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3rd Invention to Innovation Summit KP-2017, UET, Peshawar

Innovation Expo to Buy and Sell Technology

November 29-30, 2017
Organized By Technology Session Day 01
Session 01: Inauguration:
Welcome Address by Dr. Abdul Shakoor, Director, ORIC, UET, Peshawar
Address by Abid H K Shirwani, CEO, IRP/DG, UMT
Address by Industry Representative
Address by Prof. Dr. Anwar ul Hassan Gilani, Chairman PCST
Address by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, Chairman, Pakistan Science Foundation
Time 10:00am- 12:00pm Address by Prof. Dr. IftikharHussain, Vice Chancellor, UET, Peshawar
Address by Guests of Honor and Chief Guest
Contact: Dr. Abdul Shakoor - 0345-5646565
Inauguration of Technology Expo
Having Prototypes, Models, Idea Posters
Session 02: Popularizing Science through Science Communications
The session will address how media can promote science, technology and innovation
Organizer: Mr. Paras- 0333-5755926
02:00- 4:00 pm

Session 03: Business Plan Competition (Prescreening of Proposals)

SBBU Shringal, First round of startup ideas will be presented and judged by potential investors
University of Haripur,
02:00am-04:00pm Organizer: Mr. Adnan - 0334-9176878
Mr. Faisal - 0313-5803882

Session 04: Biotechnology: Process and Applications for Industry

Kohat University of S&T The viable biotechnology projects will be presented for various industries
02:00pm- 04:00pm Organizer: Dr. Jamil Khattak - 0300-5286949

Session 05: Technologies for Advance Materials

UET, Peshawar The viable projects related to advance material and composite system will be presented
02:00pm-04:00pm Organizer: Dr. Rizwan M. Gul - 0334-9093960

Session 06: Technologies for Active Pharmaceutical Intermediates (API)

University of Malakand The viable technologies of basic drugs (APIs) will be presented
02:00pm-04:00pm Organizer: Dr. M. Sadiq - 0300-5286949

Session 07: Social Sector Innovations- Processes, Models and Marketing Ideas
IM Sciences The new ideas and success stories of social sector development will be presented
02:00pm-04:00 pm Organizer: Mr. Adnan Khan - - 0346-9429249

Session 08: SATHA Innovation Award + Networking Dinner

The innovators who contributed in the society, academia and industry will be
7:00pm-10:00pm awareded and appreciated
Organizer: Ms. Aafia Khalid 042-35968917
3rd Invention to Innovation Summit KP-2017, UET, Peshawar
Innovation Expo to Buy and Sell Technology
November 29-30, 2017
Organized By Technology Sessions Day 02
Session 9: Fund Winning Opportunities for Academia and Industry
Funding agencies will present how to win research grants for applied research
9:30am-11:00am Organizer: Prof. Dr. Afzal Khan - 0344-9625242
Session 10: ORIC Session: IP Policy for Research Commercializaiton
The ORIC heads will share model IP policy and discuss challenges in policy
11:00am-03:00 pm Organizer: Ghazala Malik, (PASTIC-PSF) - 0332-9053728
Session 11: Technologies for Food Sector
The viable innovative technologies for food industry will be presented
10:00am-12:0pm Organizer: Mr. Awais Khan 0324-6128713
Session 12: Business Plan Competition (Final Presentation )
This is round two for presentations by selected winners of round 01
SBBU Shringal, Meeting by Incubators Heads on Promoting Entrepreneurship in Graduates: Policies
University of Haripur and Practices
11:00am-03:00pm Organizer: Mr. Adnan - 0334-9176878
Mr. Faisal - 0313-5803882
Session 13: CPEC Impact on Technologies and KP Response
This session will share CPEC impact on technology, challenges and opportunities
10.00am-12:00pm linked with CPEC and possible reponse by Khyber pakhtunkhawa
Organizer: Dr. Misbah Ullah - - 0333-9183598
Session 14: Technologies for Efficient Industrial Processse
UET, Peshawar The viable technologies for industrial processes will be presented
10:00am-12:0pm Organizer: Dr. Nehr Ullah 0300-9599840

Session 15: Product Development in Life Sciences

The session will train how to develop a marketable product in life sciecnes
CECOS, Peshawar Organizer: Dr. Faisal F. Khan - 0333-9795710
National Workshop on Organic Food & Health: Avenues for Innovation &
Organizer: Dr. Muhammad Shahid - - 051-9208727
Engr. Farid Bakhtiar - 051- 9222589

Session 16: Public Policies for Science, Technology and Innovation

The session will include policy talks and deliberations on how public policy can
Riphah International support S&T development
University Organizer: Mr. Zubair Safdar 0321-5823431
Session 17: Technologies for Energy Efficient Industrial Processes
The viable projects, related to energy efficient processes will be presented
UET, Peshawar Organizer: Prof. Dr. M.A Irfan - 0346-9304648
Session 18: Technologies for Electronics and Communication Sector
The viable ICT probjects will be presented for investment and commercialization
Organizer: Dr. Zubair - - 0333-9402025
Session 19: Technologies for Education Sector
The innovative solutions will be presented for the development of education sector
02:00-04:00 pm Mr. Sajjad Waheed - - 0333-4315552
Session 20: Closing Session
Highlights of Summit by Director ORIC, UET Peshawar
Technology Awards for Exhibitors
Address by Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Hussain, Vice Chancellor, UET, Peshawar
4:30pm- 6:00pm Address by Guests of Honor and Chief Guest
Ghazala Malik, (PASTIC-PSF) - 0332-9053728
Mr. Muhammad Zafar - - 0333-9246272
Rahmat Ullah - 0321-4917181