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5/9/2017 2016summaryelectricpowerstatistics|ChinaEnergyPortal|

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2016 summary electric power statistics

Published on: January 16, 2017
Original title: 20165.0%
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January 16, 2016, the National Energy Agency published statistics on total electricity consumption and other

In 2016, total electricity consumption was 5,919.8 TWh, an increase of 5.0%Divided by industries, the primary
industry electricity consumption was 107.5 TWh, an increase of 5.3%secondary industry power consumption
was 4,210.8 TWh, an increase of 2.9%Tertiary industry electricity consumption was 796.1 TWh, an increase of
11.2%Urban and rural residential electricity consumption was 805.4 TWh, an increase of 10.8%

In 2016, the national average productivity of power generation equipment (units 6 MW and above) was 3785
full-load hours, down 203 hoursAmongst these, the average productivity of hydropower equipment was 3621
hours, an increase of 31 hoursaverage productivity of thermal power units was 4165 hours, down 199

In 2016, additions to operational generation capacity nationwide were 120.61 GW, of which, 11.74 GW of
hydropower, 48.36 GW of thermal power



Indicator Unit Annual total

Amount Increase

National total power consumption GWh 5,919,800 5

Of which: primary industry power cons. GWh 107,500 5.3

Secondary industry power cons. GWh 4,210,800 2.9

Industrial power cons. GWh 4,138,300 2.9

Light industry power cons. GWh 701,600 4.4

Heavy industry power cons. GWh 3,436,700 2.6

Tertiary industry power cons. GWh 796,100 11.2

Household power cons. GWh 805,400 10.8

Total installed capacity MW 1,645,750 8.2

Of which: Hydropower MW 332,110 3.9

Thermal power MW 1,053,880 5.3

Nuclear power MW 33,640 23.8

Wind power (on-grid) MW 148,640 13.2

Solar power (on-grid) MW 77,420 81.6

Coal consumption, net, (as standard coal equivalent) in power plants 6 MW and g/kWh 312.00 -3 1/2
5/9/2017 2016summaryelectricpowerstatistics|ChinaEnergyPortal|


Transmission and distribution losses % 6.47 -0.2

Power plant productivity (full load hours; 6 MW+ power plant avg.) hours 3,785 -203

Of whichHydro power hours 3,621 31

Thermal power hours 4,165 -199

Power infrastructure investment Million RMB 342,900 -12.9

Of which: Hydropower Million RMB 61,200 -22.4

Thermal power Million RMB 117,400 0.9

Nuclear power Million RMB 50,600 -10.5

Power grid infrastructure investment Million RMB 542,600 16.9

Installed generation capacity, additions MW 120,610 -8.5

Of whichHydro power MW 11,740 -14.6

Thermal power MW 48,360 -27.6

Substation capacity (>220 kV), additions MVA 243,360 11.1

Transmission line length (>220 kV), additions km 34,906 5

NoteTotal power consumption indicators are for total installed capacity; statistics on generation capacity, grid infrastructure
construction are completed projects included in the data on large-scale power industry data

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