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April 5, 1994 (Phone: 202/358-1977) RELEASE: 94-56 NASA FOSTERS AEROSPACE EDUCATION IN ARKANSAS NASA today announced its intent to grant the Arkansas Aerospace Education Center $500,000 to implement its Technology Industry Resource Project to help develop enrichment opportunities for secondary school students statewide in mathematics, applied sciences and technology. The new Aerospace Education Center is a unique collaboration of public and private interests to create a model education center, employing the latest teaching methods oriented to aerospace technologies. The center will include the Arkansas High Technology Training Center, an aerospace museum, a public library and an IMAX theater. Students from across the state will experience new and challenging assignments in their classrooms and in the center's classrooms, in the museum, at the IMAX theater and in work-related projects provided by partners in business and industry. The Aerospace Education Center supports the nation's education goals and the education reform movement. Recent legislation, "Goals 2000," was passed by Congress to establish the nation's education goals. "NASA has been a supporter of the nation's education reform initiative, and this project will further the agency's efforts to support education reform," said Frank Owens, Director of NASA's Education Division, Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

"The Technology Industry Resource Project that NASA is supporting addresses two priorities of the reform effort. The first is training for high technology careers and the second is supporting life-long learning," said Owens. - more -2Technology Industry Resource Project The Technology Industry Resource Project offers high school students the opportunity to learn about mathematics, applied sciences and technology through direct, "real world" experiences. The goal is to interest and involve students in applied technology programs using these "real world" experiences and curriculum enhancement to interest students in pursuing high-technology career opportunities. High school students will be offered field trips to and apprenticeships with industry and students will learn from guest lectures and "visiting scientists" who will visit individual schools and lecture at the center. The grant also will be used to create curriculum enhancement modules to help teachers present applied science programs in the classroom in an interesting and effective manner. These materials will include workbooks, videos, computer simulations, working models and multimedia presentations. These support materials will provide model curriculum enhancements that can be duplicated for use in classrooms nationwide. Other print and multimedia materials will be developed for use by teachers as preparation for and follow-up to the center's field trips, lectures and other aspects of the project. The Arkansas Aerospace Education Center

The Aerospace Education Center is a public and private partnership for education to help prepare students for jobs in existing and emerging technology fields. The center is co-located with the aviation industries at the Little Rock Regional Airport. The center is operated by the Arkansas Department of Education --General Education Division, Vocational Education Division and the Central Arkansas Library System -- and is supported by several Arkansas colleges and universities including the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, which is the lead university in the Arkansas Space Grant Consortium. In 1993, the National Science Foundation awarded Arkansas a Statewide Systemic Initiative Grant for science instruction. In conjunction with this program the Arkansas Department of Higher Education will collaborate with the center to develop a visiting scientist program to reach all 7th grade students in Arkansas each year. - more -3The Arkansas Aviation Historical Society is directly involved in creating and maintaining the Museum of Aviation History and the IMAX Theater. The Industrial Development Commission is involved with the Arkansas High Technology Training Center staff to help train future work forces and recruit high technology companies to Arkansas. The Arkansas Aviation Aerospace Commission and the Arkansas Science and Technology Authority serve on the advisory board appointed by the Governor. - end -