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Mohammed Awwadh
+44 7715 309 896 / 00 966 501 362 211

Royal Saudi Air Force Officer in Aircraft Administration, Production Analysis Officer, Avionics Officer / Supervisor, and
earlier roles, primarily as an Avionics Technician, all across 22 years service.

Manages teams up to 700 personnel on 24/7 rotas.
Aircraft Maintenance:
o troubleshooting; conducting inspections / analyses.
o parts - removal, repair, installation, operation, calibration, adjustment, and systems modification.
o monitors, reviews and reports.
o research and development.
Ability to train and motivate personnel to perform at top efficiency levels.
Ability to teach Mathematics, Physics and Electricity.
Ability to exercise prudent judgment in decision-making areas.
Office-based administration, resource-management and human resources (includes training, coordinating).

Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF). 1991 2013
Officer in Aircraft Maintenance Administration in HQ 2012 2013
Administration of weekly aircraft status reports
Maintenance management / projects (multiple airbases):
o airworthiness review; delayed malfunctions in all aircraft; systems development and modifications.
o TDY analysed and resolved duplicated malfunctions in all airbases.
o ensured maintenance was in line with company standards.
o projects: schedule, budget, procurement, status updates, statements of work (SoW).
o Subject Matter Expertise to all squadron commanders in all bases.
o reviewed and updated all technical orders (TOs).
Controlled contractors and subcontractors validated and signed off contracts.
Planned and implemented all engineering strategies; policies and plans; quality, safety, timelines and
performance metrics.
Interpreted plans, drawings and specifications, advising on engineering methods and procedures in line with all
laws, regulations and safety standards.

Production Analysis Officer in Maintenance Squadron 2012

Reporting and status updates across all senior (squadron commander and HQ) and technical teams
o daily and monthly maintenance status, and debriefs
o environment personal safety and quality,
o validity and readiness of aircraft, and submission to squadron commander and HQ
o maintenance system data collected, and identified trends and planned corrective action all adhering
to technical orders and safety protocols
Determined aircraft mission-conditions, training, tool control, vehicles and aircraft parking requirement
Maintained files for each aircraft in order to track and forecast all required maintenance items
Manpower / shift control - task allocation, facilitated meetings and workshops; planned all interviews, training
and continuing development

Electronics Officer in Maintenance Squadron 2011 201

Daily and ongoing management across all HR, workflow and process areas:
o asssessed daily work requirements and priorities scheduled and managed all technicians and support
staff all across both planned and unplanned maintenance
o implemented policies and procedures, and maintained all company documentation
o researched, prepared and delivered group and 1-1 training programs
Ensured all activities met legal requirements, organizational policies and established industry practices
Controlled procurement, stockholding and use of materials, and tools and equipment used for maintenance

Mohammed Awwadh

+44 7715 309 896 00 966 501 362 211
Aircraft Avionics Supervisor / Autopilot System Technician (Boeing 707) 1994 2011
Removed and replaced aircrafts electronic equipment and components - worked on benches to repair
equipment and parts included all electrical connectors, and soldering wires and connectors
Interim / periodic:
o shift chief for avionics maintenance flight
o maintenance squadron shift chief / shop supervisor on second shift and 3rd shift
o tool custodian monitor for all tools and equipment
o PMEL monitor
Used technical orders traced affected or bad wires
Trained on:
o wiring diagram for short reading or losing power included removal and replacement
o repair of wires, electrical connectors and circuit breakers
Inspected, analysed, troubleshot, removed, repaired, installed, operated, calibrated, adjusted, and modified
automatic flight control system components and test equipment
o work on automatic flight control systems
o safety and quality inspections of avionics teams and division shops / equipment
Certificated to Levels 5 and 7 on Boeing 707 aircraft Boeing
Used test equipment - Voltmeter (VOM), Time Domaine Reflectometer (TDR), power supply, etc.
Signing Red X (grounded) write-up for avionics systems

Aircraft Avionics technician in (C130, Lockheed Martin) 1991 1994

EDUCATION 1991 2016

BSc in Mechanical Engineering University of Sunderland, UK

Diploma in Aircraft Electronics Technical Studies Institute (TSI), Dhahran, KSA


PMP Project Management Professional.
Training Wing Center Riyadh Airbase:
o Digital Electronics .
o Advanced Autopilot systems (7Level OJT 24 months in Boeing 707).
o Supervisors management .
o Train the Trainer (practical application training graduates).
o Autopilot systems Course (Boeing 707).
o Autopilot systems (5Level OJT 18 months in Boeing 707).

F.A.M. Training Wing Center.

Technical Terms Course - Training Wing Center.
Autopilot System (C130) Training Wing Center King Abdullah Airbase.
Autopilot systems (5Level OJT 18 months in C130)
Technical Studies Institute (TSI), Dhahran:
o English Language Course.
o Basic Electronics.

Mohammed Awwadh

+44 7715 309 896 00 966 501 362 211