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Sometime in the early 1960’s Hemming hooked up with Howard Kenneth Davis, who had fought
for the overthrow of Batista on behalf of the deposed President CARLOS PRIO SOCARRAS.
Davis left Cuba after Castro seized power and moved to Miami where he became either a double
agent for Gerry Hemming or an FBI supersnitch under the cryptonym MM 639-S.

Commission Document 441 - FBI Clements Report of 18 --1"
Feb 1964 re: Ruby
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DL 44-1639 ADN:gj 1

The following investigation was conducted by SA ALFRED D, NEELEY, at Dallas, Texas:
During interview on December 21, 1963, JACK LEON RUBY advised "at a time when
CASTRO was popular in the United States" he read of an individual in the vicinity of Houston,
Texas, having been engaged in "gun running" to CASTRO, RUBY stated that he attempted to
contact this individual by telephone as he had in mind "making a buck" by possibly acquiring
some jeeps or other similar equipment which he might sell to persons interested in their
importation to Cuba. RUBY claimed nothing came of this. On January 14, 1964, Assistant
District Attorney WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Dallas, advised that he had learned from some
source, RUBY had reportedly had contact with one DAVIS described as an ex-convict believed
living in Beaumont, Texas, ALEXANDER stated he understood the FBI, Houston, had handled
the investigation of this person resulting in conviction for gun-running activities.

The Houston Office advised by communication January 17, 1964, that investigation had failed to
identify (FNU) DAVIS either at Houston or Beaumont, Texas, The Houston Office advised that
ROBERT RAY McKEOWN was the most logical individual to whom RUBY referred.
McKEOWN was arrested February 25, 1958, and on October 24, 1958, he was sentenced in the
U. S, District Court, SDT, Houston, Texas, to sixty days to serve and $500.00 fine on a charge of
conspiracy to smuggle goods to Cuba and given a two year sentence suspended for five years on
his second count. The Houston Office further stated that on March 28, 1958, information
obtained from the Houston Chronicle (newspaper) disclosed at a hearing regarding this matter, a
partial list of arms obtained at residence of McKEOWN was produced and entered in evidence
by CHESLEY JONES, an agent of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Unit, Dallas, Texas.

SAC, Dallas (44-1639)
DATE: 3/10/64
FROM 141/
SAC, Miami (44-1412)(P)
JACK L. RUBY, aka.
Re Houston teletype to Miami and Dallas 1/24/64 and Miami airtel to Dallas 1/29/640
On March 5, 1964, MM 639-S, true name HOWARD K. DAVIS advised he had seen newspaper
photograph of JACK LEON RUBY but had never seen him before, never had any dealings with
anyone with that name and had never met him in Houston, Texas. It is noted MM 639-S is from
Chicago, Illinois; Palm Beach and Miami, Florida and does not have any criminal record. Miami
sources and informants were contacted with negative results concerning the identity of DAVIS in
re Houston teletype. Local federal agencies advised they do not know anyone possibly identical
with DAVIS

(00: DALLAS)

Re Houston teletype to Miami and Dallas, 1/24/64.

Houston Will note in case entitled "CARLOS PRIO SOCARRAS ET AL, FPM --CUBA"
(Houston file 109-7) ROBERT R. McKEOWN Galena Park, Texas and others, were arrested by
police and later prosecuted by U.S. Customs for possession and conspiracy to violate Neutrality
Act. In this case, MM 639-S, true name HOWARD DAVIS was in Houston, and had
considerable contact with McKeown and others involved. MM 639-S is still active in Cuban
Revolutionary Matters but is presently out of town. On his return, he will be contacted again
concerning this matter.

The re-interview is nowhere to be found.