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Verb Noun

using suffixes
to change verbs into nouns

state of being







state of being

Verb Noun
Verb + suffix

+ A B C
Verb + ance
quality of or state of

accept acceptance
admit admittance
disappear disappearance
ignore ignorance

*also sometimes ence + a n c e

Verb + ance = Noun
He accepted the award.
His acceptance of the award was important.

He will admit to the crime.

The admittance of a crime was expected.

She disappeared during the hike.

Her disappearance is tragic.

She ignored her teachers advice.

Her ignorance cost her some marks.

*also sometimes ence + a n c e

Verb + tion
in the state of being

inform information
alter alteration
decide decision
conclude conclusion

*also sometimes sion + t i o n

Verb + tion = Noun
He informed her about the party.
The information about the party pleased her.

She altered the words to make the sentence sound better.

The alteration made the sentence sound better.

He will decide about which movie to see later.

A decision about which movie to see will be made later.

She concludes her meal with dessert.

The conclusion of the meal was the dessert.

*also sometimes sion + t i o n

Verb + ment
result of an action or process

enjoy enjoyment
replace replacement
arrange arrangement
require requirement

+ m e n t
Verb + ment = Noun
She obviously enjoyed ice skating.
Her enjoyment of ice skating was obvious.

He replaces his carpets tomorrow.

The replacement of his carpets happens tomorrow.

She arranges the furniture every spring.

The arrangement of the furniture happens every spring.

He required everyone to attend the party.

The requirement was for everyone to attend the party.

+ m e n t
Verb + er
person who does the verb

work worker
build builder
dance dancer
fight fighter

+ e r
Verb + er = Noun
She works downtown.
The worker commutes downtown.

He builds houses in Calgary.

The builder constructs houses in Calgary.

She dances on stage next week.

This dancer will be on stage next week.

He fights in a professional match on Saturday.

The fighter has a match on Saturday.

+ e r