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World Conference on

Ozone Therapy
in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary
23rd September
24th 2017
ANCONA (Italy)

Photo: Mole Vanvitelliana, Congress Venue.

Congress President
Prof. Lamberto Re
President of the Italian Federation of Ozone Therapy (FIO)
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the World Federation of Ozone Therapy (WFOT)
Honorary Members
Prof. Velio Bocci
Prof. Marco Leonardi
I am really very happy for your presence here!
The Ancona World Conference is a unique event to spread the
message of Ozone Therapy to the entire World.
We are happy to host the most excellent speakers from China,
Japan, Europe, USA, South Africa, Latin America and many
other colleagues from Italy, joined in a sole meeting like a
big Family of Scientists, Clinicians and Experts with a huge
experience in the field of Ozone Therapy.
Ozone Forum of India Ukrainian Association of Osservatorio Nazionale
Ozone Therapy Dello Stress Ossidativo

In these days all the eyes from all over the world will look to The American Academy of
The last news on ozone in Medicine, in Veterinary and in
Dentistry will be presented at the higher level of excellence.
All the most recent evidences and uses of ozone in the diffe-
rent fields of medicine will be discussed by the worlds leaders sPONSOR
in Ozone Therapy.
Round Tables and Workshops will be organized during the
meeting. MAIN
Congredior, the Organizing Secretariat, will help you orga-
nize very interesting tours in our Region (Loreto, Recanati, GOLD Signature Health LTD, Alea Sas di Dadone Silvio & C.
Wineries of Rosso Conero and Verdicchio) and in the most SILVER Alnitec Srl, Dr. J. Hnsler GmbH, Evozone, Guna Spa, Medica Srl,
beautiful Italian cities like Florence, Venice or Rome. Multiossigen, Named Spa, Ozonomatic System Srl,
I Thank you again for being here in Ancona and I hope you Spe Econika LTD, Toscana Dream Srl

could enjoy the conference and the workshops. Lattivit ECM espletata dal Provider con il supporto non condizionato dello sponsor.

Your friend and colleague,

Lamberto 2 3
International Board Abstract Reviewers Committee
Johann Council Lahodny, Austria Yasuhiro Shimpuku, Japan Valter Travagli, Siena
Erario Maria De los Angeles, Argentina Eduardo Flores Coln, Mexico Viviana Covi, Brescia
Anibal Martin Grangeat, Argentina Susana Gabriela Gayn Amaro, Mexico
Matteo Bonetti, Brescia
Ramiro Alvarado, Bolivia Umair Rashid Chaudhry, Pakistan
Adriano Luis M. Caquetti, Brazil Stefan Tiron, Romania Gabriele Tabaracci, Brescia
Claudia Cardoso, Brazil Bernardino Clavo, Spain Lamberto Re, Ancona
Heinz Konrad, Brazil Jose Baeza Noci, Spain Giannantonio Pellican, Firenze
Maria Emilia Gadelha Serra, Brazil Ruhi akr, Turkey Paolo Scrollavezza, Camerino
Karla Salete Tratsk-Nitz, Brazil Arzu Irban, Turkey Gerardo Tricarico, Senigallia
He Xiaofeng, China Nurettin Lleci, Turkey
Abudukeremu Xirezati, China Sinan Ekici, Turkey
Carlos. A. Contreras, Costarica Lale Yeprem, Turkey
Francisco A. Hernandez Rosales, Cuba Janghair Akbar, UAE
Olga Sonia Leon Fernandez, Cuba Ahmad Al Jaziri, UAE
Mohga Adel Samy, Egypt Eugeni Nazarov, Ukraine Scientific Topics:
Taha Tarek M. Taha El Tambouly, Egypt Robert Harris, USA
Ziad Fahmy, Germany Philip J. Mollica, USA State of the Art in Ozone Therapy
Michael Schreiber, Germany John A. Rothchild, USA Ozone in Orthopaedy and Neuroradiology
Renate Viebahn, Germany Robert J. Rowen, USA Ozone in Veterinary
Fathollah Roshanzamir, Iran Ofir Jose Betancourt, Venezuela Ozone in Dentistry
Ozone in Internal Medicine and Oncology
Ozone in Aesthetics and Dermatology
National Board Ozone in Musculoskeletal Pain and Rare Illnesses
Alberto Alexandre, Italy Mauro Martinelli, Italy Ozone in Gerontology and Aging
Dario Apuzzo, Italy Giannantonio Pellican, Italy
Fabio Silvio Araimo Morselli, Italy Marco Polettini, Italy
Federico Berni, Italy Marco Rascaroli, Italy
Matteo Bonetti, Italy Franco Rustichelli, Italy
Emma Borrelli, Italy Raoul Saggini, Italy
Viviana Covi, Italy Paolo Scrollavezza, Italy
Nicola Dardes, Italy Gabriele Tabaracci, Italy
Michele Angelo Farina, Italy Paolo Tordiglione, Italy
Fabrizio Fiori, Italy Valter Travagli, Italy
Carmela Imperiale, Italy Gerardo Tricarico, Italy
Eugenio Luigi Iorio, Italy John Williams, Italy
Salvatore Loconte, Italy Serena Zancla, Italy
4 5
14:00-17:00 II SESSION - OZONE IN 15:30 Lecture Ozone, PRP and Ozone
Friday - September 22 nd ORTHOPAEDY AND NEURORADIOLOGY + PRP in elderly patients with
08:00-09:00 Registration Chairmen: Carlos Contreras (Costari- gonartrosis
OPEN COFFEE ca); Anibal Grangeat (Argentina); Speaker: Lale Yeprem (Turkey)
09:00-09:30 Inauguration Ceremony
Authorities: Marco Lucchetti, Antonio Fabio S. Araimo Morselli (Italy),
11:15 Lecture Posturology and Ozo- Gabriele Tabaracci (Italy), Alberto 15:45 Lecture Scientific Evidence of
Mastrovincenzo, Edoardo Menichelli,
ne: What we must know and what we Alexandre (Italy) Ozone Therapy in Chronic Pain
Francesco Merloni
must do Speaker: Jose Baeza Noci (Spain)
Speaker: Stefan Tiron (Romania) 14:00 Lecture Failure Back Syndrome:
09:30 Lecture The man on the way to
immortality - Franco Rustichelli clinical experience with ozone paraver- 16:00 Lecture Disc Lesions treated
11:30 Lecture Analysis of the efficacy tebral and synthesis material withdra- with Ozone in Pakistan: experience of
of ozone therapy on different types of wal (transpedicular screws) 23000 cases
9:45 Opening Lecture Concept of Inte-
lumbar disc herniation: a new guidance Speaker: Ofir Betancourt (Venezuela) Speaker: Umair Rashid Chaudhry
grative Medicine - Lamberto Re
is coming? (Pakistan)
Speaker: He Xiaofeng (China) 14:15 Lecture Combination of ozone
10:00-13:00 I SESSION and MSC to repair the intervertebral 16:15 Lecture The importance of
STATE OF THE ART IN OZONE THERAPY 11:45 Lecture Hyperbaric Ozone disc Chiropractics in Clinical Rehabilitation
Chairmen: Heinz Konrad (Brazil); Speaker: Robert Rowen (USA) Speaker: Anibal Grangeat (Argentina) Speaker: John Williams (Italy)
Renate Viebahn (Germany); Robert
Rowen (USA); Dario Apuzzo (Italy) 12:00 Lecture Life quality study in 14:30 Lecture Our experience in 16:30 Discussion
relation to alternative infusion solution: Costa Rica in the treatment of Disc Discussants: Fabio S. Araimo Morselli
10:00 Lecture "Ozone Therapy for Viral conventional versus glucosate Herniation (Italy), Jose Baeza Noci (Spain), Gianni
Hepatitis - what can be expected" Speaker: Mauro Martinelli (Italy) Speaker: Carlos A. Contreras Pellican (Italy), Matteo Bonetti (Italy),
Speaker: Heinz Konrad (Brazil) (Costarica) Gabriele Tabaracci (Italy), Xirezati
12:15 Discussion on: Abudukeremu (China), Umair Rashid
10:20 Lecture Systemic ozone appli- i) "Ex vivo" ozonization vs "in vivo" 14:45 Lecture The use of ozone in the Chaudhry, (Pakistan), Lale Yeprem
cations, MAH and Rectal Insufflation, dinamic ozonization following Nazarov; treatment of interventional pain (Turkey), Alberto Alexandre (Italy),
evaluated according to the Internatio- ii) Normobarism vs hyperbarism syste- Speaker: Nurettin Lleci (Turkey) John Williams (Italy)
nal classification of Evidence-Based mic ozone therapy;
Medicine. A new basis for iii) Alternative infusion solution 15:00 Lecture Ozone therapy in the 17:00 Oral Presentations
reimbursement of medical expenses by (ozonizad saline; ozonized glucosate) treatment of spinal cord injury. Francesca Giovannangeli (Italy),
private and social insurances Discussants: Valter Travagli (Italy), A retrospective analysis of 25 cases Lorenzo Stangoni (Italy), Marco
Speaker: Renate Viebahn (Germany) Heinz Konrad (Brazil), Dario Apuzzo Speaker: Xirezati Abudukeremu Rascaroli (Italy), Maria Emilia Gadelha
(Italy), Renate Viebahn (Germany), (China) Serra (Brazil)
10:40 Lecture Medical and technical He Xiaofeng (China), Robert Rowen
requirements for medical ozone (USA), Stefan Tiron (Romania), Mauro 15:15 Lecture Treatment of Radicular OPEN COFFEE
generator devices Martinelli (Italy) Compression by Ozone Therapy and
Speaker: Valter Travagli (Italy) the Treatment of Spondylodiscitis by
12:30 WFOT Assembly Ozone Therapy
11:00 Lecture Ozone mechanism of (Aula Didattica Room) Speaker: Ramiro Alvarado (Bolivia)
action on Herniated Disc: clinical and
instrumental data 13:00 - 14:00 LUNCH
Speaker: Dario Apuzzo (Italy) 6 7
PARALLEL SESSIONS Saturday - September 23rd
Chairmen: Janghair Akbar (UAE); Chairmen: Phil Mollica (USA); Gerardo Chairmen: Karla Tratsk (Brazil); (Italy); Eugeny Nazarov (Ukraine);
Paolo Scrollavezza (Italy); Adriano Tricarico (Italy); Maria Emilia Gadelha Bernardino Clavo (Spain); Eugenio Luigi Iorio (Italy)
Caquetti (Brazil); Marco Polettini Serra (Brazil) Federico Berni (Italy)
(Italy) 11:30 Lecture Guide lines for the best
17:30 Lecture Integration of Ozonated 9:00 Lecture High dose ozone therapy management of all forms of topic
17:30 Lecture Use of Ozone in bone Water in Dental Medicine (OHT) Ozone Therapy in diabetic food ulcer
pathologies of the dog Speaker: Phil Mollica (USA) Speaker: Johann Lahodny (Austria) Speaker: Michele Angelo Farina (Italy),
Speaker: Paolo Scrollavezza (Italy) Claudia Cardoso (Brazil)
17:50 Lecture The use of ozone in the 9:15 Lecture Ozone therapy in the
17:50 Lecture Veterinary Ozone treatment of head, neck and temporo- management of side effects of cancer 11:45 Lecture Oxidative stress,
Therapy Practice in Brazil mandibular joint dysfunction treatments aesthetics and ozone therapy: the role
Speaker: Adriano Caquetti (Brazil) Speaker: Bob Harris (USA) Speaker: Bernardino Clavo (Spain) of biological markers
Speaker: Eugenio Luigi Iorio (Italy)
18:10 Lecture Ozone Therapy 18:10 Lecture Ozone Therapy in 9:30 Lecture Detection of Circulating
and Blood Stem Cells Periodontal Disease Tumor cells and intervention with 12:00 Lecture Adaptive rejuvenation
Speaker: Marco Polettini (Italy) Speaker: Gerardo Tricarico (Italy) Systemic Ozone Therapy hematic as the basis of the therapeutic effect of
Speaker: Yasuhiro Shimpuku (Japan) the systemic ozone therapy
18:30 Oral Presentations 18:30 Lecture DNA Analysis of Root Speaker: Eugeny Nazarov (Ukraine)
Speakers: Eduardo Flores Coln (Me- Canal Teeth and Cavitation Surgery of 9:45 Lecture Ozone Therapy as
xico); Susana Gabriela Gayn Amaro Sockets Utilizing Ozone Water Irrigation treatment for severe cases without 12:15 Lecture Ozone,
(Mexico) A Pilot Study good evolution in ophthalmology" PRP and other Autologous Therapies
Speaker: John Rothchild (USA) Speaker: Karla Tratsk (Brazil) Speaker: Ruhi akr (Turkey)
19:00 Discussion
Discussants: Paolo Scrollavezza (Italy), 18:50 Ozone Therapy in Dentistry: 10:00 Lecture "Can Ozone Therapy be 12:30 Lecture Pain relief in viral
Janghair Akbar (UAE), Adriano Ca- Recognition from Brazilian Authorities considered as an integrative therapy in infections. What role does ozone play?
quetti (Brazil), Marco Polettini (Italy), Speaker: Maria Emilia Gadelha Serra oncology? Speaker: Carmela Imperiale (Italy)
Eduardo Flores Coln (Mexico), Susana (Brazil) Speaker: Serena Zancla (Italy), Paolo
Gabriela Gayn Amaro (Mexico) Tordiglione (Italy) 12:45 Discussion
19:10 Discussion Discussants: Michele Angelo Farina
Discussants: Gerardo Tricarico (Italy), 10:15 Discussion (Italy), Eugenio Luigi Iorio (Italy),
Bob Harris (USA), John Rothchild Discussants: Karla Tratsk (Brazil), Eugeny Nazarov (Ukraine), Ruhi akr
(USA), Phil Mollica (USA) Emma Borrelli (Italy), Johann Lahodny (Turkey), Claudia Cardoso (Brazil),
(Austria), Yasuhiro Shimpuku (Japan), Fabio S. Araimo Morselli (Italy),
Federico Berni (Italy), Paolo Tordiglio- Carmela Imperiale (Italy)
ne (Italy), Serena Zancla (Italy), Maria
Emilia Gadelha Serra (Brazil) 13:30 14:30 Lunch

11:00-11:30 COFFEE BREAK

8 9
14:30-17:00 VII SESSION OZONE IN 16:15 Lecture Ozone Therapy in Saturday - September 23rd
MUSCULOSKELETAL PAIN AND RARE Ethidium Bromide Induced demyelina-
ILLNESSES tion in rats: possible protective effect 20:00 Social Dinner
Chairmen: Ahmad Al Jaziri (UAE); Speaker: Mohga Adel Samy (Egypt) with Concert Conference: Music & Ozone Therapy
Raoul Saggini (Italy); Tarek Tanbouli Master: Adrian Vasilache
(Egypt) 16:30 Discussion Ristorante Il Passetto - Ancona
Discussants: M. Rascaroli (Italy),
14:30 Lecture Controlled Study of the Z. Fahmy (Germany), T. Tambouli
efficacy ozone therapy Fibromyalgia, (Egypt), O. S. Leon (Cuba), R. Rowen
system of a randomized controlled (USA), V. Covi (Italy), A. Al Jaziri (UAE),
Sunday - September 24th
R. Saggini (Italy), M. A. Samy (Egypt),
Speaker: Ziad Fahmy (Germany) F. H. Rosales (Cuba), M. E. G. Serra Workshop 1, 9-11:
(Brazil) "Complementary oncology and age related diseases.
14:45 Lecture Application of ozone
17:00-18:30 VIII SESSION - OZONE IN Systemic ozone treatments in combination
therapy in urological case
GERONTOLOGY AND AGING with high dose Vit C and other infusions"
Speaker: Sinan Ekici (Turkey)
Chairmen: Nicola Dardes (Italy);
Angeles Erario (Argentina), Lecture on
15:00 Lecture Ozone sauna, effect of
Fabrizio Fiori (Italy) The rationale of low-dose ozone followed by high dose Vit C: Renate Viehban
ozone on fetal birth weight whatever
Practical Part: Michael Schreiber
the cause, diabetic foot
17:00 Lecture Sistemyc Ozon Therapy
Speaker: Tarek Tanbouli (Egypt)
as a Complementary Tratment in
Internal Medicine Workshop 2, 11-12,30:
15:15 Lecture Hashimoto's Chronic
Speaker: Nicola Dardes (Italy) "Systemic ozone treatment and the use of ozonized water
Thyroiditis Treated with Systemic
in holistic dentistry and oral surgery"
Ozone Therapy
17:15 Lecture Degenerative Disc Practical Part: Phil Mollica, Bob Harris
Speaker: Frank Hernandez Rosales
(Cuba) Disease in 2017. Explanation of the
possible mechanism of action of ozone
Speaker: Angeles Erario (Argentina) Workshop 3, 11-12,30:
15:30 Lecture Methotrexate +
"Ozone pain therapy in rheumatic patients"
Medical Ozone combined therapy in
17:30 Lecture The effect of Ozone Practical Part: Prof. Dr. Ziad Fahmy
Rheumatoid Arthritis. From experimen-
tal models to clinical trials Therapy on experimental bone fracture
Speaker: Olga Sonia Leon (Cuba) healing
Speaker: Arzu Irban (Turkey)
15:45 Lecture Ozone as applicable to
infections and particularly Ebola 17:45 Lecture Primary Fibromyalgia
Speaker: Robert Rowen (USA) Syndrome New Holistic Approach
Speaker: Salvatore Loconte (Italy)
16:00 Lecture Oxygen Ozone Therapy
18:00 Discussion
in Interventional Rehabilitative
Discussants: A. Irban (Turkey), A. Era-
rio (Argentina), N. Dardes (Italy),
Speaker: Raoul Saggini (Italy)
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