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Essay Organization

Introduction Paragraph:
Example Prompt: Online schooling has expanded to include even the primary and secondary level, while some still believe that it cannot provide everything that
traditional instruction can. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of online schooling.

With the rise of online schooling amongst primary

Use information from the prompt to
and secondary students, there has been growing introduce your tasks topic in about 2
sentences. If it is a persuasive topic,
debate regarding its effectiveness over traditional you good give a quick snapshot to both
sides (as this writer did), or if it is
schooling. Some argue that online schooling is a informative, give us background
(Peoples lives are constantly consumed
necessity for societal norms and demands revolving with work, family, and friends. All of
us must be able to take time out for
around technology, while others believe that the
ourselves, the often forgotten ones.)
warm body of a teacher can never be replaced by a

cold computer screen. All in all, online schooling has

many advantages, including fostering independence

The last sentence of your
and tech-savviness, while also having the
introduction should be your
disadvantages of little socialization to encourage thesis statement (restate the
prompt and give you 2 main points
peer and instructor relationships. OR reasons.) Use a transitional
word or phrase at the beginning
to help the reader notice the
Essay Organization

S: Statement (Transition + Topic Sentence)

R: Reason (Tell how it pertains to prompt/thesis)
E: Evidence (Transition +Give an example)*
E: Explanation (Elaborate/explain the example DEEPLY)
S: Sum It Up (Bring it back to the thesis)

S: Statement (Transition + Topic To begin with, online schooling has a range of advantages, specifically fostering independence and tech savviness
Sentence) (Pink) among students. Students will be prepared for the growing digital age through their consistent utilization of technology for
school, and will be able to thrive independently as they have to take ownership for their learning and time management.
For instance, online school switches the responsibility of a schedule from the teacher to the student. Teachers in
R: Reason (Tell how it pertains to traditional school are often times making phone calls home to parents, sending out progress reports, and even having one-
prompt/thesis) (Blue) on-one data chats with students to make them aware of their progress. Through online schooling, students have to set
their own deadlines to complete work, and will not have a teacher snarling at them to sign their scholarship warning in red
ink as an alert of their failing grade. Independency is a natural skill that is strengthened with online schooling, since the
E: Evidence (Give an example)
student has to log into the system, upload their work, track their progress once the grades become available online, and
then seek out further help if needed. Moreover, it must be noted that aside from independence in progress monitoring,
students are simultaneously honing in on their technology skills, since all of the coursework is online. Society deeply values
E: Explanation (Elaborate/explain technology, and while that flourishes, students will definitely need technology skills of some type as they enter adulthood,
the example DEEPLY) (Orange) may that be basic typing skills or navigating online banking. Tech savviness that students acquire through primary and
secondary school will also support them in competing for high-paying jobs that require more advanced technological skills,
S: Sum It Up (Pink) since if they master the basics, theyll be ready for more complex programming. Online schooling is at the advantage to a
student, as it lays the foundation for an independent individual who is ready to take on the digital age full force.

Essay Organization

Body Paragraph 2 Practice

S: Statement (Transition +
Topic Sentence) (Pink)

R: Reason (Tell how it

pertains to prompt/thesis) Students are still kidsmeaning they are still developing essential speaking and listening skills as young adults. To illuminate,
(Blue) students naturally use school as a grounds to mingle with others their own age. From these interactions with others, friend or not,
students are able to practice interacting with those who are similar, or even very different, from themselves, which is likely a
situation they will experience as adults. They will also need to gain knowledge in coming-of-age situationsa girl might experience
E: Evidence (Transition + the mean girls cafeteria table, or a boy telling his friends about the girl he thinks is beautiful. If students are isolated from their
Give an example) (Yellow) peers because their school environment is within their own home, they risk important communicative and collaborative skills.

E: Explanation
(Elaborate/explain the
example DEEPLY) (Orange)
Bringing it full circle, both of these interactions are organic preparations for the real-world work environment, such as peers seen as
S: Sum It Up (Pink)
coworkers, and instructors as bosses. Students are potentially disadvantaged who complete school online do not have the
opportunity to practice these interactions since they are not socializing on a consistent basis.


On your own: Revise the body paragraphs for your essay draft. This is the prompt where you practiced writing the introduction.
Essay Organization

Conclusion Paragraph

Ultimately, there are advantages of online school

ranging from students sharpening their computer skills

Transition + Restate thesis in a
and independence, to the disadvantages of lacking different way

socialization with peers and teachers. A student who

takes classes all online has the opportunity to become a

computer whiz, and monitor their own progress. On the

other hand, students may not be able to engage with Sum up main points addressed

peers and teachers on a regular basis, lacking necessary

socialization as a child. It is noted that students may be

seen as completely equipped for the real world, or

perhaps just thrown into the pool without a buoy, and If time permits, closing line

no communicative skills to shout for help.


Work Period: Review your draft for organization, and revise as necessary. Use highlighting to cross check organization within your body paragraphs.