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HCL Training Framework

Having the proper training instruments, infrastructure and administration in place HCL outlines its training practice which help in addressing the training needs of its employees. We believe in the overall development of an individual and hence equal emphasis is given to Technical and Soft skill training which help our employees to adapt, adjust and deliver the best in any given circumstance. Training Practices - Identifying the Training needs by focusing on future efficiencies and the business requirement. - Familiarization Program for the New joinees (Experienced level people) with a dedicated team of professionals on a monthly basis. - Comprehensive Induction Program for the New Joinees (Freshers) - Management Development Program for middle management without a formal management degree. - Mandatory Quality Training for all the employees. - Technical Training Programs for the Software professionals based on the Project requirement. - Orientation Program for Employees heading for an overseas assignment. - Post Training Development Plan (PTDP) includes Comprehensive evaluation thorough refresher courses, Quizzes - Creation of a Skill database. Training Need Analysis The Training needs are analyzed depending on the skill required, performance appraisal and the managers recommendations Skill Analysis - Skill Gap Bridging: Training in related skills/Case tools - Re-skilling requirements: For future enhancement of the employee knowledge and the needs of the markets Performance Appraisal - Skill Up-gradation: Advanced training in a particular skill or training on advanced versions of a product/application - Skill Broadening: Multi-Skilling Manager's Recommendation - Behavioral & Personal Development Training - Role Based: Project Management, Quality systems, etc.

Technical Training Training is provided by in-house experts or certified trainers in area's related to Systems Analysis & Design, Programming Languages, Applications/Software Packages, Networking, Hardware Platforms, Systems Administration etc. depending on the skills required by the employee. Quality Training Philip Crosby's - Quality Education system, has been found to be an effective tool in fulfilling the individual's need/commitment to improve and enabling the individual to respond to the organizations need/commitment to improve. Every employee is given training in QES methodology.

Lecture Sessions are some of the Training instruments employed by HCL Insys in their Training Programs To demonstrate a small example of HCL's commitment towards Training We have been holding the HCL Insys Management Development Programme at XLRI Jamshedpur [one of India's Premier Business Schools] for 13 years in succession now. We also make use of CD-based training modules & associated software for increasing the reach of training base. Etiquette. magazines. the employees are trained on Software Quality systems including aspects like Configuration Management. that ensure the delivery of quality software products and services. Training Infrastructure We have dedicated Conference & Training Rooms for the Training Depts. Our Libraries are equipped with the latest books. Leadership. time and Stress management. This is not only restricted to class room lectures. It is ensured that Project Managers are also part of the faculty imparting Project Management training. CD's on a wide variety of topics ranging from IT to Strategic Management. Individual Exercises. Top | Sitemap . Business Games. the participants have to take up a solid Action Plan and are empowered to take personal responsibility for improving the way we work. Role Plays. Training Instruments Focussed Group Discussions. Training Administration HCL has Training Centre' s supervised by Training Centre Head with in-house faculty augmented by external faculty. Video Shows. This not only helps in the employees developing an overall personality but also helps our employees in adapting to the requirements of the any project. Case Analyses. in each of the development Centre' s. These are equipped with the latest multimedia and interactive training tools. Documentation Standards/Systems etc.which this helps our employees across functions to get a holistic management picture. team building is provided to the employees.Being an CMM Level 4 Certified and ISO 9001 organization. Soft Skills Training Personal and behavioral development of the employees is a major emphasis of the management and regular training in Communication Skill. This is a 15-day to 1 month Programme for middle level managers covering all the functional areas . journals.

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