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Armed and Fabulous

New expressions
1. She seems like such a people person. ( ) It's not a big problem
2. Come again! ( ) thin
3. First of all, thank you for calling me skinny. ( ) friendly, talkative
4. It's no big deal! ( ) repeat
5. She was kidnapped. ( ) not noticeable
6. She's a pain in the ass. ( ) kept as a prisoner
7. We hold her for ransom. ( ) very annoying
8. I don't know, but it has to be subtle ( ) money paid to kidnappers
Three rules to a complete makeover

Rule 1:_____________________________________________________
Rule 2:_____________________________________________________
Rule 3:_____________________________________________________

Put the story in order

( )Chery Frazier, Miss United States, and Stan Fields, the host of the pageant, are kidnapped.
( )Grace knows Chery is at the bottom of the boat because in the ransom video she said her "booty"
was on the line.
( )Grace Hart is recognized during a secret mission in a bank and becomes the new face of the FBI.
( )Grace finds out that the limo driver received money from a fake Doly Parton, but the FBI doesn't
believe her.
( )The FBI tries to send them back to New York, but Grace pretends she has the cramps to escape.
( )Stan's mother tells them that the loan sharks were after Stan.
( )Grace realizes the kidnappers wanted to take Stan and only took Chery because she was
trying to protect him.
( )Sam saves Grace from drowning.

buttocks (very informal)

pain in the stomach (usually women during PMS)
a person who lends money for people to gamble.
Exercise by Danielle Carvalho