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Monica Ilies, Ph.D.


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2010 D.B. King
Which of the following have you done?
(choose all that are correct)

1. read the welcome e-mail

2. gone to the course website 67%

3. read the syllabus

4. purchased all course material
5. All of the above.
6. None of the above. 36%




2010 D.B. King
Why are you required to take a science/chemistry class?
What skills do potential employers mostly see when they
look at your grades for science classes?

1. learn rules and apply them to problem-solving


2. think and make decisions

3. assimilate quickly large amount of information
4. connect the dots
5. manage your time to meet deadlines
6. focus and persevere
7. motivate yourself and others
8. All of the above.

5% 4% 5% 4% 3%

To ace a science class, I MUST __________ .

1. practice endless hours

2. be extremely smart

3. have specific science inclinations

4. have a great ability to memorize lots of info
5. know how to cheat
6. be able to pull as many all-nighters as possible
7. None of the above.
8. Only 1 and 4.
9. All of the above. 9%

2% 2%
1% 1%


2017 M. Ilies
How some of you
want us to teach:

Are you a passive


picture by D. Ebert-May
2010 D.B. King
The problem with how
passive students want us
to teach:

Be an active student = MAKE things

happen to you, dont just LET things
happen to you!

College teaches you how to look for

info and how to apply that info, NOT
how to memorize info!

picture by D. Ebert-May
2010 D.B. King
Keys to Succeed in College:
How to study efficiently using minimum amount of time:
- understand course requirements
- focus your study on what is asked
- use lecture notes, review sheets, posted short videos, and other
course resources as your main source for study
We will never test you from Crash Course, Study Blue, Course Hero
Google content or any other Internet sources!
- pace yourself and make a study/relaxation schedule
Do not pull all-nighters!
Do not study only before deadlines!
- be smart about how you approach assignments
Do not put huge effort into perfecting details!
Balance quality & quantity; what you spend & what you get.
- ask for help early and often, but always first try to solve it yourself;
- know how to explain correct/incorrect answers
Do not memorize answers and recipes without understanding the logic
behind them! Look for connections with previously learned material. Do not
train your brain to memorize, but to think!
The Effective Study Cycle
Revie Preview before class: 1) skim the chapter; 2) note headings
& boldface words; 3) review summaries and chapter
objectives; 4) come up with questions for lecture.
t ATTEND class! Answer and ask questions. Take
Attend meaningful notes from explanations. Do not copy slides!

Review as soon after class as possible, read notes, fill

Review in gaps and write down any questions.

Study : Ask why, how, and what if.

Intense Short Study Sessions* (1-2 /day)
Study Weekend Review: 1) solve online HW; 2) make
connections; 3) make a list of questions

Assess Assess your learning : periodically

Am I using study methods that are effective?
Do I understand it enough to teach it to others?
Avoid the illusion of knowing !
*Intense Study Sessions
1 Set a Goal (1-2 min) Decide what you want to accomplish in your study session.
2 Study with Focus (30-50 min) Interact with material- organize, concept map, summarize,
process, re-read, fill-in notes, reflect, etc.
3 Reward Yourself (10-15 min) Take a break call a friend, play a short game, get a snack, etc.
4 Review (5 min) Go over what you just studied
1. Read the Announcements area on the course website!
2. Register for Mastering! Read the Mastering Instructions!
First assignment due Wed, Oct. 11th, 11:59 PM. Mastering Chem deadlines: on the
Mastering Chem homepage and in pink/purple in the course schedule. The Introduction
to Mastering Chem assignment is GRADED!
Use this lecture section course ID: E10625E
3. Recitations meet THIS week. Labs will meet starting NEXT week (even-numbered
sections (e.g., 068, 072): start week 2; odd-numbered sections (e.g., 069, 071): week 3).
4. NO CLASSES on Mon, Oct. 9th. If you dont attend another recitation during that week,
your final recitation grade will be calculated out of 9 recitations instead of 10. Labs
scheduled to meet that Monday will meet the previous Mon (Oct. 2nd, same time, different
5. Bring lab manual, safety glasses, lab coat, and hand-written lab procedure to EVERY lab
class, including the first one (no shorts and no open-toed shoes). In addition, bring your
completed lab quiz (posted on the course website) to your first lab. See the Recitation
and Lab paragraphs in the Syllabus.
6. If you use the first edition of the textbook: Ch. 2 becomes Ch. E in the 2nd edition. The
number of the rest of the chapters in the 2nd edition decreases by 1 as compared to the
7. Extra help room: Stratton 106; starting week 2; hours TBA by next week.
8. Learn how to read the Syllabus.
CHEM 101
~ General Information ~

Course Website:

Course Syllabus with Course Schedule

Lecture Notes
material coverage

Examination Information review topics !!!

practice exams

Midterm and Final Grades for all Course Components
What kind of mindset do you have?

1. green 87%
2. red

Try to make green happen, even if

you feel it does not sound like

Your brain is only good at what 13%

you train it for!