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New Bedford Public Current Principal (pre-Dr.

Principal Principal Principal Principal

Schools State Level Durkin) 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017
Abraham Lincoln 3 Eugene Sladowski (retired) Lina R DeJesus (8.12) Lina R DeJesus Lina R DeJesus Lina R DeJesus
Alfred J Gomes 3 Jamie Camancho (non- Ellyn Gallant (8.12) Ellyn Gallant Ellyn Gallant Ellyn Gallant
Betsey B Winslow 2 Paula Bailey Paula Bailey Paula Bailey Margaret Welch (7.13) Margaret Welch
Carlos Pacheco 2 Marcia Faucher (retired) Lisa Yates (8.12) Lisa Yates (resigned 2015) Celeste Hoeg (6.15) Celeste Hoeg (resigned)
Casimir Pulaski 1 Tammy Morgan Tammy Morgan Tammy Morgan Tammy Morgan Melissa Rego
Charles S Ashley 2 Karen Meyer Karen Meyer (retired) Wendy Weindenfeller Wendy Weidenfeller Christine Pugliese (6.13)
(resigned 2016)
Elizabeth Carter Brooks 1 Kevin Sullivan Kevin Sullivan Kevin Sullivan (non-renewed) Maria Reidy (6.15) Maria Reidy
Ellen R Hathaway 3 Derek Medeiros (resigned) Robert Soto (8.12) Andrea Curtis Andrea Curtis (resigned Richard Leeman (6.13)
(resigned Dec 2013) June 2016/began teaching
Elwyn G Campbell 2 Lisa Andrade Lisa Andrade Lisa Andrade (resigned 3/15) Lisa Wheelden (7.13) Lisa Wheelden
Hannigan/Irwin M Jacobs N/A Susan Beck Susan Beck (resigned) Kerry Kennedy (7.14) Kerry Kennedy Kerry Kennedy
Hayden/McFadden 4 Wendy Weidenfeller Wendy Weidenfeller Catherine Zinni (8.25) Catherine Zinni (resigned Tammy Morgan
June 2016)
James B Congdon 2 Steven Machado Steven Machado (non- Zaida Rivera-Harris (resigned Darcie Aungst (6.15) Darcie Aungst
renewed) 2015)
Jireh Swift 3 Debra Letendre Anthony DiFonso (8.12) Anthony DiFonso (resigned) Elizabeth Correia (resigned Tonya L Vitorino (7.17)
John Avery Parker 5 Robert Fay (retired) Debra Letendre (8.12) Debra Letendre (resigned) Lynn Dessert (6.15) Lynn Dessert (resigned Oct 2017)
John B Devalles 3 Cindy Callow (non- Jannell Pearson (8.12) Jannell Pearson (terminated) Joshua Almeida Joshua Almeida
Keith MS 3 Peter Sykes Peter Sykes Peter Sykes (non-renewed) Paula Matthew Riley Paula Bailey (transferred to
Bailey (retired Dec) PRAB)
Kempton St N/A Dr. Rafaela DeFigueiredo (6.16) School Closed to save district $235,741.00 (SouthCoast Today
Article: 6.15.15 written by Carol Kozma
New Bedford High 4 Andrew Kulak Andrew Kulak (non-renewed) Kathleen Dawson (3.10) Bernadette Coelho Bernadette Coelho
Headmaster (resigned after 6 months)
New Bedford High 4 *Position did not exist *Position did not exist Michael Lazzareschi (resigned *Position Vacancy Joyce Paulo (7.11)
Lower School (9/10) 2015)
New Bedford High 4 *Position did not exist *Position did not exist Sean McNiff (3.10) Sean McNiff Sean McNiff
Upper School (10/11)
Normandin MS 3 Willian Burkhead William Burkhead (resigned Stephen Farrell (6.16) Stephen Farrell Stephen Farrell (resigned 2016)
Renaissance Community Insufficient *Opened 2013-2014 Jennifer Clune (8.12) Jennifer Clune Jennifer Clune (resigned Jennifer L Mainelli (8.14)
School Data 2016)
Roosevelt MS 3 Darcie Fernandes Margaret Mongiello (8.12) Margaret Mongiello (resigned Daniel Bossolt (6.15) Daniel Bossolt
(resigned 2013) 2015)
Sgt. Wm H Carney 2 Karen Treadup Karen Treadup Karen Treadup Karen Treadup Karen Treadup
Thomas R Rodman 2 Lina DeJesus Andrea Curtis Interim Kim Marshall (2.10) Kim Marshall Kim M Marshall
Trinity Day Academy 3 Warley Williams Charles Jodoin (resigned) Daniel Bossolt (8.25) Matthew Kravitz (8.10) Matthew J Kravitz
Whaling City Jr/Sr HS 3 *Did not exist Warley Williams (resigned) Arnold Chamanlal (6.16) Arnold Chamanlal Arnold Chamanlal (resigned
William H Taylor 1 Matthew Riley Matthew Riley Matthew Riley Dr. Rafaela DeFigueiredo Dr.Rafaela DeFgueiredo
*All principal data in the table above was taken directly from the New Bedford School Committee Meeting Minutes from 2013 to September 2017 (October unavailable on district website); Current State Designation:
The following provides an explanation of the principal table above: Current state level is color coded based on rating. Level 1 is the desired result for all schools within the

LEVEL 1: GREEN 3 out of 19 elementary schools: Pulaski, Brooks and Taylor

LEVEI 2: BLUE 7 out of 19 elementary schools: Winslow, Pacheco, Ashley, Campbell, Congdon, Carney, and Rodman

LEVEL 3: YELLOW 5 out of 19 elementary schools: Lincoln, Gomes, Hathaway, Swift, and Devalles; 3 out of 3 middle schools: Normandin, Keith and Roosevelt; 2 out of 2
alternative schools: Trinity Day Academy and Whaling City

LEVEL 4: MUSTARD 1 out of 19 elementary schools: Hayden-McFadden; New Bedford High School: Upper and Lower Schools

LEVEL 5: RED Parker Elementary School

2013 to 2017 Four complete years under Dr. Durkin with our principalships

Transfers: 10

Retirements: 5

Resignations: 24 (averages 6 resignations per year)

Non-renewal / Terminations: 5

Why is there such an inconsistency with School Principal positions within the district?
Why has Dr. Durkin created such an astronomical turnover rate with the Principal positions in New Bedford Public Schools?
How can anyone possibly think there is stability and sound progress in our schools based on this data?