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If you were stranded on a deserted island, you would want my Stand Out team
along with you on the adventure. Jennifer Bohanan would develop and articulate
an SOS message so compelling that you would be rescued straightaway. Laura
Menza and Kristin Leu would harness their instincts and clarity to design a flawless
plan of escape. Margaret Grzymkowski would use illustration to shape and beautify
your shelter. John Weigele and Stephen Sepulveda, your special missions team,
would create a set of aesthetically pleasing and highly functional survival tools.
Brooke Roderick would organize and reassure you regularly that everything will
be all right. Thank you all for your time and devotion to the adventure that has
been Stand Out. I could not have survived it without you.


Jennifer Bohanan Robin Landa Dr. Dawood Farahi
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Laura Menza Alan Robbins Dr. Jeffrey Toney

Provost, Kean University
Kristin Leu Ed Johnston
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Stand Out is dedicated to:


who gave me the core values
at the heart of my true and
authentic self, and the foundation
for my personal brand; and


who inspire me to stay true to
my brand promise, live my values,
and improve myself every day.
FOREWORD I teach at the School of Visual
Arts in New York City, a school
Branding is an overused word
in our culture todayalmost
that graduates hundreds of an eye-roller at this point. What
by: Gail Anderson
amazing designers every year. does it mean to brand yourself,
Denise Anderson (a fellow particularly when you dont
Anderson, but no relation) have much professional experi-
teaches at the Robert Busch ence to hang your hat on? And
School of Design at Kean how does a person with little-
University. From what Ive seen to-no professional experience
over the years, her designers are even have a brand? How can
pretty swell, too. So are Ellen you create a portfolio that will
Luptons at Maryland Institute make you the most memorable
College of Art (MICA), and job candidate? The answers to
Andrew Byroms at California these questions are hereyou
State University, Long Branch just have to keep reading.
(CSULB), not to mention those Youve taken the first important
from Art Center College of steps by cracking open this book,
Design, Rhode Island School by challenging yourself to take
of Design (RISD), Portfolio it up a notch, and by seeking
Center, Yale, and so many others. assistance from resources that
Not surprisingly, competition can offer the help you need.
for the best jobs is fierce, and Youve already demonstrated
while you may assume that that you have an open mind
successfully landing a job is all and a willingness to take a good
about your work or where you hard look at yourself and your
went to school, its really about workessential qualifications
you and the brand you create for a successful design profes-
for yourself. sional. Well done!

A good portfolio tells a prospec- one an employer wants to hire.
tive employer important things Keep it smart, and keep it clean.
about younot just that you But you knew that, and if you
can choose great typefaces or didnt, Denise will tell you how
have technical chops, but that to bring it all together and create
you are adept at solving prob- a truly stand-out portfolio.
lems. A good portfolio reveals Finally, let me remind you about
your curiosity and sometimes one other thing your mother
some humor. It tells your story taught you. Send a thank-you
the story that is unique to note. After. Every. Interview.
you. Remember, in the end, An email is okay, but an honest-
its all about finding a good fit. to-goodness, handwritten
An employer wants to hire a message in an envelope affixed
great designer, of course, but is with something they call a post-
also looking for someone who age stamp is thoughtful and will
brings something interesting to be greatly appreciated. Its yet
the table. How you craft your another thing, like your good
brandyour personal identity work and like your interesting
will make you stand out, and personal brand, that makes
it will make people want to you stand out.
hire you.
Read on, take notes, and hope-
Do you have an online persona fully one day, youll be the one
to share? A blog, vlog, Tumblr, hiring me.
or Instagram account we can
peruse? Who you are out there
on the interwebs counts these
days, and you want to make
sure that version of you is some-

INTRODUCTION Students tell me that my Graphic
Design Portfolio course is like
themselves. Every semester
without fail, my students
boot camp without the mud. embrace the process, take a deep
by: Denise Anderson
Theyre right. The process I put breath, and make the leap into
them through requires discipline, the next phase of their lives.
hard work, and perseverance. In the field of professional
It closely resembles the design design, your portfolio is the
industry experience and prepares single most important apparatus
them for their transition into you have for demonstrating
the professional world. your talents, skills, and body
In 16 short weeks, my of work. Designed to build
designers assess who they your confidence as you enter a
are and what they want from highly competitive marketplace,
their future. They define their the Stand Out methodology is
personal brand and create a practical and proven. Informed
visual identity. They develop by my 25 years as a design
a portfolio, tailoring the projects practitioner and formulated over
they created for their classes, my 17-plus-year teaching career,
professional internships, or day this approach is logical and
jobs to the type of industry holistic, and it works.
and company where they want Stand Outs step-by-step process
to work. They develop a job includes hands-on exercises and
plan and learn how to look user-friendly worksheets to
for a job in the design field help you sharpen your vision
and their specialty, create job- of where you want to go. You
specific resumes and cover will identify the environment
letters, and produce the touch- where youre likely to shine
points theyll need to promote most brightly and be recognized

for the things you are most Making the transition from
passionate about by the people learner to professional is a
who can truly appreciate what formidable undertaking, but
you have to offer. It includes it is absolutely necessary.
stories of my own experiences, Understanding its importance,
examples from others who have my students consistently move
undergone the process, and toward their destinies with
links to Pinterest boards with passion and purpose. I like to
work samples from young, think I inspire them, but the truth
talented designers who have is, they inspire me. As I witness
made their own journey. and support their efforts, I am
reminded what a privilege it is
You dont have to be a student
to mentor and teach the next
to benefit from the Stand Out
generation of design leaders.
approach. If youre a profes-
Stand Out is a testament to their
sional designer in search of your
talent and commitment, and
next job or restarting a design
I hope they will inspire yours.
career, the methodology I
describe will work for you, too. Lets get started.
In addition to straightforward
and actionable instruction for
design job seekers at any stage
in their career, Stand Out
provides support materials that
can be used by professors who
teach a portfolio course.



Create a visual identity that reveals your true
and authentic brand.2
by: Denise Anderson
1. Get Personal with Your Brand
Identifying your brand, its purpose, and the attributes
that make it your own. 4

2. Develop Your Brand Story

Finding key insights and forming the core of your
brand and visual identity. 18

3. Design Your Brand Identity

Translating your brand story into a visual identity. 28

4. Promote Your Brand

Creating an integrated brand campaign. 46

5. Case Studies: Brand Identity

Exploring student brands that stand out. 66



Build a body of work that represents the style, type,
and industry-specific work you want to do.78

6. Prepare to Build Your Portfolio

Eleven things to know before creating your book of work.80

7. Select Killer Work for Your Book

Choosing projects that reveal your skills, talents, and passions. 90

8. Create New Projects

Adding work to complete your book. 106

9. Develop Your Presentation Layout
Designing a portfolio that communicates who you are
and what you can do. 120

10. Make Images That Show Off Your Work

Composing visuals that support and enhance your
project stories. 136

11. Produce Your Pieces

Understanding the technical aspects of portfolio production. 154

12. Case Studies: Student Portfolios

Exploring student portfolios that stand out. 160



Learn how to find a job and launch your career
in the design field.172

13. Prepare for Your Presentation

Initiating a conversation about your projects that
reveals your story. 174

14. Employ the Tools for a Dynamic Job Search

Creating and maintaining your arsenal of resources. 182

15. Launch Your Job Search

Understanding trends, seeking opportunities, and
creating a plan to find a job. 198

16. Manage Your Stand-out Career

Sharing personal career stories to inspire others. 216
17. Case Studies: Design Careers
Exploring student careers that stand out. 228 INDEX 245

Creating an integrated brand campaign.

Everyones comfort level for putting themselves out in the world to get noticed
is different (although I tend to think that younger people, raised in the age
of selfies and social media, are less self-conscious about self-promotion than
other generations). Personally, Ive never liked vying for attention, and to this
day, I find the tasks related to self-promotioncold calling, meet-and-greeting,
and sharing my work and myself with strangers and people Ive only just met
downright frightening. When I had my design business, I paid a full-time
salesperson to initiate contact with potential clients. Its not that I lack
self-confidence, but quite frankly, the idea of being rejected hurts my feelings.

When I was single and looking phone calls, bad dinners, and You have to know what your
for someone to share my life one minor stalking incident, goal is, have a strategy to reach
with, my good friend Janice a close friend introduced me that goal, and then execute your
told me, Love will not walk to my soon-to-be spouse. Janice plan. Its great to be wonderful,
up and knock on your door. was right. I never would have but if no one else knows your
Conceding she might have a found who I was looking greatness, how will you ever get
point, I started networking. I for if I hadnt taken control a design job?
asked my friends and colleagues of my search.
My former student, Connor
to set me up with people they Pursuing a job should be like Paglia (who you met in Chap-
knew, and after some awkward seeking out a love relationship. ter 3) grew up playing baseball.

He played all through college, mobile design knowledge, and He did it by communicating his


until his senior year when he the professional experience he ideas, experience, and skills, as
left the team to concentrate on had earned through freelancing well as work ethic and dedica-
finishing his degree in graphic and design internships. Connor tion. His website and his other
design. As a student, Conner was hadnt even graduated yet, but touchpoints communicated
disciplined, hardworking, and a he knew he had to take the the type of thinking, aesthetics,
team player (skills he learned, or chance and apply, because if and skills that he could offer.
at least refined, playing base- he didnt, his odds of landing He had a brand strategy, and he
ball). He was also generous, the interview (and the job) promoted himself.
frequently sharing his design were zero.
and production skills with any- Remember: you only need to
Its not uncommon to want to connect with one nice person
one in class who needed help.
His dream job was to work for shy away from exposing your (and there are plenty in our
Major League Baseball. creative efforts and yourself to industry) who can give you
potential criticism, especially a break in the form of a job,
Just before he graduated, from employers as huge as the advice, or your next lead. This
Connor read that the MLB MLB. But I can assure you that is no time to hold back or
was building a product team when you call upon the kind of succumb to feeling intimidated.
to work on third-party clients courage that has brought you Devise a plan, develop your
(consumer brands, not just this far (getting through design
baseball projects). Connor was message, design the touch-
school is no easy feat) and push points, identify the audience
well qualified for the position,
past your fear of rejection (to you want to reach, and then
but his goal was just to get an
reach your true love or job promote yourself through the
interview, to get in front of
of your dreams), you will put channels they use for commu-
someone so he could demon-
yourself in a position to speak nication. Reach, dont wait, for
strate his devotion for the game
with confidence about your your opportunity, whether its
and commitment to doing the
work and its value. a great design job, networking
work. He was confident that
he would be a good fit because Connor got his interview, and with other professionals, or
of the skills he had learned as you know, he got the job making a name for yourself
on the field, his branding and with Major League Baseball. in the public eye.

Just as you wouldnt search for true love without a plan (going
to a bar to meet someone is basic, but its still a plan), you have
THE BRAND STRATEGY to think through and commit to a search process that you can
execute. This effort has two objectives: to gain attention for your
WORKSHEET: capabilities and to create an emotional connection to your target audience. You do this by showing up where your audience is most
brand-strategy/personal.pdf likely to hang out, with a consistent message about yourself and
your brand. The more they see your brand, the more they will grow
to trust you and buy into your brand story, and the less likely they
are to be dismissive when you approach them for a job interview.



Per entrepreneur.coms Small communicate his story. Take and a handwritten note to the
Business Encyclopedia on some time to think about how owner of a company where she
Branding, a brand strategy is you will promote yourself by wanted to work. He responded
how, what, where, when, and developing, maintaining, and promptly with an email saying
to whom you plan on commu- leveraging what youve already hed be in touch when a posi-
nicating and delivering on your learned and expressed about tion opens up.
brand messages. Everything your brand. Use the download-
you show, say, or do (or dont able worksheet found at the
do) communicates something link on the previous page, or What
write your answers on a piece Formulate your brand message.
about your personal brand.
For example, consider the Dos of paper. Youre putting together Your creative brief contains the
Equis man (born from a beer a plan to communicate and information that will inform
promotion of the same name). deliver your brand message. and inspire your brand message.
Many admire him for his air of Just as skiing, fighting bears,
mystery, women adore him, and
he travels the world in style. Who cooking burgers, and attempting
to run for the U.S. presidency
His tagline (which would be his Identify your target market.
makes Mr. Dos Equis the most
brand promise if he conducted Youve already done some interesting man in the world,
his own personal assessment preliminary research, and your a unified message will commu-
and analysis) says he is the creative brief identifies where nicate your unique value prop-
most interesting man in the you want to be employed. Now osition clearly and consistently
world. His brand message is you have to drill down into the throughout all of your promo-
broadcasted consistently and details. If your brief shows that tions. What is the one thing
cohesively across multiple you want to work at a digital you want your target market
touchpoints in traditional design agency of 150-plus people, to think about when they hear
advertising (TV, radio, and then youll have to identify your name or see your visual
print), social media (Facebook, those companies that fit the identity? Set the mood. Develop
Twitter, and Instagram), and criteria; and start thinking about a point of view. Stay true to
online (website and YouTube); where theyre most likely to be your brand promise. Own who
Ive included some of his located. The more details you you are, and dont be afraid to
links on my Pinterest page: have about your target audience, put it out there. the better you can customize
personal-brand-promo/. Dos your promotion. Remember:
Equis leverages many of these establishing connections that
brand channels by develop- will lead to work is not about
ing personalized content to how many people you reach; its
about the quality and appro-
priateness of the audience you
engage. For example, Margaret
Grzymkowski (the feisty henna
artist from Chapter 3) made,
decorated, and personally deliv-
ered donuts, her business card,

Where When
Select your promotional Time your promotions.
Think back to my analogy of
You can choose to do very finding true love. Do you share
little or as much as possible everything about yourself in
to get yourself noticed, but at that initial phone call, or do you
minimum youre going to need hold a few things back to reveal
a website and a social media when youre on the first date?
campaign to communicate and Likewise, your promotional
deliver your brand story. (Youll plan might start with a trickling
learn more about both later in of key messagessome teasers
the chapter.) The world uses or pings to gauge whether and
these online touchpoints to do how your audience will respond.
business, and you should be us- Identify the date when all of
ing them, too. Conceptualizing your promotional touchpoints
and integrating a memorable will be ready or in the pipeline
campaign with todays print and to be completed. No matter
social media channels will help
you stake out your territory,
How what your promotion, sched-
ule, or vehicle for delivery is,
Promote your brand message.
differentiate yourself from the time your strategy and move
competition, and demonstrate There are many, many ways the viewer from one channel
an air of confidence. to communicate your brand to the next so theyll have a
message, but you have to use comprehensive idea of what you
the applications, channels, have to offer. If you misstep and
and platforms that your target dont deliver when you said you
audience is most likely to use. would, you can lose any trust
For example, if you are a mobile youve built with your audience,
app designer, use web and and it could damage your brand.
mobile prototyping software to
create your app, and then insert
a link into an email blast or post
it on your social media channels.
If youre a pattern designer, let
your audience experience your
shapes, textures, and colors
first-hand by printing designs
on cards or fabric swatches
and sending a packaged kit via
direct mail. They are two very
different approaches, but each
is appropriate for reaching and
resonating with its particular
audience. Not every form of
communication works for
everyone, so choose wisely.



Outside of your logo, the most new brand identity or portfolio your attention to the impor-
far-reaching and important projects. It advertises your tance of having a website and
brand identity touchpoint is design capabilities, software how it relates to promoting
your website, which is better skills aptitude, and experience. your brand. Youve almost
known in our industry as your More importantly, art directors certainly taken courses on basic
online portfolio. Your website and hiring agents use websites web design. If youre more
is the one touchpoint that to prescreen candidates. In one advanced, you can use the
can be used as a promotional afternoon, you can reach more information and my recommen-
vehicle to connect you profes- people by sharing a link to your dations to align your strategy
sionally to potential employers website than you could inter- with ways to best promote your
and clients throughout your viewing for a week. brand. The points I highlight are
design career. It can be updated This section is not about web- relevant to your brand strategy
easily and inexpensively with a site design, but it should call and the success of your website.

Select a domain name and professional email address
Your name is vital to your for years. I wanted the .com Options to consider when
brand story, and an appropriate, because it is the most commonly- the domain name you want is
corresponding domain name is used commercial extension, not available:
just as important. Your website and the one most people try If the .com extension is not
URL will be your professional first. As alternatives, I purchased available, try .me, .design, .net,
handle throughout your career, variations of my name: or another option that makes
so I recommend using your, sense to your brand. For
personal name as your domain example,,
so you can be found through creatively uses the extension
an Internet search, and so no, and
(for Iceland) to communicate
one else can snag it. Personal
attributes about her brand
branding guru William Arruda I want to own any domain (
says, Buy your domain name. name thats closely associated sharer and
Its like buying property. You with mine. I also bought thinkingthoughts).
want to own the property even Professor (my social
Acquire your last name
if youre not ready to build the media handle). DeniseAnderson.
( and use your
house If you have kids, buy com continued to elude me.
first name as the email address
their domain names. If you
Writing this chapter, I did an- (
are going to have kids, dont
name them until you see if you other quick Internet search and Use a middle initial
can have their domain names. was delighted to discover that (
Whatever domain you choose was avail-
able through a site that owns Be conceptual
should be easy to remember (
and self-explanatory. personal names. A five-minute
email chat revealed that it was Add punctuation
Use your domain name con- available, and I negotiated to (
sistently across all of your buy it at less than 50 percent of
touchpoints. URLs are generally Insert the word design
the asking price. At the start
inexpensive, and if youre uncer- (
of the negotiation, the vendor,
tain about what name you want, unwilling to budge on price, Use a nickname
purchase several, and redirect claimed that more than 200 (
each to your primary personal people had researched the name If your name is difficult
website. Register the name for recently. I responded that the to spell, abbreviate it
as long as you can. Even if its market for my name is small (Margaret Grzymkowski
only a year, make sure its set to and that I conducted most of uses
auto-renew. This will ensure that those searches. He lowered the
no one can take it from you. price immediately. It never hurts
When I started this book, I to push back a little. If you are
did not own the domain name faced with a similar challenge, because it cant hurt to try to negotiate
it hadnt been on the market and acquire your name.


Organize your site
Organizing information (such Things to consider when Call to action (critical infor-
as the website framework and organizing your site: mation about how to get in
content) into a well-built layout Page format (vertical or touch with you)
should always come before site landscape) and layout grid Personal work (projects you
design. Without structure, your (columns and margins) are passionate about and
website wont flow correctly, create on your own time)
and your visitors will have no Navigation (names and style)
Social media links (sites you
clear path to the information Logo and name (size and use frequently or recommend
they want. Organizing your site placement) and those that integrate your
may seem like a tedious task,
Typeface and color selection brand message)
but you have to know at the
(use the selections and styles Copy (text for each section;
outset what information you
created for your brand your bio and work experience)
want to include. Preparation
identity in Chapter 3) Content (blog, videos, and
will help you put forward a
strong brand, and the exercise Images (professional quality other design elements)
will enhance what you can offer photos of your work and/or A platform that is easy to
as a professional. headshot; size and placement) update and maintain


Identify the type of site you want
When you have identified and If you do decide that you want Things to consider when
organized your information, to blog, keep up with it. When identifying the type of site:
think about the type of site that you slack off or stop, people may Responsive (comparable web
will reflect your brand and skill perceive your brand unfavorably. experience on all platforms)
set, and select one that you can Whatever type of site you
build. As a designer, you should Template (i.e., Squarespace);
choose, it will reflect what you hybrid (template, with some
have some base knowledge in know about website design
website design (using Adobe programming capabilities);
and programming and how to or fully customized (i.e.,
Muse or Adobe Dreamweaver, promote yourself to stand out
for example) and programming unique design created in
from the crowd. Every semester, Adobe Muse)
(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and my colleague Ed Johnston, who
HTML5, to name a few). You teaches website design, creates a Number of pages (loads faster)
may already have a portfolio cheat sheet(standoutportfolio Cost
website on Behance or Square- .com/website-cheatsheet) on
space or one that youve built Features (blogging, email
how to identify and set up a
yourself to display your work. marketing, e-commerce)
simple website. Technology
Theres a difference between changes so quickly, he told me,
those and a professional site (or its become essential to update
the site you are building now) it every semester. Webhosting,
that is part of a bigger brand Creative Cloud, domain names
strategy. For your purposes it can be confusing, but Eds
here, youre creating something chart walks you through some
that will represent you pro- options of the type of sites that
fessionally and serve as your were available at the writing of
online go-to location for the this book.
duration of your career.
As part of your website,
consider blogging to promote
your brand. A blog gives readers
insights about who you are and
what you value, and it gives
people a reason to check back
in from time to time. It can
highlight a project or accom-
plishment that you are proud
of or showcase your expertise.
It is important to understand
up front if blogging is part of
your promotional strategy
because you may need a site
that includes a blogging feature,
and it should be easy to use.

Design your website


As websites and online design navigation that makes sense. the site. Use original images.
portfolios have become simpler Your goal is to help visitors Be honest, thought-provoking,
to create, the volume of design focus on the value of your and relevant. Your copy should
portfolio sites on the Internet brand and the content of your support and enhance your brand
has escalated. With literally message, not on navigating but shouldnt overwhelm or tire
countless online portfolios to through page after page of busy, your audience. Your site should
wade through, employers are blinking images and lengthy, grab and hold their attention,
challenged to find a designer self-indulgent blocks of text. but too many images can be
who can effectively meet their distracting. A savvy art director
Humanize. You cant see whos
needs. You have to think about will recognize attempts to hide
viewing your website, but I can
what you can do to design a poor ideas or badly rendered
assure you, its a human being
website that stands out in designs behind a lot of frippery.
who wants to be treated with
a crowded marketplace.
respect. So dont look down Other things to consider when
When I was building brand on your viewers or insult their designing your site:
identities for a living, I applied intelligence. Be personable and Validate that your website
a formula I called Simplify, welcoming, just as you would communicates the essence and
Humanize, and Energize. if you were inviting them into message of your brand.
I applied it to everything I your studio or home to take a
designed. With this formula in look around, see your work, Design the layout and organize
mind, I was able to ensure that and stay for a while. Your site content to make the website
what I designed was meaningful, should encourage them to easy to navigate.
relevant, differentiating, flexible, participate, have fun, and feel a Focus on the content and then
cohesive and memorable, and bond with you. Employers and the presentation.
that it would resonate and con- clients on the receiving side of
Confirm a clear hierarchy
nect emotionally to the targeted the screen are really rooting for
of information.
audience and communicate you, because theyre hoping that
the brand message. Refer to the youre the one who can help Integrate typefaces, colors,
creative brief and use the brand them achieve their goals and and image styles from your
identity elements you created in objectives (i.e., finding the right mood board.
Chapters 2 and 3 to align and employee or freelancer to hire). Include personal projects, even
connect your brand identity to those not design related, that
Energize. Evoke an emotional
your website design. reveal your other interests.
response from your audience.
Simplify. It may be fun to Use your brand colors in a new Select and use quality images.
design and program lots of and exciting way or crop and
Add a copyright signature to
fancy bells and whistles using arrange your images to create
the bottom of each page; for
motion graphics, videos, and movement and fluidity through
example, Copyright 2015
music, but your audience will
YourFirst LastName. All
generally prefer you to get to
rights reserved.
the point. Theyll appreciate
a clean, engaging design and

Test and launch the site


Many website browsers and What to consider when youre is not your strong suit, ask an
electronic devices on the market testing your site: acquaintance to proofread it
can help you confirm that your Check site functionality on for you.
site is functioning properly and Google Chrome, Mozilla Assess how quickly your pages,
that your design is proving to Firefox, and Safari browsers. images, and fonts load.
be the experience you want it
to be. Interactivity is as critical Review your websites respon- Confirm that links for your
as content. After you have siveness on Macs and PCs, email, resume, and social media
examined all of the sites func- iPhones and Androids, tablets, are working properly.
tions, ask others to test-drive it. and any of the most popular
Better yet, have them visit the devices.
site in front of you so you can Triple-check the accuracy of
watch them navigate and see the content on your site, such
how they access information as spelling, grammar, punctu-
and how quickly. The time to ation, text formatting, image
modify and fix problems is correctness and sizes, and
before you launch. contact information. If text

Promoting and integrating your relationships, you can establish after the ceremony, Max had
brand using social media is no strong, lasting connections with received a handful of email
longer optional. Platform pref- other design professionals, col- invitations (through the link on
erences may differ from person leagues, peers, and vendors. Pay his website) to interview at top
to person, but most business attention to the trends, because advertising firms in New York
people use sites like LinkedIn whats hot, and whats not, is City. Social media is a powerful
and Twitter to learn about their always changing. toolin an instant, everyone
colleagues, associates, and po- can know your business.
Social media marketing touches
tential new hires, whether their
every element of your brand As you think about your brand
scrutiny is covert or obvious.
from your conventional website strategy, you should be con-
I find that most young people
today are agile and comfortable and blog to the mobile web. sidering which social media
with all kinds of social media Others can promote your brand options will help you promote
in their personal lives, but for you by sharing, recommend- yourself the most effectively.
surprisingly few know how to ing, and re-tweeting something Hina Paracha, a social media
use it to promote their profes- youve done or said. An art manager assisting start-ups with
sional brand. Some can even do director who includes you as a their social media marketing in
damage because they confuse connection on a social media the UK, talks about The 5Cs of
their professional contacts with site can catapult you instantly a Killer Social Media Strategy
friends and family by taking into the limelight. Robert Busch (
an approach thats too casual. School of Design star Max killer-social-media-strategy/).
Social media is todays venue for Friedman is a good example. In her blog post, Hina high-
promoting your brand, exercis- When he won the 2015 ADC lights five key ingredients that
ing your skills, displaying your All-Star award, numerous design constitute a successful social
work, and revealing your per- leaders posted his information media marketing strategy.
sonal interests. Just as you use on dozens of social media
it to build and maintain personal channels. By the end of the day

Content is king. Whatever you post on your social media pages
reflects your brand. Keg-stand photos of you and your friends and
pictures of cute animals may resonate with your buddies, but if you
want to resonate with a professional audience, you should post
content that will interest them and keep them coming back for more.
Consistency. Just as a cohesive brand builds trust with your audience,
so will a uniform approach across all of your designated social media
channels. Stay on top of changing trends, and keep experimenting:
a post thats exciting today may not be relevant tomorrow.
Conversation. Engage your fans and followers in meaningful con-
versations. Talking about what matters to your audience is the heart
and soul of your social media strategy. When potential employers see
that you care about what they care about, you establish an emotional
bond that will predispose them to look favorably upon your brand.
Customer service. You may think you dont have to worry about
customer service before youre employed as a designer, but your
assumption would be incorrect. Long before you are working for
someone, you are demonstrating the quality of service you can
provide, and your actions speak volumes about you. Answer your
emails, respond to tweets, and reply to LinkedIn requests promptly
to send the message that you will be responsive to your employer
and their clients when youre hired.
Crisis management. How should you respond to someone who
doesnt like one of your projects or posts negative comments on your
blog? Before it actually happens, you should have a plan to mitigate
potential damage. Ive seen hotel managers promptly respond to
customer complaints on TripAdvisor; when I see the managers po-
lite comeback, I cant help but wonder if there was truly a problem
with the establishment or if that guest just wanted to play troll.

My colleague, Distinguished Be informed. Find the right attention. Remember, you are


Professor Robin Landa, has audience. Use Twitter to follow competing for attention with
authored 21 books about design, recruiters, agencies, design everything thats online. Ask
branding, advertising, creativity, studios, and corporate CCOs people to share your posts.
drawing, and art. I asked her (chief communications officers) Showcase your passions out-
to share some pointers, and and CMOs (chief marketing side of design or advertising.
she generously provided these officers). Connect with them Whether you are passionate
practical and educated insights on LinkedIn, too. Check about music or in the midst of
about promoting your brand out your competitionsee a personal project, share infor-
through social media: what theyre doing and whom mation and images (without
Be authentic. Your voice (tone, theyre following. violating any copyrights). Make
word choices, and sentence/ Promote a little/inform a lot. sure to give proper credits when
phrase structures) should be in Share information that your sharing others works, words,
sync with your personal brand, audience will want to spend and posts.
the copy on your website, and time with. Contribute to society, Follow influencersre-Tweet
your bio and resume. entertain, inform, and educate. and re-post! If its interesting or
Be positive, not negative. If you talk only about your- enlightening to you, others will
When youre building a personal self, people will tune out. If probably appreciate the share.
brand, social media channels you inform, educate, and write
are not complaint forums but interesting posts or post share-
places for you to shine. worthy imagery, people will pay

Connect to professionals, business
owners, and B2B customers to generate
leads and establish professional
relationships. LinkedIn is the number-
one networking site for professionals.
Communicate your brand message
in ways that connect, inform, and
entertain. Leverage your social com-
munity by networking with the largest
TWITTER number of social media users.
This microblogging channel allows
users to post quick, short messages. Its
a powerful networking tool for building
a loyal following and driving people to
your website or blog.

Share your photos, videos, and other
GOOGLE + visuals to a variety of social networking
platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
Reach out to early adopters, B2B profes-
sionals, and general social media users.
Hangouts is a video chat service that
you can use to connect with prospective
employers. This platform integrates several
social channels, including Google Profiles
and Google Buzz, Circles, and Sparks. VINE
Post short videos that loop to com-
municate your brand and display
work samples for your portfolio. Vine
can help you advertise how you can
PINTEREST be creative in a new way.
Promote your brand story with visuals.
Pinterest is great for personal projects.
It is a strong driver of traffic to websites.
The target audience is mostly women.
This site, known for high-quality videos
without distracting ads, allows you to
share, discover, and be inspired. Its used
by professional creatives and filmmakers
YOUTUBE to showcase their work.
Promote your brand by posting tutorials
and other videos. Make a dynamic im-
pression on your website by embedding
YouTube videos.

Think about how your website
connects to your other touchpoints,
including your brand identity and
other applications you have yet
to create.

Reach, dont wait, for your opportunity by

having a clear plan and proceeding with
Want your brand to confidence based on your skills, experience,
stand out? Keep these and brand.

ideas in mind as you Connect with your intended target market

devise your plan, develop using the platforms and channels they use.

your message, design Focus on the content first and then the design
touchpoints, identify and presentation of your promotions.
your audience, and Select domain names, email addresses, and
promote yourself. social media handles that make sense for
your brand and are easy to remember, spell,
and search.

Establish a professional social media

presence that is different from your
personal image, and remember that
a potential employer will most
likely be looking at your posts
at any time.

Be consistent throughout
all of your promotions.


A blogging on website, 56
Abujawdeh, Jennifer, 232 Bohanan, Jennifer, 227
Adobe InDesign, using for portfolio production, Bosco, Paula, 222
155 bracketing exposures, 150
Adobe RGB color space, 146 brainstorm aspect of creative process, 116
Adobe software brand campaign, creating, 46
Dreamweaver, 156
brand characteristics. See also personal brand
Muse, 156
in creative briefs for projects, 108
AI (Adobe Illustrator) image format, 157 Friedman, Max, 69
Amato logo, 40 Grzymkowski, Margaret, 77
Anan, Suzanne, 229 Haase, David, 75
Ngo, An, 73
Anderson, Gayle, foreword, vi-vii Venturina, Ria, 71
aperture settings, 148149 brand colors, creating, 3435
assess aspect of creative process, 117 brand identity, 26. See also creative briefs; mood
audience board
for An Ngo, 73 creating, 3844
in creative briefs for projects, 108 elements, 26
for David Haase, 75 brand image, reflecting visually, 3233
identifying, 49
making emotional connection with, 26 brand message
for Margaret Grzymkowski, 77 formulating, 49
for Max Friedman, 69 promoting, 50
for Ria Venturina, 71 brand personality, communicating via colors,
AWB (auto white balance), 147 3435
brand promises, 23
B in creative briefs for projects, 108
backing up work, 81 Friedman, Max, 69
Badum, Ron, 223 Grzymkowski, Margaret, 77
Haase, David, 75
Behance website, 125 Ngo, An, 73
Biersack, Scott, 62 Venturina, Ria, 71
Big Cartel, 92 brand promotion, 46
big idea brand statements
creating, 3031 in creative briefs for projects, 108
revealing in presentations, 177178 developing, 21
Blazer, Liz, 8 Friedman, Max, 69

brand statements continued retouching images, 151
Grzymkowski, Margaret, 77 shutter speed, 148150
Haase, David, 75 white balance, 147
Ngo, An, 73 campaigns
Venturina, Ria, 71 creating, 46
brand story. See also personal brand; stories integrating, 83
communicating visually, 26 candlelight setting, 147
creative brief, 2526
career advice
developing, 20
Badum, Ron, 223
elements, 20
Bohanan, Jennifer, 227
inside self + outside self, 19
Bosco, Paula, 222
insights, 1819
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target market, 49 Rubin, Cesar, 220
timing promotions, 50 Serrani, Joseph, 223
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brightness levels, displaying in histogram, 151 case studies. See design careers; student portfolios
Brito, Johnny, 41 CMS (content management system), 156
Burns, Jim, 179, 224 CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), 157
business cards color space, 146
designing, 3943 colors, choosing for brand personality, 34
using in job searches, 195
comping prototypes, 144
Buxton, Sydney, 40
composing images, 140, 144
buzzwords, avoiding in resumes, 184
contact information, including in portfolios, 128
C contract-to-hire design jobs, 205
calendar, creating for portfolio deliverables, 104 copyright, including in portfolios, 128
Camera RAW format, selecting, 147 Cordero, Ashley, 89
camera settings core values, identifying, 67, 17. See also value
adjusting, 146 propositions
aperture settings, 148149
Coroflot website, 125
bracketing exposures, 150
color space, 146 cover letter, elements of, 190191
exposure, 148149, 151 creative briefs. See also brand identity
focusing images, 150 Anderson, Denise, 67
image quality, 146147 developing, 2526
ISO settings, 148149 for projects, 108113
processing images, 150 Friedman, Max, 69, 75

Grzymkowski, Margaret, 77 DMA logos, 39
Haase, David, 75 domain names
Hernandez, Carlos, 113 registering, 241
Matos, Alexa, 112 selecting for website, 52
Mui, John, 111
Dribbble website, 91
Ngo, An, 73
Perez, Amanda, 25 dynamic compositions, creating, 140
Saldana, Jefferson, 112
Shu, Hsien-Wen Sean, 111
Tomassellis Barbershop and Social Club, 109 Elena logo, 40
using in presentations, 177 elevator pitch
Venturina, Ria, 71 formula, 22
creative process Abe Pendon, 22
elements of, 115-117 email address, selecting for website, 5253
overview, 114
envelopes, choosing, 44
Torres, Jubenal, 118
EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), 157
credits, including in portfolios, 128
Etsy, 92
cropping images, 142
Cruz, Ray, 36
bracketing, 150
Cullari, Dominic, 92 histogram, 151
setting, 148149

daylight setting, 147 F

DeBisco, Mike, 100 Facebook, 64

Design aspect of creative process, 117 Femme Forms? illustration, 96
design blogs, 239 files, organizing, 81
design careers Finelli, Maria, 170
Abujawdeh, Jennifer, 232 flash, setting, 147
Anan, Suzanne, 229
Fleming, Dave, 225
contract-to-hire, 205
freelance, 206 fluorescent light setting, 147
Friedman, Max, 236 focusing images, 150
Mazauskas, Jaime, 235 fonts, choosing for brand, 3637
Paglia, Connor, 234
salaried professionals, 204 freelance design jobs, 206
Vita, Eric, 233 Friedman, Max, 31, 100
design publications, 239 brand identity, 68
creative brief, 69
design versus production, 154 design career, 236-237
differentiators, understanding, 8 Intransition website, 101
digital cameras, 144 pixie dust, 8
resume, 189
digital mock-ups, 138 Scrubd images, 141

Friedman, Max continued image-making strategies
social media marketing, 60 cropping, 142
student portfolio, 161163 dynamic compositions, 140
themes for images, 142 lighting, 142
Fuentes, Nancy, 89 perspectives, 142
shadows, 142
G style consistency, 142
Gayosa, Roxana, 40 themes, 140142

GIF (Graphic Interchange Format), 157 images. See also stock mock-up graphics
composing, 140
Google+, 64
evaluating, 136
Grzymkowski, Margaret, 7677, 89, 194 focusing, 150
business cards, 195 photographing, 143145
resume, 187 processing, 150
retouching, 151
sharpening, 152
Haase, David, 7475
industries, focusing on, 107
Hernandez, Carlos, 113
infographic resumes, 188
highlights, displaying in histogram, 151
inside self
Hische, Jessica, 95 accepting, 17
combining with outside self, 4
identifying values, 67
image formats interests, 89, 17
AI (Adobe Illustrator), 157 passions, 89, 17
CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), 157 Personal Brand Self-assessment Study, 513
EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), 157 questions, 5
GIF (Graphic Interchange Format), 157 skills, 10
JPEG (Joint Photograph Experts Group), 157 talents, 89, 17
MP3 and MP4, 157 understanding, 67
PDF (Portable Document Format), 157 vision and mission statements, 1213
PNG (Portable Network Graphic), 157 insights
PSD (Photoshop Document), 157 gaining through research, 116
raster, 157 including in brand story, 1819
RGB (red, green, blue), 157
selecting, 144, 151 Instagram, 64
TIFF (Tagged Image File Format), 157 interactive PDFs
image perspective, 142 with Adobe InDesign, 155
mini-portfolios, 126
image quality, 147 portfolios, 124
image-making media interactive prototypes, 139
digital mock-ups, 138
interactive prototypes, 139 interests, understanding, 89, 17
motion heavy, 139 interviewers, sending thank-you notes to, 196,
moving images, 139 212
photography, 137

interviews recruiting sites, 209
accepting criticism, 211 references, 192
anticipating questions, 211212 resumes, 183189
body language, 211 salary requirements, 203
demeanor, 211 social conscience, 202
dressing for, 210211 social media, 193194, 209
following up on, 212 thank-you notes, 196
making impact, 212 trends, 198199
practicing for, 213214 work hours, 203
preparing for, 207, 210 Johnston, Ed, 139
professionalism, 211
JPEG (Joint Photograph Experts Group), 151,
punctuality, 211
sending thank-you notes, 212
tone of voice, 211 K
ISO settings, 148149 keywords, including in resumes, 184
Izu, Sam, 41
Landa, Robin, 63, 218219
job boards, 240 Lesh, Greg, 142
job offers, accepting, 203 letterhead, choosing, 44
job searches Leu, Kristin, 226
alumni, 200, 208
lighting images, 142, 145
business cards, 195
career fairs, 209 LinkedIn, 64, 194
companies and firms, 209 logos, creating, 3841
company cultures, 201
Lorenca, Alex, 92
conversations as presentations, 200
cover letters, 190191 M
creative recruiters, 208
Manali logo, 42
design industry clubs, 209
design jobs, 204206 Matos, Alexa, 34, 112
determining type of work, 201 Mazauskas, Jaime
diversity, 202 design career, 235
freelancer sites, 209 interests, 95
friends and family, 200, 208
Merchant, Christi, 122
internships and employers, 200
leveraging relationships, 199200 Mery, Franco, 40
LinkedIn account, 194 midtones, displaying in histogram, 151
mentors, 200, 203, 208 mission and vision statements
networking contacts, 200 developing, 1213
opportunities for growth, 202 redefining, 17
planning, 214
Mitterhoffer, Denyse, 168169
professional membership associations, 209
professors, 200, 208 mobile and web prototyping, 241

mock-ups, 138 paper resources, 240
money, saving up, 82 Paracha, Hina, 60-61
mood board. See also brand identity passion projects, 89, 17, 95
colors for brand personality, 34 PDF portfolios, 157
creating big idea, 3031 interactive mini, 126
example, 29 interactive type, 124
explained, 29
Pendon, Abraham, 80
visuals for brand image, 3233
personal brand. See also brand characteristics
Moran, Sara, 40
believability of, 82
moving images, 139 core values, 7
MP3 and MP4, 157 inside and outside selves, 4, 1416
Mui, Jon, 111 naming, 38
self-identification, 6
N strengths and weaknesses, 1011
national design conferences, 240 talents, interests, and passions, 89
vision and mission statements, 1213
Ngo, An, 7273
Personal Brand Self-assessment Study
not-for-profit projects, soliciting, 107
inside self, 513
O outside self, 1416

OConnell, Dave, 43, 110 personality of brand. See brand personality

online job boards, 240 photographing images, 137

angles, 145
organizations. See resources
cheat sheet, 149
organizing space and files, 81 comping prototypes, 144
outside self compositions, 144
attributes, 1415 formats, 144
behavior, 14 lighting, 144145
characterizing, 16 SLR digital cameras, 144
combining with inside self, 4 tripods, 144
interviewing people, 16 photography
Personal Brand Self-assessment Study, 1416 cheat sheet, 149
personal style, 14 resources, 241
social media presence, 16
Photostat, using, 38
surveying, 16
understanding, 1417 Pilipenko, Mariya, 58

overcast sky setting, 147 Pinterest, 64

pixie dust
P finding, 8
Paglia, Connor including in portfolios, 128
brand identity, 38 PNG (Portable Network Graphic), 157
brand promotion, 47
portfolio. See also presentation layout
design career, 234
communicating skills in, 100
Pan, Simon, iii

contents of, 9395 portfolio production
designing touchpoints, 88 Adobe InDesign, 155
development strategies, 129130 choosing final images, 158
diversifying product types, 98 versus design, 154
emphasizing content of, 86 finalizing content, 158
importance of, 90 overview, 154
integrating campaigns in, 83 software, 155156
number of pieces in, 102 portfolio reviews, 239
organizing, 81
portfolio types, 155
packaging, 120
passion projects, 95 practice projects, creating, 107
photographing work in, 87 Present aspect of creative process, 117
presentation of, 86
presentation layout, 118. See also portfolio
presenting, 176
interactive PDF mini-portfolio, 126
project calendar, 104
interactive PDF portfolio, 124
project worksheets, 102103
portfolio content, 127128
purpose of, 9192
portfolio development strategies, 129130
as resume, 182
portfolio layout, 131134
saving up money for, 82
portfolio types, 121
selecting work for, 96
print portfolios, 122123
showcasing personal projects, 84
website portfolio, 125
soliciting and taking advice about, 87
speaking for itself, 85 presenting portfolios. See also stories
storytelling, 97 creative briefs, 177
strengths and weaknesses, 8283 explaining touchpoints, 178179
touchpoints, 98 objective of, 176
preparing and practicing for, 179
portfolio content
research insights, 177
About description, 127
revealing big idea, 177178
contact information, 128
sharing credit, 179
copyright, 128
starting with problem, 177
credits, 128
handshake page, 127 Print Aura, 92
index, 127 print portfolios, 122123, 240241
introduction, 127
printing resources, 240
pixie dust, 128
project images, 127 process and prototypes, 83
resume, 127 Produce aspect of creative process, 117
text, 127 producing pieces. See portfolio production
portfolio layout product types, diversifying, 98
content, 131133
professional design organizations, 239
designing, 131133
grid, 131133 project calendar, creating for portfolio, 104
margins, 131133 project touchpoints
refining, 158 in creative briefs for projects, 108
worksheet, 134 designing for portfolio, 88

project touchpoints continued national design conferences, 240
explained, 28 online job boards, 240
explaining in presentations, 178179 paper, 240
projecting in portfolio, 9899 photography, 241
project worksheets, creating for portfolios, portfolio reviews, 239
102103 print portfolio suppliers, 240241
printing, 240
professional design organizations, 239
best practices, 107
skills instruction, 240
creative brief, 108113
social media channels, 241
creative process, 114118
stock images and mock-up graphics, 241
improving, 107
student design competitions, 239
offering options for, 107
typefaces, 240
showcasing, 84
web hosting, 241
telling stories about, 176180
website builders, 241
touchpoints, 108
promoting brands, 46
anatomy of, 186
promotional touchpoints, selecting, 50 asking for help, 185
promotions, timing, 50 avoiding buzzwords and repetition, 184
contents of, 183
prototypes, comping, 144
design of, 185
PSD (Photoshop Document) file format, 151, 157 focusing, 183184
public persona. See outside self including in portfolio, 127
keywords, 184
Puig logo, 40
omitting objective, 184
Q portfolio as, 182
proofreading, 185
sample, 187
anticipating for interviews, 211212
show dont tell, 185
for inside self, 5
types, 188
R retouching images, 151
Rallo, Danielle, 40 RGB (red, green, blue) color space, 146, 157
raster, 157 Robbins, Alan, 221
RAW format, selecting, 147 Rodriguez, Natalie, 89
references, providing for jobs, 192 Rosario, Marc, 178
Research aspect of creative process, 116 Rubin, Cesar, 220
research insights, sharing, 177 Rumbauskas, Dan, 41
resources. See also websites
design blogs, 239
design publications, 239 salaried professionals, 204
domain name registrars, 241 salary guide, consulting, 203
inspiration and info, 241
Saldana, Jefferson, 112
mobile and web prototyping, 241

Sarte, Jess, 43 student portfolios
self. See inside self; outside self Finelli, Maria, 170
Friedman, Max, 161163
Sepulveda, Stephen
Mitterhoffer, Denyse, 168169
brand strategy, 48
Sepulveda, Stephen, 166167
business card, 43
Trusa, Nicole, 164165
logo, 41
project worksheet, 103 style consistency, applying to images, 142
student portfolio, 166167 sunrise/sunset setting, 147
touchpoints, 89
website, 55
Serrani, Joseph, 223 talents, understanding, 89, 17

shade setting, 147 target audiences

Anderson, Denise, 67
Friedman, Max, 69
in histogram, 151
Grzymkowski, Margaret, 77
managing in images, 142
Haase, David, 75
sharpening images, 152 identifying, 49
Shu, Hsien-Wen Sean, 111 in creative briefs for projects, 108
making emotional connection with, 26
shutter speed settings, 148149
Ngo, An, 73
sites. See websites Venturina, Ria, 71
skateboards example, 101 TCG (The Creative Group), 203
skills thank-you notes, sending to interviewers, 196,
communicating in portfolios, 100 212
instruction, 240
themes, selecting for images, 140142
understanding, 1011
TIFF (Tagged Image File Format), 151, 157
SLR digital cameras, 144
Tomassellis Barbershop and Social Club,
social media
best practices, 63
channels, 64, 241 Torres, Jubenal, 41, 118
strategy, 5Cs of, 61 touchpoints
using in job searches, 193194 in creative briefs for projects, 108
sRGB color space, 146 designing for portfolio, 88
explained, 28
stock mock-up graphics, 241. See also images
explaining in presentations, 178179
stories. See also brand story; presenting portfolios projecting in portfolio, 9899
introducing, 141
tripods, using, 144145
projecting and processing in portfolios, 97
telling effectively, 176180 Trusa, Nicole, 164165
strengths and weaknesses Tu, Rich, 139
assessing, 8283 tungsten bulb setting, 147
understanding, 1011
Twitter, 64
student design competitions, 239

typefaces websites. See also resources
choosing for brand, 3637 Behance, 125
resources, 240 Big Cartel, 92
blogging on, 56
Braxton, Triana, 100
Understand aspect of creative process, 116 consistency of, 82
Coroflot, 125
designing, 5758
value propositions determining type of, 56
in creative briefs for projects, 108 developing, 51
determining, 21 domain name, 52
Friedman, Max, 69 Dribbble, 91
Grzymkowski, Margaret, 77 email address, 5253
Haase, David, 75 Etsy, 92
Ngo, An, 73 organizing, 5455
Venturina, Ria, 71 Print Aura, 92
values, identifying, 67, 17 testing and launching, 59

Vasquez, Lilliana, 209 Weigele, John, 42, 63, 132-133

Venturina, Ria who, what, when, where in brand strategy, 48

career advice, 217 workplace, idealizing, 26
creative brief, 7071 worksheets
video resumes, 188 brand strategy, 48
Vimeo, 64 creative brief, 25, 67, 69, 71, 73, 75, 77, 109
inside self, 5
Vine, 64
inside self + outside self, 19
vision and mission statements mood board, 29
developing, 1213 my job search plan, 214
redefining, 17 outside self, 15
visualization board. See also brand identity portfolio layout, 134
colors for brand personality, 34 project calendar, 104
creating big idea, 3031 projects, 102103
example, 29 strengths and weaknesses, 11
explained, 29 WrestleMania site, 95
visuals for brand image, 3233
Vita, Eric, 233
YouTube, 64
Walsh, Jessica, 95
Zangaro, Pina, 122123
web hosting, 241
website builders, 241
website portfolios, 125, 156