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Intelligence Management

Maximising the value of know-how and information

in your enterprise

Your enterprise is full of hidden know-how into visible

intelligence. It comes in many information.
forms: data, documents,
processes, systems, knowledge, Our track record working with
expertise and intellectual ability. major clients in the UK, Europe
It resides in many places: from and globally demonstrates the
databases to people’s heads. payback potential of Intelligence
“The e-library, (developed by Atos Origin) is a 24/7 Management. For example, we
feature, as we call it: a library open all day, every day to But information and know-how are helped one manufacturer realise
worthless unless you can capture, benefits of more than £20 million
the global Uniqema community.”
process, access and use them. by enhancing collaboration
Ronald van Rossum, Uniqema. Only then do they become between sites. For another, we
manageable business assets. enabled a 33% reduction in
product development time by
The question is: how do you creating a new global teamworking
exploit the enormous potential environment.
Our client base
of your in-house intelligence,
Companies who already especially if it has been All of our Intelligence Management
benefit from Atos Origin’s fragmented by years of solutions are designed and
expertise in Intelligence reorganisation and change? delivered with the same objectives:
Management include: maximising your return on
The answer is Atos Origin’s investment and business benefits.
• Abbey National Intelligence Management. It’s an
integrated set of solutions We make a clear business case for
• Barclays Plc
designed to harness the power of every solution we provide. We are
• Boots Healthcare International intelligence in your organisation quite happy to work on a fixed
• HM Treasury and deliver tangible, sustainable price basis against carefully
business benefits. specified contracts, so you have
complete control of costs: and we
• Industria de Turbo We have developed our provide end to end implementation
Propulsores, S.A. Intelligence Management with full lifecycle support. Indeed,
• Uniqema capability to do exactly as its Gartner classes Atos Origin as the
name implies: manage the world’s No.1 for lifecycle coverage.
intelligence in your enterprise,
and manage it intelligently. If you want to profit from the
intelligence in your enterprise,
Intelligence Management is a working with Atos Origin could be
practical approach to exploiting your smartest move.
the intelligence in your enterprise,
allowing your IT systems to turn
Intelligence Management

“Atos Origin have mobilised

their full breadth of expertise
and experience to deliver high
quality solutions in many
aspects of Documentum content
management projects, including
consulting, implementation,
integration and support.”

The smartest team always wins

Intelligence wins wars. It also wins competitive
advantage in business. Intelligence Management benefits
• Immediate access to your organisation’s complete skills and
The most effective organisations are those knowledge base - anywhere, anytime.
which recognise the value of intelligence and
• Instant availability of key information on markets, competitors
have the systems in place to manage and
and customers.
exploit it.
• Efficient re-use of existing knowledge and experience, instead of
Your people are reservoirs of knowledge, ‘re-inventing the wheel’.
expertise and wisdom. Your physical • Eliminating information overload.
environment already bristles with technologies
for storing and communicating data. • Better, faster decision making.

• Enhanced teamworking and inter-departmental collaboration.

That adds up to an awful lot of know-how and
information, scattered amongst an enterprise • Faster cycle times for product/service development, issue
that may well have undergone several phases resolution and document processing.
of reorganisation in recent years. Chances are, • Greater ability to identify and seize new market opportunities.
you are also struggling with a variety of IT
systems that were not designed to work • Better customer service and communication.
together. • Reduced ‘intellectual haemorrhaging’ and improved knowledge
retention when key personnel leave.
The challenge is to make the most of your
• Eliminating duplicated and wasteful administrative processes.
intelligence assets: and that means integrating
your people, processes and technologies to • Greater team spirit from staff who feel ‘in the loop’.
make your enterprise truly intelligence driven.
Totally focused solutions Guaranteed results, controlled costs The keys to Intelligence Management

Our greatest strength as a supplier of “Atos Origin always delivers exactly • Knowledge & Data
Intelligence Management solutions is what it says it will deliver” is something Ensuring data can be stored,
our expertise: both technically and in you will often hear from our customers. accessed and used, anytime,
terms of business processes. It’s a key part of our success. anywhere in the enterprise.

With 28,000 Atos Origin personnel We can and will work on the basis of • Documents
working in 31 countries, we can fixed prices, set against contracts that
Integrating management of all paper
clearly call upon a wealth of technical clearly spell out responsibilities, service
and electronic documents.
resources, as well as providing levels and key performance indicators.
international reach. Just as importantly, So you know what you are buying and
• Web Content
we have in depth understanding of precisely what it will cost. Simple as
business: more than 40% of our people Controlling the creation, content
have come from an industrial and publication of websites, intranets
background, so we combine real world and extranets.
wisdom with leading edge technical Strategic partnership
wizardry. • Portals
More than 90% of our 200 UK
customers have been with us for more Creating and managing efficient
The result is that we deliver Intelligence ‘doorways’ to diverse material in a
than three years, because they value us
Management solutions which are web environment.
as long term strategic partners.
carefully aligned with business needs:
innovation that delivers results, rather • Collaboration
As your Intelligence Management
than innovation for the sake of it.
partner, we will provide an end to end Providing the tools for teams to
solution and support it for its full work more effectively with data and
lifecycle. That means everything from documents.
Best of breed components
high level business consultancy, design,
There is no such thing as an effective specification, development, sourcing,
‘one size fits all’ Intelligence implementation and training, through to
Management package. Delivering the support, maintenance and ongoing
right solution is a matter of providing enhancements for as long as you want.
the most appropriate set of tools and
services that precisely meet the needs Our dedicated Helpdesks and Customer
of your enterprise. Support Centres, for example, provide
multilingual 24x7x52 coverage in every
This is an area where Atos Origin excels, time zone on earth. “Atos Origin was chosen for their flexible
because we combine flexibility with vast approach and experience for the L’Oreal
experience in developing and supplying We also provide comprehensive hosting ‘Grands pays d’Europe’ data warehousing
custom solutions that are designed to and outsourcing options for your study. We were impressed with their
provide maximum return on investment. applications and hardware infra- dedication to the success of the project
That includes extending the economic structure, which could typically reduce and the professional presentation of the
life of your existing systems, too. your IT operating costs by 10-30%. consolidated results.”

We are independent of any hardware or Vittorio Mondo,

software provider, so we create fully IT Director, L’Oreal Italy.

integrated, end to end solutions from a

choice of the world’s best system
components: and we extract optimum
performance from them.
Intelligence Management
Atos Origin alliances “Atos Origin has a good grasp of

Atos Origin is not tied to any supplier, but we have formed industries in which it can add value”

alliances with suppliers of the world’s best business tools in the Forrester Research.
area of Intelligence Management and have exceptional expertise
in getting maximum performance from their products.
“Customers benefit from a well
Our key alliances include: documented process on transition from
implementation to operation ... able to
• Documentum: Atos Origin is a Signature Partner. deliver end to end solutions including
evaluation, implementation, operations,
• IBM Lotus: We are a Premier Business Partner, with extensive maintenance, and ongoing strategic
experience of Lotus Notes and Domino applications. consultancy to maximise the cost benefit”

• Microsoft Certified Partner.

• SAP: As an SAP Service Partner, Atos Origin has won the

Partner Excellence Award for three successive years.

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About Atos Origin

Atos Origin, a leading European information technology services provider, helps clients turn their

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has 27,000 employees. Its clients include ABN-Amro, Akzo-Nobel, Aramco, BNP Paribas,

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