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Hitler: Mein Kampf (Schopenhauer) called the Jew _The

"And so I believe to-day that my Great Master of Lies_. Those who

conduct is in accordance with the do not realize the truth of that
will of the Almighty Creator. In statement, or do not wish to
standing guard believe it, will never be able to lend
against the Jew I am defending the a
handiwork of the Lord." (p.46) hand in helping Truth to prevail."
"The yoke of slavery is and always
will remain the most unpleasant
experience that mankind can
endure. "In times of distress a wave of
Of course, one doesnt discuss such public anger has usually arisen
a question with the Jews, because against the Jew; the masses have
their very existence is an taken the law into their
incarnate own hands; they have seized
denial of the beauty of Gods image Jewish property and ruined the Jew
in His creation." (p.107) in their urge to protect themselves
against what they
"What soon gave me cause for very consider to be a scourge of God.
serious consideration were the Having come to know the Jew
activities of the Jews in certain intimately through the course of
branches of life, into centuries, in times of
the mystery of which I penetrated distress they looked upon his
little by little. Was there any shady presence among them as a public
undertaking, any form of foulness, danger comparable only to the
especially in plague." (p.174)
cultural life, in which at least one
Jew did not participate? On putting "He will stop at nothing. His utterly
the probing knife carefully to that low-down conduct is so appalling
kind of abscess that one really cannot be surprised
one immediately discovered, like a if in the
maggot in a putrescent body, a imagination of our people the Jew
little Jew who was often blinded by is pictured as the incarnation of
the sudden Satan and the symbol of evil.
light." (p.42) (p.184)

"From time immemorial, however, The ignorance of the broad masses

the Jews have known better than as regards the inner character of
any others how falsehood and the Jew, and the lack of instinct and
calumny can be insight that our upper classes
exploited. Is not their very display, are some of the reasons
existence founded on one great lie, which explain how it is that so
namely, that they are a religious many people fall an easy prey to
community, whereas in reality they the systematic
are a race? And what a race!
campaign of falsehood which the
Jew carries on. (p.184) Cleanliness, whether moral or
of another kind, had its own
"Look at the ravages from which
our people are suffering daily as a peculiar meaning for these
result of being contaminated with people. That
Jewish blood. they were water-shy was
Bear in mind the fact that this obvious on looking at them
poisonous contamination can be and, unfortunately, very often
eliminated from the national body
also when not
only after centuries,
or perhaps never. Think further of looking at them at all. The
how the process of racial odour of those people in
decomposition is debasing and in caftans often used to make
some cases even me feel ill. Beyond
destroying the fundamental Aryan that there were the unkempt
qualities of our German people. clothes and the ignoble
This pestilential adulteration of the
blood, of which hundreds of exterior.
thousands of our people take no All these details were certainly
account, is being systematically not attractive; but the
practised by the Jew to-day. revolting feature was that
Systematically these negroid beneath their unclean
parasites in our national body exterior one suddenly
corrupt our innocent fair-haired
girls. (p.310) perceived the moral mildew of
any indecision which I may the chosen race.
still have felt about that point
was finally removed by the Was there any shady
activities of undertaking, any form of
a certain section of the Jews foulness, especially in cultural
themselves. A great life, in which at least one Jew
movement, called Zionism, did not
arose among them. Its participate? On putting the
aim was to assert the national probing knife carefully to that
character of Judaism, and the kind of abscess one
movement was strongly immediately
represented in ViennaThis discovered, like a maggot in a
fictitious conflict between the putrescent body, a little Jew
Zionists and the Liberal Jews who was often blinded by the
soon disgusted me; for it was sudden light.
false through and through. (p.
white slave traffic, could be
studied here better than in
any other West-European city,
Here was a pestilence, a with the possible exception of
moral pestilence, with which certain ports in Southern
the France.
public was being infected. It
was worse than the Black A cold shiver ran down my
Plague of long ago. And in spine when I first ascertained
what mighty doses that it was the same kind of
this poison was manufactured cold-blooded,
and distributed. thick-skinned and shameless
Sometimes it went so far that Jew who showed his
one of these fellows, acting consummate skill in
like a sewage pump, would conducting that revolting
shoot his filth directly in the exploitation of the dregs of
face of other the big city. Then I became
members of the human race. fired with wrath.
Nature may bring into I had now no more hesitation
existence ten thousand such about bringing the Jewish
despoilers who act as the problem to light in all its
worst kind of germ-carriers in details. No.
poisoning human souls. Henceforth I was determined
to do so. But as I learned to
The fact that nine-tenths of all track down the Jew in all the
the smutty literature, artistic different
tripe and theatrical banalities, spheres of cultural and artistic
had to be life, and in the various
charged to the account of manifestations of this life
people who formed scarcely everywhere, I
one per cent of the nation. suddenly came upon him in a
I began to examine my position where I had least
favourite World Press. expected to find him. I now
The writers were Jews. realized that the
Jews were the leaders of
The part which the Jews Social Democracy. In face of
played in the social that revelation the scales fell
phenomenon of prostitution, from my eyes. My
and more especially in the long inner struggle was at an
end. mankind.
(p. 48)
I gradually discovered that the
Social Democratic Press was And so I believe to-day that
predominantly controlled by my conduct is in accordance
Jews. (p. 45) with the will of the Almighty
Making an effort to overcome Creator. In
my natural reluctance, I tried standing guard against the
to read articles of this nature Jew I am defending the
published in handiwork of the Lord.
the Marxist Press. From the (p.48)
downwards, all of them were Always that bacillus which is
Jews. I recalled to mind the the solvent of human society,
names of the public leaders of the Jew, here and there and
Marxism, and everywhere _ the
then I realized that most of whole spectacle was
them belonged to the Chosen repugnant to me. The gigantic
Race. city seemed to be the
incarnation of mongrel
I was happy at last to know for depravity. (p.84)
certain that the Jew is not a
German. People who can sneak their
Thus I finally discovered who way, like parasites, into the
were the evil spirits leading human body politic and make
our people astray. (p.46) others work for them under
various pretences can form a
I realized that the Jew uses State without possessing any
language for the purpose of definite delimited territory.
dissimulating his thought or at This is chiefly
least veiling it, so that his real applicable to that parasitic
aim cannot be discovered. (p. nation which, particularly at
47) the present time preys upon
the honest portion
Should the Jew, with the aid of of mankind; I mean the Jews.
his Marxist creed, triumph The Jewish State has never
over the people of this world, been delimited in space. It has
his Crown been spread all over the
will be the funeral wreath of world, without any
frontiers whatsoever, and has
always been constituted from (123)
the membership of one race
exclusively. as early as 1916-17
That is why the Jews have practically all production was
always formed a State within under the control of Jewish
the State.(100) finance. (123)

our Jew-ridden universities A few hours later my eyes

(110) were like glowing coals and all
was darkness around me.
Marxism, whose final objective I was sent into hospital at
was and is and will continue to Pasewalk in Pomerania, and
be the destruction of all non- there it was that I had to hear
Jewish of the Revolution. Sailors
national States (110) came in motor-lorries and
called on us to rise in revolt. A
few Jew-boys were
the leaders in that combat for
the Liberty, Beauty, and
Dignity of our National Being.
Not one of
The World War them had seen active service
at the front. Through the
Government offices were medium of a hospital for
staffed by Jews. Almost every venereal diseases
clerk was a Jew and every Jew these three Orientals had
was a clerk. I was amazed at been sent back home. Now
this multitude of combatants their red rags were being
who belonged to the chosen hoisted here. (128)
people and could not help
comparing it with their slender In the big lie there is always a
numbers in the fighting lines. certain force of credibility;
In the business world the because the broad masses of
situation was even worse. a nation are always
Here the Jews had actually more easily corrupted in the
become indispensable. Like deeper strata of their
leeches, they were slowly emotional nature than
sucking the blood from the consciously or voluntarily;
pores of the national body. and thus in the primitive
simplicity of their minds they not their very existence
more readily fall victims to the founded on one great lie,
big lie than the namely, that they are a
small lie, since they religious community, whereas
themselves often tell small in reality they are a race? And
lies in little matters but would what a race! One of the
be ashamed to resort to greatest thinkers
large-scale falsehoods. It that mankind has produced
would never come into their has branded the Jews for all
heads to fabricate colossal time with a statement which is
untruths, and they profoundly and
would not believe that others exactly true. He
could have the impudence to (Schopenhauer) called the Jew
distort the truth so infamously. "The Great Master of Lies".
Even Those who do not realize
though the facts which prove the truth of that statement, or
this to be so may be brought do not wish to believe it, will
clearly to their minds, they never be able to lend a hand
will still doubt in helping
and waver and will continue to Truth to prevail. (146)
think that there may be some
other explanation. For the
grossly thus preparing the nation to
impudent lie always leaves become the slaves of
traces behind it, even after it international finance and its
has been nailed down, a fact masters, the Jews. (152)
which is known
to all expert liars in this world The scream of the twelve-inch
and to all who conspire shrapnel is more penetrating
together in the art of lying. than the hiss from a thousand
These people know Jewish newspaper vipers.
only too well how to use Therefore let
falsehood for the basest them go on with their hissing.
purposes. (153)
From time immemorial.
however, the Jews have
known better than any others The Jew offers the most
how falsehood and striking contrast to the Aryan.
calumny can be exploited. Is There is probably no other
people in the world them or a common prey
who have so developed the attracts them. Where these
instinct of self-preservation as two motives no longer exist
the so-called chosen people. then the most brutal egotism
The best appears and these people who
proof of this statement is before had
found in the simple fact that lived together in unity will turn
this race still exists. Where into a swarm of rats that
can another people bitterly fight against each
be found that in the course of other.
the last two thousand years If the Jews were the only
has undergone so few people in the world they
changes in mental would be wallowing in filth
outlook and character as the and mire and would exploit
Jewish people? And yet what one another and try to
other people has taken such a exterminate one another in a
constant part bitter struggle, except in so
in the great revolutions? But far as their utter lack of the
even after having passed ideal of sacrifice, which shows
through the most gigantic itself in their cowardly spirit.
catastrophes that (184)
have overwhelmed mankind,
the Jews remain the same as the Jewish State, which ought
ever. What an infinitely to be a vital organization to
tenacious serve the purpose of
will-to-live, to preserve ones preserving or increasing the
kind, is demonstrated by that race, has absolutely no
fact! territorial boundaries. (184)
The intellectual faculties of
the Jew have been trained there never has been any
through thousands of years. Jewish art
Today the Jew is and consequently that nothing
looked upon as specially of this kind exists to-day. We
cunning; and in a certain must realize that especially in
sense he has been so those two
throughout the ages. (183) royal domains of art, namely
architecture and music, the
Jews act in concord only when Jew has done no original
a common danger threatens creative work.
When the Jew comes to rather concerned with
producing something in the economic problems, and very
field of art he merely petty ones at that.
bowdlerizes something (187)
already in existence or simply
steals the intellectual word, of On this first and fundamental
others. The Jew essentially lie, the purpose of which is to
lacks those make people believe that
qualities which are Jewry is not a nation but a
characteristic of those religion, other lies are
creative races that are the subsequently based. One of
founders of civilization. (185) those further lies, for
example, is in connection with
Jewish self-expansion is a the language spoken by the
parasitic phenomenon since Jew. For him language is not
the Jew is always looking for an instrument for the
new pastures for his race. expression of his inner
Thus the Jew has at all times thoughts but rather a means
lived in States that have of cloaking them. When
belonged to other races and talking French his thoughts
within the organization of are Jewish and when writing
those States he had formed a German rhymes he only gives
State of expression to the character of
his own, which is, however, his own race. (187)
hidden behind the mask of a
religious community. (186)

The religious teaching of the

Jews is principally a collection
of instructions for maintaining
the Jewish
blood pure and for regulating
intercourse between Jews and
the rest of the world: that is to
say, their
relation with non-Jews. But the
Jewish religious teaching is
not concerned with moral
problems. It is