to read. competition, so I think we have a really good chance of

W: Yes, I can see the numbers better. It is winning.

to hold, too. Is it also solar? Our robot is about 30 centimeters high. It

M: Yes, it is. It is , as well. It has an two kilograms. It should be really quick. We

eight-display. This calculator also has a have been practicing often, and we have already

memory key. last years , so we just need to

W: How much is it? get a little faster. We are keeping the of our
robot secret. If we win, we will get $500. I hope this will be
M: It is only five dollars plus . It comes
my year.
with a one-year .
W: Ill take it.
Unit 9 Online Chatting

Unfair chatting However

noticed addictive chatting
causes Disabled delay
sure share wheelchair
knowledge Besides behavior

W: Philip, are you still online? Its 9:30

You have an exam tomorrow.
B : Yes, Mom. Ill get off in a minute.
W: I read some articles about chatting online. Im not so
you should be spending so much time
in front of your computer.
B : Mom, that seems . It can be very
educational. You meet people from all over the world who
talk about lots of different things

W: OK, maybe these people their

. I still think it is better to join clubs and
socialize with real people.
B : Do you think chatting online bad
W: Online can be very
, not to mention expensive.
B : Well, if you have DSL, chatting is not expensive.
Also, not everyone who chats is an addict.
people are better able to socialize
online. You know, not every area is
W: True. , Ive read that there are
lots of strange people online who are
B : Ill be careful. , you can always
see what I am writing and who I am writing to.
In my opinion, the biggest with
chatting online is the lag time or
in the system.
W: I agree, I have that there is some
lag time in you getting off the computer!
Unit 10 The Nobel Prize Unit 11 Great Art

committees achievements
diploma decided Economics also shapes Whatever
increased prizes answers grabs meaning
death crowns war
Prize chemistry Dynamite disagree inside techniques
portrays pretty feelings
W: One of the greatest in the
world is to win the Nobel Prize. It has been given
to people since 1901. There are
M: What makes a painting a great work of art? There are
for physics, ,
many to that question. Some people think
and medicine. There are also prizes for literature,
that a painting should look . Others
economics, and peace. The Nobel Prize is
. The skill of the painter is important. The
named after Alfred Nobel. He was born in
used are also important. Most of all, a great
Stockholm, Sweden, in 1833. Alfred Nobel
painting has . A great painting has a
invented dynamite in 1866. is
special element in it.
used in mining, construction, and
Sometimes, a painters special element is the way he
. Before he died, he wrote that
his or her feelings in a piece of art. An
all of his money should be used to create the
example of this is Picassos painting, Guernica. It has
Nobel . He died in 1896. The
strange in it. It shows suffering people, too.
first prize was given in 1901.
It is not a very pretty picture. However, it makes people
Each prize has three parts: a , a
understand Picassos feelings about war.
gold medal, and money. The money has
Other times, the element is a memory or feeling. This comes from
since 1980. It is now ten million
another person. Someone may see a painting
Swedish . This is about one
and be reminded of a beautiful memory. A painting can
million euros. How are the winners chosen?
remind people of a feeling. For example,
Five secretly meet to pick the
Leonardo da Vincis Mona Lisa is very popular. Many
winners. The Nobel Prize for Economics is the
people like her smile. Some people say it is a
only one that is not that way.
smile. Others say it is a happy one. Still
That is because it was created in 1956 by the
others make up stories about the woman in the painting.
Bank of Sweden in honor of the fiftieth
Which element is the most important? Is it the skill of the
anniversary of Alfred Nobels .
artist or the of the person looking at the
The Bank of Sweden decides who gets the Nobel
painting? the case, a painting that
Prize for . Since 1901, over 750
peoples emotions is popular.
people have won the Nobel Prize.
Unit 12 Talking Drums Unit 13 The Hot New Movie
ruin sequel leading
jaws bring amazing
wooden laugh heavy surprise theater martial
drums string skillful find spends head evil
both troupe tightens
skin sounds fit
pegs raises squeezes
W:The latest blockbuster movie Robots Attack 2
supposed hollow college
pitch starring Garrison Fort opened yesterday. Fort

B : I want to be a member of a heavy metal band. I love and Andy Robot are at it again, saving people
heavy metal drums, James. from the of death. The evil
M: I dont, Henry! They are too , if you ask
robots are invading Atlantis once again. The
me. I prefer a more traditional style, like African barrel
drums. crowds seemed to love the .
B : Barrel drums? What are those? Maybe they loved it as much, if not more than,
M: They are made with hollow logs and animal skins.
the first Robots Attack. The special effects are
First, they cut down a tree. They cut a section thats about as
thick and tall as a barrel. They stretch an animal fantastic! Mr. Fort seems to have worked on his
over the top, and tie it to the sides with fighting technique. His arts
pegs. These can be tightened skills are . He beats the evil
to change the pitch.
robots easily.
B : Hmm... that sounds interesting.
M: In Nigeria, they have talking . They Of course, our man saves a lady
use a tree trunk thats smaller than a in distress, the fair Angie. She promptly falls in
love with Garrison the hero. However, Andy
drum, and leave an opening at
Robot is jealous of this new love.
ends. Then they an
animal skin on each end. Theres a He a good part of the movie
between each of these ends. When a trying to their plans. Another
player holds the drum under an armpit and is the robot,
, it the string and
Homer, who decides he wants to become a do-
the .
B : Why do they call it a talking drum? gooder. His partner, Ethel, works hard to make
M: The drummers are so they can him return to his evil ways.
make the drums imitate human voices. They
Does Andy Robot succeed in rescuing Garrison
seem to cry, , and shout.
B : Id like to hear that. Fort from love? What about Ethel? Does she
M: Why dont you come to the community Homer back to his evil ways? To
with me tomorrow? A
out, for the
from Africa is giving a concert, and
they are to have the best , buy a ticket, and sit back and
drummers in the world. relax.
B : Now, that great!
Unit 14 A Faux Pas Unit 15 The List
manners Israel dishes
foreigner apologized misunderstandings Charcoal supplies drawing
Brushes supplies charcoal
faux politely inappropriate
Supplies watercolor prestigious
used foreign sponge burned recognize display
happened embarrassing chalk proud drawing board

G : It happens a lot. So many people visit and

live in countries nowadays. The G : Thanks for coming, Dad. I cant believe my first day of
culture and of every country are school is just next week!
different. It is M: Your mother and I are of you. Greer is a
likely that a will say or do something very art school.
. This is called a pas. In one G : There is an enormous list of art . They are
culture, it is fine to do something one way. In another mostly items I dont .
culture, it is rude. M: Lets look for the that you recognize,
For example, my friend visited a relative in Israel. Megan, and then we can get help with the rest.
She offered to wash the dishes. She did not know that it G : I need a large . I also need a drawing pad
was important to wash the meat dishes with a special one meter by half a meter in size, newsprint paper, and a
sponge. She the wrong . Her set of artists drawing pencils.
friends father was very upset. In Canada, it is fine to use M: Here is the drawing board, and I noticed the pencils
the same sponge to wash all of the , but not over there. Whats next?
in . G : I need paint, various , India
Something similar to me when I ink, and a fountain pen.
visited a temple in India. I was surprised when two M: They are on the wall .
officials stopped me and told me to take off my shoes. It G : Now we need to locate the vine charcoal. M: Excuse
was only then that I realized that people are not me, miss.
allowed to enter a temple with their shoes on. I was W: Yes, sir? How can I help you?
very embarrassed. Of course, I for my M: Were trying to find vine . Do you know
mistake. what that is, and where we can find it?
A faux pas is . No one wants to be W: Vine is specially-
rude. No one wants to cause problems. However, wood. Burning it makes it like a
when two cultures meet, there can be . black . It is commonly used for
The next time someone is rude, be patient and . Vine charcoal is very easy to erase,
understanding. He may think he is acting so we keep it next to the erasers.
. G : Thats everything, Dad!
M: Great! Lets pay for all these .
Unit 16 Family Camping Unit 17 The Amusement Park

Travel campfire families

Satisfied enough amusement
leisure wood contest
experienced order volcano
whole tents probably
erupts absolutely starving called
restful enjoyable probably
spins awfully suggesting
scales set fishing together
supposed whatever toppings bought

B : There are many popular time M: I love this park, Fran! Thanks for
activities, but one of the most is it. I am having a fantastic time.
family time. Most people enjoy being with their Theres that new ride! Its called, The Volcano,
families. There are many things to do with your and its to be amazing.
family, too. Families can go to the movies, W: That looks high. Do you really
, visit museums, and play sports want to try it? Weve The
Rocket, the
together. The most common family activity is
camping. giant Ferris Wheel, and those bumper boats. Dont you
Many like camping. It is a chance for think thats ? Besides, I am .
the family to work . M: If you come on The Volcano with me, Ill buy you a
pizza with you want.
They can stay in the wild. Children gather dry
W: Do you really mean any topping, even mushrooms, which
for the fire. Their parents set up the
you dont like?
tents. Then the whole family gathers around the fire. M: Yes, I will even a pizza with mushrooms!
They enjoy a special meal together. Then, they W: OK, Michael. I will try this last ride.
off into the woods with a compass M: Great, Fran! I know you will enjoy this. Did you know
and a map. After hiking the trails, everyone gets a that when the , our seats
pole. Each person casts the fishing shake? I heard it is quite an experience.
line out into the river. Who gets the biggest fish? W: I am not sure that I want to get on this ride anymore.
Its a great . M: Dont worry, Fran. Look at the people getting off the
Later, the children clean the fish by the river. They ride. They look very .
W: Im sorry, but I dont think I can do this, even for pizza.
take the off the fish. Mom fries the
How would you feel if I lunch instead?
fish over the . Dad cleans up when
M: I dont want to force you to do something you really
everyone is finished. You dont want wild animals
dont want to do. And I am hungry. Sure, lets get some
coming to eat your leftovers! Then everyone goes lunch.
into their for a W: I want to try this new restaurant Skylight.
night. The top of the restaurant while you eat!
While there are many things that families can do M: Oh, wow! Lets go!
together, camping is the most
Unit 18 Fresh Lemonade Unit 19 At the Movies
Brownies near healthy
extremely craving large
charging Sounds advertise popcorn higher screen
stand stand attract earn certainly muffins matter
expenses Should cooler Besides avoid change
set customers customers stove Aisle snack restricted budget
cup stick sales sounds
keep sign plenty Will
cover cardboard

M: Ticket prices have gone up!

B : How can I some extra money this W: Yes, but I really needed a break, so if the price is a bit
summer? G : Why dont we start a lemonade , it doesnt .
, ? , I really want to see this movie on
B : Thats a great idea, Mary, but do you think we will the big .
make any money? M: Would you like something to on while
G : If we set up in an area with a lot of traffic on a hot we watch the movie?
day, we will get of . W: Sure. What do they have?
We can charge $1.50 per . M: It looks like the standard and soda. But
B : That a little expensive. theres also ice cream, hot dogs, and coffee.
G : But we need to charge that much to W: I have a for chocolate, but I should
our . By attempt to eat something . I want to
$1.50 per cup, we can make good getting sick this year. I am trying to
money with our lemonade stand. my diet.
B : OK. What do we need to get started? M: Im afraid the healthiest item may be the coffee. W:
G : We need the ingredients to make lemonade, so we need Do they have any ?
lemons, sugar, and water. We need something to keep M: No, but they do have .
our money in, a to the W: I havent had a brownie in a long time. Please get me
lemonade, paper cups, and a box to use a brownie and a coffee. What are you getting?
as a . M: Im getting the popcorn and
B : we sell food to go with the a cola. W: Here is some money.
lemonade? M: Its on me.
G : I think that would be too complicated. We would need W: No, please. The tickets were expensive.
a permit and either a or I know you are on a .
. We should to just M: I insist. Did you want cream and sugar in your coffee?
selling lemonade. W: Well, thank you very much. No cream in the coffee,
B : Youre right, lets just it simple. please.
G : OK, lets get up and think of a M: So, you probably dont want sugar, either?
plan to get some customers and make some W: No, I think there is enough sugar in the brownies.
! Ill find us some seats the .
B : Why dont I the
and you serve the lemonade?
G : good to me.

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