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Official Game Adventure

Dragons of Flame
by Douglas Niles


PROLOGUE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Astinus the Lorekeeper returns, reflecting upon the past and uncertain
future of Krynn.

The heroes endeavor to resist the growing might of the Dragonlords, playing
their roles in the midst of war and destruction.
Chapter 5: Que Kiri and the Plains . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
in which the fires of the Dragonlords spread over Abanasinia.
Chapter 6: Solace . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Where the dragonmen hold sway over the first home and the Last Home.
Chapter 7: The Slave Caravan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
The ox-drawn wagons move toward Pax Tharkas and its slave mines.
Chapter 8: Elvenhome . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Where the party rests for a spell, hears song and legend, and learns of the Sia-Mori.
Chapter 9: To the Walls of Pax Tharkas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
The perilous tunnels of the Sla-Morithe secret entrance to the dragonmens
Chapter 10: The Tharkadan Towers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
The quest presents its greatest challenge, here in the heart of the fortress.
EPILOGUE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Thus is concluded another portion of the epic. The heroes again are journeying,
through their road remains unclear.

Here are the tools of the story. That which is new is explained, as are encounters
by fate alone.
Appendix 1: Random Encounter Charts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Appendix 2: Monsters, Creatures, & Men . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Appendix 3: Treasures and Tomes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Appendix 4: Canticle of the Dragon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

PLAYER CHARACTER CARDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 7

These are the Innfellows, the heroes of DRAGONLANCE

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Let your mind float free, Dungeonmaster; cast great strength and courage; Raistlin is a sor- of great wisdom. And so they learned of Xak
your thoughts toward the troubled world of cerer gone cynical, a doubter. They have sur- Tsaroth, an ancient city fallen to evil. Now
Krynnto the Age of Despair after the great vived great and terrible trials. The tests that occupied by draconians, the mysterious, evil
Cataclysm that brought ancient civilization to Raistlin underwent to become a sorcerer left servants of the Dragonlords, Xak Tsaroth
an end. Now Krynn is threatened once again: him with skin the color of worthless gold and proved to be the home of the darkest of evil:
this time by the domination of the Dragon- pupils the shape of hourglasseshe sees the Onyx, a Black Dragon.
lords and their inhuman minions. Now, Dun- constant, terrible effects of time. Ah, you say. A Dragon. A creature of
geonmaster, enter the mind of Astinus of Sturm Brightblade was the son of a myth. The great serpents are only tales with
Palanthus, Lorekeeper of Krynn, who sighs as Knight of Solamnia raised in secrecy. Now tak- which to frighten young children, you think.
he rises from the crystal globe of wisdom, ing up the mantle of his father, his most puis- Yet though dragons have not entered Krynn in
weary from traveling the world in his spirit sant knightly aim is to die nobly in a battle over one thousand years, they have returned.
form, weary from following the trails of his- against his enemies. His motto is Perunde oc How have the Dragonlords brought the ser-
tory to their ends. Slowly he stands, and shuf- cadaver Obedience Unto Death. He is a pents into Krynn? How have they gained such
fles across the floor to a table piled high with man of military bearing, of great dignity, and power? How can mere man stand against an
parchment scrolls. He dips a quill pen into an of powera true knight. army of dragons? These questions plague me,
inkpot, and begins once more to scribe. . . Flint Fireforge is a fighter of the Hill and I cannot sleep.
Dwarf race, distrustful of allincluding other But the power of the True Gods shone
. . . from the Iconochronos o Astinus of Palan- dwarven races (especially the cursed Aghar, forth. The Crystal Staff was blessed by the
thus, Lorekeeper of Krynn, in the 351st year the Gully Dwarves). Now of grandfatherly Goddess Mishakal, whose great power is that
after the Cataclysm. age, he is but two dwarven generations of Healing. The crystal staff destroyed the
removed from the great Cataclysm itself! His d r a g o n o n yx, a n d s o wer e dis c ov e r e d the
. . . Darkness has fallen over this world, poor, family was killed through the neglect of the Disks of the Gods, which brought knowledge
suffering Krynn. Thus it has been since the Mountain Dwarves, and now he seeks to of the True Gods back to Krynn.
great Cataclysm, when the old world fell. avenge his people. And miracle of miracles. Goldmoon
Curse the High Priest of Istar, whose pride Tasslenhoff Burrfoot is a Handler (I became the first true Cleric of Krynn after
caused him to give orders to the True Gods, would say thief) of the Kenderpeople, a half- many dark centuries! Truly fate has shined
rather than to ask humbly for their aid. For ling in size but a giant in curiosity He is a trea- upon us.
the Gods punished Krynn for this blasphemy, sure of odd information, of useful insights, But even now, as the weary adventurers
and much was forever lost. Lost were the great and of clever solutions to knotty problems. journey back toward the imagined safety of
cities, the accumulated wisdom and knowl- These were the original Innfellows, but Solace, the Dragonlords armies are on the
edge of many generations. Lost as well was all the puzzle was not yet complete. For, on the march. Solace has been laid waste. Even
knowledge of the True Gods, and mankind day of their return to Solace, they met Gold- mighty Pax Tharkas has fallen to the invaders.
sank into idolatry. Clerics lost their power, and moon, a princess of the Que-Shu tribe, and Imprisoned there are the families of many
mankind lost hope for its salvation. her lover Riverwind, a Ranger of great brave northmen, hostages for fathers and hus-
But hope always springs from the most strength and few words. Riverwind, a poor bands toiling in the iron mines surrounding
modest of causes, and so it was that the Innfel- mans son, had quested far to prove the worth that fortress.
lows began the salvation of Krynn. Originally of his love to Goldmoons father. After many Where will the heroes, armed with scant
there were seven: Tanis, Kitiara, Flint, Tassle- trials, he obtained the Blue Crystal Staff that knowledge, go from here? They must hurry,
hoff, Raistlin, Caramon, and Sturm. Five belonged to the Goddess Mishakal. His tribe else Krynn is doomed.
years ago they set out from the Inn of the Last nearly stoned him to death, not recognizing Although weary, I must keep watching. I
Home, seeking knowledge of the True Gods. the power of the staff, but when Goldmoon shall return to my golden chair, once again
In five years they found nothing, and so all came to die with him, the staff transported gaze into the crystal globe, and let my spirit
returned to the sleepy town of Solace, the them away. join the Innfellows on their quest. . .
tree-city built in a Vallenwood grove. All Fate was at work. The True Gods, work-
returned save one: Kitiara the beautiful, ing through subtlety, as is their wont, had Here ends this chapter of the Iconochronos.
whose whereabouts are yet unknown. begun the redemption of Krynn.
Tanis was the leader, a half-elf born of an Yet good cannot triumph over evil before Dragons of Flame is the second in the epic
elf mother who was taken by a human turned evil has had its day. From the north, the dra- DRAGONLANCE series, and is designed as
savage in the terrible times that followed the gonarmies marched, laying waste to the land a sequel to DL1: Dragons of Despair.
Cataclysm. The elves took him in, and he was and enslaving the people. Solace, Gateway, DRAGONLANCE is a story. The mod-
raised in Qualinesti, elf home. But he is ever and even the ancient elfhome of Qualinesti ules in the series should ideally be played as a
torn between his human and elf halves, and lay in their path. whole, a continuing saga. Players may take on
has found the wanderlust strong within him. Was the meeting of the Innfellows and the roles of characters in this epic quest; the
He has roamed the world and seen much, yet Goldmoon and Riverwind chance or fate? No character information on pages 17-18 may be
his heart is split between the fiery Kitiara, a one knows but the Gods. But however it hap- given to the players. (Permission is hereby
human woman, and the elf maid Laurana. pened, it proved to be the first key to the sal- granted to copy pages 17-18 only for personal
Caramon and Raistlin are twinsyet vation of Krynn. use in playing this module) You may also
unlike as night and day. Caramon is bright, The Heroes, led by Tanis, first found the choose to allow players to bring their own
Raistlin is dark. Carmamon is a fighter of Forestmaster of the Darken Wood, a unicorn existing characters into the game. If so, you

will need to adjust certain characteristics to player characters (PCs) or non-player charac- may be taken by players thereafter and used as
bring your characters in line with the world of ters (NPCs) active in the story: Tanis, Gold- PCs for the rest of the epic.
Krynn, which is different from many AD&D moon, Caramon, and Raistlin. (The player You may also choose to adapt the settings
adventure settings. playing Goldmoon should always play and encounters in this module to fit your own
If you allow players to bring in their own Riverwind as a Henchman NPC; Caramon campaign, and not play this as part of the
characters, but still want to play out the and Raistlin may be played by the same per- DRAGONLANCE series. In doing so, you
DRAGONLANCE epic, the following son if necessary.) Tika Waylan and Gilthanas will lose much of the richness of this world,
DRAGONLANCE characters must be either the Elf are initially encountered as NPCs, but but may use the material as you see fit.

the world of krynn

There are important differences between the comes into being (as Elistan does in the next 2. Fearlessness. Kender are immune to fear,
world of Krynn and standard AD&D cam- module), the Medallion magically duplicates either magical or non-magical. They are,
paigns. Characters who adventured in Drag- itself, and the new Medallion bears the sign of however, curious about everything: a ten-
ons of Despair (DL1) will know most of the the god that cleric worships (in Elistans case, dency that often gets them into trouble.
following information. Those players and the God Paladine).
characters new to the world should be given All PC elves in this adventure are Of course, PC elves and halflings will be aware
the following background. Qualinesti elves. Other elves the of the above information.
True clerics have been unknown in Krynn Sylvanestiwill appear in later DRAGON- Gold is nearly valueless in the world of
for centuries. There are clerics, but they do LANCE modules. Krynn. Steel (abbreviated stl) is the basic
not have spell powers since they worship false The equivalent of a halfling in this world trade metal. One steel (stl) is the same weight
gods. In DL1, the adventurers gained knowl- is called a Kender. Kender look like wizened as 1 gp. See DL1 for details. PCs that enter
edge of the gods, and Goldmoon has become 14-year-olds and, unlike halflings, they wear Krynn from other campaign environments
the first true cleric (with spell use) since the shoes. These folk have two special abilities (in may find their personal wealth drastically
Cataclysm. Goldmoon wears a Medallion of addition to the usual halfling abilities): altered.
Faith bearing the symbol of the Goddess Finally, dragons have been absent from
Mishakal. (Any PC cleric brought in from out- 1. Taunt. Kender are master at enraging Krynn for nearly 1,000 years. They are consid-
side the DRAGONLANCE milieu should other by verbal abuse. Any creature the ered merely legends by all who have not per-
serve the Goddess Mishakal, and wear a Kender taunts must save vs. Spells or sonally beheld them. Characters may be
Medallion of Faith.) When a new true cleric attack wildly at once for 1-10 rounds at a -2 thought foolish, or liars, if they talk about
penalty to hit and a +2 penalty to their dragons to the wrong people.
armor class.

dungeonmaster notes
DRAGONLANCE is a complex epic, filled to life somehow. This does not apply to PCs pening rapidly in Krynn: the draconian army
with detail, legend and history not found in other than those who are part of the story. is invading from almost all directions, and cer-
most modules. To run this module properly, The text of the module refers to player tain things should happen to the characters
you must think of it as a story, and try to moti- characters in various shorthand forms: PCs, whatever path they take across the wilderness.
vate your players subtly to follow the right adventurers and/or heroes. Read boxed text However, when the adventure moves
path. It is particularly important that you read sections aloud to your players. indoors into Sla-Mori and Pax Tharkas, it is
the module several times, visualize the story, If you are playing DL2 without having structured more like a traditional dungeon
and think about the different things your played DLl, you must get your group adventure. This is to reflect the more stable
players might do. No matter what, it will be embarked on a journey to the tree-city of Sol- nature of the ancient Sla-Mori and the well-
necessary for you to improvise and ad lib from ace. They should hear tales of this elegant organized draconian fortress.
time to time. Successful improvisation is the community, and perhaps find that it lies At certain times in the adventure, charac-
sign of a good Dungeonmaster. directly in their path. In particular, a trusted ters may have to make a Characteristic Check.
This module introduces several enemy NPC should tell them about the magnificent If such a Check is necessary, the player rolls a
NPCs, members of the Dragonarmies. Since hospitality and good cheer offered by the Inn d20. If the result is equal to or less than the
these NPCs appear in later DRAGONLANCE of the Last Home. This NPC should also men- PCs ability score in the area called for in the
modules, try to make them have obscure tion Tika Waylan as an old and trustworthy check (Strength, Wisdom, Dexterity, etc.),
deaths if they are killed: if at all possible, friend. the check succeeds.
their bodies should not be found. Then, when Once this background is established, the The third panel of the module cover con-
the NPCs appear in later modules, you have a adventure begins with encounter 1 below tains a color map of the area where these
chance to explain their presence. Be creative; (Que Kiri). adventures take place. Refer to this map
think up an explanation for their miracu- The first 24 numbered encounters and throughout the adventure, and show it to the
lous survival. The same rule applies to the events in the module occur at various times players when the heroes are talking to the
PCs on pages 17-18. Most of them have roles and in various sequences, depending on the elven speaker in Qualinesti.
in future modules, and must be able to return decisions the players make. Things are hap-

Start the characters at the spot marked X on
the area map. They are moving westward on a
cloudy, chill afternoon.

Great pillars of smoke rise from beyond

the Sentinel Peaksa grim sign that there
is trouble in Solace. How much of the
once-mighty forest of vallenwood trees has
fallen to fire? The grasslands that stretch
toward Que Kiria town at the gap in the
mountainsare hot and dry. The smoke
adds an eerie touch of darkness to the
autumn afternoon.
Your journey is not complete; you
must leave here, must search for a true
Leader of the People. This strange mes-
sage, spoken through the statue of the
goddess Mishakal, suggests that your mis-
sion is far from over. Where in the vast
world of Krynn will this search lead?
Here on the barren Plains of Abana-
sinia, the late autumn wind bites sharply.
The yellow-brown grass withers in the
rushing cold, but the feeling is much more
disturbing than that of a normal change of
At many places, the plains are marked
by the tracks of crude, two-wheeled carts
and many clawed footprints. Thousands
must have passed this way. Nothing is alive
hereneither the wild animals that nor-
mally inhabit these areas nor the occasional
settler scratching a living from the harsh
Most ominous of all these signs are
the great black scars stretching for hun-
dreds of yards along the ground, often
through the charred remains of farm-
houses. Fire has gutted and collapsed these
dwellings. The thick smell of death and
decay fills the air, and even the wind is

The PCs should have no random encoun-

ters during this trek, since the Dragonlords
army has laid waste to the area. As the PCs
approach Solace, this army is sacking the
southern cities of Gateway and Que-Teh and
advancing to the White-rage River. To the
South, they have seized the fortress of Pax
Tharkas, aided by treachery from within the
citadel. Even now, their slaves are working the
Tharkadan mines.

1. The Witness 9 Kapak Draconians. AL LE; MV 6[15]/ 5. Captured!
18; hp 14 each; HD 3; #AT 1
(shortsword); Dmg 1-6 + poison; acid pool This encounter returns the PCs to their epic
Que Kiri is almost as barren as the sur-
path if they stray or dally. Run the encounter
rounding plains. Most of the buildings are
The Kapaks are overconfident from their when the party is in open terrain (plains or low
shattered and burned, and many black-
recent victories: they toy with the PCs before mountains) and has no place to hide.
ened bodies sprawl in the empty streets.
attacking. The monsters emerge into plain
The air is hot and thick, laced with the
sight 180 from the PCs and then pause a
odor of ash and decay. Two specks of crimson approach in the far
round. They lick their swords with long, rep-
Splintered timbers and scorched northern sky. As they rush south they seem
tilian tongues. (This envenoms the blade for 3
stones litter the narrow streets, and smoke to grow, forming mighty engines of
rounds.) The next round, using their wings to
drifts through the abandoned town. Every- deathred dragons. The monsters dive
accelerate the charge, the draconians attack.
thing is dead and silent. Suddenly, a faint swiftly, and upon their backs sit creatures
They fight to the death.
groan rises from behind some collapsed who seem to be a miniature version of the
See the complete description of these
beams. terrible steeds. The riders faces bear a look
monsters in Appendix 3: Monsters, Creatures
of serpentine evil: lizardlike faces and
and Men.
The groan comes from a badly burned old cold, gleaming eyes.
man who lies at the verge of death. If the PCs The dragons land less than 100 away.
3. Journeys Across the Land
investigate immediately, they find him before From the one of the riders, a hollow,
he dies. If they wait more than a round, how- metallic voice rings:
If the PCs decide to continue to Solace, go to
ever, they are too late. Drop your weapons, little mortals,
Chapter 6: Solace. Read the opening encoun-
The old man lies under the wreckage of or you shall feel the heat of my pet in
ter as the party crests the pass in the Sentinel
an inn, the heavy crossbeam pinning his legs anger. He strokes his dragons broad neck.
Peaks between Que Kiri and Solace.
to the ground. In addition to his burns, he has Both dragons bellow menacingly; their
If the heroes decide to spend the night
lost much blood. The man has just been eyes glitter, and wisps of smoke curl from
here, begin to make wandering monster
blinded, so the PCs must make noise to alert their nostrils.
checks immediately. This reflects the growing
him to their presence.
tide of scavenging creatures following the
The old man is very confused and fright- 2 Old Red Dragons AL CE; MV 9/124;
Dragonlords army from a distance. Treat Que
ened. His pattern of speech is jerky and halt- hp 60 each; AC -1; HD 10; #AT 3 or
Kiri and areas just east of it as plains; the PCs
ing, but he says this: breath; Dmg 1-8/1-8/3-30
reach mountains as soon as they leave the
town toward the west. The dragonmen have
2 Kapak Draconian Riders. AL LE; MV
Didnt you see it? You must have seen it! conquered all of the areas off the north and
6[15]/18; hp 13,16; AC4; HD 3; #AT
From the north...they came from the east map edges. If the PCs leave the map at
1 (longsword); Dmg 1-6 + poison; acid
north! From between the mountains. First these edges, move immediately to event 5:
the terrors that rode the great wyrms...they Captured!
came into our town and fear filled our
The dragonriders will try to capture the heroes
breasts. We fought, though. Yes! We 4. The Dragonlands
if at all possible, but they are willing to fight
fought long and hard, but still more of
to the death.
them came on leather wings...straight out At the start of this adventure, the dragonar-
Within an hour of their capture, the
of the old legends they came, fire splash- mies have conquered all of the lands on the
heroes will be surrounded by several hundred
ing like waves over our homes. map except Qualinesti. Although folk still
Kapak Draconians. Their weapons and other
Many fled...many died. Those who live in these areas, the Dragonlords have abso-
possessions are removed and they are loaded
ran fell among the small demonsman- lute power. If the PCs wander through these
into a huge wheeled cage and taken to Solace.
sized but looking like their larger masters. areas, let several days pass with the usual ran-
There they will become part of the caravan to
I dont know where they took my peo- dom encounters, then go to encounter 5:
the south. Go to Chapter 7: The Slave Cara-
ple...I was too clever for them. I hid! Yes, I Captured!
hid! All villages and towns outside of
At Solace, Tika Waylan, Theros Ironfeld
When shall my people return? What Qualinesti have been captured and damaged,
and the elf Gilthanas are thrown into the cage
shall become of my garden? but most have not been entirely destroyed.
with the PCs.
Que Kiri, New Ports, and Que Teh have been
These are the old mans last words. Treat his razed: no buildings stand and no original
hit points as -10 at this point; if a PC cleric inhabitants remain. Treat these areas as
performs a cure that brings him to at least 1 ruins for random encounters.
hp, he revives. However, he will lose 1 hp/ All other communities are in similar
turn and have no further memory of his expe- shape to Solace: they have been conquered,
rience. Eventually he dies. losing some buildings and some people. A
few businesses and farms survive to provide
2. The Draconians services for the dragonarmies. The conquerors
terrorize the people: for example, draconians
Nine draconians still skulk in the wreckage of may use a farmers family as hostages to force
Que Kiri, concealed in some rubble in the him to help feed the dragonarmies. Treat
center of the town. They attack the PCs at these areas as towns for random encounter
some point. If the characters seek out and lis- checks.
ten to the old man, this attack occurs as soon
as he dies; if they do not find the man, have
the draconians attack at any time when the
party is in the ruined town.
Begin this section when the heroes reach the As darkness falls, lights begin to flicker in a smith shop which was always on the ground
pass in the mountains just east of Solace. number of buildings in town. If the PCs ask, and a battered general store which apparently
tell them that the guard patrols seem to be landed on its side and was righted. Dragon-
The scene bears no resemblance to the casual and unorganized. It seems as though men have taken over these two places.
lofty forest that was here only a week ago. slipping by the patrol and into town would be Frequent patrols of dragonmen wander
The beautiful and legendary vallenwood fairly easy. the streets of Solace, more concerned with
trees have been hacked, uprooted, and In fact, the PCs can get to the Inn of the bullying lone peasants or carousing with their
burned. Only a few of the mighty trees still Last Home without incident, unless they are comrades than with guard duty. If the PCs do
stand among a vast ruin of blackened downright belligerent toward draconian not start any trouble and do not display weap-
branches and low, thick stumps. guards. In this case, use the Random Encoun- ons, the draconians do not bother them. If,
The elegant tree-city of Solace is now ter Table (nos. 4 or 21) for an encounter with however, the PCs act belligerent or show
only a few ramshackle huts on the ground Kapak draconians. weapons, the guards attack them: consult the
amidst the wreckage. South of the city, Once the PCs are in the town, they can Random Encounter Table for a battle with
strange creatures are building a tall pole see the remains of the Last Home Inn, once Kapak Draconians (Nos. 4 or 21).
fence. Apparently they intend to fence in lodged in the branches of a vallenwood tree, If the PCs do fight the draconians in the
the ravaged community. sitting somewhat awkwardly on the ground. streets, they will find themselves surrounded
In a central square cleared of scorched Now only half remains, but makeshift walls by over 100 Kapak reinforcements when the
branches and smashed homes, many and kitchen allow it to be open for business. battle is over. The Kapak will disarm them
blackened stakes have been driven into the Many other buildings sprawl on the and load them into a cage of the slave caravan.
ground, like a dark parody of some ancient ground, most of them smashed beyond recog- Go to Chapter 7: The Slave Caravan.
temple of the true gods. nition. Fires smolder here and there amid the
Unlike Que-Kiri, however, Solace is wreckage, and survivors scratch through the
not a ghost town. A few lights twinkle in rubble in search of a few former possessions.
the windows of some of the buildings, and Moans of pain and the cries of babies carry
humans, dwarves, and elves can all be seen through the town.
aiding in the construction of the fence. Very few healthy men remain in town;
They seem to be taking orders from a num- those who survived the invasion now work the
ber of whip-wielding dragonmen. Many mines of Pax Tharkas. Most of the inhabitants
other bands of dragonmen are visible pok- are too old to fight, or are the widows and
ing through the brush of the fallen trees. children of soldiers killed in the war.
These bands are heavily armed, and seem The only businesses other than the Last
to be organized into patrols. Home Inn that have survived are a large black-

6. The Inn of the Last Home her aid, immediately after the melee in the
vulnerability. Indeed she has certain child- Inn:
Use the map on page 15 to run this encounter. like qualities: a fascination with magic and
The map is scaled for use with miniatures; if a fear of heights. Formerly quite happy at Heavy feet clatter outside, and eerie torch-
you wish you may remove it from the book the Inn of the Last Home, she now nurses a light flickers through chinks in the door-
and place the miniatures right on the page. bitter hatred toward the dragonmen who way and wall. Suddenly the door splinters
have invaded her home. She realizes that it inward, and a crowd of draconians bursts
A smoky fire struggles in the blackened is just a question of time before her into the room.
stove, feebly challenging the gloom in the patience with the brutal conquerors wears Leading the band is a swaggering ugly
town. In sharp contrast to the usual lively out and she does something rash and fool- hobgoblin, the stench of his unwashed
crowd, the few patrons present are lost in ish. body preceeding him by several feet. He
their own thoughts. No one smiles, nor Tika is a former 3rd level thief. sneers as he advances across the room,
does anyone seem interested in the arrival flanked by four solid draconians to either
of a few more customers. Tika fidgets in her chair and looks over her side. Beyond, dozens more of the creatures
A thin, cloaked figure sits alone at a shoulder at every sound. She whispers that she stand in the sinister light of their own
table near the door, an untouched glass of wants to leave Solace and accompany the PCs torches.
ale before him. Three old men crouch on their journeys. She quietly leads the con-
above a table in the back of the inn, staring versation around to this topic, pretending to NPC Capsule:
silently at the dirty tabletop. The usually be bored with life in town. This boredom Fewmaster Toede, Subcommander in Dra-
bustling inn is otherwise empty. disguises her very real fear of the dragonmen. gonlords Northern Army. Hobgoblin; F4;
One familiar note carries good cheer As the PCs talk with Tika, move directly into ALLE; Sl6,18, Wll Dlo, Cl6; Ch6; MV
with it, however: the aroma drifting from encounter #7 below. 12; hp 22; can leap up to 30
the kitchena mixture of onions, chives, Carries short sword, dagger, shield. Wears
garlic, and mysterious herbs-shows that 7. Unwelcome Guests studded leather armor.
Otik Sandath still rules the realm of cook-
ing. The cheery sizzling can only mean Shortly after the conversation begins, 5 Kapak Toedes wispy white hair tops a very ugly
that his famous spiced potatoes are heating Draconians burst into the Inn, sit down at a face. His speckled gray skin, double chins,
even now over glowing coals. table near the PCs, and loudly demand serv- and pot belly all resemble those of a vicious
Suddenly the door of the makeshift ice. Tika grimaces and rises to wait on them, little toad.
kitchen bursts open, and the spill of torch- doing her best to ignore their crude behavior. Toede is a bully. He snivels and
light outlines the figure of Tika the bar- While the barmaid spoons potatoes from whines around superiors, but is full of
maid. She holds a steaming pan in her her large pan, the cloaked figure who was bluster and threats when he has the upper
right hand, a foaming pitcher in her left. seated near the door rises and approaches the hand. Like all bullies, he is cowardly; but
Sit down! she orders, her loud voice out PCs. The robe still covers his head and most of he possesses a certain crude cunning which
of place in the somber town. Git his face, but as he passes the draconians, one helps him to stay alive and prosper.
somethin to eatyou look like a pack of of them pulls the garment off to reveal a
starved rats. Her voice falls as she handsome elf. At once the invaders begin to 8 Kapak Draconian Escort. AL LE; MV
approaches: and then weve got to talk. shove the unfortunate character around, glee- 6[15]/18; hp 15 each; AC 4; HD 3;
fully bullying him. #AT 1 (shortsword); Dmg 1-6 + possible
Tika guides the party to a table in the rear, No matter what the PCs do, Tika has had poison; acid pool
away from the few customers. After serving enough of this bullying. With a scream of
the PCs whatever they order, she pulls a chair rage, she slams the pan down on the head of If the heroes helped Tika fight the draconians,
to the table and sits in it. She sets a heavy iron one draconian, automatically hitting him for Toede arrests them for brawling. Otherwise,
pan full of steaming potatoes next to her, after double the normal damage (2-16). he sneers as he recites charges of trespass and
she sees that everyone gets a portion. malicious destruction in the realm of Xak
5 Kapak Draconians. AL LE; MV 6[15]/ Tsaroth, then places the party under arrest. If
18; hp 14 each; AC 4; HD 3; #AT 1 the PCs resist, those draconians outside the
NPC Capsule:
(shortsword); Dmg 1-6 + possible poison; inn swarm indoors to overcome them.
Tika Waylan (Pan-Wielder). Human; F4
acid pool
(former T3); AL NG; S14, 19, Wl6, Dl2,
40 Kapak Draconians. AL LE; MV
C13, Chlo; MV 12; hp 22; AC 8 If the PCs join in, a melee obviously begins.
6[15]/18; hp 15 each; AC 4; HD 3;
Carries a heavy pan (Dmg 1-8) and a dagger. Any dragonman who spends a round in which
#AT 1 (shortsword); Dmg 1-6 + possible
Has standard level 3 Thief Skills. PCs or friendly NPCs do not attack him will
poison; acid pool
lick his blade to envenom the weapon for 3
Curly auburn hair tumbles around Tikas rounds. The draconians disarm the party and seize all
lightly freckled face. Her striking green If the PCs do not come to Tikas aid, the visible possessions except for rings and armor.
eyes match her low-cut blouse, and the dragonmen subdued her quickly and carry her A character has a base 50% chance to hide a
kulots tucked into her boots allow her out of the Inn. The PCs will next meet her in small object on his person. Make this check
great freedom of movement. A fur the cage on the caravan to Pax Tharkas. privately, modifying for any factors that seem
trimmed leather vest actually doubles as relevant. Thieves tools and spell books can-
effective leather armor if she gets involved 8. Prisoners of the Guard not be hidden!
in unexpected trouble. She wears a gold The dragonmen tie the heroes hands
ring on a chain around her neck. Read this passage to the players after Tika has and lead them through the rubble of Solace to
Tika is a brash young barmaid who been arrested, or, if the players have come to an open space that once functioned as a town
looks older than her 19 years. Rough living square. Tika Waylan and the elf from the Inn
has hardened her, and she presents a tough are brought with them. All PCs and the two
image as insulation against her sense of NPCs are herded into a caged wagon.

Here the dragonmen load the heroes onto a NPC Capsule:
slave caravan and move them south. On the Gilthanas, Warrior/Mage of Qualinesti. Gilthanas starts at the sound of the
way, the PCs learn a few things and, if they are Elf; FS/MU4; AL CG; Sl2, 114, WlO, voice. A look of alarm clouds his face.
patient, benefit from a timely rescue. D16, C12, Ch13; MV12; hp 17; AC 4. That is Theros Ironfeld, elf-friend. The
Spells: evil ones must have learned of the aid he
Gritty smoke drifts from a few lingering 1st Level: sleep, detect magic, magic has given my people. I fear that he will pay
fires through the clearing, adding a ghostly missile with his life.
thickness to the air. Many hobgoblins and 2nd Level: levitate, web The dragonmen would have taken
a few dragonmen scramble about, loading Wears chain mail. Carries shield, longbow and me days ago, had it not been for the cour-
things onto several large wagons. Beyond 20 arrows, longsword +1. age of that smith. He has smuggled elves
these wagons, the smoke- lifts briefly out of Solace since the city fell, with no
around three large cages. Each is mounted Long golden hair flows freely about regard for his own safety.
on a sturdy four-wheeled carriage the shoulders of this handsome elf. His The sounds of combat cease. A large
The hobgoblin commander screams slight features give him a very youthful band of dragonmen hobble from the mist,
his orders above the bustle and chattering, appearance, which is belied by a certain carrying the bleeding figure of a huge
and all of the monsters leap to obey Few- harshness in his eyes. He moves nimbly, man. Under the watchful eyes of 30
master Toede. Another group of pris- with quiet skill, and he is capable of great archers, the cage door is opened and the
onersmostly women and childrenare quickness when the situation demands. man is thrown inside.
dragged into the clearing and roughly Gilthanas was serving as a messenger Blood from the stump of his right arm
loaded into one of the cages. At the same for the elven king when he was captured by pools on the dirty floor. Moaning softly,
time, Fewmaster Toede unlocks the door of the dragonmen. A feeling that he has but apparently unconscious, Theros Iron-
the heaviest cage. His escort prods the pris- failed overwhelms him, but this does not feld slips toward death.
oners forward at swordpoint and thrusts show to outsiders. He succeeds in appear-
them behind the solid iron bars. The cage ing both calm and confident; indeed, he is Any use of magical healing will save Ironfelds
door shuts with a heavy clang, and Toede sure that the elves will make a rescue life, although he will be very weak (1 hp only).
locks both of its locks himself. attempt as the caravan passes Qualinesti. Without such aid, he will become still and
lifeless 1 turn after he is thrown into the
Toede is assembling a caravan to carry pris- Although he provides no details, Gilthanas wagon. One of the soldiers from Solace will
oners to Pax Tharkas, where slaves are needed suggests that fate is not always as unkind as it shout at the nearby draconians, Youve
to work the iron mines. The huge cages will appears to be. He is friendly to the PCs and killed him! Then the draconians open the
carry the captives, while the other two wagons makes an effort to cheer them up. cage (using the same procedure they did when
are loaded with routine supplies. The heroes The caravan does not move, and the cap- they threw Ironfeld in), draw out the smiths
possessions will be loaded on the first wagon, tives are left without food or water for an body, and cast it into a nearby pile of rubble.
where Toede intends to examine them and entire day and night. The temperature at If any of the PCs use. magic to save
claim a few items for his own. night drops alarmingly, causing some very Theros, Gilthanas looks on with slightly raised
The heroes cage also holds Gilthanas uncomfortable and sleepless hours. Many eyebrows. The three captive soldiers react
(the elf from the tavern), two soldiers from hobgoblins and draconians walk beside the more obviously, staring wide-eyed at the
Solace who fought against the Dragonlords, wagons. Some of them carry bows, and will healer and muttering about a miracle.
and Elistana high priest of Haven who shoot at characters who do anything suspi-
believes in the false gods. Elistan will give no cious. 11. The Wagons Roll
clue to his identity. He is an intelligent and If PCs hatch any rash plans of escape,
perceptive man, however, and if confronted Gilthanas counsels caution, saying that the A long day passes underneath a surpris-
with evidence of a true cleric, will question his chances may be much better later. If asked ingly warm sun. Draconian and hobgoblin
faith. what this means, he only smiles guards remain on watch throughout the
At this point Tika may become a player day, but no new prisoners are added to the
character. 10. A Chilly Sunrise cages. An air of waiting hangs over the
All three of the heroes human compan- wrecked town square.
ions are silent and depressed, since they know As dawn colors the sky, the autumn chill As the sun drops behind the stumps
that their families have been taken to Pax makes another onslaught. Heavy mists of the vallenwood forest, the waiting
Tharkas as hostages. If prodded, they reveal obscure the nearby ruins of Solace, and comes to an end. The square suddenly
this information, as well as the fact that they ghostly figures flit among the wagons. Sev- swarms with hobgoblins, goblins, and dra-
turned themselves in because of the hostages. eral of these figures approach, and it conians, all following the orders of the
The bars of the cage are much too heavy becomes clear that they are draconians. repulsive Sergeant Toede. Huge elk are
for even the strongest character to bend. The They pour a foul-smelling slop into buck- brought forward from the village pens,
cage has two separate locks, both of which ets in the nearby wagons. and four of the beasts are attached to each
must be unfastened to open the door. A fierce clatter of swords disrupts the wagon.
morning calm. Dry screams and yelps of Darkness falls as the guards form
the dragonmen rise above the crash of ranks before and after the column, which
9. The Elven Stranger
metal. Somewhere a deep human voice consists of three cage and two supply wag-
The heroes quickly recognize the elf that rings out in challenge, and the sounds of ons. A driver and a guard climb into the
approached them at the Inn. His hood is fighting move toward the voice. front of each and urge the elk forward. The
thrown back, since he no longer needs a dis- reddish glow of twilight provides one last
guise, and he talks to the adventurers. look at the ruins of Solace as the caravan
slips away to the south.

Sergent Toede rides a small, shaggy pony Yet when the Kinslayer war with the On your feet, you pitiful worm, and
along the column, shouting orders to his sol- human kingdom of Ergoth erupted, the cover my glorious retreat. Above all, dog,
diers. He taunts the prisoners as he passes with king did not hesitate to call upon the these prisoners are not to escape! Stagger-
tales of the dungeons of Pax Tharkas and of Qualinesti. The war was long and bloody, ing beneath his weight, Toedes horse car-
the Dragonlord waiting to meet them there. leaving scars that no treaty could heal. ries him to the front of the column, where
His servant, a young, unkempt gulley dwarf Thus, when borders were agreed upon and the sounds of fighting are the faintest.
named Sestun, follows his master as best he the bloodshed halted, the elves of the west The little dwarf climbs to his feet,
can. Sestun is constantly falling down or get- felt removed from their kin, and wanted muttering under his breath. He adjusts his
ting splashed by mud from the passing of no part of the ancient home of Silvanesti. oversized helmet and raises a fist in the
wagons, and finds it impossible to keep up. With the scribing of the Sword- direction of his master. He still grumbles as
The PCs see him jog past their wagon often, sheath scroll, many problems of the world his eyes wander to the cage holding the
his new metal helmet askew over a face domi- were laid to rest. The King of Ergoth gave heroes.
nated by a massive red nose. A battle axe of the western elves a magical wooded place Hoisting his dented battleaxe, he
doubtful quality swings from the dwarfs side. of great beauty and natural harmony-the moves to the locks holding the cage shut,
At the front of the column marches a land that has come to be known as and shatters them with two solid blows. As
troop of 45 Kapak Draconians, preceding the Qualinesti. the door swings open, the little gulley
goblins by about mile. One hundred gob- Sad was Silvanos the king, when his dwarf disappears into the underbrush.
lins follow the draconians in a long line end- eldest son Kith-Kanan chose to lead the Although freedom lies just beyond
ing just before the first supply wagon. The western elves to their new home. Deep was the swinging cage door, the battle outside
three cages are next (the heroes are in the first the split between the two elven kingdoms. is becoming more violent. Several elven
cage), and another supply wagon follows. Last Silvanesti continued to follow the lofty warriors glide from the darkened woods,
in line is a force of 100 hobgoblins. ancient ways, removed from the other peo- but many of the goblin guards have rushed
Two hobgoblins man each wagon. The ples of Krynn, while Kith-Kanan and the to the scene as well.
front supply wagon contains all of the PCs Qualinesti made peace, traded, and inter-
equipment as well as a load of swords and married with their neighbors.
shields. The last wagon is filled with grain. 20 Goblins. AL LE; MV 6; hp 4 each; AC
Perhaps the greatest accomplish-
6; HD 1-1; #AT 1 (shortsword); Dmg 1-6
ment of a great life was Kith-Kanans sign-
12. Gilthanas Tale ing of a permanent peace with the
Characters may leave the cage at the rate of
Mountain Dwarves of Thorbardin. Sharing
two per round. They can pick up shortswords
Through the long night the wagons roll their knowledge and skills, the two peoples
in 1-3 rounds: many of the guards dropped
ever southward. The towering summits of built the mighty fortress of Pax Tharkas at
their weapons when felled by arrows. The 20
the Twin Peaks Pass soon fall to the rear. the border of their two lands. For many
goblins arrive at the rate of 2 per round, and
Winding out of the mountains, the cara- centuries Pax Tharkas was a bastion of
all concentrate on the prisoners from the PCs
van passes through a dark and silent peace and safetya symbol of the coopera-
town-the formerly bustling community tion among folk of different background
The 3 warriors from Solace refuse to
of Gateway. Obviously the Dragonlords and race.
escape, because their families are imprisoned
have been at work here. Even now, as we hear that the for-
in Pax Tharkas. Gilthanas, however, joins the
South of Gateway, the plains of tress is in the hands of the dragonmen, I
Abanasinia spread to all sides. For several cannot believe that it has fallen to storm.
The elven rescuers free the prisoners,
hours, the caravan makes good time across Only the darkest treachery from within the
mostly women and children, from the other
the dull flatlands, until the sound of flow- walls could have led to this sorry outcome.
two cages, and escort them into the forest. If
ing water whispers far to the south.
the PCs follow after dispatching the goblins,
Shortly, the caravan trundles over the only
13. Fight For Freedom they have no more combat here.
bridge to cross the mighty White-rage
The heroes may try to regain their posses-
Suddenly a wavering call rolls from the sions from the supply wagon, which has
Now the land rises. More trees line
woods off to the west, like the cry of some halted immediately before them.
the ascending trail. The Elvenhome of
elegant bird. Gilthanas stiffens,. brings a If they try to recover their supplies, they
Qualinesti lies somewhere to the west.
Pax Tharkas, Gilthanas says qui- finger to his lips. Another call floats from must dispatch a detail of hobgoblins who have
the east, and now the elf responds with his rushed back to the battle. Once they have
etly. That must be our destination. It is
own call. done this, they may recover everything and
bitter indeed that a monument to peace
Immediately, the caravan guards make an escape into the forest following Gil-
has been perverted to the evil purposes of
begin to shriek and whimper. The driver of thanas. If they choose to go elsewhere, turn to
the cage wagon slumps forward, an arrow event 14; though he will urge going into the
If any PC questions him, Gilthanas bristling in his neck. Quickly, the guard at forest, Gilthanas accompanies the party.
begins the following tale: the drivers side draws his sword and leaps
to the ground; a deadly arrow whistles into 16 hobgoblins. AL LE; MV 9; hp 6 each;
his breast. AC 5; HD 1+1; #AT 1 (longsword); Dmg
Long ago, in the near forgotten Age of
Sergeant Toede gallops from the rear 1-8
Dreams, Kith-Kanan led the elves to
of the column, screaming to his troops to
Qualinesti. The Second Dragon War of Carefully laid elven traps tangle draconian
draw arms and face the unseen foe. He bar-
Silvanesti had brought these western elves patrols who might want to pursue. Soon all
rels into his gulley dwarf servant, and
great fame back in their ancient home. But
berates the poor creature with a volley of sounds of pursuit grow faint and disappear.
Silvanos, King of the Silvanesti, felt
uneasy at the rise to power of the
Qualinesti elves.

The heroes are taken into the sacred realm of
Qualinesti, and learn of a high task which may
fall to them. Of course, any elf PC is received
quite hospitablybut half-elves are treated
with the same suspicion as humans and

Dawn lightens the woods as the last sounds

of pursuit fade. The tall elf who seems to
be in command calls a halt. The escaped
prisoners and their escort of two dozen
elven warriors stand in a large clearing
bright with dew and striped by the
shadows of ghostly pines.
Gilthanas speaks earnestly with the
leader of the war party, and introduces him
as Porthios. Porthios then turns to the
freed prisoners and says: People of Sola- are free from the cages of the Dra-
gonlords. Where you can go I cannot say,
for all the land is wracked by their evil.
I suggest you try the south, for once
past Pax Tharkas you might find safety in
the realms of the southlands. I am not sure
what you may find there; but the heavy fist
of our foe has battered everywhere in the
north country.
He turns from the mass of prisoners to
the PCs. I would ask that you please come
with me, through the sacred realms of
Qualinesti to our capital of Qualinost Gil-
thanas has told me something of your
story; I know it would please my people to
hear more.

14. Away From the Elves The path westward is blocked by a Beyond the arches, the wide, quartz-
massive gray cliff of dark granite. The lined avenues of the city lie dappled in the
If the heroes accompany the elves, skip this pines march right to the cliff base; from strange green forest light. Many of the city
section. If not, here is detailed the state of the there smooth stone ascends for nearly a buildings are made of quartz, too, and
world in which they may travel. mile. A fringe of green at the summit sug- aspen beams inlaid with silver and gold.
To the north, two dragonarmies move gests that more forest lies beyond. The buildings are tall and slender, blend-
south for the invasion of Qualinesti. To the Porthios leads the way through a ing gracefully with the many aspens that
south, Pax Tharkas blocks the only path. To chuckling stream to the base of the falls, fill the city.
the west lies Qualinesti, still an elven strong- where a deep, clear pool collects the out- And everywhere, there is frantic activ-
hold. flow of the towering spume. Stepping ity. Female elves and elf-children either
If the players go north, they have random nimbly from rock to rock, the elf crosses rush about carrying large bundles toward
encounters (see Random Encounter Table) for the pool and enters a darkened hollow that the central tower, or scamper toward
the next game day. Then they run into one gapes behind the waterfall. houses, empty-handed. The adult males
squad of Kapak draconians (use entry #4 on Here, a steep stairway, cut from the are all armed and alert, graceful bows and
the Random Encounter Table) per game hour. living rock of the cliff-face, begins to slim longswords ready to meet any foe.
These dragonmen fight to the death, and ascend. A curtain of silvery water sheds
there are an infinite supply of squadrons. If light on the secret way. The path is Any elves in the party immediately realize
the party goes south, run the adventure the strangely easy, turning beneath the water- that this hustle and bustle is very much out of
same as you would were they going north or fall until it finally emerges under a clear place. Because of the screen of warriors around
east: one day from the rescue, the southern autumn sun, atop the high plateau of them, the PCs do not attract attention right
dragonarmy leaves Pax Tharkas to march on Qualinesti. away. Soon, however, an elf-child spots a
Qualinesti. (See Encounters 19 and 21.) The Aspen forests shiver in the noon dwarf PC, if one is present (if not, a human
PCs will encounter an elven war party (west) if brightness, the trunks reflecting an ivory will do) and, shrieking hysterically, flees to his
they attempt to enter Qualinesti unescorted: whiteness. The fresh, earthy scent of moss mother. Soon all activity ceases as the citizens
rides the air. A soft trail spread with ever- gawk at the procession of PCs and elf warriors.
40 Elf Warriors. AL CG; MV 12; hp 7 green needles seems to appear magically
each; AC 5; HD 1+1; #AT 1 (sword or before Porthios as he leads the way further Gilthanas and Porthios have been talking
arrow); Dmg 2-9 or 1-6 into the wood. quietly. Now Gilthanas turns: I know you
are all tired and need a well-deserved rest. I
In addition, the following higher ranking ask that first you accompany us to the
elves are present: 16. Qualinost tower of the Speaker, where you will meet
the Speaker of Suns, my father. As soon as
3 Elf Fighters. F3; AL CG; MV 12; hp 20 After several more hours of providing a possible we will see you to comfortable
each; AC 4; #AT 1 (longsword or arrow); smooth path through the woods, the nee- quarters and refreshment.
Dmg 3-10 or 2-7 dle-strewn forest floor ends abruptly in All of the elves are moving in the gen-
front of a deep chasm. Rolling blankets of eral direction of the lofty golden tower.
1 Elf Magic-user. MU5; AL CG; MV 12; moss coat both sides of the 100 wide gap; Porthios and Gilthanas start off in that
hp 13; AC 8; #AT 1 (dagger); Dmg 1-4. billowing mist far below suggests that direction.
Spells: rapid waters cut along the chasm bottom.
1st level: charm person, sleep, magic mis- A narrow footbridge, suspended from
sile, shield sturdy aspens, spans the chasm. 17. The Speaker of Suns
2nd level: invisibility, web Gilthanas speaks: Qualinost is pro-
3rd level: slow tected on all sides by such barriers. Yet I The following council occurs in the Tower of
fear that even these will be of little aid the Speaker. At first, the heroes will be specta-
The magic-user is invisible, following the PCs against the dragonarmies. tors as the elves conduct business. At any
closely. If combat breaks out, the elves Across the bridge, a few slim towers time, of course, a PC may have something to
attempt to subdue and capture the heroes. appear through the aspens ahead. Now say; and this should be worked into the
Gilthanas will try to stop the fight, but will Porthios walks with a bouncing step, like a description.
not join either side. traveler who sees his home on the horizon. The Speaker will be aloof toward all but
If the PCs move away from Qualinesti, The dense aspen forest thins out in elvesespecially cool toward the humans. He
Gilthanas goes with them, taking Theros Iron- front of the spires and arches of Qualinost. will not, however, be hostile or insulting. As
feld with him. Have them meet Eben Shatter- The city is small by human standards; by the story grows clearer, and particularly if the
stone as described in encounter 22: If the the same token, no humans could ever characters fought beside Gilthanas at the Inn
party is captured and taken to Qualinesti, pick build a city like this. Four slender towers of the Last Home, the Speakers attitude will
up the adventure as described in encounter lined with silver mark the four corners of warm, but only slightly. If Tanis is with the
16. the roughly square city. Between each of heroes, the Speaker will recognize him, but
these towers, strings of slender arches will be very cool toward him.
15. The Secret Ways also silver-stretch in an elegant chain.
A high tower of burnished gold domi- A pair of gilded doors swing silently open,
The tall elf called Porthios leads the way nates the city, throwing off sunlight in a into a chamber that looks much bigger
through the pine forest. As dawn creeps to whirling, sparkling pattern that gives the than the outside of the tower. The huge
daylight, a deep roaring sound thunders in impression of movement. Of course, the room has a white marble floor and walls.
the far distance. After several hours, it is tower is quite still, but the illusion is very Many windows admit the sunlight and
obvious that the source of the sound is a realistic indeed. fresh air. Many elves stand here expect-
huge waterfall, plummeting from an antly.
unimagineable height.

The tallest elf here is dressed in a It was the worst of times, the Great Sun- Destiny has an important role for
resplendent yellow robe, and his hair is dering, claims the Speaker. We keep what Laurana in the Epic of the Dragonlance,
tinged with silver. He steps forward we know in memory and song. It was then and she will be called upon to grow up in a
eagerly, opening his arms to embrace Gil- that a great darkness fell, but now, as our hurry. By highlighting her immaturity at
thanas and Porthios. poet will tell you, the darkest of the gloom this point, you can increase the dramatic
My sons! I thought I would never is lifting. effect of her growth upon your players.
meet you in this world again. For a This little girl possesses an inner strength
moment, joy rises in his voice, and then his it this time, the court poet steps forward and that will one day lead armies!
manner becomes serious. Gilthanas, recites the Canticle. Read the Canticle on
what of your raid? page 32 to your players or have your players Laurana takes the PCs to a pleasant, sun-dap-
Lord Speaker, my father, says Gil- read it aloud. After the recital, the Speaker pled grove of aspens which flourishes in the
thanas solemnly, I have failed. We trav- makes the following statement: heart of the city. Clear springs furnish fresh
elled with all stealth southward as was water, and many mossy beds seem to invite
planned; yet fate had us meet a north- Travellers, I shall have a place prepared sleep. Pears, apples, and peaches all grow in
bound army of the Dragonlord. I was for you while you are among us. Follow my profusion, and Laurana urges the heroes to eat
struck upon my head and fell into a ravine, daughter, and she shall see you comfort- their fill.
thinking that to be the end of my days ably tended. After you have had a chance
upon the face of Krynn. to wash, eat and sleep, I shall send for you.
Some time later I awoke and found Time is indeed short. 19. A High Council
tracks leading northward to Solace. Think- An exceptionally beautiful elven
ing to free my warriors who may have been maiden moves forward from the onlook- As twilight descends over Qualinesti, Laurana
taken prisoner, I followed. I found that ers. She curtsies slightly toward the rouses the heroes from their slumber and asks
Solace has been taken and its vallenwood Speaker before blessing the weary travelers them to attend a council in the Hall of the Sky.
forest razed. with a smile like a spring sunrise. Her This hall turns out to be the central square
A gasp rings through the council beauty seems greater as she moves closer; of Qualinost, where a cluster of stars are just
chamber at the thought of the mighty for- yet a childlike air about her belies the wis- appearing overhead. As the heroes arrive on
est levelled. Gilthanas lowers his eyes and dom in her eyes. the scene, read the following. At the same
speaks his next words with difficulty. I She glides toward the gilded doors time, allow the players to look at the mosaic
found my companions in the square, tied and they part for her, almost as if a gentle map of Qualinesti found on the cover of the
to stakes made from the fallen trees. A gust of wind persuaded them to open. She module.
large red dragon soared above them. I leads the way into the sun and leaf-speck-
watched the people of Solace forced into a led streets of Qualinost.
large circle around the captives. The entire population of Qualinesti seems
A great and evil leader, hidden by a to be gathered around the wide square.
beastlike mask, rode the red dragon down- 18. Laurana of Qualinost The warriors are in the center ring, around
ward beside the stakes in the square. He the Speaker and several of his chief lieu-
spoke as the serpent landed: I am Vermi- NPC Capsule: tenants; the other men, women and chil-
naard, Dragonlord of this realm. I have Laurana, Princess of Qualinesti. Elf; F3; dren are more distant, but still observing
need of all mortal beings in the great work AL CG; S13, I15, W12, D17, C14, Ch16; the proceedings.
of the Dragonlords. Those who obey shall MV12; hp 18; AC 0 A path opens through the crowd to
serve me. Those who do not shall feel my Wears chain mail +1. Carries shield and the center of the circle, and the Speaker
wrath! shortsword. looks up with a cool stare as the heroes of
Then the dragon breathed flame Xak Tsaroth enter his sight. Forgive our
upon my fellows... Gilthanas voice trails Long sandy hair surrounds Lauranas child- somber air, he says slowly. These are
off, and he gestures toward Theros Iron- like face. Her hazel eyes are very large, and heavy times, and we face the beginning of
feld. A kind of madness came over me, at this point in her life, possess a certain a long and lonely road.
and had not this man restrained me I too innocence. Her figure is slight, and her Look, if you will, upon our situa-
would have been burned into nothingness. skin a rich woodland brown. tion. The Speaker gestures to a detailed
He risked his life for me, and indeed, suf- Laurana is a very spoiled little girl mosaic on the ground. The colors and
fered the loss of his arm for the crime of when first introduced to the adventurers. shapes seem to represent a map of some
protecting a frightened elf. In childhood, she and Tanis were kind. As the circle of elves draws back, the
betrothed, although it is uncertain how land of Qualinesti and its surroundings are
Gilthanas then relates his acquaintance with seriously the half-elf takes this childhood displayed entirely.
the heroes; he mentions any clerical spells that vow. If Tanis is with the party, she will fawn Here and here, the Speaker says,
he has seen used. on him, showing all of the signs of an ado- tapping the end of his staff against the
The Speaker becomes more polite toward lescent crush. If he is not with the PCs, this northern communities of Solace and
the PCs if they do nothing to deserve other- affection should be directed at a male PC Haven. Two huge armies of the
wise. If they mention clerical spells, he acts elf from Qualinesti, if at all possible. She Dragonlord Verminaard have gathered.
impressed, saying that it has been more than a tends to sulk when she does not get her Even now they prepare to invade the
century since such knowledge has been held way, and also is skillful at using her good ancient Elvenhome of Qualinesti. There is
by the children of men. He does not volunteer looks and charm to her advantage. no way we can stand against the might of
anything about elven clerical magic; if the PCs such hordes.
persist in questioning him on the subject,
however, he tells them that all the elven clerics
disappeared to the south at the time of the
Our only choice is to flee Qualinesti to heroes take on the quest, go directly to sleep while they have the chance, for the next
the west, and hope to bring our people encounter 20 below. If they decline, go days mission must go ahead as planned.
safely to some land in that unknown directly to encounter 21. While the heroes sleep, the elves load
region. The Speaker pauses to let his their packs with two weeks worth of the nour-
remark sink in; for it is indeed stunning to 20. Kidnap! ishing elven quith-pa, a kind of dried fruit.
think of the elves of this fabled wood Quith-pa functions in all respects as iron
elves who have lived here since the Age of Speed is important, and Gilthanas feels that rations.
Dreams-forced from their ancestral home the partys chances to enter Pax Tharkas are At this point, Gilthanas may become a
by the cruel might of the Dragonlords. greater if they enter the Sla-Mori at night; player character. Theros elects to remain with
Still a third Dragonarmy poises therefore the elf urges that the party leave the the elves.
against us here. Now the Speakers staff next morning. This should bring them, after a
21. If the Heroes Refuse the Elves
strikes sharply on the narrow pass of Pax long days travel, to the mouth of Sla-Mori.
Tharkas. We have learned from captives Also, since draconians prefer not to travel by Of course, the Innfellows may reject the elves
that the Dragonlord would like to see the day, chances are less that the PCs will run into appeal. In this case, the elves are considerably
race of elves driven from Krynn; and they them. colder to the PCs; they no longer extend their
have nearly succeeded with respect to our The council has adjourned. As they part, hospitality, but ask the PCs to leave. The next
kin of Silvanesti. the people sing an ancient, haunting song of morning, Gilthanas and a band of picked
the elves. At this time, you may read or sing elven warriors leave for Pax Tharkas, gravely
The heroes may wish to say something here, as the song Elvenhome found on page 16. weakening the fighting strength of the
the Speaker pauses. Allow them to speak, and Immediately afterwards, read this passage. Qualinesti nation.
answer questions if you feel they are appropri- The elves do not bother the PCs if they
ate. Eventually, work the conversation around Laurana leads the way back to the quiet consent to leave Qualinesti quietly. At the first
to the speaker again, as he continues. hilltop grove. Sleep peacefully, for the nightfall, cleric(s) in the party have a pro-
road tomorrow is long, she whispers, and phetic dream. Take your clerics aside and read
Here, in the depths of Pax Tharkas, work moves silently down the hill. them this passage!
the warriors of Solace, Haven, and the Suddenly, the stillness of Qualinesti
shatters. A sharp female scream rises from The landscape you lie upon is
other northern lands who were taken alive.
the direction Laurana has gone. Even as blurred, as is often the case in dreams.
Why would they slave in the mines, gain-
the echoes bounce from the hills, a dark The wind has died away, and the air
ing iron for the forges of the Dragonlords?
shape blacks out the moons, settling seems far less chilly than it did before.
Because also here, and the Speak-
among the aspens of the city. Indeed, a glowing warmth spreads across
ers staff strikes Pax Tharkas with a venge-
your back.
ance, are their women and
A wyvern, ridden by Fewmaster Toede, lands When you turn toward the source of
childrenhostages lest the warriors can
in Qualinost. Toede has decided to capture the heat, you see that Qualinesti Forest is
display the rage and hatred that they must
one of the party as a peace offering to Vermi- burning. The fire withers aspen, snaps
feel against their villainous masters. This
naard, who is surely going to be angry that the evergreen, and the woodland erupts into
was the reason for Gilthanass mission only
caravan was raided and Gilthanas freed. Six red columns of flame.
a few short days ago. He and his band were
draconians have also been carried to the elven Dark shapes lope toward you out of
to enter Pax Tharkas by a hidden route-
city, and even now move to attack the charac- the fire. A rain of arrows and spears cannot
the Sla-Moriknown only to the elves.
ters. Whether the PCs move to investigate or stop the rushing draconians, their wings
They would free the hostages and lead the
simply hold their ground, they are attacked by flapping as they charge across the ground
slaves in a revolt, escaping to the south and
the Kapaks as they see the huge serpent, now like large wounded bats. Your comrades
drawing the dragonarmy in pursuit.
bearing two riders, rise across the red moon fall around youfirst one, then another,
The humans can reach safety and
and hear a voice shouting, Your loyalty is as your weapon grows heavier in your
elude the dragonmen, for the mountain-
touching, my little Kapaks! To give your lives hands.
ous route contains many secluded valleys
is all that my grandness could ask of you! Finally, seven draconians turn toward
where they can hide. Yet they will never
you-toward you alone. Three of them lick
have a moment of freedom unless some
6 Kapak Draconians. AL LE; MV 6[15]/ their swords. Their lidless eyes stare hun-
means of rescue is offered.
18; hp 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 19; HD 3; #AT grily at your throat. They move coldly and
It is our belief that you should
1 (shortsword); Dmg 1-6 + poison; acid firmly in your direction, whispering in dry,
accept this heavy task. Gilthanas has
pool rattling hisses. They surround you; one of
offered to accompany your party and show
them lunges at you with a spear, and a
you the ways of the Sla-Mori, even the
The kapaks were sent by Toede to create a white-hot pain explodes in your chest.
room of the Great Chainthe quickest
diversion, then abandoned. Left on their own, The dragonmen appear to double in
entrance to the fortress itself. If you accept
they fight to the death. The noise of the skir- size, and then suddenly shrink to the size
this opportunity, you not only offer free-
mish will arouse the community, but no elves of sparrows. Your weapon falls to your side.
dom to those of your kin trapped within
can intervene until the battle between the Your legs do not work. Everything is dark
the walls of the fortress, but you offer our
kapaks and the heroes is over. By then, it will now.
beleaguered folk a chance to escape
Qualinesti alive, a chance to live that many be obvious that this was an isolated raid and If the PCs still do not take up the quest, the
of ours were not given when your people not a general attack. dream will come true almost to the letter.
caused the Cataclysm, the turning away of If the PCs mention Laurana, the elves Qualinesti will be in the hands of the Dra-
the gods. will know of her absence at once. If not, it is gonlords in 2-12 days; no matter which direc-
morning before they realize she is missing. In tion the PCs go, after one game day they
Thus is presented the plight of the elves and either event, nothing can be done about the encounter draconians as they did in encounter
the suggestion for the heroes help. If the kidnapping. The elves react to the kidnapping 14. These skirmishes will continue, one every
with sad acceptance, and tell the heroes to game hour, until all the PCs are dead.
6th Level Half Elf Fighter
7th Level Human Fighter
STR 16 (Dmg +1; wgt +350; Doors 1-3; Bars 10%)
INT 12 (Lang: Q. Elf, Hill Dwarf, Plainsman) STR 18/63(Hit +2: Dmg +3: wgt +1250: Doors 1-4. Bars 25%)
WIS 1 3 INT 12
DEX 16 (React +1; Def -2) WIS 10
CON 12 (Sys. Shock 80%; Res. 85% DEX 11
CHA 15 (Loyalty +15%; Reaction +15%) CON 17 (hp Adjust +3; Sys shock 97% Res. 98%)
AL N G CHA 15 (Loyalty +15%; Reaction +15%)
AC = 4
HP = 45 AC = 6
HP = 44

5th Level Kender Thief
4th Level Human Magic-user
STR 13 (wgt +100; Doors 1-2; Bars 4%)
INT 9 (Lang: Kenderspeak) STR 10 (Doors 1-2; Bars 2%)
WIS 12 INT 17 (Lang: 6; Q. Elf, Magius, see below)
DEX 16 (Attack +1; Def -2; see below) WIS 14
CON 14 (Sys. Shock 88%; Res. 92%) DEX 16 (Attack +l; Def -2)
CHA 11 CON 10 (Sys shock 70%; Resur 75%)
AC = 6
HP = 20 AC=5
Pocts Locks Traps Quiet Hides Hears Climb Reads
55% 52% 45% 50% 46% 25% 75% 20% Spell use: 3 1st level and 2 2nd level per dav.


7th Level Human Fighter 6th Level Human Cleric

STR STR 12 (wgt +100; Doors 1-2; Bars 4%)

17 (Hit +1; Dmg+1; wgt+500; Door 1-3; Bars 13%)
INT INT 12 (Lang: Plainsmen, Hill Dwarf, Q. Elven)
14 (Lang: Q. Elf; Plains; Solamnic; S. Elf)
WIS 11 WIS 16 (Magic Adjustment +2)
DEX 12 DEX 14
CON CON 12 (Sys. Shock 80%; Res. 85%)
16 (hp Adjust +2; Sys Shock 95%; Res. 96%)
CHA 12 CHA 17 (Loyalty +30%; Reaction +30%)

AC = 5 AC = 6
HP = 40 HP = 24
Spell use: 3 1st Level, 3 2nd Level, 2 3rd Level

5th Level Dwarf Fighter
6th Level Human Ranger
SIX 16 (Dmg +1; wgt +350; Doors 1-3; Bars 10%)
INT 7 (Lang: Hill Dwarf) STR 18/35 (Hit +l; Dmg +3; wgt +1000; Doors 1-3; Bars 20%)
WIS 12 INT 13 (Lang: Plainsman, Q. Elf, Hill Dwarf)
DEX 10 WIS 14
CON 18 (Hp Adjust +4; Sys shock 99%; Res. 100%) DEX 16 (Attack +1; Def -2)
CHA 13 (Reaction +5%) CON 13 (Sys. Shock 85%; Res. 90%)
AL NG CHA 13 (Reaction +5%)
AC = 6
HP = 52 AC = 5
HP = 36
Equipment: ring mail armor, small shield, longsword (dmg 1-8/1-
12), spear (dmg 1-6), dagger (dmg 1-4/1-3), pack (as selected by Equipment: leather armor +2, longsword +2 (dmg 1-8/1-12), long-
bow & 20 arrows, pack (as selected by player)
What of our friends in Solace? The smoke rising from the direction of Its hard to believe all of the things that have happened in the last few
that mighty Vallenwood Forest weighs heavily upon me. Do you days. Five years we searched, travelling hundreds of miles to all four
think that Tika Waylan, for example, could sit idly around and watch corners of the compass, and the answer was all the time only a days
that land be overrun? I have a feeling that she needs our help this march from Solace. And the dragon! All the scoffing we have done
very minute! Who knows if we will even find the Inn of the Last over those legendary creatures comes back to haunt us now. Who
Home unharmed? would have believed that there really is such a creature?

1st Level: burning hands, charm person, comprehend lan-
guages, detect magic, hold portal, magic missile, push, sleep,
Tensers Floating Disc. Equipment: leather armor, hoopak (treat as combination bullet sling
2nd Level: audible glamer, darkness 15, detect invisible, ESP, (dmg 2-5/2-7) and +2 jo stick (dmg 1-6+2/1-4+2), dagger (dmg 1-41 1-
invisibility, mirror image, web, wizard lock, knock. 3), pack (as selected by player)

Equipment: Staff of Magius (+3 protection, +2 to hit (dmg 1-8), con- Well, this should show those Seekers a thing or two. Imagine playing
tinual light (1 /day), feather fall (1 /day), pack (as selected by player) cleric without knowing who the true gods are! The only thing I regret
is that we didnt have a little more time to poke around in that
I think we should take care not to lose sight of the real enemy. These sunken cityXak Tsaroth, they called it. Ill bet that place could
draconians are a threat to the whole world. Look what they did to the have told us a lot if we could have just looked for a few clues. That
Plains of Abanasinia, and that was several days ago! What kind of dragons treasure pile alone could have kept me busy for a month!
destruction have they been able to wreak since then? Even gully
dwarves and Seekers may look like long-lost friends before this is

Equipment: leather armor, a sling +1, Medallion of Faith, pack (as

selected by player) Equipment: chain mail armor, two handed sword +3 (dmg 1-10 /3-
And what of the message from Mishakalfind the one who will 18), dagger (dmg 1-4/1-3), pack (as selected by player)
lead the people? How do you suppose we accomplish that? I have It seems that we have become involved in something larger than any
looked at these disks, and they contain information on the true gods. of us could have guessed. These dragonlords and their armies are
Though I have lost the crystal staff, the information I hold here is far everywhere. No one seems to have the power to stand in their way.
more valuable, for it gives knowledge that allows me, or any faithful Perhaps the knowledge that we, or Goldmoon actually, have gained
character, the ability to become a true cleric, such as our land has not will be of help against this evil. I hope so, but I dont see how our
known for hundreds of years. Even this is not enough-we must see small band will be able to make much difference.
that others have the opportunity to share in this information.

Equipment: leather armor, small shield, longsword +2, shortbow and

quiver of arrows, hunting knife +1, pack (as selected by player) Equipment: studded leather armor, small shield, 2 hand axes +1 (dmg)
1-6/1-4), dagger (dmg 1-41 1-3), pack (as selected by player)
The village that is my home, and Goldmoons, no longer exists.
Although I fear that your Solace may have met the same fate, it is I certainly wasnt surprised to find gully dwarves working for those
clear that we must see for ourselves. If, as you say, there are those who draconian scum! Like Ive always said, where theres garbage youll
need our help, then our path is clear before us. At the same time, I find the rats. It should be obvious to all of you now that the gully
would wage war against the destroyers of my homeland. It is clear that dwarves cant possibly be related to Hill Dwarves-why, our entire
we few cannot stand against the armies of the dragonmen; yet therein ...well, everything, is different. They are much more closely tied to
may be our strength. For, as the armies have passed us by, perhaps we those scoundrels the mountain dwarves, as any fool can see. I only
may learn more of the nature of this menace. Surely, there is a weak- regret that my axe didnt get the chance to educate a few more of
ness, a fault, that can be exploited. em!
Eben has blood upon his legs and arms. He
graciously denies that he needs any magical
healing and suggests that the magic should be
saved for a later time. In fact, he is not
wounded at all: he has staged the entire
encounter so that he might join the group of
heroes. He will attempt to betray the party in
Eben thanks the PCs many times, and
offers his aid wherever they might be bound.
Gilthanas urges haste in continuing to Pax
Tharkas, and if his opinion is sought, remarks
that an extra swordsman always comes in
Soon the pines give way to the open
plain, and in the southern distance, Pax
Tharkas sits wedged between mountains. By
The heroes will make a long days march, cross party from all sides. If the heroes heed the moving steadily, the party can see the Tharka-
the road, and are at the Sla-Mori at nightfall. wounded warriors warning, they are not sur- dan walls by late afternoon.
Today, also, the dragon army marches out of prised by the ambush; otherwise, check nor-
Pax Tharkas toward Qualinesti mally with a d6. 23. The Hidden Valley

Dawn is just beginning to color the sky as 8 Baaz Draconians. AL LE; MV 6[15]/ The sun has almost disappeared in the
Gilthanas leads the way through the 18; hp 14 each; AC 4; HD 2; #AT 1 west; the imposing fortress of Pax Tharkas
aspenwood of Qualinesti. The trail (shortsword) or 2; Dmg 1-6 or 1-4/1-4; is nearer still. The tops of its two mighty
descends gradually to the south. Soon the turn to stone and crumble apart on death towers rival the mountain peaks for control
whisper of a rushing stream rises from of the sky. Between the towers, a massive
nearby, as the path begins to follow a clear See a complete description of these monsters wall closes off all passage through the
brook. The route grows steeper and in Appendix 3. mountain gap. A single gate, 30 tall and
steeper, and the water deepens and roars as The draconians attack savagely, fighting 20 wide, seems to be the only entrance.
it tumbles toward the sea with increasing to the death. If the battle seems to be going in Suddenly, the massive gate swings
force. the heroes favor, the wounded man climbs to open. Even before it finishes moving,
The aspens of Qualinesti blend with his feet, joins the melee, and strikes a Baaz column after column of armed troops
the tall pines of the lowlands, and by the from behind after most of the draconians have march out. Rising clouds of dust soon
time the sun is high there are no signs of been killed. obscure their exact numbers, but surely
the silvery trees of the plateau. Dark and several thousand pass from the fortress
looming, the evergreens crowd the trail, NPC Capsule: onto the plains. The road they follow leads
making the brightly sunny day seem closed Eben Shatterstone, Soldier of Fortune. to Qualinesti.
and dusky. The stream still roars, but the Human. F5; AL CN; S14; 115; W7; Dl3; The Dragonlords power, says Gil-
sound has become threatening, like some CS; Chl5; MV 9; hp 28; AC 4 thanas grimly. The time has come. The
unspeakable thing in tireless pursuit. Wears chain mail. Carries a shield, longsword, elven warrior points to a narrow vale lead-
Suddenly, the pines spread to reveal a and dagger. ing into the mountains just east of Pax
clearing about 150 across. The grass has Tharkas. Here lies the approach of the
been churned into mud by a furious com- Eben wears clothes that once were Sla-mori. We must move carefully: this
bat, and the bodies of both men and hob- very fine, but a lot of rough wear has tat- valley is sometimes not a safe place.
goblins lie grotesquely in the places where tered them somewhat. He has straight, jet-
death has claimed them. black hair, cut fairly short, and his face is The elf refers to legends about a band of trolls
A groan sounds from the center of ruggedly handsome. A faded red cape who have come down from the high moun-
this carnage, and a battered human warrior hangs from his shoulders, and his fine tains into the valley. He tells the PCs about the
rises from a pile of hobgoblins. His eyes chain mail is rather tarnished. He also legends if they ask him. Urging haste, he then
appear glazed and unfocused as he turns wears a scarlet hat. leads the party into the valley, to the secret
his head about, finally looking at the trail Eben is completely self-serving and gate of the Sla-mori, or hidden path.
where it enters the clearing. He struggles will do anything to win favor with those
to stay on his feet, but gives up with whom he sees as in power. Right now, this A narrow trail climbs steeply from the
another groan. is the Dragonlord Verminaard, who has plains into the wooded valley. Splashing
Suddenly a look of surprise crosses his sent Eben to infiltrate the party and try to with impartial cheer, a clear brook emerges
face, and he points to the dense pine for- direct them to Pax Tharkas, where he is to from the cut in the mountains, as Gil-
est. Look out! Dragon... the effort betray them. Eben is not evil, nor will he thanas leads the party ever higher. Soon,
proves too much, and he topples onto his risk his life for the Dragonlord, so if he the elf leaves the path and begins to pick
back again. does not have a chance to betray the party his way through underbrush made espe-
safely, he will not do so. If at all possible, cially dense by the falling of night.
Ebens mission should not be discovered.
22. Ambush If it is, however, and the PCs turn on him, 24. Trolls
see to it that Eben meets an obscure
Immediately after this statement, 12 Baaz deaththat the body is lost. The trolls in this valley always place a guard to
draconians rush from the pines to attack the cover the approach from the plains. This troll

alerts its partners, and the three monsters 7. The Crossroads If drawn from its scabbard, it gleams brightly
attack the rear of the party as it leaves the trail with magical radiance. See Appendix 4: Trea-
and begins to move toward the Sla-mori. A crossroads offers a choice of directions sures, for a complete description of this potent
Check normally to see if the PCs are surprised. 120 into the mountain. The corridor con- weapon.
tinues straight ahead at 20 wide; it also
3 Trolls. AL CE; MV 12; hp 36, 31, 27; branches to the right in a corridor of about 27. The Closed Corridor
AC 4; HD 6+6; #AT 3; Dmg 5-8/5-8/2-12; the same width.
regenerate 3 hp per round More significantly, the dust on the The corridor widens to 60, still continuing
floor of the tunnels now shows the passage forward. The air in the room is stale and
The trolls try to kill two PCs and carry the of many feet. The marks extend into both musty; loose boulders and stones litter the
bodies to their lair-a small cave on the oppo- of the passages continuing into the moun- floor, but apparently a wide path runs
site side of the valley, about 1000 yards away. tain; only the corridor leading to the gate down the center of the corridor. This path
The cave is 30 wide, 50 deep, and 10 high. seems to have been untravelled before. is free of any speck of dust.
It contains a collection of bones, worthless
scraps of armor and weapons, a rusty key amid The tracks in the dust were made by a number The far end of the corridor has been caved in
the rubbish at the back wall, a shield +1, and a of different types of creatures. Most of the by the Cataclysm. Boulders the size of houses
locked strongbox. The key opens the strong- tracks seem to be humanoid, although it is are wedged together to form an impenenetra-
box, which contains 257 sp and 3 gems, worth impossible to tell more. Most of the animal ble wall.
150 stl, 100 stl, and 200 stl. tracks are those of small, clawed creatures. A giant slug has cleaned the path
The corridor continuing straight ahead through the chamber. It lives off the refuse
25. The Gate has more tracks in it. created by the rats in Kith-Kanans tomb.

Gilthanas leads the way along the base of a 28. Hall of the Ancients 1 Giant Slug. AL N; MV 6; hp 58; AC 8;
tall granite cliff for several hundred feet, HD 12; #AT 1; Dmg 1-12; spits acid for 1-
halting at a slight niche in the wall. He An eerie, gigantic hall has here fallen into 32 pts damage
takes a small, glowing gem from beneath decay. Many tall columns rise to a lofty ceil-
his tunic and holds it forward with his right ing, others have fallen over and litter the The slug is wedged amid the boulders at the
hand. Making a set of motions in the air, center of the room like the felled vallen- far end of the room, and will not detect the
he chants an ancient series of incantations. wood trees of Solace. From behind the heroes until they advance to within 60. Then
Suddenly and silently, a tremendous stone rubble comes a chittering and scratching. the monster slides forth and attacks, pursuing
block moves to the side. A huge granite throne sits against the if necessary. The slug can turn around in a 20
left wail, flanked by two large statues. The wide corridor; in any area narrower than this it
Use Map C: Sla-Mori for the following stone guardians are warriors three times must continue forward until it locates a wider
encounters. The numbers of these and all fur- the height of a man, each armed with a space.
ther encounters are keyed to areas on maps. broad, granite sword.
Dwarfed by these images, the 30. Chamber of Doom
26. The Ways of the Sla-Mori decayed remains of a man sit atop the
throne. Gaunt, empty sockets and bared The winding of the narrow tunnel finally
A whiff of musty dead air emerges as the teeth stare from an ancient skull. A worn, ends in a dark chamber. The air is heavy
huge block moves aside. The passage once-regal cloak covers his body; a and cold here, and a nameless sense of evil
plunges directly into the heart of the sheathed sword lies across his lap. throbs somewhere within these slick, stony
mighty peak that guards the eastern flank walls. A thick layer of dust covers the floor,
of Pax Tharkas. A thick coat of dust layers Further examination of the chamber reveals as if the frightened creatures living in the
the floor, and cobwebs hang loosely from that the wall opposite the tunnel entrance has tunnels know better than to come here.
the ceiling nearly 15 above. The tunnel is collapsed, apparently triggering the fall of the
20 wide and completely dark. columns. A huge pile of rubble here is riddled Lurking in the northwestern alcove of the
Despite the many birds and small ani- with small tunnels and provides shelter for room is the source of this nameless evil: a chill-
mals in the nearby woods-all chattering thousands of rats. The rodents are timid crea- ing wraith. This potent spirit begins to move
noisily but a few moments ago-the area is tures, however, and represent no threat. forward as soon as it detects life in this room.
now covered by a stunned silence, as The double doors at the southwestern Its attack is swift and merciless.
though the mountain protests this break- end of the room are closed, but swing open
in and the animals have paused in sympa- easily. They are made of bronze, now well-tar- 1 Wraith. AL LE; MV 12/24; hp 28; AC
thy. nished, and covered with a relief drawing of 4; HD 5+3; #AT 1; Dmg 1-6 + energy drain;
Pax Tharkas. silver ( dmg) or magical weapons
Gilthanas advances firmly into the tunnel. If This is the burial chamber of Kith- needed to hit
the PCs falter, he pauses and urges them for- Kanan, founder of Qualinesti. The elven
ward with a whisper. He knows this area only prince and his dwarf comrades built the for- This undead creature is the evil remnant of a
through lore-he has never travelled itand tress of Pax Tharkas during the Age of graverobber who broke into the Sla-Mori try-
the grim passage makes him uneasy. Dreams. His tomb has been sealed further by ing to plunder the tomb of Kith-Kanan. Forc-
The tunnel is obviously ancient. the cataclysm, which has closed off access to ing entrance through the magic gate, he
Whether it was carved by hand or created by Pax Tharkas proper. Your adventurers, of became trapped inside. Nourished only by the
the flowing of water is impossible to deter- course, will have to find this out the hard way. force of his own evil, his mortal body perished
mine. Loose chunks of rock litter the floor, The sword across Kith-Kanans lap repre- and left only the sinister presence that now
and the walls and ceilings are crumbling. The sents one of the most potent weapons of his dwells in this room.
dust on the floor looks like it has not been dis- age: it is Wyrmslayer, a two-handed sword +3. The wraith will pursue trespassers. If the
turbed since the Cataclysm. intended victims enter area 32, the zombies

emerge and aid the wraith; if the PCs flee into Coldly and silently, the zombies close in on 15. Chain and Support
the loop at #31, the wraith will follow them the party and try to destroy them. Any that are
before the sliding wall closes. turned by a cleric escape by the most conven- The long, dusty corridor finally passes
ient route, even returning to their tombs if through a bronze door into a large, circular
31. The Sliding Wall they can. room. Here, as in the corridors leading
The double doors at the southwestern into the chamber, the dust on the floor is
In the area marked on the map is a sliding sec- end of the room are made of solid bronze. thick and unmarked. A curious feature of
tion of wall, constructed centuries ago as a Like the doors in Kith-Kanans tomb, they the room is the column in its center, which
trap for tomb robbers. The wall cannot be bear a raised outline of Pax Tharkas, done in slants to the side but but climbs far out of
detected when open, as it is when the party considerable detail. This design adorns each sight above.
first passes by. side of the doors. They are unlocked, and A little closer look makes it obvious
When they reach the southwestern sec- open silently with a push. that the column is actually a massive chain,
tion of the loop (marked with an X), the lead supported by a huge iron bracket sunk into
characters feel the floor sink slowly for 1. 33. Hall of Columns the center of the floor. Each link is as long
There is no other perceptable effect unless a as a man, and the iron bands forming the
character is very near the sliding wall, which This large chamber echoes softly with the links are nearly a foot thick. The bracket in
closes when the trigger is sprung. When sounds of any passage, quiet though it is. the floor is 15 across and nearly 3 thick.
closed, the sliding wall can be discovered as a Puffs of dust rise with each footfall on the
secret door, and opened when pushed by a floor - here again is an area that seems not This chain is the final support mechanism for
combined strength of 50 or greater. Up to 5 to have known the passage of a living soul the heavy stone defenses that protect Pax
characters may push at once. The door cannot in decades. Tharkas against attack from the north. If it is
be opened from the outside. The passage gradually widens from released, massive blocks of granite drop
the doors, but the true dimensions of the behind the gate of the fortress, blocking any
32. Tomb of the Zombies room are lost in darkness. A row of stately attempts to batter down the portal with even
granite columns lines each wall about 10 the most massive of rams.
The tunnel breaks into the corner of an old into the room. These are plain supports The chain rises through the ceiling of the
hall, obviously constructed with care in with no ornate carvings or unusual shapes, room, 100 above, in a narrow channel, to the
some distant age. A wide center aisle but they seem to have been constructed defense mechanism chamber of Pax Tharkas.
stretches to the limits of sight, and a row of with great care. The fact that they have sur- (See Area 61.) Although the chain nearly fills
stone doors lines each side. vived the cataclysm intact indicates that the chute, a small individual (a kender or
Rats have passed over the dust on the their builders were accomplished engi- human child) could climb the chain and
floor throughout the Sla-Mori, but much neers. emerge into the defense mechanism chamber.
less often in here than in most other areas. Such an ascent would require Thieving ability
None of the tracks approach the doors, This chamber is the fruit of dwarven labors. and a successful Climb Sheer Surfaces roll.
which are supported by huge iron hinges Designed as a fitting entryway to the resting
spiked right into the stone. Each door has place of Kith-Kanans elite, its plain construc- 6. Tharkadan Treasure Vault
an iron handle, but apparently no lock. tion and simple design are elegant.
You should make careful note that the Having detected the secret door, locating
This is the tomb of Kith-Kanans elite royal chambers from here to Pax Tharkas (33-37 on the concealed latch is a simple matter. It
guard. Through a lifetime of valued service to the map) have not been travelled in over a releases with a soft click, and a section of
their lord, these honored elves, dwarves, and century. The rats and other small creatures the stone wall swings silently inward.
men have earned the right to burial here. roaming the outer tunnels, as well as wander- The room beyond is fairly large, and
In the centuries since, however, an evil ing monsters, never pass through the Hall of nearly filled with yellow, brick-like objects
perversion has corrupted the bodyguard, cre- Zombies into this area. Therefore, thick dust that glitter through a layer of dust.
ating a band of mindless zombies com- covers everything, and the adventurers have
manded to perform only one task: kill all no encounters in these areas. Stacked 25 high, 25,000 gold ingots line the
intruders! walls around the room. Each contains the
34. Trap equivalent of 1,000 gp of the metal. Gold was
40 Zombies. AL N; MV 6; hp 10 each; valued highly by the dwarves of Pax Tharkas
AC 8; HD 2; #AT 1; Dmg 1-8; always A single bronze door swings open easily, in the Age of Dreams, but it is of little use to
strike last in melee; immune to sleep, into a short corridor that runs for 60 to the current adventurers.
charm, hold, and cold-based spells another bronze door, identical to the first.
Each door bears the inscription of a jew- 37. Gate to Pax Tharkas
The undead lie on stone biers, two behind eled crown.
each door. They arise and attack when any of The dust in this corridor is very thick, Do not read this passage until the adventurers
the following occur: and undisturbed by any tracks. have discovered the secret door.

One of the tomb doors is opened. Dwarven engineers rigged the last 20 of the The wall that seems to block the corridor is
Any magical spell, rod, wand, etc. is used corridor as a trap for unwary trespassers. a secret door, apparently activated by a
in the room. (Does not count magical When any pressure is applied to the false small catch near the ground. Beyond the
weapons used to shed light.) door, either pushing or pulling, a 20 section portal is silence.
The double doors in the south end of the of the floor drops away. All characters stand-
room are opened. ing on it fall 20 into a pit and suffer 3d6 of Finally your adventurers have reached the
The wraith (from area 30) enters the room damage. walls of Pax Tharkas itself. If they decide to
and commands the zombies to arise. advance, use the map of Pax Tharkas.

Also in the large room is a deep well,
capable of providing fresh water in times of
siege or if the streams flowing from the moun-
tains outside of the fortress should dry up.

39. Lower Guardroom

Listening at the door to this room reveals the

rasping voices of dragonmen mingled with a
womans voice. The woman sounds upset.
The door is solid, but not locked or stuck.
If the heroes open the door slowly and
carefully, they can watch the following scene
for a few moments. Of course, if they smash
down the door, the dragonmen move to fight
at once.

A savage-looking dragonman hauls a

young woman by the arm. He hurls her
toward a door on the far side of the room,
growling: My lord Verminaard requires
your presence! Who are you to refuse his
noble calling? The monster advances
toward the girl, menacingly, while three
other draconians watch, their faces twisted
in hideous grins.
The prisoner tosses her hair over her
shoulder, revealing her face. It is the elven
princess Laurana!

The draconian takes the girl from the room,

unless interrupted by the heroes. If combat
erupts while she is in the room, the girl runs to
the southern end and crouches there until the
fight is over.

8 Kapak Draconians. AL LE; MV 6[15]/

18; hp 15 each; AC 4; HD 3; #AT 1
(shortsword); Dmg 1-6 + possible poison;
turn to acid pool on death
The heroes enter the mighty fortress, and find mechanism within the walls. This can be used
the plainsmen held prisoner there. With luck to seal the gates for a long period, andif the If attacked suddenly, the kapaks have no time
and good planning, a rescue may succeed. party could activate it-would be useful in to envenom their blades. If more than one of
delaying the pursuit by the dragonarmy that them is slain, survivors try to escape through
The cut-away map displaying Pax just marched off to the north. the west door and alert the fortress.
Tharkas should be used for the following Although Laurana is quite startled by the
series of encounters. Note that the map does 38. Cellar sudden events, she is spirited and courageous:
not show the entire fortress, but only those she quickly recovers her wits. She has been
areas the heroes are able to visit. This includes Three tunnels lead from the secret door kept in area 42, but knows that 41 and 40 also
the ground floors of each of the two towers, as through a maze of crushed stone and bro- contain some of the women from the north.
well as the underground level and second ken timbers. The tunnels have been The keys to all of these rooms are kept on the
floor of the east tower. The wall connecting cleared from an area that was once totally belt of one of the draconian guards.
the two towers, and the holding bin for many caved in. A thin, undisturbed coat of dust If the PCs do not enter the room before
tons of rock which can be used to block the Laurana is dragged out, she is taken before
gate are also shown. Verminaard. If not rescued by the heroes, she
In area 63, immediately inside the doors The tunnels all lead to a large cellar room, dies an obscure death and will return in a
to both the east and west towers, are two ropes with rough and rocky walls to the east, but a later module.
attached to an alarm mechanism. If any mem- finely crafted, smooth stone wall to the west.
bers of the Dragonlords army see the heroes A large wooden door stands near the center of 40. Womens Prison #1
and manage to pull one of these, the fortress the west wall.
will be alerted. In this case, double the To the heroes left as they enter is a pile of This cell holds 34 women from Solace, Gate-
number of random encounter checks, and wooden crates, nailed shut. These contain way, and Haven. Rude straw mats line the
double the number of creatures encountered clothing, pots and pans, curtains, heavy coats, walls, and several low chairs are scattered
in the fortress. Surprise will thereafter be boots, and blankets. A character passing a wis- about. No other furniture or other accomoda-
impossible. dom check can identify the items as coming tions are present.
As the party enters the fortress, Gilthanas from Solace and Gateway.
should mention that there is a gate-blocking
Maritta the Seamstress is one of the pris- You must try to pass the dragon quietly, When and if the Aghar discover the
oners in this room. She is generally regarded as she sleeps very deeply. I dont think she adventurers, they cease their game immedi-
by the women as their leader and spokesper- would normally harm the children-in ately and dive for cover behind the timber and
son. It is she who leads the group of 10 women fact, she seems very fond of them-but do stones. A minute later, several of the tin hel-
each evening up to the chamber on the not attack her, even if she should awaken. mets peek from behind this cover.
ground floor (room #57) to feed and tend to She is half mad, and theres no telling Finally, one of the sword-bearing gully
the children. The youngsters are imprisoned what she might do if aroused. dwarves swaggers forward. His face is hidden
there under the watchful eyes of the red behind a bushy beard, and his tin helmet
dragon Flamestrike. shadows his eyes. In fact, he can see very little;
Also in this room is a battered Elistan, 43. Chamber of the Aghar as he nears the party, he trips over his sword
injured from a fall in the mines. Because of his and falls headlong, his helmet rolling to the
influential position, the Dragonlords allow A series of strange noises rise from behind feet of the forward PCs. The dwarf rushes to
the women to tend him, when they would let this door: first, a loud crash, followed sev- snatch his helmet back, blustering about tres-
most prisoners die unaided. Even so, Elistan is passers and uninvited guests.
eral seconds later by a dull thump, and
near death and needs magical healing. This is Highklahd Drooth, leader of the
then gales of raucous laughter. The laugh-
If the PCs heal Elistan, he abandons his Klahd Clan of the Aghar. Angrily he demands
ter dies down slowly, and after a minute
disbelief and embraces the true gods. He an explanation from the party; although what
the pattern repeats.
renounces his past beliefs and begins to wor- they are supposed to explain will be unclear.
ship Paladine. Goldmoons medallion will
The women have no idea what is in this room.
magically duplicate, and Elistans will contain The door is quite typical, and does not seem to 12 Gully Dwarfs (Klahd Clan Aghar). AL
the symbol of Paladine. be locked. In fact, it is not even stuck and CN; MV 12; hp 7 each; AC 8; HD 2; #AT
1 or 2; Dmg 1-6 or 1-4/1-4
opens to reveal the following:
41. Womens Prison #2
These Aghar are no friends of the Dra-
This chamber is the prison of more of the A long timber is balanced on a boulder in
gonlords, and only remain here since Pax
mothers from the northlands. Sixty women the center of the room. At each end of the
Tharkas has been their clan home for centu-
between the ages of 18 and 40 are locked up timber is a wide, dish-shaped container.
ries. Although suspicious and cranky, they will
here, in much the same conditions as the Set on the ground by these containers is a
not betray the party, and may offer aid if
women next door. pile of large stones and a tall wooden box.
approached with appropriate honor.
Huge mattresses of straw have been spread
The Aghar are quite familiar with the
42. Maidens on the floor beyond either end of the tim-
layout of the fortress, and even understand
ber. A dozen short, stocky creatures
This room holds 45 young women, between how the stonedrop mechanism to seal the gate
scurry frantically around the timber,
the ages of 12 and 20, who have not married operates. Their services must be purchased,
shouting and cursing each other. They
and borne children. As in the other two however: rope, weapons, armor, food, cloth-
wear oversized tin helmets, and several
rooms, the conditions are squalid and dirty. ing, or things that might work as toys can
wear swords in their belts. Because these
The women from all of these cells react all be used for barter. Note that the Aghar are
swords are several inches longer then their
with quiet joy to the thought of rescue; this essentially cowardly, and do not voluntarily
legs, those creatures who wear them often
reaction, however, cools in the knowledge that get involved in risky business.
get them tangled between their feet,
the red dragon above still watches the chil- The Aghar are aware that Sestun is being
sprawling headlong onto the floor.
dren. held prisoner in area 50, for the crime of aid-
Shortly a pattern emerges. One of
The women explain the situation to the ing the escape of a group of Fewmaster Toedes
these creatures (who by now are recognit-
heroes, including the procedure for tending prisoners. If the heroes aid in his rescue, the
able as Aghar gully dwarves) climbs into
the children every evening. The women also Aghar will be much more willing to take risks
the dish at one end of the timber, drop-
know that many other women are held on the for the party.
ping that end to the ground like a large
bottom floor of the western tower. The men
see-saw. Three other Aghar climb onto the
are forced to work in the mines, and are kept 44. Storage Room
wooden box at the other end of the timber,
in a rude cave south of the fortress during
where comrades have already raised three
those brief periods when they are not work- The door to this room is locked.
of the large stones. The Aghar on the boxes
drop the stones together into the dish
The women also send a group of 12 up to Many rows of crates, boxes, and barrels line
below them, dropping that end to the
the mines to feed the men every night. They the walls of this large room. Several boxes
ground and catapulting the dwarf at the
wear heavy shawls and robes to protect against containing iron nails are open nearby. All
other end through the air, over the heads
the autumn chill, and the guards pay little other containers are closed.
of the three on the box, and into the mat-
attention to those in either feeding mission,
tress of straw.
Thus, any characters concealed as these Stored here are 72 barrels of oil, 20 barrels of
After each of these stunts, all the
women would be able to move about the for- fresh water, 12 barrels of salt, 20 crates of
Aghar laugh uproariously, then run
tress fairly safely, as long as their movement nails, 140 boxes of grain, 43 crates of wool
around crazily for a while until the process
could conceivably be one of these feeding mis- woven into 4 by 8 pieces (430 pieces total),
is ready to start again.
sions. 12 crates of leather in the same dimensions (60
If the heroes do not think of this, Maritta pieces total), and 30 boxes of pots and pans.
These Aghar are servants of the draconians,
suggests that armed men, disguised in wom- If the oil is ignited, the contents of the
amusing themselves in their off-duty
ens robes, could enter the chamber where the room burn up in 2 turns. One turn after such a
moments. If the PCs do not announce their
children are kept and rescue them. fire begins, the hallway outside fills with
presence, the dwarves do not notice them for
If the PCs decide to make a rescue smoke. PCs in this area take 1-6 points of
2-8 rounds.
attempt in this way, Maritta has the following damage per round until they reach fresh air.
advice about Flamestrike:

The smoke continues to spread at this 5 Kapak Draconians. AL LE; MV 6[15]/ 4 Gully Dwarves (Klahd Clan Aghar). AL
rate, filling all adjacent areas each turn if no 18; hp 16 each; AC 4; HD 4; #AT 1 CN; MV 12; hp 7 each; AC 8; HD 2; #AT
door blocks the way. Areas behind doors take (shortsword) Dmg 1-6 + poison; turn to 1 or 2; Dmg 1-6 or 1-4/1-4
two turns to fill with smoke. Those rooms acid pool on death
adjacent to rooms filled with smoke fill on the These Aghar are the official cooks for Vermi-
following turn (or two, if a door blocks the If 3 draconians are killed, the remaining two naard, present lord of Pax Tharkas. While
way), and so on for twenty turns, when the fire realize that the PCs are tougher opponents they are afraid of the Dragonlord, they are
extinguishes from lack of air. than they thought, and bolt for the door rude and unpleasant to everyone else.
opposite the one the party entered. Once in If the heroes attack them, the gully
45. Upper Hallway the hallway, they raise a cry, alerting the for- dwarves will turn and run.
tress. If the heroes identify themselves as ene-
This hallway is furnished with great care, mies of the Dragonlord, the gully dwarves
creating an atmosphere of comfort and 47. Dining Room become much friendlier, although they are
luxury. A plush purple carpet blankets the still suspicious. They explain that they are pre-
floor, and many tapestries of rich red and For some reason, this elegant room escaped paring Verminaards dinner, and that he is
golden colors decorate the walls. Each of the destruction throughout the rest of the planning to entertain one of the women from
the several doors is made of dark-grained fortress. A shiny table made of smooth val- downstairs as his guest. The meal consists of
vallenwood and has golden rivets, hinges, lenwood occupies the center of the room. fresh bread, a fine haunch of venison, pota-
and latches. It is surrounded by a dozen finely crafted toes, and apples. These Aghar are actually not
At closer examination, however, the chairs. An undamaged carpet, of the same bad cooks, so the meal will be a good one.
luxury begins to wear thin. Great, dark rich purple found in the hallway, covers the The Aghar cooperate very little if the
stains blot the carpet in many places, and a floor. heroes ask for any kind of aid. In no case do
wide muddy trail mars the center of the Three golden chandeliers hang from the gully dwarves do anything (such as poison
floor. Some of the tapestries, depicting the ceiling, each ablaze with dozens of the meal) that might cost them their heads.
pastoral woodland scenes, have been candles. Many more candles flicker from They might provide secret aid, however, if
defaced: charcoal has been used to add a sconces in the wall, bathing the room in they have very little chance of being caught.
beard and mustache to an elven princess, bright and cheery light. These dwarves know that Sestun is
and long slashes ruin a scene of elves and The table is set for four, with fine imprisoned in area 50. If the heroes aid him,
dwarves in council. china and silver. A large platinum pitcher the gully dwarves will be much friendlier to
is placed in the center of the table; beads of them.
This hallway connects most of the rooms on moisture have collected on it. Four match-
the first floor of the tower, and thus receives a ing platinum goblets stand next to the 49. Guardroom
lot of traffic. Double the usual number of ran- pitcher.
dom encounter checks while the party is in If the heroes listen at the door here, they hear
this area. The goblet contains ice water. If a player asks loud laughter and argument within. The
Standing outside the throne room (area about the length of the candles, inform them voices are not draconian.
51) are two hobgoblin guards. They do not no wax has dripped from them, so they have
attack on sight but are very suspicious of any apparently been lighted very recently. Many chairs and benches of rude wooden
armed characters in the hallway and demand If the party remains in this room for two construction are scattered about this room.
identification. If alarmed, they rush to get rounds, the gully dwarves from the kitchen Sitting or moving around the room are sev-
their comrades from area 49. enter, carrying trays of steaming food. If the eral dozen ugly guards, their grinning
encounter occurs in the dining room, play it faces displaying ugly tusks. Their skin is a
2 Hobgoblins. AL LE; MV 9; hp 6 each; the same as described for the kitchen. Note ruddy yellow color, and they are all armed
AC 5; HD l+l; #AT 1 (longsword); Dmg that these Aghar are encountered in one place with swords and daggers.
1-8 or the other. but not in both areas!
This room is the duty quarters for the hobgob-
46. Reception Room 48. Kitchen lin guards. They have been playing various
gambling games, eating, or practicing with
Much like the outer hallway, this room has A long counter is covered with a wide vari- weapons. They rush to attack any intruders.
the appearance of former luxury now fallen ety of foodstuffs, and several ovens spew
into decay. The carpet is slashed and spot- smoke into the air. Four Aghar run busily 28 Hobgoblins. AL LE; MV 9; hp 5; AC
ted; many fine pieces of furniture are around the room, armed with pots, pans, 5; HD 1+1; #AT 1 (longsword); Dmg 1-8
strewn across the dirty floor. Some fancy and in one case, a large meat cleaver. Sev-
chairs have been splintered, apparently so eral inches of liquidperhaps some kind If the heroes enter the room and fight with the
their legs can be used as firewood, since a of gravyspread over the floor, and the door closed, the fortress will not be alerted.
smoky blaze struggles in a huge fireplace. gully dwarves are coated with all kinds of Otherwise, the alarms will certainly go off.
A strong smell of ale hangs in the air, food. The hobgoblins fight to the death.
and a large keg lies on its side in the center As the door opens, two of the Aghar Hanging on a nail in the wall is a key that
of the room. Another keg sits in the far cor- turn their attention toward it and collide unlocks the cell next door (area 50). Scattered
ner, and around it crouch 5 draconians. headlong with each other, falling to the about the room, on tables and the floor as well
floor amid great splashes and loud cursing. as carried by individual hobgoblins, are 54 stl,
These draconians have been drinking. If they A third gully dwarf snarls: Dinner aint 187 sp, and 327 bp.
are disturbed, they react aggressively. They gonna be ready for hours if we cant get
take time to envenom their blades as they some priwicy what to work in! Now git
charge across the room. lost! He moves forward, a heavy frying
pan raised aggressively.

50. Prison Cell west wall, a pair of huge doorseasily 12 Ember (Pyros), an ancient, huge red
high by 20 wide-lead from the throne dragon. AL CE; MV 9/24; hp 88; AC-1;
The door is heavy and barred, and has a room. HD 11; #AT 3; Dmg 1-8/1-8/3-30; fire
small hatch near the bottom. A massive A figure seated in the throne wears breath. Spells:
lock protects the latch to the door as well as the hideous mask of a dragonlord. His First Level: sleep, detect magic
the hatch. hoarse voice rasps from behind the gro- Second level: web, mirror image
tesque covering, addressing a cringing fig- Third level: haste, slow
If the heroes pick the lock, or use the key ure before him: Fourth 1evel: polymorph self wall of fire
found in area 49, read the following. Note Toede, you miserable rodent, you
that this door cannot be smashed in. have the gift of ruining the simplest plans! NPC Capsule:
As if kidnapping the elf maiden wasnt Verminaard, Dragonlord of the Red Wing.
The large room contains only a single occu- bad thanks to your idiocy, C8; AL LE; S14, 112, W16, D10, C15,
pant: a dirty, unshaven, and very smelly your incompetence, that cleric has been Ch18; MV 12; hp 50; AC 1. Spells:
gully dwarf. He looks up angrily from a allowed to live, bringing my opposite 1st Level: curse, cure fight wounds (x2),
straw mat on the stone floor, then seems power back among men! Find them and detect good, cause fear
surprised by the appearance of his visitors. slay them all... bring me their heads 2nd Level: hold person, chant, augury,
before the day is out! snake charm, spiritual hammer
This is Sestun, the gully dwarf who freed the If that traitor that I planted among 3rd Level: animate dead, cause disease,
heroes from their cage in the slave caravan. them does not do the job, then the task is prayer
Although he slipped away from the caravan, on your shoulders. Hear me well, Toede: 4th Level: cause serious wounds, cure
he was captured by a party of draconians as he either your head or theirs will decorate my serious wounds
moved southward. Now he is being held pris- throne room tonight! Wears plate mail +2. Carries Nightbringer
oner while Verminaard attempts to come up The figure before the dragonlord mace +3 (see appendix 4).
with a suitably vicious punishment. cringes even more, and begins to speak in a
As revealed by his actions in the caravan, pathetic whine. Your most worshipful Verminaards face is concealed behind the
Sestun is an Aghar of high courage and spirit. lord, I offer my hopelessly inadequate grotesque mask of a Dragonlorda
He despises the Dragonlords and hates their apology. If I had known that the ones you vicious, almost machinelike visor that has a
draconian and hobgoblin servants. seek were imprisoned in my caravan, I pair of wicked horns curving from the fore-
Sestun is willing to participate in any- would have brought you their heads per- head. He wears shiny blue plate mail and a
thing that is likely to anger Verminaard: he sonally as I brought you the elf maid billowing blue cape. Standing well over 6
knows that he has no future working for the Laurana. If not for the treachery of one of tall, Verminaard presents an imposing
Dragonlord. If he is offered a chance to the loathsome Aghar, they would even image of evil.
escape, he will do so, causing as much trouble now be kneeling before you, prisoners to Verminaard is dedicated to the ruth-
on the way out as possible. When the slaves your tender mercies... less destruction of good in all its forms. No
make their escape to the south, Sestun will be Enough! roars the dragonlord. shred of conscience disturbs him in his
tagging along in the background. You have my warning, now go! The quest for power. He controls all of the
If any PCs are captured in Pax Tharkas, voice lowers, heavy with menace. And lands from the Seeker kingdoms south to
they are disarmed and placed in this room. Toede, do not fail me again... Pax Tharkas, and works busily to extend
Their possessions are taken to Verminaard and his power.
placed behind his throne. In 2-12 hours, the Toede turns and scuttles for the doors, while
Dragonlord calls the captive(s) before him, two draconian guards pull them open to allow 52. Verminaards Quarters
asking them to betray their comrades and the Fewmaster quick exit. Of course, any
explain their purpose in Pax Tharkas. Refusal intruders at the door are discovered at this Verminaard has taken over these three con-
results in being fed to the red dragon Ember. time. necting rooms as living quarters. The doors
As Toede races for the door, Verminaard are all polished vallenwood, and locked
51. Verminaards Throne Room leans back in his throne and slowly surveys the securely. Verminaard himself carries the only
room. If any heroes are watching from the keys.
The massive double doors that lead into this door, the balcony, or the chain room, he sees
room are unlocked, and push open silently. If them in the mirrors. He calls: Ember! and 52a. Waiting Room
the heroes open them only slightly, they may the red dragon immediately pushes through
hide and observe the discussion described the double doors on the west wall. Destroy This room has kept its former splendor:
here. them! is Verminaards next command. the plush carpet on the floor is undam-
The PCs may also observe this discussion There are 6 kapak draconian guards in aged, and the chairs and couches are all
from the balcony (area 60) or through a crack the throne room, as well as Verminaard (an richly upholstered. A small table sits in the
in the wall of the chain room (area 61). Of 8th level cleric). The draconians enter the center of the room, and a pair of crystal
course, if the party visits several of these combat only if, for some reason, the dragon goblets and a crystal decanter filled with a
places, they observe this scene only the first seems to have trouble making the kill. Vermi- golden liquid sparkle from atop the table.
time they look into the throne room. naard stays out of range and watches the fight; A large tapestry covers the far wall,
if Ember takes damage, the dragon flees and this is the only indication that the for-
This huge, looming chamber was obvi- through the double doors and up through the tress has recently changed hands: it dis-
ously the throne room for the elven and chimney, but not before he has stopped and plays a huge red dragon, jaws agape,
dwarven races that built the great fortress. let Verminaard mount. spewing flame over a small village. Several
Tall columns brace the ceiling, and a huge large candelabra provide steady light for
stone throne occupies a central spot. 6 Kapak Draconians. AL LE; MV 6[15]/ the chamber.
Tall silvery mirrors line the walls, cre- 18; hp 20 each; AC 4; HD 3; #AT 1
ating the impression that the room is even (shortsword); 2; Dmg 1-6 + poison; turn to
larger than it really is. In the middle of the acid pool on death
52b. Private Dining Room Scroll #1: cure serious wounds, prayer, find effects of age. Many of her teeth are
traps blunted or broken (accounting for her less-
Half of this chamber is filled by a polished Scroll #2: light, augury, cure light wounds ened bite damage), while one of her eyes is
table of gleaming dark wood. A buffet cloudy and apparently blind. Long scars
with glass doors displays a priceless collec- The closet contains several robes, a black cape, mark her weathered flanks, and she looks
tion of china and silver. Light spills from a a pair of boots, and a suit of black plate mail. unusually slender, perhaps even scrawny.
pair of golden chandeliers, each support- Flamestrike lost her brood of young to
ing many flickering candles. 53. Childrens Playroom an unknown enemy years ago, and this
A pair of tapestries have been added tragedy has deeply scarred her personality.
to the east and south walls of this room. This door is barred on the outside with a heavy She is a very careful guardian of the chil-
One shows a massive red dragon landing wooden beam. dren, and would never harm one of them
amid a troop of armored horsemen and under any circumstance. She deals harshly
wreaking gory havoc. The second shows a The large, open room has no furniture. with those she believes threaten her
region of black mountains, heavy with Scattered about are small bits of wood and children. The only visitors she allows are
mist and shadows, where a looming for- rags carved or sewn into dolls, wagons, the 10 women who, once a day, arrive to
tress rises up in the distance. balls, and other toys. A tall arch on the east feed and care for the youngsters.
wall leads into darkness. Next to the arch is
A small locked drawer in the bottom of the a normal wooden door. A pair of huge
hutch is trapped with a poison needle (save vs. doors in the southwest corner apparently 56. Food Storage and Preparation
poison or die). Within the drawer are four lead outside, since four windows in that
small bottles, containing 2 potions of extra same wall admit some cool fresh air. On the right hand wall of this room, sev-
healing, a potion of gaseous form, and a eral shelves are piled high with goods. To
potion of in visibility. The double doors are held by a very heavy the left, a large oven and a pot-covered
beam, requiring a total of 25 points of counter run along the wall. The small
52c. Verminaards Bedroom strength to remove. There is a similar beam on room is cluttered with food and utensils.
the ground outside these doors that may be
This chamber seems to be a combination used to bar them shut. The door to room 54 is In this room the women prepare the food for
office and bedroom. A huge bed, lushly not locked. If the fortress has been alerted, the children. Barrels of salt pork, beans, salt,
canopied and quilted, nearly fills the there will be 6 Kapaks here. Use Random flour, lard, dried meat, and potatoes sit on the
southern end. A large wooden closet sits Encounter 4. shelves.
next to it. Across the floor are spread rugs
made from the skins of many of the large 54. Storeroom 57. Childrens Room
carnivores found throughout Krynn:
brown bears, jaguars, panthers, wolves, Many shelves line the walls of this small This large room bustles with several hun-
and a tiger. room. Stacked upon them are blankets, dred children, ranging in age from infants
The other end of the room is taken up cloaks, tiny boots, and a number of toys to about 12 years old. Their frightened,
by a large desk, plain wooden chair, small similar to the ones strewn about the play- questioning faces stare at the doorway. Sev-
table, and washbasin. Three tapestries, eral of the older boys and girls stand pro-
picturing scenes of dragon-wrought tectively before the younger children, as if
destruction, add a dark touch to the walls. The cloaks are all childrens sizes. to spare them the sight of anything horri-
Several smoky torches flicker in sconces. ble.
Several candles and a lamp sit on the desk, 55. Chamber of the Nursemaid Although fear and hardship have
but they are unlit. struck these youngsters unjustly, their
The arched tunnel enters another room, spirit has not been broken. Courage and
Spread upon the desk are many maps of this even larger than the playroom. No win- resolve shine in the faces of the older chil-
portion of Ansalon, showing the gradual dows shed light into this area, but a soft, dren, and the younger ones look to their
increase in lands controlled by the wheezing noise gives evidence of another older brothers and sisters with respect and
Dragonlords. On top of the pile is a map of presence here. Soon, the torchlight falls pride. Not even the smallest baby is cry-
Qualinesti, showing that peaceful land across a monstrous red tail, then massive ing.
pierced by three great daggers: two moving crimson flanks that rise and fall with a
from northeast and northwest, and one slow, rhythmic pattern. There are 180 children in this room. They will
advancing straight from Pax Tharkas, just as Now the great head appears: eyes recognize and instantly respond to Maritta, if
the elves had reported. closed, forked tongue extending from she is with the heroes. Otherwise, a very
Another sheet of paper diagrams the per- wicked jaws, and nostrils flaring ever so mature boy and girl advance to talk privately
manent defenses of Pax Tharkas, showing how slightly with the slow breaths. This cham- with the PCs, seeking information about
the chain and stone mechanism (room 62) ber is occupied by an ancient red dragon! them. The children will never consent to leave
operates to block the massive gates. unless convinced that their parents will join
The desk has one drawer, firmly locked NPC Capsule: them in freedom.
and guarded with a dose of sleep gas. If the Flamestrike (Mataflure). Ancient Red If the heroes begin to rescue the children,
lock is picked without deactivating the trap, Dragon; AL CE; MV 9 /24; hp 88; AC -1; they file slowly and silently past the sleeping
all in the room fall asleep for 2-12 turns, no #AT 3; Dmg 1-81 1-8/3-24 Flamestrike. The red dragon stirs in her sleep,
saving throw. This drawer contains two sheets but. does not awaken until all but a few dozen
of rolled parchment, each a clerical scroll. Flamestrike jooks every bit: as awesome as is of the children have passedunless, of
They contain these spells: usual for her kind, but a close look reveals course, a PC attacks or arouses her.
that this dragon suffers some of the ill When the dragon wakes up, read the fol-

The great red dragon slowly raises her A large band of sturdy dwarves labors Enough light filters over the wall, and
head, muttering softly: Maritta, you take in the pass, building a low stone wall across through the huge connecting doors, to cast
all of my children together... is it not easier the opening. Now many elves appear, a faint glow on the bottom of this pit.
with a few at a time? Blinking her one bearing huge logs on low wagons, and the Curled up there, alert eyes blinking warily
good eye, Flamestrike slowly looks around wall takes on a familiar form. First the here and there, is the serpentine form of a
and sniffs the chamber. Suddenly, she main wall of Pax Tharkas goes up, elves monstrous red dragon!
screams with rage and springs to her feet! and dwarves working side by side in the
You cannot steal my children! monumental task. Then, even as two cur- Any untoward noise from the PCs, or other
tain walls rise on the slopes below the main signs of their presence, brings Ember flaming
Flamestrike will try to attack the heroes with wall, two mighty towers begin to inch their upward for the kill. Her statistics are listed
teeth and claws. She will never use her breath way into the sky. under area 51.
weapon while the children are nearby! After a few pictures displaying the
If the heroes escape with the children to various stages of construction, during 61. Chamber of the Chain
the outside, Flamestrike cannot follow them which the seasons make the yearly cycle
through the double doors. She will not several times, the fortress assumes its cur- This cavernous room can be entered through
emerge from the fortress until the moment rent shape. Following this series are a num- the secret door in room 58, or (by a halfling)
described in Escape from Pax Tharkas. ber of portraits displaying various elves and by climbing the chain that is anchored in the
dwarves, usually dressed in shiny plate Sla-Mori.
58. Upper Landing mail and bearing gleaming weapons. A
number of these paintings have been A thick layer of dust coats the floor of this
The stairway emerges into a long, narrow crudely defaced. vast chamber. Much rubble, in the form of
room. Two silver-coated doors, embossed Then begins a series where mighty boulders and small stones, lies strewn
with an image of an elf and a dwarf hold- dragons rage about the towers of Pax about. Running along the wall is a mighty
ing a lute between them, lead to the left. Tharkas. Acid, lightning, fire and cold all chain, made of foot- thick steel bars bent
The lute is an ancient symbol of peace in rain down upon courageous defenders, into 6 long links and held taut by some
Krynn, so the artwork dates these doors to driving them from the parapets to shelter unimaginable force.
the period of elven and dwarven coopera- within the solid walls. Soon, the mighty A thin trickle of light leaks through a
tion when Pax Tharkas was built. dragons land all over the fortress, and it crack in the wall, leading into a large
seems that mighty Pax Tharkas has fallen. room. Voices can be heard through this
The secret door operates by twisting a stone But then new weapons appear. Long, crack.
that is set into the door itself. slender, and gleaming like polished silver,
these lances are carried by fighters of high- If a player looks through the crack into the
59. Gallery est courage. Slowly, at a fearful cost, the throne room, describe the situation there as in
dragons are driven from the towers and area 51 (unless this incident has already taken
This huge room is chilly, exposed to the walls. Great gashes burrow into their scaly place, in which case area 51 will be empty).
autumn drafts by a number of slit windows hides, as they begin to bleed and die. Remember that the mirrors will allow Vermi-
along the curving walls. To the left, it fol- Finally, although the parapets are red with naard to catch sight of the eavesdropper even-
lows the angle of the wall of the fortress out the defenders blood, the skies are free of tually, at which time he will send Ember up to
of sight. dragons, and it seems that peace has once breath fire into the crack.
The entire outer wall of the room is again returned. Although a halfway intelligent hero will
covered with paintings. The different At this point, the course of history has be able to avoid the fire by moving to the side,
styles and varying degree of aging indicate carried halfway around the room. Several the chain turns bright red, then white from
that they were created over a long span of more portraits follow, this time displaying the heat of the blast. Finally, it stretches,
Krynns history. The paintings show wood- human leaders in historic poses; then the snaps, and releases the stone blocking mecha-
land scenes, rugged mountains, several series ends. nism, sealing the mighty gates for at least a
views of Pax Tharkas, and portraits of vari- Faded spots on the wall show that month.
ous elves and dwarves, dressed in fine cos- more paintings hung here at one time; a The stairway in the northwest corner of
tume. pile of blackened ashes at the far end of the the room climbs to the next level of the tower.
room provides a clue to their fate. Six more levels can be found this way, but all
Nothing lives in this room, so the heroes may the rooms are dusty and empty.
take their time here without being bothered. 60. Balcony
If they wish to examine the pictures closely, 62. Gate-Blocking Mechanism
they will see that the oldest paintings are Many slender columns support a high ceil-
directly before them. They seemed to be orga- ing. Twenty feet from the wall, the floor A narrow stone walkway, covered with
nized chronologically, getting more recent as a drops sharply into a deep pit-actually, dust, leads through the length of the
viewer moves to the left. two pits separated by a stone wall. The Tharkadan wall, high above the ground.
Read the following if the party takes time larger of these is well lit, and voices rise To the right, 10 below, are scattered piles
to look at the artwork. from inside it. The second, smaller pit is of massive granite. To the left, the mighty
dark. chain stretches across the darkness. Many
The first paintings show a high mountain chains, only slightly smaller, lead from this
pass glittering in the light of the sun. If the heroes advance to look into the lighted massive chain underneath the walkway,
snowfields flash among the peaks, and pit, read them the scene described for area 51. apparently connecting somehow with the
thick forests cover the lower slopes. Many If they look into the darkened pit, read the stone blocks on the right.
streams, swollen by ponds and waterfalls, following:
wind into the lowlands.

At the far end of the walkway (marked A on Scattered on the table are 23 stl, 15 sp, The monsters attack desperately, fighting to
the map), a large screw and winch mechanism and 2 pp. One hobgoblin carries a ring of keys the death if necessary. If any of them make it
can be used to release the chain. This requires that opens the doors to this room and room through the door, they try to sound an alarm
a combined strength of 40 to operate, and 66, as well as a pouch containing a 300 gpv and alert the fortress.
takes 3-18 rounds to activate. ruby. The stairway in the north of the room
When the rocks fall, the crashing shakes climbs to the second floor, which is a huge,
the foundations of the entire fortress. Anyone 66. Large Prison empty room that the draconians once used as a
in area 63 is killed outright by tons of stone. barracks. The former residents were the troops
Area 62 fills with so much dust that move- All of the doors to this room are made of iron, that the party saw marching to the north as
ment and vision is impossible for 1-6 rounds. and are solidly locked. They cannot be they approached Pax Tharkas.
smashed open A stairway leads from the second to the
63. The Great Wall third, fourth, and fifth floors. Each of these
A cavernous chamber stretches far off into was used as a barracks; each contains l-20
This area is basically a large corridor that runs darkness, but the number of people kapak draconians that somehow got left
the length of the Tharkadan wall. Massive crowded into it makes the room seem behind when the army moved out. Treat these
winches operate the mighty gates, requiring a small. Sitting, standing, or lying down, as random encounters (see Random Encounter
strength of 80 to move. Even then it takes 2 several hundred women turn their atten- #4 or #21). Nothing of value can be found on
turns to open or close a gate. The north gate is tion listlessly toward the door. any of these upper floors.
slightly open (a 6 wide crack), while the south Those nearby leap to their feet in sur-
gate is shut. prise; a wave of excitement spreads 68. Western Supply Room
through the room like a spring breeze. All
64. Western Hallway of the women rush toward the door. A This is obviously a well-stocked supply
thousand questions fill the air, but no one room. Many sturdy shelves line the walls,
The double doors leading from 63 into this waits for an answer. and a wide aisle runs down the center of
area stand open. the room. Four sets of doors give access to
In this room are 287 captive plainswomen. If the room, and the shelves cover the rest of
The walls of this hallway are dirty and they are rescued, PCs receive many frantic the wall space.
bare, and the floor is covered with mud. questions about the children, followed by Stacked on the shelves are hundreds
Several broken chairs and a small table, queries such as Who are you? and Where of suits of leather armor, a similar number
only two of its four legs intact, are the only did you come from? Since it is likely that of shields, rows of heavy boots, cloaks, and
furniture. A pair of double doors in the some alarms have sounded by this time, the capes, and a number of sealed wooden
north wall and a single iron door in the PCs run risks by stopping to answer many of crates and barrels.
west wall are all closed. The double doors these questions.
look as if they have been hacked with a Any attempts to smash open the double The sealed wooden crates contain a mysterious
blade of some kind. doors leading outside must be made at -2 on smoked meat (wild dog). The barrels contain
the die roll. oil. If a fire starts here, it spreads with the
The iron door is locked; the double doors are same smoky effects described in area 44.
not. Listening at the iron door reveals low 67. Monster Mess Hall
sounds of conversation and occasional laugh- 69. Kitchen
ter. If the heroes have already battled the mon-
sters from this room because the guards from This room looks like a large military
65. Western Guardroom 65 have summoned them, read only the first kitchen that has been ravaged by a tor-
paragraph of this description. nado. Stale food covers the floor and
Several ugly guards sit at a table in the cen- counters, ashes from the ovens are spread
ter of this long room, playing some kind of This room is dimly lit by a number of flick- around, and pots and pans lie overturned,
gambling game. Two more of the guards ering fireplaces, and the air is yellow with spilling sticky garbage over the rest of the
are grapplingapparently in practiceat smoke. Many long tables and benches sit mess.
the far end of the room, while another in the shadows, and a stench of foul food
two, swords drawn, rush toward the door! and cheap ale fills the air. This kitchen served the draconian hordes
Suddenly, scraping sounds of move- while they were stationed in the fortress. After
The eight hobgoblins in this room are charged ment erupt from the darkness, followed by cooking the last meal before the army moved
with guarding the women held in area 66. gruff challenges and the whisper of swords out, the hobgoblin servants simply left things
Seven attack any intruders, fighting to the being drawn. A bench falls over with a as they were.
death while one slips out the back door and crash, and now shadowy figures lunge out A deep well, 4 in diameter, sinks
tries to get help from the monsters in area 67. of the darkness. Blades upraised, the through the floor in the north end of the
troops of the Dragonlord charge! room. The water is 20 below, and it is quite
8 Hobgoblins. AL LE; MV 9; hp 5 each; drinkable. This is the second of the wells that
AC 5; HD 1+1; #AT 1 (longsword) Dmg 7 Baaz Draconians. AL LE; MV 6[15]/ can be used to support the garrison in times of
1-8 18; hp 11 each; AC 4; HD 2; #AT 1 siege.
(shortsword); Dmg 1-6; turn to stone and
If the escaping hobgoblin is not intercepted, 5 crumble apart on death 70. Armory
rounds after the heroes enter this room they
are be attacked from behind by the 7 Baaz 6 Hobgoblins. AL LE; MV 9; hp 4 each; The double doors to this room are made of
draconians and 6 hobgoblins from room 67. AC 5; HD 1+1; #AT 1 (longsword); Dmg thick timbers and are solidly locked. Any
l-8 character trying to smash them must have a -2
on his open doors roll.

Row after row of wooden racks cover this Many of the Aghar use huge hammers
room. Although most of these racks are to smash red rock into gravel. Every few
empty, a few chipped swords, broken minutes, another batch of rock falls
spears, and rusty daggers show that this is through a hole in the ceiling, and the
an armory. Many thousands of weapons Aghar attack it fiercely. Other Aghar carry
could easily be stored in here, if the racks the pulverized rock across the cave, to huge
were filled. vats that sit atop smoky fires. Escape from pax tharkas
Great bellows feed air to these fires,
If the players try to gather some weapons here, while gully dwarves pile on coal. The sul- If the heroes have rescued the women and
they find that most of those remaining are phurous smoke belches from the vats in children, Flamestrike will be battering against
unuseable. They will, however, be able to pick great, yellow clouds. Although the Aghar the barred doors, the men will have rushed
up 23 shortswords, 8 longswords, 108 spear work furiously, there is no sign of draco- down from the mines, and the thousands of
heads (no shafts), and 60 daggers. All of these nian or other masters. troops that marched out of the fortress to the
are somewhat rusty, but may be cleaned up north will be rushing back to answer the
and used. This is the processing plant for the iron ore alarms. The mass of people, around 800 of
that the slaves mine on the Tharkadan slopes. them, should be collected on the southern
The Tharkadan Mines Although the gully dwarves are unsupervised, side of the great fortress.
they will not stop working for anything short At this time, read the following passage:
Areas 71-73 are not in the fortress proper, but of a cave-in: they have been threatened with
have been excavated from the mountainsides death if they do not produce a high quota of Suddenly, with a splintering crash, the
south of Pax Tharkas. They represent an iron. double doors holding Flamestrike fly out-
important part of the Dragonlords operations ward. The great beast slithers out of the
in the region. 72. Slave Quarters tower toward the crowd of prisoners.
My children! You shall not have my
If the heroes leave Pax Tharkas to the south, This huge cave is deserted now, but the children! Her voice is shrill and strained.
read the following passage: floor is virtually covered with dirty straw Leave me my children! she demands,
pallets. Several fire scars dot the interior, lumbering down the gradual slope.
A narrow mountain valley winds steeply and some rotten wooden buckets leak dirty Now another great crimson shape
down to the south. In the eastern wall of water onto the floor. Any unfortunate appears, flying. Bellowing a challenge, a
this valley are the mouths of two large souls that live here put up with hardship second huge red dragon lands on the
caves. From these caves, several narrow and indeed. mighty Tharkadan wall. On its back is the
treacherous trails wind up the slope to a imposing figure of the Dragonlord Vermi-
gaping scar on the mountainside, two hun- This is home for all the male prisoners from naard, still concealed by the fearsome
dred feet above. the north. They are at the mine, as they are for mask. His voice booms through the valley.
A band of dull red streaks the rocky 16-18 hours a day. There is nothing of value in This is the final insult! I have toler-
surface of the scar, while hundreds of this cave. ated your impudence far too long.. .slaves
human-like figures toil to scrape the rock are cheap and plentiful. Now you pay for
away and reveal more of the rusty red 73. Mine your foolish daring! As the people
material. This is the fabled Tharkadan iron scream and turn to flee down the valley, his
mine. Hundreds of sweating, muscular men toil evil voice picks up more power: Now, I
across this great strip of mountainside, destroy you! I destroy your wives! I destroy
If the heroes talk to the miners before they res- raising picks or pushing shovels to scrape a your children!
cue the children, either disguised as women or rusty red ore from the earth. Several dozen As Ember leaps from the wall, Fla-
by sneaking up here at night, they discover draconians are scattered about the area, mestrike pauses in her advance. Confusion
that the the miners are slaves, and that the but they seem to be taking little interest in shakes her as she looks from the children to
slaves are very lightly guarded: since the chil- their prisoners. After all, with their women the great engine of death above her. Sud-
dren are held under the watchful eyes of Fla- and children safely locked in mighty Pax denly, her dim eyes take on clear focus as
mestrike, the Dragonlord has very little fear Tharkas, these men can ill afford any she makes a decision.
that they will escape. thoughts of escape! Curling her long neck upwards, Fla-
Indeed, no prisoner is willing to join any When they have collected a great pile mestrike sends forth a horrifying spout of
risky undertakings without assurances that all of ore, the slaves drag it on pallets across fire, straight at the flying dragon and the
the women and children are safe. the mountainside to a hole directly above Dragonlord. With a scream, Verminaard is
the smelting cavern. Other slaves shovel engulfed in the glowing cloud, and his
71. Smelter and Mill the ore into the hole, where it lands among dragon-steed bellows in pain. Quickly, the
the gully dwarves below. two dragons lock in a fearsome melee,
This deep cavern has a huge entrance, thrashing their mighty bodies across the
about 80 wide and 20 tall. Acrid, sulphu- There are 310 men working here. If the slaves valley and bringing boulders tumbling
rous smoke billows in the chamber and see their loved ones brought from Pax from the mountainsides.
drifts out to the valley. Gully dwarves Tharkas, they turn on their guards and slay
scramble to and fro in their usual hectic them easily. Running down the narrow trail to
fashion, although there seems to be a bit the bottom, they soon rejoin their families
more organization than usual. and begin rejoicing. Despite the pleas of PCs,
the people insist on locating those closest to
them, a process that takes 15 or 20 minutes.
Elistan will take charge of organizing the exo-

If the heroes take advantage of this diversion, The autumn sun disappears behind a The heroes may easily locate skilled teachers
they can lead the band down the valley and mountain ridge, as 800 people huddle among the rescued prisoners. This will enable
out of sight of the fortress while the two drag- among a cheery grove of tall pines. Tired all fighters, magic-users, and thieves to gain a
ons struggle. Verminaard will barely survive and hungry, they are nonetheless happy for level of experience automatically. Multi-
the fight, and it will be 12 hours before he their nearly miraculous escape. classed characters must choose one class to
sends his army after the escapees. If the heroes This small side valley should provide advance.
have succeeded in dropping the gate- blocking shelter for the night from any draconians Clerics who have learned of Mishakal
mechanism, it is 4 days before he is able to that have been sent on the hunt. No doubt may gain a level by meditating and praying to
send an army. fresh problems will arise tomorrow, but for that benevolent deity or another of the true
If the heroes make good their escape at now the plainsmen are safe. gods of Krynn. These gods were revealed by
this time, read to them from the following The biting chill of the wind brings the disks of Mishakal. If the party has not
passage. warnings of the winter that is soon to played DL1, assume that the clerics serve Mis-
come. The wilderness yields little food, hakal.
but many mouths need to be fed. The
great silver moon rises and the stars blink
into sight.

Appendix: 1: Random Encounters These creatures challenge and try to bully the 15. 1-6 Giant Rams. AL N; MV 15; AC 6:
party. If half of them are wounded, however, HD 4; #AT 1; Dmg 2-12
Table 1: Encounter Frequency Table they turn and run.
Only one of the group is actually a ram. The
TABLE 6. 2-24 Giant Centipedes. AL N; MV 15; others are ewes. He will fight to the death,
AC 9; HD 1/4; #AT 1; Dmg poison (save at while the others flee.
Town 1/3 1-6(30-180) 1-4(1d4)
Ruins 1/3 1-6(30-180) 3-10(1d8+2) -4) 16. 2-20 Zombies. AL NE; MV 6; AC 8; HD
Plains 4/day 1-100 (30-3000) 7-14(1d8+6)
Mountains 6/day 1-20(30-600) 9-16(1d8+8)
7. 2-26 Baaz Draconians. AL LE; MV 2; #AT 1; Dmg 1-8
Sla-Mori 1/3 1-6 (30-180) 16-19(1d4+15) 6[15]/18; AC 4; HD 3; #AT 1 or 2;
Pax Tharkas 1/3 1-6 20-25(1d6+19) 17. 2-8 Carrion Crawlers. AL N; MV 12; AC
Dmg 1-8 or 1-4/1-4; turn to stone and
3/7; HD 3+1; #AT 8; Dmg paralysis
Encounters take place on a roll of 1 on 1d10. crumble on death
To determine the type of creature encoun- 18. 1 Wraith. AL LE; MV 12/24; AC 4;
8. 7-16 Hobgoblins. AL LE; MV 9; AC 5; HD 5+3; #AT 1; Dmg 1-6 + energy drain
tered, consult Table 1, roll the appropriate die HD 1+1; #AT 1; Dmg 1-8
and add the modifier listed on the Table 2 19. 2-12 Giant Wasps. AL N; MV 6/21;
Range. Compare the result to Table 2. Will retreat when 1/2 or more have been AC 4; HD 4; #AT 2; Dmg 1-81 1-4 + poi-
Table 2: Random Encounter Table
9. 1 Wyvern. AL NE; MV 6/24; AC 3; HD 20. 2-12 Baaz Draconians. AL LE; MV
7+7; #AT 2; Dmg 2-161 1-6 + poison 6[15]/18; AC 4; HD 3; #AT 1 or 2;
These monsters, creatures, or men fight to the
death unless the text states otherwise. This creature will try to carry off 1 NPC (cho- Dmg 1-8 or 1-4/1-4
sen at random); if no NPC is with the party, 21. 3-10 Kapak Draconians. AL LE; MV
1. 2-12 Townsmen. AL varies; MV 12; AC 8; the wyvern goes after a PC (again at random). 6[15]/18; AC 4; HD 3; #AT 1; Dmg
HD 1; #AT 1 (shortsword); Dmg 1-6 1-6 + poison
10. 1-3 Trolls. AL CE; MV 12; AC 4; HD
Not hostile, but do their best to be left alone. 6+6; #AT 3; Dmg 5-8/5-8/2-12; regener- 22. 3-12 Hobgoblins. AL LE; MV 9; AC 5:
Will flee if attacked. ate 3 hp/round HD 1+1; #AT 1; Dmg 1-8
2. 2-8 Baaz Draconians. AL LE; MV 6[15]/ 11. 3-30 Elk. AL N; MV 18; AC 8 HD 3; 23. 2-16 Goblins. AL LE; MV 6; AC 6; HD
18; AC 4; HD 2; #AT 1 or 2; Dmg 1-8 or #AT 1; Dmg 1-4 1-1; #AT 1; Dmg 1-6
1-4/1-4; turn to stone and crumble on
Will run away from the party. 24. 2-8 War Dogs. AL NE; MV 12; AC 6;
HD 2+2; #AT 1; Dmg 2-8
12. 1-6 Wights. AL LE; MV 12; AC 5; HD
3. 1-4 Wild Dogs. AL N; MV 15; AC 7; HD
4+3; #AT 1; Dmg 1-4 + energy drain If PCs feed these animals, they take the food
1+1; #AT 1; Dmg 1-4
and run away. Otherwise, they attack and
13. 2-8 Dire Wolves. AL NE; MV 18; AC 6;
These are weak and hungry, and they will be fight to the death.
HD 3+3; #AT 1; Dmg 2-8
friendly if fed.
25. 1-4 Aghar. AL CN; MV 12; AC 7; HD 2
Will retreat when half or more are killed.
4. 2-12 Kapak Draconians. AL LE; MV #AT 1; Dmg 1-6
6[15]/18; AC 4; HD 3; #AT 1 14. 1-2 Griffons. AL N; MV 12/30; AC 3;
Try to bully the party, but run upon receiving
(shortsword); Dmg 1-6 + poison; turn to HD 7; #AT 3; Dmg 1-4/1-4/2-16
one wound.
acid pool on death
Desperate for food, these creatures will try to
5. 3-18 Goblins. AL LE; MV 6; AC 6; HD kill a horse or a PC (at random), then carry off
1-1; #AT 1; Dmg 1-6 their prey.

Appendix: 2: Monsters, Creatures, and Kapak. Kapak draconians are distinguished Appendix: 3: Treasures and Tomes
Men by their venomous saliva, which will paralyze
BAA2 KAPAK any creature failing a save vs. poison for 2-12
FREQUENCY: Uncommon Uncommon turns. They often lick the blades of their WYRMSLAYER
# APPEARING: 2-20 2-20 weapons (commonly shortswords) before
combat, envenoming them for 3 rounds. A Two handed sword, +3
MOVE: 6/[15]/18
HIT DICE: 2 3 Kapak takes 1 full round to poison the blade
IN LAIR: 5% 15% again after the first venom has worn off. This weapon does double normal damage
TREASURE TYPE: J,K,L,U KLM Kapaks are larger than Baaz, and conse- when used against a dragon or draconian.
ATTACKS: 1 or 2 1
1-4 + poison
quently bully and abuse their smaller cousins. (Determine damage as usual, and double the
SPECIAL ATTACKS: None Acid pool The Dragonlords try to keep different types of total.) It is immune to the imprisoning effect
SPECIAL DEFENSES: None None draconians separated in order to prevent this when a Baaz draconian turns to stone. Who-
MAGIC RESISTANCE: 20% 20% trouble from arising. ever holds Wyrmslayer by the hilt gains a +3 on
INTELLIGENCE: Average Average
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil Lawful Evil (some
When a Kapak draconian falls to 0 hit all saves vs. Breath weapons or against any
Chaotic) points, is body immediately turns to acid and spells cast by dragons or draconians.
SIZE: M (5- ft.) M (6ft) spreads into a 10 diameter pool on the Wyrmslayer has the strange tendency to
PSIONIC ABILITY: Nil Nil ground. Any character in the area where the give off a loud buzzing noise when within 30
Modes: Nil/Nil Nil/Nil
XP: 81 + 2/hp 105 +3/hp
Kapak died will take 1-8 points of damage per of a true dragon (not a draconian). This buzz-
round from this acid. The caustic liquid will ing always wakes a sleeping dragon.
Draconians, or dragonmen, are the basic dissolve wood and leather at the rate of 1 per
troops of the dragonlords. Their origins are round. Weapons, clothing, and other posses- NIGHTBRINGER
unknown to anyone in this section of Krynn. sions of the Kapak will be ruined by the acid.
Of the four known types of draconians, two Footmans Mace, +3
appear to the party during this part of the AGHAR (GULLY DWARVES)
adventure. Nightbringer is a potent tool of evil, and is the
All draconians have wings, but neither FREQUENCY Rare favored weapon of the Dragonlord Vermi-
#APPEARING: 1-4 (2-20) naard. When the mace strikes a victim as its
the Baaz nor the Kapak can truly fly for more ARMOR CLASS: by armor type
than one round. All draconians have three MOVE: 12 wielder utters the command word Mid-
movement rates: walking; running on all HIT DICE: varies (1-4) night, the victim must save vs. Spells or
fours while pushing through the air with % IN LAIR: 45% become blind for 2-12 turns (-4 to all attacks;
wings; and gliding. To move at the second rate no dexterity or shield bonus to AC).
# ATTACKS: 1 or 2
of speed, they must use all four limbs and DAMAGE/ATTACK: weapon or 1-4/1-4 If a character of good alignment tries to
have their wings free to move. Draconians (fist/bite) pick up Nightbringer by the hilt, that charac-
prefer to charge this way, carrying their weap- SPECIAL ATTACKS: none ter must save vs. Spells with a -2 penalty. Fail-
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Save at 2 levels higher ure to save means the character is blinded
ons in their teeth. They can glide from any
height, and glide a distance 4 times greater INTELLIGENCE: Low permanently, or until a cure blindness spell is
than the height from which they launch. ALIGNMENT Chaotic Neutral used.
SIZE: S (3-5)
Baaz. These draconians are generally the Attack/Defense Modes: Nil/Nil
smallest of the species, and thus the easiest to X.P.: 14 + 1/hp; 28 +2/hp; 50 +3/hp; 85 +4/hp
pass off as humans. As the bottom of the dra-
conian social order, they serve all other ranks Aghar are the lowest class in the Dwarven
of dragonmen. However, because of a quirk in caste systemindeed, most Mountain
their origins, these draconians often tend to Dwarves say that they arent even part of any
be chaotic in nature and very self-serving caste. These raggedly clothed dwarves vary in
when they can get away with it. skin color from parchment to mottled to olive.
Baaz are often encountered in disguise. Their hair is as unkempt as their clothing.
They can conceal their wings under robes and, Their health is generally bad and their bodies
wearing a large hood and mask, can pass bear sores, scars and callouses.
through civilized lands as spies. Dragonlords Though humans think they are comical,
often use the Baaz in this manner just before Aghar are a disgusting race whose motto is
an invasion. do anything, no matter how mean, to sur-
When a Baaz reaches 0 hit points, he vive. Occasionally, a decent, moral Aghar can
turns at once into what appears to be a metal- be found, but those are very rare. Aghar
lic statue. If a PC deals this a blow with a believe that magic is a sham that deserves to
melee weapon, he must make a dexterity be exposed.
check at -3 or his weapon will be stuck in the Gully dwarves generally tend toward
now-metallic draconian. In any event, the weak constitution and low intelligence but
statue crumbles to dust within 1-4 melee have above average dexterity. Despite their
rounds after the draconians death, freeing almost total inability to put two thoughts
any weapon stuck in it. While a weapon is together, the Aghar have excellent memories
stuck in a dead Baaz, it cannot be used. Note of all that they see and hear. This makes them
that only the body of the Baaz turns to metal a great source of raw, untapped information.
and then crumbles: armor and weapons it car-
ries are unaffected and may be used by others
after the draconian turns to dust.

Out of the darkness of dragons, Then came the time of dark and death
out of our cries for light as the gods turned from the world.
in the blank face of the black moon soaring, A mountain of fire crashed like a comet through Istar,
a banked light flared in Solamnia, the city split like a skull in the flames,
a knight of truth and of power, mountains burst from once-fertile valleys,
who called down the gods themselves seas poured into the graves of mountains,
and forged the mighty Dragonlance, piercing the soul the deserts sighed on abandoned floors of the seas,
of dragonkind, driving the shade of their wings the highways of Krynn erupted
from the brightening shores of Krynn. and became the paths of the dead.

Paladine, the Great God of Good Thus began the Age of Despair.
shone at the side of Huma, The roads were tangled.
strengthening the lance of his strong right arm, The winds and the sandstorms dwelt in the husks of cities,
and Huma, ablaze in a thousand moons, The plains and mountains became our home.
banished the Queen of Darkness, As the old gods lost their power,
banished the swarm of her shrieking hosts we called to the blank sky
back to the senseless kingdom of death, where their curses into the cold, dividing gray to the ears of new gods.
swooped upon nothing and nothing The sky is calm, silent, unmoving.
deep below the brightening land. We had yet to hear their answer.

Thus ended in thunder the Age of Dreams Then to the east, to the Sunken City
and began the Age of Might, scarred in its loss of blue light,
When Istar, kingdom of light and truth, arose in the east, came the Heroes, the Innfellows, heirs to the burdens,
where minarets of white and gold out of their tunnels and their arching forests,
spired to the sun and to the suns glory, out of the lowness of plains, the lowness
announcing the passing of evil, of huts in the valleys,
and Istar, who mothered and cradled the long summers of good, the stunned farms under the warlords and darkness.
shone like a meteor They came serving the light,
in the white skies of the just. the covered flames of healing and grace.

Yet in the fullness of sunlight From there, pursued by the armies,

the Kingpriest of Istar saw shadows: the cold and glittering legions, they came
At night he saw the trees as things with daggers, the streams bearing the staff to the arms of the shattered city,
blackened and thickened under the silent moon. where below the weeds and the birdcall,
He searched books for the paths of Huma below the vallenwood, below forever,
for scrolls, signs, and spells below the riding darkness itself,
so that he, too, might summon the gods, might find a hole in the darkness called to the source of the light,
their aid in his holy aims, drawing all light to the core of light,
might purge the world of sin. to the first fullness of its godly dazzle.



\ 3


=20 ft.

MPI 29